2MBS FM rebrands to Fine Music FM

Sydney’s first FM radio station has rebranded.

As of Sunday 1 July the community station formerly known as 2MBS FM, in operation for almost 40 years, is now Fine Music FM.

Public relations firm PPR was behind the rebrand, producing an iPhone app, website and social media channels, plus a new logo and a new identity.

The rebrand came off the back of a 2010 McNair research study that showed 2MBS had a younger demographic than previously thought, with the core target group being 25-39.

The station’s chairman, David Brett said: “As a community broadcaster, we understand that maintaining the loyalty of our listeners is key, but we also want to make sure we continue to evolve and expand. Fine Music will revolutionise the way we broadcast to ensure we’re reaching listeners in a variety of ways.”

Fine Music 102.5 has more than 240,000 listeners per week with 260 volunteers.

Brett also said in a statement: “We’d like listeners to get to know our station, volunteers and presenters on a personal level, which means we need to challenge our previous identity and become more interactive so that we can play a greater role in the lives of listeners.”


  1. Gary Wilson
    4 Jul 12
    7:31 pm

  2. I really hope that some of these younger listeners become volunteers and replace the old foggies who run the joint. They have been th same for yonks…. the inner sanctum. So limited in their musical tastes (Mozart ,Mozart and of course Mozart.) The whole station needs areal shake.up. I am amazed that they have done this. Well done David Brett and PPR

  3. Mitch
    8 Jul 12
    7:30 pm

  4. Classical music is traditional so why not stay with the station’s official call sign of 2MBS ? Obviously 25 -39 year olds are aware of the station’s name, after all it has been broadcasting for 40 years. Look at stations such as 2SM and 2PTV (Vega, Classic Hits, etc) changing the name does not necessarily bring new listeners. The station can still freshen up the format without losing it’s history and identity!

  5. chris Kain
    16 Jul 12
    8:53 am

  6. Hi
    Will we in Canberra be able to tune in to your station?