Pepsi launches first major campaign to promote new logo

Pepsi has unveiled a marketing campaign to promote its new-look logo and packaging in the first major update since the logo was created during World War II.

The Hit Refresh campaign includes a heavyweight outdoor advertising presence and a social media ‘scavenger hunt’, where consumers can win one of 101 Pepsi Refresh EFTPOS cards loaded with $250.

There are over $25,000 worth of Pepsi Refresh cards being given away. The Hit Refresh to Win promotion is taking place through 101 hunts over 40 days in eight cities around Australia starting from this week and requires consumers to follow Pepsi’s Twitter or Facebook pages.

Consumers will be able to spend the money to “refresh” their lives, anywhere that has EFTPOS facilities.

In a partnership with MTV, the outdoor campaign features MTV hosts Erin McNaught and Darren McMullen. MTV has also produced TV ads featuring the two which are airing on the entertainment channel as well as VH1, Network Ten and Nine’s digital channel Go!.

Pepsi’s global positioning “Refresh Your World” aims to reflect the redesign of the Pepsi packaging across the four Pepsi brands – Pepsi Max, Pepsi, Pepsi Light and Pepsi Light Caffeine Free.

In the US, it has launched the Pepsi Refresh Project. At the end of last year the company made the decision to end its 23 year ad placement during the Superbowl, instead launching the $20m social media Pepsi Refresh Project.

Australia has been the first market to launch the new packaging outside of the Americas.

Paul Hyde, senior brand manager carbonated, PepsiCo Beverages said once the current campaign comes to an end, it will be looking at new marketing opportunities.

“We’ll certianly be keeping a really close eye on how this one develops [the Pepsi Refresh Project in the US]. There is potential for us to consider it here,” he told Mumbrella.

Pepsi Refresh out


Client: Paul Hyde, senior brand manager carbonated, PepsiCo Beverages

Strategy: Bellamyhayden

Media buying: EightyK’s

Media Partner/TVC Creative Direction & Production: MTV Australia

Outdoor: Clemenger BBDO (Art Director – Ben Alden, Copywriter – Alex Quinlivan, Photographer – Garth Oriander)

Digital and social media: Amnesia Razorfish (Creative – Toby Caves)

Promotional activation: Tango Communications


  1. Stilgherrian
    6 Jan 10
    10:19 am

  2. “First major update since the logo was created during World War II”? I don’t think so.

  3. Camille Alarcon
    6 Jan 10
    11:02 am

  4. Hi Stigherrian,

    The logo the article is referring to is the globe or round-shaped red, white and blue logo which Pepsi said it first developed during WWII – they say it now looks more like a smiley face.

    So it doesn’t include the changes to the font (since it first launched in the 1890s) of the brand name Pepsi written on the packaging and collateral.

    Camille – Mumbrella

  5. Stilgherrian
    6 Jan 10
    11:14 am

  6. But Camille, even given that, the roundel itself has varied from being a realistic portrayal of a bottle cap — either face-on or at an angle — to something more stylised in flat colours, to something with 3D lighting highlights, and with varying widths of the white banding. Those changes seem to me to be just as significant as making the white band narrower at one end and claiming it’s a smiley.

  7. Camille Alarcon
    6 Jan 10
    11:16 am

  8. Okay Stilgherrian. Thanks for your comments :)

    Camille – Mumbrella

  9. Mandi
    6 Jan 10
    12:09 pm

  10. changing the device instead of stylising the device is a bizarre move. look forward to seeing the meeting’s minutes on

  11. Stilgherrian
    6 Jan 10
    12:16 pm

  12. Oh, and lest we forget, this same new Pepsi logo was the one resulting from that whole “Gravity” pseudo-science rationale from early 2009, full of rubbish charts about “Pepsi energy fields” and relativity. This blog post links to the full PDF of wankery.

  13. Anon
    6 Jan 10
    1:59 pm

  14. Didn’t it used to be rounder?

  15. Don
    6 Jan 10
    2:48 pm

  16. Totally lame.

  17. Joe
    6 Jan 10
    3:26 pm

  18. A for Average ……. Coke must be shaking in their boots

  19. EY
    6 Jan 10
    3:38 pm

  20. Nice production work from MTV.

  21. G
    6 Jan 10
    4:05 pm

  22. Epic fail.

  23. Art Vandelay
    6 Jan 10
    5:09 pm

  24. Darren McMullen.. What a WANK

  25. larry
    6 Jan 10
    5:29 pm

  26. so … are the talent featured people who are on TV? I don’t recognise them and I have MTV (not sure where it’s gone though – it’s not in the music section now)

  27. GreatStrategy
    6 Jan 10
    7:49 pm

  28. Interesting, Coke v Pepsi this Saturday :) http://greatstrategy.blogspot......rough.html

  29. Zach
    6 Jan 10
    8:06 pm

  30. A logo is a logo….. meh its ok we’ve done this to death

    The outdoor and MTV spots are bright, colourful and in your face which is exactly what pepsi is known for – looks good but i like the social networking stuff – they’ve kept it simple and fun.

  31. Adam Hunt
    6 Jan 10
    10:15 pm

  32. Pepsi must have blown it’s budget on Michael Jackson & painting planes… this effort looks like it has all the production values of an episode of Dr Who, circa 1979.

  33. Azza
    7 Jan 10
    9:10 am

  34. Logo looks like PacMan on Coke (pun intended). 330 followers on twitter after a heavy weight ATL campaign. Not sure this campaign is delivering?

  35. Mim
    7 Jan 10
    3:15 pm

  36. I like it. Very nice art direction.
    Adam Hunt, not sure what you’re talking about.

  37. JC
    7 Jan 10
    3:18 pm

  38. Not sure about this twitter stuff but I like the ads.
    Very nice look.

  39. Dave
    7 Jan 10
    3:34 pm

  40. Art vandelay.

    I’ll make sure to contact Pepsi about using you next time.
    You seem like a cool guy.

  41. EL G
    7 Jan 10
    4:08 pm

  42. So much talk about a logo. Who gives a shit?
    Ads look cool tho – like a music video.

  43. Anonymous
    7 Jan 10
    5:52 pm

  44. Posting removed.
    Posting was not made by Adam Hunt.


  45. ChairmanLMAO
    7 Jan 10
    6:02 pm

  46. It’s the Obama logo rehashed, obviously

  47. Spanky
    8 Jan 10
    10:29 am

  48. I like it.
    Good use of the logo.

  49. EL G
    8 Jan 10
    10:31 am

  50. Larry if you have MTV and dont recognize Darren McMullen you are either blind or you are not actually watching the channel.

  51. thedeano
    8 Jan 10
    11:28 am

  52. pepsi need to stick loyal to their brand

  53. Iconic88
    13 Jan 10
    6:00 pm

  54. The great thing about this campaign is that it’s not flooding the twitter stream with spam. There’s some solid thinking in keeping this to a minimum.

    “The Rules of the Hunt” took a little while to find, wouldn’t it better to place that where LATEST CLUES is positioned on the page? People read from left to right. The Twitter stream updates can be placed on right side of page. Much easier and smoother experience IMHO.

    I’d even put the winners in the 1st frame of the page to give a human element to the page.

    Nice creative. Question: will it convert to make your client $$?

  55. Sam A
    15 Jan 10
    5:48 pm

  56. I think the outdoor on this campaign is supremely unimaginative and looks like it should be in Zoolander. The ad is also pretty tired and cliche. Not very refreshing to watch, just plain vanilla.

    The refresh social campaign in the US had a much stronger concept and value behind it( as opposed to Australia’s rather obtuse ‘grab for cash’.

    ‘Refresh your life’, what with more consumer spending? Where’s the refresh there?

    Same commercial strategy its always been, clearly the agencies were navel gazing.

    Did i mention the outdoor was lame?


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