Bundaberg rum returns with another founder’s tale

bundaberg adRum brand Bundaberg has launched a new ad poking fun at the grandiose claims made by some alcohol brands about their early heritage.

The ad features a group of sugar millers back in 1885 deciding in a somewhat lackadaisical way how to address an oversupply of molasses.

The last couple of years have seen Leo Burnett Sydney take the Diageo brand Bundaberg slightly upmarket, concentrating on whimsical tales around the founders of the brand.

Previously Bundaberg’s mascot was the Bundaberg Bear.


  1. ashton
    24 Sep 12
    10:42 am

  2. There’s plenty of facial hair… but I didn’t spot the bear…

  3. Shabbadu
    24 Sep 12
    11:41 am

  4. Love it.
    Can’t wait for all the complaints by the Lizard Rights Foundation.