Brisbane radio ad market drops by 10% in June

The Australian metro radio market had a brutal month in June, with Brisbane dropping by nearly 10% and Perth by nearly 7%.

Melbourne and Adelaide also fell away, leaving Sydney the only market to show slight growth compared to the same month a year before according to new data from Commercial Radio Australia.

June 2012:
  • Sydney – $19.78m +1.58%
  • Melbourne – $17.847m -3.33%
  • Brisbane – $9.17m -9.57%
  • Adelaide – $5.83m – down 5.4%
  • Perth- $7.673 million -6.57%
  • Brisbane – $9.17m -9.57%
  • Total metro – $60.31m -3.44%

Meanwhile, the radio market also went slightly backwards during the last financial year, the numbers compiled by Deloitte suggest. Radio’s annual revenue for Australia’s five capital cities was down by 0.47% to $680.7m.

Sydney saw the biggest drop, by just over 2%, while Adelaide had the greatest growth of 3.4%.

FY 2011/12:

  • Adelaide – $65.54m +3.4%
  • Melbourne – $204.87m + 0.19%
  • Brisbane – $109.62m -35%
  • Perth – $90.74m -0.88%
  • Sydney – $209.93m -2.12%
  • Total metro – $680.7m -0.47%
Joan Warner, the chief executive of the CRA said in a statement: “Across the board radio has done well to retain its revenue share in what is an increasingly competitive and volatile media market.

“Radio is continuing to perform in comparison to other traditional media in maintaining a solid revenue base and its multiplatform delivery is a major component of its effectiveness for advertisers.”


  1. Richard S. Kazimer
    8 Jul 12
    11:29 pm

  2. No one ever mentions the likely reason for a poor ad market is the fact advertisers specifically aren’t buying what radio is selling (e.g. programming), rather than advertisers not having the money.

  3. Dave
    9 Jul 12
    12:39 pm

  4. I bet interactive ad placement and value was up even in Brisbane and Perth? For the year on year figures, taking into account inflation, commercial radio ad revenue is going backwards. Yet, how many commercial stations have decent websites?

  5. chris
    10 Jul 12
    7:43 am

  6. Here’s a thought for Brisbane radio stations that advertise on the same a certain tile company who advertiser’s know it is good brand recognition to have his annoying voice on rotation for the last 5 years. I and many others have talked about the annoying ad and how we swtich over rather than have to listen to it. It may be good for his business but its not for yours in reaity. If I was to advertise on radio, it would have a clause that my ad would not be within an hour of that ad. Annoyance ad’s get good brand recognition on tv but is bad for radio listening continuity when there isn’t a continous flow ie a particular program we are watching or listening to.