Brisbane ratings: 97.3fm gets breathing room at the top

Brisbane radio ratings

Brisbane share survey Monday – Sunday – Nielsen

DMG Radio’s Nova106.9 has seen a slight drop in the first radio ratings survey to give Australian Radio Network’s 97.3fm breathing room in the number one position in the city.

The ARN station dropped just 0.1 ratings points for a respectable 13.4 per cent share while Nova dropped from 13.1 per cent to 11.9 per cent. The youth station remains in second position however.

Brisbane radio survey 1 2013

Brisbane radio survey 1 2013

Duncan Campbell, national content director for ARN told Mumbrella: “ARN was recently referred to as the quiet achiever. We have a methodical approach. What we do is based on a sound strategy and Adelaide and Brisbane is our highlights. Brisbane has returned to number one. And to be number one in Adelaide and Brisbane in breakfast shows the hard work everyone is putting in is paying off.”

Nova however is delivering strong numbers in drive with Meshel Tim and Marty leading the market on 15.6 percent.

At breakfast, ABC612’s Spencer Howson maintains the lead despite a drop from 15.8 percent to 14.8 percent.

Southern Cross Austereo’s B105 – part of the Today Network – dropped from 11 percent to 9.8 percent, while 4MMM  lifted from 8.6 percent to 9.7 percent in the overall Monday to Sunday share.

Brisbane breakfast ratings / Nielsen

Brisbane Mon-Fri and breakfast ratings / Nielsen


  1. Craig
    5 Mar 13
    3:02 pm

  2. Brisbane radio station 97.3 with Robyn Bailey, current practice is to seek vulnerable woman callers to confess horrible personal stories (today gem ‘I had an abortion 11 years ago and I still think about it ever day’ said crying) then uses this as a station promo throughout the day. Bailey’s empassioned voice then buys her off with a free meal and hotel ‘so she can go make babies’. Probably the most disgusting, low brow radio I’ve heard. It’s a regular thing too and I’d forgotten about last time since I stopped listening previously and just flicked the channel in the car to hear todays piece. Atrocious stuff.

  3. Lola
    5 Mar 13
    4:13 pm

  4. I’ve gone from listening to B105, to Triple M and now to 97.3FM. I dislike Labby from B105 and think he is an absolute tool. I then changed to even bigger tools on Triple M who think its fun to make fun of their co-anchor Michelle. Whilst I don’t mind 97.3 and I do like Robin, I feel she is a bit clueless in what actually happens in the real world, by commenting that people with lots of tattoos “are scary people”. I think she is a bit clueless, but I guess she is harmless.

  5. Jim P
    5 Mar 13
    6:36 pm

  6. @ Craig. Even more atrocious to see how many listeners elect to tune into that stuff. Obviously It doesn’t have to be a class act to score ratings points. Never underestimate the power of the plebs. Fifty Shades of Tacky !

  7. Rosemary
    6 Mar 13
    3:27 pm

  8. I don’t live in Brisbane, but the tackiness of radio station 97.3 with Robyn Bailey has reached the social-media-sphere and it’s appalling. For heaven’s sake, to that radio station, take Bailey off-air. It’s almost as bad as Kyle in Sydney.