110 per cent democratic

It has proved to be possibly the biggest ever democratic event in history for the Scottish independence referendum, according to CNN, with 110 per cent of the population casting their vote.scotland

Publishing house finds novel way to turn bad news into positive PR

PanteraIt’s not often you can find positives when you’re the victim of crime, so Dr Mumbo tips his hat to a small publishing house for giving it a crack.

Pantera Press spied the opportunity for a spot of imaginative PR after a break in at its Sydney office. Rather than wallowing in their misfortune, the firm built a team of crime-busting detectives to solve the dastardly deed – all based on the fictional characters from the books it publishes.

“When we came into the office we wished we had Pantera Press’ best criminal minds onto the case,” founder and chief executive Alison Green said in a press release. “Ed Dyson from Melanie Casey’s Cass Lehman Crime Series would of course be leading the team, but we’d want the charming Rowland Sinclair from Sulari Gentill’s 1930s Rowland Sinclair Mysteries to help us do some amateur detective work behind the scenes.

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The Chaser: A pre-emptive apology

Ordinarily, Dr Mumbo wouldn’t have been at all surprised at receiving a press release from the ABC apologising for The Chaser. However the team’s new show, The Chaser’s Media Circus, doesn’t start broadcasting until next month.

But no harm in getting the apology in early, Dr Mumbo reckons.


ABC TV has today issued a pre-emptive apology for the whole series of the Chaser team’s new show, The Chaser’s Media Circus, which starts on ABC on Wednesday 15 October at 8.30pm and continues for 8 weeks.

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Carrie on Roving?

rove and carrie bickmoreA curious moment occurred at the very start of last night’s The Project which made Dr Mumbo wonder if host Carrie Bickmore’s contract is up for negotiation at the moment.

Just as the title credits ended Rove McManus (of course the owner of Roving Enterprises, which produces the show) welcomed back co-host Pete Helliar from his break, to which Bickmore, said “do I not get a welcome back?”

Getting all defensive Rove quipped “Of course you do. You’re the hardest working member of this team, we couldn’t do this show without you,” before turning to the camera and adding “Are you listening Channel Ten? We’re just a bunch of monkeys, but this one, jeez.”

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Meet the passive-agressive, letter-writing billboard

This BillboardDr Mumbo doesn’t get that many letters in this digital age, but recently he’s been receiving some pretty strange correspondence, from a billboard.

He’s had not one but two letters from “This Billboard”. The first letter was flattering, “I’m just writing to say I’m a big fan of your work” before hitting home with a request – it’s the usual child-asking-dad for a favour strategy.

It continued “I was wondering if you could help me out. See I’m not as popular as I could be. I want more people to take an interest in what I do, and I’m looking for someone to help me get the word out. I’ve got no followers, zero, none. Last week I googled myself, I got to the 12,421st page before I gave up.” Read more »

Nothing is possible

Dr Mumbo suspects that this photo of the new Australian ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia, Alex Tagaroulias, could have been slightly better art directed.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.19.31 AM

Sky News brings the thunder

Who says the rolling 24-hour news channels occasionally struggle for big yarns?

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The Bachelor auditions: Scuttlebutt from the sequin Hunger Games

Dr Mumbo overheard an intriguing conversation in a hairdressers in Sydney’s inner west over the weekend.

Relaxing in the chair with a glass of wine while she had her hair coloured was a young woman who claimed to have auditioned for the current season of Ten’s reality dating show The Bachelor. And while she didn’t make it to the 30 who fought it out on the show, she had intriguing tales to tell of the process.

Will actress, sorry 'accounting student', Jessica win the sequin Hunger Games?

Will actress, sorry ‘accounting student’, Jessica win the sequin Hunger Games?

Viewers are told contestant Jessica – one of the favourites to win – is an accounting student. According to the auditionee, Jessica is actually an actress by vocation.

A spokesman for Ten tells Dr Mumbo: “Jessica completed an acting course while in the US in 2010. She is now an Accounting Student. She took a break for The Bachelor and will resume studies at the start of next semester. She is currently working as a Business Development Manager for a post-surgical nursing firm.” Read more »

Consumer pyschologist doppelgangers

Consumer psychologist and chief strategy officer at Cummins & Partners Adam Ferrier has discovered he has a very convincing look-a-like.

If the mysterious doppleganger is in need of employment Dr Mumbo is sure he could find work hosting behavioural science conferences or book signings in Ferrier’s absence…
Adam Ferrier tweet

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HuffPo sponsors its own native ad about native ads

HuffPo mythbusting for native advertisingNative advertising has been a buzz topic for a few weeks since John Oliver called out the practice, but many people are still confused as to what it actually is.

Fear not, for the Huffington Post has created the most meta piece of native advertising ever, partnering with itself to create a piece of native advertising, about native advertising, served on its own home page.

However, with the title of “8 Myths About Native Advertising That Are Almost Entirely Untrue” it does lead Dr Mumbo to ask which parts of them are true?

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Need a loan? Ask Kyle

First there was the record label and talent agency, then the nightclubs investments and more recently the coconut water importing business

Kyle Sandilands is a man who has his fingers in many pies. Now he’s expanded his portfolio lending his brand to a new loans business 13KYLE.

KyleNeed money for a car, boat, caravan, house or your business? Kyle has the answer.

It’s certainly an unconventional sales pitch, with the section on business loans asking: “FEELING LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR? NEW BUSINESS VENTURE? COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT? KYLE SAYS HELL YEAH!”

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Bonds v Urban Dictionary

Bonds has come up with a set of ‘Boobicons’ for its latest push in the ‘Boobs’ campaign, but when Dr Mumbo searched his old friend Google for the phrase, he was surprised to find they are already a thing.

And it seems Bonds and the Urban Dictionary have a few different interpretations around what they might mean.

These include:

Boobicon  | Bonds Definition  | UD Definition

(+) (+)         Mama                        Silicone breasts

{O} {O}        Big                            D-cups

(@) (@)        Dazzling                    Big nipple breasts

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What car?

It seems the good folk at Ford have gone out of their way to make an ad which mentions every other car manufacturer – especially major rivals Toyota.

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‘Fuhck cahpitalism, I download all my shit for free’

Dr Mumbo is a big fan of comedy duo the Bondi Hipsters, but their latest satirical efforts leave few in the media world unscathed, and actually seeks to take down cahpitalism itself

The video “Fuhck the Bahnks” takes aim at the modern media cycle and media mogul Rupert Murdoch in particular.

It’s unclear whether the hipsters intended to upload it the same day as the subscription television body ASTRA had its big annual conference, but with lines like “Fuck Rupert Murdoch and pay-TV. I download all my shit for free” it will certainly get their attention…  Read more »

My name’s Garmin, Forrest Garmin

From the people that brought you sat navs comes this epic story of one man and his wearable device.

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New York for breakfast?

Today in the US Nine NetworkAvid viewers of breakfast TV (and who isn’t) will have noticed Channel Seven’s Sunrise has been broadcasting live from the US all this week as part of a roadtrip, taking in some of the iconic cities there.

In the spirit of originality, and not to be outdone, Channel Nine is also taking its breakfast show Today on the road next week. To the US.

Kochie King KongTheir special guests will include the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and, The Voice mentors The Madden Brothers. In fairness to Today it is the fourth year in a row they’re making the trip.

Fortunately the two itineraries are completely different.  Read more »

Comic sans sparks media war of words

Dr Mumbo has always known comic sans was a font type that divided people but today’s decision by the SMH to put it on the front page has truly sparked a war of words on Twitter.

The controversial decision was first noted by readers, with one even asking this important question:

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The Stormys: PRs salute their favourite journos

stormy award winnerThe relationships between PRs and journos can often be a little fraught, so in the spirit of peace and friendship one Sydney-based agency has come up with its own awards, The Stormys.

Last week the 13 winners in categories including ‘Most approachable TV producer’, ‘journalist that best featured our client’, ‘best blogger’ and ‘journalist we’d most love to employ as a PR’ received the surprise trophy in the post.

And the initiative seems to have caught on, with Wordstorm PR pledging to collaborate with other agencies next year to reward their best contacts.

The winners: Read more »

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