Wanted: ‘Housemate who has lots of people in their life they won’t miss if they disappear’

Gumtree What We Do in the ShadowsDr Mumbo’s been looking for new digs, and was sorely tempted by this ad on Gumtree until he read the requirements more closely. He was especially disturbed by the need for “lots of people in their life they won’t miss if they disappear” and the ban on cooking with garlic…

The housemate wanted post on Gumtree is part of a campaign for New Zealand vampire film What We Do In The Shadows, starring Flight of the Conchord’s Jemaine Clement, which tells the story of three vampires “who are just trying to get by in modern society”.

Ahead of the film’s premiere in Australia on September 4 it now looks like the New Zealand vampire trio have moved to Melbourne’s Brunswick and are in need of a housemate.

The Gumtree ad describes the group as “a group of four easy-going males looking for someone cool and groovy to invite into our house who is also villing to teach us a little bit about modern society, fashion and ze internet”. Read more »

Freedom of speech and the ‘optimism bias’

Dr Mumbo was delighted to hear at this morning’s Future Forum that Newspaper Works CEO Mark Hollands firmly backs the concept of freedom of speech and the importance of a vibrant and questioning press for the functioning of our democracy.

It’s just a shame Mark didn’t pass the memo onto Network Ten’s Russel Howcroft who was moderating a panel session with the four top CEOs of the newspaper industry from Fairfax, News Corp, Seven West Media and APN.

And so for the second year in a row, instead of the normal format of taking questions from the floor, Russel vetted the questions asking people to text him what they wanted to ask. He also made a proviso “rule” about which questions he would take telling the crowd that it would be based on his “optimism bias”.

So, instead of being able to probe the four men on issues like the viability of EMMA, the recent Mike Carlton incident and fallout, the further decline of print circulations and revenues, or the future of the Press Council which has recently come under attack from at least one member of the panel the questions were generally of a softer nature…

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Aussie hunks get wet

Aussie, the shampoo brand originating from the lucky country but now manufactured by Proctor & Gamble to sell in the UK and US, is launching in Hong Kong.

So to celebrate they got into the spirit of the incredibly whacky local advertising market with this gem of a pre-roll ad.

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Proposals and fake deaths

It strikes Dr Mumbo that the first and third stories in this screenshot from news.com.au this morning are uncomfortably close together.

news fiance death

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‘Remember the most important thing – we don’t work at the ABC’

On Friday Dr Mumbo stumbled across SBS2 news show The Feed’s trailer for The Real Newsreaders of Sydney, a ‘fly-on-the-wall documentary’ looking t the complex relationships between Seven’s Natalie Barr, Ten’s Sandra Sully and SBS’ “lunatic” newsreader Lee Lin Chin.

Episode one, which went to air last night, is set in Lee Lin’s “boozer” after she discovered “booze is much cheaper in bulk”. “As if Lee Lin needed another excuse to drink, her ratings are enough,” says Sully.

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Get yourself back to school

Someone should have told East Hills mall user generated content is so 2013.

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The Real Newsreaders of Sydney

Sandra Sully is a party girl, Natalie Barr is “here for a good time, not a long time” and Lee Lin Chin has “never killed a man before, but I know I’m capable”.

Dr Mumbo has no idea exactly what this 40-second teaser video for SBS2’s The Feed is driving at, but he’s going out on a limb and saying Monday at 7.30pm will be a must-watch.

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David Wood: dick joke correspondent

Dr Mumbo never suspected the Northern Territory News was doing well enough to dedicate a correspondent solely to dick jokes.

NT News dick joke correspondent

This raises the question of why the Territory Government is not going more to warn the public about rogue phalluses and sparked a call for a full government inquiry into the ramblings dongs,” writes the appropriately named writer David Wood. 

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Potato, onion, bacon and fly tart

Dr Mumbo isn’t normally an advocate of magazines using photoshop.

But when you’re a food magazine like Australian Gourmet Traveller and there’s a fly on your tart, he reckons it’s probably acceptable, especially when it doesn’t appear in the ingredients list.

superfly gourmet traveller

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What’s the New shite?

With a title like News Bite Dr Mumbo is surprised it’s taken the good people at Aberdeen City Council 37 editions to make this mistake.

news bite front page

Whilst a council spokesman might be making light of the unfortunate placement of the photo for their council tenant newsletter in the local newspaper, it seems someone in the production department has been busy correcting the error online:

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Five years and 30 Seconds later…

Dr Mumbo has been thoroughly enjoying the Comedy Channel rerun of adland sitcom 30 Seconds which came to an end at the weekend.

For those who don’t remember the 2009 series, it was set in the fictional Sydney creative agency of BND Worldwide.

And it’s stood the test of time.

One episode featured the agency’s ECD in a state of some angst because he’d slipped down Creative Brief’s rankings.

So the agency set about making a scam ad in a rush because the deadline for the Cannes Lions was approaching. Read more »

Do the hustle

It was wigs, fur, polyester suits and cleavage at last nights APMA Star Awards which saw guests and host Gyton Grantley embrace the American Hustle theme, and run with it.

Grantley, star of House Husbands but perhaps better known for playing Carl Williams in the first series of Underbelly, wasn’t aware he would have to do some ‘schtick’ as MC of the event until a couple of hours before, but improvised admirably by teaching the room how to do ‘the hustle’.

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The Wicked Campers school of customer relations

They might be promising to clean up their act with their slogans on vans, but Wicked Campers appears to be happy to use some pretty colourful language on its internal emails about customer inquiries.

Wicked campers fucking annoying prick

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You can advertise anything these days

Dr Mumbo was sure there was some sort of provision on adverts being based on fact…

Simon Gittany is innocent

Mixed metaphors on Mike Carlton

It seems the Daily Telegraph is taking great delight in the demise of rival the Sydney Morning Herald’s star columnist Mike Carlton, devoting two full pages to the ongoing saga in today’s paper, as well as an editorial.

However, Dr Mumbo’s eye was caught by the two Photoshopped mock-ups of Carlton and a cartoon which they have created, and the mixed messages they seem to be sending out.

On page 10 of the two-page special ‘SMH in Crisis’ section the paper has a mock up of Mike’s face on a beer keg, with the label ‘Carlton Shaft':

Mike Carlton cartoon The Tele

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Mystery of the vanishing ‘News Porker-ation’ story

Dr Mumbo understood there was an unwritten agreement between major publishers that you don’t go after each other’s proprietors.

So he was surprised to see a photograph of News Corp boss Lachlan Murdoch briefly pop on the Daily Mail Australia home page yesterday afternoon with the less than flattering headline promoting it: “News Porker-ation!”

News porkeration Lachlan Murdoc

Source: Daily Mail Australia

It linked through to a slightly more subtly written article by junior journo Alicia Vrajlal contrasting Lachlan’s “post holiday physique” with that of his wife Sarah.

Curiously, although the top of article says there have been 18 comments from readers, none are visible below it, at least to Dr Mumbo. Read more »

The boss of the SMH won’t talk to the SMH

Darren GoodsirWhile nobody at the Sydney Morning Herald has covered themselves in glory over the departure of columnist Mike Carlton, it does strike Dr Mumbo as a tad ironic that the newspaper’s own editor-in-chief Darren Goodsir was “unavailable for comment” to his own reporter Megan Levy, while Carlton was happy to talk.

smh goodsir unavaialble

Source: SMH.com.au

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The NT News does Super Croc v Mega Shark

Dr Mumbo feared the NT News might have lost some of its headline writing ‘bite’ when its top headline writer Paul Dyer did a bunk for Asia a few months ago.

Thankfully, his fears have not been realised.
BuTxkofCYAIoAF8 Read more »

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