‘If you pay peanuts you’ll get monkeys and it will get shitty’ says secret CMO

CMO confidential Mumbrella360In one of the most unusual sessions in the history of the conference four senior chief marketers have lifted the lid on what they love and loathe about their creative agencies on stage at Mumbrella360 – hidden behind a screen.

Among the observations covered off by the four, dubbed Mr Travel, Mr Retail, Miss Finance and Mr Alcohol by session convenor and founder of New Business Methodology Julia Vargiu – were candid views and observations about dodgy practices, lazy work and supreme levels of services, leaving many in the audience wondering if it was them being talked about.

Their answers were relayed to delegates at the Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney this morning, with their voices disguised to avoid identification.

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Loud’s Lorraine Jokovic to be the boss that gets tossed



The results are in, and Dr Mumbo can reveal that the winner (if you can call it that) of Mumbrella360’s first  Toss Your Boss contest is the CEO of strategic creative agency Loud, Lorraine Jokovic.

Jokovic’s not-entirely-enviable prize is to take part in a tandem skydive, which will be live streamed to next week’s Mumbrella360 audience.

Four weeks of voting saw media owners go head to head with agencies and marketers, with more than 5,000 votes cast in the competition organised by aerial outdoor company Branding By Air. Read more »

Edge of your seat TV

Some things in television are certain. For instance, it’s a certain fact that if you put Today host Karl Stefanovic and sidekick Ross Greenwood onto a rollercoaster, it’s going to make good telly.

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Wide World of social media

The social media team at Nine’s Wide World of Sports has been furiously ramping up for one of its biggest events of the year, the first State of Origin clash.

But in their flurry of activity someone obviously got their social media platforms confused earlier today, tweeting a picture of a blue square and a maroon square and asking people to ‘like’  “the colour which will win tonight!”.

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Attention dumb ladies and bratty PR bitches: Look at the pretty flowers – it’s time for the B&T Women In Media Awards

Ping! An email draws Dr Mumbo’s attention to the news that B&T has launched its Women in Media Awards, with a website with a lovely floral design. As the correspondent puts it: “Nothing says serious awards about the promotion and advancement of women leaders… like some pretty feminine flowers.”

women in media B&T

Manhood - John BastickBut for those who think that the trade title may not understand the subtleties of how to talk to professional women, they can be reassured by the presence of new B&T online editor John Bastick. In his prior existence, Mr Bastick demonstrated quite an expertise on the nuances of professional sexual politics in his “Manhood” column for Ask Men.

And we certainly have a lot to learn from Mr Bastick’s writing. For instance:

1. Women in PR and media sales are only interested in “shopping and hair dye”

He asks: “Am I wrong in surmising that the women most likely to moan about the apparent ‘man drought’ are white-collar and middle-class with ‘exciting’ jobs in PR and media sales, and whose favourite topic of conversation is shopping and hair dye?” Read more »

Repeat, repeat, repeat

It’s always awkward when mid-way through pointing out someone else’s errors your own systems screw up.

This was precisely what happened to the folks at the ABC’s Media Watch last night when midway through pointing out how many times Fairfax has accidentally run the same articles twice and numerous other gaffs, the broadcast cut out and was replaced with an encore screening of the earlier episode of Four Corners.

Unsurprisingly, viewers noticed:Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.20.54 am

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Up with the Sparrow

Breakfast television may have a new star with GroupM’s Greg Graham (known to everyone who’s ever met him as Sparrow) starring in his very own Sunrise infomercial to help launch of the industry’s MFA Awards.

Sparrow, who is the MFA awards chairman, was “grilled” alongside MFA CEO Sophie Madden by Seven Weekend Sunrise host Andrew O’Keefe in an infomercial-style video to launch the 2015 program.

And if you’re thinking of entering anything dodgy, Sparrow has a words for you.

“We’re going to be contacting clients randomly to get those results. We’re going to get the entrants to have a signed statement from the client to verify those results are correct,” he warned. Read more »

Media lessons #29: Never tell a journo the angle you don’t want them to take

It seems 21-year-old Marco learned the hard way over the weekend you should never tell a journo the one thing you don’t want them to write about you.

“Whatever you write about me, please, don’t say, Marco was born a boy and now he’s a girl. I was always a girl, it just took some time to share it with the world”, is the opening line of a candid interview with her.

So what did Fairfax title the piece? ‘Born a boy, feeling like a girl’ of course.
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 11.05.21 am

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Nelson’s New York minute

Seven’s Sunrise showbiz death correspondent Nelson Aspen sure gets around.    Read more »

Under Siege

siege a screen shotWork in an ad agency? Ever wonder what the talent for your latest campaign felt about working with you?

Well content agency Edge had the chance to find out after working with Velvet Sand rapper Siege-A for an Optus campaign promoting their fast broadband speeds.

Siege (as he’s known to his friends) took to the group’s Facebook page to share his thoughts.

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Foolish analysis of STW’s woes

Dr Mumbo is sure that website The Motley Fool is good at some types of financial analysis.

It does, however, strike him that when it comes to explaining why STW Group’s share price (which today hit a near all time low) has been struggling, an understanding of the Australian communications industry is not among them.

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You won’t go swimming for a while after watching BMF’s TedX film

Every year creative agencies get to flex their creative muscles and create films for TedX Sydney, which took place today.

However, BMF’s beautifully shot look at a swimming pool soon takes a sinister twist.

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Down to earth



With little more than 48 hours to go until fate decides which industry boss Mumbrella360 delegates will watch plummet to earth, agency boss Lorraine Jokovic is the current favourite.

Toss Your Boss

Jokovic, boss of Loud Communications Group, has been courageously nominated by colleague Laura Tenison for the Toss Your Boss contest.

Also in the running are Brendon Cook CEO of Ooh Media, Posterscope CEO Joe Copley, Ben Coleman CMO of ISP Exetel, Ben Maudsley, MD of Exponential and Simon Ludowyke General Manager of Joy Agency.   Read more »

Celebrity stitch-up

Dr Mumbo notes that Daily Mail journo Alicia Vrajlal went to see some comedy at the weekend.

While some cynics might say her Twitter stream reflects a desperate bid for celebrity retweets, Dr Mumbo is sure she’s simply a really easily satisfied comedy fan.

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Love and hat

The Sydney Morning Herald’s gossip columnist Andrew Hornery has offered what may be the correction of the year.

Private Sydney: SMH

Private Sydney: SMH

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Buddeged it up

Sky News is covering Labor’s response to the budget this evening. It’s all about kids and schools and education.

And spelling, presumably.

Sky news budget reply

Fairfax’s guide of who to poach from the Australian Financial Review

Ever wondered who the most read journalists on the Australian Financial Review’s website are?

Well wonder no more – thanks to an administrative bungle this table charting “Top authors by subscriber pageviews”, which was only meant to be shared with senior editors, was shared with all staff, and subsequently with Dr Mumbo via the back of a truck.

Top 25 journos

Click to enlarge.

Unsurprisingly the AFR’s Street Talk writers, editor Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald and Jake Mitchell dominate the top of the charts in terms of traffic, leaving the likes of the much bigger journalistic names, such as Canberra gallery stalwarts Laura Tingle and Phillip Coorey, in their wake. The trio almost always have joint by-lines, hence their proximity on the table.

While the popularity of the financial newspaper’s column on the latest market movements, joint ventures etc, is of little surprise, Dr Mumbo can only imagine what the much loved and/or hated (depending on how recently he has written about you) Rear Window columnist Joe Aston made of coming in at number eight… Read more »

The ghost in Sky News’ machine

“I am still here I assure you,” is the plaintive cry of Jim Gallinan, who must have felt he was having an out of body experience as the Sky News camera failed to pick him out in what appears to be a deserted studio this morning.

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