A socially awesome person writes…

Ping! The following drops into a member of the Mumbrella team’s inbox.

Is it meant ironically? Dr Mumbo’s not sure…


socially awesome email

The new Labor Herald forget the editor, who will the reporters be?

Dr Mumbo is a huge fan of media diversity…

And today the Labor Party has delivered by announcing it intends to join the plethora of online news websites by creating the Labor Herald news service, which it describes as its own “Crikey-style” newsletter.

The ALP are currently looking for an editor to run this website, but those ever-helpful Twitter users (and more than a few reporters) have piped in with suggestions about which former Labor MPs should be roped in as contributors, and which sections they should cover.

Some of the best suggestions from #laborherald include: Read more »

Facebook’s ‘cheeky’ censorship and #bumgate

It’s not everyday that Dr Mumbo finds himself in the midst of such a ‘cheeky’ dispute, involving a  regional local newspaper and global social media platform Facebook.

Yesterday Ballarat’s The Courier found that one its posts had drawn the ire of Facebook. The snap (see below) at the centre of the drama was from a reader photo competition held by The Courier after a recent downpour of rain.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.13.04 PMThe photo by Belinda Phelps showed her daughter, a toddler, playing in the rain in gumboots and nothing else. The image was then selected by The Courier’s digital editor as one of the two best images and featured it in a posting. It is at this point what staff at the paper have dubbed #bumgate began. Read more »

Double J – Express Yourself. Again, and again, and again.

Today is the day the ABC relaunches Double J as a digital radio station taking on the mantle of Dig Music. Obviously they’ve had to rename all their twitter properties, including the new @DoubleJplays account

And to celebrate, they’re telling people to express themselves. Again, and again, and again.

No prizes for guessing what the first song on the new station will be when it kicks off at midday. Read more »

United Airlines hijacks the flying kangaroo

image (2)Dr Mumbo was intrigued when he was sent these pictures of airline seats sat in the kangaroo enclosure of Australia Zoo last week.

His first thought was it was filming for a new Qantas ad, what with the brand logo being a flying kangaroo. But the truth is actually far stranger, and more intriguing.

Rather than Australia’s national carrier it appears USA’s United Airlines has decided to cash in on the recent fad of US stars coming to the lucky country (think Oprah, Ellen and more recently Modern Family), and the trend for interesting and edgy safety videos (think Air New Zealand and Virgin).

So, can roos can do up their own seatbelts, or help their joeys with their oxygen masks in the case of an emergency? Read more »

News Corp makes a dime through Fairfax publishing

stop-the-pressesDr Mumbo notes the publication of the thing the Australian media world has been waiting for, another book about the fall from grace of Fairfax Media.

Reading the blurb published for journalist Ben Hills’ new tome Stop the Presses! How Greed, ambition and incompetence wrecked Fairfax Dr Mumbo could not help but notice there was no holding back in the assessment of the publisher’s plight.

It starts with the phrase “In the last few years the once-mighty Fairfax media empire has careened from disaster to disaster”, moving onto the problems of print ad revenues drying up, describing its strategies for digital as having “made it the laughing stock” before adding “its management decisions have yielded moments of high drama and low farce”.

Then Dr Mumbo noted the publisher of the new book is none other than HarperCollins. That would be the same HarperCollins owner by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which also published last year’s Pamela Williams work Killing Fairfax. Read more »

Financial Review offers strong return on investment

AFR ebayWhen Dr Mumbo’s colleagues revealed on Thursday afternoon that the Financial Review has published “the world is fukt” on its front page they didn’t realise they might also be turning it into a collector’s item.

While AFR editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury has since apologised for the front cover Dr Mumbo is bemused to see one copy sell on eBay on the weekend for $49.00.

Or as the Financial Review might report that’s 1,300 per cent return on investment (ROI) in four days…nice. Read more »

‘He didn’t make it. I think he moved to DDB’

VB’s Raise A Glass campaign around Anzac Day has been raising eyebrows since its creation by Droga5 in 2009.

Now Dan Ilic’s and the team at A Rational Fear have their own take on it.

And lest you forget, here’s one of the real Raise A Glass ads…

Poor old Steve.

Meanwhile, A rational Fear have  a live show in Sydney on Monday with Greg Fleet and Bob Carr. Tickets via this link.

Don’t give up on Gruen

Fear not, Gruen fans. Dr Mumbo understands that despite speculation today that Russell Howcroft’s involvement in Ten’s Recipe To Riches could spell an end to his involvement in Gruen Planet, there’s little danger of that.

Similarly, despite the success of his Redesign My Brain documentary – and yesterday’s commissioning of a second series – Leo Burnett boss Todd Sampson will also go around again.

As for host Wil Anderson’s desire to concentrate on standup comedy, which leads to a “grim” outlook for Gruen according to today’s Tele, that’s not going to stand in the way of him hosting the show again, Dr Mumbo understands. Read more »

AFR’s accidental freebies

A potentially expensive production mistake hasn’t helped the Australian Financial Review this morning.

There’s no bar code on the Anzac bumper edition which covers the next four days. Read more »

Home and away

Dr Mumbo did enjoy reading Greg Jericho’s insights into Australian consumer psychology which The Guardian published yesterday.

It was promoted from The Guardian’s Australian home page with the reasonable question “Australia has it pretty damn good – so why aren’t we cheering?”

grogonomics aussi


And promoting the same article on The Guardian’s British version of the home page? A somewhat different tack – “Whingeing Aussies”. Read more »

What do you call a newsletter without any news…

Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but admit his interest was piqued when he received his daily edition of B&T with the headline “newsletter”.

Sadly for the more than 60 year old title this proved to be something of a misnomer. That is, unless you count sponsored content as ‘news’.

newsletter Read more »

Barry O’Farrell – the memes

No massive news story is complete these days without lots of satirical memes/mock ads based on their predicament. And the resignation of NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell in what has now become known as Grangegate is no exception.

First, we have Nando’s Australia, big fans of the old topical Tweet:

Nando's barry o'farell memes Read more »

‘Get loose’ with Pej and the Token Croats

Dr Mumbo was intrigued to see the new campaign from TAB giving one lucky punter the chance to own a five per cent share of one of Australia’s best racehorses, Boban.

But it wasn’t so much the campaign which caught his eye as the horse involved, with Boban being one-quarter owned by MediaCom CEO and racing fanatic Mark Pejic. Boban, as all soccer fans will know, is named after Croatian player Zvonimir, which would have been harder for the commentators to call.

While ‘Pej’ doesn’t front the campaign his friend and co-owner Matt Dominelli certainly gives some interesting insights into the owners’ syndicate.

When asked what they are like he says: “They’re maniacs, I’m the only sensible one in the group. A great mate of mine Mark Pejic he’s an owner and he and I would talk 30-40 times in the days leading up to the big race.”

Involved in the syndicate is the group The Token Croats.

Dominelli concludes: “They’re loose, and when our winner comes and gets involved with us they’re going to know they’re alive on that day.”

Read more »

US PR company spoils second episode of Game of Thrones *SPOILER ALERT*

game-of-thronesDr Mumbo is concerned Game of Thrones fans may have had the most recent episode of the HBO series spoiled by a US PR company who  issued an email promoting a Game of Thrones-themed stunt, with a subject heading spoiling the second episode of the series.

Dr Mumbo warns readers who are yet to watch the second episode of the series to not continue reading due to major spoilers.

We even put trailers below to ensure no one accidentally had the show ruined… So, you’ve been warned. Scroll at your own risk.

Read more »

Hey tosser

Dr Mumbo sees what message the good people of the NSW EPA are trying to get out with their new poster campaign, Hey Tosser.


However, the empty street, and hand perilously close to the crotch may leave some with the wrong impression as to what they are trying to stamp out.

And the other version could be even more sinisterly misconstrued: Read more »

Facebook wars: Kyle and Jackie O reopen hostilities

It seems to be quite the social media week for young Kyle Sandilands. Yesterday he joined Twitter, and today, he launched a campaign with co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson to get their Facebook page back from their ex employers, 2DayFM.

It’s been well documented they weren’t able to take their Facebook audience with them when they defected from 2DayFm to rivals KiisFM, but despite taking most of their listeners they haven’t been able to grab their Facebook audience back, with only 55,000 fans on their own, compared to 160,000 on the old one.

Now the odds are more stacked against them, as  the Fifi and Jules page transfers to the 2DayFM page , giving them another 369,000 fans, a serious shot in the arm.

Fifi posted a breakup video to her fans on Facebook to say goodbye.

So, in true tongue in cheek style, Kyle and Jackie O did an imitation video.

Read more »

Festival of Media becomes Festival of Mystery

Dr Mumbo is slightly confused, as to who won the Festival of Media’s global network on the year in Rome last night.

Look on the FOM website, and you see MediaCom clearly listed as the winner, but with a picture of a jubilant Starcom, with Aussie boss John Sintras front and centre, as the lead image.

Dr Mumbo also noted Starcom tweeting about their success this afternoon.


Read more »

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