Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun… but is it art?

Dr Mumbo, together with 296,000 other Australians, is a fan of the Facebook page “Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun”.

Which is why he so pleased to see the Facebook page now has a promotional video featuring “Sir Jonathan Edward Guthmann” who is one of the Facebook page’s self described “artists”.

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Albo interviews himself

Dr Mumbo congratulates Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on his appointment as communications minister following the departure to backbench obscurity of Stephen Conroy. Read more »

Abbott: Malcolm Turnbull invented the Australian Internet

Remember that urban myth that Al Gore once claimed to have invented the internet?

Well, Tony Abbott has just shanked his colleague and (ahem) potential leadership challenger Malcolm Tunbull by making a similar claim on his behalf.

In a speech to the party room – and yes, it is a speech, as in prepared remarks now sitting on Abbot’s website, not something off the cuff, he today had the following to say:

“We have a strong and credible broadband policy because the man who has devised it, the man who will implement it virtually invented the Internet in this country. Thank you so much, Malcolm Turnbull.” Read more »

The answer is yes, but what is the question?

At least Seven is bouncing back from its Today Tonight leadership challenge meltdown now…

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Relax.. he’s a professional tap demonstrator

Dr Mumbo was a fan of Lionel Richie’s appearance in the new Tap King ad.

The instructional video for the home keg kit, which has popped on online, is pretty good too.

Good work, all.

When the news hots up, commercial TV falls apart

It was a night where few people in commercial television covered themselves in glory.

Dr Mumbo refers of course to the small matter of the leadership spill.

Gold medal for the most disastrous coverage goes to Today Tonight and presenter Helen Kapalos.

She experienced every news presenter’s worst nightmare. No autocue, no script, and no idea where to go to next.

For an excruciating minute and a half she floundered: Read more »

The Rudd flyer

There will be some mighty relieved hacks at News Limited tonight.

By some distance, news.com.au was first to call the winner of the spill.

Just eleven minutes after the Labor MPs entered the room – and long before speeches and voting were completed – the news.com.au Twitter account tweeted:

Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 7.14.06 PMScreen shot 2013-06-26 at 7.17.42 PM

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‘No live feed for you’ Sky News tells News Limited brethren

Maybe it’s the new name?

Dr Mumbo hears that the kids at Sky News haven’t been kind to their counterparts at News Limited, sorry as of Monday News Corp Australia, today refusing them permission to embed the Sky News live feed on their websites as the Rudd versus Gillard challenge began.  Read more »

Gillard: PM or not?

Google knows the questions Australians are currently asking about Julia Gillard…

Is Julia gillard still pmAnd while we’re at it…

is tony abbot


A bit of a copycat? Shhh

So here’s a marvellous new ad from McDonald’s in which a man shushes a woman and tells her to stay in the moment:

It is, of course, entirely unlike this ad from last year for Carlton Mid in whcih a man shushes a woman and tells her to stay a little longer:

After beef remember to cleanse

A couple of offers from group deal site LivingSocial today that seem to go quite well together…

detox beer loiving social

STW’s interesting interests

Curious goings-on with communications group STW and government lobbying firms Barton Deakin and Hawker Britton. AFR TV’s Joe Aston has been joining some interesting dots – even if Dr Mumbo can’t make out what the picture is meant to be of…

How Australian media works

So comedian Neel Kolhatkar has a point of view on the Australian media…

Grattan calls it. It’s PM Abbott

The 2013 federal election might still probably be three months away but political journalist Michelle Grattan, who now writes for The Comnversation, appears to have made the call.

A book cover leaked to Dr Mumbo for the new edition of her book Australian Prime Ministers, to be released in December, doesn’t leave much doubt about who will win.

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Today’s news, brought to you by Reddit

So it happened.

Remember from Terminator how Skynet became self-aware on August 29th, 1997 and went to war with humanity?

Well, over the weekend, somebody posted a breakup note on Reddit, and Australia’s media decided it didn’t need to create its own content any more.

News.com.au led the way… Read more »

Kyle’s social meanies

Dr Mumbo is genuinely mesmerised by this video of his favourite shock jock.

A new (and Dr Mumbo suspects short lived) segment features Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O being read the negative things being said about them on the Today Network show’s Facebook page and on Twitter. It may be inspired by a similar idea from Jimmy Kimmel in the US.

The changes on Kyle Sandilands’ face from the one minute, 53 second mark are compelling.

Perhaps Dr Mumbo is reading too much into it to say that he sees Sandilands’ soul crumbling before his very eyes. It finally leaves his body at the two minutes and 22 seconds mark… Read more »

Ten stays on message

game plan multiDr Mumbo thinks that Network Ten’s publicity team may be feeling bullish about tomorrow’s episode of The Game Plan on One.

Why does he think this?

Well, they have sent out the press release 12 times so far this morning…

game plan email

Hey dummies, want to learn social media?

So these social media gurus? Sorry, social media “goddesses”… When they teach classes, are they required to respect their students?

Dr Mumbo’s just wondering…

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