Pork battles beef in health stakes as Monty Noble launches debut work

Pork: 'half the fat of red meat'

Noble Brands Worldwide, the start-up agency from advertising creative Monty Noble, has launched its first work for Australian Pork, the client he won from his former employer Shift earlier this month.

The work is the same concept that was presented in the pitch that won the business for Noble and his partner, and the new agency’s MD, Chris Pinnegar.

Pork has half of the fat of red meat, the ad claims.

Australian Pork’s GM of marketing Peter Haydon said: “Our brand tracking told us that while our current creative has improved the ‘healthy’ perceptions of fresh pork, it has also improved the health perceptions of beef, lamb & chicken. Whilst we’re happy to support the category, we want to give Australians a clearer reason to get more pork on their forks.”

Noble commented: “Over the last few years, Pork’s ambition has been to get back on as many protein ‘radars’ as possible. And  the brand has been doing an amazing job of that – constantly punching well above the weight of its media spend.”

“The amazing fact about lean Pork is that it has half the fat of red meat. The ambition of this new work is to bring this rational health claim to life in a simple yet interesting way that stops grocery buyers in their tracks and causes even more of them to change their perception of pork as a protein source,” he added.

The ad was directed by Peter Moss and produced by Les Luxford through UFO Films. Post production was by Fanatic.


    24 Sep 12
    4:26 pm

  2. Well, I know what campaign everyone will compare this to, And I agree, it’s not half as good. And what’s with the head-in-hand pose of the thoroughly wholesome talent? Is she taking a call on her mobe?

  3. Tim
    24 Sep 12
    4:35 pm

  4. That’s some seriously unattractive food styling. just look at the chives on those boiled potatoes…

  5. ashton
    24 Sep 12
    4:42 pm

  6. Great stuff guys. I’m sure it will be remembered and sell!
    It might be 1/2 a 30, but I think you’ll get x2 the impact!

    24 Sep 12
    7:08 pm

  8. Ashton, you’re telling porkies again

  9. Kookaburra
    25 Sep 12
    7:55 am

  10. I love the new campaign!!!! It looks fresh, the natural pose of the talent, informative message, great look and feel. Congratulations to Noble, UFO and Director Peter Moss. Awesome job!