Compare and contrast…

Ever wondered about the difference between commercial television and public service television?

10pm last night was a moment of exquisite contrast.

On ABC1? The most expensive outside broadcast of Q&A in the show’s history, live from North East Arnhem Land in the Northern territory, with an all indigenous panel.

And on Nine? My Granny The Escort – a series described by B&T magazine as “a frank insight into the lifestyle of women who, in their later years, turn to the sex industry for work”. And described by Dr Mumbo as “a prurient piece of British tabloid TV”. Read more »

Arnie the butt of the joke? He’s got form……

Property website feared that Arnold Schwarzenegger would turn down the offer to star in its TV adverts because he was the butt of the campaign’s joke. It really needn’t have worried.

Dr Mumbo scoured the web to unearth some of Arnie’s previous dalliances with the commercial world, with Japanese brands in particular keen to secure his services. And ensuring he was portrayed in a serious light was clearly not on his list of demands.

The first sees our superhero knock back three ‘Go West’ Japanese coffees before getting all serious with a moody turn to the camera. When the sunnies come off, Arnie means business.

Here, Arnie plays a host of characters as he promotes Direct TV – before uttering a variation of his most famous phrase as he is sealed in a cargo crate

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It’s sad when someone dies

If you’re fed up with newspapers telling you what you should be feeling about events, then you’d have been really hacked off with the death notices in the classifieds section of Saturday’s The Age.

The Age Sad classifieds subbing error

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That Moron who writes for us

Does someone at the Daily Telegraph have a grudge against Sydney Confidential reporter Jonathon MORAN…?

jmo Read more »

In praise of copywriters

Sometimes Dr Mumbo likes to be marketed to.

A couple of excellent pieces of work hit his inbox this afternoon.

First, here’s a great press release from ABC2 for a timeslot move of The Roast, which is apparently some kind of current affairs show for younger people:

The Roast returning with all new 7:30pm timeslot

After a short break, ABC2’s daily news satire The Roast will move to 7:30pm to go head-to-head with ABC1’s daily current affairs flagship 7.30 – starting Monday 4th August.

“It’s about time!” says The Roast’s showrunner, Nich Richardson. “Finally, we’ll be competing with the big guys over on ABC1 to see who has our network’s premier current affairs coverage.”

“Our market research shows that taxpayers want more Photoshop jokes at 7:30pm, and Sarah Ferguson just isn’t delivering,” says Richardson, who is excited about the challenge.

“Who names their current affairs show after a timeslot? Everyone knows that real hard-hitting journalism comes from shows named after ways of preparing chicken.”

“I think Australian viewers deserve their hard-hitting journalism served with a side of graphic, traumatising violence,” said The Roast’s anchor, Tom Glasson, who this weekend accidently binge-watched the House of Representatives instead of House of Cards.

“And since Sarah Ferguson refuses to be harpooned by Japanese whalers or shot by David Leyonhjelm or set on fire, we’re a natural fit,” continued Glasson, who has been killed on his own show five times this year.

Despite the head-to-head timeslot, Sarah Ferguson appears to welcome the decision. When asked whether she was threatened by the young upstarts, the Walkley Award-winning journalist said: “Name the time and place, children.”

The move comes at a good time, however, as investigations show that The Roast is currently in breach of ABC2 charter rules, which clearly state: “Any timeslot after 8pm is strictly reserved for Louis Theroux and documentaries about people who want to have sex with cars.”

The Roast returns at 7.30pm Monday to Friday on ABC2, from Monday 4th August. It’s about time!

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Ducks can get aggressive

Who says journalism is dumbing down?

Dr Mumbo’s was pleased Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald was on hand yesterday to bring us some of the details, sort of, of a girl of undisclosed age who was mercilessly savaged by a family pet.

However the pet in question wasn’t a pit bull terrier or rottweiller, but a duck.

girl attacked by duck

Of course details are important in journalism, which is what makes this such a ripper yarn.
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Mount Franklin – good after a sunbed

Dr Mumbo was flicking through a few magazines when he came across this campaign for Mount Franklin water featuring a very photoshopped Jennifer Hawkins.

He has two questions:

1. Is the message of the campaign Mount Franklin is the water of choice after a solid session on the sunbed?

2. Where can he get these magical floating bottles of water Jen has been provided for the shoot?

jen hawkins mount franklin water one Read more »

The art of prediction

Dr Mumbo has to give credit to the Sydney Morning Herald for taking a crack at how the city’s new sculpture might look, after getting wind of it a week ago.

The paper even published the best guess of staffer Rocco Fazzari.

SMH - July 22

SMH – July 22

Fair to say, the guess wasn’t entirely spot on, based on the official image today… Read more »

Wanted: Four Melbourne media agencies MDs


Wiki commons

Are you a young and ambitious media agency exec hoping to get to the next rung of your career? If so, Melbourne needs you.

Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but notice with the departure of MediaCom’s Peter Barrie there are now no less than four Melbourne media agencies without a permanent boss.

For those who weren’t keeping track the vacancies are: ZenithOptimedia who are looking for a boss after the departure of Leanne Brinkies in February, Ikon who in March moved Trudi Sampola to a national role, in May Anathea Ruys left Mindshare and then late on Friday MediaCom announced Peter Barrie was departing. Read more »

‘Grant Denyer’ from Petersham comes clean about his TV ratings box

Ever wondered what your average OzTam TV ratings box holder does with their privilege?

And so it was that a lengthy conversation about the return of Family Feud on Ten on ABC702’s evening show led to host Dom Knight asking for a listener who had a box to call in.

So it came to pass long time a listener first time caller listener, going by the name of  ‘Grant Denyer’ from Petersham, called in and gave away a few home truths about the way he and his family use their box.

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George Clooney and NANA has a new phone number

Dr Mumbo gets dozens of press releases every day, but in the last couple of days there have been a couple whose subject lines warranted further inspection.

The first came from publicist to the stars Max Markson, and was captioned simply ‘George Clooney’.

Wondering whether George had finally agreed to present a session at BE Fest he opened it and scanned the email, only to discover it was actually about a “revolutionary new development in entertainment technology” in Sydney which would be “perfect if you want to host a visiting star like George Clooney or Angelina Jolie”. Dr Mumbo will certainly bear that in mind next time he’s entertaining a Hollywood A-lister.

Another doozy came simply entitled “NANA has a new phone number”. This one was momentarily confusing, given Dr Mumbo’s Nana has been pushing up daisies for a good few years now.  Read more »

A mighty albatross perched majestically between my thighs

Carefree is a brand which has been on a mission to get women talking more openly about their monthly cycle, and its ads over the last couple of years have certainly gotten tongues wagging. And drawn more than a few complaints in the process.

Dr Mumbo reckons the latest set of films for the brand, which feature a celebrity period whisperer Stefan Van De Bloed and vaginal spirit healer Harmony Freebush will also get some people seeing red.

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Darius Boyd’s News Corp cake award

Today’s award for having your editorial cake and eating it goes to this News Corp story which came via from Brisbane’s Courier-Mail.

darius boyd screen shot having cake Read more »

On your high horse

Once again the speed of the 24-hour news cycle has seen an important word omitted from the ticker –  although Dr Mumbo can’t help but think “The Queen has tested positive for morphine” makes a better story.

The real story BBC News is trying to convey is of course one of the Queen’s horses has tested positive for morphine. 

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Walkleys and Kennedys go head to head

Dr Mumbo was planning his diary for the week and couldn’t help but notice that Wednesday was looking a bit crowded…

It would appear the folks from The Kennedy Awards have put their nominations announcement, which is at the Australian Turf Club’s Theatre of the Horse at Randwick, on the same night at The Walkley Foundation’s Freelancer of the Year event which is on at the CBD Hotel back in the city.

Normally these organisations try to avoid clashing given there might be a few journos who wanted to attend both. Read more »

Do the Wakudoki

It’s like King Kong meets Wayne’s World, with a gurning Japanese boyband.

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Censoring the discriminated against blonde beautiful women

Regular readers may remember a couple of months ago Mumbrella reported on a scrap yard’s billboard featuring a blonde bikini clad woman which fell foul of the Ad Standards Board  because the image had “no relevance to the product”.

At the time the owner of St George Metal Recovery complained the decision amounted to “discrimination against blonde beautiful women”,  an issue Dr Mumbo understands the UN is currently holding a commission into.

Well, it seems they undertook to change the wording on the board. But, instead of going to the cost of getting a whole new ad designed and printed they decided it was easier just to use stickers saying “censored” over the offending parts of the text.

Touche, scrap yard owner.

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Not FruChocs – now they’re Apricot Balls


Chocolate balls


The real deal

There’s a price to pay in getting national distribution for your product.

And in the case of South Australia’s arguably most iconic product, FruChocs, it’s a high one.

FruChocs, from SA confectioner Menz, are now on the shelves of Coles. But not as South Australians know them.

Now they’re Choc Apricot Balls.

choc apricot balls

Has nobody heard of South Park?

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