Will ACMA get shirty with 2GB?

Woolies described them as totally unacceptable and withdrew them from sale, but Sydney’s Radio 2GB radio seems to love them and is giving them away to listeners. Dr Mumbo refers, of course, to the wonderfully subtle and poetic ”if you don’t love it leave” shirts that have split opinion this week.

The radio station took to twitter this afternoon to promote these giveaways:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.21.05 PM

Unsurprisingly users on Twitter didn’t take too kindly to the initiative, with most suggesting we could do without such thinly-veiled aggression emblazoned on items of clothing. Read more »

Mike grins and Bairds it in ad for Daily Tele

wutThe appearance of a grinning Mike Baird in a  TV ad for The Daily Telegraph has caused a degree of consternation as to the newspaper’s political leanings, Dr Mumbo has noted.

Most notably in Junkee which could hardly contain its indignation.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the NSW Premier seemingly endorsing a specific media outlet such as News Corp, Baird is the not the first politician to unashamedly throw his political might behind a product…

Dr Mumbo recalls how South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill took a break from the mundanity of running the state to proudly proclaim August 30 as FruChocs National Appreciation Day. Yep, FruChocs National Appreciation Day. Read more »

Water buffaloes highlights

Remember when two water buffaloes spent a morning running through Sydney’s inner west back in March?

While ad agency Cheil, who were producing an ad for Samsung Korea, would probably prefer it was quietly forgotten, for Fire & Rescue NSW Newtown it appears it was one of their year highlights…

Fire and Rescue buffaloes

Ford still guessing who

Dr Mumbo was surprised to see still Ford touting its ‘Guess Who’ campaign, especially when it let the cat out of the bag last week… 

You may remember the #GuessWho campaign when no one was speculating who the “mystery manufacturer” was with the car company promoting the guessing competition on its own websites…

Despite this, Ford sent out an email to those who entered the guessing competition with the chance to win a Ford vehicle suggesting that it had led to “weeks of speculation” and had “thousands of people guessing who”.

Ford guess who

Dr Mumbo is thinking it was less weeks of speculation and more a 30 second Google search…

Hipsters cannot live by integrity alone

And so to yesterday’s BEfest conference, where the man behind the Fully Sick Rapper, the Bondi Hipsters and the Jungle Boys Christiaan Van Vuurren admitted: “I’m legitimately broker than I have been in my entire life”.

The revelation might be somewhat surprising given the Bondi Hipsters have a new ABC2 sketch show Soul Mates coming out in a fortnight, and have recently done an ad for Old Spice as well.

However, speaking at the Mumbrella Question Time panel at the end of the day van Vuuren, who plays Dom in the Bondi Hipsters, explained: “People are remarkably savvy to what their audiences will be ok with, and that’s been the case with us.

“I’m legitimately broker than I’ve ever been in my entire life, we’ve said no to some pretty big amounts of money on the way through that would have helped pay rent, but we’ve been looking at the long term goal of what’s going to build our audience and what’s going to maintain our audience.”

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Taking the guessing out of #guesswho

A major car brand has launched a teaser campaign for its new range of cars, gamifying the experience by promising to make one lucky Australian one of the first to own one if they #guesswho it is.

People have been steadily guessing for the last week or so on Twitter (although whoever is monitoring the hashtag has to wade through a lot of unrelated stuff as well to find the guesses), with many of them getting it right.

And how does Dr Mumbo know they’re right? He had a quick internet search on the hashtag, and found the campaign was being promoted on the Essendon Ford website.

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The Last Temptation of Lee Lin Chin

Sure Ten’s breakfast show Wake up was a failure but somehow Dr Mumbo is more optimistic about the idea of a “Wake up to Cappu-chin-o with Lee Lin Chin”.

Cryptically entitled ‘The Last temptation of Lee Lin Chin’, it is of course a teaser for Lee Lin’s cult appearances on the youth-oriented news show.

According to the media release issued by SBS 2’s The Feed: “After being schooled by veterans Larry Emdur and Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Lee Lin Chin’s transformation to morning television host is now complete with the first episode of her own breakfast program in front of a live studio audience.

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Kiis’ time travelling Bachelor text


Click to enlarge

In the last 24-hours the Australian entertainment news community has gone a bit nuts about the finale of The Bachelor and the ‘shocking’ news Blake Garvey and his intended Sam Frost have already broken up.

KiisFM’s Kyle and Jackie O were among the first to report the gossip that the pair had already headed for splitsville, with Jackie excitedly citing a text from one of the ‘show’s producers’ claiming it was because Frost was unhappy with Garvey using the same lines on all the girls. Kiis later tweeted a screen shot of the text as proof of its existence.

However, Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but notice that while the broadcast aired at around 7.15am, the screen shot showed the message was received at 7.32am. Dr Mumbo certainly wasn’t aware text time travel was a new feature on the iPhone 6.

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Ferrier doppelgängergate: Advertising Action Man Adam

adam ferrier action man posterA few weeks ago Adam Ferrier got slightly freaked out when a woman posed for a picture with an apparent doppelgänger and posted it to Twitter.

Well, it seems that woman, visual artist Anne-Marie Twigge, might be Adam’s biggest fan, who has now created a “lecture, performance, exploration, brand event, affective or effective experience” inspired by his recent book The Advertising Effect entitled “Action Man Adam Ferrier”.

Overnight he also received a press release from Twigge, based in Amsterdam, explaining what was going on. Sort of.

“Twigge’s performance seeks to explore the commercial and artistic manifestations of human behaviour. Exploring why we feel what we feel, her performance asks: when are we prompted to engage and disengage?”

Clear as mud. Read more »

Homepage wars

Yesterday saw Microsoft flick the switch on its new MSN homepage which sees the end of customers for things like Hotmail being diverted to former partner Ninemsn, a move which could see it shed at least thirty per cent of its Nielsen Online Ratings audience.

That is unless Nine can, somehow, convince readers to change their homepage from MSN to Ninemsn…

But Dr Mumbo presumes the new banner ads running across Nine Entertainment websites urging readers to “make Ninemsn Your Homepage” are entirely unrelated to recent events.


Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.07.57 am Read more »

OMG is this a Bachelor spoiler? No

KiisFM’s Facebook page came over all unnecessary today after being sent a picture by a listener showing one of the remaining contestants on Ten’s The Bachelor with a ring on her finger.

The breathless headline above the picture read “OMG. The Bachelor Australia Bombshell? Is this a publicity stunt or an accidental spoiler?!”, linking through to an article on the KiisFM website all about it.

The Bachelor spoiler

Fortunately before the moderators exploded with excitement some more level headed fans of the site noted the picture was a selfie taken in a mirror, and as such the ring was on her right hand ring finger, not her left.

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Hamish and Andy to return to Today Network’s drive show?


Hamish and Andy pick up an ACRA in 2009

September might be the time of year for footy trades, but it’s also the time when our commercial radio networks also recruit, demote and rationalise their best and worst performing presenters.

Last year saw some record-breaking activity, with the big money move that of Kyle and Jackie O from 2DayFM’s breakfast in Sydney to the revamped Kiis1065, as several stations overhauled their line ups.

However, this year it looks like we won’t be seeing the same flurry of activity, with content bosses from the Australian Radio Network and Nova Entertainment telling Dr Mumbo they’re happy with things as they are.

That just leaves Southern Cross Austereo, which already has a vacancy to be filled in the Adelaide brekkie slot. However, all eyes are on the Sydney station 2DayFM, which has struggled since the defection of K&J.

Despite those struggles don’t expect to see major changes there either – yet – with SCA’s content boss Craig Bruce saying they would stick with the line up of Jules Lund, Sophie Monk and Merrick Watts into next year, despite pulling just a 3.3 audience share in this survey saying “we are following through with our plans” for the show.  Read more »

ABC in mind

By the looks of the circulation list of this press release from national mental health media initiative Mindframe, the organisation is really keen that the ABC gets the memo…


Screen Shotmindframe screenshot Read more »

Farewell to the aliens

Dr Mumbo breathed a sigh of relief over the weekend after hearing the aliens have finally been ditched.

So imagine his disappointment when it became apparent it wasn’t Budget Direct’s divisive aliens who have been killed off, but a family of extraterrestrials who have been fronting a campaign for UK retailer Argos.

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Get your war supplies

With Australia on the brink of air strikes, and possibly another war, what better time to get your World War II military surplus?

SMH WWII military surplus ad placement Read more »

Double jeopardy

Dr Mumbo is no lawyer but it’s fair to say a young Victorian man might well be about to get a very good university education courtesy of Fairfax Media.

And of course, when you’re apologising for an error, the last thing you want to do is make the same mistake again.

Fairfax Read more »

Warning: In-flight conditions may be dry… and wet

news air hostiesDr Mumbo suspects that the author of this piece of investigative journalism for News.com.au on how air hostesses “look so good after flying” may misunderstand what the word “humid” means…

Source: news.com.au

Source: news.com.au

Given that the unbylined piece featured interviews with “two flight pilots and a pilot” it’s amazing that the deep research let this one slip through…

Guys, it’s not a sex tape

There was an awkward moment this afternoon when Buzzfeed called Junkee out for a clickbait tweet…

buzzfeed and Junkee on Twitter Read more »

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