Ad of the month: Australians love Lionel Ritchie

An ad featuring entertainment icon Lionel Richie performing his classic hit Hello from the back of a fridge for Lion Nathan’s Tap King has been named ad of the month by Mumbrella’s sister title Encore.

The ad of the month is based on an online survey of 1,000 Australians. In the survey, analysed by research firm The Acid Test, using a representative panel provided by Pure Profile, consumers were asked to choose their favourite ad from a shortlist of nine ads which have run on TV or online.

Grant Bell from The Acid Test said: “Yet again, humour wins Encore’s ad of the month. Many of the survey respondents who chose the Tap King ad mentioned their love of the song Hello, Lionel Richie, or both. Others talked about the advert being stylish and entertaining while a significant number of respondents thought the product was innovative and worth further investigation.”

Innocean’s online work for Kia Rondo featuring comedian Claire Hooper – came in second place and was number one for respondents over the age of 50.

Each of the 1,000 survey respondents saw a random set of three ads and each ad was seen by an average of 300 people. The percentages below reflect the number of people that chose the ad as their favourite in the set.

The shortlist

1. Tap King: BMF – 46 per cent

2. KIA Rondo: Innocean – 42 per cent

3. Reflex: CumminsRoss – 40 per cent

4. Worksafe: Grey Melbourne – 39 per cent

5. Cricket Australia: GPY&R Melbourne – 33 per cent

6. Qantas: Droga5 – 27 per cent

7. NSW Road Safety: Ogilvy – 26 per cent

8. Adelaide University: Nation – 24 per cent

9. Woolworths: Droga5 – 21 per cent


The top three ads by demographic:


#1 – Tap King (46 per cent)

#2 – Reflex (46 per cent)

#3 – Worksafe VIC (42 per cent)


#1 – Tap King (48 per cent)

#2 – Reflex (44 per cent)

#3 – Worksafe VIC (41 per cent)


#1 – Tap King (47 per cent)

#2 – Reflex (42 per cent)

#3 – Worksafe VIC (41 per cent)


#1 – KIA Rondo (44 per cent)

#2 – Tap King (44 per cent)

#3 – Worksafe VIC (37 per cent)
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  1. crizza
    11 Jul 13
    1:20 pm

  2. a lot of good ads but Worksafe is the top of the bunch I reckon – extremely powerful impact really driving home the message.