Bulla hires ‘dairy stalwart’ Briony Delaney as group marketing manager

Briony DelaneyDairy producer Bulla has hired ‘dairy stalwart’, Briony Delaney, to the role of group marketing manager.

Delaney will be responsible for brand and strategic direction of the yoghurt, cheese and ice cream product lines at Bulla.

Delaney was formerly at Lion Dairy and Drinks where she worked on the Drumstick, Peters Masterband, Maxibon, The Skinny Cow, Dairy Farmers and Farmers Union brands.

Delaney has also held roles at Nestlé Peters and Dairy Australia. She will report in to Helen Reece, general manager of marketing and innovation, who joined the group from National Foods in June. Delaney replaces Adam Jackson who had been acting GMM.

“Joining Bulla Dairy Foods in the role of group marketing manager provides me with the ideal opportunity to leverage my extensive experience and love of the dairy industry at the same time as working on iconic and much loved Australian Brands. As the popularity of the yoghurt, ice cream and cottage cheese segments is continuing to increase exponentially, it is a very exciting time to be on board – especially as part of a company as reputable and uniquely Australian as Bulla,” she adds.


  1. WD
    28 Aug 12
    12:24 pm

  2. “Dairy stalwart”? That’s udderly fantastic!

  3. LB
    28 Aug 12
    12:39 pm

  4. The idea was moo-ted some time ago.

  5. G
    28 Aug 12
    3:54 pm

  6. They’d been thinking about the move for heifer.

  7. Richard Moss
    28 Aug 12
    5:23 pm

  8. Look, cream has a way of rising to the top. I am not buttering her up here, but she has great talent which she has started to spread around; as far as ice cream and frozen yoghurt are concerned, she will have every opportunity to make a scoop.

    She has already passed the separation process and has settled well, there will be a short period for homogenising, but she is a bottler when all is said and done.

    Good luck to her, I am smiling like the Cheshire cat.

  9. R
    28 Aug 12
    5:32 pm

  10. you guys are milking this one for all it’s worth……

  11. TBB
    28 Aug 12
    6:01 pm

  12. As a “diary producer” you think she could keep more “stationery”.

  13. LB
    28 Aug 12
    6:16 pm

  14. enough of the cheesy comments, ok?

  15. Spook
    28 Aug 12
    7:57 pm

  16. Herd Bulla is over the mooo-n with their latest hire, and cow-nting their lucky stars the acting GMM mooo-ved on to see if the grass really is greener on the other side

  17. David Rowley
    28 Aug 12
    8:24 pm

  18. So they’re producing both diaries and dairy, are they? Sounds like a load of Bulla to me (sorry, all the good ones were taken).

  19. subrosa
    31 Aug 12
    10:27 am

  20. hilarious! I love the comments! made my day!