Amnesty International launches Facebook awareness campaign ‘trial by timeline’

New Zealand agency Colenso BBDO has created a new campaign for human rights group Amnesty International to back its ‘protect the human’ positioning.

The campaign aims to show kiwis what it’s like to live without basic human rights and centres on a Facebook app that scans a user’s timeline for comments and behaviour that would be condemned in different countries.

It also includes punishments that might result, including lashing, torture, beating and death.

Beheaded for speaking out against the government in Syria

Rebecca Emery deputy director for Amnesty International’s said: “These are issues that Amnesty International deals with everyday and are a reality for so many  people around the world. Trial by Timeline is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring a greater understanding of human rights issues to New Zealanders in an accessible and creative way.”




Agency – Colenso BBDO
Creative Director Levi Slavin
Digital Creative Director Dan Wright
Art Director Anna Stickley
Copywriter Ben Polkinghorne
Account Team Helen Fitzsimons / Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney
Producer James McMullan


  1. AdGrunt
    30 Oct 12
    9:04 am

  2. Clever idea and use of the medium’s capabilities.

    This feels like a more convincing use of the ability to access a timeline instead of variations-on-a-gallery ideas.

  3. Bob
    30 Oct 12
    9:36 am

  4. It’s an interesting app – I quite like it, although it seems a tad dramatic.

    Unfortunately my facebook page was a bit dull – I was convicted of having a facebook account and putting “It’s complicated” in my relationship status (but that’s not entirely fair, since “It’s complicated” is my way of saying “none of ya business”).

    So maybe the lesson is that I’ll be ok in a totalitarian regime, as long as I get rid of my FB account?