Aussie Home Loans boss John Symond returns to front ads

The executive chairman of Aussie Home Loans John Symond is back as the company’s advertising frontman after five years away from screen.

The campaign introduces the proposition that “It’s smart to ask”, challenging consumers to review their current financial service providers.

The agency behind that ad was 303Lowe.


  1. Marrianne Little
    13 Feb 12
    1:13 pm

  2. Smart Strategy too.

    We are not ‘anti-bank’ we are advocates for what is fairer deal for ordinary Aussies.

  3. You lookin at me?
    13 Feb 12
    2:14 pm

  4. Is he talking to me or someone off camera? Seems like he should be talking to me… But he’s not looking at me – at least not in the wide shot. Vague Direction detracts.

  5. Communication Services Inc.
    13 Feb 12
    4:28 pm

  6. It’s smart to ask …. where Aussie’s funding to make home loans now comes from?
    …the answer is CBA

    it’s smart to ask. … which bank has a 33% ownership stake and Board representation at Aussie.
    …the answer is CBA

    it’s smart to ask … which bank effectively own Aussie?
    …why, the answer is CBA, of course!

    to paraphrase, Aussie is hoping to thrive on people’s lack of understanding that it is, for all intents and purposes, a major bank

    yet another communications strategy predicated on an assumption that the consumer is an idiot

  7. Who me bitter?
    13 Feb 12
    5:31 pm

  8. What a poor choice of ‘talent’ – but then I guess the Agency needs to keep the account.

    Unfortunately I suspect all that the punter will see is an overweight ‘fat cat’ who has sat in the middle and creamed the $$$ from both sides.

    Lost oppportunity.

  9. ironic
    13 Feb 12
    8:47 pm

  10. @Communication Services Inc.

    You’d be wrong about some of that. Knowing a bit about where the funding comes from, their home loan funding is not actually from CBA.

    To be fair, your second point appears to be correct, and your third is just your personal opinion and not fact.

    Are you “hoping to thrive on people’s lack of understanding” and peddling “yet another communications strategy predicated on an assumption that the consumer is an idiot”

  11. Communication Services Inc.
    14 Feb 12
    3:20 pm

  12. @Ironic

    do you have anything to offer than baseless assertion?

    If you dispute that CBA is funding Aussie, prove it. Anyone in the mortgage broking industry will tell you that Aussie’s cash dried up when securitisation markets shut completely in 2009 and it needed a big brother like CBA to survive.

    oh, and look, Aussie John said it himself in an interview with Business Spectator’s Isabelle Oderberg “Now as part of the deal with Commonwealth Bank, they’ve agreed to give us wholesale funding”


    CBA said they would help in exchange for defacto control of Aussie. That, my friend, is a fact.

    as for my point that CBA effectively owns Aussie – dare i suggest that if you are a lender funded by CBA and that bank owns 33% of your equity and a board seat, then you are heavily influenced and arguably controlled by CBA (check your Corps Act ‘ relevant interest definitions for some guidance)

  13. ironic
    15 Feb 12
    8:38 am

  14. @Communication Services Inc.


    I know if you walked into an Aussie Home Loans branch and took out an Aussie Home Loan today, the funding for that loan isn’t from CBA. Dig deep enough and you’ll find this to be true.

    With the gusto you’ve taken to making a point specifically about this story and related comments, one would have to think you have a yet-undisclsosed, specific vested interest in the matter/industry. I only had a passing interest, so I’ll leave it for others to take any your comments with the requisite grain of salt.