Asda back pocket tap inspires Coles

Dr Mumbo has previously reported how Indonesian supermarkets have been looking to Coles for inspiration for ads, but Coles itself may be looking to UK retailer Asda for inspiration…

UK readers will know the famous  30 year ASDA hip pocket ad campaign, which the brand retired in 2007 but brought back in 2009.

Coles’ new ad, created by Big Red, appears to have some remarkable similarities with its British counterpart:

If you’re not familiar with it, here’s an ad from Asda…

And you can see the signature move at the end of this ad…

Dr Mumbo was also interested to note that Coles have been looking to Asda for inspiration for a while now, hiring former boss of the UK retailer Archie Norman in 2007 as a consultant to assist with the Coles turnaround.

It was Norman that assisted in the hiring of Ian McLeod as CEO. Former Asda employee Gavin Parker also works for Coles as store format development manager.




  1. Tony
    13 Jun 14
    11:44 am

  2. I can hear the meeting they had now:

    “Wot?…..Wot?….No one will notice it is the same as back ‘ome…….know wot I meaaan? We are ‘ere to edukate the great unwashed colonial convicts. More of the lads are on their way from the UK too. Too easy!”

  3. michael
    13 Jun 14
    12:26 pm

  4. Just shoes how lazy big agencies have become when it comes to creativity in Australia

  5. The Trews
    13 Jun 14
    12:48 pm

  6. What branch of Coles is that? My local store is very dull by comparison.

  7. Tim
    13 Jun 14
    2:41 pm

  8. Remember you pointed out how they do this with home brand packaging, too:

  9. Richard
    13 Jun 14
    6:24 pm

  10. Michael it just shows how lazy you have become not spelling correctly!

  11. paul
    16 Jun 14
    8:48 pm

  12. I think it’s interesting that Big Red are turning to the UK for their inspiration. First Jetstar / Easyjet and now this

  13. Liza
    17 Jun 14
    12:21 am

  14. Coles Marketing is filled with British expats – they’re taking over the place. British accents are now commonplace on Level 2 at Tooronga these days.

    Re-hashing their British supermarket success stories is exactly what these folk were brought over to do.

  15. The Trews
    20 Jun 14
    11:14 am

  16. Seriously who pays cash at Coles these days. I know its an ad and not supposed to be literal but feels lazy, demeaning and dated.

  17. BriznEyland
    23 Jun 14
    4:51 pm

  18. The race to the bottom of supermarket creativity continues…