When Ronald met The Colonel

Three days is a long time in viralvideoland.

Long enough for the cute “First Kiss” video to hit 50m views, be revealed as branded content for LA clothing line Wren, and trigger the parodies.

furst kiss mcdonalds kfcNow comes the most disturbing version yet, created by Aussie comedian Dan Ilic and the team behind A Rational Fear.

The image of KFC’s Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald making out is a confronting one to say the least… Read more »

Exclusive: Newspapers are great

One of the hardest things about editing a daily newspaper must be decisions about news values. Which stories are of most interest to readers? What news is it most important to tell when you’ve limited space available?

It must have been a tough decision, for instance, for the team at the Saturday edition of Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph to leave the latest news on the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370 all the way back on page 35.

telegraph print house adsStill, it’s completely understandable, once you see the big exclusive on page 33, complete with the bold headline “Print and web house ads a winning combo.”

Journalist Brendan Wong begins his scoop with one of those intros they may be teaching in J-school for years to come: “Sydney home sellers can expect to add more than $120,000 to the sale price of their property by using print advertising during their open house campaign, new research has revealed.”

twitter tom panosAnd Wong’s managed to pull in an impeccable source to comment on the big story, somehow persuading the usually shy Tom Panos, News Corp’s general manager of real estate sales to break his silence and reveal: Read more »

‘Every contestant will be deeply humiliated, yet they continue to turn up’

Valentine (right) with Matt Moran and Julia Morris

Valentine (right) with Matt Moran and Julia Morris

And so to the “ITV love-in” in Sydney last night featuring many of the great and the good from the media world, including Seven west Media CEO Tim Worner. There were a few choice words from the voice of Come Dine with Me James Valentine, who also happened to be MCing the event.

Valentine clearly enjoys the gig immensly, as he described it: “The job on Come Dine with Me is the ultimate presenter gig. I am invisible, there’s no costume required, you just write away and then turn up and record.

“It’s the world’s most genuine reality show. It’s perfectly obvious from the format that every contestant will be deeply humiliated by the end of it and yet they continue to turn up and enter, and then they complain about it. It’s hilarious.” Read more »

Presto – as innovative as catching a train



And so to the star-studded launch of Foxtel’s new Presto streaming service, where innovation and trains were two of the hot topics.

It was good of Channel V presenter Danny Clayton, the MC for the night, to deal with the elephant in the room:  “Very soon we’re going to be able to watch movies in bed! Basically what we’ve been doing for the last three years already, but now with the exciting service of Presto we can actually pay for the movies.”

During the speeches Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein said the executive team had been forced to catch the train from their North Ryde base into the city, because of the fire raging at the nearby Barangaroo site. Read more »

If Mumbrella is The Sydney Swans, what is The Oz?

Keen readers of Mumbrella may have read yesterday that the latest audit numbers delivered us one of our bigger monthly figures yet.

audit mumbrella feb 2014It’s a number Dr Mumbo’s colleagues are somewhat proud of – not least because rival titles with smaller traffic such as B&T, AdNews and The Australian’s Media section do not audit their traffic, and certainly don’t offer independent data on Australian browsers.

Although we’ve already cracked the elusive one million impressions per month when you include overseas browsing, the milestone is now tantalisingly close for Australian-only traffic.

So Dr Mumbo was intrigued to see how his favourite two-and-a-half-broadsheet-pages-Monday-Media-section reported the same story online last night. Read more »

Chessmate and one horse ponies at Kyle’s ratings party



Some of the most memorable radio moments  didn’t come from the on-air talent yesterday.

Talking at a party for staff and supporters after yesterday’s big ratings numbers, a triumphant ARN boss Ciaran Davis has plenty to say about those who doubted the rebrand of Mix to Kiis. And memorable ways of saying it.

The defeat of 2DayFM by taking their star DJs Kyle and Jackie O was “chessmate”, Davis said.

His staff were keen to help him out, and pointed out quickly he probably meant “checkmate”.

Next, he had a warning for advertisers. “The real work starts tomorrow because the rates are being quadrupled!” Davis told the sales team.

And Davies said some had underestimated ARN. “The journey really starts now. We have got to grow again and show we are not just a one-horse pony. We have clients who didn’t want to back us – well fuck ‘em.”


And what of Sandilands at the party? Dr Mumbo’s spy tells him, the DJ was “remarkably sweaty”.

Testing… 1,2,3?

One of Dr Mumbos favourite stoushes from 2013 was the knock-down-drag-out between Fairfax editorial supremo Garry Linnell and journalism academic Andrea Carson.

At the time Linnell lambasted Carson’s comments about a fall in quality (for a quick recap click here) and noting how the Fairfax of today published high quality content across multiple platforms: print, online, mobile, tablet etc.

Anyway Dr Mumbo is not sure where this website story quite fits within that paradigm, as the author herself admits: “This is a pretty weak article.” Read more »

‘I would rather starve then not get what I asked 4′

People can get pretty upset when a company like Domino’s stuffs up their pizza order. So upset they take to social media to vent about how unhappy they are.

Comedy duo Stuntbear have noticed that maybe these whines are actually a little bit petty, and, dare we say it, #firstworldproblems.

So, they made this video, voicing over the complaints on Domino’s Facebook page on images of refugees and asylum seekers.


Read more »

How to communicate simply… CBA style

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 7.39.27 PMTomorrow new laws come into place around privacy which require companies to be much more open in their disclosure of their policies.

Dr Mumbo commends the Commonwealth Bank of taking the step of full disclosure — yesterday laying it all out on Page 21 of The Australian’s business section for all their readers.

However, he does wonder if the above might be in the category of too much information…

Read more »

Coffee calamities

A slight coffee mishap at Dr Mumbo’s favourite Manly-based breakfast show this morning…

And while hosts Natarsha Belling and James Mathison handled it pretty well, perhaps not with quite as much aplomb as this caffeine disaster from the BBC’s archives…

Lachlan Murdoch’s bar gig

value="AQ~~,AAAAAfRUD4k~,eEBSAK1H9Bh3Ia9PmLn_bK4cwZGZEdhN" />

LAchlan murdoch apron barmanTimes are tough for media moguls, so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Lachlan Murdoch branching out and trying new things.

As all the networks prepare for tomorrow’s eagerly anticipated radio ratings it was great to see this thank you video arrive from Nova entertainment starring their breakfast show duo Fitzy and Wippa along with Richard Wilkins.

Whilst some may debate whether this thank-you video might be a little premature before we’ve seen how the new ratings system shakes out, it is the cameo from the barman that really made Dr Mumbo sit-up and take notice.

He suspects if Nova is at number one in the ratings tomorrow drinks will be on the multi-millionaire network owner. Read more »

Harold’s Qantas boycott

Dr Mumbo notes unusually strong words from media guru Harold Mitchell in his column for Fairfax’s Saturday newspapers.

In the piece, the man who created Australia’s biggest media buying shop, has little sympathy for the national airline’s current pleas for government help. Mitchell (who regularly flew with the airline to London) reveals that he is boycotting Qantas until the current management are ousted. He writes: “I feel so angry… I won’t travel Qantas again while the current chairman and chief executive are there.”


Leo’s great expectations (of unpaid interns)

Dr Mumbo knows that in 2014 internships are a crucial and important pathway into the advertising industry.

But he couldn’t help but notice that Leo Burnett is setting some pretty high standards for its unpaid interns.

An ad placed on The Loop is offering internships for two to three days a week with the prerequisite that the unpaid intern “must” “have big creative ideas that could play out on social media” and also “think strategically about how to better social ideas” (sic). Read more »

Of actresses and axings

It’s not been a great morning for the good chaps of Dr Mumbo’s favourite media outlet The Australian.

First Darren Davidson proudly tweeted the “exclusive” news that Ten’s chief programming officer Beverley McGarvey was being replaced.

davidson tweet

Only to clarify 20 minutes later that it wasn’t quite the case…

davidson tweet


Meanwhile, Davidson’s colleague Michael Bodey was getting confused about The Guardian’s new Australian editor. Read more »

The travails of Gerry Fortuna: An underdog’s story

It’s fair to say this will be the most bizarre day in the life of the marvellously named Gerry Fortuna, who awoke this morning to find his face, and farewell email, plastered all over Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

His story is as old as time: boy starts job with Nine; boy meets girl; boy forms crush on girl; boy gets new job; boy sends leaving email to 1,400 colleagues talking about his crush on said co-worker; email gets printed in major newspaper.

Gerry’s tweet trail this morning tells the tale of how he is handling the new found fame:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 10.42.36 am

Then an appearance on Fox FM’s Fifi and Dave show:

Brian Fortuna 2 Read more »

Nine alarms Studio 10’s executive producer

Dr Mumbo was a huge fan of the Studio 10 mugs promoted as a last-minute stop gap when the real product promotion fell through last year- but upset he wasn’t sent one himself.

The good folk over at Channel Nine’s Today show however were treated to their own personalised mugs this week. And to show their appreciation, Today EP Mark Calvert returned the gesture by sending a branded gift of his own.

Studio 10 EP Rob McKnight was certainly chuffed…

Rob McKnight with Today show clock Read more »

The art of (spontaneous) promotion

Those chaps at Lachlan Murdoch’s Nova sure were prescient about the first episode of Puberty Blues on Lachlan Murdoch’s Ten.

The radio station’s Facebook feed burst into life five minutes after the TV show was due to start: “Who’s watching Puberty Blues right now? How good is it!”

Sadly, the show wasn’t running to advertised start time of 8.30pm, and didn’t go to air until four minutes after the Nova post enthusing about how great it was.

Nova Puberty Blues tweet

Read more »

Enero’s mystery million

enero logoCurious goings on at what was once Australia’s most colourful marketing holding group.

Enero has handed over a million bucks to somebody, but won’t say who, or indeed exactly why.

The company – known in unhappier days as Photon Group –  flogged off a number of businesses in recent years in its struggle to survive the aftermath of previous chairman Tim Hughes’ top-of-the-market, pre-GFC spending spree.

It look like somebody who picked up one of those assets didn’t like what they saw once they got their head under the bonnet.

enero warrant million Read more »

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