The tabloid guide to fearing everyone

news paedophile guideSo what’s leading as Dr Mumbo writes?

It’s the guide to how to spot a paedophile.

And what are the giveaway signs?

“More likely, he is your friendly neighbour or attentive shopkeeper’”, warns journalist Candace Sutton. Or a relative. Or a schoolteacher. Or a bus driver, youth worker or preacher.

Which seems like a pretty good way of alienating any reader who works in any of the above professions.

Look out too for people who like taking photographs, warns Sutton.

And for “respected community leaders”.

It rather reminds Dr Mumbo of now defunct UK stablemate The News of the World’s paedophile fear campaign led by the now somewhat legally challenged Rebekah Brooks. It led to a paediatrician’s house being vandalised after the mob misunderstood her job title.

Seven has balls and Nine has butts

In recent years, the Seven Network has never been one for humility but Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but notice when the following media release lobbed in his inbox…

SevenWell you know what they say there’s no point having them if you don’t tell people.

Update: The Nine Network’s Go! digital channel, not to be out done, has also issued the following media release announcing the “World Premiere” of the following film: Read more »

Spot the difference…

Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Vodafone’s new ‘kidults’ ad and this 2011 ‘babies’ commercial from Playstation 3.

And they say there are no original ideas in advertising…

Read more »

Blatant and relentless daily self-promotion

It’s like he had a crystal ball…

Paul McIntyre, AdNews, July 12:

“You’ll get blatant and relentless daily editorial self-promotion of higher-margin conferences and events.”

A story labelled “news”, AdNews September 11:

“Yes, it’s another spruik. Spruiky spruik. Toot toot, spruik spruik. Let us know if we’re breaking any kind of editorial rules. If you think your out-of-home creative is worth an award, enter the Locus Awards, the only awards program dedicated solely to out-of-home advertising.”

(Not very) local news

No doubt the good folk of Melbourne enjoyed this Sydney traffic report on Today yesterday…

Close Encounters of the Seventh kind

It’s a rare occasion that Channel Seven will let a good night’s TV ratings slip by unnoticed.

Their many friends within the industry receive regular email updates on every victory.

And after Sunday night’s success, it seems the network has introduced a new audience metric.

We’re not sure what the outline resembles more: a fat baby or an alien from Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Seven alien baby metric Read more »

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Dr Mumbo thoroughly enjoyed the election coverage across various channels.

And a favourite moment of the night had to be the woman in the background of a cross between the ABC and former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie.

It made Dr Mumbo (and many on Twitter) wonder… just what was she smoking? Read more »

Joe vs the free booze

Dr Mumbo admires the Australian Financial Review’s Joe Aston for many things.

But mainly his ability to hold his liquor on election night.

aston malcolm Read more »

Kyle Sandilands: Vote Clive and get him to abolish ACMA

kyle sandilands


In the fortunately highly unlikely event that mining magnate Clive Palmer gets into power, first against the wall will be media watchdog ACMA, his cheerleader Kyle Sandilands has decreed.

A week after the controversial FM jock ‘twerked’ with Clive, Sandilands yesterday endorsed the wanna-be Prime Minister on his show telling listeners:

“Let’s roll this guy, (Palmer) into power and change some laws,” Sandilands told his audience. ”The first thing to go: ACMA – gone. That’s the authority that runs the radio codes.”

Sandilands, who has had multiple encounters over the years with the media watchdog, then expanded on this with the following explanation: Read more »

TV magic

The best thing about Clive Palmer’s unhinged interview with Today’s Karl Stefanovic?

Read more »

Attack of the news gremlins

The gremlins had the run of Australia’s news bulletins last night.

Over at Seven News, Chris Bath gradually faded to black before being abruptly interrupted with a trailer for Today Tonight. The show then switched  to sports reader Jim Wilson who owned up to technical difficulties and filled until the news bulletin was back on track.

The pair handed the situation, Dr Mumbo is happy to report, with somewhat more equanimity than Helen Kapalos’ spill night disaster.

Meanwhile, things were not going entirely well over at the ABC. It would seem that the on screen super writer knocked off for the night half way through the bulletin… Read more »

Political PR you literally can’t pay for

The budget PR playbook has a special section on getting your ad banned from TV in order to get yourself some free PR.

dan ilic getupSo Dr Mumbo was not entirely surprised to see the headlines around GetUp’s anti News Corp dog poo ad getting banned. What with the man behind a lot of the GetUp ads being Dan Ilic, who so successfully generated PR for Dick Smith’s “banned” Australia day ad.

Meanwhile, he was particularly intrigued to read this in Fairfax’s coverage: Read more »

An election message from Satan

While ABC Vote Compass is helping us decide who we really support in the election, Dr Mumbo turns to Stunt Bear for the real moral compass.

Were Satan to be standing he would, it seems, be a little to the left of the major two parties.

Two faced

While Dr Mumbo is sure this image on the website of Priceline pharmacy is meant to get across the before-and-after idea of going without makeup, he can’t help but feel its effect is rather more disturbing…

priceline go naked

Gruen says no, Clive staffer: ‘Clive doesn’t always take no for an answer’

For a second series in a row a political party has asked Gruen Nation if they could be allowed to use an ad created in the show’s Pitch section for their advertising campaign.

Last year it was a Green ad, created by the Republic of Everyone, this year it appears to be Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party which has asked if it can use last week’s pro-Clive Pitch ad, created by creative agency 303 Lowe, for their campaign. Read more »

Sharing is caring

Schadenfreude is a dangerous thing, so Dr Mumbo shares this image from yesterday (almost) without comment…

B&T facebook


And Dr Mumbo is sure that B&T will be very grateful to the two people who did share the post.

Australia needs The Tele (for comedy value)

australia needs tonyIf nothing else, the Daily and Sunday Telegraph’s election coverage has been ripe for satire – not least yesterday’s heroic “Australia needs Tony” front page image (and, Dr Mumbo must admit, rather well written editorial on the same topic).

So far this is his favourite alternative version, featuring Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man’s Tony Stark:

australia needs tony stark Read more »

27th time’s the charm

Twitter have announced Google’s Karen Stocks as its Australian MD.

She’s clearly a passionate user of the service, having been signed up for more than a year now, and Dr Mumbo looks forward to her 27th tweet with interest.

karen stocks twitter

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