The man behind the Kyle Sandilands ‘self-love’ mural

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.59.57 pm

IP: short for Kiis FM’s intern Pete

Yesterday Dr Mumbo reported how the self-love mural of Kyle Sandilands in Chippendale had a short-lived life of just two days and was replaced with a peace symbol and the letters IP.

KiisFM now tells Dr Mumbo that the two-storey mural was a “content piece” created independently by Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘intern Pete’ (aka Peter Deppeler) and created without Kyle Sandilands’ permission.

On-air Sandilands told listeners that he was shocked when he saw the mural and then proceded to lecture Pete on how: “Even the CEO of the radio station can’t use my name or image or photo or anything to do with me unless they check with me.”

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The mystery of the vanishing Kyle Sandilands self-love mural

It was literally a case of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ for the amorous mural of radio shock-jock Kyle Sandilands, engaged in an act of self-love.

As Dr Mumbo reported on Friday the two-storey painting of Sandilands kissing himself was nearing completion outside Zigi’s Wine & Cheese Bar in Chippendale.

But since then it’s disappeared…

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Kyle replaces Kanye with similar act of self love

Dr Mumbo is pleased yet somewhat horrified to report that Kyle Sandilands now has a two-storey mural dedicated to himself in Chippendale.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.32.56 pmAs of this afternoon, the mural has almost been completed with the FM radio shock-jock displayed in an act of self love, replacing the previous image which portrayed wallflower Kanye West in a similar act.

According to reports, Yeezy’s management paid $100,000 for the mural, located outside Ziggy’s Wine & Cheese Bar in Chippendale, to be painted over.  Read more »

KFC gets too hot and spicy

KFC this morning sent out the following tweet:

KFcFor those unfamiliar with #NSFW it’s an acronym for Not Safe For Work. Read more »

Pyning for Patricia

The government is currently negotiating with the ABC over its triennial funding, and it is in this context that Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but notice that Minister for industry, innovation and science Christopher Pyne helping out with some content marketing.

Despite having a lot on his plate at the moment, Minister Pyne agreed to be in this video promoting Patricia Karvelas and Fran Kelly’s new election podcast The Party Room.

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Soho House Sydney?

soho house logoIf Australia’s media establishment has lacked one thing over the years, it is the presence of Soho House.

The members club for media types, which began life in London’s Dean Street more than 20 years ago, has gradually spread its tentacles around the world. Everywhere, except Australia.

There’s a school of thought that a members’ club for a younger audience just won’t work in an egalitarian a place such as Australia. Read more »

Stupid layout

Dr Mumbo is sure that Fairfax columnist Elizabeth Knight is delighted with this picture byline.

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The new nice

The Daily Telegraph has an unusual take on what the word “nice” means.

daily telegraph etihad flight

The “nice” reason that the flight was aborted was that the passengers’ grandchild was dying.

While the action may indeed have been a kind one, the reason does not seem very ‘nice’ to Dr Mumbo.

Karl for the $20 note

The Reserve Bank revealed a new $5 note and it’s fair to say people online have been freaking out just a little…

5 described the new note as “vomit-like” and a lot of social media users seemed to agree.

Dr Mumbo also wasn’t surprised to see the social media Photoshop jobs coming outing of the woodwork, with a number of media suggestions in the mix. Read more »

Ricky Gervais’ love of telcos travels borders

Ricky Gervais has been widely been lauded for his ads for Optus and its Netflix tie-in.

But Dr Mumbo can’t help but feel like there is a strategic overlap between what is he did here in Oz and what Ricky is now doing for Verizon in the US:

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Game of Comms: using Game of Thrones to understand earned media

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.33.47 amDr Mumbo loves it when people use popular culture to break apart industry lingo – so was delighted when Klick Communications’ boss Kim McKay explained the difference between paid, owned, shared and earned media using an analogy from Game of Thrones.

“Let’s look at comms the same way we look at the families of Game of Thrones,” said McKay.

“Game of Thrones can teach you a lot about the communications landscape and how earned, owned, shared, paid media all have a role to play in helping a brand’s influencer. Did you know how many parallels the show draws with media? They are both complex, fast moving, confusing and powerful.

“Sometimes the similarities are really obvious. In a Game of Thrones episode we’re looking at about 14 deaths, the same happens in the media each week as well,” she quipped with a slide referencing redundancies across the media landscape.
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Hawaii: a massive disappointment

lisa ronson travel marketing summit 2016Dr Mumbo doesn’t think the good folk from the Hawaii tourism board will be adopting a slogan from Tourism Australia’s chief marketing officer Lisa Ronson anytime soon.

Ronson gave an entertaining and informative keynote at the Travel Marketing Summit about progress in her first 12 months of the job, but may have regretted not checking who was in the room before talking about one of the country’s competitors in the aquatic and coastal category.

“Our perception globally is quite strong in this area,” she said. “However, still only about 50% of people think we have really good quality coastal and aquatic experiences. But we over deliver. That increases to 75% who really like what we’ve got to offer here.

“A place like Hawaii, about 50% of people think its got good aquatic and coastal like us, but then after we leave it’s 49%. Whilst we’re great they’re a massive disappointment.” Read more »

Yeah, Yeah! It’s time for the advertising partnership cricket fans have been waiting for

Advanced hairDr Mumbo is gratified to see Greg Matthews, the former cricketer who extended his career and his hairline as the front-man for Advanced Hair Studios, has teamed up for the first time with cricket’s other follicularly-challenged star, Shane Warne, to raise awareness that women suffer hair loss, too.

Matthews was the first frontman for the brand more than 20 years ago before Warne muscled in to become a global ambassador for the strand-by-strand replacement specialists, sparking a rush of cricketers eager to put their scalps on the line for Advanced Hair. Read more »

Blowjobs, bukkake and bitches: How Wicked Campers toned it down

bukkake ruined my carpet


Nearly two years ago Australia’s most notorious camper van company, Wicked Campers, promised to tone down the slogans on its vans after a public outcry led to 100,000 people signing a petition against it.

Since 2008, Dr Mumbo has calculated Wicked Campers has been in front of the Ad Standards Board 89 times, 33 of those appearances were after the company promised to tone things down.

And judging from the latest three slogans the ASB has ruled against, things haven’t been toned down all that much.
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If Lee Lin Chin hosted Play School

ABC’s iconic pre-schooler’s show Play School turns 50 this year, and to celebrate, SBS 2’s The Feed imagined what it would be like if Lee Lin Chin hosted it.

Not good, is the answer.

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Australia reacts to Borobi, the new Commonwealth Games mascot

He’s the surf-loving, six-foot blue koala who you’ll see a lot more of over the next two years. It’s Borobi, the Commonwealth Games 2018 mascot.

Borobi was unveiled to the public this morning in true Gold Coast fashion, abseiling from the Westpac lifesaving helicopter on to the beach at Burleigh Heads – the subject of his second tweet, comparing himself to James Bond, no less.

borobi first tweet

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ChaserBank, for all your secret off-shoring needs

The massive leak of documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca revealing the tax “minimisation” strategies of 214,000 people and companies has rightly made global headlines.

And inevitably it has also led to a bit of parody as well, courtesy of The Chaser crew, who set up ‘ChaserBank’, which asks: “Are you a world leader unfairly caught up in the outrageous breach of confidential documents at Mossack Fonseca & Co? At ChaserBank – we’re here to help.”


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‘Lisa’s too white’: even spray tans can’t get Karl and Lisa a Gold Logie nomination

The announcement of well-deserved Gold Logie nominations for Waleed Aly and Lee Lin Chin has had many hailing it as the most diverse line-up ever and “a departure from the all-white nominee list up of recent years”.

And Dr Mumbo has made no secret of his admiration for Lee Lin, with Aly deserving the nod for his performance on the guitar at the Walkley Awards alone. 

However, there was no room on the list for Nine breakfast show duo Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, a fact which didn’t go unnoticed in a tongue-in-cheek segment on this morning’s Today show.

karl stefanovic lee lin chin logies

“Last time I checked Stefanovic – what part of the world is that from?” asked guest Ben Fordham, mischievously, before describing Karl as a “trailblazer”.

“I might look white on the outside but I’m dark on the inside,” quipped back Stefanovic, a former Gold Logie winner himself.

“I know you are, and with that spray tan you’re dark on the outside too,” replied Fordham. Read more »

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