An hour well spent with Gloria Jean’s

Good to see a tactical ad in the newspapers today – and a long copy one at that – with Gloria Jean’s Coffees offering readers a list of suggestions for what to do with the extra hour created by the clocks going back.  

Dr Mumbo’s favourite suggestions from the list, created by agency 303: “Actually finish reading this paper” and “write a letter to the editor”. But despite the spiritual affiliations of Gloria Jean’s owners, there’s no suggestion of the most traditional Sunday activity of all: “Go to church”.



  1. Selina Nisanyan
    6 Apr 09
    9:48 am

  2. Looks like they’ve updated “escape the daily grind” too

  3. LaurenMC
    6 Apr 09
    1:21 pm

  4. And that is surprising given its reported links to the Hillsong Church.

  5. Sammi
    6 Apr 09
    2:02 pm

  6. The owner is involved with Hill Song, but that’s his business. I’m a Muslim with a controlling interest in a famous Australian confectionery product. It’s not considered a Muslim product or brand. I empathise with the management of Gloria Jeans – and am grateful my product hasn’t been pigeon-holed by my private faith. Beautiful work by the way.

  7. Tony@TacticalTV
    6 Apr 09
    3:00 pm

  8. Lovely TVC too. The casting, acting , script, and direction: all great.

    Now, about the product.

    I’m a Quaker by the way, but that doesn’t mean I sit peacefully by while I am served Australia’s worst coffee.

  9. William Felt
    6 Apr 09
    3:10 pm

  10. I’m a Quaker – I eat just eat my oats.