Yahoo!7 invents the drive-through internet

Yahoo!7 drive in moviesDr Mumbo was bemused to see Yahoo!7 is claiming to have invented drive in movies, on the internet.

When he looked into it it seems what they have actually done is build a webpage for it’s PLUS7 player for a client campaign themed around “drive in movies” sponsored by carmaker, Toyota.

Looking at the new site Dr Mumbo wonders how he never realised a car is actually “A great place to raise a family (and watch a movie)”. He will definitely visit the new drive-in on his next date, as soon as he can find a new stand for his iPad to prop it up on the dash of his Bentley.

Romance will definitely blossom with movies like Annie, The Muppets Take Manhattan and The Swan Princess to choose from, although as the new page will only available for three months so he needs to get some serious Tinder action happening soon.

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The curious case of the Campbells of Campbelltown and the Tele’s wedding dress exclusive

Journalist David Campbell (left) was in the wedding party at Dan Campbell's wedding last month. Image: Facebook

Journalist David Campbell (left) was in the wedding party at Dan Campbell’s wedding last month. Image: Facebook

An “exclusive” story which appeared in Daily Telegraph about a Sydney man selling a jilted friend’s ex-wife’s wedding dress is an even more intriguing web of relationships than it first appears.

Dr Mumbo has been following the yarn, about a man who posted a pretty disparaging ad for his ‘cheating’ ex-wife’s wedding dress on Gumtree after she slept with his best friend, which first appeared on Monday on the Tele’s website, citing a man named only as “Dan” who was a friend of the jilted husband. Interestingly the Tele chose to blur out his face and left out his last name. When asked, the Tele’s head of news Steve Jackson said they had done this for “legal reasons”.

But Dr Mumbo’s interest was piqued when he noticed other outlets, including the Daily Mail Australia, had followed up the same story, and used Dan’s full name, Dan Campbell, and also not blurred his picture out. Could it be no-one else was worried about the potential legal ramifications?

Then he noticed Dan’s surname was the same as the journalist who wrote the Tele exclusive, David Campbell. Could it be a coincidence?

So, he rang Dan Campbell to ask if he had any connection with David. At first Dan said  “ahh, not really, no”, then when asked if there was a relation he replied  “maybe”. Fearful his line of questioning was too obtuse Dr Mumbo pressed: “You are not connected in any way, not at all?”, to which Dan replied: “I’m not sure, nah not sure – could be”.

When asked if he remembered being interviewed by David Campbell for the story Dan said: “Oh I got interviewed by a bunch of people over the last couple of days mate, I’ve go no idea who I have spoken to to be honest, I don’t remember their names.”

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That awkward moment when Bitly goes sweary

There’s not a lot that needs to be said about this tweet from, which is fine right up until you see the letter combination in the shortened URL… unfortunate tweet combo

What sort of shovel do you bring to a knife fight?

Dr Mumbo was intrigued to read Greg Hywood’s note to staff yesterday, which saw the media CEO unleash on his rival News Corp Australia after copping something of a barrage in recent months.

But whilst most attention will be lavished on some of the claims in the pretty sensational email, including accusing his rivals of spreading “lies” about Fairfax and being “at war with itself over it future”, Dr Mumbo was most interested in Hywood’s use of the word ‘splade’ in the subject line: It is time to meet a splade with a shovel“.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.18.23 AMWhat is a “splade” you ask? Read more »

Rosso wants Warnie’s girl, but can’t trump the dancing queen

To the Mumbrella Awards at The Star Casino, where the best and brightest of Australia’s media and marketing community were in fine form.

MC Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross probably thought he had secured bragging rights for talkability after wheeling out Kit Warhurst for an R&B meddly, and indulging in “musical prank call” to Shane Warne.

However, the real star of the show was the mystery blonde who invaded the stage when DJ Hot Dub Time Machine was in full swing after the ceremony, quite literally shaking, and exposing, what her mother gave her indulging in several high kicks, lunges and even the splits in a little black dress on stage in front of 800 people.

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Down, down in Indonesia

If you hold by the logic that great ideas travel, then you will have to agree the Coles Down, Down Big Red Hand campaign must be one of Australia’s greatest.

Dr Mumbo says this after stumbling across this ad from Indonesian supermarket Giant, which uses a ‘big red hand’ all of its own, and the line ‘Murah dan tetap murah’ which translates to  ‘Cheap and staying cheap’ in English.

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Strategic fashion: Todd Sampson style vs Claudia Karvan dressing

It seems that not all advertising and marketing people take their style cues from Todd Sampson, if today’s Live Pitch session at Mumbrella360 is anything to go by.

While Mike Barry, White Agency creative director, does look to Sampson for fashion advice, fellow Live Pitch competitor Hill + Knowlton Strategies digital practice lead Ben Shipley went more strategic with his fashion choices.

“I hope I’m dressed alright, I thought we were supposed to come dressed as Todd Sampson,” said Barry at the beginning of his pitch.

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Lachlan’s adventures to Rooty Hill and love of Minecraft videos

Dr Mumbo was surprised to hear Lachlan Murdoch speak of his multiple adventures to Rooty Hill RSL. The News Corp co-chair spoke fondly of the “Champion of the West” campaign run by The Daily Telegraph and NewsLocal titles – which Dr Mumbo takes to have meant the “Fair Go For The West’ campaign which launched in October.

Speaking today at Mumbrella360, Murdoch praised the campaign for pushing growth in Western Sydney and called it “a great legacy for The Daily Telegraph,” commending the paper’s editor Paul Whittaker as a key driver. “I think newspapers can play a very, very positive role in shaping the debate about our politics and our communities,” Murdoch said.

The co-chair of News Corp also revealed that while he is a self-confessed “media junkie” he also devotes his hours to watching Minecraft videos on YouTube with his sons.

“Anyone who has boys between the ages of eight and nine will watch a lot of Minecraft videos on YouTube. So I watch hours and hours of Minecraft videos on YouTube”, Murdoch told the packed room at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney.

This only leaves one question… which Minecraft video is his favourite?

Here are a couple we found on the internet:

Sadly time ran out before his questioner John Steedman could ask that question…

How to make the ultimate awards entry

Dr Mumbo’s interest was piqued when he saw that the folks at cummins&partners had what they were claiming is a “world exclusive”.

Indeed it appears to be something never tried before: “The World’s First Crowd Sourced 3D Printed QR Code, Live Streamed Via Go Pro To A Smart Phone Or Tablet Device, Drone Delivery Ticket System Project”

Dr Mumbo can’t help but think that this is the innovation that the advertising industry has been waiting for. Read more »

McDonald’s horrifying mascot “Happy” gets the horror movie treatment


Dr Mumbo notices that good folks at McDonald’s are unlikely to be happy about the latest round of online fun being had at the expense of its new mascot, the horrifyingly hilarious “Happy”.

Online web marketplace for designers The Design Crowd appear to have decided that Happy deserves some immortalising and opened the door to their 180,000 contributors to come up with the most terrifying horror movie poster for Happy to feature in, the results are more than a little disturbing…

According to a “brief” created by Design Crowd poor  Happy who was launched gave birth to the bizarre creature.”looks frightening and would be better suited in a horror film.” Read more »

Ten’s $200,000 trench: The perfect metaphor?

Wake UpIn recent weeks many wags have been pointing to news stories emerging from embattled Network Ten, as metaphors for the problems it is going through.

For example, Ita Buttrose’s boat breaking down as she made her way from Manly to Pyrmont for Studio 10 live on air. Or fellow host Sarah Harris almost shooting herself in the face with a nail gun. And then there’s the reported purchase of five shiny new news trucks after the network slashed a third of its news staff.

However, Dr Mumbo thinks he has finally found the metaphor to beat them all. It involves, quite literally, pouring $200,000 into a useless hole. Read more »

Les Murray’s ode to Zinedine Zidane

Australia might not be a footballing powerhouse, but it seems there’s one thing that can make its football look good is the songs penned to celebrate its competition in the football World Cup.

We’ve had SBS run a Eurovision style competition to find a ‘Song for the Soceroos’  in 2006 and then in 2010 there was the disastrous Westfield attempt to get onto the bandwagon with its Pulse of the Nation tune by Rogue Traders, which failed to even chart.

Dr Mumbo now realises what these efforts lacked is an authoritative voice giving the tune gravitas, authority, and of course, rhythm. Step forward SBS commentary stalwart Les Murray, who has lent his voice to this little Europop ditty, which is an ode to Zinedine Zidane. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it.

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Repetitious sex and one track minds

For the past couple of weeks that famous purveyor of democracy the Australian Sex Party has been bombarding inboxes across the country to raise awareness of its Pozzible campaign to get $15,000 in donations to make a budget response video.

Finally, after repeated appeals from its leader  Fiona Patten, the new advert was unveiled yesterday, a mere 16 days after the budgets was passed down. Who says tatical ads won’t take off?

And here it is, in all its glory.

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The British newspaper with the Australian exclusive

Dr Mumbo is supporting the work of his colleagues to get Australia’s mainstream media to be better digital citizens. So his interest was piqued when he noticed an Australian story being attributed to “a British newspaper”.

The story of Jamie Gao’s murder has gripped Australia, but not made massive headlines overseas. So what could possibly mean, when in the second paragraph of its lead story this morning it says: “Breaking his silence, Jaiweu Yi, 19, told a British newspaper that he was kidnapped over a love split involving a friend, 18-year-old Alex Li.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 8.57.40 am

Could they possibly be referencing the Mail Online, which broke the same story yesterday afternoon on its Australian website, authored by its journalists based in Australia?  Read more »

Thought Voteman was scary? Meet his maker

Regular readers of Dr Mumbo’s musings will remember the curious case of Voteman, the most psychotic and violent pro-democracy advert he had ever seen.

In his quest for better journalism Dr Mumbo packed off Mumbrella deputy editor Nic Christensen to Denmark to get to the bottom of the story and track down Voteman’s illustrator, Thomas Thorhauge.

This is what he found….

Thomas Thorhauge (left) with Nic Christensen

Thomas Thorhauge (left) with Nic Christensen

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Studio 10 becomes Today Tonight? Never

Some observers feared that Peter “admiral without a fleet” Meakin’s tenure at Ten would see the likes of The Project and Studio 10 plunge downmarket and turn into imitations of seven’s Today Tonight.

This trailer for Monday’s show demonstrates just how wide of the mark those nay-sayers are.

Online bargains? Check.

Consumer rip-offs? Check.

Thin exclusives? Check.

Dramatic voiceovers? Check.

Scary voiceovers? Check.

Moms and dads being scammed? Check.

Welcome to the new Studio 10.


The News Corp crystal method

Thompson news corp crystal method

Robert Thompson in front of the ‘crystal’

And so to last night’s star-studded News Corp upfronts at the Star Casino where Dr mumbo was fortunate enough to rub elbows with the great and the good of Sydney’s media, including Lachlan Murdoch, his wife Sarah, Gerry Harvey and ex-Soceroo Mark Bosnich.

Now, if Dr Mumbo were to be a conspiracy theorist he might be tempted to read too much into the fact the only free-to-air TV boss there was Hamish McLennan, the only obviously discernible ads amongst dozens of images of papers, phone apps and iPad editions were for Ten’s Offspring, or the theme of the event being ‘Come Together’ to hypothesise on a tie-up between News Corp and Ten.

Of course others might point to Hamish being chairman of the News-controlled REA Group, the Offspring ads being a ‘fluke’ of a screenshot according to a News spokesman and the theme relating to the convergence of print and digital ads.

Special mention also goes to News Corp’s global CEO Robert Thompson who flew in for the event, and got the biggest laugh of the night for a joke about crystals.  Read more »

What’s that say on your t-shirt? It says fuck, Peter. Thanks for asking

As a journalist Dr Mumbo acknowledges there are some questions you ask, and then immediately regret.

Here is one such example from Sky News’ Peter van Onselen, who made what in retrospect was the rookie error of asking the leader of a student protest what was on her carefully covered-up t-shirt.

The rest, as they say, is TV history.

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