Budget winners and losers

Dr Mumbo was delighted to read via Crikey that the real battlers of the budget – Australia’s free TV networks – are getting another $70m discount on their licence fees and a further $143m towards the digital switchover.

In unrelated news, Australia will not be keeping its promise on aid to developing nations owing to budgetary constraints.


  1. Gezza
    9 May 12
    11:03 am

  2. Trebles all round!

  3. Craig
    9 May 12
    12:43 pm

  4. If we didn’t have digital FTA TV how would we actually know about those starving third world children?

    So therefore any money spent on propping up the failing business models of Australia’s FTA TV stations is, by default, an increase on our foreign aid budget.

  5. Me
    10 May 12
    10:05 am

  6. Well spotted, and combined with government advertising, just how much welfare are the FTA networks on?