Kyle’s social meanies

Dr Mumbo is genuinely mesmerised by this video of his favourite shock jock.

A new (and Dr Mumbo suspects short lived) segment features Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O being read the negative things being said about them on the Today Network show’s Facebook page and on Twitter. It may be inspired by a similar idea from Jimmy Kimmel in the US.

The changes on Kyle Sandilands’ face from the one minute, 53 second mark are compelling.

Perhaps Dr Mumbo is reading too much into it to say that he sees Sandilands’ soul crumbling before his very eyes. It finally leaves his body at the two minutes and 22 seconds mark… Read more »

Ten stays on message

game plan multiDr Mumbo thinks that Network Ten’s publicity team may be feeling bullish about tomorrow’s episode of The Game Plan on One.

Why does he think this?

Well, they have sent out the press release 12 times so far this morning…

game plan email

Hey dummies, want to learn social media?

So these social media gurus? Sorry, social media “goddesses”… When they teach classes, are they required to respect their students?

Dr Mumbo’s just wondering…

silmcharm class tweet Read more »

Putting the brutal into brutal simplicity

marriage isn't working


It’s a while since Charles Saatchi was financially involved with M&C Saatchi (and even longer ago with Saatchi & Saatchi), but there are times when having the founder’s name above the door can have a downside.

Those times include when the tabloids include photographs of Saatchi grabbing his wife Nigella Lawson by the throat, an incident for which he has now been cautioned for assault by the police.

At those times, the M&C Saatchi slogan of “brutal simplicity of thought” does not seem entirely ideal.

Still, it has given the internet an opportunity to remix one of Saatchi & Saatchi’s most famous ads.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 12.11.00 PM



Good to see the evidence in Cannes that Ogilvy Sydney’s put-your-name-on-a-bottle idea has been recycled for the French market. Read more »

You don’t have to be paranoid to work at Austereo, but it stops you getting mugged

Dr Mumbo is concerned to hear that comedian Tony Martin was nearly mugged – but delighted to hear that his time with Triple M stood him in good stead.

The story unfolded in a umber of tweets from Martin, who revealed that a would-be mugger tried to follow him to his hotel room.

martin mugging tweet1 Read more »

What to do when you run out of news before the end of the show

Either it was a quiet news day on Friday, or the editorial team on ABC1′s 7.30 really like surfing:

Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles, Coles

Dr Mumbo is stuck. Please could you remind him who sponsors Masterchef?

Hamish’s blue tie gets the snip

Dr Mumbo isn’t sure about Hamish MacDonald’s decision to wear a blue tie during an interview with Destroy The Joint’s Jenna Price.

In part he’s not sure whether it was a good idea to wear it. And in part he isn’t sure whether what followed wasn’t a stunt. Read more »

Bodey’s night at the opera

So TEDxSydney has emailed its database sharing details of who won prizes by responding to its post-event survey.

And who should pick up the Opera Australia tickets but one Michael Bodey? Read more »

Crash dummies

golf circul8Dr Mumbo congratulations Sydney digital agency Circul8 for its tasteful take on VW’s current problems

The agency posted an image on its Facebook page of a crashed VW as a spoof ad covering the car company’s current safety PR crisis.

It looks to Dr Mumbo, that the image has been lifted from a story about a crash which saw two children and two adult passengers of the VW Golf airlifted to hospital.

Because road accidents are always funny, right? Read more »

Smile Alan, you’re on TV.

Dr Mumbo thinks broadcaster Alan Jones didn’t seem very pleased to be on television when he had to discuss the issue of misogny on Sunrise.

AlanStill, at least the segment above featured a diverse range of bald middle class white men.

Ten News: Latham for PM?

Dr Mumbo knows there are a more than a few media outlets wishing former Labor leader Mark Latham would return to federal politics.

However, Dr Mumbo was unaware that Latham had ever been Prime Minister.

Latham Read more »

The Five on Ten?

the fiveDr Mumbo reckons its worth an outside bet that Ten’s new morning panel show, featuring Ita Buttrose and helmed by executive producer Rob McKnight, is going to be called The Five.

The Five is a daytime talk show in the US on the Fox News Channel which launched about two years ago. It features a rotating panel of contributors talking about pop culture and current affairs.

According to Wikipedia: “The show is made up of six blocks. Each of the first five blocks is introduced, closed and loosely moderated by a different co-host. The co-host’s block may be on a single topic or multiple topics. The final block is a wrap-up segment wherein various topics are quickly visited.”

The reason Dr Mumbo suspects that The Five could be the show – or its working title – could be no more than a social media coincidence, but an interesting one nonetheless. Read more »

Something to think about

If the person who accidentally took John Mescall’s Thinker of the Year trophy off his table from the Mumbrella Awards last night would like to give it back, please bike it to Mumbrella House, 46 Balfour Street, Chippendale NSW 2008.

No questions asked….

Thank you.

Mumbrella thinker of the year:

Have you seen this trophy?

June 11 update: A happy ending:

john mescall trophy tweet

Rosso to the rescue

Dr Mumbo is a believer in media transparency in all things.

Mumbrella Awards 2013 Tim Ross2

So he should probably declare it now.

It’s going to be a long time before you read anything bad about Tim Ross on Mumbrella.

With guests already on the way to the Mumbrella Awards at The Star in Sydney, host Charlie Pickering was wiped out with a nasty bout of  food poisoning.

Rosso, who hosted the first Mumbrella360 conference in 2011, answered the SOS call. And stormed it.

Twitter brand head praises Murdoch for ‘being himself’

MurdochDr Mumbo congratulates Rupert Murdoch for being recognised for his honesty. Read more »

Bananas in Pyjamas on Ten?

BananasFairfax is today reporting that Bananas in Pyjamas has been “dumped” by the ABC.

Dr Mumbo was intrigued to hear that, when asked today at Mumbrella360 whether Ten would be interested in the iconic children’s television show, Network Ten CEO Hamish McLennan said: “We’ll talk to anyone at this point.”

Dr Mumbo knows Ten is trying some new ideas… but wonders if Ten might be able to combine the Bananas with other successful formats.

Bananas in Pyjamas on Masterchef anyone?

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