Missable TV

Dr Mumbo is a fan of brands that use digital advertising to its full capabilities. Like targeting potential TV viewers who might be using their mobile devices as a third screen while browsing news sites.

An hour after the show.

smh under the dome ten ad

British taints

Ever wish you hadn’t chosen a particular brand ambassador? British Paints sure does.

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The PacMags translator

pacmags press releaseA press release can be a thing of beauty.

It can certainly be a way of disguising bad news as good.

So Dr Mumbo salutes the writers of today’s announcement from Pacific Magazines

Allow Dr Mumbo to translate as we go…

Pacific Magazines has announced a proposed restructure for its Young Women’s’ titles Girlfriend and Total Girl, with respective editors Sarah Tarca and Amanda Nicholls continuing in their roles while some editorial staff will work across both brands. Other editorial roles will remain specific to their title.

PacMags is merging the two teams from Girlfriend and Total Girl. Kinda.

Both editors will work with the editorial team across print and digital. Mychelle Vanderburg will continue as Publisher.

Geez. Hopefully they’ll play nicely together.

“While each title is successful and has a clear positioning, there are efficiencies in bringing the editorial into a shared unit, where there are synergies, particularly with our ongoing digital content focus,” said Pacific Magazines Director of Magazines, Peter Zavecz.


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Todd Carney – to the Maximus

Some brands would be embarrassed to find themselves in a photograph of a sports star urinating into their own mouth.

Not so Maximus sports drink, which is making the most of its supporting role in the Todd Carney scandal with this charming post on its Facebook feed. Read more »

Formula None

Welcome to Cannes Watch – where we celebrate the longest it takes a company to remember to send out a press release about a win.

Here’s today’s contender, from Honda, a mere ten days after the event…

Given that the campaign celebrated Ayrton Senna’s speed around the track, the irony is splendid.

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The blind leading the subs

There’s an interesting piece on the SMH on the evolution of hand signals.

blind people smh

Mind you, Dr Mumbo finds it hard to believe that “blind people” use sign language.

(Hat-tip: James O’Brien)


You ought not to be congratulated

NRMA Motoring has much to congratulate itself for in regard to its content marketing effort Live4.

live 4 congratulated

Perhaps not the subbing though.


All you need is head

While the AFR famously brought us the news that the world is fukt, sister Fairfax Media title The Age appears to have oral sex on the brain today.


age head head head

The ads must go on

So the power was out today at one of Sydney Airport’s domestic terminals, wiping out luggage belts, security screenings and aerobridges.

But luckily not the ads.

Hat-tip: Ten's Melinda Nucifora

Hat-tip: Ten’s Melinda Nucifora

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Great minds (and Clive Palmer)

Dr Mumbo was struck by something of a familiar feel to the Sydney newsstands this morning regharding Clive Palmer’s hosting of Al Gore….

shock and gore

Good old Clive Palmer.

Truth in advertising

So here’s a delicious ad placement…

Sydney Opera House yesterday announced the programme for the Festival Of Dangerous Ideas.

It turns out that after a social media backlash, one idea – covering the topic of honour killings – was indeed too dangerous and has now been dropped.

But the ad for the festival is running next to the story on the SMH. Read more »

Passing the live test

Live on air, it’s sometimes easy to let a throwaway comment pass by.

So Dr Mumbo congratulates Brisbane radio station 4BC’s Patrick Condren for his deft handling of a testing live moment when a hospital boss let slip that he was sharing crucial test results with listeners before the baby’s family.

Who won the advertising World Cup?

Cannes LionsAnother Cannes Lions, another war of words between Omnicom and WPP over who’s the most creative holding company.

About two hours after the final winners had been announced, a press release from WPP came out claiming that the owner of Ogilvy, JWT and GroupM had “lifted the World Cup of advertising for the fourth time in a row”.

And then a few hours, who’d have guessed it, a press release from Omnicom materialises claiming that “Omnicom Agencies Take Top Honors at Cannes Festival”.

The press release from WPP: Read more »

Robin Thicke, the Kofi Annan of media buying

Media agency land can be pretty hostile and bitchy, and understandably at times with billions of dollars at stake.

So Twitter took it upon itself in Cannes to try and unify the heads of the biggest holding companies, including the recently broken up John Wren and Maurice Levy, and the ever present WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell.

And who should Twitter choose to be the Kofi Annan of the ad world? That would be US singer Robin Thicke. Yep.

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Short shrift from Sorrell

The Cannes Lions is often described as a parody of the advertising industry, and UK-based comedy outfit Don’t Panic has decided to make a series of spoof films from around the festival.

Follow Nimrod Kamer as he looks for inspiration for his new agency, from Sir Martin Sorrell, Kanye West and Courtney Love. Of course. Read more »

Does Y&R’s global boss shave his legs?

Y&R’s Asia president Matthew Godfrey tweeted the big question that was on everyone’s lips at the Cannes Lions today.

Does his boss, global CEO David Sable, shave his legs? Read more »

VB – finally V for Victory

It took eight years but finally Victoria Bitter, sponsor of the NSW Blues, has been able to use its Victory Bitter pun and publish a tactical ad celebrating the victory of NSW in NRL’s State of Origin.

In a full page ad in today’s Daily Telegraph, the brand celebrates a “job done”, with the brand even changing the colour of its label to blue to honour the NSW VB Blues’ win.

State of Origin Victoria Bitter

A Video Full of Hacks

While Coldplay’s video shoot in Sydney’s Newtown certainly generated some media coverage, Dr Mumbo is starting to wonder how many of the 250 volunteers were actually journos pretending to be fans.

The Daily Telegraph dedicates a page to Eliza Barr’s story of being in the video for A Sky Full of Stars, complete with picture of her hovering (kind of) close to lead singer Chris Martin: Read more »

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