Katy Perry, weathergirl

Pop sensation Katy Perry probably just brightened up a very slow news day for the Hobart Mercury this morning when she dubbed the town Hogwarts presenting the weather on Seven’s Sunrise this morning.

Among the highlights of her somewhat chaotic Sunrise appearance were a struggle through the weather, with some of the trickier place names in Australia proving a stretch too far for her, including Canberra as “Coonaberra” and declaring it will be “20 degrees in Hogwarts” (or Hobart, as the locals call it).

Katy Perry does the weather:

She didn’t seem to appreciate being presented with her own Madame Tussauds waxwork: “Her boobs are much bigger. We’re not the same looking. She’s very strange.” Read more »

The Oz apologises to itself, on behalf of the ABC


What is it they say? If at first you can’t get an apology from someone… just go and write your own?

Dr Mumbo was pleased to see The Australian launch a new weekly column in its media section in which it publishes faux apologies containing what the national broadsheet feels the ABC should have said.

As the newspaper explains: “The ABC has refused to publish corrections for its errors, so, from this week, we will begin a column where we publish clarifications on behalf of the ABC.” Read more »

Turnbull’s improv performance

Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull was in fine form on Friday night while launching The Saturday Paper, especially when he veered from the carefully-hewn prose he had been provided with by his office and let rip with his very own improvisation comedy routine.

While he started off slowly, by the end of the speech he had the crowd laughing about ‘demented plutocrats’ with loss making newspapers and political agendas (whoever could he mean?) and teasing the The Oz over its most recent editorials denouncing the AFR’s editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury aka. Stutch.

But one of the best lines of the night was actually when he roasted himself for launching the newspaper…

“There is actually nothing more reckless than being a politician launching a newspaper that you have not seen,” he said. Read more »

The art of editing…

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.40.42 AMYesterday we couldn’t help but wonder where the Sydney Daily Telegraph would put its story on James Ashby after yesterday’s Press Council ruling.

Anyway for those wondering the Telegraph’s editor Paul “Boris” Whittaker chose: Page 17. The same page as the one he was chastised for… Read more »

Kyle: Don’t be a dickhead

Regular readers might be forgiven for thinking Dr Mumbo takes a cynical stance when it comes to Kyle Sandilands. However, today he takes his hat off to the KiisFM shock jock as he supports an anti-violence campaign led by nightclub owner John Ibrahim: Don’t be a dickhead.

Kyle can be seen here stepping in to break up a fight on the street.

Read more »

Good Times with Leo Sayer and a geriatric flashmob

Regular readers will probably be aware of Dr Mumbo’s feelings about flashmobs, especially those done badly. In all honesty, he thought they had died out.

So, you can imagine his surprise when he received this promotional video for APIA’s Good Times tour, featuring Leo Sayer and a flashmob which might have set a world record for the highest average age, and least co-ordinated dancing.

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Whose exclusive is it anyway…

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.37.19 AM

It seems a few of News Corp’s journos are taking the company mantra to heart and “revelling in the competition” of the Mail Online, so much so they are starting a very public shouting match with them.

Readers of The Daily Telegraph’s print edition could be forgiven thinking the paper was the first to break the news former Olympic swimmer Grant Hackett was flying to the US for rehab.

Dr Mumbo wonders if perhaps the cause of the confusion could be the word “EXCLUSIVE” plastered all over the Tele’s newspaper and online copy?

However, keen online readers will note that the “EXCLUSIVE” was broken by new rival the Mail Online last night, which appears to have perturbed some at the Tele… particularly gossip columnist Annette Sharp. Read more »

OMD’s Rappers and Renegades

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 5.14.43 PM


There’s a bit of tension between creative and media agencies at the moment around content creation, and who can do it best.

It seems OMD has staked its claim in the content space on its YouTube channel, and its breakout star is CEO Peter Horgan.

The boss of $1.2bn-billing media agency has starred in this YouTube video introducing what Dr Mumbo presumes is a new award, humbly named after himself, “The Horgies”.

Dr Mumbo reckons with rap lyrics like:

“This album is dedicated to all the Mad Men who told me I’d never amount to nothin’.

“It was really all a dream. I used to read AdNews magazine.” (We presume you couldn’t find anything to rhyme with Mumbrella, Horgs…). Read more »

That sinking feeling

Do you ever get that sinking feeling? It looks like this BBC newscaster can certainly empathise.

HT: Reddit

Freudenstein misses Presto

And so to The Australian Broadcast Summit where Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein probably wished the oft-mooted Presto had been installed in advance at the Australian Technology Park this morning.

Acknowledging “it is always very dangerous” while connecting his iPad to the big screen to demonstrate the new Presto service his fears were realised as he tried to click on the Iron Man movie and…waited.

Unfortunately the wifi signal had dropped out at the Technology Park. Read more »

Bring bags of cocaine

A pre-emptive warning from Dr Mumbo – the contents of this email may not be suitable for office viewing.

If these emails are anything to go by the training events at the Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) take their lead straight from the 80s.

Members of the Mumbrella team were surprised to come in this morning and find emails from VECCI addressed to “hell yeah” and “Brigadier tits fuck”. Under access requirements one said “bring bags of Cocaine, heaps of sluts and we will have a party”.

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First rule of sales – be adaptable

The world of media sales can be pretty brutal, and more than ever before sales teams are having to prove their ingenuity.

Ten’s sales boss Louise Barrett demonstrated this in Sochi when the music died during a cocktail party for media buyers in the private suite of the network’s shareholder James Packer.

Dr Mumbo understands that she whipped out her iPhone and travel speakers to keep the party vibe going with a mix of 80s and 90s “party anthems”. Read more »

AdNews gives the finger


Dr Mumbo is trying to figure out if AdNews is trying to send a cryptic message with its latest cover, designed by Havas Worldwide.

But, he will leave their readers to decide.


Fact-based questions not allowed

Ping! The following invitation arrives in Dr Mumbo’s inbox (details removed to protect the junior)…


I hope this email finds you well,

I am writing to you in regards to a business interview opportunity with XXX, the senior vice president of Ecommerce for XXX. Read more »

It was the Cash Cow who did it…

As Dr Mumbo reported yesterday the Australian Federal Police clearly had concerns about allowing Seven commercial director Bruce McWilliam to “tidy” his office. 

But he wonders whether the AFP should have also been monitoring the movements of Seven’s Cash Cow?

This segment from yesterday’s sunrise would certainly suggest she is the evil genius behind everything…

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Calvin’s got a hashtag

People sometimes think that social media practitioners deliberately overcomplicate things in order to make their job seem harder. Dr Mumbo doesn’t believe this for one minute.

In other news, Calvin Klein has got a hashtag. Here’s the press release in full:




Engaging “show yours. #mycalvins” Debuts via Influencers’ Social Media Posts Read more »

AFP’s late night pizza raid

Much has been written in the last 24 hours about the Australian Federal Police raid on Seven and Dr Mumbo hears that the multi-location raid had the Feds at Seven’s New Idea office in Eveleigh in Sydney until well past 9pm.

But don’t worry Dr Mumbo hears Australian Federal Police officers were well fed.

Apparently Domino’s was spotted delivering them no less than seven pizzas and two garlic breads to sustain them through the night…

Presumably that particular pizza chain was chosen for it’s ‘Cheaper Tuesdays’ deals, saving the taxpayer money.

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The greatest quotes of Seven’s Bruce McWilliam

Bruce McWilliamDr Mumbo feels sympathy for his fellow journalists at Seven who were raided by the Australian Federal Police yesterday. It even led that august organ for press freedom Studio Ten to ask “Is it the end of press freedom in Australia”. Hard hitting stuff.

However, like much of the rest of the industry he has also enjoyed many of Seven commercial director Bruce McWilliam quotes on the raid.

Here are a collection of Dr Mumbo’s favourites:

Firstly there was the description of the raid on New Idea and its editor Kim Wilson. Which saw McWilliam give The Australian this gem:

“Poor Kim Wilson . . . had all her fabric samples pushed aside while they sought evidence of criminal offences in her office,” commercial director Bruce McWilliam said. Read more »

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