City of Sydney – emptying just one bin per hour… and proud of it

The punters in Sydney CBD have had plenty of opportunities to see a piece of  ambient advertising boasting about what a great job City Of Sydney did keeping the streets tidy on New Year’s Eve. The poster, still on the side of garbage trucks, boasts: “1,300 bins emptied by 60 trucks in 24 hours”.

Dr Mumbo was quite impressed… until he did the maths.

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Maccas’ not-so-special sauce

maccas sauceDr Mumbo congratulates McDonald’s Australia on its belated arrival on Twitter today. Read more »

Dust off your telex machine. Ansett flies again

Like many, Dr Mumbo has found himself despairing slightly as a variety of Facebook friends fall for the Facebook spam pretending to be from Qantas offering free flights in exchange for polluting their timelines with shares and likes.

Now there’s a better version. Remember Ansett?

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Who does Russel Howcroft want to see eat bugs?

Ten has done a pretty good job of whipping up some speculation around which ‘celebrities’ will be put into the African jungle for new show I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here.

So they decided to ask some of their top talent, in what appears to be a corridor, who they’d like to see in there.

Former adman and Ten general manager Russel Howcroft was among the stars asked who he’d like to see undergo the humiliating and arduous trials. His answer – rival Gruen regular Todd Sampson, quipping “I’d like to see him eat bugs and have things crawl all over him”.

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Quiz: Which newspaper wants you to guess how many Aussies died on MH17, what sport Phil Hughes was playing when he died and how many hostages were taken in Martin Place?

Sometimes the media suffers from the perception that it is heartless in how it covers tragedy.

the west facebook quizSo well done to The West Australian newspaper for navigating that risky territory in its end of year challenge, in which it invited readers to take part in a sponsored online “University Learning” quiz on the Murdoch University branded page.

There was a hint of what’s to come in the promotion from The West’s Facebook page: “2014 was a pretty big year for news, most of it bad. Were you paying attention?”

And it certainly was bad news, with readers invited to guess all sorts of fun facts and figures.

After all, what could possibly be seen as insensitive in asking readers to guess how many hostages were taken in the Martin Place siege?

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Fox News shows there’s nothing like balanced reporting

US cable news network Fox News might be known for its right wing views, but the views of this “terrorism expert” have come as a surprise to many in the UK’s second largest city, and sparked a petition.

Live on TV Steven Emerson revealed that ‘in Britain, it’s not just no-go zones – there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally muslim, where non-muslims just simply don’t go in’.

The comments have stirred action for a tongue in cheek petition called ‘Let non-Muslims back in to the city of Birmingham’.

Fortunately for Emerson 21st Century Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch has also been expounding some interesting views over the recent terrorist atrocities on Twitter.

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The man from AAMI

Strange, overweight and preferably bearded buffoons seem to be the new brand spokespeople du jour for insurance companies.

At the end of last week Budget Direct introduced us to Captain Risky, while at the end of last year AAMI replaced the iconic Rhonda and Ketut love story with a bromance between Neil and Gaz.

Of course no good brand spokesperson is complete without a Twitter profile and @Gaz_from_AAMI has thrown down the gauntlet to the hapless @captainrisky to promote their new app.

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Hipsters indulge in #Bondibulge

After missing out as Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year last year the Bondi Hipsters have finally staked their claim to be Calvin Klein models, ripping off the new Justin Bieber fronted campaign.

Dr Mumbo wasn’t sure if he was amused or disturbed by the series of images which see Dom and Adrian take on the roles of Bieber and model Lara Stone, complete with a series of hashtags.
Bondi Hipster 4

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As with all major international campaigns it took just a few minutes for photoshopped versions of the Calvin Klein campaign featuring a shirtless Justin Bieber to start circulating online, as well as a new hashtag #bieberbulge.

Dr Mumbo was amused to see British comedian David Walliams, a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and the husband of model Lara Stone who also appeared in the campaign, tweet: “”Why has someone photoshopped @justinbieber’s head onto what is clearly my body?”.

Walliams then re-tweeted this:

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China Eastern gets lost in translation

Airline China Eastern appears to have used Google Translator to change the copy of its ad today on page 7 of the Australian Financial Review into English.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.00.40 am


If the ‘Crispy touched screen’ doesn’t get you then surely the ‘Diversification choices of movies’ mentioned in the ad will have you flocking to their website. Read more »

Ice kills Grant Denyer

It appears that 90s rapper turned reality show star Vanilla Ice is actually a fan of Australian Family Feud.

However, Dr Mumbo can’t help but feel his interest might be slightly narcissistic, as the link he pushed out was actually a video of pocket-sized host Grant Denyer freestyling a verse of his hit Ice Ice Baby.
vanilla ice family feud tweet

And it’s fair to say Denyer was pretty cool about it when he found out…Not. Read more »

Googling Gogglebox

At Network Ten’s upfronts last year programming director Beverley McGarvey berated herself on stage after calling new show Gogglebox, Googlebox.

It seems the error is not just confined to saying the name of the new show, a copy of the UK program Ten is creating with Foxtel, with The Lifestyle Channel getting in on the act on its YouTube channel.


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Vote for Karl 2016

karl stefanovic webisode

Will Karl Stefanovic run for parliament next year?

You can bet on almost anything these days, and bookmaker Sportsbet isn’t one to let an opportunity slip past.

It’s produced a list of odds for what will be 2015’s best and worst shows, with Nine’s new show Rennovation Rumble featuring stars of The Block and Seven’s House Rules, to get the highest ratings for a new show, although its flop last year Big Brother is favourite to be axed first.

Dr Mumbo particularly likes the look of the futures market on Nine’s Today Show and serial suit monogamist host Karl Stefanovic, and may put a few bucks on his predicted parliamentary campaign in 2016 above a fist fight with Sunrise rival David Koch.

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2014’s best news bloopers

The year may almost be at an end but the good news is that this means it’s time for annual Youtube compilations of news bloopers.

Dr Mumbo is pleased to see Australian reporters, including Seven’s US corespondent Mike Amor, make the list.

Don’t inhale

Ah, the perils of reporting on a burning pile of drugs, brought to you by BBC Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville.

Edelman automates Santa’s PR issues

Dr Mumbo was bemused a new website by PR agency Edelman, which is celebrating Christmas by attempting to solve many common holiday woes at this festive, yet stressful, time of year with a “Reactive Statement Generator” for Santa.Edelman Christmas Read more »

Rupert skydives without a parachute

News Corp impresario Rupert Murdoch has returned to Twitter two days after his now infamous line about his papers catching the “bloody end” of the Sydney siege, and this time it’s good clean family fun…sort of.

Murdoch tweeted a picture of himself doing indoor skydiving, basically dressing up in a jumpsuit and getting blown around by a massive fan, with the caption: “Family fun over Australia’s Blue Mountains… Sort of!”

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A comedy of errors

The Age was spot on when it said one of Fairfax’s own columnists, TV presenter Waleed Aly, is joining The Project.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.56.12 AM

It’s just a shame it flagged its online coverage of the story with a picture of comic Nazeem Hussain. Read more »

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