Leigh Sales’ guide to critiquing her interviews

Leigh Sales probably feels like she can’t win at the moment. The ABC’s premier political interviewer was attacked today for being using ‘kid gloves’ in an interview with Malcolm Turnbull last night by The Australian this morning.

It is of course the same paper which slammed her in May for being too tough on then Treasurer Joe Hockey after his second budget.

To save them writing time Sales has tweeted a cheat sheet to writing about her interviews in future:

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Breast we forget – 15 of Zoo Weekly’s most controversial moments

zoo divorceWhile Dr Mumbo would always have been nervous about being caught reading Zoo magazine in mixed company, he was nonetheless sad to hear of the death of a publishing phenomenon in a dumping more seismic than the ousting of a mere Prime Minister.

And while the title may have been downmarket, it was often brilliantly crafted. Designed to provoke and entertain, there were many moments of editorial brilliance. Here, Dr Mumbo celebrates 15 of Zoo’s cheekiest moments. Read more »

Nutella Quit Thinking

nutella fat kidsThe benefit of email is that it allows agencies to send a mass message to a lot of media outlets at once.

The drawback of email is that it allows agencies to send a message to a lot of media outlets at once.

Let’s say, for instance, that you’re a sugar-packed spread that tastes of chocolate and disappointment. And let’s say that you’ve admired from afar Coke’s personalised Coke cans. And four years later, you’ve decided it’s time to jump in and, erm, borrow the idea.

What better media outlet to tell all about it than sugar-sceptic healthy eating site, I Quit Sugar? Read more »

Michael Pell’s Sunrise nightmare almost comes true

Dr Mumbo thought that Seven Network’s plan to broadcast morning show Sunrise from five different countries in five days would be a logistical nightmare.

He wasn’t wrong – new behind the scenes footage from the world tour shows just how close the team came to missing their broadcast in New York today.

After Sunrise’s executive producer Michael Pell told Mumbrella last week that the team would be working with no contingency plan and tight schedules, Dr Mumbo took great interest in the global broadcast to see if it all went to plan.

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A political storm hits the Today show

It’s bad enough having to rush to Canberra in the middle of the night to do a five-hour live broadcast in a sleep deprived state.

And to add injury to insult Nine’s Today show was hit by a gust of wind which brought its gazebo down on the head of host Lisa Wilkinson live on air.

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Rich dude becomes PM: How the media covered Turnbull’s ascension

NT NewsThe Liberal party leadership spill condemned newsrooms around the country to a sleepless night getting out multiple print editions.

And true to form Dr Mumbo is pleased to report that the NT News has captured the pertinent details of the leadership change…whilst also managing to push the important agenda of domestic violence on its front page.

Likewise breakfast television has had to scramble to gets its Canberra coverage ready as talkback lines lit up.

Here is a wrap up of the media coverage:  Read more »

When the Communications Minister is away…

Malcolm Turnbull might have resigned today but ABC honcho Mark Scott (who himself announced his departure date today) is urging the Q&A guys not to let their hair down too much…

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.28.21 pm

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A cracking pun

Press release headline of the day goes to Choice…

choice eggs crackdown

Crackdown… gerrit?


The picture of Julian Clarke

And so to the newspaper industry’s night of nights, the PANPA Newspaper of the Year Awards, where images were the big hero of the evening.

For example the laser sharpness of everyone’s favourite Taiwanese read the Sharp Daily was recognised in the vaunted award for single width printing in the Technical Excellence category.

And in the Photography category journalist Simon Maud upset the odds to win the News Photo of the Year category for his series a photos of a dramatic water rescue.

IMG_5072But Dr Mumbo’s highlight of the evening was when News Corp’s outgoing boss Julian Clarke was brought up on stage to accept a portrait of himself created by speed painter Brad Blaze – to mark his 50 years in the industry. Read more »

Heard about the Brazilian love triangle in the fashion mag industry

We’ve had Oprah and Ellen and even Modern Family. But Dr Mumbo feels Tourism Australia’s latest marketing ploy may prove to be the best yet.

The tourist body is flexing its marketing muscle by bringing Brazilian soapie – or telenovella as they like to call it – Totalmente Demais, (Totally Awesome) to our shores.

Cast of Totalmente Demais

Cast of Totalmente Demais

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Breaking: Justin Bieber’s footlong

Dr Mumbo is still trying to work out what makes the Daily Mail’s story about pop douche Justin Bieber eating a sandwich a news story.

Let alone a ‘BREAKING’ story, as the Daily Mail Celebrity account felt the need to trumpet it on Twitter this morning.
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Slapping a hipster

Dr. Mumbo sees The Bondi Hipsters are back.

This time they are partnering with DJs Timmy Trumpet & Chardy for their latest music video.

Dom and Adrian do well to cram a significant amount of nudity, drug use and violence into just four minutes and sixteen seconds of the music video, for their new song Hipsta. Read more »

#Coalisamazing – at fuelling a social media shitstorm

Did anyone at the Minerals Council of Australia or their PR agency really think a new ad campaign spruiking how “amazing” coal is wasn’t going to create a bit of a kerfuffle?

Dr. Mumbo couldn’t help but notice that the Minerals Council of Australia has taken a leaf from the marketing playbook of Mr Burns from The Simpsons’ for its latest ad campaign praising for the coal industry.

The campaign advocates for coal as an impressive environmental resource. A voiceover says: “Isn’t it amazing what this little black rock can do?” while the slogan of the campaign is: “Coal. It’s an amazing thing.”

The attempts to dispel the ‘myths’ around the big, bad coal industry is weirdly reminiscent of the propaganda video ‘Nuclear Energy: Our Misunderstood Friend’ shown at the power plant in The Simpsons. Read more »

NSW Police on the hunt for man accused of being lost while looking foreign

Presumably there’s some sort of social media lesson in this Facebook announcement from NSW Police Force, who are hunting a man of foreign appearance, who gave himself away by asking directions.

The man then compounded his suspicious behaviour by not following the person he’d spoken to.

nsw police facebook directions mediterranean

NSW Police: Hunting a swarthy foreigner who wanted directions

But Dr Mumbo really isn’t sure what that lesson is. Read more »

Sleeping to the top of the radio ratings, one listener at a time

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 5.29.10 pmGetting to the top of the radio ratings is possible – if you’re willing to do whatever it takes. The secret is reaching members of the public who fill out the listening diaries. And sleeping with them.

So Dr Mumbo was intrigued to listen to the latest podcast from comedian and broadcaster Wil Anderson.

In his podcast, Anderson (somewhat nervously) shared with former colleague Sam Mac the secret of how he defrauded the ratings. Read more »

The newspaper that short-back-and-sides forgot

Facebook is full of diverse communities of people with common interests.

Like Guardian Writers With Shit Haircuts.


Dr Mumbo is at a loss why at the time of writing, only 243 people like this page. Read more »

Now Mat Baxter has signed on for the project, Henry Tajer’s Entourage is complete

Tajer's Entourage

Sintras, Johnson, Tajer, Baxter & Lomas prepare to take Manhattan |  Artwork: Elke Aspillera

It finally happened.

After years of the ‘Mat Baxter is moving to New York’ rumour doing the rounds, the UM boss is officially joining Henry Tajer’s entourage in the U.S. of A.

And Baxter is the sixth senior Aussie exec to be joining Henry on his American adventure. Other than the fact that the boys from out of town are heading to New York rather than LA, the parallels with sitcom Entourage are uncanny.

Allow Dr Mumbo to recap. Previously on Entourage… Read more »

Abbott’s ‘mission to destroy’ caption on Bolt Report: These things don’t happen by accident

Dr Mumbo was surprised to see footage of Prime Minister Tony Abbott captioned “Mission to destroy” during Network Ten’s The Bolt Report on Sunday morning.

abbott destroy bolt

So could the unfortunate label have been the work of a disaffected junior staffer on the News Corp produced show trying to smash the system from within? Read more »

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