AFR launches next phase of ‘revolution’ campaign

The Australian Financial Review has launched the next phase of its ‘revolution’ campaign in which captains of industry assume the form of a famous Che Guevera poster.

It breaks today with a digital and print offensive – a few weeks after the Fin announced an editorial shake-up that sees a number of the paper’s sections revamped.

The campaign focuses on the editorial overhaul and reminds readers of the new pricing strategy announced in January. Both are said by the newspaper to be “revolutionary”.

The slogan on the 4-page wrap around the Fin today reads: ‘First we revolutionised the price. Now we are revolutionising the agenda’.

Financial Review Group CEO Brett Clegg said: “Since September last year we have invested heavily in editorial talent to add energy and experience across the news room. News breaking and leading analysis is now at the core of what we do. We are aggressively tackling the issues that matter to our audience. We intend to be more bold and assertive in our coverage and commentary. So this is an editorial revolution, just as we revolutionised our pricing structure in December.”

The first phase launched in December last year.

Both campaigns were created JMK Advertising.


  1. Ingrid Oliviero
    6 Mar 12
    10:46 am

  2. The Che Guevera thing is amusing and might be a teensy giveaway. The AFR looks to be rushing towards one side of the intellectual divide with its sudden very heavy emphasis on IR, etc and today’s full page an anti-green PR job for BHP etc. (I mean: front page lead story is about a Greenpeace document???) Some of this stuff is looking really queer. Not the least that very strange column on the weekend promoting blonde bimbo lifestyles.
    Very dangerous indulgences for a product marketed to smart people.”Revolutionising the agenda.” Could be the fastest slide to oblivion in recent product history.

  3. Ted
    6 Mar 12
    4:53 pm

  4. Spotted Ingrid. They’ve certainly gone hard on the Agenda! Thanks Dr G.

  5. Paul
    7 Mar 12
    9:56 am

  6. Actually a miracle might have happened. The Fin’s new obession with killing greenies (today and yesterday’s main stories) appears to have been trumped today by the Oz, which gives page one prominence to a World Heritage report that supports the anti-coal proposition.
    Could it be that the Oz has discovered a market opportunity in reporting for balance?
    It’s a bit like watching the death throes of two little dinosaurs, I imagine.

  7. Johnny Boy
    7 Mar 12
    10:39 am

  8. Paul no doubt you’ll get your news from blogs, good luck with that

  9. Ted
    7 Mar 12
    7:03 pm

  10. appears to be free today.

  11. Schumpeter
    8 Mar 12
    12:24 pm

  12. There really is something happening at the AFR. I first noticed it with some kinda odd editorials (like last Saturday’s) and then this week’s ridiculous beat up of the Greenpeace threat to our children’s welfare. It’s nutty.
    I think Paul might have it pegged. The paper’s suddenly lurched to the paranoid Right. Say goodbye to the readers, gang.