ACMA launches investigation into Sandilands ‘spider baby’ jokes

The media watchdog has launched a formal investigation into comments by Kyle Sandilands on 2Day FM about a child born in Pakistan with additional limbs that he described as a “spider baby”.

Audio of the spider baby comments:


The comments on the Sydney breakfast show came in April, shortly after the Australian Communications and Media Authority found against Sandilands for his comments about a News Limited journalist.

However, it took place before a new licensing regime was formally in place which meant that ACMA would be in a position to immediately examine complaints. Instead they had to be initially dealt with by the Southern Cross Austereo owned radio station.

The complaints have now been escalated to ACMA, which has decided they carry enough weight to merit an investigation. However, that does not automatically suggest that Sandilands have breached the broadcasting rules.

A spokesman for 2Day FM told Mumbrella: “We are aware that ACMA is investigating these comments and we will submit our response as required. We do not believe there is any substance to the complaints.”

Rival radio station Nova’s Sydney breakfast team of Fitzy & Wippa covered similar material, however ACMA is not undertaking an investigation into those comments. An explanation for this may be that formal complaints were not made about the Nova broadcast, while the “Sack Vile” campaign has remained active on Sandilands’ behaviour.

Audio of the Fitzy & Wippa segment:



  1. Helen
    29 May 12
    1:27 pm

  2. Does ACMA have anything better to do than monitor Kyle and 2day FM. The people over on AM are just as bad however you don’t see them being “monitored”. Get over it. The fact that people say these things everyday, but because Kyle is on the radio, the media make the biggest deal about it.

  3. Kate
    29 May 12
    1:35 pm

  4. That is not entirely true, Kyle’s comments potentially breeched a licensing condition placed upon the station after the ‘rape incident’…. and so complaints were also sent directly to ACMA

  5. Roz
    29 May 12
    1:44 pm

  6. Interesting news here! So, has Kyle learnt nothing from all his past indiscretions? It seems he really is just a disaster waiting to bring on more and more. Any company would have to surely question linking their brand with his name! Why would anyone possible consider aligning their name with his as a good move? I read the other day that Kyle Sandilands was ‘reinventing’ himself, wanting to be seen as a ‘really nice person’ ! The nice people I know aren’t vile against women, don’t receive almost national condemnation forcing 106 Sponsors to walk, don’t offer token ‘apologies’ then follow them up with disgusting comments about deformed babies! Time to Walk Mr Sandilands! You’re past your Use by Date, even in the arena of Shock Jock ‘humour.’ Australia has spoken!

  7. David
    29 May 12
    1:45 pm

  8. my goodness – get a life people – if you find that offensive listen to allan jones – waste of time even investigating that

  9. Emilia
    29 May 12
    1:46 pm

  10. Oh please. I hate Kyle Sandilands as much as the next person does, but even this investigation is taking it a little too far seeing as he’s a comedic commentator.

  11. paul
    29 May 12
    1:48 pm

  12. Will ACMA be also investigating Fitzy and Wippa for making similar jokes about this as well? If they are then at least ACMA have shown they are commited to raising the standards of radio broadcasting, if not then it’s just another witch hunt similar to the Salem trials

  13. paul
    29 May 12
    1:51 pm

  14. Actually cue paul is a doofus sound track. Just re-read the article…my bad.

    So even though Fitzy and Wippa made a similar joke since their listeners didn’t complain they won’t be investigated? This might set an interesting precedent – how can one person be made guilty and penalised yet another station’s talent get’s away with nothing for the same joke.

    My take on this is that ACMA won’t even issue a sanction

  15. Roz
    29 May 12
    1:51 pm

  16. Interesting that, unlike David, (above), ACMA does not think it is a waste of time. I am sure this Department has enough to do without chasing meaningless complaints! Obviously they, as most thinking people are aware of the subtle yet insidious damage and hurt that is caused by self-opinionated bullies on air. To compare one foul person with another does not actually mean we ignore the first, surely. If you think Allan Jones is offensive…why don’t you do something about it, David? Or are you one of these who just complain about offensiveness but are not prepared to do anything about it?

  17. Lucy
    29 May 12
    1:54 pm

  18. Kyle is a repeat offender. Time for ACMA to act. I’ve had enough of him polluting the airways and influencing the world my kids are growing up in.

  19. Lucy
    29 May 12
    1:57 pm

  20. PS Just because I care about the values in our culture, doesn’t mean I don’t have a life…just that I care about the life that I live and the world my kids will inherit..

  21. Kate
    29 May 12
    2:08 pm

  22. Who made the “sack vile kyle” people the regulators on what is acceptable or not?

    I can’t stand people who want to turn us into a nanny state – or worse… North Korea!

  23. Drew
    29 May 12
    2:27 pm

  24. Not again!

    Can people move on and let the guy be. His comments are similar to other programs. Alan Jones is just as bad (remember the Cronulla Riots?).

    The people who complain about Kyle dont even listen to the program. The fact is the show is number 1 in Sydney’s FM market because it is the most entertaining. They get the big name celebrities ad they ask the questions others are too afrad to ask. The chemistry between Kyle ad Jackie is brilliant compared to the lacklustre pairings they have as competition.

    The haters behind the anti Kyle campaign are a very vocal minority of about 10 people who enlist social media to make the campaign seem bigger than it actually is. Despite their hard work – people are not leaving the program. The show has remained number 1 because the fans are loyal. Some advertisers may remove their support but others will take their place. Why – becasue the show rates, it appeals to a certain demographics and these are relevant to certain brands. It’s a simple equation.

    Kye Sandilands is needed in Ausralia, without him, radio would be f*cking boring! Oops, I swore – maybe I need a 30 second delay and a red flashing light too!

  25. Roz
    29 May 12
    2:31 pm

  26. How has this got anything to do with SackVileKile? The ACMA are an independent body which regulates what is acceptable for the listening public to hear on air. Anyone can complain (even David, if he finds Allan Jones says something that offends him!). Even you Kate…(above). I guess we’ll have to wait until something offends your own world, Kate, before you leap off the fence! Usually only happens once someone’s own little world is effected! Oh and then it’s: “Why didn’t someone do something before? ” Well someone is! Thank you, ACMA, for agreeing that there ARE standards, and that they should be met…at least in the world I want my kids to grow up in!

  27. Anonymous
    29 May 12
    2:36 pm

  28. The leader of the PC brigade is back.

    Lucy my dear, get a life… You’re obviously very bored.

  29. Simon
    29 May 12
    2:39 pm

  30. Whilst Kyles comments were in poor taste, I don’t see that he is deserving of any criticism this time around. Comedy derives from ridiculing rigid behavioural standards. I really think he was just actually doing his job. It would have been different if he was interviewing someone with extra limbs and caused them personal distress. But in this case he is fine.

  31. Roz
    29 May 12
    2:42 pm

  32. You see, Drew,the difference is, NO-ONE cares if you swore! Why..cos you are a NO-BODY! That’s the whole point. If you were SOMEBODY that kids listened to, that people respected on radio (for some bizarre, unfathomable reason) then YES,,,people would care cos others might then copy your horrid ways. That’s why some people care about community standards. it’s really not that difficult.
    Lucy…who-ever you are…I’m with you!

  33. the voice
    29 May 12
    2:43 pm

  34. Life is way too serious in so many ways….. It is refreshing to be able to listen to a radio station that allows freedom of speech, to be able to voice subjects and topics we all talk about at home and would probably say exactly what Kyle is saying and probably have a little laugh about it.

    Comedians for centuries have made jokes about those topics which are tabu or forbidden to discuss, making it a light topic to then open discussion about.

    Don’t wrap your kids up in cotton wool, because I can assure you they will hear a lot worse out in the big bad world – not in your ears reach. Get real and allow others to enjoy the radio station!

  35. Kate
    29 May 12
    2:45 pm

  36. Roz – If it really had nothing to do with the SackVileKyle group & that organization was truly offended then they would have complained about the remarks made on Nova & The ACMA would be investigating both stations.

    The fact that they aren’t makes a mockery of both The ACMA & The SackVileKyle Group

  37. Drew
    29 May 12
    2:46 pm

  38. My guess is that both Lucy and Roz are from the Sack Vile Kyle campaign. They probably have google alerts set up so they can monitor when someone mentions his name so they can act instantly.

    Ladies – best you get ready for your 3pm school pickup. It’s probably the highlight of your otherwise very busy day!

  39. Roz
    29 May 12
    2:49 pm

  40. “” and they ask the questions others are too afrad to ask.”
    And what exactly might those questions be, Drew? Can you give me an example, just so i can see what illuminating pearls of wisdom are being asked/answered by this apparent philospher and guru: Kyle Sandilands. What riveting social commentary is he providing now that I seem to be missing? Oh right,, something about a deformed baby! Something about how funny it would be for a deformed baby to compete in the Olympics? Is that the riveting stuff that you find so deep and meaningful?
    Amazing! …And some people advise ME to get a life!

  41. Anonymous
    29 May 12
    3:12 pm

  42. “”Ladies – best you get ready for your 3pm school pickup. It’s probably the highlight of your otherwise very busy day!””


  43. Davo
    29 May 12
    3:15 pm

  44. Ricky Gervais said it best, after 2 years of minority outrage from precious people regarding his Golden Globes hosting duties….

    “no-one has the right to be offended, they only have the right to switch off”.

    Roz, Kate. Can you feel the tide turning? Take a trip to North Korea. You’d enjoy it.

  45. Tom
    29 May 12
    3:23 pm

  46. Roz and Kate are clearly part of the Sack Kyle hate group. It’s funny that a group that’s supposedly so anti-bullying uses so many classic bullying techniques to push their agenda.

  47. Roz
    29 May 12
    3:23 pm

  48. ….see how Kyle Sandiland’s insidious kinds of remarks creep unbeknown into people’s conversation, so that the very act of some Mums having to pick their kids up at three pm becomes cause for derision? Some people just can’t help lowering themselves to attacking women, can they? No…not on any school runs any more, been there, done that. Now I’m busy, as a teacher, hoping we can still instil some values and logic into the next generation. Clearly some out there in the community are happy to forego this responsibility to others!
    Drew, your assumptions are just too funny!

  49. Lucy
    29 May 12
    3:35 pm

  50. ‘anonymous’ I’m neither bored, nor a leader and this is in fact the first time I’ve posted on mumbrella. Maybe you are the one who needs a life..And for the the record Drew, I am not a member of vile kyle, but I might just join them. I applaud the efforts of anyone who works to make our airwaves cleaner..

  51. Anonymous
    29 May 12
    3:50 pm

  52. What a Joke. People make all kinds of remarks in life. If you cant hack it dont listen to this station. Kyle is Kyle move on or waste your time worrying about this guy. Get a grip!

  53. Anonymous
    29 May 12
    3:51 pm

  54. What a Joke. People make all kinds of remarks in life. If you cant hack it dont listen to this station. Kyle is Kyle move on.

  55. Cameron
    29 May 12
    4:09 pm

  56. I agree with Anonymous, however, it’s very trendy to bag Kyle. It’s kind of like, if you don’t bag Kyle, you become a pariah from all the PC-friendly nitwits around you in offices across the country. I have a feeling, actually, that a lot of people join in bagging him do it just so they don’t stand out around the water cooler.

  57. Roz
    29 May 12
    4:34 pm

  58. Will I never cease to be amazed by what people claim to find ‘entertaining’;’humorous’; ‘comedy’ etc . ?
    And why do some people always advice others ‘to get a life’? Are they trying to imply that they (because they have so much time to listen to offensive stuff, time to write and defend offensive stuff)…are they really trying to imply they have more of a life than others who take time out of their busy lives (picking up children from school etc) who suggest society would be better off without this air pollutant?
    The same old, same old Mantra! I sort of think that they might be better off getting a life that contained a good thesaurus to trot out something less hackneyed. Can they think of so little else to accuse people of? Get a Life! Is this meant to be an insult? A suggestion? Are they suggesting I might be better off living the life they do…listening to offensive broadcasting and defending it?
    People continue to amaze me!

  59. Drew
    29 May 12
    4:50 pm

  60. Roz – we would expect nothing less from you – if everyone reading these mumbrella posts visits the sack vile kyle facebook page – they will see you are one of the first members to pop up at the top of the page. You dont resemble the normal reader of Mumbrella. Which probably means you have seeked out this blog to spread your venom.

    As this is a marketing/advertising blog – would you like to offer some valuable insights and educated opinions?

  61. Tom
    29 May 12
    5:17 pm

  62. Roz, it’s time to channel some of that hate into something productive like teaching your kids about the value of living in a country with free media and the opportunity to listen to what they choose. Stop hating and start living.

  63. People are rude
    29 May 12
    5:22 pm

  64. This is like opinion road rage. Perhaps i have been living under a rock – but you people are really throwing some mud around. You make Kyle look like a teddy bear… Im going back under my rock now – where people are polite and respectful…

  65. Roz
    29 May 12
    5:28 pm

  66. sorry, Drew…didn’t realise MuMBrella had a requirement for a ‘normal’ reader. Do they know this? Or is this just your own special brand of discrimination’?
    I write here as an individual, not as a member of any particular group. Should I write as a Teacher? ; as a supporter of Gay Rights? As a member of Save the Children Fund? SIDS? Red Cross? Medibank Private? Doctors sans Frontiers? Or may I please, with your pemission, of course, write under my own steam, expressing my own views? Is that OK?
    I am no-body’s spokes-person, How dare you imply that I am!

  67. willemrt
    29 May 12
    5:45 pm

  68. Well people are rude, people are assholes, in fact the whole world is like that.

    But FFS.. a joke is a joke. How about the mistruth and truthiness that is purveyed on certain talkback stations day to day? Nope? ok

  69. Anonymous
    29 May 12
    5:52 pm

  70. Poor Roz.. The ‘sack vile Kyle’ campaign was a complete and utter failure..

    His ratings have actually gone up..

    Now she’s trying to clutch on to anything she can in some pathetic attempt to position herself as Australia’s moral crusader.

    Roz, Lucy. You’re both seen as a joke on here. Why don’t you go hang around Mama Mia with the rest of the bored self-important mothers instead.

  71. Andrew
    29 May 12
    6:15 pm

  72. Kyle Sandilands latest gaffe is minor compared to his list of threats, insults, sleaze etc over the years.
    But it shows how stupid he is.
    When you’ve lost more than 100 advertisers and you are one of the country’s most disliked people, you don’t make jokes about deformed babies.
    Go figure!
    @Drew, Sandilands has insulted and upset so many listeners and colleagues over the years, there is little sympathy for the mess he’s got himself into.
    I think we all know his time is just about up.
    Please don’t talk about his popularity, about 90 percent of Sydneysiders don’t listen to him, and claims that he’s number 1 are false.
    We all know his show rates number 3.
    TODAY FM needs to say goodbye to him and rebuild it’s reputation.

  73. Craig Jay
    29 May 12
    6:23 pm

  74. Roz – I echo the sentiment of Drew & others who have commented here…
    Where is your outrage about Fitzy & Whippa?

    If you want to be taken seriously then at the very least be consistent & show that you have no bias.

  75. Tom
    29 May 12
    7:03 pm

  76. Looks like Roz has been doing a spot of trolling over at Crikey too. Busy afternoon in the staff room Rozzy?

    I think the issue here is not so much the comments about a deformed child with 8 legs, (disgusting tho the ‘humour’ found in this may be to some, certainly to me!). It is more that Sandilands breached the already-set conditions by ACMA to prevent such breaches! The fact that he is meant to stop being disgusting when the lights and buzzes sound/flash (as set in place on the recommendations of the Govt watch-dog) but didn’t. Not only did he not desist; he made fun of the very measure put in place that were meant to keep him ‘on’track’. If he has such little regard for his own programme, producers, the fines 2DayFM will incur whenever he breaches the ruling, well… I think this may be the real issue! If he cannot stop being disgusting over something his own producers think is offensive (obviously, why else would they employ the warning buzzes and lights?) , then why will he stop when something more controversial and offensive comes out of his mouth?
    The very measures put in place to stop him being offensive (even as regarded as offensive by his own producers, obviously, otherwise why the lights and buzzes) did not work!
    Time to take a Walk, I think Kyle! You’re just too much of a Loose Cannon!

    by Allardice Roz?wpmp_switcher=mobile on May 29, 2012 at 3:50 pm

  77. Roz
    29 May 12
    7:24 pm

  78. I must say I am very surprised at the vitriol expressed here. Some people obviously find it hard to have a rational discussion. (btw Thanks, Simon, way back, you are one of the few here who see to be able to disagree with some’s point of view without getting personal,) I only ‘attack’ personally when I am attacked personally, and some of the comments here are just nasty!
    As a teacher one of the first things we are taught is to “dislike the behaviour, not the person”. It is very sad here that so many here seem to label me, and others who despise Kyle’s on-air rants, as ‘Hating him.’ I don’t Hate Kyle Sandilands. Any more than I hate those of you who have expressed a different viewpoint to me. Why would I hate you? I don’t even know you! But I can make judgements based on what you say. Just as I make judgement about how Kyle speaks. In my view he incites anti-social behaviour. And I dislike seeing a society which seems to become antisocial. But Hate…no..I feel sorry for the man that he has so much anger inside him! I feel sorry for some of you that you seem to equate someone feeling passionately moved about something as being “hateful”. That is simply illogical! I feel sorry for people who are illogical! But “Hate”? That would be making me the same as someone who swore to “Get Someone, Hunt someone down” simply because she disagreed with him! That sure sounds like Hate to me! I find it hard to believe that simply because I express a different view to some of you , that you would label me a Hater. By your own logic then, because you and I disagree, then you are a Roz Hater? Just as you seem to want to label me a Kyle Hater! No..I simply abhor the influence he has over young, impressionable vulnerable youth. Imagine if I, as a teacher (all you people who advocate he is only exercising his Freedom of Speech) spoke to your kids, my students in the same way Kyle speaks on radio? Imagine if I used the same Freedom of Speech proviso and said to any child who I disagreed with “I’m going to hunt you down” Called your child a Fat Slag? Made mockery of a disabled child in my class! Sure, watch you all come out of the woodwork then, and teacher-bash! Ok for Kyle to say it..but definitely not others? Some people are such hypocrites. But just cos you are a hypocrite…doesn’t mean I Hate you! Anyway, keep listening, keep enjoying whatever makes you laugh..
    By the way, Paul, and Anonymous…reckon you must have a hidden agenda…I notice how you twist facts and statistics at will. Just for the record, I will remind you that 160 sponsors have agreed that they don’t want to align their good name with Kyle Sandilands anymore. People with obvious money to spend are walking away in droves! You can twist all the figures you want… these companies have voted with their feet. Daily the list grows.
    Finally I don’t want Kyle off the air. I am sure there is a certain audience (well, obviously!) out there for this kind of ‘humour’) I just think he needs to think more before he speaks as really, I can’t see any place in any society for self-opinionated bullies! Or public threats.
    Over and out!

  79. paul
    29 May 12
    7:28 pm

  80. Hate to be kyle on aprils fools day, he could get in trouble

  81. paul
    29 May 12
    8:21 pm

  82. Wow, why am i being brought into this? So if i present facts i have a hidden agenda? The numbers dont lie…his audience has grown this year after a bad start, people are spending more time listening to him. The 160 advertisers included around 75 online advertisers who were buying unsold inventory that was targeted to a younger audience which means they were most probably bought on a low CPM and also bought through a dsp. The remaining advertisers over 90% still advertise with the today network or had finished their campaigns within a two week block of being bullied by the sack vile kyle group. Roz, you can check all this information through any competitive analysis

  83. paul
    29 May 12
    8:25 pm

  84. Re twisting facts. On the sack vile kyle twitter page it is stated that a company had cancelled their $8million dollar advertising spend with 2dayfm. The truth is that this campaign was for an $8m clearance sale. Please if you are going to people under the microscope then be prepared to be put under the microscope. Stop spreading lies and incorrect information to get a headline. Stick to facts

  85. Cameron
    29 May 12
    9:25 pm

  86. “Why don’t you go hang around Mama Mia with the rest of the bored self-important mothers instead.”

    Best. Line. Ever.

  87. Hugo
    29 May 12
    9:49 pm

  88. I anticipate the ritual weak as **** punishment for the station

  89. John Grono
    29 May 12
    10:49 pm

  90. Worthy of investigation methinks.

    No, not for Kyle’s comments, but to try and find out what the co-announcers were laughing inanely at. Surely it couldn’t have been at Kyle’s comments.

  91. Mediatonka
    29 May 12
    11:18 pm

  92. The man that constantly tops or features in the most unpopular lists strikes again.
    This time it’s not a young woman or a teenager strapped to a lie detector, but a deformed baby.
    Well done Roz for standing up to this garbage that passes as entertainment, in a timeslot where thousands of children are listening.
    Sandilands vile behaviour is about to catch up with him and those that allow him to get away with it.

  93. Kate
    30 May 12
    12:46 am

  94. Craig Jay
    30 May 12
    8:01 am

  95. Roz – I respect your right to your opinion & this is not a personal attack.

    I think it’s very hypocritical for you to say:
    “I don’t want Kyle off the air” yet you are an admin on the “Sack Vile Kyle” group.

  96. paul
    30 May 12
    9:29 am

  97. love John Grono’s comments. Man crush lol

  98. Anonymous
    30 May 12
    10:12 am

  99. Hilarious

  100. Groucho
    30 May 12
    10:16 am

  101. Oh goody, another opportunity for the muppets at ACMA to beat the excreable man senseless with a feather, and pretend they are effective.

  102. paul
    30 May 12
    10:19 am

  103. TIm, you need to have better headlines, crikey’s headline on this is rather good (albeit offensive to the politically correct)

    ACMA says Sandilands ‘spider baby’ complaint has legs

  104. Roz
    30 May 12
    10:44 am

  105. I can state absolutely and categorically that I am NOT an administrator of the SVK group. As far as I know, there are four Administrators, I may be wrong. I post there a lot, I have several contacts who do like-wise. I have never been and have never been invited to be an Administrator of this Group!
    Please retract this comment as it is incorrect.
    I have no idea where this erroneous information has come from other than someone looking at the page will see I have commented (with both pros and cons as to my thoughts as different issues arise) re SVK. As anyone who Posts to SVK t knows, there are over 200 people who post on this site; there are FOUR Admins (I think) and not one of those FOUR is me!
    I post on many sites and on many Blogs about my concerns re Kyle Sandilands. (and indeed other social issues that concern me). My right!
    But I am not an Administrator! Your information is way off here, and could only be gleaned by someone lurking on the SVK site and seeing my name as a Poster, and making a very interesting leap of assumption!
    (and I appreciate the fact that you appear never to have made personal attacks here, unlike some really really nasty other people) But again…please investigate all you will, and offer proof of above information, otherwise re-tract.
    Furthermore, as I said earlier, I will not contribute here any more. I do not come here to be personally abused and ‘hated’ for my viewpoints. I respond here now only because this is incorrect and needs to be addressed immediately!

  106. Roz
    30 May 12
    10:59 am

  107. And, as for pathetic comments like “Busy afternoon in the staff room Rozzy?…
    I am far too busy/experienced to be lolling in the Staffroom, these days, Tom! At the moment I am in Hong Kong; I now consult for other international Education Departments, I don’t work solely in Australia any more (although Aust is my home). Now my job is working with Behaviour Management and Suicide Awareness training for teachers and other professionals who work with diseffected youth, primarily with adolecsent boys. (probably explains why I understand puerile humour so well; it falls right into the ‘adolecsent boys timeline!)
    So…commentary on social issues that effect the well-being of our youth (esp boys as that is my area of expertise) is my job! Very busy life indeed, and no more picking up the kids at three o’clock; unfortunately there is now more picking up the pieces of shattered families after their child has suicided through the relentless bullying endured by someone who may have listened to an on-air air-head who has no understanding of the vulnerabilities of impressionable youth!

  108. Kate
    30 May 12
    11:16 am

  109. I am one of the admin of the SVK campaign, can confirm that Roz is not.

    I have to say reading through the various media takes on this story I am astounded by the misinformation that has gone out in regards to the ACMA investigation into Kyle Sandilands most recent comments concerning Umar Farooq, ‘Spider Baby’.

    The media have not even checked which licence condition is at issue here before passing comment. Media Watch could have a field day with this!

  110. Daddy Long Legs
    30 May 12
    11:50 am

  111. appreciate the work you are doing in defence of the spider baby Roz and co.

    Could you also please investigate the disturbing abuse of the so-called “Spider Pig” by Homer Simpson…….

  112. paul
    30 May 12
    11:51 am

  113. Regarding bullying and this is said in jest with a touch of seriousness, why aren’t these people going after the makers of The Simpsons. Surely Nelson Muntz provokes bullying in schools and thus due to his cartoon nature is more influential than Kyle? Just because it’s satirical and comedic doesn’t make it right.

  114. Roz
    30 May 12
    12:02 pm

  115. Furthermore, (Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t Post any more, but I HATE misinformation!)….I have never seen anyone actually say they Hate Kyle Sandilands. Everyone I know, those with more professional understanding than to hate someone who seems to have their own personal demons, do not HATE someone for their Hate Speech (quaintly termed Freedom of Speech by the advocates of “anything goes’). We understand that everyone is a product of their environment, upbringing, education, personal fears and influences, whatever, and that it is a futile activity to Hate them for their shortcomings!! The people I know feel sorry for Kyle, and believe he should be removed from the airways while he appears to be having a detrimental effect on his listeners; while he threatens and abuses people in public. We understand that, in our jobs, we cannot do this, so society seems to have some extremely concerning double standards here. In my own opinion, I am more concerned about the ‘enablers’: those people who allow a seemingly-troubled person to have such a wide influence on public airways! The people who should be advising him that he really has gone too far seem to gain leverage the more he offends! These are the people who should ultimately be held accountable. Society should not keep seemingly-troubled people in positions where they can influence vulnerable people…at least, in my professional and human view!

  116. Roz
    30 May 12
    12:56 pm

  117. “Could you also please investigate the disturbing abuse of the so-called “Spider Pig” by Homer Simpson……”

    No time to do EVERYTHING, Daddy Long Legs. Why don’t YOU show some fortitude and investigate it yourself, since it troubles you so much for you to bother commenting? (ah..that’s right, it’s sarcastic, isn’t it? Or an attempt at patronising? Feel proud of yourself?) Or are you just a TAKER who expects others to do everything for you? We all do the little we can, we fight the battles we are able to put our own energy into. And then we meet the likes of people who are too lazy or unconcerned to do anything themselves, but are so happy to spend the time taking on those who are prepared to stand up and do something.
    Aren’t people incredible? They see you having a social conscience about something, have a go at you, then criticise you for not doing more. Yet, one suspects they will never get off the fence to do anything similar themselves! Gutless and hypocrites…just wanting to stir! They’re out there…and they breed. And their kids (and mine) will inherit the society they condone! Aren’t we lucky!

  118. Roz
    30 May 12
    1:09 pm

  119. Not sure when you were last engaging in a modern and dynamic classroom, Paul, but effective educationalists often use The Simpsons as an educational tool. Great in-class teaching, if used well. And, of course, one could use Kyle Sandiland examples as an interesting teaching tool too, if teachers didn’t live in fear that (unlike the creaters of the Simpsons, who allow their programme to be used for educational purposes,) KS would probably sue! But we certainly use verbal anecdotes to convince our classes of all that is rotton on air. We do what we can to keep our youth save and sensible. (Not sure what you do, but no doubt you will enlighten us all here)
    You need to stop knocking and go out and see what ‘modern education’ is all about. There’s a huge difference between personal abuse and threats used by one person and the subtle clever satire that is The Simpsons. Surely you are not elevating Kyle Sandilands to this level of wit? Maybe you are still at that ‘puerile adolescent stage. Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it eventually!

  120. Huntsman
    30 May 12
    1:49 pm

  121. Roz the problem is most of us couldn’t give a shite about what you call “battles’. Your bitter and twisted world view is a far more dangerous thing than ANYTHING Kyle Sandilands could say.

    I’d love to see more people develop critical thinking skills so they can make their own judgements about things they hear from all corners, from Kyle Sandilands to politicians to their teachers or even their friend’s wacko Mum who spends a lot of time trawling websites whining about personal causes.

    Your opinions are like your religion – of no interest to me.

  122. Roz
    30 May 12
    2:23 pm

  123. um…then why are you here, Huntsman? Why aren’t you out there living your life instead of trolling? Why come to a site which is all about people expressing their opinions? In the inimitable word of many above..why don’t you go out and have a life?
    Over and out…got a life to live!

  124. Ellie
    30 May 12
    2:45 pm

  125. Is it just me or is Roz’s defense for her attacks (ie. only attacking when personally attacked) exactly the same as Kyle’s when he had to respond to his on air rant about Alison Stephenson?
    ‘…I never ever dish it out first. I always retaliate due to someone else’s crazy, outrageous allegations…’

    Look, I can’t stand Kyle either, so I switch off. I recommend everyone else who thinks his brand of humor is tasteless gets off their soapbox and does the same.

  126. Anonymous
    30 May 12
    2:56 pm

  127. Kate: Get a job, and a life. Your campaign was a complete faliure. Time to move on.

    Roz: Bye bye dear. Off you go.

  128. Huntsman
    30 May 12
    3:14 pm

  129. Roz I’m on a marketing and advertising site because i’m in the industry and care about industry issues, not the misguided personal agendas of soccer moms with too much time on their hands

  130. paul
    30 May 12
    3:26 pm

  131. I think Roz and Kate both need to understand that the very freedom they have in going against Kyle is also applicable to people who a) don’t care about Kyle and b) like Kyle. It doesn’t mean we support or condone what he says or does

    how about a bit of personal responsibility? I don’t want a person from Bendigo and a teacher from Singapore telling me that I don’t have a right to listen to Kyle or even want to listen to Kyle or any other announcer they don’t like. And if I decide to buy products from advertisers who advertise in his program then so be it.

    I’ll take responsibilities for my own actions and it doesn’t mean I’m a bully or a spiderbaby joker either…

  132. Greg
    30 May 12
    3:53 pm

  133. Glad I live in Melbourne, my aerial isn’t besmirched by his wallowings.

    What he said doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, but he’s an oxygen bandit of the lowest order. If you still think humour needs a victim after you have turned 15, your corner of the pub will soon be filled with saddies and knobs in your later life.

    Your stool is almost ready Kyle.

    The tribe is speaking louder and louder, Kyle old son. Lose a bit of that sad, white, new-monied, cornfed flab and you’ll be in much better nick to do the ladder demos on the morning shows.


  134. Drew
    30 May 12
    4:10 pm

  135. Thank god for Paul and Huntsman – the best comments so far. I hate that a vocal minority who hide behind the moniker of the SackVileKyle campaign have had such an influence, especially with advertisers.

    Kyle and Jackie O’s audience figures speak for themself. They have a loyal following who do not want to leave. And guess what – a significant portion of their audience are mums with kids. They understand his brand of humour and they police it with their children when necessary. Are you suggesting these parents are lesser people because they listen to the show. These people are consumers who have every right to listen to ads as much as the parents who dont listen to Klye and Jackie?

    You have been able to generate a lot of media exposure, making people think your movement is bigger than it actually is. You may have spooked some sponsors, but this blog is the ideal outlet for potential show advertisers to realise that you guys hae personal vandettas. You seek out any opportunity in any media outlet as to amplify your cause. Im sure your cronies have been ringing up media doing ACMA’s PR for free over the past 24 hours.

    Just so you know – the reason why so many parents stick with Kyle is because they see everything in context. They also see the softer side of kyle – someone who actually does give back, someone who does support human rights. For example, he has been a long time supporter of marriage equality. But you wouldnt know any of this – because you are too close minded.

  136. Red back
    30 May 12
    5:03 pm

  137. All this talk is good but I’m still worrying about the Spider Pig

  138. Drew
    30 May 12
    5:22 pm

  139. Funnel Web
    31 May 12
    8:26 am

  140. Well done fellow Mumbrellans for outing and slamming the minority of Roz/Lucy/Kate (aka SVK) who slavishly follow these Sandilands stories wherever they pop up and bring their misguided moral view where it’s not wanted.

    Tim, keep publishing the stories re Sandilands as jousting with these clowns is fun.

  141. Andrew
    31 May 12
    9:31 am

  142. We all know Sandilands is on borrowed time.
    The spider baby bad taste jokes will not be the reason why he has to go.
    It’s years of scandals and insults.
    Finally let’s dispell the myth about his ratings.
    His show hovers around 9 or 10 percent, while Alan Jones pulls in 17 and Adam Spencer 12 or 13.
    King Kyle?

  143. Red back
    31 May 12
    9:42 am

  144. Thanks for your maths lesson Andrew or iwas it a myths lesson?
    Spider pig is king!

  145. paul
    5 Jun 12
    1:19 pm

  146. Hi, I am just wondering if sackvilekyle investigate the stuff they are re-tweeting…apparently a person called Bathgates Annaliese has tweeted that the Good Guys do not condone the recent actions of Kyle et al and have withdrawn breakfast sponsorship. This is from someone who has 3 tweets and states they live in New York

    I love the smell of astro turf in the morning…puhlease

  147. Kate
    5 Jun 12
    2:45 pm

  148. A great way to advertise though isn’t it. Good on the Good Guys. It must be working for them, I was actually there earlier today, shopping! That’s the 2nd time in as many weeks.

  149. Kate
    5 Jun 12
    2:52 pm

  150. BTW just read your article again Mumbrella and see that you have updated it which is great. However it’s still not really correct in relation to the facts surrounding the potential breaching of Licensing Conditions AND Code of Conduct… anyhoo

  151. paul
    5 Jun 12
    3:42 pm

  152. The funny thing is Kate is that they have advertised on a number of Sydney stations in April including 2Day FM, amongst others. Once again your campaign is filled with information that is incorrect and misleading more about sensationalism than fact. This is why SVB is failing and the evidence is there for all to see

  153. Funnel Web
    5 Jun 12
    3:49 pm

  154. Really Kate, you were just at the Good Guys this morning shopping, wowie, that’s super. It MUST be working for the Good Guys to be talked about on SVK, gosh indeed.

    Are you the same Kate that admits to being an admin of SVK above in defence of Roz?

    Please fuck off.

  155. Roz
    5 Jun 12
    3:59 pm

  156. Ah yes, like a sad and tired old record, Paul continues to ‘push his own barrow’ (while accusing SVK of doing the same), and claiming SVK is failing. Of course, astute readers should be reading between the lines to work out what Paul’s real agenda is here. SackVileKile’s agenda is clear, transparent and out in the open, But Paul..always working away here, with the (not so subtle) little attacks to disseminate incorrect information,. One has to wonder why?
    And always trying to get slip in those incorrect ‘facts’—while anyone reading anything about this Social Media impact will know, without a doubt that this campaign has NOT been a failure…NOT with nearly 170 Sponsors withdrawing their advertisements from KS’s programme; , NOT with ACMA becoming involved AGAIN, not with 35000 people signing a Petition asking for KS’s removal,
    Astute readers here will do their own research, others will simply blindly follow and believe anything Paul writes here. I guess he figures if he says it long and often enough, people will start to believe it.
    Was it Paul who wrote that SVK had only four members awhile back? ? I think there is enough false information being written by Paul that people here can check out for themselves. Maybe once you have found one discrepancy, you may like to think about some of Paul’s other ‘claims”. And ask what his own personal agenda is in all of this? (I think he definitely “protesteth too much”)

  157. Drew
    5 Jun 12
    4:54 pm

  158. Hey Roz – I’ll give you somefigures to think about. 65 markets take the Kyle and Jackie O Show nationally – that’s 2.5 million listeners each week. I think that shits on your 200 facebook fans and 35,000 people who signed your petition. Petition signers who probably never listened to the show in the first place. I think these are the figures that advertisers who read Mumbrella probably should be reminded about. Not your propaganda.

  159. Kate
    5 Jun 12
    5:02 pm

  160. ha ha yes fw it is me, the same. Bought my son a new electric blanket this morning, got a good deal. Bought myself one the week before. The Good Guys are doing okay :-)

  161. paul
    5 Jun 12
    5:25 pm

  162. Roz, firstly let’s get some facts correct.
    a) Yes 35,000 have signed the petition, 34,000 had signed before mid January which means 1,000 have signed since mid Jan. FACT
    b) Yes 170 advertisers have mentioned via social media they will not advertise in Kyle and Jackie O. Evidence is that only 8 advertisers have withdrawn advertising support from 2Day. The remaining 162 advertisers have either a) not used radio on any other network and b) still advertise and yes they are still on K&J station. FACT
    c) Kyle and Jackie O’s audience has remained consistent after losing their light radio listeners and still command around 500,000 listeners each week FACT
    d) SVK has 200 or so followers on twitter and facebook, K&J have substantially more
    e) As quoted by Tim – my IP is not of 2DayFM. As i’ve said all along if you want to scrutinise someone’s activities that closely then one must expect scrutiny on their own activity
    Roz, you could actually do some research on this information I’ve provided and you will see that i am correct

  163. paul
    5 Jun 12
    5:31 pm

  164. And as Roz you state ‘Astute readers here will do their own research, others will simply blindly follow and believe anything Paul writes here. I guess he figures if he says it long and often enough, people will start to believe it.’ Are you saying the same thing is relevant for SVK people as well – and Roz show me the evidence…as a teacher in Singapore I’m sure you’d have access to competitive data for the Australian media industry which actually backs my facts

    All this campaign is based on is fear and it’s a failure becuase you are doing the same thing that Kyle has done to people – bullying and dominating people and clients

  165. Roz
    5 Jun 12
    7:14 pm

  166. Where do you get Singapore from? I know that to the ignorant all Asians probably look the same, ergo all Asian countries are the same…(I am NOT Asian, this is not an insult, just trying to correct poor Paul’s continued misconceptions). I am seconded by the Hong Kong Government, from Australia, to work here in Hong Kong at a few months at a time, with teachers, to help with their language aquisition, their Behaviour Management skills with adolescents. And the first thing I like to teach them is how to read. Correctly!

  167. paul
    6 Jun 12
    6:18 am

  168. Hi roz, sorry about the Singapore reference, I incorrectly thought you were an Australian teacher in Singapore. I meant Hong Kong, sorry for the confusion. Also could you please show me where I inferred that you were Asian and why would you try and make me to appear racist. I stated that you were a teacher in Singapore nothing more nothing less…

  169. Kate
    6 Jun 12
    11:26 am

  170. Paul, just so you know I’m not from Bendigo. It was reported that I live in Ballarat, this is not true, however it is on the public record.

    Would love to know what agency you are from.

  171. Roz
    6 Jun 12
    12:03 pm

  172. As you’ve brought up the Singapore reference a couple of times now, Paul, it is obviously important to YOU! Otherwise, why bring it up? Oh…that’s right, I think you may be trying to imply that as I don’t live in Australia (Wrong!), I should not be affected by all of this?So…you get some ‘fact’s wrong, but all who read here are meant to trust you on all the other ‘facts’ you throw around?
    Sure, Paul, Sure! Readers can make up their own minds, fortunately!
    Anyone with half a brain can see my inference had nothing to do with racism, (distractions, Paul, distractions from the real issues!)
    Your comment placed me in Singapore. If you can’t get this simple fact right, how can we trust your other ‘facts’? Don’t bother get it wrong every time, and expose a) your weak argument, b) your incorrect facts, c) your obsession, which seems strange, since you seem to think I am obsessed!

  173. Anonymous
    6 Jun 12
    1:54 pm

  174. Roz, now accusing people of racism. Talk about clutching at straws.

    Kyle issue aside, that gives a pretty good example of what type of person she is.

    Over-reacting, full of knee jerk responses, and above all, PC in the extreme.

    She shouldnt really be taken seriously in any regard.

  175. paul
    6 Jun 12
    2:30 pm

  176. Roz, how can the facts I quote be wrong when I am sourcing them from industry approved research? (AC Nielsen who measure audience delivery in radio and competitive spends). Granted there is an error rate of +/- 5-10% which is accepted industry practice

    This means that you are accusing the whole industry of lies when we do our reporting to clients on advertising spend and radio listening. I have even accepted the numbers you have presented but then put the real analysis into what you have said which is evidenced on the websites put forward eg SVK Twitter/facebook page, the sites etc. This is what we do in advertising we don’t just look at the raw numbers in isolation we look at how the numbers are compiled and what the real impact is.

    Thanks for your interest

  177. paul
    6 Jun 12
    2:32 pm

  178. Further to this I have never made it personal other than referencing location of where yourself and kate live. I’ve even stuck up for Kate when people made personal attacks. Just one more question – Did you think the Fitzy and Wippa spider baby content was justified and why aren’t you focusing on them too since the Kyle outburst was so offensive

  179. Tom
    6 Jun 12
    7:31 pm

  180. Roz, I hope your not running your little anti-Kyle hate campaign on the Hong Kong (NET) education department’s time? They surely wouldn’t be thrilled.

  181. paul
    6 Jun 12
    9:04 pm

  182. Hi Kate, sorry about the Bendigo reference. I shouldnt have brought up information that wasnt relevant. I’ll stick to what i know

  183. Roz
    6 Jun 12
    11:46 pm

  184. Hardly, Tom. I do have a life (although some here have suggested I get one…when they’re getting a bit personal!) outside of what I do!

    Good suggestion, Paul…stick to what you know.

  185. Roz
    7 Jun 12
    10:39 am

  186. oh, and Tom…I just ‘clicked’…realised what you were talking about!
    I see investigative journalism working here at its best…you are just seven years out of date, I left the NET scheme in December, 2005! But…good try, I guess, …if your aim is to try and expose people’s personal information here. Seems a common ploy by some here, ‘inadvertently’ dropping a Poster’s town or place of work….unfortunately, every time it has happened here, the information seems to have been incorrect!
    Well done on those of you who work with ‘facts and figures’…your credibility grows by the day (NOT!)

  187. Kate
    7 Jun 12
    9:21 pm

  188. Well done Roz.
    Your little campaign and it’s credibility also grows by the day (NOT!)

  189. Tom
    8 Jun 12
    8:12 am

  190. Don’t feel too bad Paul. ACMA and SCA will make it all about Roz (in Hong Kong – despite what she says) and Kate’s (Buninyong) location when they consider any complaints they made. They’re not even in broadcast area of the show. BTW it took 30 seconds on Google to find the above info. You can bet SCA would be googling too.

  191. paul
    8 Jun 12
    8:50 am

  192. here are some nice facts and figures that i’ve just looked at using radio advisor. Roz and SVK feel free to scrutinise.

    OK…here we go
    a) Females 16-39 – The K&J show has a 45.7% commercial share in Survey 3/2012 up from 43.5% in survey 8/2012. The nearest competitor has 15.2% share. Audience has grown from 201,000 to 214,000 on Females 16-39. They are #1 still
    b) Females 25-54 – The K&J show has a 30.0% commercial share in Survey 3/2012 down from 33.7% in survey 8/2012. The nearest competitor has 13.7% share. Audience has decreased from 233,000 to 179,000 on Females 25-54. They are still #1. Upon closer investigation that is a huge decrease so as a media planner i must look at why. Wow, it appears that the volume of listeners who have deserted them are Females 40-54 so let’s look the female 40-54 breakdown and bingo there is your audience that has left K&J – It is primarily Females 40-54. K&J have gone from a 27.8% commercial share to 20.4% commercial share, still # – where has this audience gone? Looks like they have gone to FItzy and wippa (5.3% to 9.9% (onesy and Amanda (17.2 % share Svy 8/11 to 19.4% share Svy 3.12) and Alan Jones (11.2% share – 18.0% share)

    Here is the source for you to double check Roz – Radio Advisor Surveys 8/11 – Survey 3/12 Mon-Fri 0600-0900 Cume Audience, Commercial Share (%)

  193. Roz
    8 Jun 12
    3:49 pm

  194. MumBrella..sounding more and more like a Kyle Sandilands and Paul Henry (!) fan club every day!
    Leave you to it, cupcakes!

  195. John hollands
    10 Jun 12
    3:18 am

  196. I find the calibre of this “debate” (more like “flame war”) to be appalling and it lowers my view of Mumbrella – both the Posters and whatever Moderator is lurking.

    Is this really the best from you all?

  197. shocked
    12 Jun 12
    5:18 pm

  198. What a bunch of bitching bullies you all are. I don’t know Roz, and frankly I don’t give a damn about Kyle either, but I think the behaviour of industry types on this page is deplorable. people are entitled to an opposing view and you are all sniping like children and getting way off topic by personally attacking each other. So what if Roz and Kate are members of a group to get rid of Kyle – they are entitled to their view. Roz is entitled to be on here if she is a teacher or an advertising exec…This could have been an interesting debate, but now it is just stupid bullying as far as I can see.

  199. Tom
    19 Jun 12
    9:53 am

  200. I just noticed that Kyle is up again in the latest survey results and number one again. The audience can’t have been too offended byte this ridiculous ‘spider baby’ storm in a teacup. Good luck getting rid of him Kate and Roz… Dont like your chances.

  201. Rebecca
    19 Jun 12
    3:55 pm

  202. Funny that Roz Allardice is always on her high horse about setting a good example for our kids, but if you google her reputation as a teacher, look what her students said about her on rate my teachers. Sounds like she is the bully! Hypocrite much?

  203. Nat Plann
    19 Jun 12
    4:53 pm

  204. Rebecca. It’s a single rating from August 2009 posted online from someone who clearly has trouble with spellinh and writing. You have to do better than that.

  205. Rebecca
    21 Jun 12
    12:20 am

  206. Picking on a kid because he has trouble spelling. Thats nice! I think what he has to say speaks volumes, she provoked him and was the worst teacher he ever had. Doesn’t matter how long ago it was, it happened. I notice there are no positive comments on Roz. Sounds like a hypocrite to me!! She accuses others of setting a bad example for children, yet she is directly responsible for bullying a student. Far worse than Kyle I’d say.