Swimming with social sharks

After the world was gripped by a shark attack on heroic Aussie surfer Mick Fanning on live TV this morning, insurance company AAMI was the first brand that deemed it safe to fish in the social waters with an audacious tweet that subtly hinted that life insurance might be a good idea.

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Optus’ location services fail

Targeted advertising is the holy grail for many in ad land today. It’s all about talking to the right people in the right location.

But commuters at some Sydney rail stations have been left wondering why telco Optus said ‘Yes!’ to sticking ads targeted at the wrong suburbs up at some railway stations.

Like the good folk of Burwood who had an ad targeted at people from nearby Croydon put up at their train station.

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Cooking up a copyright infringement

Masterchef has been a smash for Channel Ten this year, doing more than any other show to help turn around the network’s fortune.

So the good folks at Ten must be a bit annoyed to find rivals Channel Nine have managed to cook up a very similar logo and visual language for new cooking show Hot Plate:

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Double Darren – the adventures of marketing’s foremost content marketer

They say that talking to yourself if one of the first signs of madness.

So Dr Mumbo was concerned to see Australia’s most brazen content marketer, TrinityP3’s boss Darren Woolley, literally talking to himself when playing both sides of an argument between a marketer and an agency in his latest video.

Suited and booted he represents the client on the left, and the ‘funky hair’ denotes the creative agency type on the right.  Read more »

Anything to tell us? Nope.

The secret of great television is lively flowing conversation between presenters.

As the Today Show’s Karl Stefanovic and Alicia Loxley demonstrated this morning.

The reasons for the apparent awkwardness became clear a few minutes later when Karlos invited her to reveal the happy news with viewers that she was expecting.

Got a respiratory illness? Take Quickflix

Dr Mumbo had feared that fourth place video subscription service Quickflix (current share price: 0.0010) wasn’t going to pull through.

But it looks like it’s put together the marketing deal of the year.

For every bottle of chesty cough liquid Duro-Tuss, the patient gets a free month’s subscription to Quickflix movies.

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Hamish & Andy fire first shots with Kyle and Jackie O cannon jibe

Fresh from being launched from a cannon into Sydney harbour to celebrate their official ‘launch’ back onto the Hit Network Hamish Blake and Andy Lee hosted a party for a few of their closest friends, advertisers and media buyers.

Just watched Andy launch the @hamishandandy radio show by getting shot out of a cannon! 💣

A video posted by A N G U S O ‘ L O U G H L I N (@angus_ol) on

Southern Cross Austereo threw a bit of cash at the event, pulling in a range of talent from across the network and flying in some top media buyers from markets like Perth and Adelaide for the shindig on the rather ‘understated’ Starship Sydney boat.

But inevitably it was Hamish and Andy who stole the show with just five minutes on stage in which they managed to mention their ambitions to do soft core porn, have a dig at new CEO Grant Blackley’s pay packet, and a claim the cannon stunt as their first victory over rivals KiisFM, and in particular former 2DayFM brekie hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, who apparently also wanted to book the same cannon this week.  Read more »

A Mini for all seasons

That’s a mighty fine home page takeover the Sydney Morning Herald is enjoying today.

Dr Mumbo is sure it’s just a happy coincidence that the car in the weather story is also a bright red Mini.

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Timely DJ disasters

Dr Mumbo has noticed a worrying phenomenon.

Sydney radio presenters who are about to come back on air seem to have the most awful bad luck on their holidays. Even if it does then helpfully generate headlines reminding newspaper readers about how they are COMING BACK FROM THEIR HOLIDAYS.

Take Nova’s Ryan Fitzgerald (back on the mic from 6am Monday).    Read more »

NSW Blues read out mean but eerily accurate tweets

Victoria Bitter decided to jump on the celebrities read out mean tweets about themselves bandwagon ahead of the State of Origin decider yesterday where Queensland thumped NSW by a record margin.

However Dr Mumbo wonders whether it’s actually a case of NSW Blues players read out eerily accurate predictions about their performance.

One message read: “The current NSW Blues team contains the biggest collection of Origin losers of all time”.

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Facebook – a great way to tell customers to stop whinging and go elsewhere

The great thing about social media is that it’s a two-way conversation.

Which means it’s a highly efficient way to tell a customer to sod off to a competitor if they don’t treat your ads with the respect they deserve.

andy lish facebookDr Mumbo thanks Andy Lish, creative director at ANZ Bank’s ad agency Whybin TBWA Melbourne for the compelling demonstration.

Andy was senior writer on the ANZ campaign which features a series of pioneers in their field, including lone yachtswoman Jessica Watson. The ad is currently being force fed to Facebook users.

anz jessica boat facebook

And it’s fair to say that Andy didn’t like it when punter Jack Ryan made a joke comparing banking with ANZ to being stuck on a yacht in the middle of nowhere. Read more »

Three pictures that prove BuzzFeed is more influential than the ABC. You’ll be amazed at number two.

Dr Mumbo’s favourite thing is when old media get cross about new media.

So he much enjoyed the moment when the ABC’s Leigh Sales arrived at the Bill Shorten hearing to discover she was not in the front row. Repeat: Not. In. The. Front. Row.


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Hamish & Andy to do Breakfast

Radio stars Hamish & Andy have made a triumphant return to the airwaves again this afternoon with their new Drive program on Southern Cross Austereo. 

But in surprise news it appears that they will be also be doing a Breakfast radio show… in New Zealand.

See this somewhat mischievous lead from the NZ Herald:  NZ Herald Read more »

On Her Majesty’s Salary Sacrifice

Dr Mumbo has been left shaken, and slightly stirred, by the appointment of James Bond to the role of director of external affairs and investment for the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia.

Having grown up with the name, Mr Bond is presumably thoroughly sick of the jokes. But that’s not going to stop Dr Mumbo from making them anyway.

Here’s the press release of the announcement in full (with some helpful additional amendments in bold, courtesy of Dr Mumbo): Read more »

‘Princes of media’ honour Anne Parsons

Dr Mumbo was pleased to see the annual Melbourne Media Hall of Fame pay tribute to one of the highest achieving females in the media agency landscape, Anne Parsons.

In her acceptance speech the former Mediacom boss pulls no punches, roasting many of the industry’s biggest names and notes her own discomfort with being put up alongside the “princes of media” taking aim at the likes of “Harold Mitchell OBE, QBE, MC, MI5, FBI etc.”

In a honest and frank speech, Parsons talks her long career and “how she got away with it”, describing the shifts in media – noting how some media agencies in the 80s were closer to the “Playboy Mansion” than anything else – and vividly describing her first media owner paid lunch with then New Idea sales rep (now Pac Mags boss) Peter Zavec. Read more »

‘A few happy African kids and some Coca-Cola and we’ve got something special there’

Everyone worth their salt in the ad industry knows award success lives and dies not on the quality of the campaign, but on the emotional ride the case study video takes you on.

So in a bid to improve Australia’s haul at Cannes Lions next year (and to spruik its Creative Fuel conference) ADMA has created this unique insight into the making of “The Award Show Case Study Song of the Year”.

“Forget endlessly browsing music libraries and scouring iTunes accounts, the Case Study Song of the Year is the ultimate soundtrack of success. And we’re giving it away to every agency and marketer in Australia,” says ADMA CEO Jodie Sangster.

If nothing else it’s worth watching the five minute making of video just to see Steve Back practicing his Mongolian throat singing.


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Much like Mark, no he is not that Ray Martin

Last week Dr Mumbo told you about Mark Scott – not the ABC honcho – but the systems and network engineer based in Melksham in the UK who was copying flak online from people on Twitter because he has the handle @markscott. 

When the cycle of online #qanda abuse continues but this time it’s Ray Martin – no… not that Ray Martin TV journalist, broadcaster etc. – who is coping the abuse.

Ray who is a retired army officer from North Queensland has tweeted to explain that no, sadly, he won’t be doing the independent review on political talk show Q&A. 

However, it appears there is another show on Network Ten he would very much like to review:  Read more »

Use your Amex at Mcodnalds

Dr Mumbo can’t wait to get his next Gib Cam for free at Mcodnalds courtesy of this American Express Facebook offer:

mcodnalds amex ad

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