I (don’t) write the songs

While Dr Mumbo is sure that Jackie O did lots of preparation for her new show on Kiis FM, he suspects that she didn’t spend her Christmas doing research.

This morning’s Kyle & Jackie O show carried an interview with singer Keith Urban.

What, she wanted to know, had inspired him to write his song Cop Car?

He didn’t write it, he told her, gently explaining that sometimes other people write the songs that musicians sing. Read more »

Ferrier crowdsources the cover

Fresh from the news Adam Ferrier is going to publish a new book about behavioural psychology  he is now asking the great unwashed on Twitter which cover he should pick for it.

Adam Ferrier book covers Read more »

Raising (and lowering) the interest rates

The negative nellies who claim that all News Corp titles relentlessly follow the same agenda need look no further than today’s stable to put them right.

Both The Australian and Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph report the poor job figures released yesterday which weakened the value of the dollar.

According to The Australian, the result has “fanned hopes for a cut in official interest rates this year”.

And The Tele’s take? Read more »

20 things that news.com.au thinks are epic

Dr Mumbo loves news.com.au like he would that special member of the family who’s not quite like their brothers and sisters. They may not see the world like a normal person, but they’re lovable just the same.

In news.com.au’s case this tends to come in the form of obsessions. Such as epic things. Preferably epic things stolen from Reddit.

So allow Dr Mumbo to run down some of the things that news.com.au thinks are epic.

1. Break up letters.


2. People on Twitter. Read more »

Kyle makes a (big) splash

Whether, as the PR for KiisFM claims, this was a spur of the moment decision or a stunt for publicity Dr Mumbo decided there are some amongst his readers who might enjoy seeing this screenshot from a  video on the Kyle and Jackie O Facebook page today.

Kyle gets pushed in the pool

Kyle gets pushed in the pool

Read more »

Pointing out the obvious

Here’s the new campaign for Lipton Iced Tea, who clearly decided honesty is the best policy when it comes to advertising.

Lipton Iced Tea

Read more »

Unfun fact

It seems someone at the Golden Globes should have done their fact checking.

Picture-82 Read more »

Kiis and tell diary to leave Kyle and Jackie O gobsmacked?

Could we be about to see a reveal all diary on the Kyle and Jackie O years at 2DayFM?

It seems yesterday’s broadside by the duo, who start their new KiisFM breakfast show next Monday, at their former station got their former newsreader Geoff Field who quit the show in 2010 amid accusations of bullying, more than a little riled up.

He wrote on Facebook yesterday: “Having worked in pop music radio for 16 years now – I’ve seen stars come and go – for some of them I’m genuinely sad – with others it’s a case of getting what they deserve – Karma as opposed to Revenge.

“WATCH THIS SPACE – 2014 will be a year of exposing the disgusting pranks that involved degrading people and the people that allowed them to prosper. My diary has things in it that will leave you GOBSMACKED.

“I have always kept a meticulous diary of events and situations that have occurred in my life I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t tell the truth. I’m almost free to be honest with you. – thankfully ma mates who are in a position to show a moral compass have also vowed to back me up when I expose the grubs.” Read more »

Nothing says minty freshness like a purple toy llama licking your nipple

The Hong Kong advertising market is notable mostly for its conservative approach. Clearly that was never going to fly with someone of the creative genius of Reed Collins, the last ECD of the Campaign Palace who landed a gig at Ogilvy & Mather in the city-state.

Rather than try to explain the ten shades of crazy that is this ad, Dr Mumbo thinks it may be easier just to let you watch for yourselves.

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The Grauniad – Wanking the TV commentators

Now Dr Mumbo is all too aware in the internet age the need to publish quickly can lead to the odd typo, but someone at global media brand The Guardian really should have spotted this clanger in its headline before hitting send live yesterday.

the guardian


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Wake Up…to Tony Abbott in budgie smugglers

Cudos to Channel Ten’s morning show Wake Up, which may have suffered a slow start in ratings but today secured a genuine coup, snaffling a interview with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, as he showered off on the beach after a surf.

It transpires the much-maligned beachside location of the set, at Queenscliff Surf Lifesaving club in Manly, may have been a tactic to secure the big exclusive with Tony who is a member there.

He had also been noted in the press for his low profile since winning the election in September., and looked genuinely surprised to be collared after his early morning surf. Maybe his press team hadn’t briefed him n the studio’s location.

And what questions did host Natarsha Belling hit the out of breath PM with as he showered off? “How’s the water this morning” was the soft soaker before plunging into politics with “What’s ahead for 2014?” and following up with “What’s your New Year resolution?”

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Best journalism gaffes of 2013

Journalists continually moan about the demands placed on them by the non-stop 24-hour news cycle, and Dr Mumbo feels this little reel could be used as evidence in favour of that.

Whilst its hard to feed the beast, it’s also hilarious to see these seasoned professionals crumble under pressure.

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What to read over the holidays

Dr Mumbo has been pondering what to read over his long summer break.


Fortunately this little present arrived in his mail this morning.

The question Dr Mumbo is wondering is when did Alan Rickman take over running P3?  Read more »

Hugh what’s his name…

Dr Mumbo knows Ten’s political editor is a handsome man but Sandra Sully appeared to get her wires crossed during last night’s news.

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Someone tell 2DayFM we’ve been teased enough

2DayFM’s campaign for its new breakfast show was one of the better executed examples of a teaser campaign you will see this year, three engaging and entertaining videos released over a week set to a catchy tune, culminating in the surprise announcement of Mel B as one of the four radio presenters.

But Dr Mumbo feels once you’ve made the announcement you were building up to, it’s probably best to leave it there.

However, 2DayFM decided it was time to bring the backroom staff to the fore for one last outing, and gave them a two-and-a-half minute video of their own to show how ‘Happy’ they are Kyle and Jackie O have shuffled off.

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Help make sure GPY&R Brisbane’s Rich and Rob have a ‘white’ Christmas

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 2.48.04 PMDr Mumbo enjoyed Holler’s Christmas charity drive which saw its staff members hooked up to electric muscle stimulation and shocked by members of the public via the internet, and he’s happy to see other agencies are getting in on the Christmas spirit in a similarly voyeuristic fashion.

GPY&R Brisbane has set up a “white Christmas” for homesick Irishman and Englishman Rich and Rob. At the click of a website button it magically “snows” in their office.

You can watch here as the pair struggle to continue working as the styrofoam snow continues to blow in. Seriously hours of entertainment here folks… Read more »

Will we get a Nick Tabakoff singing sequel?

Dr Mumbo is a big fan of Media editor Nick Tabakoff who announced his departure from The Australian today. Among his many talents are a sublime singing voice, and ability to write a catchy lyric…

When “Tabbers” last departed The Oz in 2009, for a two year stint at the Tele, he reworked a Peter Allen classic to a more newspaper-centric rendition: “I still call (The) Australia(n) home”. Geddit?

Looking back on what he sung in 2009 parts of the song are both hilarious and in hindsight somewhat prophetic, for example the line: “One day we’ll all be together once more when they merge all the journos onto one floor.” Read more »

Shocking creative

Disruption is a buzzword in the industry, and now Sydney agency Holler has managed to combine the disruption and buzz in one stimulating charity drive.

Four employees have been hooked up to electric muscle stimulation (EMS) which send a spine-tingling jolt every time a viewer clicks the “disrupt” button. And in true voyeuristic fashion you can watch the reaction as the poor victim squirms from the shock.

Dr Mumbo particularly enjoyed sending a few “disruption” jolts to Holler co-CEO Mike Hill…here’s some screen shots of his reaction:

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.04.45 PM

Read more »

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