Alzheimer’s Australia attempts to ‘set off a bloody great bomb’ with brand revamp

Interbrand has unveiled a new brand positioning for Alzheimer’s Australia, as the charity attempts to raise awareness and understanding of the disease.

The DDB Group brand agency has rolled out a new visual and verbal identity, and will launch a TV campaign later in the year.

Alzheimer’s Australia CEO, Glenn Rees said: “When briefing Interbrand, I said I wanted to set off a bloody great bomb. Dementia is one of Australia’s fastest growing major disease burdens. It’s time for change, we hope the new branding will help us galvanise the community and the government to enact this change – awareness prevention, research and services are required to fight dementia.”

Alzheimer's Australia's old logo

Mike Rigby, creative director Interbrand Australia, said: “To cut through the clutter of the charity landscape, we put a fighting spirit and strong tone of voice at the heart of the new brand.”

He added: “It is designed to create a national movement, not just another campaign. It features a flexible logo that changes and evolves to communicate different messaging. The identity is bold, simple and clear, and deliberately very cost effective to implement. Using two colours and often, just four words.”

The brand work includes the production of t-shirts, USBs, wrist bands, cups and soccer balls.

Interbrand pitched for the business in March and won it in July.

Damian Borchock, CEO Interbrand Australia and New Zealand added: “Alzheimer’s disease is currently not listed as a chronic disease, and it is a serious illness not taken seriously enough.”

“This is a chance for Interbrand not only to do good work, but to do good. The re-brand represents a revised attitude for Alzheimer’s Australia, with a new visual identity and stronger tone of voice.”



  1. JamesW
    14 Oct 11
    9:17 am

  2. An important charity. With a bold message. I look forward to seeing how this is roled out down the line. I’m sure this brand-with-attitude will be a fun to bring to life in an engaging way across a range of on-going communications. And as a client, just from this quote, he sounds like the kind of person who’ll keep Damian and Richard at Interbrand on their toes too…. doesn’t look like this charity is one we should forget about. (Boom boom.)

  3. Mike Rigby
    14 Oct 11
    10:26 am

  4. Thanks for the feature. And thanks for the comment James. You can see images from yesterday’s protest launch, plus some more applications here: