Fairfax’s push into the $100,000 giant atlas market…

Shop Much has been written in recent years about Fairfax Media’s challenged business model and its charge to build new revenue streams, so it is heartening to see the business diversifying into a global-facing market –  massive atlases.

Dr Mumbo doesn’t own any Fairfax shares but he does wonder whether the board was consulted about the company’s decision to move into the luxury atlas market. 

Particularly with price points of $6,400, $10,000 and a whopping $100,000 for what is billed as “the World’s Largest Atlas”… Read more »

Taking love to the Maxus

As anyone in a long-term relationship will know, once you make a big gesture of love then your partner will expect something bigger next year. The same thing seems to apply to media agency Maxus.
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Like the back end of a bus

Dr Mumbo doffs his cap to the creative genius behind 2UE’s latest advertising campaign which quite literally turns the beauty paradigm on its head with this ad for the radio station’s breakfast show with Garry Linnell and John Stanley.

2gb bus ad

Extra points are also being awarded for the placement of said advert…

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Eyes wired shut

Dr Mumbo is concerned about the lengths founder of audio specialist agency Eardrum Ralph van Dijk has gone in his attempt to raise awareness about UNESCO’s World Radio Day.

van Dijk, who was the president of the jury for the Radio Lions at Cannes last year, has gone on a “visual strike” by sewing his eyes shut.

On the bizarre stunt he said: “It’s all too easy to take radio for granted, even though it remains the medium that reaches the widest audience around the globe. My aim is to pass on a message of hope and remind people about the power of radio. Especially large advertisers.”

Ralph Protest Shot

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Programming perfection?

Dr Mumbo was struck by the humility of the networks in their response to a poll on TV Tonight in which two out of three awarded themselves 10 out of 10 for the accuracy of their electronic programming guides… Read more »

Whose letters page?

Yesterday Dr Mumbo noted how the media kit for Schwartz Media’s new The Saturday Paper was making an unusual connection between Rupert Murdoch and Thailand’s Miss Tiffany Universe, the world’s most famous transsexual beauty contestant.

He would like to commend the numerous Mumbrella readers who then trawled the media kit and noticed the mock up of The Saturday Paper’s letters page has a number of letters who reference stories in rival Fairfax Media paper The Age.

This raised the question of could that be because the mock up page is actually The Age’s letter page? Read more »

Looking for proof

Dr Mumbo is looking forward to finding out who the Sydney Morning Herald says is the ‘poof that crime pays’.

SMH poof screen shot Read more »

I have a dream…

While the end of Schapelle Corby’s eight years in a Bali prison cell must be a relief for the 36-year-old from Queensland, Nine ascribing the words immortalised by Dr Martin Luther King Jr to a convicted drug smuggler throughout its coverage may be a bit rich for some.

Schapelle Free at Last Nine Read more »

Rupert Murdoch’s transsexual adventure through Thailand?

The Saturday PaperIf the media kit is anything to go by The Saturday Paper’s first edition is going to be very interesting.

Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but notice that while the headline and picture in the mocked up example front page refer to the eponymous News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch, the actual copy  is an extract from Benjamin Law’s book Gaysia, from the chapter on Thailand’s Miss Tiffany Universe, the world’s most famous transsexual beauty contestant.

Newspaper 1

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Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 9.52.10 PM

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Nando’s gets tactical around Schapelle and bars

The winner of quickest tactical ad around the ‘Schapelle is free’ bandwagon goes to Nando’s Australia.

The chicken chain posted a message on its Facebook suggesting Corby needs to try its Peri Peri chicken, ending with the line “The only bars you’ll see are on our grill!”

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A chin wag with Lee Lin Chin?

Dr Mumbo is a fan of SBS’s Lee Lin Chin and awaits her new segment “Celebrity Chin Wag with Lee Lin Chin” with great anticipation.

If the tongue-in-cheek preview is anything to go by Lee’s deadpan delivery and sad resignation to being “a respected journalist with 20 years experience now reduced to fulfilling a contractual obligation” will make for entertaining viewing.

On the new segment in the next series of The Feed, executive producer Nick Hayden said: “SBS2 it’s a new channel, it’s building its audience and what’s the best way to reign in new viewers? It’s celebrity gossip. And who would know more about celebrity gossip than a season broadcaster such as Lee Lin Chin, she’s the obvious choice.

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Sharri Markson to focus on marketing?

Based on the Mumbrella comment thread, it would appear the marketing industry feels The Australian’s Media section has been somewhat ignoring them since the departure of Simon Canning back in 2012.

Dr Mumbo is pleased to report new media editor Sharri Markson appears to be fully embracing marketing, or at least product endorsements on her social media stream, as evidenced by this tweet.

Sharri Tweet


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Finding the best media and legal representation

Dr Mumbo waits with the rest of nation for the imminent release of Schapelle Corby from prison, and Nine is probably happy at the fortuitous timing of the event, coinciding as it does with their special telemovie on her story.

She’s also probably looking forward to the $3m pay day publicist Max Markson (Sharri’s dad for those who don’t know) is predicting.

However, he does wonder about the wisdom of having her former lawyer do interviews where she tells the media that Schapelle’s first act upon being released will be: “To pop a cork of champagne and then role up marijuana joint the size of a cigar.” Read more »

Wishing journalists bad luck

MirrorDr Mumbo realises as a journalist he isn’t always the most popular person in the public relations community.

And of course there was the whole “don’t post animals to journalists” thing last year…

Today he received an envelope from Sydney PR agency Landor Associates promoting how he could: “Wake Up with Landor – The Face of Change.” Read more »

ABC gets into bed with a new partner

Dr Mumbo notes the fervour with which The Australian has attacked the ABC in recent months and in particular its focus on the decision to partner with the like of Fairfax and more recently The Guardian.

It’s a point often mentioned in The Australian’s news stories, not to mention its editorials (for anyone wondering of the last 30 editorials five have been about the ABC) as inappropriate for the public broadcaster.

Take this one from January 31 which quotes Tony Abbott on how the partnership with The Guardian over the Edward Snowden story ABC showed “very poor judgment”.

It then goes on to bemoan: “The infiltration of Leftist political and cultural activists, the proliferation of platforms and the de-skilling of staff…  the ABC’s collectivist, inner-city clique of broadcasters, bloggers, latter-day Trotskyites and inked hipsters, but it should chill the blood of taxpayers and a broad audience seeking reliable, factual and comprehensive news and current affairs.”

Anyway Dr Mumbo wonders what The Australian’s editorial writers will say about the ABC newest partner…  Read more »

Ten takes media buyers on Siberian expedition

Dr Mumbo gathers some of Australia’s most senior media buyers and marketers are about to fly out to Russia, courtesy of Channel Ten, for the Sochi Winter Olympics which starts on Friday.

What with ongoing disputes over gay rights, terrorist attacks, and a leopard cub mauling journalists yesterday (which could only be restrained by Russian president Vladimir Putin), it’s an intrepid crew who will be boarding the Emirates flights to Moscow.

As one senior industry figure told Dr Mumbo: “As an essential industry media buyers and marketers need to adequately protected.”

But fear not, the TV network has hired security specifically for the senior media buyers and marketers making the journey.

Indeed, but Dr Mumbo’s spies also tell him the biggest concern among the group is less around safety at the Olympics and more around getting there. Read more »

Attack dog turns guard dog

While yesterday’s revelation that Nick Leys is leaving the role of media editor and chief attack dog for The Australian to become the top spinmeister for the ABC, Dr Mumbo wonders whether how many more fires he will start that he then has to put out.

A cursory glimpse at the media section of the website today provides some interesting juxtapositions.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.09.21 AM

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Paying respect to the dead

Tele headlineIn the world of online news getting the tone right can sometimes be a challenge.

So it’s no surprise Twitter has been somewhat stirred up by Sydney’s Daily Telegraph headline: “Kids grieve for junkie actor dad” was a respectful headline? Read more »

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