Daily Tele’s apostrophe catastrophe

While Dr Mumbo is wary of throwing stones in a glass house he couldn’t go past this glaring typo in the Daily Telegraph’s new brand campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.06.51 pm

For those wondering what is wrong, there shouldn’t be an apostrophe in the line: “You should judge a paper by it’s cover”.

Interestingly this execution was posted in the middle of the cafeteria of News Corp’s headquarters at Holt Street in Sydney, although Dr Mumbo is assured it has been fixed, just as Rupert Murdoch has flown into town on his private jet.

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Ray brings silence to the house

Friday night saw the who’s who of NSW journalism turn out at Randwick Racecourse for annual Kennedy Awards.

However it does appear that journalist Ray Martin, who was helping MC the event, appears not to have learned his lesson about providing public commentary about the ABC and “lefty lynch mobs” while he is in the midst of conducting a review of Q&A, on behalf of the public broadcaster.

SandraRay did a shoutout asking the room if there was anyone here from the ABC which was met with tepid applause. Undeterred his subsequent calls for anyone who worked at Q&A, and then host Tony Jones, were met with a very awkward silence.  Read more »

Bad for cricket, good for headline writers

Australia may have capitulated in The Ashes last night. The good news is the media hasn’t lost its mind about it.

Oh wait…

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Stalking with Beau Ryan

When it’s not busy selling groceries Woolworths is also positioning itself as a cut-price telco.

So to spruik it’s new Connect service the supermarket enlisted Beau Ryan, and set him the challenge of creeping out making friends with as many people as he could, with hilarious consequences.

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Begrudging judging of televisual fudging

MKR’s judges Manu Fieldel and Pete Evans

MKR’s Fiedel and Evans

Any reality cooking show fan knows that there is a fine art when it comes to judging these programs…

However, Dr Mumbo can’t help but think that Justice John Nicholas who presided over today’s legal stoush over whether Nine’s The Hotplate is too similar to Seven’s My Kitchen Rules definitely found himself well out of his comfort zone.

Justice Nicholas was first forced to ask how many hours of television he would be required to watch (answer: around four hours, although you hope they will take out the ads) before telling the court: “I won’t say I will gladly do it, but I will do it if you ask me to.” Read more »

Awkward television

Dr Mumbo this morning squirmed through one of the most painfully awkward moments that he can recall on Australian breakfast television.

Political pundit Scott Burchill, senior lecturer in international relations at Deakin University, suggested to ABC News Breakfast viewers that the late Don Randall, who died a fortnight ago, should be Parliament’s next speaker.

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Not a Goodes day for The Oz sports desk

Last week Dr Mumbo noted Mamamia’s error in confusing actresses Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria.

Not to be outdone The Australian has made its own photo blunder, this time mistaking the man at the very top of the news agenda, Adam Goodes, for one of his teammates.

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What’s that in the picture?

There’s something in this picture of new Huffington Post Australia editor-in-chief Tory Maguire that when it’s seen, cannot be unseen.

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A terrifying text from Telstra

Dr Mumbo had never really thought of himself as a member of the tin foil hat brigade.

But this unexpected lunchtime text from Telstra does have him reaching for his roll of Glad Aluminium Foil to prepare for an impending catastrophe.

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Preview and tracking mode

The market scuttlebutt around the local launch of the Huffington Post says it will launch next week.

And while the joint-venture with Fairfax is in the midst of a hiring blitz it seems the rumours might well be right, as Dr Mumbo discovered the Australian domain is password protected and in ‘Preview and tracking’ mode – a sure sign things are in motion.

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Mamamia should have gone to Specsavers

American actress Eva Longoria went off on one on Instagram after Sydney Morning Herald “journalist” (her quote marks, not Dr Mumbo’s) Jenna Clarke suggested she doesn’t wear glasses, but still endorses discount glasses chain Specsavers.

Even more amusing than Eva’s hissy fit was Mamamia’s confusing coverage, which contrasted Longoria’s Instagram response to Clarke with her other happier posts.

mamamia eva longoria

Unfortunately for the Mamamia team there were a few clues to tell them they had inadvertently dragged in Sofia Vergara’s Instagram posts. They might have picked up on one or two subtle clues.

For example, Vergara crouching next to her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:Mamamia Longoria/Vergara

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Casting a wide net

Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but feel there was something quite familiar about the ordinary people used in the Internet Games and Entertainment Association’s new case study videos.

It turns out there was a reason why he felt like he knew them…  Read more »

The worst PR moves in history

While Dr Mumbo is not a fan of the lazy stealing of content from the Reddit hive mind, he can’t go past a recent thread on the worst PR moves in history.

You can see all 14,506 contributions in their full glory here.

And from that list, Dr Mumbo has selected some of his favourites: Read more »

Matt Preston’s live score service

For foodies the Masterchef grand final is the equivalent of the NRL or AFL grand final for sports fans. So it was an unfortunate coincidence that the food producer’s night of nights – the Delicious magazine Produce Awards – clashed with the Ten show’s last episode last night.

Luckily NewsLifeMedia had hired Masterchef judge Matt Preston as the MC for the evening, and the food critic was on hand to give live score updates in the nail-biting finale.

Editor-in-chief of delicious magazine Kerrie McCallum, Preston and NewsLifeMedia group publisher food brands Fiona Nilsson

Editor-in-chief of delicious magazine Kerrie McCallum, Preston and NewsLifeMedia group publisher food brands Fiona Nilsson

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A Hulking oversight

The world’s second most famous sportsman to wear yellow lycra, Hulk Hogan, was unceremoniously scrubbed from all of WWE’s properties at the weekend after allegations emerged he had made some racial slurs in a sex tape of him having sex with his best friend’s wife.

Fans of lycra-clad telenovella will know the Hulkster  (aka Terry Bollea) was supposed to be fighting performing in Australia next week as part of the global circus’ tour here.

Fortunately the good folk at Melbourne’s Rod Laver arena and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre were on the ball and pulled his image from their websites ASAP.

However, the catchily named Qantas Credit Union Arena seem to have missed the memo – with a whopping great picture of old Tel front and centre in its website.
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Sky News – where the magic happens

While Dr Mumbo is a little bored of drunken supporters bellowing into microphones while a hapless sports reporter conducts a live cross, this takes background bombing to a whole new level.

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Is reality television unreal? Ask Google

Sometimes Dr Mumbo suspects that the viewing public doesn’t have much trust in the people who make their reality TV shows.

Google’s autocomplete function gives a handy insight into what questions people are asking.

Dr Mumbo isn’t always great at spotting a pattern, so he wonders if anybody else can see one here…

Take Nine’s The Voice. Viewers wonder if it’s rigged or fake.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.31.02 pm

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When will seals take over New Zealand?

Snapchat. Everyone’s on it, including the very youthful looking team at Stuff.co.nz.

And to celebrate they’ve created this…creative…video looking at some of the big issues they cover. Are you sick of living in a cold damp flat, and when will seals finally take over New Zealand.

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