It’s Social Media Man

Earlier Dr Mumbo bought you the fairly disturbing adventures of Voteman.

Now he’s uncovered another government-sanctioned hero – Social Media Man.

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Packer clacker hack Dyer’s Hong Kong flier

Clacker-468x676Avid readers of Dr Mumbo will know he is a big fan of the NT News.

So it is with great sadness he reports the paper’s deputy editor Paul Dyer, the Walkley Award winning architect of such immortal headlines as: “Eyeful tower”, “Dogs of phwoaarr!” and Dr Mumbo’s favourite “Why I stuck a cracker up my clacker” is departing the newspaper to work as weekend online editor, Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong.

Dyer’s clacker’s line resurfaced again last week used again in what was perhaps the best headline on the Packer/Gyngell brawl… Read more »

Who you gonna call? Voteman

Denmark has become a by-word for dark, subversive and violent crime dramas in recent years.

So it inevitable when it came to rallying people to vote at the European elections only something deeply dark, subversive, and violent would do.

Presenting Voteman.

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Guardian goes Gai

Dr Mumbo is a long-time listener of the excellent but sadly soon-to-be defunct Guardian Media podcast, and he’s clearly not the only Aussie-based listener who will miss its musings on the UK industry.

At the end of last week’s show amiable host John Plunkett gave two ‘shout outs’, including one to “fellow tweeter Gai le Roy”.

Dr Mumbo would be very surprised if that wasn’t the very same Gai Le Roy who is director of research for IAB Australia. Read more »

Enero – off the critical list and in recovery

Dr Mumbo has watched a lot of bad news about Enero, nee Photon Group, over the years. So for once, let’s share some good news.

He notices there has been a steady increase in the marketing group’s share price on the ASX over the last 12 months. So much so, that it’s increased from a low of 34c a year ago to today’s close of 107 cents, representing a tripling in shareholder value in that time.

The company, owner of the likes of BMF, Naked Communications, The Leading Edge  and Frank PR, is getting tantalisingly close to a market capitalisation of $100m. Read more »

How to get Dr Mumbo to write about you

Welcome to Dr Mumbo’s PR school.

Today’s top tip: If you get a call from Mumbrella about a contentious issue involving your radio station, don’t go to a public cafe to strategise with your colleagues about what to say.

Or if you must, don’t do it in a cafe at the bottom of your building and talk loudly about how you don’t want to end up in Dr Mumbo. Read more »

Budget 2014: The front pages

If you don’t know what Joe Hockey looks like you’ll probably be a bit baffled by most of this morning’s front pages, which feature cartoon versions of our treasurer weilding everything from a ‘debt’ syringe to a chainsaw. Here’s what the front pages said.

We’ll start with the one that’s normally best in class, News Corp’s Courier Mail:

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Nom non nom, nom nom nom, nom nom nom nom nom

Jingles. Those little earworms that will have you humming away all day do wonders for brand salience.

Dr Mumbo is proud to share with you a contender for jingle of the year, a classic example of a tune which will stay with you long, long after you’ve finished watching the ad for restaurant services company Dimmi. It’s worth sticking through the Barry O’Farrell and businesscard gags for the jingle.

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What to get the mother who has it all?

Some of you may have noticed yesterday was Mother’s Day, certainly most of the major advertisers did.

Sadly, Dr Mumbo feels some just…shouldn’t have.

It’s a special day to celebrate your mum, the person who bore you into the world. So what says thanks more than a KFC family meal? To sweeten the deal they even threw in two free magazines. Yay!

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An intriguing new turn in Nine’s relationship with James Packer

Dr Mumbo welcomes you to a new series: Things you might not want to put to air if the boss of your network recently had a punch up with James Packer.

Part 1: Running footage of James Packer with a disastrously wrong caption saying “Sex pest spotted in Albert Park”, courtesy of Nine News Melbourne.

Dr Mumbo anticipates there will be no second part to this series.


Budget ideas: #jetstargeneration v Easyjet Generation

Dr Mumbo always loves a case of who wore it better, or in this case which campaign is better…

When watching Jetstar’s 10th birthday celebration campaign Dr Mumbo, and several readers, noticed it bore striking similarities to a campaign from last year promoting the UK’s discount airline Easyjet.

The budget carrier has opted for the #jetstargeneration campaign. Those who follow UK campaigns may know the mother of all budget airlines created the EasyJet Generation last September. These are the two spots.

Jeststar Generation

Generation EasyJet

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Shooting yourself in the face

Studio 10 was seconds away from broadcasting one of TV’s biggest live tragedies this morning, with host Sarah Harris appearing to come perilously close to shooting herself in the face with a nail gun.

During a slot with mind reader Anthony Laye, Harris was asked to pick up the gun and fire it into his hand. However, she proved she’s more adept behind a newsdesk than a workbench by picking it up the wrong way round, and pointing it, accidentally, at her own head.


Harris picks up the nail gun

Harris picks up the nail gun

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Paparazzi spoil another TV exec’s week

It seems for the second time this week the paparazzi have spoiled some TV execs’ breakfasts.

This time though, Nine Entertainment Co has been the one doing the spoiling, with its joint-venture partner site the Mail Online picking up some exclusive pictures of a wedding on Seven show Home and Away not due to air for another three months.

To put it into context what a surprise this is for fans of the soapy, the characters involved aren’t eve engaged yet.

Msil Online Home and Away screenshot Read more »

Quit or don’t quit. There is no try

As much of a fan of journo-blogger-presenter Sarah Wilson as Dr Mumbo is, he does feel himself drawn to the $4 cheaper option on this Victorian bookshelf…

i quit sugar dont quit sugar sarah wilson

(Hat-tip: Twitter user ColPow11)

Gyngell vs Packer Taiwanese animation style

Dr Mumbo didn’t really think there would be a day three to the Gyngell versus Packer story but that was before the famed Tawainese animators step in…

The two minute video is a glorious blow by blow explanation of what happened, although Dr Mumbo does question the factual accuracy of certain elements, aka “highlights”, in the Taiwanese interpretation of the now infamous Bondi billion dollar brawl.

First off, David Gyngell was clearly not wearing shoes in the photos. He had come straight from a surf at Bondi and was clearly wearing his Sunday worst, tracky dacks and all, a detail the animators in Taiwan somehow missed. Read more »

Breaking Dad

Special moments in advertising arrive rarely. Happily, today is one such day.

Dr Mumbo is happy to introduce you to two ads for Simonds Homes so incomprehensible they verge on surreal.

In the first episode, a mum and daughter chat about her moving back home with her partner Jim. Then somebody dressed like Walter White in Breaking Bad runs out of the garage.

Is it dad? Has his meth lab malfunctioned? Is it Jim? Does he object to moving back in? Has an essential piece of information been left out of the edit? Read more »

Packer v Gyngell the front pages

Dr Mumbo loves a good front page and, having spent more than $200,000 on the Packer v Gyngell photos and video, News Corp Australia’s tabloids certainly deliver today.

TeleSydney Daily Telegraph kicks off with the headline “Packer Wacker” and dedicates no less than the first nine pages to the story of two 40+ years old CEOs in a street brawl.

12Dr Mumbo’s favourite article is this review of the boxing styles of both men which includes the immortal line: “Wrestling and snorting, the smart money was on a Cranbrook boy — the first time in recorded history that sentence has ever been written.” Read more »

‘What do I think about this? Um…’

PVO sky news gyngell packerHave you ever wanted to see what a media commentator looks like when they’ve got to talk about a bust-up involving one of the owners of their network? The pictures of which have been circulated by one of the other owners of their network?

And when somebody is standing off camera coaching them?

Look no further than Peter van Onselen on tonight’s Sky News, who started his opining gazing off to his right, before swivelling to the left and admitting to viewers that he was being given “advice” from the newsroom.

Sky News is of course jointly owned by Nine, whose boss is Nine CEO David Gyngell, Read more »

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