Maccas and the talking golf ball

Dr Mumbo has seen a lot in his life – but very little as bizarre as this video which  appeared on the McDonald’s YouTube account yesterday.

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Inside the Crunchy Nut chatline

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 11.33.18 PMYesterday Mumbrella revealed how Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes had created a pastiche of a late night sex phone line to titilate and tantalise its consumers. Naturally Dr Mumbo couldn’t resist calling this phoneline to find out what the hell it is all about.

During the day the website runs as a teaser telling people they’re too early, but at 8.30pm it transforms promoting visitors to call or text the phone line to “talk one-on-one with one of our tasty models”.

What Dr Mumbo heard when he called the line certainly gave him plenty of food for thought:

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But has Singo ‘bought a Jeep’?

Love it or hate it, Cummins & Partners (nee CumminsRoss) has created something of a cultural phenomenon with its ‘Bought a Jeep’ campaign.

So much so even John Singleton AM tweeted:

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.24.50 am


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RBT? Just take the police car

If you live in NSW and drink at pubs you’ll probably have noticed the ‘RBT Means you Need a Plan B’ campaign. The ads feature a number of ways you can get home after a night on the tiles, without resorting to drink-driving.

Someone has done a reworking of the TVC, showing the reality of the situation.  The answer’s simple, just take the police car.

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Chocolate fights over women

Snickers has ruffled a few feathers with its ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign ‘candid-camera’ style experiment which saw actors posing as construction workers heckling women passing by a building site in central Melbourne.

The twist?  Instead of the usual stereotypical comments, they shouted out empowering compliments including: “You want to hear a dirty word? Gender bias”.

But, far from causing global peace it’s stirred something of a hornet’s nest. Are Snickers saying the tradies are acting nice because they’re no longer hungry, or because they are hungry and it’s out of character for them?

Cadbury’s Boost Nuts has stepped in to make sure no women misunderstand where that particular confectionary sits on the misogyny ladder. chosen to align itself firmly against sexism with this tactical ad the brand shared on it’s Facebook page…

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Drop bears: the commercials

drop bear adIt’s not just Fitzy and Wippa getting in early with April Fools. However, one Canadian woman’s plea for validation from Australians that ‘Drop Bears’ are not real led to some creative types riffing public safety videos for the animal.

The tongue-in-cheek myth of the drop bear has been fanned in recent years by the likes of The Australian Museum and a raft of websites and videos promoting the mythical creature.

The post which generated more than 500 comments, and counting was simple enough: “I have a friend who recently went to Australia and now she’s convinced that these things called drop bears exist. Now I’ve done some research and that’s bullshit. But she still won’t believe me. She told me to go talk to some Australians about it then to come back to her. So here I am. So are drop bears real?”

And some of the responses:

MaryLongbottom “I remember that old television commercial.”

abexandagoodliedown: “My God, I haven’t thought about that one in years! Was that Fat Cat? He was walking along with a couple of kids and they were holding hands and they stopped at the edge of a crossing and looked up. Then something fell towards the screen with a screech! Scared the hell out of me! Read more »

News Corp comes out of its shell

Dr Mumbo thanks the many and varied corners of the News Corp empire who kindly followed up yesterday’s “reply all” email by forwarding him the numerous alternative threads which have been circulating.

The emails, which went out to 1,000 plus News employees, are a glorious collection of turtle related memes (a joke Dr Mumbo still doesn’t fully appreciate he believes but stems from a crack about needing a waterbottle for a turtle), happy birthday wishes, News Corp in-jokes and irate colleagues pleading with people to “please stop spamming” large parts of the company.

For the amusement of the industry, Dr Mumbo presents the highlights of the News Corp Turtle emails:


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Discover the Indian Ocean with British Airways

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.44.28 PMDr Mumbo has previously noted some inappropriate ads in the wake of the MH370 airlines disaster.

However, this ad from British Airways would seem to be unfortunate and inappropriate in many other ways.

Why the Murdoch men drive Nissan X-Trails

Lachlan tele

Has Nissan snuck in with one of the best tactical ads ever executed centred around the media story of the year so far?

Today’s Daily Telegraph had an interesting front page focusing on the return of Lachlan Murdoch to News and the “historic succession plan” where dad Rupert and brother James would share the helm of the multi-billion dollar publicly listed “family company”.

Dr Mumbo assumes the male Murdoch statesmen are now all considering the purchase of a “family proof” Nissan X-Trail.

News Corp hits ‘reply all’ over methode

Keen observers of the media space will know that the hacks over at News Limited, sorry News Corp Australia, haven’t been all too thrilled about the new $60m Methode system.

Methode was meant to be a streamlined publishing system, across both print and online, but it continues to cause friction – as evidenced by the genesis of this remarkable email chain, a simple memo to users that updates to the system were being rolled back because they were causing issues.

Dr Mumbo wonders if part the problem is that some of News’ employees may not be as technologically gifted as some, as evidenced by many hitting “reply all” in response to company wide emails?

Exhibit A: yesterday’s email exchange which went to more than 1,000 employees who have so far been trained in Methode…  Read more »

The art of powering on

It’s every speaker’s worst nightmare. You’re in the middle of a presentation in a room full of hundreds of people when you realise you’ve got the wrong presentation.

This was the fate that befell Michael Birkin, global chief marketing officer of Acer, during his presentation at Global Marketer Conference in Sydney this morning.

The first sign that something was wrong was when slides featuring his rivals Lenovo and Apple appeared. Read more »

What is your favourite sandwich?

Those familiar with legendary fictional Radio Norwich and North Norfolk Digital DJ Alan Partridge might have been forgiven for wondering if he has taken control of social media at ABC 702.

On Tuesday night the station put on it’s Facebook page this little teaser of a question: What is your favourite sandwich?

ABC 702 sandwich

Apparently the answer was ham, cheese and tomato. It didn’t say whether that was toasted or not.

But, how do you follow up such hard hitting content? Apparently with the question: What’s the most unusual sandwich you’ve tried and liked? Read more »

Of elephants and laneways

Dr Mumbo commends David Droga who last night was the keynote at the Great Australian Marketing Awards, ahead of today’s Global Marketer Conference.

Halfway through the talk about marketing in society today Droga acknowledged the elephant the in room, Woolworths’ decision on Monday to change it lead creative agency to Leo Burnett.

“When I got on the plane we had a big agency in Sydney and when I landed we had a slightly smaller agency in Sydney,” Droga joked to the crowd.

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Craig Thomson and the guilt-free chicks

Credit again must go to Nando’s Australia for its tactical Twitter response to former MP Craig Thomson’s jailing for credit card fraud, which included bills from prostitutes.

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Promoting your competitior

NAB Unley

Click to enlarge

Dr Mumbo’s spies in the city of churches, aka Adelaide, have sent him this image taken from the front window of National Australia Bank.

You’ll note the poster to the bottom right at the NAB branch, in the suburb of Unley is, promoting a website

It’s been pointed out to Dr Mumbo that that website is actually campaign for the Bank of South Australia, which last we checked is owned by rival Westpac. Read more »

Ironic ad tracking

Targeted advertising may be the new black, but unlike other ad types, there’s a definite lack of sense checking for where some of the ads end up.

Take for example this targeted ad for the useful-looking Tile device, which promises to allow the user to track anything it is stuck onto with their iOS device.

Unfortunately, it tracked Dr Mumbo to a story about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Tile ad tracking


And then just refused to leave him alone.

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How to make friends and influence PRs – the Hildebrand method

And so to the CommsCon Awards, where host Joe Hildebrand was his usual erudite and witty self.

He opened the proceedings with a speech where he made bad-taste cracks about the situation in the Ukraine, the child sex abuse commission and tobacco packaging, and the role of spin on them, before adding: “Of course the sickening and offensive attempt at humour above is in fact a test. If you found any of these punchlines remotely amusing I have some terrible news: You may be a public relations professional or even, shock horror, a journalist.”

This did not go down so well with one PR veteran, who accosted Joe in the dazzlingly shiny lifts at Sydney’s Doltone House Hyde Park to give him an ear bashing for “setting the journalist-PR relations back 30 years”.

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Game of Thrones News Corp style

Keen readers of Dr Mumbo will know he is a big fan of paranoid speculation, and loves to share when the latest rumours doing the rounds land on his desk.

Much has been written about the length of News Corp CEO Julian Clarke’s tenture in the role, beyond being a safe pair of hands in the post Kim Williams era, and also the broader aspirations of Ten boss Hamish McLennan.

But what if Hamish’s wider ambitions were for Fox Studios in America, where he would report directly to 21st Century Fox CEO Chase Carey? Not a bad gig most would agree, and one with a pretty rosy future, running one of the most profitable arms of the Murdoch empire.

According to the scuttlebutt, Ten’s current underperformance would not be a hurdle to this career move in a year or two.

And with News Corp potentially becoming more involved in Ten under changes to the media laws we could this see a broader shuffling of the cards around the Australian News Corp empire? Read more »

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