DDB best and worst list leaves bad taste

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.46.42 AMDr Mumbo stumbled across a very interesting list of the ‘best and worst ads of 2013′ on News.com.au compiled by DDB Sydney’s executive creative director Dylan Harrison.

Congratulations to DDB who took out three of the top five ads from around the world this year, according to Harrison:

Dove ‘Camera Shy’ – Ogilvy & Mather London (UK)

Water is Life ‘Hashtag Killer’ – DDB New York (US)

Oreo ‘Daily Twist’ – DraftFCB New York (US)

John Lewis ‘The Bear and the Hare’ – Adam & Eve/DDB (UK)

Devondale ‘Soy Aftertaste Face’ – DDB Melbourne (Aus)

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Memo to PR industry: do not post live animals to journalists

‘Tis the season for giving, but Dr Mumbo was concerned to see journalists today tweeting they had been sent a live butterfly by a Sydney PR company.

photo (4)He would like to remind the industry that we’ve been here before, remember Advantage Adelaide and the whole dead goldfishgate anyone?

To Dr Mumbo’s mind live animals do not make good presents for journalists. Full stop.

Indeed, Dr Mumbo senses the PR company Free Publicity knows this as its director Vanessa Free’s first question to him when he rang was: “Are the butterflies alive or dead?”

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The Australian takes on the ‘dazzle’ of Twitter

Dr Mumbo loves a good editorial by The Australian and today’s efforts denouncing The Guardian, the ABC, Fairfax, Twitter and more generally “the interweb” deserves some acknowledgment.

Personally, Dr Mumbo can’t get past the paragraph which denounces not only Twitter but the scourge of “web-first publishing.”

“Yet that can’t be said of all media outlets, especially when seasoned journalists are being traded for ones unable to see beyond the dazzle of the instantaneous fix of Twitter or web-first publishing,” write The Australian.

Unsurprisingly the piece has caused a stir in the Twittersphere. Here are some of Dr Mumbo’s favourite tweets:  Read more »

2DayFM’s leaving gift to Kyle and Jackie O: abusive outtake audio

KyleSome people get leaving cards, some get gold watches for long service, but what did Kyle and Jackie O get as a leaving gift from their old mates at 2DayFM?

Today Dr Mumbo received a tape from an anonymous “radio insider” featuring clips from controversial former 2DayFM breakfast hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, played at a 2DayFM Christmas party last night.

The two-minute reel, sent to Dr Mumbo under the title “Final Farewell” and mixed to the audio of the song Time to Say Goodbye, features the former number one duo berating staff, swearing and throwing their weight around.

Among the highlights are: Read more »

Kyle and Jackie O’s social takeover

One of the big questions hanging over Kyle Sandilands and Jackie (O) Henderson’s move from 2DayFM to rival Kiis is whether they can take their audience with them. With 10,000 likes for 1065 Kyle and Jackie O Facebook page in less than a week, they should be ok.

The problem is, while it looks authentic, it’s a fake. As a tweet from the Kyle and Jackie O account told followers on Sunday “2DayFM has temporarily shut down our Facebook”, before another message confirmed this page as a fraud.

kyle and jackie o FB screener

Whoever is behind the account was quick off the mark, setting it up on November 29, the day the official announcement was made. And they’re doing a pretty good job of community management, snaffling pics from Sandilands’ Instagram profile, and posting images of holiday destinations asking fans over what they will be doing for the Christmas break.

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How to “triple play” a news story

Triple playDr Mumbo congratulates The Australian’s Darren Davidson on the lead story in today’s Media Section, which explains how Foxtel will announce it will offer consumers a “triple play” option of bundled options across subscription-TV, broadband and telephone services.

If the whole Foxtel “triple play” thing seems a bit familiar… it should.

As Davidson explains this move was, to use an expression favoured by The Oz’s business media writer, “foreshadowed” back on November 26 in a article entitled “Foxtel set to launch ‘triple play’.

But a quick Google search reveals this is not the only “foreshadowing” The Australian has done of this “triple play” move, by the 50 per cent owned News Corp subsidiary. Read more »

How do I get my crush to like me?

Parody pranksters Stuntbear managed to wangle themselves a spot amongst the reporters on the red carpet at last night’s Aria awards, but of course it was never going to be a straightforward interview.

Instead of the usual inane questions about fans, new albums and whether the stars hope to win, the pair dressed in tweed with colourful decorative corsages and posed as a pair of virgins, fumbling their way through a series of interviews with artists like Alicia Keys, Claire Bowditch, Birds of Tokyo and Gossling.

The most cringe-worthy moment comes as they stutter over a question for Harrison Craig, who himself suffers with a stutter.

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Kyle Sandilands to 2Day FM – so long and thanks for all the money

Kyle Sandilands has left the building.

And his final words to his now former employer Southern Cross Austereo? Classy ones of course:

“We’ve loved it here. God we’ve made millions of dollars out of these people. Thank you very much. Read more »

So long, Kyle – and thanks for all the traffic

So today marked the last Kyle & Jackie O Show on 2Day FM.

Mumbrella will miss them. And this is why… Read more »

Virgin’s Walkley cancellation #fail

If you’re an airline there’s one plane of people you don’t want have to do a flight cancellation on and that’s a plane load of journalists.

Particularly if that planeload of people are on their way to Brisbane for tonight’s Walkleys.

Sadly this is exactly what’s happened with Dr Mumbo’s spies telling him that a planeload of mainly journalists have been forced to move onto other flights.

Among the delayed passengers is the Walkley Foundation’s official photographer who Dr Mumbo hears expects to be arriving somewhere between the entree and the main course.

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Who will edit the Aussie Mail Online?

It’s the question everyone in media land is asking: who should edit the new operation of the Mail Online when it launches next year?

Dr Mumbo notes that when asked about it in today’s Mumbrella video hangout publisher Martin Clarke said: “I’m hoping we find some talent in Australia who help grow us in Britain, Australia and everywhere else in the world.”

If only there was an obvious candidate… Someone with strong news sense, experience editing a tabloid and who understood the Australian power structures and culture. Ideally they would be also be free to start soon and it would also help HR if they were already on the Nine payroll.  Read more »

How not to be a “copycat”

Dr Mumbo congratulates the Mail Online on its new plans to launch an Australian operation and hire as many as 50 journalists. However, he notes that coincidentally the UK publisher and Mi9 chose the exact 6 month anniversary of The Guardian’s Australian launch to make its announcement.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 12.20.28 PMWithin minutes of the announcement The Guardian’s Australian editor Katharine Viner tweeted that the new operation were “copycats”. A claim swiftly rejected by Martin Clarke the Mail Online’s UK publisher.

But it appears Ninemsn editor-in-chief Hal Crawford didn’t quite get the memo… Read more »

The Aussie Expendables

To the launch of ABC television’s 2014 schedule.

Where some may have felt that the Bondi Hipsters skit outperformed Spicks and Specks The Next Generation (although Dr Mumbo is sure the show will improve in the edit).

The best observation came from Ade (or possibly Dom). Referencing the fresh new talent being showcased by the ABC with the likes of Bryan Brown, Guy Pearce and Sam Neill, the Hipster pointed out: “Basically, they’re Australia’s Expendables.”

Campbell’s scoop

Been wondering when we’ll hear the so-called Sunland two tell their stories?

Dr Mumbo has a hunch it will be on ABC’s Foreign Correspondent one Tuesday night soon.

The show’s Eric Campbell chatted on radio station ABC702 on Tuesday night, letting slip to Gretel Killeen that he was working on a top secret episode involving people in trouble in Dubai, and that he’d been working on it for the last four years.  Read more »

Barry vs Bolt: I’ll show you my salary now you show me yours…

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.08.42 AMLast night was the last episode of Media Watch for 2013 and Dr Mumbo was pleased to see Paul Barry go out with a bang, responding to questions from The Australian about how much he earns by challenging News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt to declare his full salary.

As of the program’s airtime Bolt had not responded to the challenge but Barry declared his salary on-air: $191,259. Not a bad salary for hosting a weekly 15 minute program.

But then of course by 9.28pm (8 minutes into the program) Bolt felt the need to respond. You can read his full blog post entitled: “Paul Barry is a really a fool and Media Watch is a disgrace” here.

Or if you just want the précis Bolt told Dr Mumbo this morning: Read more »

Prawn sandwiches for all

It seems the debate ignited by Mat Baxter last week over long working hours has led to an improvement in working conditions at his agency, UM.

Of the 81 comments so far on the story, one from ‘Social Commentator’ got to him more than most when they said: “Lets face it, the lifeblood of your company are the Gen Y’s, slaving away whilst you’re schmoozing with big wigs about town eating prawn sandwiches and sipping on champagne, ‘adding value’ to the relationship. Give me a break.”

Prawn Sandwich Read more »

Lund, Irwin and Capper for 2Day FM breakfast?

Another possible lineup for the 2Day FM breakfast show has been suggested after Mumbrella reported Southern Cross Austereo reserved the domain name SophieandJules.com, suggesting Sophie Monk and Jules Lund may replace Kyle and Jackie O…. Read more »

HR – it’s all about (dis)respecting people

To the SAGE – Secrets of Agency Excellence panel where the debate on building a good agency culture was in full flow, and questions from the floor were invited.

It strikes Dr Mumbo that if you are in the audience and ask a question, it’s better to accept the microphone the young woman brings across to you so that everyone can hear you talking.

Because if you ignore her and simply carry on, and she ends up kneeling at your feet having to carry on holding it herself in front of your mouth, while you treat her like a human microphone stand, then it looks like you may not have much respect for people. Read more »

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