Catch Media changes name to Catch Digital Media

Online media sales house Catch Media has rebranded to Catch Digital Media to reflect a 100 per cent focus on digital media sales.

The announcement:

Sydney-based online advertising sales company Catch Media Group, have today announced a re-brand of corporate name, image and logo to support its evolution into a market leading digital media provider.

The new brand name, Catch Digital Media (CDM) is in response to continued requests for brand and performance solutions on online only properties.

“Our business has evolved over the past four years, from a multi media offering to 100% digital”, said Gavin Merwood, CDM’s owner and Director.

“The shift towards clients wanting to reach audiences across multiple devices with engaging executions means that to offer a pure-play digital offering makes perfect sense for us” he continued.

The name change is effective immediately .

Source: press release


  1. Anon
    28 Feb 13
    10:19 am

  2. I thought they were changing their name to Cirrus Media?

  3. Gavin - Catch Digital Media
    4 Mar 13
    12:41 pm

  4. Hi Anon

    I think you’re getting us confused with Catch! the online directories business of Reed Business.



  5. Anon
    4 Mar 13
    1:12 pm

  6. @Gavin

    So you are not part of the reed group?

  7. Gavin - Catch Digital Media
    4 Mar 13
    3:46 pm

  8. Hi anon

    we’re an independent company so nothing to do with Reed

    If there is anything i can help with please feel free to email me directly,



  9. JG
    4 Mar 13
    3:56 pm

  10. Wow that should make a difference if this digital-thingie catches on.

  11. Anon
    4 Mar 13
    11:01 pm

  12. Forgive me Gavin, for I have one more question: Do you have anything in common with Catchoftheday?

  13. Gavin - Catch Digital Media
    6 Mar 13
    5:29 pm

  14. Hi anon

    We have no links to Catch of the Day either!

    Feel free to visit our site for full details on our offering.