Bulmers: Born British

Bulmers has launched an outdoor, online and print campaign that celebrates the cider brand’s British heritage.

Shot in the streets of East London by photographer Ollie Grove, the campaign tries to capture the “street smart British attitude”, according to Clive Coleman, GM for Cider at Carlton and United Breweries.

“Bulmers is all about celebrating doing your own thing and we wanted to capture this,” said Coleman.

The campaign will be supported by an experiential push. Bulmers is the official cider of Laneway Festival and will be setting up an ‘Brick Lane’ style bar that brings to life the new campaign at Laneway in Sydney and Melbourne.

The bar, which will be kitted out with a record store and a badge factory, will hit Sydney this Saturday, 2 February and Melbourne this Sunday, 3 February.

The agency behind the campaign was Clemenger BBDO Melbourne.


  1. Trish
    30 Jan 13
    2:21 pm

  2. Funny, I always thought Bulmers was Irish.. Obviously not.

  3. SS Lazio
    30 Jan 13
    3:05 pm

  4. @Trish, so did I.

    Bulmers: “do your own thing, the way we tell you to”

  5. Dickens Cider
    30 Jan 13
    3:27 pm

  6. About a exciting as the Rekordelig cider campaign pushing the fact that it’s Swedish.

  7. Dan
    30 Jan 13
    4:06 pm

  8. …maybe they could add, ‘just like your Queen’ on the tagline to really endear themselves to those in the colonies.

  9. No Ice please
    30 Jan 13
    4:32 pm

  10. Where’s the idea….Was an AE sent on this shoot?!

  11. paul the freelance writer
    30 Jan 13
    5:30 pm

  12. I love the way free sampling is now called an experiential push.

  13. greg
    30 Jan 13
    5:30 pm

  14. Googling Bulmers Cider.. first result is Bulmers Irish Cider.

  15. David
    30 Jan 13
    5:56 pm

  16. This happens all the time. Bulmers was not “born British”. It originated in Clonmel, IRELAND. Now I realise a huge amount of people struggle with the concept of Ireland not actually being British, or part of the UK, but alas, it is not.

  17. Tom
    30 Jan 13
    8:01 pm

  18. Since when did expat jingoism become a strategy? Also great to see a brand promoting street drinking

  19. derrick
    30 Jan 13
    9:05 pm

  20. Haters be hating
    30 Jan 13
    9:09 pm

  21. This looks fking rad and will have the Histers drooling.

  22. Here we go again
    30 Jan 13
    9:45 pm

  23. Yes, Bulmers is Irish, in Ireland. Outside of Ireland it is Magners. i would say that this campaign (pardon ones French and please do correct me if I am wrong) is a right royal fck up!

    However, this is SAB Miller slowly killing the Fosters owned brands. They are killing Peroni in Australia by feeding the masses with Fosters (disguised as Peroni). Now they will help erode the Bulmers brand, they will already and instantly alienate any Irish drinkers by offending them, by saying their precious Irish brand is “British”.

    This is priceless!!


  24. Here we go again
    30 Jan 13
    9:49 pm

  25. p.s.

    Bulmers is brewed under license in Australia. So it is actually Australian in Oz, therefore these images of Geeeeza’s in Laaardon is out of place.

    Perhaps they should have used images of sunburned Pom’s on Bondi Beach?

    Good old SUB Miller…

  26. Bulmers isn't Irish
    31 Jan 13
    10:14 am

  27. not quite so
    31 Jan 13
    10:16 am

  28. @here we go again et al.

    There are two Bulmers Ciders as strange as that may seem.

    There’s this Bulmers which is a UK brand owned by HP Bulmer which is in turn owned by Heinekin International.

    Then there’s Bulmers Irish Cider (sold as Magners outside Ireland) which is owned by C&C Group – it is called Bulmers in Ireland as they bought the rights off HP Bulmer to make Bulmers in Ireland ONLY in 1937..clearly no one realised the brand mess this would create in 2013

  29. I McHunt
    31 Jan 13
    10:53 am

  30. Maybe they thought that Australians would think Ireland is in Britain. Ask an Aussie what the difference is between England, UK and Britain and you will see what I mean.

  31. Here we go again
    31 Jan 13
    11:29 am

  32. @ not quite so (comment 15)

    Thanks for the heads up. WOW!!!! What an absolute birds nest nevertheless!

    Well, if that is the case I will happily drink a bottle of real Bulmers (the Irish version) v the locally brewed sh1te that Fosters / SUB Miller are mass producing.


  33. Here we go again
    31 Jan 13
    12:24 pm

  34. @ comment 14. because wikipedia never lies………?

    Here you go, from the source, which comes from Ireland, which is not British:

  35. Bulmers isn't Irish
    31 Jan 13
    2:03 pm

  36. http://www.bulmers.com/

    As one of the above comments states there are two ‘Bulmers’. The one that SAB Miller owns the license to is very much British in it’s heritage. Brewed in Hereford, there’s a great big museum there talking about it’s heritage, founded by Percy Bulmer in 1887 blah, blah, blah

  37. Here we go again
    31 Jan 13
    3:04 pm

  38. @ 19

    That was me re SAB Miller.

    Either way the version of the cider being promoted as “British” in this advert is actually brewed in Australia. Just like Peroni (perceived to be Italian), which is also being brewed in Australia.

    Why am I making so much noise? Because if you read beer related blogs and speak to people who are true beer heads, they hate the locally brewed stuff of SAB Millers.

    Enough from me. Sorry for the ranting.