‘Lisa’s too white’: even spray tans can’t get Karl and Lisa a Gold Logie nomination

The announcement of well-deserved Gold Logie nominations for Waleed Aly and Lee Lin Chin has had many hailing it as the most diverse line-up ever and “a departure from the all-white nominee list up of recent years”.

And Dr Mumbo has made no secret of his admiration for Lee Lin, with Aly deserving the nod for his performance on the guitar at the Walkley Awards alone. 

However, there was no room on the list for Nine breakfast show duo Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, a fact which didn’t go unnoticed in a tongue-in-cheek segment on this morning’s Today show.

karl stefanovic lee lin chin logies

“Last time I checked Stefanovic – what part of the world is that from?” asked guest Ben Fordham, mischievously, before describing Karl as a “trailblazer”.

“I might look white on the outside but I’m dark on the inside,” quipped back Stefanovic, a former Gold Logie winner himself.

“I know you are, and with that spray tan you’re dark on the outside too,” replied Fordham. Read more »

McDonald’s finally stops pretending, switches to promoting heart attack with every meal

Dr Mumbo has always felt a tad sorry for fast food chain McDonald’s and its position as an easy target for opponents of unhealthy eating.

So while his jaw dropped a little to see Maccas promoting the idea of pouring syrup over fries – as it is currently doing on Facebook – he also rather enjoys the unmistakable V-sign to the fooderati.

McDonald's: No longer pretending

McDonald’s: No longer pretending

Code Brown: Ikea’s social media bathroom etiquette

Today is April Fool’s Day and many brands have jumped on the pranking bandwagon.

Among them was IKEA Australia which launched a “WIFI hotspot toilet brush”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.36.15 pmUnfortunately, some customers were less than enthusiastic, with Timothy Mudford noting he: “can’t wait to take a poo at Ikea”.

What’s interesting is not the smart-arse customer comment but rather Ikea’s response: Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.00.27 pm Read more »

Awkward TV encounters

Not since Ten’s Belinda Heggen mocked her co-presenter’s “small package” has commercial TV seen such an awkward encounter as last night’s 6:00pm Nine news bulletin with Tony Jones and Rebecca Judd, both filling in for Peter Hitchener and Livinia Nixon, in Melbourne.

Despite a 26 degree day weather prediction for tomorrow things were positively frosty between the two desk jockeys at the end…

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Slack: less meetings, more animals that can kill you

Companies love a good theme for their meeting room names, be they colours, inventors or trees. But the naming system behind Slack’s new offices in Melbourne might be the best yet.

As Slack’s Linda Shaw explains: “The first one is irikundji, which is box jellyfish. All our conference rooms are named after animals that will kill you in Australia.”

Other rooms include:

Board Room: Great White

Conference Rooms:

– Saltwater

– Dropbear

– Dandarabilla (inland Taipan)

– Redback

Silo – irukandji

Nothing like a friendly work environment.

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Satirising yourself

Dr Mumbo is always a fan of the AFR’s syndicated Alex cartoon.

Today’s feels a tad close to home though.

alex cartoon AFR Read more »

Harold Mitchell: closet photographer

machiavelli_review__1024Dr Mumbo knew the godfather of Australian media buying Harold Mitchell had many talents, but did not realise it includes photographing the rich and famous.

At least that’s what The Sunday Telegraph’s food critic Amy Harris would have us believe, writing in her review of the restaurant: “One of the most famous Machiavelli hallmarks – its collection of power portraits taken by stinking rich media buyer/closet photographer Harold Mitchell – still remain.”

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Donny Osmond’s diplomatic incident

donny osmond adobe summitWhen Adobe invited everyone’s favourite singing Mormon Donny Osmond to present at its Summit conference it probably didn’t expect it to spark a diplomatic incident.

Donny kicked off his session with a good old fashioned sing along with Adobe’s vice president, business development and marketing, John Mellor, inviting the 10,000-strong audience to join them in singing I’ll Make a Man Out of You from the film Mulan, with the lyrics shown on a big screen.

Unfortunately no-one thought to check the lyrics to the Disney film’s lead song, which includes the line “Let’s get down to business, to defeat the hun”.

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When Medibank learned about social media

Medibank wins Dr Mumbo’s social media catastrophe of the day award after some bright spark had the not-entirely-excellent idea of putting an unmoderated Instagram feed onto its website based on a hashtag.

And it’s fair to say that Medibank isn’t so much angry but disappointed in what the naughty people of the internet have done.

Yesterday the good folk of Reddit Australia became aware of the chink in Medibank’s engagement armour, and were soon helping the site along with their own takes on the #GenBetter hashtag.

gen better KKK halloween costumeMany images appearing on the Medibank page are perhaps a tad unseemly for Dr Mumbo to share, with lowlights including lot of genitalia and Anne Frank. Plus of course drug references and the Ku Klux Klan.

medibank marijuana Read more »

The Oz ‘Trumps’ Howard with hair transplant

Dr Mumbo notes that Trump fever appears to be increasingly contagious…

The Australian today has rugged up former Prime Minister John Howard’s bald dome with a distinctly Trump-like addition:
Howard Trump

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M&C Saatchi’s David Kershaw: Not a fan of original writing

M&C's David Kershaw, a man of few words

M&C’s David Kershaw, a man of few words

It appears M&C Saatchi’s global CEO David Kershaw isn’t a fan of original thinking, at least when it comes to his annual report rhetoric.

While reading M&C’s 2015 financial report, Dr Mumbo could not help but notice how similar Kershaw’s comments on its 2015 performance were to several of his previous results announcements.

For example: “2015 was another year of outstanding progress for M&C Saatchi,” mirrors closely “2014 was another year of excellent progress for M&C Saatchi” and “2013 was another year of outstanding progress for M&C Saatchi” and who could forget “M&C Saatchi has made very good progress in 2012”? 

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AAP becomes Fairfax’s most prolific writer in strike edition as Age breaks its own embargo

PaperDr Mumbo is always interested to see which senior newspaper executives are dragged to the coalface and forced to tackle a keyboard rather than a calculator when journos strike.

This week’s wildcat strike after 120 redundancies were announced at Fairfax saw Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald and Age thump (well perhaps float) onto doorsteps with SMH and Sun Herald editor-in-chief Darren Goodsir and Age senior editor Mark Hawthorne teaming to write the splash on the Senate deal.

Hawthorne was a busy man with his hand in three stories, but the two standout performers were AAP and Anon which across news and sport managed to contribute at least 24 stories between them. Read more »

Lara Bingle or Lee Lin Chin: Who did it better?

It’s almost precisely 10 years since Tourism Australia launched its ill-fated “Where the bloody hell are you?” campaign.

To coincide with that anniversary the good folk at The Feed have created a spoof of the ad to promote their upcoming forum on Australia’s Lockout Laws.

It’s worth watching if only for the scene where Lee Lin Chin revives Lara Bingle’s famous line…  Read more »

Fifield’s modern Shakespearean TV drama

Dr Mumbo notes that when Communications Minister Mitch Fifield took the portfolio he claimed he wasn’t really a huge fan of the Arts (part of the revised portfolio), preferring the Pet Shop Boys to the ballet or theatre.

But that hasn’t stopped him from doling out some Shakespearean references in his description of the state of television industry politics during yesterday’s address to the National Press Club.

Which of Shakespeare’s many plays did he use? Well, Romeo and Juliet, of course…  Read more »

Dear Fairfax, you know what I really think..?

When Fairfax New Zealand’s executive editor Sinead Boucher sent an email out celebrating record traffic figures for Stuff.nz, it appears that some people on the mailing list were not all that interested in sharing her enthusiasm.

In a reply that went to every Fairfax New Zealand inbox, the humourless recipient shot back a curt note providing a brief critique of Fairfax’s journalism: Read more »

Balloon animal selfies with Ira Glass

What do you do when you see your idol? These days most people’s go-to is to grab a selfie. But if you happen to see Ira Glass, he’d prefer you ask him to make a balloon animal.

It turns out the This American Life creator carries around balloons for making balloon animals in his bag wherever he goes, as he demonstrated on stage at his interview at SXSW overnight.

ira glass balloon animal selfies

“You can find yourself in random situations where it can be useful. I have to say it’s the least effective way to pick up women ever,” he quipped to the audience, as he made a blue dog for a woman who had asked for one having seen him make one for someone previously in a live show. Read more »

SBS2’s The Feed now with more… well, everything.

Dr Mumbo was pleased to learn SBS2’s The Feed was now subject to new, less stringent rules on what it can broadcast.

Which, as the guys from the show were keen to point out, means they can do and say a lot more.

Mainly it means more nudity, swearing, violence… you get the picture. But the best bit is that they put it to song.

Welcome to The Feed Swearing Song:

What happens when hackers take over Penthouse Australia? The Lego issue

It’s not been an easy day for the Australian version of adult mag Penthouse after it was revealed it’s a tad behind on some of its supplier payments by at least $50,000.

So Dr Mumbo is sure its owners are jumping for joy that someone took over its Twitter account rebranding it first as a gay magazine and then perhaps most brilliantly with ‘The Lego issue’, amongst many, many other tweets:

penthouse lego issue Read more »

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