ANZAC apologies lest we forget what day it is

Today being Remembrance Day, Dr Mumbo can’t help but think many publishers/journalists will have read today’s Women’s Agenda apology/correction and thought there but for the grace of god… Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.27.52 pm

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Pedestrian.TV’s coverage of #YourTaxis – sponsored by Uber

In the last 24 hours the Victorian taxi industry’s #YourTaxis hashtag – its effort to fight back against Uber – has received more than its fair share of media coverage with everyone from the ABC, to News Corp, Fairfax, Huffpo and the Daily Mail having waded in.

However, Dr Mumbo can’t help but wonder if the advertising placement around Pedestrian.TV’s report might have needed a little disclaimer somewhere in the piece…

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A million reason not to take #YourTaxis

The taxi industry has been fighting for its very survival in the past few months, as it looks to beat off what it would say is the insidious creep of ride sharing app Uber.

While the NSW taxi industry went down the route of posting billboards accusing Uber drivers of being serial killers with their ‘Ridesharing, it’s no better than hitchhiking’ billboard, the Victorian chapter decided an outpouring of social media support was in order.

They asked punters to share their experiences in taxis in the state with the hashtag #YourTaxis. After all, what could go wrong?

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.01.48 pm

And it went downhill from there:
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Fairfax data journalism – paid for by Google

Dr Mumbo was intrigued to see that Fairfax Media is hiring what looks to him like the mainstream media’s first sponsored journalist.

Google is funding an “embedded role within the Sydney Morning Herald newsroom, working on data journalism and coding projects that will help the newsroom experiment and innovate with the latest storytelling technologies and techniques”, reveals the paper’s IT Pro section today.

smh google data journalism

Google is funding Fairfax’s new push into data journalism

smh google tax michael westGiven the outstanding work that Fairfax journo Michael West has been doing in telling readers about large multinational corporations artificially sending their tax liabilities offshore, it seems like this could be a great topic for a data visualisation. Dr Mumbo wonders how tax shifter Google would feel about that.

Still, as Fairfax Media is already renting out office space no longer needed after downsizing its workforce to Google, this seems like perhaps the next logical step.    Read more »

Rove and Sam get personal on their first day on radio

Rove McManus and Sam Frost took to the airwaves for the first time today as they look to save struggling Sydney radio station 2DayFM, with the comedian telling listeners he had a freewheeling style where: “I open my mouth and see what comes out… #goodradio”.

Sam and Rove

McManus and Frost: debut on Sydney’s 2DayFM

Indeed there were an eclectic mix of topics including: girls who wear granny pants, why do moths eat clothes, the need for adoption law reform, an extensive interview with Chris Martin from Coldplay and how Rove uses deodorant as a perfume.

But the jury still appears to be out with mixed reviews thus far, and it was clear to listeners that the pair were still getting to know one another with Frost going so far as to reveal the time she wet herself on a bachelorette date.  Read more »

When a shareholder hijacks the Fairfax AGM

Last’s year’s Fairfax AGM had the drama of Gina Rinehart voting against the re-election of then Fairfax chairman Roger Corbett and new director Todd Sampson.

The back of AGM star Jack Tilburn speaking to the Fairfax board

Jack Tilburn takes centre stage at the Fairfax AGM

Yesterday it was a different Fairfax shareholder causing trouble for the Fairfax board with one – 89-year-old Jack Tillburn – taking aim at management, the board and one “Todd Thompson”, known to adland as Todd Sampson.  Read more »

Joe is at the root of the problem for Fairfax

Dr Mumbo suspects that earlier this year the Aussies might have enjoyed having the services of Joe Root as the Poms plundered them in the Ashes, and Fairfax still believes he is of value to the Aussies if this first Test update against NZ is anything to go by.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.04.11 PM

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There’s a worrying trend developing for Fox Sports on their Facebook page

It seems Fox Sports customers have decided to show their annoyance at the loss of the English Premier League rights to Optus on its Facebook page.

No matter what is posted to the page by Fox it encourages a stream of (at time impressively witty) rebukes from angry fans.

For example on the infamous video of the girl who pushed over the cop at the Melbourne Cup one replied: “That cop fell over just as easy as Fox Sports did when Optus came along.”
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Sunrise streaker

A streaker will enliven even the most mundane sporting fixture – but one happy punter decided Seven’s Sunrise post Melbourne Cup coverage was also in need of a little more excitement this morning. Read more »

No Princes of Penzance amongst media industry’s tipsters

Dr Mumbo Melbourne CupIf Dr Mumbo’s Melbourne Cup tips are anything to go by it’s going to be a quiet night in adland, as all of his industry tipsters completely missed the mark.

Despite a who’s who of the media entering the stakes – hello Tim Worner, Nicole Sheffield, Kieran Moore and Barry O’Brien – no one picked rank outsider Prince of Penzance for the win.  Read more »

Veteran or hipster: who used a cassette recorder to interview the Melbourne Cup winner?

Racing is known for it’s veteran reporters, but Dr Mumbo is very curious to know if the journo using the cassette recorder to interview Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michelle Payne is a veteran or a hipster.

Regardless, he hopes they are packing a pencil just in case. Read more »

Seven’s attempt at streaming diplomacy

Seven celebrated the launch of its streaming offer Seven Live with a Melbourne Cup themed activation in Sydney, replete with a giant purple horse and a slushy machine.


The new service, allowing people to stream all of the broadcaster’s channels online anywhere in Australia, has caused a bit of a stink with the regional broadcasters like Prime 7, WIN and Southern Cross Austereo claiming it will undermine their ad revenues.

So Dr Mumbo wonders why it was Seven decided to hold the activation in World Square, the location of Southern Cross Austereo’s head office.  Read more »

Flogging a dead horse:’s own sweepstake howler

Hot on the heels of Fairfax’s sweepstake debacle Dr Mumbo has also had it pointed out to him that has its own fantastic 2015 Sweep Generator.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.51.24 amUnfortunately while they updated the front page someone forgot to do the hard yards, and instead it features the horses from the 2014 office sweep, including the favourite Admire Rakti, who sadly died of a heart attack after last year’s race. Read more »

Dr Mumbo’s Guide to the Melbourne Cup 2015

Dr Mumbo Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the race that stops a nation, and once again the media industry will stop watch the race.

Picking the winner of the two-miler is notoriously hard, so one again Dr Mumbo has asked a few of the media and marketing industry’s biggest names for their tips for the big race.

Last’s year’s winner John Steedman has retired and that leaves an opening for the glory of beating all their agency and media rivals. It’s a vacancy that many are taking seriously, with a number of media CEOs studying up on the form guide before giving Dr Mumbo their answers.

Below you can see the picks from racing die-hards who give their carefully considered tips. While others have taken a more creative bent and it’s fair to say that more than a few chose their picks by the age old method of the horses’ name… Trip to Paris anyone?  Read more »

Fairfax’s Melbourne Cup Sweepstake is fit for the knackers yard

There are some things in Australia you just don’t mess up – and the sweepstake on the day of the Melbourne Cup is one of them.

Which is why there will probably be a stewards inquiry at Fairfax this morning as to how Max Presnell’s Melbourne Cup Sweep guide ended up being quite so lame.

Especially given it’s the one day of the year almost everyone takes an interest in the gee gees and publishers can expect a spike in sales.

While the form guide lists all the runners correctly, the tear-out part used in sweepstakes has two of the runners missing, two repeated and three with the wrong numbers. Read more »

News Corp opts out of Optus EPL coverage

News that Optus has nicked the English Premier League rights from Fox Sports made the front pages of pretty much every news website and channel in the country.

Except, that is, for any News Corp properties – the owners of Fox Sports. Read more »

Seven’s Vertical Video Syndrome

Dr Mumbo fears Seven has been afflicted with Vertical Video Syndrome in launching its Plus7 streaming service.Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.53.04 PM

Its online promo video features a bus-load of delighted commuters watching their phones, all of them in the dreaded vertical mode which reduces video to the size of postage stamp.

Most people we know flip their phone to the content-loving landscape mode, a prescription Seven might like to apply.

If Seven has any doubts about the evils of VVS – Vertical Video Syndrome – we suggest they watch this important public service announcement. Read more »

Sam’s journey from professional network to radio network

While Bachelor and Bachelorette winner Sam Frost is about to embark on a new radio career, Dr Mumbo is concerned that she’s allowing her professional profile as a marketer fall behind.

It looks to Dr Mumbo like she hasn’t touched her LinkedIn profile in months.

Unless, that is, she’s planning on continuing to pop in to Mornington Peninsula Gardens & Lifestyle Magazine after she comes off air on 2Day FM each day. After all, it’s always good to have something to fall back on.

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