Pizza Hut’s Valentine’s Day gift solution

Pizza Hut nail poilishWhat do you get the woman who has everything but loves pizza? How’s about Pizza Hut’s nail polish range.

Yep, the fast food chain has launched a limited edition nail polish range with colours tied to pizza toppings.

So if you’re not sure what to get your loved one as a gift, why not try out give your special someone Pizza Hut’s Poppin’ Pepperoni Purple or Say Cheese Yellow nail polish?

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What’s in the box, Google?


Google is one of those services which prides itself on being very simple and straightforward. Which is why its latest  campaign has left a lot of customers baffled.

The search engine giant sent out a locked box to some of its clients – regular readers might remember the last locked box PR stunt we reported on, which ended with the bomb squad being called to Australia Square.

However, rather than cause a public disturbance, this stunt caused a lot of irritation with at least one customer, who we’ll call Mr X.

“I opened it and there was another box with a padlock on it and instructions telling me to search online for the key to opening the box,” Mr X told Dr Mumbo.

“Then I searched online and it tells you to watch a video to unlock the first digit…”

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Finally – a secret club for businessmen who fear women flirting with them

Dr Mumbo was delighted to receive a piece of targeted Facebook advertising today from a new Sydney business networking group of which he had been previously unaware “Man Business – Man style events for business men”.man business women

Run at Village Coworking in North Sydney (who are also the registered owner of the URL), the group is quite something. As Man Business explains itself on Facebook:

“We are humble men, we find women flirting with us at networking events to get our business uncomfortable and a conflict with our values. We enjoy hanging out with other guys without the distraction of flirting women who blur lines between business and social. Guys just get it and make it easy to do”.

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Christopher Pyne uses the politics of the playground

Politicians can either be interminably boring or endlessly entertaining, and Education Minister Christopher Pyne certainly seems to fall into the latter category these days.

This morning on Nine’s Today show Pyne was asked about the coalition’s ongoing leadership tensions and if he expected there to be a spill at next Tuesday’s Liberal party room meeting, in a segment including Labor’s shadow infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese.

What no-one was expecting was the schoolyard taunt he threw at his opponent at the end of the clip.

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Maccas pays with anything but a kiss

Did McDonald’s ‘love’ the idea of a local Sydney cafe so much it decided it would be just right for its flagship Super Bowl campaign?

When Dr Mumbo spied the McDonald’s ‘Pay with lovin’ ad during the recent Super Bowl he had that feeling of deja vu. Then he realised the burger chain’s campaign, launched at the cost of $4m per second during the biggest advertising event on the planet, was eerily similar to a campaign for a little cafe in central Sydney which had asked its customers to ‘Pay with a kiss’.

Here’s the Maccas ad from the Super Bowl this week:

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Cashing in on Maccas’ secret sauce

You can always tell when an ad campaign is going to be successful when it rapidly spawns imitators, and the latest McDonald’s ad campaign which sees the burger chain auctioning off a bottle of its Big Mac Special Sauce on eBay for charity has definitely done that.

The auction (at the time of publishing) was at $23,100, pound for pound about the same as the price of gold, with the proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Big Mac Sauce

But while Dr Mumbo has no doubt some benefactor will fork out for the sauce, he does worry that competition might stop it from achieving its maximum potential…  Read more »

Clickbait… advanced level

Dr Mumbo salutes the social media team at the Sydney Morning Herald for taking clickbait to a whole new level of Zen last night.

Given the excitement of Tony Abbott’s leadership, this story of a narrowly won party spill certainly caused a stir when it was posted to the SMH Facebook page.

smh facebook abbott shock

In fact it was the story from 2009 when Abbott beat Malcolm Turnbull to the Liberal leadership by a single vote.

 Fair to say the readers were unimpressed with the SMH staff… even if labelling “cockheads” was a tad strong.

smh facebook 1 Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.50.13 pm Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.50.24 pm

How much is the GST on my paper?

On the campaign trail yesterday Queensland Labor Party leader Annastacia Palaszczuk made a massive gaffe by not knowing that the GST tax across the country is 10 per cent. 

Fortunately Brisbane’s The Courier Mail was on hand this morning to remind her on its front page when she picked it up this morning.

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The Australia Channel – truly international?

The new Australia Channel is ramping up its marketing efforts with its new Twitter account proudly heralding it as “Australia’s first truly international television platform, available to every nation across the world”.

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Celeb crocodile spotting

Dr Mumbo’s not sure who to feel more sorry for come 6.30pm on Sunday when I’m a celebrity Get Me Out of Here finally hits our screens – the ‘celebrity’ contestants, or the unsuspecting crocs they’re being dropped into the habitat of.

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Brokescrap Mountain

Advertising a scrap yard probably isn’t the most creative job but St George Metal Recovery is giving it a good old crack.

Here’s its latest billboard on the Princes Highway in St Peters, Sydney.

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Greece is the word

From Sky News. Why have one news crawler telling you who won the Greek election when you can have three?

sky news Greek election


You may remember last year The Guardian Australia and NT News were treading on each others toes when it came to who owned human skin spider stories… 

Now the Twitter accounts of the respective publications are at it again… this time its about ONLINE SHOUTING and who does the best middle class think pieces.

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As Australian as the New York Times

What’s the most Australian way possible to celebrate Australia Day?

How about subscribing to the New York Times?

nyt facebook australia day

Source: Facebook ad

Diamond rings and dodgy ads

Nova Sydney’s breakfast team of Fitzy & Wippa have made an ad to help The Bachelor’s Sam Frost sell her engagement ring.

And while Blake Garvey is a little more animated than usual, it’s fair to say Australia’s creative agencies don’t need to feel too threatened by the duo’s ad-making talents.

Paul Henry, space cadet

It sometimes felt like Dr Mumbo was Paul Henry’s only fan during his shortlived spell as host of Ten’s Breakfast. So he’s glad to see the iconoclastic Kiwi get a joint TV and radio breakfast show on New Zealand’s TV3 and RadioLive.

However, the ad campaign to promote the show does scare Dr Mumbo a little.

The idea of waking up to find Paul Henry standing beside your bed, wearing a spacesuit, makes for a good scene in a low budget kiwi horror movie. Particularly in conjunction with Henry’s maniacal laugh.

Does she or doesn’t she?

It seems can’t make its mind up on Chrissie Swan’s alleged ‘sex addiction’.

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The Sun: ‘We’ve had a mammary lapse’

clarifications and corrections the sunIt seems reports of the demise of The Sun newspaper’s infamous topless Page 3 girls were premature.

The News Corp owned British tabloid has tweeted pictures of Thursday’s page 3 which features a column heading ‘Clarifications and Corrections’, with a picture that it’s fair to say is not safe for work viewing.

The correction reads: “Further to recent reports in all other media outlets, we would like to clarify that this is Page 3 and this is a picture of Nicole, 22, from Bournemouth.

“We would like to apologise on behalf of the print and broadcast journalists who have spent the last two days talking and writing about us.”

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