Meet the agency boss who talked to the CEO of Dick Smith about taking risks

Dr Mumbo presumes that the column from Atomic 212 boss Jason Dooris for The Daily Telegraph’s Work Life Daily page today was filed well before Christmas.

Otherwise, he suspects that Mr Dooris might not be quite so proud of having persuaded client Dick Smith’s boss Nick Abboud to take risks.

As readers will no doubt be aware, Mr Abboud ignominiously resigned last week after leading the company into receivership and making a personal paper loss of $34m.

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The Nine News terror toolkit

Dr Mumbo has no idea that he owns five out of the six items for a terror toolkit.

Thanks to Nine News, now he does.

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The big red hand crosses the Pacific

Former Coles boss Ian McLeod certainly knows a winning formula when he sees one.

The man who led the turnaround at the supermarket, famously imported some greatest hits from the UK, including the Sainsbury’s “feed your family for a fiver” promotion.

A former director of UK supermarket Asda, McLeod had something of a cultural impact on Australia by reintroducing the country – via Ted Horton’s Big Red agency – to Status Quo. And the big red hand, of course.

Last year, McLeod moved on to the US, and BI-LO Holdings.

cooking with curtisAnd the new BI-LO marketing strategy may seem a tad similar, what with Curtis Stone fronting some of the ads and offering “Cooking with Curtis for under $10”.

And the latest work from BI-Lo may trigger a bout of deja vu too.

To the tune of “Nine To Five”, comes “Prices are Down, Down, Down”.

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That kangaroo isn’t crying, he’s horny

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.53.38 amA photo of what appears to be a “grieving male kangaroo grasping on to the dying mother of a nearby joey” has been doing the rounds in the Aussie media today.

It’s published by a number of outlets including the Daily Mail, Guardian, New Daily and most notably News Corp Courier Mail, which splashed with it under the heartfelt headline “Tender-roo”. 

The photo was taken by Hervey Bay local Evan Switzer who told the media: “The kangaroo tried to lift her up and she wouldn’t stand, she’d just fall to the ground. He’d nudge her, stand beside her … it was a pretty special thing. He was just mourning the loss of his mate.”

Heartfelt stuff. Unfortunately it would appear none of these outlets thought to contact an animal expert to ask what was actually happening…. Read more »

Ten Network – Australia’s five billion dollar stock surprise

Pop quiz: What’s Australia’s biggest media company on the ASX?

If you’d guessed Seven West Media (market capitalisation: down more than 3% in early trading but still worth $1.06bn) you’d be wrong. Read more »

Enero marketing the unmarketable, or how to blow $79,000 by doing nothing

enero logoEnero has today moved to help all its shareholders with holdings worth less than $500 (known as unmarketable shares) to dump their shares in the struggling marketing services company.

That means anyone with up to 636 shares in the company as of today (with its share price at 78.5c) can sell them off and Enero will pay what could have been quite expensive brokerage and other fees for them.

Alternatively they could hold onto them and hope the share price rallies a bit to make it worth their while selling later. Many of those with such small holdings would likely be employees of some of Enero’s agencies like BMF, Naked and Frank PR – and maybe even former agencies like BWM.

However, lessons from history may show that to be a dangerous decision. After all someone selling 657 shares in the company on November 2, 2007 (when Enero was still known as Photon) they would have been worth a cool $79,563 (with a share price of $125). Read more »

Click bait, NT News style

Once again the folk at the NT News are proving themselves to be at the forefront of journalism.

This time it’s a Facebook post promoting an embedded video with the heading “Tedious Tuesday…You won’t believe what happens next….A cruise down the main street of Parap”.

NT news click bair post facebook

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Rupert’s classi engagement announcement

Dr Mumbo would like to congratulate News Corp proprietor Rupert Murdoch, 84, and former model Jerry Hall, 59, on their engagement.

rupert murdoch jerry hall the times engagement announcement

And of course Dr Mumbo was delighted to see Rupert supporting the ailing newspaper classifieds business by announcing the forthcoming nuptials in the Births, Marriages and Deaths page of his own newspaper The Times. Read more »

Meet the brand that turned David Bowie’s death into a tacky marketing message

Imagine you’re the person in charge of writing the marketing messages for a financial advice site.

Topical is good, right?

What’s topical?

David Bowie.

So why not turn the lyrics of one of his songs into a topical marketing message?

No brand would be crass enough to do that, would they?

Step forward Adviser Ratings.

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David Bowie remembered – the front pages

As fans mourn the death of David Bowie the media has rushed to cover the news around the world. Here’s how the Australian newspapers, along with some international outlets, covered the news on their front pages:

The Courier Mail went with a lyric from one of his songs Space Oddity “Planet Earth is Blue”:

Courier Mail

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MTV Australia asked for subtitles for the Golden Globes, Mashable obliged

MTV Australia deleted tweetMTV Australia wins the prize for social media outrage of the day – after tweeting to ask for subtitles as Latina actresses Eva Longoria and America Ferrera were saying as they presented at the Golden Globes today.

Mashable was quickly onto the outrage that was flying around the interwebz as people accused MTV of racism and many other things, before the TV network issued a statement saying it was meant to be a joke as Longoria and Ferrera were riffing about being mistaken for other Latina actresses.

Fortunately for anyone who was struggling to understand the duo speaking in English Mashable posted their skit, complete with subtitles.

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MLA looks past Australia for actors to fit The Bill

huw higginson australia day adIf you’re wondering why the Border Force-style commander in this year’s Australia Day ad has a particularly dodgy Australian accent then wonder no more – it’s because he’s English.

His name is Huw Higginson and he was a stalwart on British police serial The Bill (which almost every British actor has had a part in at some point) – playing PC George Garfield for 15 years. Read more »

Phoning it in for Australia Day

If there’s one thing worse for a journalist than having to do a street vox pop of random members of the public, it’s interviewing a celebrity about your newspaper’s own promotion.

It’s probably not much fun if you’re the celebrity either.

Which may just explain this spectacularly lacklustre (and unbylined) effort in The Daily Telegraph today featuring Sunrise weather presenter Edwina Bartholomew talking about the paper’s free Australia Day bucket hat.

Dr Mumbo gets the impression that neither party had much fun creating this particular piece of journalism.

telegraph bucket hat ediwina bartholomew

Still, considering how horrible the Tele was to members of the Sunrise team over the last couple of years, it’s amazing they’re talking to them at all.

Racist columns, outing sex workers and unwanted hugs: It’s a triple rollover weekend

It’s a little early in the year to be claiming we’ve reached peak media outrage.

But by the time most Australians were getting out of bed on Saturday morning, we were already approaching triple rollover territory.

First, over at the usually feminism-friendly Sydney Morning Herald, gossip columnist Andrew Hornery decided to lead his column by outing a sex worker. Read more »

Meet DJ sexy Albo

Politicians, it seems to Dr Mumbo, are willing to do pretty much anything to get on telly.

So of course Labor front bencher Anthony Albanese will DJ for SBS presenter Lee Lin Chin.

Why wouldn’t he?

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Top story: Time-travelling, DeLorean-driving, former Beauty and the Geek contestant solves issue nobody cares about

Ando with his media-attracting radio frequency equipment

Ando with his media-attracting radio frequency equipment

It’s possibly too early to start tipping Walkley Award winners but Dr Mumbo will be stupefied if he doesn’t see at least one of the three outlets cover one of Brisbane’s biggest mysteries, nominated for Scoop of the Year.

Indeed Dr Mumbo wonders what it was in the story of the former Beauty and the Geek contestant Mike Ando uncovering a black spot in a Bunnings car park where electronic car keys just don’t work that proved most attractive to editors of the Seven Network, The Daily Mail and The Brisbane Times.

Perhaps it was the fact the ‘charismatic’ reality star described himself as a “professional time traveller” on the show or that he drives an actual DeLorean – as in the car from Back to the Future. Or was it just a slow news week? Read more »

A new meaning for the media box

Reporting on cricket, particularly the current test match series against the West Indies, can be a dull affair at times, and journos down the years have been known to create their own amusement.

Russell Jackson Chris Gayle GuardianBut Dr Mumbo was more than a little surprised to read this line about the behaviour of an unnamed hack in Guardian sports reporter Russell Jackson’s opinion piece on the Chris Gayle affair yesterday:

“Last week in the Melbourne Cricket Ground press box I was staggered to note, on the third morning of the Test and for the entire day thereafter, an accredited member of the media sitting in front of me tapping away at his company laptop, but tabbing between his match report and a constant stream of hardcore pornography.

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You’re not you when you’re hot

Dr Mumbo has, of course, been glued to the Big Bash Cricket.

Which means being glued to the Lipton Ice Tea ads.

Dr Mumbo can’t help but think the idea that commentator and former player Freddie Flintoff just isn’t himself until he drinks Lipton Ice Tea to cool down bears more than a little strategic resemblance to Snickers’ long-running line, ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’.

Dr Mumbo is a little disappointed that the ad didn’t end with Flintoff turning into Kevin Pietersen. Read more »

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