Budget ideas: #jetstargeneration v Easyjet Generation

Dr Mumbo always loves a case of who wore it better, or in this case which campaign is better…

When watching Jetstar’s 10th birthday celebration campaign Dr Mumbo, and several readers, noticed it bore striking similarities to a campaign from last year promoting the UK’s discount airline Easyjet.

The budget carrier has opted for the #jetstargeneration campaign. Those who follow UK campaigns may know the mother of all budget airlines created the EasyJet Generation last September. These are the two spots.

Jeststar Generation

Generation EasyJet

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Shooting yourself in the face

Studio 10 was seconds away from broadcasting one of TV’s biggest live tragedies this morning, with host Sarah Harris appearing to come perilously close to shooting herself in the face with a nail gun.

During a slot with mind reader Anthony Laye, Harris was asked to pick up the gun and fire it into his hand. However, she proved she’s more adept behind a newsdesk than a workbench by picking it up the wrong way round, and pointing it, accidentally, at her own head.


Harris picks up the nail gun

Harris picks up the nail gun

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Paparazzi spoil another TV exec’s week

It seems for the second time this week the paparazzi have spoiled some TV execs’ breakfasts.

This time though, Nine Entertainment Co has been the one doing the spoiling, with its joint-venture partner site the Mail Online picking up some exclusive pictures of a wedding on Seven show Home and Away not due to air for another three months.

To put it into context what a surprise this is for fans of the soapy, the characters involved aren’t eve engaged yet.

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Quit or don’t quit. There is no try

As much of a fan of journo-blogger-presenter Sarah Wilson as Dr Mumbo is, he does feel himself drawn to the $4 cheaper option on this Victorian bookshelf…

i quit sugar dont quit sugar sarah wilson

(Hat-tip: Twitter user ColPow11)

Gyngell vs Packer Taiwanese animation style

Dr Mumbo didn’t really think there would be a day three to the Gyngell versus Packer story but that was before the famed Tawainese animators step in…

The two minute video is a glorious blow by blow explanation of what happened, although Dr Mumbo does question the factual accuracy of certain elements, aka “highlights”, in the Taiwanese interpretation of the now infamous Bondi billion dollar brawl.

First off, David Gyngell was clearly not wearing shoes in the photos. He had come straight from a surf at Bondi and was clearly wearing his Sunday worst, tracky dacks and all, a detail the animators in Taiwan somehow missed. Read more »

Breaking Dad

Special moments in advertising arrive rarely. Happily, today is one such day.

Dr Mumbo is happy to introduce you to two ads for Simonds Homes so incomprehensible they verge on surreal.

In the first episode, a mum and daughter chat about her moving back home with her partner Jim. Then somebody dressed like Walter White in Breaking Bad runs out of the garage.

Is it dad? Has his meth lab malfunctioned? Is it Jim? Does he object to moving back in? Has an essential piece of information been left out of the edit? Read more »

Packer v Gyngell the front pages

Dr Mumbo loves a good front page and, having spent more than $200,000 on the Packer v Gyngell photos and video, News Corp Australia’s tabloids certainly deliver today.

TeleSydney Daily Telegraph kicks off with the headline “Packer Wacker” and dedicates no less than the first nine pages to the story of two 40+ years old CEOs in a street brawl.

12Dr Mumbo’s favourite article is this review of the boxing styles of both men which includes the immortal line: “Wrestling and snorting, the smart money was on a Cranbrook boy — the first time in recorded history that sentence has ever been written.” Read more »

‘What do I think about this? Um…’

PVO sky news gyngell packerHave you ever wanted to see what a media commentator looks like when they’ve got to talk about a bust-up involving one of the owners of their network? The pictures of which have been circulated by one of the other owners of their network?

And when somebody is standing off camera coaching them?

Look no further than Peter van Onselen on tonight’s Sky News, who started his opining gazing off to his right, before swivelling to the left and admitting to viewers that he was being given “advice” from the newsroom.

Sky News is of course jointly owned by Nine, whose boss is Nine CEO David Gyngell, Read more »

Packer v Gyngell – the media fallout

This morning the media world has been transfixed with several media outlets, including Fairfax and News Corp in a bidding war for  “explosive photos” of James Packer and David Gyngell apparently having something of a set-to in Bondi yesterday.

Witnesses are now even coming forward on Facebook to describe the incident. Dr Mumbo’s favourite is Bondi resident Chris Walker who notes how the incident allegedly involved the billionaire gaming mogul and sometime Network Ten shareholder Packer and Nine Entertainment Group CEO Gyngell, described a “some other angry bloke”, in a physical altercation outside Packer’s residence.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.04.57 AM

Media Mode, which was selling the pictures, has confirmed they have now gone, but refused to say who had bought them. Dr Mumbo’s sources have suggested News Corp has come out on top, and can picture Rupert Murdoch rubbing his hands with glee at such a juicy set of images of one of his media rivals, and son of his former sparring partner Kerry Packer, locking horns.

It is also worth noting The Mail Online, which has a mantra of ripping stories off of Twitter withing five minutes, was notably slower than its rivals in getting the story up. A spokesman for the Australian operation, which is run in partnership with Nine, told Dr Mumbo: “We cover every story”. They were also in the hunt for the snaps.

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Treading heavily at the press freedom dinner

To the Press Freedom Day dinner in Sydney, where Fairfax investigative duo Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie’s joint speech left the audience feeling both inspired and old.

Elsewhere in the room, the collaborative media spirit was less easy to find, not least in the bidding for a case of Tulloch’s wine in the silent auction.

Early written bids from Nine’s Laurie Oakes and indeed Mumbrella, were later overtaken by generous bids by the Copyright Agency and somebody from Seven who should probably remain nameless. Read more »

Stutch, Swiss cheese, and that front page

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 4.19.34 PM

Dr Mumbo had vowed to himself not to write about ‘that’ Australian Financial Review front page again. But then he got his weekly email wrap from editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury.

And he does wonder if ‘Stutch’ might be over-doing it in the apology stakes given he is still apologising for the front page eight days after it first happened…

Today’s edition has everything from the Commission of Audit report, economic reform, to what’s in tomorrow’s AFR, to Nick Greiner’s breast cancer scare to well… another apology. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 4.13.02 PM

The final paragraph is dedicated to another detailed explanation of how “a freak chain of factors,” the led to a front page which “appeared in draft form early in the afternoon rather than in finished form at evening deadline time.” 

Stutch even tells us how people keep mentioning the front page to him (not that surprising considering it went global). Someone even described it to him: “it was as if all the holes in a block of Swiss cheese had lined up“. Read more »

‘World is fukt’ advertising

Since Dr Mumbo’s colleagues, last week, broke the story of how The Australian Financial Review put the phrase “World is Fukt” on their front page in Western Australia the story has gone global.

Not only have the likes of Buzzfeed and The Guardian covered it, but the story has appeared in publications, as far afield as, The Times of India, The Malaysia Chronicle, and what is perhaps Dr Mumbo’s favourite, The Himalayan Times.

However, the true sign that a story has reached the popular consciousness is when it appears in advertising… Read more »

A socially awesome person writes…

Ping! The following drops into a member of the Mumbrella team’s inbox.

Is it meant ironically? Dr Mumbo’s not sure…


socially awesome email

The new Labor Herald forget the editor, who will the reporters be?

Dr Mumbo is a huge fan of media diversity…

And today the Labor Party has delivered by announcing it intends to join the plethora of online news websites by creating the Labor Herald news service, which it describes as its own “Crikey-style” newsletter.

The ALP are currently looking for an editor to run this website, but those ever-helpful Twitter users (and more than a few reporters) have piped in with suggestions about which former Labor MPs should be roped in as contributors, and which sections they should cover.

Some of the best suggestions from #laborherald include: Read more »

Facebook’s ‘cheeky’ censorship and #bumgate

It’s not everyday that Dr Mumbo finds himself in the midst of such a ‘cheeky’ dispute, involving a  regional local newspaper and global social media platform Facebook.

Yesterday Ballarat’s The Courier found that one its posts had drawn the ire of Facebook. The snap (see below) at the centre of the drama was from a reader photo competition held by The Courier after a recent downpour of rain.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.13.04 PMThe photo by Belinda Phelps showed her daughter, a toddler, playing in the rain in gumboots and nothing else. The image was then selected by The Courier’s digital editor as one of the two best images and featured it in a posting. It is at this point what staff at the paper have dubbed #bumgate began. Read more »

Double J – Express Yourself. Again, and again, and again.

Today is the day the ABC relaunches Double J as a digital radio station taking on the mantle of Dig Music. Obviously they’ve had to rename all their twitter properties, including the new @DoubleJplays account

And to celebrate, they’re telling people to express themselves. Again, and again, and again.

No prizes for guessing what the first song on the new station will be when it kicks off at midday. Read more »

United Airlines hijacks the flying kangaroo

image (2)Dr Mumbo was intrigued when he was sent these pictures of airline seats sat in the kangaroo enclosure of Australia Zoo last week.

His first thought was it was filming for a new Qantas ad, what with the brand logo being a flying kangaroo. But the truth is actually far stranger, and more intriguing.

Rather than Australia’s national carrier it appears USA’s United Airlines has decided to cash in on the recent fad of US stars coming to the lucky country (think Oprah, Ellen and more recently Modern Family), and the trend for interesting and edgy safety videos (think Air New Zealand and Virgin).

So, can roos can do up their own seatbelts, or help their joeys with their oxygen masks in the case of an emergency? Read more »

News Corp makes a dime through Fairfax publishing

stop-the-pressesDr Mumbo notes the publication of the thing the Australian media world has been waiting for, another book about the fall from grace of Fairfax Media.

Reading the blurb published for journalist Ben Hills’ new tome Stop the Presses! How Greed, ambition and incompetence wrecked Fairfax Dr Mumbo could not help but notice there was no holding back in the assessment of the publisher’s plight.

It starts with the phrase “In the last few years the once-mighty Fairfax media empire has careened from disaster to disaster”, moving onto the problems of print ad revenues drying up, describing its strategies for digital as having “made it the laughing stock” before adding “its management decisions have yielded moments of high drama and low farce”.

Then Dr Mumbo noted the publisher of the new book is none other than HarperCollins. That would be the same HarperCollins owner by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which also published last year’s Pamela Williams work Killing Fairfax. Read more »

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