About Mumbrella and Focal Attractions

Mumbrella, which launched in December 2008, is a discussion of everything under Australia’s media and marketing umbrella.

It is organised into editorial strands: News, our Dr Mumbo diary, and Opinion.

We also offer free listings including Jobs, Events, Freelancers and a business Directory.

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Our editorial team is:

  • Content director Tim Burrowes +61 (0)2 8296 0201 or email tim@focalattractions.com.au
  • Editor Alex Hayes +61 (0) 8296 0208 or email alex@focalattractions.com.au | Contact for news, features and other website inquiries
  • Deputy editor Nic Christensen  +61 (0)2 8296 0212 or email nic@focalattractions.com.au | Specialist areas: Media agencies and media owners
  • Chief reporter Steve Jones +61 (0)2 8296 0237 or email steve@focalattractions.com.au | Specialist area: Marketing
  • Journalist Miranda Ward +61 (0)2 8296 0221 or email miranda@focalattractions.com.au | Specialist area: Creative agencies

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Our sales team is:

  • Sales Director Victoria Seymour +61 02 8296 0209 or email victoria@focalattractions.com.au
  • Business Development Manager Belinda Harris +02 8296 0229 or belinda@focalattractions.com.au

Publishing team:

  • Publishing Director Martin Lane +61 (0) 2 8296 0200 or email martin@focalattractions.com.au
  • Events Manager Liz Baldwin +61 (0) 8296 0220 or liz@focalattractions.com.au
  • Events Manager Nicole McKay +61 (0) 8296 0205 or nicole@focalattractions.com.au
  • Financial controller: Kelly Colless + 61 (0) 2 8296 0222 or email kelly@focalattractions.com.au
  • Art director Elke Aspillera +61 (0) 2 8296 0204 or email elke@focalattractions.com.au
  • Publisher, The Source | AdBrief | The Agency Review Camille Alarcon +(61) 488 176 188 or email camille@focalattractions.com.au

Mumbrella Asia:

Our head office address is Mumbrella House, 46-48 Balfour Street, Chippendale NSW 2008

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Advertising opportunities

We accept advertising on our html email newsletter, which is published on weekdays and on the website.

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We also offer a free media and marketing jobs board.

Mumbrella events

Mumbrella hosts various media and marketing events throughout the year. If you would like further information on Mumbrella events, please contact Denise Jinks on 02 8296 0229 or denise@focalattractions.com.au.

Events include:


Mumbrella Question Time

The Festival of Branded Entertainment

PR and communications event CommsCon 

Contact us:

Focal Attractions Pty Ltd (trading as Mumbrella, BN98517936)
ABN 86 121 918 090
Postal Address: Mumbrella House, 46-48 Balfour Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008 AUSTRALIA
Phone: +612 8296 0229
Fax: +612 9690 1314
Email: denise@focalattractions.com.au

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