ABC gets into bed with a new partner

Dr Mumbo notes the fervour with which The Australian has attacked the ABC in recent months and in particular its focus on the decision to partner with the like of Fairfax and more recently The Guardian.

It’s a point often mentioned in The Australian’s news stories, not to mention its editorials (for anyone wondering of the last 30 editorials five have been about the ABC) as inappropriate for the public broadcaster.

Take this one from January 31 which quotes Tony Abbott on how the partnership with The Guardian over the Edward Snowden story ABC showed “very poor judgment”.

It then goes on to bemoan: “The infiltration of Leftist political and cultural activists, the proliferation of platforms and the de-skilling of staff…  the ABC’s collectivist, inner-city clique of broadcasters, bloggers, latter-day Trotskyites and inked hipsters, but it should chill the blood of taxpayers and a broad audience seeking reliable, factual and comprehensive news and current affairs.”

Anyway Dr Mumbo wonders what The Australian’s editorial writers will say about the ABC newest partner…  Read more »

Ten takes media buyers on Siberian expedition

Dr Mumbo gathers some of Australia’s most senior media buyers and marketers are about to fly out to Russia, courtesy of Channel Ten, for the Sochi Winter Olympics which starts on Friday.

What with ongoing disputes over gay rights, terrorist attacks, and a leopard cub mauling journalists yesterday (which could only be restrained by Russian president Vladimir Putin), it’s an intrepid crew who will be boarding the Emirates flights to Moscow.

As one senior industry figure told Dr Mumbo: “As an essential industry media buyers and marketers need to adequately protected.”

But fear not, the TV network has hired security specifically for the senior media buyers and marketers making the journey.

Indeed, but Dr Mumbo’s spies also tell him the biggest concern among the group is less around safety at the Olympics and more around getting there. Read more »

Attack dog turns guard dog

While yesterday’s revelation that Nick Leys is leaving the role of media editor and chief attack dog for The Australian to become the top spinmeister for the ABC, Dr Mumbo wonders whether how many more fires he will start that he then has to put out.

A cursory glimpse at the media section of the website today provides some interesting juxtapositions.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.09.21 AM

Read more »

Paying respect to the dead

Tele headlineIn the world of online news getting the tone right can sometimes be a challenge.

So it’s no surprise Twitter has been somewhat stirred up by Sydney’s Daily Telegraph headline: “Kids grieve for junkie actor dad” was a respectful headline? Read more »

Are Abbott’s promises a scam? YouTube thinks so

It’s always nice to see Prime Minister Tony Abbott tweeting a new video message.

Admittedly, YouTube’s treatment of his video “Delivering on Our promises” is a tad unfortunate.

abbot tweet deceptive


Update: A Youtube spokeswoman has told Dr Mumbo that the video was mistakenly taken down.

“Occasionally, a video flagged by users is mistakenly taken down. When this is brought to our attention, we quickly review the content and take appropriate action, including restoring videos or channels that had been removed,” said Youtube spokeswoman.

Fictional sea patrols

Dr Mumbo presumes Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young must be a fan of actress Lisa McCune or perhaps “fishing boats and so forth…”

Based on her performance in Friday’s Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs committee it would appear that the South Australian Senator has certainly watched a few episodes of the TV show Sea Patrol.

Unfortunately Dr Mumbo feels some sympathy for the bureaucrat from the Department of Immigration was left somewhat confused being quizzed about a Nine production, axed way back in 2010, that was not a reality show but rather a piece of fiction…

Read more »

Knowing your client, and when they’re speaking…

Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but wonder about the strength or otherwise of the relationship between creative agency AJF Partnership and client iSelect.

While panelist Geraldine Davys, the relatively newly arrived marketing director of iSelect, was on stage at Mumbrella Meet the Marketers in Melbourne on Wednesday talking about her brand work, but nobody from the agency was to be seen in the audience.

Which was a pity, because she was dropping some hefty hints she didn’t like the work. Read more »

Celebrating the firing of journalists

The news cycle has been consumed this week by the war of words between the ABC and senior members of the Coalition.

However, Dr Mumbo was unaware that members of the NSW Coalition apparently had a problem with The Global Mail.

In the wake of the news that Graeme Wood was withdrawing funding from The Global Mail the Government Whip in the Legislative Council Peter Phelps MLC tweeted:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.58.45 PM Read more »

Just crazy enough

To the Melbourne gathering of Mumbrella Meet The Marketers.

Dr Mumbo’s favourite quotes of the night?

“Don’t put a hashtag on a poor idea and call it engagement,” from Kevin Ramsdale, GM of consumer marketing at NAB. Read more »

A new way to ‘make the logo bigger’

Dr Mumbo knows if there is one question that designers and creative hate hearing it’s: “can you make the logo bigger”

Anyway there appears to be a new solution from independent creative agency NewRepublique

Palmer’s Gruen ad: imitation or flattery?

Gruen fans will recall that mining magnate and no Federal Parliamentarian Clive Palmer last year asked to borrow the pro-Clive ad created for him by creative ad agency 303Lowe.

At the time, Dr Mumbo reported how Gruen and the ABC had told him in no uncertain terms: no. But as a spokesman for Clive, at the time, was quoted as saying: “Clive doesn’t always take no for an answer”.

Dr Mumbo can now confirm that he certainly doesn’t with the Palmer United Party releasing this new ad in Queensland which is eerily similar to the one he was told he can’t use. Read more »

Status update: Stuck in lift

Dr Mumbo hears that the lifts at Nova’s Sydney studios are not entirely reliable.

He understands that a member of staff found herself stuck in one today, only two hours after being trapped in a previous breakdown. She posted a message on Facebook asking colleagues to organise her rescue.

Seven’s favourite word?

In case anyone in the TV-land was wondering Dr Mumbo can confirm that Channel Seven’s “Sultan of TV spin” Simon Francis has returned from holidays.

How does he know? Well it would appear that Francis is trying to send him (and all the other media journalists) a message…

Can you guess what it is? Read more »

PVO: Don’t blame me for the gore. I only work here

Dr Mumbo detects subtle tensions between Sky News presenter Peter Van Onselen and those behind the scenes.

After showing footage of a hit and run attack at a service station, in which somebody was run down, the presenter of Monday night’s PVO News Hour told viewers: Read more »

Mamamia – that’s some Kochie advertising

There are very few people who thought they would see David Koch’s beaming face on the front page of the Mamamia website after they entered into a massive feud with each other yesterday.

Koch on Mamamia Read more »

Even the lawnmowers are patriotic

The connection between garden implements and Australia Day may not be obvious to most, so hats off to the folks over at Rover Australia who have produced one of the more patriotic ads for our national day, albeit in a slightly unexpected way.

Joe Hildebrand, now in magazines…

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.47.50 AMFirst there were the newspaper columns, the tweets, then the TV show(s), then a radio gig, then the book…

And just when you thought you couldn’t get any more of Joe Hildebrand Dr Mumbo learns he is the centre of an in depth profile by journalist Caroline Overington for the February edition of the Australian Women’s Weekly (AWW).

Dr Mumbo asked AWW editor-in-chief Helen McCabe if she was worried Hildebrand was a little overexposed given the fact that the is now no medium (print, magazine, book, TV and radio and associated online assets) where you can’t get him…

“Yep that was our original thinking and then we read the book,” said McCabe referring to Hildebrand’s new tome ‘Average Joe’. “He has a very interesting story regardless of his burgeoning profile.” Read more »

Big noise about Big Ted

Dr Mumbo notices The Australian is quite excited about the ABC moving its kids programming off ABC1 to other digital channels which are precisely as easy for viewers to select as the premier channel.

So excited, it’s not only top story on the paper’s online section, but second story too…

australian abc big tedYou’d almost think The Australian has got something against the ABC.


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