Bondi Rescue claims Google+ Hangouts ‘world first’

The production company behind Bondi Rescue is claiming that the show is the first drama series in the world to connect with its fans using Google+ Hangouts.

People can now ‘hang out’ with the cast of Bondi Rescue on Google+, with the likes of Chief Lifeguard Hoppo, and Bondi favourites Reidy, Deano, Maxi, Jesse and Kerrbox and Whippet in attendance.

The first Bondi Rescue Google+ Hangout took place on April 30, and future events will take place at 8.30pm although no dates have been given.

Kristin Burgham, head of sales at Cordell Jigsaw, which makes the show, said: “We are strengthening the audience of Bondi Rescue worldwide  – targeting non-traditional television viewers, who we believe will tune in to engage more fully with the show and the network screening it – wherever in the world they live.”

Cordell Jigsaw’s ‘world first’ claims appear to be hasty, with the likes of NBC and ABC News in the US already having tried the medium.


  1. Google Overload
    7 May 12
    9:45 am

  2. I use the Google search engine. I have a Gmail account. I find Google maps very useful. I watch loads of videos on YouTube.

    I do not use Google+, even though Google seems to ram it down my throat at every given opportunity.

    I do not want all of the above tied into one and then my “friends” knowing when I have watched a video, or visited a place etc

    Google – stick to what you are good at and stop being so 1984!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Evil.)

  3. Google Overload
    7 May 12
    9:49 am

  4. p.s. Just because I shower with Lynx, wash my clothes in OMO, eat Ben and Jerry’s and drink Lipton tea; does not mean that I want to be part of a ‘Unilever Community’…

    When will Google wake up and realise that many folk do not want a relationship with a large, faceless corporation?!

  5. Oz Dean
    7 May 12
    11:52 am

  6. This ‘world first’ thing is getting out of hand. .

  7. Phil
    7 May 12
    1:58 pm

  8. I think this could be truly ground breaking. If the 3 people who use Google hangouts actually all participated it could be the worlds first 100% take up of a campaign on social media!

  9. foraggio
    7 May 12
    4:23 pm

  10. SBS has also used it on Insight a couple of times. World first definitely a bit cheeky.

  11. burbs
    7 May 12
    4:37 pm

  12. go get ’em Foraggio

  13. Lottie Norman
    8 May 12
    10:17 am

  14. Have to dispute this one, the claim ‘Google+ Hangouts ‘world first’’ is a little ambiguous. Foxtel and Amnesia Razorfish ran a Google+ hangout back in November as part of a social campaign competition for the show SLiDE. The hangout featured comp winners and the Slide cast members and incorporated a meet and greet with the judging of a video task. The whole thing can be seen here

    8 May 12
    12:12 pm

  16. After a lot of research I discovered the Bondi Rescue claim is correct. It is the worlds first LIVE hangout for a TV series worldwide.
    1. The article claims they said it was the FIRST program ever. When in fact the press release claimed it was the FIRST TV series ever to conduct a LIVE Hangout.
    2. Foxtel and Amnesia Razorfish campaigns were not live. They were closed. IE: the public couldn’t watch them as it happened – only the people involved (10 people max!). That functionality didn’t exist then.
    3. Also chatted to some mates at Google and they clarified it was a world first.
    Lesson: Not everything you read is correct. Mumbrella is a great site – one of the best – however even they can get their facts wrong when they are spurting out news stories every few minutes. It is hard to fact check everything.