Help make sure GPY&R Brisbane’s Rich and Rob have a ‘white’ Christmas

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 2.48.04 PMDr Mumbo enjoyed Holler’s Christmas charity drive which saw its staff members hooked up to electric muscle stimulation and shocked by members of the public via the internet, and he’s happy to see other agencies are getting in on the Christmas spirit in a similarly voyeuristic fashion.

GPY&R Brisbane has set up a “white Christmas” for homesick Irishman and Englishman Rich and Rob. At the click of a website button it magically “snows” in their office.

You can watch here as the pair struggle to continue working as the styrofoam snow continues to blow in. Seriously hours of entertainment here folks… Read more »

Will we get a Nick Tabakoff singing sequel?

Dr Mumbo is a big fan of Media editor Nick Tabakoff who announced his departure from The Australian today. Among his many talents are a sublime singing voice, and ability to write a catchy lyric…

When “Tabbers” last departed The Oz in 2009, for a two year stint at the Tele, he reworked a Peter Allen classic to a more newspaper-centric rendition: “I still call (The) Australia(n) home”. Geddit?

Looking back on what he sung in 2009 parts of the song are both hilarious and in hindsight somewhat prophetic, for example the line: “One day we’ll all be together once more when they merge all the journos onto one floor.” Read more »

Shocking creative

Disruption is a buzzword in the industry, and now Sydney agency Holler has managed to combine the disruption and buzz in one stimulating charity drive.

Four employees have been hooked up to electric muscle stimulation (EMS) which send a spine-tingling jolt every time a viewer clicks the “disrupt” button. And in true voyeuristic fashion you can watch the reaction as the poor victim squirms from the shock.

Dr Mumbo particularly enjoyed sending a few “disruption” jolts to Holler co-CEO Mike Hill…here’s some screen shots of his reaction:

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.04.45 PM

Read more »

Dating advice from Lawsie

Dr Mumbo is a fan of 2DayFM’s teaser campaign promoting how “Happy” they are about the new breakfast line up.

The third part in the series today revealed, to no one’s great surprise that Jules Lund, Merrick Watts and Sophie Monk would host breakfast.

There were however, two surprises one was the inclusion of former Spice Girl Mel B in the lineup and the other was this gem from radio legend John Laws about “the clap”. Read more »

Studio 10 – Mugs!

studio ten mugs 1

Why does Rob McKnight have two personalised mugs?

Christmas is fast approaching and Dr Mumbo has been wondering what to get his colleagues this holiday season…

Fortunately his prayers have been answered by Channel Ten’s Studio 10, which featured the one and only Jono Coleman together with the show’s executive producer Rob McKnight selling “collector’s edition” personalised Studio 10 Mugs. 

The price for a mug? A bargain $29.95 and, for the record, that includes postage and handling on your mug!

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How many journalists does it take to tell the truth?

Dr Mumbo congratulates the work of the two new staff at Take 5 magazine who have clearly been beavering away to ensure no more foreign “errors” mar the “editorial excellence” of the Bauer Media Group publication.

Clearly their dedication to ensuring people’s home towns don’t accidentally change from somewhere in Europe/America to somewhere in country Victoria has paid great dividends.

The lead story in the December 19 issue “I’ve been stuffing another bird” is attributed to Andrea Lewis, 34, of Florida – the place she moved to with her new boyfriend after her husband told her on Christmas day he had chlamydia as he had been cheating on her while she was pregnant.

Take 5 Florida byline Read more »

2DayFM happy with Derryn Hinch and Dawson

Who could 2DayFM possibly get in to create the talkability and shock value of departed breakfast show host Kyle Sandilands? The Human Headline and Charlotte Dawson of course.

While Dr Mumbo feels the second of 2DayFM’s teaser video for who will be their next breakfast show hosts does little to reveal the truth of the matter, he was delighted see Derryn Hinch turn up jiving along to the upbeat melody, while Dawson also enjoys a passing cameo amongst the stars.

On the strength of Hinch’s appearance here it seems he may be more demographic friendly than Kyle was – remember that awkward ad from last year where all the other presenters were having fun at a party and he looked like their dad there to make sure they didn’t have too many sugary lollies? Read more »

Murdoch is Evil

Dr Mumbo is a massive fan of word searches, but admits even he would probably not have spotted this nugget, possibly hidden by a disgruntled sub in The Sunday Telegraph’s kids section.

Telegraph crossword

Although it is supposed to be a search for Indonesian wildlife one “unfortunate” word combination spells out LIVESIHCODRUM, or MURDOCH IS EVIL backwards.

While it doesn’t stipulate which Murdoch it is referring to Dr Mumbo assumes it is not the character from the A-Team. Read more »

Kyle and Jackie O may be gone, but 2DayFM is ‘happy’

Dr Mumbo suspects that the staff at 2DayFM are more than a little “happy” about the departure of Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’.

How does he know? Well first there was ‘that’ abusive tape of outtakes played at the Christmas party last week…

But now there is this new teaser video, where the stars such as Sophie Monk and Jules Lund (ahem new Breakfast hosts anyone?), feature dancing with the theme being the very subtle: “happy”. (Merrick Watts who has just finished up at SCA owned TripleM also features prominently…)

For Dr Mumbo’s money the cameo featuring radio legend John Laws is not to be missed. Read more »

Oz delivers a shot across the Bauer

Dr Mumbo was pleased to see the esteemed Mark Day, resident media columnist in The Australian, join in and take a stick to magazine publisher Bauer over so-called “errors” which saw magazines such as Take Five “accidentally” changing key locations in stories from overseas to Australia.

The systematic localising of stories was first revealed by Dr Mumbo’s colleagues who noted how Take Five had changed locations  such as “Redruth, Cornwall” to “Redfern, NSW”.

A former owner of infamous Melbourne tabloid The Truth, Day argues that this “kind of chicanery” is unacceptable even for the trashy mags.

Day also uses his column to openly mock Bauer Magazine’s response.  Read more »

On the first day of Christmas I got seven stitches

Dr Mumbo is hearing some stories of injuries from the Christmas party rounds and is reminding everyone to revel responsibly.

Apparently there were more than a few broken glasses at the Havas Worldwide Australia Christmas bash on Wednesday night, with more than a few staff members having bits of glass removed from their feet at the 1920s themed night.

But, thus far, Dr Mumbo’s favourite unidentified party injury story has to go public relations firm N2N communications… Read more »

DDB best and worst list leaves bad taste

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.46.42 AMDr Mumbo stumbled across a very interesting list of the ‘best and worst ads of 2013′ on compiled by DDB Sydney’s executive creative director Dylan Harrison.

Congratulations to DDB who took out three of the top five ads from around the world this year, according to Harrison:

Dove ‘Camera Shy’ – Ogilvy & Mather London (UK)

Water is Life ‘Hashtag Killer’ – DDB New York (US)

Oreo ‘Daily Twist’ – DraftFCB New York (US)

John Lewis ‘The Bear and the Hare’ – Adam & Eve/DDB (UK)

Devondale ‘Soy Aftertaste Face’ – DDB Melbourne (Aus)

Read more »

Memo to PR industry: do not post live animals to journalists

‘Tis the season for giving, but Dr Mumbo was concerned to see journalists today tweeting they had been sent a live butterfly by a Sydney PR company.

photo (4)He would like to remind the industry that we’ve been here before, remember Advantage Adelaide and the whole dead goldfishgate anyone?

To Dr Mumbo’s mind live animals do not make good presents for journalists. Full stop.

Indeed, Dr Mumbo senses the PR company Free Publicity knows this as its director Vanessa Free’s first question to him when he rang was: “Are the butterflies alive or dead?”

Read more »

The Australian takes on the ‘dazzle’ of Twitter

Dr Mumbo loves a good editorial by The Australian and today’s efforts denouncing The Guardian, the ABC, Fairfax, Twitter and more generally “the interweb” deserves some acknowledgment.

Personally, Dr Mumbo can’t get past the paragraph which denounces not only Twitter but the scourge of “web-first publishing.”

“Yet that can’t be said of all media outlets, especially when seasoned journalists are being traded for ones unable to see beyond the dazzle of the instantaneous fix of Twitter or web-first publishing,” write The Australian.

Unsurprisingly the piece has caused a stir in the Twittersphere. Here are some of Dr Mumbo’s favourite tweets:  Read more »

2DayFM’s leaving gift to Kyle and Jackie O: abusive outtake audio

KyleSome people get leaving cards, some get gold watches for long service, but what did Kyle and Jackie O get as a leaving gift from their old mates at 2DayFM?

Today Dr Mumbo received a tape from an anonymous “radio insider” featuring clips from controversial former 2DayFM breakfast hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, played at a 2DayFM Christmas party last night.

The two-minute reel, sent to Dr Mumbo under the title “Final Farewell” and mixed to the audio of the song Time to Say Goodbye, features the former number one duo berating staff, swearing and throwing their weight around.

Among the highlights are: Read more »

Kyle and Jackie O’s social takeover

One of the big questions hanging over Kyle Sandilands and Jackie (O) Henderson’s move from 2DayFM to rival Kiis is whether they can take their audience with them. With 10,000 likes for 1065 Kyle and Jackie O Facebook page in less than a week, they should be ok.

The problem is, while it looks authentic, it’s a fake. As a tweet from the Kyle and Jackie O account told followers on Sunday “2DayFM has temporarily shut down our Facebook”, before another message confirmed this page as a fraud.

kyle and jackie o FB screener

Whoever is behind the account was quick off the mark, setting it up on November 29, the day the official announcement was made. And they’re doing a pretty good job of community management, snaffling pics from Sandilands’ Instagram profile, and posting images of holiday destinations asking fans over what they will be doing for the Christmas break.

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How to “triple play” a news story

Triple playDr Mumbo congratulates The Australian’s Darren Davidson on the lead story in today’s Media Section, which explains how Foxtel will announce it will offer consumers a “triple play” option of bundled options across subscription-TV, broadband and telephone services.

If the whole Foxtel “triple play” thing seems a bit familiar… it should.

As Davidson explains this move was, to use an expression favoured by The Oz’s business media writer, “foreshadowed” back on November 26 in a article entitled “Foxtel set to launch ‘triple play’.

But a quick Google search reveals this is not the only “foreshadowing” The Australian has done of this “triple play” move, by the 50 per cent owned News Corp subsidiary. Read more »

How do I get my crush to like me?

Parody pranksters Stuntbear managed to wangle themselves a spot amongst the reporters on the red carpet at last night’s Aria awards, but of course it was never going to be a straightforward interview.

Instead of the usual inane questions about fans, new albums and whether the stars hope to win, the pair dressed in tweed with colourful decorative corsages and posed as a pair of virgins, fumbling their way through a series of interviews with artists like Alicia Keys, Claire Bowditch, Birds of Tokyo and Gossling.

The most cringe-worthy moment comes as they stutter over a question for Harrison Craig, who himself suffers with a stutter.

Read more »

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