Budget 2015 in front pages, cartoons (and a government info video)

There is rarely a richer time of year for cartoonists than budget season, and this year’s has proven no exception. Dr Mumbo has collated a few of the best (and the government’s handy budget overview video as well).

The Australian reflects on the differences between this year’s and last year’s budget, with PM Tony Abbott, treasurer Joe Hockey and his infamous cigar having a beer with Labor leader Bill Shorten:Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.32.36 am Read more »

Fairfax gets some billion dollar advice


Hills presenting at INMA in New York

Steve Hills, the big cheese at The Washington Post, was pretty open with his advice to Fairfax Media’s news division boss Sean Aylmer during his keynote at the INMA Conference in New York overnight.

Aylmer queued up to ask the WashPo president about the challenge of maintaining mass audience while building a paid content strategy.

Hills was keen to emphasise the freedom that came from being owned by Amazon owner and multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos: “It would be great if you could be bought by a billionaire.”  Read more »

As seen on (overseas) TV

Life’s tough if you’re a super industry-funded news service. Just like anybody else, you need the clicks.

And with click need, comes clickbait.

Can you spot the one crucial word that seems to have been removed from the teaser in this morning’s email from the New Daily, that may make the story seem a tad less relevant to its Australian reader once they’ve clicked?    Read more »

My, what a long tongue you have

Someone at the Daily telegraph might want to revisit their weights and measures guide after claiming the ‘world’s longest tongue’ was 2.54cm long on its Facebook page.

As one commenter pointed out “2.54cm would be the world’s shortest tongue”.  The tongue is in fact 10.16cm long according to the story – about four inches in old money.

deaily tele long tongue 2cm Read more »

All’s fair in sports betting, said no-one ever

The sports betting market is probably one of the most crowded markets in Australia at the moment so Dr Mumbo isn’t surprised to see a bit of niggle breaking out in the marketing.

Tab has used this newspaper ad to have a pop at upstart rival Ubet:
TAB attack on UBET Read more »

Angelos was here

Dr Mumbo was amused by the image the Australian Financial Review ran online today with a story about its Sky News investors weighing a bid from News Corp to buy the station.

The pic of CEO Angelos Frangopoulos peeping put of the bottom of the frame put him in mind of that classic cartoon ‘Foo was Here’ cartoon.
angelos frangopoulos was here Read more »

US ally holds election

It’s an oft-used and lazy stereotype that Americans don’t have much of a clue about the rest of the world or global politics.

However cable news giant CNN is taking no chances with its viewers – referring simply to some elections happening today as ‘US ally’s crucial election’. After all, it’s only the vote to decide the leader of the world’s fifth largest economy, the UK.

Read more »

‘The fart was real’


The stink surrounding SBS’s Struggle Street took another twist today, with claims a fart noise in the promo had been dropped in in post production.

WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda this morning heard from audio producer David Post who claimed the fart sound featured in the promo, was in fact the sound effect ‘Track 89: Medium Fart, Close Perspective’ from everyone’s favourite sound effects CD ‘Hollywood Edge, Disc 13’.

As the ever fragrant Amanda Keller points out, if the flatulence was added into the promo it would backfire on the whole project, calling the integrity of the documentary into question.

Hear the audio from this morning’s show here: Read more »

Are you conscious of your name?

Trade journalists have oft struggled with the name of the The Conscience Organisation, but it appears their newly minted general manager Catherine Donnelly also has an issue with it.

In a press release she sent out this morning Donnelly calls the agency The Conscious Organisation.

TCO announcement Read more »

Prince Harry’s Twitter search mission

It seems Sydney’s major news outlets have been using Twitter today to talk about Prince Harry for different reasons.

Nine and Ten were asking viewers if they had seen him wandering around, or flying his Blackhawk helicopter:

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 5.41.46 pmScreen Shot 2015-05-05 at 5.45.13 pm Read more »

Sexyland – for all your Mothers Day gift needs

Sexyland Mothers day

Last week Dr Mumbo pointed out some rather stereotypical Mothers Day marketing  going on on the 2DayFM website. 

However, it turns out a vacuum was not the only handheld electrical device marketers had in mind for Mothers Day promotions. Step forward adult department store Sexyland.

The store has adapted its TV ad campaign, which managed to cram in a lot of metaphors for sex – into a Mothers’ Day ad, finishing with the tagline  ‘Partner, friend, lover,’make her day on mother’s day’. Read more »

Press express their freedom in the Ivy pool

And so to Friday night’s Press Freedom dinner in Sydney, where freshly minted Nine Network investigative journalist Ross Coulthart delivered a rousing speech on the threat of data retention laws.

It seems his words struck a chord with journos from both the left and right of the political spectrum, who came together to take extreme measures to avoid any possibility of Big Brother’s electronic surveillance, by throwing themselves fully suited and booted into the pool at The Ivy.

Journalists from Guardian Australia and Fairfax Media were joined in their late-night dip by a notable columnist from The Australian – and two inflatable swans. Read more »

Who says reality TV needs to be original?

The Voice promoReality television isn’t known for being original, so it seems appropriate Channel Nine seems to have (liberally) borrowed from its US counterpart for its new promo for The Voice.

Here’s Nine’s promo for the latest season, introducing audiences to new judge Jesse J and new co-host Sonia Kruger…

Read more »

Six years ago The Australian said Twitter wouldn’t last…

Six years ago to the day The Australian newspaper dedicated an entire leader column to an attack on micro-blogging platform Twitter.

In its article ‘Time is up for Twitter’ it wrote: “Certainly Twitter has generated a pandemic of popularity, but it appears many people quickly decide Twitter is tedious, with 60 per cent of new users becoming ex-users in a month.”

Fast forward six years, and the top two yarns on The Oz’s online Media section this morning suggest that may have been a hasty prediction…

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.16.49 am  Read more »

Live on Fox Sports some branded content

It seems even the arena of live sports is not immune to the creep of branded content, with Fox Sports preparing to pit sports stars and celebrities against video gamers in a “history making video game tournament”.

Still, given the global popularity of ‘e-sports’ and Australia’s love of seeing celebrities humiliated by ordinary members of the public he suspects this could be a ratings winner when it goes out on Fox Sports 4 at 7.30pm tonight.

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What are mums for? Vacuuming of course

So is everyone clear on their gender roles?

black decker 2day fm mum vacuum

Any problems or questions, just check in with the 2Day FM website. Black + Decker can help. Read more »

An opinionated sod gives Telstra both barrels

When something is filed under the heading ‘Everything wrong with advertising in a single ad’, you know what’s to follow may be light on positivity.

But even Dr Mumbo was taken aback at the withering bluntness of Rob Campbell, APAC planning director for Wieden+Kennedy, when he turned his critical eye to a recent social campaign for Telstra.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.36.45 AM









The telco’s marketers should look away now, for here’s a smattering of Campbell’s thoughts on his blog ‘The musings of an opinionated sod’. Read more »

Breast we forget – Zoo Weekly pays tribute to the Anzacs

The most unlikely tribute to the Anzac legend in the media this week has come from Bauer Media’s lad’s mag  Zoo Weekly.

So just in case you’re not one of the 19 readers who gets their hands on each copy of Zoo, here’s how they decided to celebrate it.

First, the cover. A classic image of a solemn young woman holding a poppy, dressed in a bikini.

zoo weekly cover Read more »

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