ABC to debut Doctor Who on iView online video player

The ABC is set to give its iView service a massive push by launching the new series of sci fi drama Doctor Who on the video player two days before it is shown on ABC1.

It is the first time that the ABC has aired any show online before broadcasting it on TV.  

Doctor Who was ABC TV’s highest rating on iView from April to December last year, so the series is a sensible choice to be given a digital first run. However, it will still lag two weeks behind its premiere in the UK, although that delay is less than it has been previously.

The first episode is hotly anticipated because it marks the debut of Matt Smith, who replaced David Tennant as The Doctor. It also sees Steven Moffat take the reins of the series from Russell T Davies.

The show will be available for streaming on on iView from midnight on Friday 16 April. it will then air on ABC1 on Sunday 18 April.

In a press release, the ABC’s director of television Kim Dalton said: “iView is a fantastic offering, an additional way for Australian audiences to watch ABC TV’s content – generally after, but in this special case before, its television broadcast. We hope the lure of Doctor Who – and what a fun and exciting lure it is – will provide incentive for more viewers to discover iView, and experience how convenient and easy-to-use it is.”


  1. glasnt
    10 Mar 10
    10:36 am

  2. Ok, from 6 months to 2 years, now 2 weeks behind? This is awesome!
    I’d gladly wait til the Sunday to see it anyway, recording the TV screening is 0 bandwidth vs how many megs for iView or, erm, other sources.

    *gets excited over new Dr Who*

  3. Alex Hughes
    10 Mar 10
    12:46 pm

  4. This is a fantastic step forward, finally one of the major broadcasters are accepting that if you want people to really tune in and watch something, you use the internet. I welcome the move,

  5. Anonymous
    10 Mar 10
    1:10 pm

  6. Good move by the ABC.

    And Glasnt, I get excited by Dr Who as well. It’s nothing to be ashamed by.

  7. vs
    10 Mar 10
    2:38 pm

  8. Awesome. Love iView and it’s unmetered goodness (if you’re with a good ISP). Love Dr Who. Usually don’t wait for broadcast. This is a step toward a good consumer-centric alternative to P2P by a broadcaster. Now, about that fortnight lag…

  9. Adam
    10 Mar 10
    3:44 pm

  10. I’m still pirating that shit until you released it globally the same time as the UK

  11. Glenn Stephens
    10 Mar 10
    4:48 pm

  12. Great news!

    For customer’s of the ISP’s that don’t count iView towards quotas or download limits, it’s even better. (iiNet, Internode and others I think)

  13. Anthony Langford
    20 Mar 10
    5:06 pm

  14. Awesome. That’s great news. Jury still out on the new guy though. He would have to have alot of charisma to pull it off. For me, the Doctor is incredibly knowledgable and wise, being so old.. It’s a tough sell from a 26yrold face. Will give him a chance though. The nerves rattle everytime we get a new Doctor, but most of the time, theyve done it right. (except Colin Baker). Thanks ABC.


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