The Perfect storm

EddieDr Mumbo congratulates Eddie Perfect on the excellent job he did MCing last night MFA Awards despite one or two technical glitches.

As he soldiered on, he told a couple of latecomers: “Come on in, take a seat. Welcome to hell.”

TrinityP3’s Darren Woolley also had his own view, tweeting:  Read more »

Singo’s Den

To the Carnegie’s Den event, where would-be media and technology entrepreneurs pitched their idea to investor Mark Carnegie and pals including veteran adman John Singleton.

And fair to say that Singo was Singo – advising the audience that anybody with the word “marketing” in their title should be sacked. And the one man who failed to put on a jacket to pitch quickly came to regret his wardrobe decision, with Singo telling him that he wouldn’t be investing: “You can’t rob people if you look like a robber.”


How to deal with social media feedback, champ

99 per cent of Dr Mumbo loves what the ABC’s Annabel Crabb did here to deal with a social media sniper.

crabb sales neck twitter wayne Read more »

Australia burns. Apparently

nbc news bushfiresThe thing Dr Mumbo most admires the US news networks for is their accuracy.

Definitely their accuracy.

Wake Up with friends… on Seven

To Seven’s big bash at The Star in Sydney and one of the slickest TV upfronts presentations the Australian industry has yet seen.

And without it ever being mentioned, poor old Ten was the ghost at the feast.

As well as a couple of wry references to being a network whose shows actually rated, Dr Mumbo enjoyed the slideshow preceding the presentation.

The headline next to a picture of the Sunrise team? “Wake up with friends”.

Wake Up of course being the name of the new Ten breakfast show masterminded by former Sunrise boss Adam Boland.

Seven to reinvent My Rules format? MGR?

MKRFirst there was My Restaurant Rules, then My Kitchen Rules but could the Seven Network be planning a new take on the tried and true format?

Tomorrow evening is the Seven upfronts and Dr Mumbo’s spies tell him that the network is indeed plotting a new take on the successful TV format?  Read more »

Best & Less & watermelons

While Dr Mumbo welcomes any brand that makes an effort to diversify away from a relentless sea of white faces on their advertising, Dr Mumbo is a little surprised to see the cover of the new Best & Less catalogue currently being distributed across Australia.

Given the stereotype around black people and watermelons, is this cover shot really ideal?

best and less


As Dr Mumbo’s informant puts it to him: “Arguably the most insensitive imagery on a retail catalogue possible, and B&L has an American CEO. What were they thinking??” Read more »

End of the world

So here’s how is choosing to report the latest piece of cosmic news on the front page of its website

news panic asteroid


And here’s how the adults are reporting it: Read more »

Bushfire business

So this press release just arrived from Storage King following the NSW bushfires.

Opportunist or generous? You decide…

storage king one month free

Continental drift

You’d almost think that The Guardian Australia’s Facebook page is still being handled from the UK, where they’re unaware it’s spring in Australia…

guardian facebook summer

Ella Baché’s naked ambitions

Ella Bache

Photo: Jen Dudley-Nicholson/ Twitter

Much like a naughty child trying to provoke their mum by using a rude word and being ignored, Ella Baché continues to try to generate outrage around its “banned” ad.

Its image of three naked models has now popped up in store windows, including one in Newmarket Queensland, shared on Twitter by News Corp’s national technology editor Jen Dudley-Nicholson.



The “sexualised” image failed to pass the scrutiny of the OMA in September, while a smiling version was approved.

This is the second time Ella Baché has flaunted the advice of the OMA, with the image being featured in a light box installation around Circular Quay in Sydney in the run up to the Fleet Review.

Annoyingly for Ella Baché, nobody complained about the installation to the Ad Standards Board, so there was no test of whether the ASB did indeed agree that the image was sexualised.

Can somebody please put Ella Baché out of their misery and complain already?

Making sparkling music. Again

Dr Mumbo quite likes this overseas ad for Coca-Cola.

But hot half as much as when VB did it in Australia six years ago. Read more »

Media Watch’s Jonathan Holmes: Now available to spruik for News Corp

Everybody has their price. And Dr Mumbo would love to know that of former Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes.

Having spent five years dishing it out to News Corp, last night saw Holmes appear in a promotion for the company’s Fox Sports channels at the Foxtel upfronts presentation.

The evening featured a spoof episode of Media Watch, complete with the original opening credits and music. It started with 2GB’s Alan Jones, pretending to be on air singing the praises of Fox Sports Read more »

Indifferent strokes

Two things strike Dr Mumbo about The Daily Telegraph’s coverage of the forthcoming launch of Ten’s new shows Wake Up and Studio 10.

First, it’s a pity that amongst the readers who’ve bothered to respond to a survey of how the story makes them feel, the biggest number feel indifferent.

And second, given that Studio 10 features The Tele’s opinion editor Joe Hildebrand, it’s something of a shame the article suggests the show is called The View.

tele the view

How The Tele is reporting the launches


Ando and the Spence in the Morning

Fair to say that Wil Anderson has somewhat categorically ruled out Dr Mumbo’s theory of yesterday of a radio reunion with Adam Spencer

Anderson guested on Spencer’s ABC702 show this morning to issue something of a denial, and to brainstorm how they’d adjust their acts for a 2Day FM audience.

Read more »

A documentary to document the epic journey to… a new website

If two makes a trend, then Dr Mumbo can see one – and it’s potentially disturbing. It’s the return of the ‘Making Of’ video to go with ads.

First he stumbled on this, reasonably interesting, look at the new i40 ad, from the good folk of Innocean.

But more disturbingly comes this from CommBank.A video all about the “journey” of… their new website. Read more »

Wil back in the radio mix?

wil andersonDr Mumbo’s spy in the Southern Cross Austrereo camp shares an interesting titbit with him.

Could Wil Anderson be set to make a triumphant return to radio?

Anderson – the front man and co producer of the ABC’s Gruen Planet – has, Dr Mumbo is told, been spending a fair bit of time at SCA’a offices lately.

Given that last week The Highway Patrol was axed and Anderson used to co-present the drivetime slot on SCA’s Triple M with Lehmo, could it be time for a triumphant return? Admittedly, last time round they were dropped by the network after the show didn’t rate.

So here’s an even more delicious theory… Read more »

Prostate exam on live TV?

Some people love nothing more than being in the studio audience for a new TV show.

However, the opportunity on-air live prostate exam might be a bit much, even for Dr Mumbo.

A new ABC program Save Your Live Tonight will feature: “real people having real medical screenings and procedures in front of a live studio audience.” Read more »

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