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Now Mat Baxter has signed on for the project, Henry Tajer’s Entourage is complete

Tajer's Entourage

Sintras, Johnson, Tajer, Baxter & Lomas prepare to take Manhattan |  Artwork: Elke Aspillera

It finally happened.

After years of the ‘Mat Baxter is moving to New York’ rumour doing the rounds, the UM boss is officially joining Henry Tajer’s entourage in the U.S. of A.

And Baxter is the sixth senior Aussie exec to be joining Henry on his American adventure. Other than the fact that the boys from out of town are heading to New York rather than LA, the parallels with sitcom Entourage are uncanny.

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Abbott’s ‘mission to destroy’ caption on Bolt Report: These things don’t happen by accident

Dr Mumbo was surprised to see footage of Prime Minister Tony Abbott captioned “Mission to destroy” during Network Ten’s The Bolt Report on Sunday morning.

abbott destroy bolt

So could the unfortunate label have been the work of a disaffected junior staffer on the News Corp produced show trying to smash the system from within? Read more »

CrapAdvisors: Not everyone should be allowed to leave a review

Online reviews are the new black.

But M&C Saatchi Sydney creative director Andy Flemming has put together a series of videos featuring real reviews from TripAdvisor which may serve as a reminder not everyone should be entitled to have their voice heard…

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The Daily Telegraph can’t keep up wit Jessie J’s image

The Voice judge Jessie J’s new image is indeed so new it appears to have completely baffled the good folk of the Daily Telegraph picture desk.
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Kerry, why are you so excellent?

What Dr Mumbo most admires about 3AW’s Neil Mitchell is his willingness to ask tough questions.

But he left the big guns at home for billionaire media mogul Kerry Stokes.

While Stokes is indeed an impressive character, it’s fair to say that Mitchell struggled to keep his admiration in check…

Bam! “Do you realise what an interesting man you are?”    Read more »

Autoplay outrage, now with added hypocrisy

The tragic shootings in the US this week have cast autoplay video into the spotlight after social media users were inadvertently exposed to some pretty harrowing footage posted by the gunman.

A report on, lifted from the New York Post  and headlined ‘Users rage after on-air murder autoplays on social media’, noted how many users had disabled the autoplay feature on Facebook which “could cut into revenues, at least in the short term”

The elephant in the room though is the autoplay video on the story, replete with a pre-roll autoplay video Read more »

Victoria. Best of everything – except original branding

It may have slipped past people in other parts of the nation, but Victoria has a new brand identity ‘The Big V’.

After it was launched Melbourne based design agency Indietech decried the fact it was so similar to its own branding, both the colours and the diagonal line.

However, it’s been drawn to Dr Mumbo’s attention that the new visual identity of the state also bares more than a passing resemblance to a rebrand three years ago of another Victoria, the one in London famous for its train station.

Victoria, Australia

Victoria, Australia

Victoria, London

Victoria, London

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The Chaser crowdfunds its newspaper, will be transparent on any child labour used

After a decade-long hiatus The Chaser Quarterly is set to return – if the comedy troupe can raise the $50,000 through crowd funding to make it happen.

Why would they do this you say? Their answer: “The Chaser Quarterly addresses the key problem of our time: namely – there is not enough content in this world.”

But having fallen into the trap of not making any money on the 99 editions which were previously published between 1999 and 2005 the team have decided to take a leaf out of a the books of a few multinational corporations, and make use of a few tax minimisation schemes “so that we’re not dragged down by the onerous burden of paying tax to fund Australia’s hospitals, schools and roads”.

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When football meets finance

Stock market crashes are stressful. So is football.

So what could be more perfect to illustrate a news story about the tanking Chinese stock market, than a picture of football fans watching Australia play Chile.

Well done Business Insider.

business insider football china stress

Football and finance… Business Insider

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Maccas hits Tinder: ‘They didn’t respond to my message about wanting to eat their filet-o-fish’

Tinder users have been taken by surprise over the last 24-hours as an unlikely match popped up in their feeds – McDonald’s.

Maccas is asking people to swipe right to enter a competition to win a ‘luxe’ holiday to Thailand – which the Australian government recommends travellers exercise a ‘high degree of caution’ to travel to after this week’s bomb in Bangkok.

maccas tinder

Reaction to the campaign so far on social media ranges from impressed to depressed at their best chance of finding love being with a fast food restaurant.  Read more »

The hotel press release translator

It’s been a while since Dr Mumbo translated a press release. But today’s the day to get back on the horse, thanks to the good folk of Perth’s Pan Pacific Hotel.

20 August 2015, Perth – Pan Pacific Perth is excited to unveil their sleek new Premier Rooms following the completion of a multi-million dollar guest room refresh which saw 124 rooms and eight suites completely remodeled.

Translation: There’s been a refurb.

Each redesigned room is fitted with guest-centric and functional enhancements, including a thoughtfully appointed workspace to cater to the needs of the hotel’s corporate travellers.

Translation: The rooms have got desks. And chairs. Read more »

We’re over here

Dr Mumbo is puzzled why people are always obsessing about the “taxpayer-funded ABC” wasting money.

As the team on ABC News Breakfast demonstrated this morning, they can’t even afford red lights to tell them which camera to look at.

abc news breakfast red light


Kerry Stokes the Cash Cow

It turns out it’s not just AFL boss Gil McLachlan who sees Seven West Media chairman Kerry Stokes as something of a cash cow after yesterday’s record deal.

This morning he appeared on the couch of breakfast show Sunrise to spruik the deal, which led to an awkward moment where host David Koch was being told to wrap up the interview with his billionaire boss, by his “junior boss” – presumably executive producer Michael Pell.

Undeterred Kochie invited Stokes to take part in the $20,000 Cash Cow giveaway, with Stoke quipping “just add it to the bill”. Read more »

Do no evil, but do hijack search terms

Last week Google announced it was restructuring its business and creating a new parent company Alphabet – which was welcomed by some in the industry.

But the restructure was not good news for small business Alphabet Signs in Pennsylvania, Dr Mumbo’s go-to source of changeable building, sidewalk and portable signs in the tri-state area.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.41.48 amHow does he know this? Well the good folks at Alphabet Signs used the power of presumably Google to contact him to complain about the impact Google’s latest move is having on their search traffic.  Read more »

Four for the price of…four

This week the Australian Marketing Institute made a very special offer for those people who don’t want to attend its upcoming marketing skills workshop alone:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

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News Corp’s parliamentary gift

The news hawks amongst you might have noticed we have a new speaker in Parliament after Bronwyn Bishop was unceremoniously ousted.

You may be forgiven for not picking up on the fact that in Tony Smith’s maiden speech he admitted he still finds time to collect News Corp’s David Attenborough DVD giveaways every morning.

This certainly didn’t slip past the good burghers of News Corp, who have jumped on it with this tactical ad in today’s Adelaide Advertiser promising to send the speaker the rest of the set now he’s “busier than ever”.

news corp speaker tactical ad

Click to enlarge

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Who made the list for lunch with Rupert

The Australian Rupert Murdoch

In case you haven’t seen the media sections of today’s national newspapers News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch is in Sydney inspecting the troops.

And to celebrate he threw a lavish lunch at restaurant Catalina, where he served up an “entree of marron tail or pork belly, and main of kingfish or beef tenderloin.” according to The Australian’s newly founded lunch column.

But while the papers made much of the tight security and who’s who of the political establishment who made the journey to pay homage, Dr Mumbo was most interested in which media buyers had caught the favour of the newspaper baron. Read more »

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