Darius Boyd’s News Corp cake award

Today’s award for having your editorial cake and eating it goes to this News Corp story which came via News.com.au from Brisbane’s Courier-Mail.

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On your high horse

Once again the speed of the 24-hour news cycle has seen an important word omitted from the ticker –  although Dr Mumbo can’t help but think “The Queen has tested positive for morphine” makes a better story.

The real story BBC News is trying to convey is of course one of the Queen’s horses has tested positive for morphine. 

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Walkleys and Kennedys go head to head

Dr Mumbo was planning his diary for the week and couldn’t help but notice that Wednesday was looking a bit crowded…

It would appear the folks from The Kennedy Awards have put their nominations announcement, which is at the Australian Turf Club’s Theatre of the Horse at Randwick, on the same night at The Walkley Foundation’s Freelancer of the Year event which is on at the CBD Hotel back in the city.

Normally these organisations try to avoid clashing given there might be a few journos who wanted to attend both. Read more »

Do the Wakudoki

It’s like King Kong meets Wayne’s World, with a gurning Japanese boyband.

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Censoring the discriminated against blonde beautiful women

Regular readers may remember a couple of months ago Mumbrella reported on a scrap yard’s billboard featuring a blonde bikini clad woman which fell foul of the Ad Standards Board  because the image had “no relevance to the product”.

At the time the owner of St George Metal Recovery complained the decision amounted to “discrimination against blonde beautiful women”,  an issue Dr Mumbo understands the UN is currently holding a commission into.

Well, it seems they undertook to change the wording on the board. But, instead of going to the cost of getting a whole new ad designed and printed they decided it was easier just to use stickers saying “censored” over the offending parts of the text.

Touche, scrap yard owner.

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Not FruChocs – now they’re Apricot Balls


Chocolate balls


The real deal

There’s a price to pay in getting national distribution for your product.

And in the case of South Australia’s arguably most iconic product, FruChocs, it’s a high one.

FruChocs, from SA confectioner Menz, are now on the shelves of Coles. But not as South Australians know them.

Now they’re Choc Apricot Balls.

choc apricot balls

Has nobody heard of South Park?

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Bright spark

Dr Mumbo salutes the Sydney Daily Tele sub who came up with this brilliant headline on a story about Greens senator Lee Rhiannon whose office lights were left on overnight.

telegraph LEDs are burning


The art of apology

Sorry may be the hardest word for some, but Woolworths showed it’s got a pretty broad repertoire when it comes to apologising in today’s Daily Telegraph.

woolworths apologies sorry

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Wicked Campers: We don’t set out to shock

There’s been a fair bit of hoo ha about Wicked Campers and those slogans on the side of their vans in the last 24-hours, with 95,000 people signing up to a petition to have their vans taken off the road.

Regular readers will of course be aware the brand has had seven rulings from the Ad Standards Board against them this year, and even another two which came out today.

Indeed spokeswoman Leanne Webb, the daughter of company owner John according to SBS World News, said the brand doesn’t set out to shock the public, it’s just very creative.

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An effective ad

Full service agency Noisy Beast, best known for its ads for Swisse, is PRing how effective its latest campaign for client All Day Socks has been, with swimmer Hayley Lewis as its star.

It’s led to a 20 per cent uplift in sales apparently.

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An open letter to Rupert Murdoch from a News Corp journalist’s car

RupertRegular readers of The Australian won’t fail to have noticed Australia’s best national broadsheet is celebrating its 50th anniversary tomorrow, and to kick off festivities its founder, and News Corp boss, Rupert Murdoch is in town.

There’s a big bash tomorrow night which will see VIPs from the Prime Minister down gather to celebrate the colourful life of the national broadsheet.

However, Dr Mumbo’s spies tell him that not everyone at News is celebrating…

Indeed one brave journalist has even gone as far as penning an open letter to Rupert demanding improved salary conditions and then posting that in the windscreen of their car which as of 7.30am today was parked at the entrance of the company’s News Corp headquarters.  Read more »

Check that shirt out

A brief glimpse at Melbourne’s papers today provides a lesson in which statesmen can and can’t pull off a checked shirt.

The Herald Sun leads its front page with Clive Palmer’s effort and another cracking headline, whilst The Age has Indonesia’s new president Joko Widodo in its World section.

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If they can’t beat you, join them

Who better to advertise on The Guardian’s story about a World Cup themed anti-gambling initiative than Sportsbet, with a World Cup themed pro-gambling initiative.

guardian sports bet


And here’s the Singaporean ad in question, which ran during the half time break of the Germany routing of Brazil yesterday.  Read more »

A great day for kids

When subbing your front page, make sure you look at all the headlines together, or this can happen.

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How did the Ad Standards Board rule on its own ad?

The Ad Standards board recently launched a campaign to promote its services to the Australian public. What it probably didn’t expect was to receive several complaints about it.

It seems some members of the public took umbrage to the spot, which features members of the ASB board, and was variously described as “inappropriate” and “racist” and contravening free speech.

It seems there were a number of complaints about the ad including:  Read more »

Les Murray’s World Cup smash hit

Loyal readers may remember a few weeks back Dr Mumbo wrote about a football song featuring the unique vocal stylings of SBS’ football host Les Murray, celebrating the genius of former France midfielder Zinedine Zidane.

It seems whilst the tune by Melbourne band Vaudeville Smash hasn’t been lighting up the Aria charts it has been getting a lot of interest on YouTube, clocking up more than a million views since it was posted on May 29.

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Eat Pray Tweet

Does your dream holiday consist of going to Bali with a dozen social media types, doing yoga with them, eating organic food with them and tweeting with them? For a week?

Then look no further. For just $7,500 (excluding flights), this holiday could be yours.

Sometimes Dr Mumbo feels he should stress when a particular product he mentions is not a joke. Read more »

Get ready for a week of Ten getting excited about a former sportsman’s sexuality

Even in the hyperbole-driven world of television, Ten has been promoting its Ian Thorpe interview remarkably hard, albeit somewhat coyly. Here’s the latest:

“With less than a week to go until Ian Thorpe: The Parkinson Interview airs on TEN, watch the first promo from their highly-anticipated encounter.

“Shot this week in London, Sir Michael Parkinson CBE explores the private and sometimes troubled world of Ian Thorpe OAM. With no question off limits, the master interviewer examines the good times and the bad, the triumphs and the trauma that Ian has faced throughout his life.

“Ian Thorpe is Australia’s most decorated Olympian, one of Australia’s favourite sons and a sporting legend around the world.

“Affectionately known to many as Thorpedo, Ian broke 22 world records and won five gold, three silver and one bronze Olympic medals. He has also collected 11 World Championship titles, 10 Commonwealth Games gold medals and nine Pan Pacific titles.

“In a world exclusive, TEN will broadcast Ian Thorpe: The Parkinson Interview on Sunday, July 13, at 6.30pm.”

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