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Page 2 of Today’s The Australian

Dr Mumbo congratulates The Australian on its comprehensive coverage of the independent media and public broadcasting space in today’s newspaper.

The newspaper doubled down on its ABC salary scoop from yesterday dedicating most of page 2 today to the important national issue of how much ABC journalists are paid.

By Dr Mumbo’s count we are now up to story number eight, once you count: yesterday’s original exclusive, the reaction, the opinion piece about the reaction, a republishing of Mark Scott’s email to staff, plus today’s front page exclusive on how we don’t know what Kerry O’Brien is paid via his production company, ABC staff are paid more in Sydney than elsewhere, commercial news directors anonymously mocking the ABC salaries oh and of course for good measure an editorial.  Read more »

What $2m gets you…

Within media circles the debate over the ABC salaries story, published in The Australian, has been strong.

For Dr Mumbo’s money though it’s hard to go past this short but pithy analysis by the CPSU, the union which represents many ABC staff. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.29.46 PM

Meanwhile The Australian’s media section appears to be giving the story saturation coverage with not less than four separate stories published today on the issue.Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.47.37 PM

ABC journos and management earn a dime or even two

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.03.17 AMAs ABC journalist Sally Sara tweeted this morning there is only one story that all of the ABC and (truth be told) most Australian journalists will be talking about today…

And that is The Australian’s report on the salaries of the ABC senior management and the public broadcaster’s on-air talentRead more »

Sure you know what you’re doing…

1Last week hydro shaving brand Schick launched a Facebook captioning captioning contest involving the above image.

Presumably the company thought: “what could possibly got wrong, asking people on Facebook to caption two men at a urinal smiling at each other?

Some 738 comments later Dr Mumbo is starting to wonder if Schick really knew “what we’re getting into”… Read more »

Mel B coming to TV soon

A judge might have rule that former Spice girl Mel B can’t work for Nine until after January next year.

But that hasn’t stopped one TV channel promoting her arrival a bit sooner than that…

Do I look silly in this hat?

DomnicDr Mumbo does sometimes feel some sympathy for the plight of newspaper reporters, from august publications such as the AFR, forced to get out in front of a camera and humiliate themselves for the sake of the audience’s entertainment.

An avid reader of the Financial Review’s Monday section Dr Mumbo was amused to see media editor Dominic White in a video with a neuroscience hat that even he admitted made him look at a bit “ridiculous.” See the full video here. 


However, Dr Mumbo can console White with the knowledge that while the hat may have made him look a little silly at least his cameraman knew when he had zoomed in too much…

Read more »

Magazine mergers and judging the judges

To magland’s big night, the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards, where host Ed Phillips drew a sympathetic laugh with his welcome to the staff of Bauer Media, which has been merging its magazine production teams. Phillips told the audience: “To the teams from Dolly and Cleo – sorry, we didn’t mean to cram you on one table.”

And later in the night, Dr Mumbo thought he might be hearing a subtle hint from Publishers Australia chairman Geoff Hird about recent rival magazine awards that have launched over the last two or three years. He told the audience: “We’re the awards judged by judges,” and then repeated the line twice more. What on earth could he be suggesting about the other contests?

Pop stars, pets, reality TV and brothels… these are a few of the Sun-Herald’s favourite things

Dr Mumbo salutes the Sun-Herald.

After a succession of circulation declines, the temptation would be to swerve downmarket. Well done for avoiding that, chaps.

sun herald

New Oz tourism campaign: ‘Australia you’re not great’

the crazy ones

Dr Mumbo can’t wait till Fox 8 catches up on the latest episode of Robin Williams’ adland comedy The Crazy Ones. (Which is something he never expected to say).

But it’s suddenly got a local interest, with the latest episode featuring  the fictional Chicago-based agency Lewis, Roberts + Roberts pitching to the “Australia Tourist Board”.

In scenes not entirely unsimilar to San Francisco’s Goodby Silverstein & Partners’s infamous first effort for CommBank, the agency struggles to find insights into the Australian audience.

Within the first minute of the episode, Williams’ character’s deep hatred of Australia is revealed. Read more »

Live and explicit

So here’s an unfortunate example of a journalist who forgot the “always treat the microphone as live” rule…

Read more »

In a league of their own

Dr Mumbo congratulates independent media agency TMS on its shiny new home in Sydney’s St Leonards.

And if ever a client doubted the agency’s negotiation skills, then the fact that they persuaded fellow tenants Fox Sports to let them film this video with CEO Chris Mort and managing director Andrew Lamb says it all. Read more »

Australia: Officially better than Canada

If Australian readers of The Guardian were concerned that the territory is a mere outpost from the main game, editor Alan Rusbridger went out of his way to reassure them last night. In his interview with Annabel Crabb he pointed out that although the masthead used to have more readers in Canada, Australia had been given priority.

Given Australia a gentle pat on the head, he told the audience: “You’ve now overtaken Canada. Well done.” Read more »

I’m in Coles

isaiah mustafa colesThere have been some marvellous cultural crossovers in recent years.

Obviously the forthcoming Superman vs Batman. (Or is it Batman vs Superman?)

Or the whole Freddy vs Jason thing – when Freddy Krueger took on the baddy from Friday the 13th. And then there was the  Jane Austen apocalypse crossover of the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

But none of it – none of it – comes close to Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa appearing in a message for Coles.

Someone’s going to get a kick in the assbender

Something Empire might have thought about when laying out the latest edition: How will the headline about Michael Fassbender look after binding?

michael assbender


Turn back the boat

If  you were trying to create a metaphor for a new TV show, you might start by putting your 71-year-old star on a boat and tracking her journey to the studio on live television.

Then you might have the boat break down and need a tow back from the middle of the heads in Sydney Harbour, as did Ita Buttrose this morning.

But that would be a tad too literal for Channel Ten’s Studio 10, wouldn’t it? Read more »

Wake Up long shot

Dr Mumbo suspects that the next time the PR folk of Sportsbet pitch a story to the Ten newsdesk, they may be out of luck.

The betting brand has today issued the following press release about new breakfast show Wake Up: Read more »

Smile, you’re on camera…

Rehearsals are over and now it’s day four of Ten’s new breakfast show Wake Up.

Can someone please let all the presenters know what the little red light on the top of the camera means?

Read more »

Flabby Kyle Sandilands: The lost Mix FM ad surfaces

The internet can provide everything. And that includes the legendary lost Mix FM anti Kyle Sandilands ad.

Here, in all its glory, is the ad for Mix FM from four years ago taking the mickey out of the man who looks like he’s about to be presenting the station’s breakfast show…

Read more »

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