Balls – quite literally – from Lynx

lynx ballsIf ever a brand was capable of both the great and the execrable, it was Unilever’s Lynx.

Back in the day there was, of course, the award-winning Lynx Jet.

And more recently the invisible ad.

But now comes this bit of (and I hate to dignify it with the phrase) long form content to promote the Lynx Body Buffer.

One hundred and eighty seconds around one double innuendo.

Somebody had to come home from work knowing that they made this.

Tim Burrowes


  1. Ben
    4 Jun 12
    9:02 am

  2. Actually Tim, it’s a direct localisation of the Axe Wash Your Balls campaign

  3. Oscar
    4 Jun 12
    9:40 am

  4. Say this for Lynx, they have the guts and the budgets to try things, even if they occasionally don’t work.

    I’d say they have balls, but that cow has been milked dry…

  5. Matt
    4 Jun 12
    9:46 am

  6. I have to disagree. I saw this last night and through all of the cliched innuendo, bad puns and Sophie Monk I still had a good laugh. On further investigation though it turns out this is just a straight reshoot of an Axe ad.

  7. SnoA
    4 Jun 12
    10:08 am

  8. Yup. That ad sucks balls.

  9. Pedantic
    4 Jun 12
    10:09 am

  10. I believe the expression you were looking for was either innuendo or double entendre. I’ve never heard of a double innuendo, but it sounds exciting

  11. Notnilc
    4 Jun 12
    10:23 am

  12. Can’t imagine any bloke 15-30 who wouldn’t laugh and watch until the end, hoping those women are stripped to their underwear at some point.

    Not much to criticise here beyond the prurient nature of the interests of a young male.

  13. Steve
    4 Jun 12
    10:48 am

  14. Why does Sophie Monk sound like she has balls?

    As is the case most times (except for Terminator2), the original is better.

  15. Trey
    4 Jun 12
    10:58 am

  16. this is a funny, hat’s off to the guys who made this and the invisible lynx ad.

  17. Sullos
    4 Jun 12
    11:23 am

  18. Watched it in a room full of 7 people and all focused on how weird Sophie Monk looked then laughed hard enough at “that’s a big ball sack” to disengage from the actual ad entirely… just saying. Do these 3 minute yawns actually work?

  19. jumpshot
    4 Jun 12
    11:59 am

  20. Ah lighten up. Ten times more entertaining than 99.9% of the 30 second ads I’ve seen…

  21. AdGrunt
    4 Jun 12
    12:22 pm

  22. I think we underestimate the toilet humour of young men.

    And to an extent, young women.

    It may not be the classiest piece of communication, but they wouldn’t have trotted it out around the world if it didn’t have some positive impact on sales…

  23. AJ
    4 Jun 12
    2:27 pm

  24. Well you can debate whether cheap toilet humor is effective or uncreative however
    3 long minutes of the same single, weak joke is a real groan.

  25. AdSnob
    4 Jun 12
    2:27 pm

  26. This is the type of low-brow shite that gives the ad industry a bad name. Where is their creative integrity?

    Now if you’d excuse me I need to finish writing this headline for a 25% off offer for a soap brand, to run in a local press ad next Wednesday.

  27. meh
    4 Jun 12
    3:23 pm

  28. Amazing how a really nice piece of worked can be fucked up because the
    client decided it needed to be aussiefied.

    It was funny the first time though, and won cannes gold

  29. Me
    4 Jun 12
    4:50 pm

  30. 3 million views for the original!!

  31. clive burcham
    4 Jun 12
    8:27 pm

  32. At first, I thought this was kinda great (except the lighting wasn’t great for Sophie Monk)……now all you astute people who have time to scour You Tube point out it’s a adaption of a UK idea….less excited to work for Unilever.

  33. Dannyboi
    5 Jun 12
    8:00 am

  34. Very few FMCG multinationals would go anywhere near the work put out around the globe by Lynx. Props to Unilever

  35. Caitlin
    6 Jun 12
    2:16 pm

  36. Unilever is capable of greatness? I’ll believe that when I see it…but I won’t hold my breath.

    As Gruen Planet said, The only people who use Lynx are virgins.

  37. Grant
    6 Jun 12
    9:06 pm

  38. I saw this a couple of times last night and loved it!

    Now where is Melinda Tankard Reist?

  39. Lucio
    7 Jun 12
    11:19 am

  40. Tedious, except for the surgery-enhanced freekshow of Sophie Monk.

  41. MD
    7 Jun 12
    11:21 am

  42. Sometimes the public amaze me… it’s hilarious how many comments on YouTube say, “only in Australia,” or perpetuate Australia v Kiwi humor hate on an ad that was a straight remake Axe>Lynx.

    Also, what did she do to her lips?

  43. Trevor Trevorsen
    7 Jun 12
    1:44 pm

  44. Forget the balls. How many trout made the supreme sacrifice to be implanted into Sophie Monk’s mouth region?

  45. Randall tutton
    7 Jun 12
    8:07 pm

  46. Lynx balls – What a stupid piece of s-h-i-t-e advertising! Are you insane? I am an IT professional and work for a company who KNOWS how to use the power of public communications and advertising in very creative, innovative ways. Your new ‘balls’ campaign is just stupid – not only stupid, but REALLY stupid! Go back to the drawing board on this one. Really, really stupid Lynx!

  47. GreatStrategy
    8 Jun 12
    11:20 am

  48. the fact that everyone has such a strong, negative reaction to the ad probably indicates that it is going to be effective in reaching their target audience, teenage boys. In that sense, I think Lynx has a winner just like other dumb teen movies, we all cringe at their stupidity and yet there’s a group that would pay money for it.

  49. Jeremy
    9 Jun 12
    3:30 am

  50. The simple fact of the matter is that if you didn’t like the ad then it probably wasn’t targeted at you. Think about the demographic. 13-17 year old boys. Are you going to make them want Lynx by shoving something witty and creative down their throat, no, you hook them with testicle innuendo.

    I hate the ad but at the same time it is genius. And believe it or not, 13-17 year old boys love it. Just google “axe cleans your balls forum” and it will bring up all sorts of forums with teenage boys praising it as the greatest ad they have ever seen. Advertising isn’t about impressing us, it’s about selling a product, and I’m pretty damn sure this ad will sell some lynx.

  51. Sigh....
    10 Jun 12
    11:38 am

  52. For those who don’t follow advertising, it’s a simple localisation and a poor one at that.

    Check out the original Canadian balls spot. That’s entertaining, if not about 6 years old.

  53. LW
    11 Jun 12
    12:13 am

  54. So, Randall Tutton, what company do you work for? Interested to know what ‘very creative, innovative ways’ your company is using to advertise themselves. As you are an IT professional, there will be a lot of people on here who don’t think you’re qualified to make that judgement…

  55. Melinda Tankard Reist
    11 Jun 12
    10:01 am

  56. I’m right here Grant.

  57. AdGrunt
    11 Jun 12
    1:43 pm

  58. Collective Gout is issuing a press release as it’s a public holiday, so there’s a lot of pent-up outrage happening.

    PRESS RELEASE for immediate issue. From the desk of AdGrunt, self-proclaimed defender of anything that I don’t like as it makes me feel funny.

    Collective Gout today called on all women to campaign vigorously about a campaign aimed at puerile men. It involves a double entendre about the balls you play sports with and testicles. And it features a mildly saucy woman insinuating that she’d enjoy some foreplay with your testicles. It’s so hot I messed my pants when I saw it. It’s pretty much a hardcore porn orgy.

    This piece of puerile advertising is outrageous. It’s a puerile campaign aimed at a puerile audience who are amused by puerile jokes. This is an abomination of insight and execution.

    They should have used a campaign featuring of young men rollerblading, walking in the countryside, laughing, giggling and holding girls hands in a platonic fashion. All with schmaltzy music playing over the top. Maybe taking a bible class. That would have sent sales soaring and engaged the audience in the strongest possible manner.

    [Stand by for the inevitable chasmic leap of loony logic]

    It’s companies and advertising like these that promote objectification, rape, stalking, bulimia, obesity and any other hysteria, up to and including the “vapours.”

    Collective Gout doesn’t care if its views appear outlandish, prudish, parochial, ill-informed or wowserist – we do it for the wimmin. It has nothing to do with the choice of parents or the individual. If it outrages me personally and a few mates, IT MUST BE BANNED.

    But be very clear, we don’t do it for religious ends in any way, shape or form. Is that clear. Is Wowserism a religion?

    [Release Ends]

  59. Gary Elphick
    12 Jun 12
    1:10 pm

  60. well it got us talking…

  61. FergDelight
    13 Jun 12
    2:54 pm

  62. I must be puerile. Laughed my balls off.

  63. Bott
    13 Jun 12
    3:12 pm

  64. It’s silly, harmless fun. I think it works, regardless of the cliches and puns.

  65. Mark G
    18 Jun 12
    10:56 am

  66. Seems to me that Lynx just know their target audience very very well!

  67. Grant
    18 Jun 12
    11:34 pm

  68. @Melinda

    I thought you might be nearby :)