Malcolm Turnbull gets content marketing lessons from Bondi Hipsters

Here’s as unlikely an interview as you’re ever likely to see – Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull interviewing Bondi Hipsters creators Christiaan and Connor Van Vuuren.

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Droning on

What does the ad agency of the future look like? US creative technology agency MRY takes a look.

As one puts it:  “We’re the first agency to have drones, and we have many drones, and most other agencies have zero drones.”


The future will be creepy, and brand funded

Every now and then a video comes along which gets you very excited about what might happen in the future. This is not one of them.

From the creepiest voiceover you’re ever likely to hear to a gratuitous shot showing all 22 brands involved in making the film, enjoy this from Rinspeed – the “creative thinktank of the car industry” for its Budii concept car.

Dick stops spread of hepatitis

Never one to miss a shameless PR opportunity budding FMCG magnate Dick Smith jumped on the Nanna’s berries health scare at the weekend with a tactical ad stressing the quality of his Aussie produce.

dick smith hepatitis risk adThe ad appeared in the Weekend Australian on Saturday avoided sensationalism trumpeting in capital letter: “Hepatitis risk?” Read more »

Queensland Reds strategic placements

Dr Mumbo hopes rugby union’s Queensland Reds got a discounted rate on ads placed around a story on the drug scandal of their star player Karmichael Hunt.

Brisbane Times ad placement


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The shorter the better

Shadow transport minister Anthony Albanese clearly doesn’t like the chairman of Sydney airport.

When the news that Max Moore-Wilton (aka “Max the axe”) was stepping down the former deputy PM issued the following media release: Good

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Punctuation matters

The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday morning proved the importance of punctuation in a headline for a story about a speech by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Another comma is probably needed here…Screen-Shot-2015-02-25-at-8.29.37-am

Tay Tay’s surprise Senate appearance

Last night ABC managing director Mark Scott appeared before the Senate Estimates communications committee for his regular grilling.

Queensland Nationals Senator Matthew Canavan started his interrogation of the ABC boss by asking: “What’s your view on the Taylor Swift controversy?” Read more »

Industry churn – Enero style

enero logoIndustry churn is usually associated with a procession of Gen Y juniors coming in and leaving agencies with alarming regularity.

However Australian based holding group Enero seems to have rather the opposite problem – losing the heads of its agencies on an all too frequent basis.

Since Matthew Melhuish took over as CEO of the group in January 2012 (Photon as it was then) all but one of the eight agencies with an Australian operation have had at least one change in management, five of them in the last two months.

Dr Mumbo has compiled a timeline of the recent movements: Read more »

Mum of two, PR to many

The Australian’s media section today features “mother of two” Dana Dobbie sharing her views on proposed liberalisation of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice. She’s against it.

Dana Dobbie's picture ran prominently next to the two articles on the issue

Dana Dobbie’s picture ran prominently next to the two articles on the issue

As Mumbrella reported on Friday, the liberalisation promoted by TV industry lobbying body Free TV would see ads for things like alcohol permitted in an earlier timeslot.

Dobbie, who is pictured in the paper with her husband Phil and children Amelia, six, and Nathan, eight, believes somebody needs to think of the children. As she puts it:

“Before you know it, they’ll be singing those Bacardi rum ads.”

The TV networks have a different point of view, saying they want a level playing field with their digital competitors. As Nine boss David Gyngell complains in another article on the same page complaining about the TV licence fee: “Google comes in, eats our lunch, and takes the money offshore.”

That’s the same Google that is a board member and major funder of digital industry body IAB Australia.

That’s the same IAB Australia whose PR is done by Einsteinz Communications. Read more »

Stuff politicians shouldn’t wear

Tomorrow’s front cover of The Weekend Australian is gaining some attention after new health minister Sussan Ley donned a surgical latex glove for the cover story photoshoot.  Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 12.22.57 pm

It’s part of Ley’s attempt sell the government GP co-payment plan… and to quote Yes Minister it might be a rather “courageous” communications strategy.

One possibly open to ridicule, as The Oz’s own sketch writer James Jeffrey noted on Twitter:  Read more »

First rule of media releases: make them readable

When you’re sending out a PR release it’s important to make sure it gives over the information in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Which is why some journalists were baffled when they received Officeworks’ financial results release yesterday in this cursive font:

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Which news site has got its clickbait wrong again?

While Dr Mumbo doesn’t judge for indulging in clickbait, he does wonder if the site needs to make the question a little more intriguing for readers if it really wants them to click on the article for the answer…

news chelsea handler topless

(Spoiler alert: It was Chelsea Handler. Chelsea Handler went topless again.)


Every EastEnder needs good Neighbours

Network Ten’s soapy Neighbours is celebrating 30years on air this year, but so to is one of the UK’s best loved soaps, EastEnders.

So to celebrate the Erinsborough regulars made this tribute to the BBC show, which like Neighbours is an everyday tale of love, loss, a variety of addictions and at least one murder/mysterious disappearance a year.

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Punters avoid Aussie Oscar hopefuls like the plague

Australian films might have had a major uptick at the box office in recent months, but it seems that faith in the product isn’t translating for local Oscars hopes.

Today online betting firm Sportsbet said just $23 has been bet against the two local hopefuls for the awards, which are announced on Monday.

Unsurprisingly Sportsbet have now declared the Aussies have no hope of winning. Read more »

Foxtel’s new Game of Thrones piracy problem

It seems someone is getting really paranoid about potential piracy of Game of Thrones – to the extent the teaser trailer on official broadcaster Foxtel’s own website is blocked.

The message coming up on the Foxtel website

The message coming up on the Foxtel website

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The Tele’s literal take on the TV ratings war

The Daily Telegraph took great glee in the drop in audience for Channel Nine’s new flagship show Gallipoli on Monday night, but Dr Mumbo has to question the tastefulness of its intro in this morning’s paper.

How the Daily Telegraph reported the drop off today.

How the Daily Telegraph reported the drop off today

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How to advertise Valentine’s day to ad land

Online Valentine’s Day cards just for ad execs and creatives?

Why not?  Ad land needs love too…

Dr Mumbo was equal parts bemused and concerned when he received the following online Valentines Day cards the other day.

It’s good to know that someone out there is thinking of the advertising industries’ unique romantic needs, even if some of the one-liners are highly questionable. Like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 8.18.03 am

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