Coming soon: The dog who surfs

From the department of “that seems a bit of a long shot” comes this posting on Source Bottle today…

source bottle dogs surfing

One Direction’s Coles tribute

Dr Mumbo has to give credit to Coles. The supermarket extracts every dollar of value out of its sponsorships.

Take the weekend’s One Direction concert for 10,000 Coles customers…

Listen carefully to Niall Horan’s slight change to the lyrics…

Meanwhile, it is Dr Mumbo’s favourite time of the week – when a new Coles ad drops.

This time, it features a boy (ish) band spruiking the new Coles MasterCard. Read more »

When Today Tonight Adelaide went on international assignment

Dr Mumbo has to confess that he is not fully au fait with the nuances of journalism in Adelaide.

He’s vaguely aware that a bloke called Penbo is a big deal around there. And that another bloke off Big Brother is on the radio.

So he can only assume that this report from the local operation of Today Tonight is a good piece of journalism.

Read more »

Rear Window’s Joe Aston – now in the SMH too

kim williams afr smh joe astonDr Mumbo is rather intrigued by the further progression of copy sharing between Fairfax Media titles The Australian Financial Review and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Today saw the same story – AFR Rear Window columnist Joe Aston’s tale of the tempestuous exit from the Sydney Opera House board of Kim Williams – appearing on the front page of both titles.

Efficiency. That’s the name of the game.


Breaking promos

Rather sweetly, Nine News Queensland has created a tribute to the opening of Aaron Sorkin drama The Newsroom.

The main difference that Dr Mumbo can spot is that only one of the show’s rundowns appears to carry a blatant cross promotion for a network reality TV contest.

Newsroom lineup

The Newsroom: Explosions and heatwaves

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Air crash imagination

You’ve got to hand it to the graphics people at Ten. They’re certainly can capture a dramatic moment.

ten plane panic

Check out the image of the plane behind Sandra Sully as she introduces the story of a “possible disaster” at Sydney airport.

The left wingtip of the plane is practically touching the ground. If you look closely, you can even see the shadow the stricken airliner is casting on the runway.

Even better, they’ve got footage of the horrific moment, introduced by John ‘six points’ Hill.

Dr Mumbo wouldn’t want to suggest for one moment that the good folk of Ten Eyewitness News are faking their images. But he struggles to understand how the graphic in any way resembles what actually happened on the footage of the Jetstar plane’s go-around:

Ferrier plays it straight

Ferrier's new look

Ferrier’s new look

Ferrier's old look

Ferrier’s old look

Consumer pyschologist Adam Ferrier has subtly changed his look, Dr Mumbo notes.

The founding partner of Naked Communications has been allowing colleagues to play with their hair straighteners, he revealed on Twitter… Read more »


freo3LoweDr Mumbo is sure this one will play well in the local papers.

Given that the Fremantle Dockers will contest the AFL Grand Final with Hawthorn at the weekend, 303Lowe has a new name for the next 48 hours – Freo3Lowe. Read more »

Gruen’s taxing moment

Can anyone offer the good folk of Gruen some PR advice?

gruen apology


That said, if the basic rule is to clearly own up to a mistake, clearly apologise and move on, then it looks to Dr Mumbo like they’ve got it right…

The big numbered flop?

Dr Mumbo eagerly awaits his daily technology email update from

Today he’s not sure whether to base his Apple iPhone knowledge on the second item in the email…

smh apple 1

Or the tenth… Read more »

How PR works, part 57: Welcome to Socktober

Dr Mumbo finds himself on some curious mailing lists.

So he gets to se press releases from all over the world.

This one, emailed all the way from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is going to take some beating.

Let’s remember that’s adults, who at one point had dreams and aspirations, worked together in order to devise a month dedicated to socks. Then they came up with Socktober. Then the phrase “rock out with your sock out.” And then they decided it was worth a hashtag.

Then they went home, no doubt feeling fulfilled. Read more »

Monday starts badly for Leos

The adland Mac bandits appear to have returned, Dr Mumbo is sorry to note.

A spate of Sydney agencies –  attractive targets because of their love of high end Apple computers – were turned over a couple of years back.

This weekend, it was Leo Burnett’s turn when its offices in The Rocks were blagged. Read more »

On the scrap heap?

The Morning Show’s Kylie Gillies has posted an intriguing image on Instagram, featuring a poster of her and on air partner Larry Emdur dumped in a skip behind the scenes at Seven.

kylie gillies larry emdur skip

She asks in the post: “An innocent skip-bin cleanup at work? OR a metaphor for my career? This greeted me in the Ch 7 carpark this morning. HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! Xx” Read more »

The tabloid guide to fearing everyone

news paedophile guideSo what’s leading as Dr Mumbo writes?

It’s the guide to how to spot a paedophile.

And what are the giveaway signs?

“More likely, he is your friendly neighbour or attentive shopkeeper’”, warns journalist Candace Sutton. Or a relative. Or a schoolteacher. Or a bus driver, youth worker or preacher.

Which seems like a pretty good way of alienating any reader who works in any of the above professions.

Look out too for people who like taking photographs, warns Sutton.

And for “respected community leaders”.

It rather reminds Dr Mumbo of now defunct UK stablemate The News of the World’s paedophile fear campaign led by the now somewhat legally challenged Rebekah Brooks. It led to a paediatrician’s house being vandalised after the mob misunderstood her job title.

Seven has balls and Nine has butts

In recent years, the Seven Network has never been one for humility but Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but notice when the following media release lobbed in his inbox…

SevenWell you know what they say there’s no point having them if you don’t tell people.

Update: The Nine Network’s Go! digital channel, not to be out done, has also issued the following media release announcing the “World Premiere” of the following film: Read more »

Spot the difference…

Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Vodafone’s new ‘kidults’ ad and this 2011 ‘babies’ commercial from Playstation 3.

And they say there are no original ideas in advertising…

Read more »

Blatant and relentless daily self-promotion

It’s like he had a crystal ball…

Paul McIntyre, AdNews, July 12:

“You’ll get blatant and relentless daily editorial self-promotion of higher-margin conferences and events.”

A story labelled “news”, AdNews September 11:

“Yes, it’s another spruik. Spruiky spruik. Toot toot, spruik spruik. Let us know if we’re breaking any kind of editorial rules. If you think your out-of-home creative is worth an award, enter the Locus Awards, the only awards program dedicated solely to out-of-home advertising.”

(Not very) local news

No doubt the good folk of Melbourne enjoyed this Sydney traffic report on Today yesterday…

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