ADMA tries to show students how to disappear from junior roles

adma get noticedADMA has launched a campaign aimed at recruiting students to its Agency School and Suit School based on the idea that junior roles such as receptionist and studio junior can be made to disappear for people if they get themselves noticed.

The campaign was created by OgilvyOne Sydney and Pomegranate Studios. Photographer Steve Greenaway, and make up and body painting artists Michelle Dube and Becca Gilmartin took part in a 15 hour shoot for the project.

Rob Morrison, creative director at OgilvyOne, said of the ad: “It came from one of the original Creative School graduates. Gillian Browne, who won Creative School in 2002, clearly remembered how she felt when she was looking for a break into the creative department. She was working as a receptionist and she said she felt invisible.”


  1. Nicole
    20 Jul 12
    12:25 pm

  2. Bit rough. As a receptionist who has recently been promoted to an Associate Producer role, getting “noticed” was something I took on board and took responsibility for.

  3. thisisme
    20 Jul 12
    1:21 pm

  4. Insightful concept. Love that the idea was born from a real and honest experience. Great work

  5. Jimmy Yosek
    20 Jul 12
    6:50 pm

  6. Amazing concept! To be honest though I doubt that young man would have a hard time being noticed. Yum.

  7. KP
    20 Jul 12
    8:06 pm

  8. I think the execution for the Creative School worked better. I agree with Nicole, your promotion boils down to your enthusiasm and self worth. If you think you can… will.