The British newspaper with the Australian exclusive

Dr Mumbo is supporting the work of his colleagues to get Australia’s mainstream media to be better digital citizens. So his interest was piqued when he noticed an Australian story being attributed to “a British newspaper”.

The story of Jamie Gao’s murder has gripped Australia, but not made massive headlines overseas. So what could possibly mean, when in the second paragraph of its lead story this morning it says: “Breaking his silence, Jaiweu Yi, 19, told a British newspaper that he was kidnapped over a love split involving a friend, 18-year-old Alex Li.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 8.57.40 am

Could they possibly be referencing the Mail Online, which broke the same story yesterday afternoon on its Australian website, authored by its journalists based in Australia?  Read more »

Thought Voteman was scary? Meet his maker

Regular readers of Dr Mumbo’s musings will remember the curious case of Voteman, the most psychotic and violent pro-democracy advert he had ever seen.

In his quest for better journalism Dr Mumbo packed off Mumbrella deputy editor Nic Christensen to Denmark to get to the bottom of the story and track down Voteman’s illustrator, Thomas Thorhauge.

This is what he found….

Thomas Thorhauge (left) with Nic Christensen

Thomas Thorhauge (left) with Nic Christensen

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Studio 10 becomes Today Tonight? Never

Some observers feared that Peter “admiral without a fleet” Meakin’s tenure at Ten would see the likes of The Project and Studio 10 plunge downmarket and turn into imitations of seven’s Today Tonight.

This trailer for Monday’s show demonstrates just how wide of the mark those nay-sayers are.

Online bargains? Check.

Consumer rip-offs? Check.

Thin exclusives? Check.

Dramatic voiceovers? Check.

Scary voiceovers? Check.

Moms and dads being scammed? Check.

Welcome to the new Studio 10.


The News Corp crystal method

Thompson news corp crystal method

Robert Thompson in front of the ‘crystal’

And so to last night’s star-studded News Corp upfronts at the Star Casino where Dr mumbo was fortunate enough to rub elbows with the great and the good of Sydney’s media, including Lachlan Murdoch, his wife Sarah, Gerry Harvey and ex-Soceroo Mark Bosnich.

Now, if Dr Mumbo were to be a conspiracy theorist he might be tempted to read too much into the fact the only free-to-air TV boss there was Hamish McLennan, the only obviously discernible ads amongst dozens of images of papers, phone apps and iPad editions were for Ten’s Offspring, or the theme of the event being ‘Come Together’ to hypothesise on a tie-up between News Corp and Ten.

Of course others might point to Hamish being chairman of the News-controlled REA Group, the Offspring ads being a ‘fluke’ of a screenshot according to a News spokesman and the theme relating to the convergence of print and digital ads.

Special mention also goes to News Corp’s global CEO Robert Thompson who flew in for the event, and got the biggest laugh of the night for a joke about crystals.  Read more »

What’s that say on your t-shirt? It says fuck, Peter. Thanks for asking

As a journalist Dr Mumbo acknowledges there are some questions you ask, and then immediately regret.

Here is one such example from Sky News’ Peter van Onselen, who made what in retrospect was the rookie error of asking the leader of a student protest what was on her carefully covered-up t-shirt.

The rest, as they say, is TV history.

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‘Ad guru’ brings the crazy for Nine

Melbourne’s freelance creative scene is one female “ad guru” down today after Jessie Jordan – JJ to her friends – opting to stay in WA’s Margaret River to pursue love in Nine’s new reality series when Love Comes to Town.

It seems Nine’s new thinly-veiled clone of A Farmer Wants a Wife, which sees a group of 12 city girls travelling to country locations to find “love”, has turned to adland to find a few contestants, and bring a healthy dose of crazy to the party.

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Birthday wishes to captain Carat

Simon RyanDr Mumbo understands Carat boss Simon Ryan has reached the milestone of his 40th birthday.

How does he know?

It appears the media agency set up a brand new Twitter account just for the occasion.  Read more »

AFR – now advertising subs with News Corp

So where’s an ideal environment to advertise subscriptions to Fairfax Media’s AFR? On News Corp’s apparently.   news afr subs Dr Mumbo’s heart is always warmed when he sees our biggest media players involved in such a fruitful partnership (albeit via targeted ads).

afe june deadline

Deadline approaching…

afr deadline dec 17

… now not so much

And let’s not pay too much attention to the fact that while the ad is for a six month subscription to the AFR Weekend print edition, it links to a landing page promoting a 12 month subscription to the digital package.

Or indeed that on the first page the deadline to subscribe is June 30, while on the next page it’s December 17. Other than that, Fairfax is nailing that tricky paywall marketing.

The Ferals are Revolting (on social media)

Ferals Daily TelegraphIt seems this morning’s headline in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The News Corp paper led with the headline The Ferals are Revolting over the weekend’s March in May protest which saw thousands of people gather in cities across the country to protest against the Federal Government’s 2014 budget, where 13 people were arrested.

However, it transpires many of the ‘ferals’ aren’t too happy with being described in such a way, and being the protesty types they are, have vented their displeasure on social media:

Read more »

Checking out

A question to the team behind Rydges’ new marketing campaign: Do you think that making your staff look like 30 Rock’s Kenneth the Page will make people more likely to want to stay with you?

Rydges ad

That’s Dr to you, Coles

What does Dr Mumbo most like about Coles’ use of big data in its email marketing? It’s the personal touch…

coles shopping email

Sharks a plenty at MEC pool night

The industry pool sharks came out in force last night at the MEC pool competition, held last night at the aptly named Shark Hotel in Sydney.

Amid a who’s who of Aussie media sales execs Dr Mumbo understands that certain teams used ring-ins to try and help them succeed, amid fierce competition.

Rumour has it Fairfax Media even roped in a “child prodigy” of pool Paul Bates, who won a number of cue-based competitions back in the day in his native UK.

Sadly for them their star player failed to make it beyond the semi-finals. Read more »

Kerrie-Anne Kennerley still a ‘gun for hire’



Rumours doing the rounds of a breakfast TV comeback for Kerrie-Anne Kennerley (aka KAK) are greatly exaggerated according to the woman herself.

Returning Dr Mumbo’s call on her way to golf this morning KAK pooh-poohed suggestions she had been approached to co-host a resurrected format of Good Morning Australia on the Ten Network with its latest acquisition Matt White. 

The rumour comes amid minuscule ratings for Wake Up and would allow Ten to end its broadcasts from Manly. However, KAK tells him today: “It’s the first I’ve heard of it.” Read more »

It’s Social Media Man

Earlier Dr Mumbo bought you the fairly disturbing adventures of Voteman.

Now he’s uncovered another government-sanctioned hero – Social Media Man.

Read more »

Packer clacker hack Dyer’s Hong Kong flier

Clacker-468x676Avid readers of Dr Mumbo will know he is a big fan of the NT News.

So it is with great sadness he reports the paper’s deputy editor Paul Dyer, the Walkley Award winning architect of such immortal headlines as: “Eyeful tower”, “Dogs of phwoaarr!” and Dr Mumbo’s favourite “Why I stuck a cracker up my clacker” is departing the newspaper to work as weekend online editor, Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong.

Dyer’s clacker’s line resurfaced again last week used again in what was perhaps the best headline on the Packer/Gyngell brawl… Read more »

Who you gonna call? Voteman

Denmark has become a by-word for dark, subversive and violent crime dramas in recent years.

So it inevitable when it came to rallying people to vote at the European elections only something deeply dark, subversive, and violent would do.

Presenting Voteman.

Read more »

Guardian goes Gai

Dr Mumbo is a long-time listener of the excellent but sadly soon-to-be defunct Guardian Media podcast, and he’s clearly not the only Aussie-based listener who will miss its musings on the UK industry.

At the end of last week’s show amiable host John Plunkett gave two ‘shout outs’, including one to “fellow tweeter Gai le Roy”.

Dr Mumbo would be very surprised if that wasn’t the very same Gai Le Roy who is director of research for IAB Australia. Read more »

Enero – off the critical list and in recovery

Dr Mumbo has watched a lot of bad news about Enero, nee Photon Group, over the years. So for once, let’s share some good news.

He notices there has been a steady increase in the marketing group’s share price on the ASX over the last 12 months. So much so, that it’s increased from a low of 34c a year ago to today’s close of 107 cents, representing a tripling in shareholder value in that time.

The company, owner of the likes of BMF, Naked Communications, The Leading Edge  and Frank PR, is getting tantalisingly close to a market capitalisation of $100m. Read more »

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