Australia absent on Cyber Lions shortlist, New Zealand claims two finalists

cannes lions 2012Australia has revealed its weak spot at Cannes, with not a single entry – from 81 submissions – making the Cyber Lions shortlist.

New Zealand agencies got two finalists, with Colenso BBDO’s Skate Pinball for Mountain Dew and Metamorphosis for Good Books by String Theory Auckland making the cut.

Last year, Australian agencies won just one Cyber Lion, with Droga5 taking a bronze for Droga 5 Sydney for Cascade Brewery.


  1. octo
    19 Jun 12
    8:34 pm

  2. Aus agencies don’t invest properly in this discipline. Never have. And a lot of the frustrated talent goes overseas.

  3. Matt
    20 Jun 12
    10:16 am

  4. Hmmmm…. How many Facebook pages did I see in the shortlist?

    Oh, that’s right – ZERO.

    There is life beyond facebook and the creative community still celebrates and awards big ideas and unique experiences online.

    We are all to blame. It’s time to start thinking much bigger and growing some balls to pull off great work. Easier said than done but everyone should be cherry picking the best of this batch and sending it to their clients as the benchmark for excellence.

  5. MrTruffle
    20 Jun 12
    11:41 pm

  6. it’s also that many of the digital agencies entered direct, promo etc rather than “cyber”

    But agree with Matt that FB has dominated the discussion and also HTML5 too which most of us have less experience in and also limits the possibilities of what’s possible (for now)