Bikie Wars skids to under 1m for Ten

Bikie Wars: 0.905m

The Big Bang Theory: 1.274m

Ten’s new show Bike Wars: Brothers in Arms has hit the brakes in its second episode, ratings falling from more than 1.2m on its debut last week to 905,000 last night.

In a reversal of last week’s ratings story, the show was beaten in the 8.30pm time slot by an episode of The Big Bang Theory on Nine, which was the most-watched non-news show of the night – with 1.274m – and won in every key advertising demographic.

Bikie Wars was also beaten by Packed to the Rafters on Seven, which rated with 1.241m.

Ratings for the second episode of Seven’s One Upon a Time also wilted, falling from 1.35m on its debut last week to 1.16m last night, according to preliminary results from OzTam.

Ten’s top rating show was Modern Family, which pulled in 1.035m. Just after it was MasterChef, which held just above 1m viewers.

The night’s most watched was Nine News, with 1.372m. However, Seven won the night overall, with 23.3% share over Nine’s 21.8%.

In the battle at breakfast, Seven’s Sunrise eclipsed Nine’s Today by 18,000 viewers, Sunrise rating with 376,000.

Tuesday’s top 15 shows:

1. Nine News Nine 1.372m
2. The Big Bang Theory Nine 1.274m
3. Seven News Seven 1.265m
4. The Block Nine 1.264m
5. Packed to the Rafters Seven 1.241m
6. A Current Affair Nine 1.182m
7. Once Upon A Time Seven 1.160m
8. Today Tonight Seven 1.126m
9. Modern Family Ten 1.035m
10. Masterchef Ten 1.031m
11. The Big Bang Theory Nine 0.955m
12. ABC News ABC 0.953m
13. Home and Away Seven 0.924m
14. Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms Ten 0.905m
15. Ten News Ten 0.822m

Tuesday’s channel share:

  1. Seven: 23.3%
  2. Nine: 21.8%
  3. Ten: 17.1%
  4. ABC1: 12.2%
  5. SBS1: 3.8%
  6. 7mate: 3.1%
  7. GO!: 3.0%
  8. 7TWO: 2.9%
  9. ABC2: 2.7%
  10. Eleven: 2.7%
  11. One: 2.5%
  12. Gem: 2.4%
  13. SBS2: 1.0%
  14. ABC News 24: 0.9%
  15. ABC3: 0.6%


  1. helen
    23 May 12
    10:26 am

  2. Sunrise is a more feelgood show than Today. They are essentially the same show anyway. Having a day off today and watching both shows-they have ads at the same time, newsbreak at the same time, the same stories, today insists on showing whats trending on youtube-wonder why they have to keep track.why do they have news after every ad break- seems the whole show is just ad, news sport and weather with a few segments thrown in between. Channel 10s breakfast is a welcome change but unfortunately not many are watching it.

  3. Lewis
    23 May 12
    11:11 am

  4. Bikie Wars is lacking substance. It seems a little rushed and I still do not know where these Bikies get all their money from? The scene hasn’t been set properly.

    I say get an NZ team into re do it – those guys and their networks care about well written drama.

    7, 9 and 10 simply care about selling as many ad’s as they can. What is happening? people are switching off.

  5. David&Margret
    23 May 12
    12:02 pm

  6. I agree with Lewis…Bikie Wars blows. It just doesn’t make sense, it’s hard to follow and feels like we’re missing half the storyline. 10 have pumped this up and so far it’s a real let down. From the makers of underbelly? Really, which makers? The guy that made coffee on set?

  7. Offal Spokesperson
    23 May 12
    12:31 pm

  8. Greatly disappointed with Bikie wars, watched Ep1 expecting to get some real information and feeling of the time, instead i left feeling i was watching a “gritty” soapy.

    Didnt watch Ep2

  9. sam
    23 May 12
    12:35 pm

  10. I’m with you Lewis – how do they get their money for all those tinnies?

  11. Will
    23 May 12
    1:51 pm

  12. Bikie Wars is thoroughly engaging, well acted and fast paced. I know 3 ardent followers of Big Bang Theory, who switched over to watch Bikie Wars. More Australian drama’s please.

    Polling 500 odd households can’t determine what 22 million people are watching, no matter what algorithm is used

  13. Oscar
    23 May 12
    3:04 pm

  14. Irrespective of the quality of Bikie Wars or the veracity of Neilsens ratings, its a shame to see Australian content pipped at the ratings by a fairly middling US show. I guess it will be more of a shame if it encourages broadcasters to take the safe option and program cheap reality content that’s less of a risk than commissioning better produced drama.

  15. KISS.
    23 May 12
    3:15 pm

  16. Wasn’t The Big Bang Theory episode a season finale? I could be wrong because I didn’t watch it, but if it was, it might explain why the rating switch happenned? In saying that, I’m not a fan of Bike Wars so won’t watch it anyway.

  17. Jayne Angus
    23 May 12
    3:19 pm

  18. Really disappointed with the long awaited bikie wars brothers in arms.After the refreshing brillance of underbelly’s razor I can’t believe this sad soap opera is trying to link itself with with the sophisticated underbelly series.These men had jobs,homes and families.To typecast them all but one as beer swilling goons chasing after similar looking women with sharp faces and shorts type casts characters in what could have been an engaging story.And are there so few actors in Australia that we have to troll out the same sad retinue of faces that have graced the commercial screens in other soapy cops and robbers shows?What about some new talent like we saw on RAZOR????????

  19. Hoin
    23 May 12
    3:41 pm

  20. @KISS: Big Bang Theory was heavily promoted by Nine because it contained a wedding involving one of the characters. Like it or not, whenever a wedding happens on a comedy, drama or soap the ratings spike upwards.

  21. Lewis
    23 May 12
    4:13 pm

  22. Whilst I crave a good, well written drama and I am pretty maxed out and over reality tv clap trap; how about a reality series called: ‘Bikie Wars’ !!! ?

    Get a load of bikies together. Give them a budget to fight (kill) each other in various different methods and film it!!!!!

    The news hypes up the bikies, seeming to mention them on every broadcast, then the same networks try to make a drama, which is failing: hey presto, just create the carnage for real and film away! Perhaps “Real Bikie Wars” !!!!!!!

    I’d watch it! H’mmm I wonder if we could ask the makers of ‘Go back to where you came from’ at SBS to develop this program?

  23. helen
    23 May 12
    7:02 pm

  24. Those who watched bikie wars hoping for some gritty, up market drama would surely have been expecting too much. The trailer turned me off completely so I did not waste time watching it. I have grown to like Big Bang and can watch repeat after repeat. Sheldon is a hoot!! The Voice is ridiculous. Singers singing off key, Seal talking rubbish about that guy not turning up for rehearsals. he wasnt in his team!! Who made him the boss?

  25. Doug
    23 May 12
    11:43 pm

  26. Just another example of rushed, cliche riddled drama devoid of adequate pre-production or the basic elements that make quality drama on TV.

  27. Red
    24 May 12
    5:36 pm

  28. Bikie wars-what a bag of tripe they’ve turned this story into.

    Jok wasn’t even interviewed, main people left out, relationships wrong. It’s an embarrassment for the people who were actually involved in these events, it’s so far off in so many ways. Wrong patch colours, although the comos aren’t going to let non comos wear their patch so I guess that’s understandable.

    I watched the sad effort they are wrongly calling the “true story” to turn it off before it even finished.

    Anyone that thinks this is how it really was are just as retarded as the producers. I’d rather watch The Big Bang Theory than this tripe.

  29. eff
    24 May 12
    5:39 pm

  30. Bikie Wars = SHIT.

  31. Ian
    30 May 12
    3:15 am

  32. bikie wars what a pile of crap seriously take it off the air its not worth watching
    not enough content in it, gaps in the story you could drive a bus through but that wasn’t the worst part that would fall to the so called action seriously give up