BMF technical director Andy Smith resigns

Andy Smith, technical director, BMFAndy Smith, the technical director of BMF Sydney, has resigned after 16 months with the agency, managing director Martin Rippon has confirmed.

Smith is set to leave the agency in April.

The technical director role was a new position created to upgrade BMF’s digital capabilities. Smith worked alongside digital planning director Aaron Michie, and creative director Fred Haas.

“Andy is a great technical director and a great guy,” said Rippon. “He was hired about a year and half ago to assemble a strong technical team, which he has done.”

Smith joined BMF from the BBC, where he worked on the creation of BBC iPlayer, the online TV catch-up service.

“The nature of the digital business is such that people work for a bit, then they take time off,” Rippon added. “Andy is taking some time off. There’s no great story behind his departure.”

“We’re now considering whether or not to replace him.”

Of BMF’s 200 staff, the agency has 25 digital specialists.


  1. Anonymous
    25 Mar 11
    8:47 am

  2. What is happening at BMF – another person leaving…
    Is there anyone left in the digital team???

  3. Anonymous
    25 Mar 11
    9:19 am

  4. uummm… as far as i know this is the first digital team member to leave…

  5. Come in spinner
    25 Mar 11
    3:22 pm

  6. Did you know what the first sign of madness is?

    Yep talking to yourself!

  7. Come in spinner
    25 Mar 11
    3:24 pm

  8. Do ya hate it when you f%^* up a joke using the incorrect opening verb!

  9. Dave the gay art director
    25 Mar 11
    7:34 pm

  10. Dang – he cute

    I wonder if I have any openings he might fill…

  11. Hmmmm
    2 Apr 11
    11:10 pm

  12. Pretty sure they don’t have 25 digital people left as it stands.

    Also, not quite sure what anonymous is smoking.

  13. It burns
    3 Apr 11
    12:25 am

  14. 25 digital specialists, c’mon Bmf the people in admin don’t count as digital.