Down Down with Miley Cyrus

While the statute of limitations has just about passed for Miley Cyrus memes, Dr Mumbo is willing to lift the velvet rope for this excellent contribution to the Coles big red hand trope.

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News hungry agencyland

Which media agency had 26 members of staff sign up for the free daily Mumbrella email yesterday?

Dr Mumbo’s not telling. But he does suspect it’s linked with the fact that yesterday an email went out to some agencies letting them know that Read more »

Russel Howcroft, as you’ve never seen him before

Dr Mumbo anticipates retaliation from Gruen Nation’s Russel Howcroft, based on this image just posted of him on Twitter by his fellow panellist Todd Sampson. Read more »

What’s on Ten tonight? Who knows?

Dr Mumbo is a fan of the blog You Had One Job.

A great example would be the Facebook page of a TV network. You might think that the one fact you could rely on would be to know what’s on the network that night.

Not, sadly, Ten’s last night, with The Bachelor account announcing that Wonderland was going to be on.

facebook bachelor wonderland

It wasn’t. It’s on tonight. Read more »

Twerking with Clive

Welcome to today’s edition of politicians who are willing to swap dignity for audience.

Today’s star: Clive Palmer. Again.

Today’s humiliation: Twerking with Kyle Sandilands: Read more »

The Jeep psycho

bought a jeep murderSome might say that the phrase “You bought a Jeep” is annoyingly overused in the current Jeep ads. Those people would be correct.

Imagine just how horrific it would be if people talked like that in real life.

Fortunately, we don’t have it imagine it, because video makers The Van Vuuren Brothers have far darker imaginations than other folk. Read more »

Fox Sports… you can never take it too seriously

Meet Coach Adam and Coach Wally, better known as Fox Sports’ Wally Masur and Adam Peacock.

They know what it takes to be a top level tennis player. Which is lucky as they present highlights show Tennis Tonight throughout the US Open.

The key thing is the ability to apologise convincingly. And to wear your sponsored watch.

It’s not a car, it’s a chat-up line

While Dr Mumbo isn’t surprised the Ad Standards Board rejected a complaint against the current Alfa Romeo ad, the report from the ASB is worth a read nonetheless – mainly because whoever works for the car company has really been drinking the Kool-Aid.

First, to the complaint: “This ad reinforces the abhorrent view that to gain attention sex can be offered by having the appropriate enticement (the car). It also reinforces the inappropriate notion that women can gain power and status by having sex with a prestige car owner.”

And then (and this is the bit where Dr Mumbo is won over by just how much Alfa Romeo, and parent company Fiat Chrysler Group, believes in itself: “Only an Alfa owner knows it. Read more »

What if Boojay’s Michelle was a cougar?

Dr Mumbo is delighted to see that Budget’s Michael and Michelle – have gone out in a blaze of glory.

As regular Mumbrella readers will recall, Budget Direct is transitioning to a new, alien spokescouple.

But not before the Ad Standards Board was asked to arbitrate one final time on the nature of the relationship between the younger Michelle and her older ‘friend’ Michael who corrects her pronunciation as she showers.

One complainant told the ASB, in something resembling English:

“It’s a disgrace and not only immediately pulled but firm warning sent to ‘Budj-ay Budjay’ Budget Direct that… Read more »

Any questions?

Dr Mumbo has a theory why there were no questions for ALP spokesman Mark Dreyfus…

Either, the press corp deserve a special prize as Canberra hide and seek champions 2013, or there was nobody in the room…

Mr Rude

You’ve probably formed your own views on whether the News Corp anti-Rudd push is the right thing to do, but Dr Mumbo has to admit, when it comes to campaigning journalism, Sydney’s Daily Tele is a world-beater.

rudd Mr Rude tele Read more »

When the Tele did comedy

daily teelgraph labour sussannah hardySo Dr Mumbo congratulates The Daily Telegraph on its front page – yes, honestly, front page – exclusive revelation that people who appear in ads are actors.

Even party political ads for Labor.

Who’d a thunk it?

But even more spectacular comes this reworking, voiced by The Tele’s Caroline Marcus: Read more »

The TV segment circle of life

Dr Mumbo very much enjoys the media circle of life.

Last Thursday Sunrise asked its on air talent to go without makeup.

Yesterday Mamamia did a post about going without makeup.

And today Nine’s Today… featured images of its stars without makeup. Read more »

‘Even the cameramen are laughing’

It would seem that the BBC’s wonderful The Thick Of It (aka that behind-the-scenes-of-politics show that The Hollowmen cloned) is good for any video remix at the moment.

And here’s the Jaymes Diaz version: Read more »

Dr Mumbo #AskBolt: surely you saw this coming?

This afternoon the hashtag #AskBolt is trending nationally.

Dr Mumbo is not surprised that Twitter peeps would jump so gleefully at the opportunity to ask News Corp’s polemical columnist Andrew Bolt some (sarcastic) questions.

But he does have one question for Bolt himself… Read more »

An event organiser retorts

There’s a curious attack on Mumbrella in the diary column in today’s Media section of The Australian. Let’s take a look.

“Events organiser Mumbrella has been getting light-fingered again,” begins the item.

Firstly, did they not get the note that calling us an event organiser is not an insult? Read more »

How to manage your (diarrohea-prone) marketing staff

Dr Mumbo has come across an excellent new management technique.

Manage your team via passive aggressive blog post.

He salutes Marketing Eye’s Mellissah Smith, who describes herself as “one of Australia’s leading marketing experts”. Dr Mumbo feels this is selling herself short. She should add “managment guru” to that resume too.

Here’s her latest post, headlined “The strategic sickie”:

“A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with two of my employees and one said, ‘I bet that Joan will have a sick day while you are in Australia.’

“This morning, I received an email saying, “I will not be in, I am unwell”. Read more »

From Twitter to Twatter

TwatterDigital agency The Digital Arts Network has today launched what some may view as a helpful tool in tracking the  social media fortunes of Labor leader Kevin Rudd and Liberal leader Tony Abbott. Read more »

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