Don’t cry for me Saatchi & Saatchi

Leaving can be so hard, so to take the edge off it for their colleagues at Saatchi & Saatchi Milan creative team Luca and Luca covered the classic Evita hit Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.

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Foxtel’s ‘clearance’ issue and Liz Ellis to get comedy show in 2016?


Members of the Wentworth cast speak after the video was shown.

Dr Mumbo congratulates Foxtel and the Multi Channel Network on very schmick 2015 Upfronts presentation last night.

One of the highlights was a very well produced video featuring the cast of the Wentworth in character on set brilliantly mocking adland’s growing obsession with all things digital, data and programmatic while also managing to name check every major media agency. (Special acknowledgement to Foxtel’s media agency ZenithOptimedia who by Dr Mumbo’s count got no less than five mentions.)

He wanted to show everyone the video today but was told by Foxtel’s corporate affairs unit: “Sorry to disappoint but we don’t have the necessary clearances to release the video.”

Dr Mumbo’s tongue-in-cheek request for whether a pirated copy might exist somewhere did not get a response, so he might have to join with TV Tonight in launching A Place Called Home style petition for Foxtel to release the video. Read more »

This guy really loves horses

Racing Victoria has been undertaking a charm offensive ahead of next week’s Melbourne Carnival around how well looked after racehorses are, possibly something to do with that controversial anti-horse racing billboard in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago.

Today the racing body placed  a full page ad in today’s The Age with trainer Peter Moody outlining “why I do what I do”. But while the words are all very noble and worthy, the choice of picture to illustrate it has raised some eyebrows…

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Yuu what?

Dr Mumbo wonders just how much research YuuZoo did before deciding this name was a good idea for its first mobile game.

While confident it will do well in some parts of Asia, it may not translate as entirely appropriate in English-speaking markets. Then again, this “visually appealing game” might do exceptionally well. Just not for the reasons YuuZoo intended.

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Seven sales staff go crazy for media buyers’ X Factor

As Dr Mumbo’s colleagues revealed yesterday Seven really did spare no expense in its 2015 upfronts.

Whether it was wheeling out Cathy Freeman and Bruce McAvaney to relive her historic Sydney 2000 gold medal, lowering a Seven News helicopter down from the sky to emphasise their strength in news or just the roll call of on-air talent who guided Dr Mumbo through his “journey” (Seven’s word of the day) the network really did roll out the red carpet.

But for the many talking points Dr Mumbo’s favourite moment had to be when Seven literally put Australia’s top media buyers on the X Factor stage to relive the experience of winning the talent song contest.

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Baird face cheek

NSW Premier Mike Baird’s appeared in the Daily Telegraph’s latest subscription drive certainly raised a few questions about whether he was an unpartisan politician, and no doubt rankled with News Corp’s rivals Fairfax.

But Dr Mumbo is sure Fairfax’s Australian Financial Review putting the wrong picture in place of Baird on page four of today’s paper was just an accident.

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So how much did Arnie get paid for those REA ads?

It’s one of the big questions almost everyone asked when they saw had landed Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger for its latest campaign – how much did that cost?

Well this morning adland veteran, and creative head of BWM the agency which made the ads, Rob Belgiovane was on Channel Ten’s morning show Studio Ten talking about his three favourite ads from the last year.

One of them was the below Lenovo spot starring Ashton Kutcher. Afterwards one of the panel asked him “how much do these major stars get paid for that?” to which Belgo replied for the real A listers it was “at least a million bucks a day”.

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HP and the illegal iguana

It’s no surprise a big multinational like HP decided to dub its latest ad, about a digital native searching for his lost pet iguana Ralph, in local accents.

But what might be surprising are it appears the Aussie version of the ad is far more popular than the US, getting five times as many views despite running for just a week, compared to three weeks for the American version.

The Australian version:

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Rosso for 2DayFM breakfast?

There’s been plenty of speculation about the future of the 2DayFM breakfast show in recent weeks, and yesterday’s news Sophie Monk is not staying on past the end of this year has only added fuel to the fire.

But Dr Mumbo wonders whether Jules Lund is happy at The Guardian’s mistaking him for Merrick Watts’ former sparring partner Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross with the caption that went with their posting of the story on Facebook yesterday, which read: “Sophie Monk takes a stand on behalf of her beauty sleep and quits 2DayFM breakfast show with Merrick and Rosso.”

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Great expectations

MediaCom media release Dr Mumbo notes that media agency MediaCom did very well at the MFA awards last night, in Sydney, picking up four awards.

However, he wonders if the media agency had hoped for more with a media release going out to the press this morning announcing: “MediaCom wins the prized Grand Prix at the 2014 Media Federation Awards”.

This was certainly news to Dr Mumbo who is pretty sure he saw The Monkeys take home that accolade. Read more »

Swimming with Sharks – a new RedBalloon experience



Network Ten’s new show where entrepreneurs pitch to millionaire investors Dragons Den Shark Tank has created a bit of speculation around just who those Dragons Sharks will be.

At the end of last month The Australian’s Media Diary reported a rumour that ad-man turned media mogul John ‘Singo’ Singleton would be filling one of the leather chairs set aside for high rollers, reprising a role he took up last year for Carnegie’s Den (note to potential pitchers, don’t turn up in a tracksuit, Singo doesn’t like that).

However, at a Marie Claire event this week Dr Mumbo reckons another of the Sharks inadvertently outed herself.

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It’s how Telstra connects (unless you put the phone on hold)

telstra logoNow correct Dr Mumbo if he’s wrong, but Australia’s biggest telco Telstra organising a conference call for the media should be no trickier than the proverbial brewery putting on a few drinks.

Of course, events do happen which throw the best laid plans into chaos. A wild storm bringing down power lines would, quite understandably, wreck a phone link up, and, well, he can’t actually think of anything that would ruin a brewery piss up.

So the reasons behind the collapse of a conference call this morning, when Telstra unveiled details of its new health initiative, came as something of a surprise to Dr Mumbo.

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Block head driving – a special investigation

Channel Nine’s A Current Affair loves a good ‘I can’t believe that person was driving whilst eating/on their phone/doing their nails/having an out-of-body experience yarn’.

However one viewer, George Wheeler, noticed how the ‘expert’ commentary in an expose of a woman driving whilst eating a McFlurry married up perfectly with some fishy driving practices then showcased in The Block afterwards.

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Hamish & Andy on the art of contract negotiation


Hamish and Andy in 2009

And so to the Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs) where the talk of the night was the continued speculation around radio duo Hamish and Andy’s future with Southern Cross Austereo next year.

Indeed it was the pair themselves, also the hosts for the night, who fuelled that speculation confirming to the ballroom of 1,200 people in Melbourne that they were indeed in negotiations but that they had a few demands.

They then produced what appeared to be a phonebook titled “Hamish and Andy’s contract demands” with Blake declaring, tongue firmly in cheek, “these all have to be met.”

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Treading on each other’s toes

Dr Mumbo loves nothing more than a good media bunfight.

Yesterday saw the NT News take this swipe at the Guardian Australia with the Territory tabloid, famous for its weird crocodile/animal stories, more than a little perturbed by the Granuaid’s decision to venture into its territory…

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Ralph learns the perils of live radio

And so to the Commercial Radio Australia conference in Melbourne’s glitzy Grand Hyatt Hotel, where the cream of the radio industry gather to find out what’s coming up next.

To kick the conference off there was a presentation explaining this year’s new CRA campaign, with Eardrum’s Ralph van Dijk, who made the ad, finding that live presenting can be as treacherous as live broadcasting.

The gremlins were well and truly in the system, first hitting the end of an explainer video, and perhaps a little more annoyingly, cutting off the two ads lined up to demonstrate the campaign, stalled after the first few words.

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Rupert Murdoch a member of the mogul street fighter club?

Rupert MurdochRupert Murdoch has been described as many things, but an “unusual mix of PHD mind and a street fighter” was a new one for Dr Mumbo.

The description came from News Corp CEO Julian Clarke, who was speaking in Sydney this morning at a Westpac Lander & Rogers Economic Breakfast held at the Westin Hotel in Sydney.

Asked about Rupert dealt with much of the media negativity that is sometimes around him and News Corp, the Australian CEO of News, Julian Clarke replied: “Rupert’s a fascinating guy, he’s an interesting guy. He’s an unusual mix of a PHD mind and a street fighter and you don’t often get that combination.” Read more »

Peeing panda’s big day out in Sydney

For the life of him Dr Mumbo can’t understand why the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV would have pulled this public service announcement, replacing loutish Chinese tourists with pandas, in Sydney.

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