Flabby Kyle Sandilands: The lost Mix FM ad surfaces

The internet can provide everything. And that includes the legendary lost Mix FM anti Kyle Sandilands ad.

Here, in all its glory, is the ad for Mix FM from four years ago taking the mickey out of the man who looks like he’s about to be presenting the station’s breakfast show…

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Breaking news: man hits ‘reply all’ in 1998

smh home page reply allThe fourth most important thing on smh.com.au right now?

Somebody at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne accidentally hit ‘reply all’ to an email from his boss and made a mildly sarcastic comment. Read more »

MKR on the loose

Dr Mumbo was indeed given fair warning that the good folk of Seven’s My Kitchen Rules were doing what looked like publicity shots.

mkr publicity

And he should probably add his own warning. Please be advised that by filming outside Mumbrella’s offices you give your consent to have your contestants photographed before you can get them on the air. Read more »

Kyle: Over the hill and over on Mix FM

king kyleNo doubt Kyle Sandilands will be very happy at his potential new employer Mix FM.

That’s the Mix FM that four years ago reportedly described him as a “flabby DJ”.

And created a video featuring an actor, wearing a Sandilands mask, saying: “I used to be King Kyle….’king over the `king hill if you `king ask me.” Read more »

The ABC big money giveaway

It would seem that ABC News Breakfast’s Michael Rowland and Virginia Trioli are steering clear of the giveaway mania which has seized their commercial rivals…

The merger will be televised

The conspiracy theorists who believe that the News Corp – Ten merger has already taken place and we simply haven’t been given the memo yet will have new ammo after the last couple of days. Read more »

The fate of a network hangs on Hildebrand

Fair to say that Ten’s new morning talent are aware of the importance of the task they face. First came Studio 10 presenter Joe Hildebrand’s column over the weekend, in which he revealed he is taking a break from his day job as opinion editor of The Daily Telegraph:

“My reasoning was that I would take a break from the day-to-day pressures of layout and editing and constant deadlines in order to relax by having a baby, publishing a book and hosting a new daily two-and-a-half hour TV show upon which the fate of a major television network depends.”

And this morning came this from Wake Up’s roving reporter Sam Mac: Read more »

The best thing Dr Mumbo has read all week

As many keen media observers will have noted News Corp Australia chairman Rupert Murdoch is in town, last night delivering a speech at the Lowy Institute on the future of Australia.

In completely unrelated news, News Corp Australia editorial director Campbell Reid has taken the opportunity to yesterday remind staff about the importance of good writing to journalism and to share “some seriously compelling examples of great words used simply and powerfully to grab attention”.

For Dr Mumbo’s money it’s hard to go past a headline like: “Is that a schnauzer down your trousers”.

You can read Reid’s full email below: Read more »

Happiness not guaranteed

So there are unfortunate contextual ad placements.

And then there’s this whole new level brought to us by news.com.au…

news wine bully

Hands up who feels awkward

The chemistry, we have been told, is excellent between Tash Exelby and Tarsh Belling.

Which makes this awkward high five, featured in a rehearsal video on Wake Up’s Facebook page, a slight concern…

Moonwalking, blank iPads and unexplained dogs

Fair to say something was bothering Dr Mumbo about the trailer for Ten’s Wake Up (and not just the fact that the sun sprang 20 degrees higher in the sky in two seconds flat).

Sam Mac’s nailed it…

Fairfax Radio – like advertising on the ABC

Advertising with the Fairfax Radio Network is, Dr Mumbo learns via the magic of marketing, “like advertising on the ABC”.

abc fairfax

Apart from Sydney of course where advertising with ratings-allergic 2UE is a bit more like shouting into a phone booth.

fairfax radio abc



Media Industry pays tribute to John Steedman

Last Thursday, the media agency world paid tribute to Group M chairman John Steedman. 

Known industry wide as ‘Steedy’, Steedman was admitted to the Media Federation of Australia Hall of Fame .

Anyone who can get both Sir Martin Sorrell and Harold Mitchell to say something nice about them must be doing something right.

OzTam spoofs the ratings

Dr Mumbo is a big fan of MCN’s Meerkats video featured at last week’s Media Federation Awards.

However, he’s not quite sure the joke comes off in this OzTam video featuring Bill Woods…

Now it’s Dove: The Break Up

Dr Mumbo was always a huge fan of NAB’s “Break Up” campaign conducted against its rival banks.

So he’s intrigued to see that Unilever’s Dove is taking the same stance against Procter & Gamble’s Olay Body Wash.

If two’s a trend, then who’s next?


Sell me this pen. Okay, don’t

vodafone galaxy noteRemember the days when copywriting for print ads was an artform? Something that a creative team took pride in?

Let’s take a look at this Vodafone ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note3 which ran in the weekend papers.

Dr Mumbo can’t help but visualise the  team taking one look at the brief, realising they had to sell a product with a stylus and basically giving up. Or perhaps the brief came in five minutes before the ad needed to go to press so they didn’t have any time to get an idea or an insight.

Which is ironic, given that a favourite interview question for a sales candidate is “Sell me this pen…”

Still, if you’re a loser with an imaginary girlfriend, then this is totally the phone for you… Read more »

Biting the hand that commissions…

Seven days ago Sam de Brito wrote an excellent column for the Sun-Herald on the lack of news values in some websites. You can still find it on the smh.com.au website via this link, should you desire.

De Brito posed the question: “When did ‘what was on telly last night’ become news?” He then pointed out the types of “alleged news story” he has problems with. Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but wonder how the smh.com.au would itself fare in the days that followed (and that went before). Let’s have a look…

Dodgy news story 1:

There’s a new Apple product! This used to be called an ad. A queue of 35-year-old virgins outside a shop is not news; 40,000 people lined up for rice and water is.”

Three days later this appeared: Read more »

MCN: We’re not the ones with the ‘big booby ladies’

Dr Mumbo congratulates the Multi Channel Network on its success at the MFA Awards in the new category of media owner of the year.

He also thinks the sales house deserves an honourable mention for its spoof of the Compare the Market Meerkat ad, which was shown during last night’s industry awards show. Read more »

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