Punting on the dole with Sportsbet

It must be a worrying time if you work at one of Sizzler’s restaurants, with owner Collins Foods signalling today that it won’t be investing any more in the chain.

So what could be more tasteful than Sportsbet rushing to open a book – and issue a press release to promote the PR stunt – on when everyone will be out of a job.

You stay classy, Sportsbet.

sportsbet sizzler

A minister named Sue

Dr Mumbo wonders if the person doing captions on last night’s ABC News is a fan of Johnny Cash’s song A Boy Named Sue.

Regardless, the fact that immigration minister Peter Dutton owns a cafe was certainly new… Dutton

Hat tip: Lemo @morsuga9 

Buyback blowback

Dr Mumbo did enjoy the Alex cartoon in today’s Australian Financial Review.

Alex cartoon buybacks AFR

The cynical merchant banker has something of a low opinion of organisations that indulge in share buybacks. Read more »

News Corp rushes to champion free media

Yesterday former PM Julia Gillard claimed that the likes of News Corp is too keen to put the boot into its media enemies at the expense of press freedom.

“In Australia’s media culture though it is much more likely the other media outlets would see a competitor being given a beating and want to land their own blows, siding with the government rather than defending an example of the free press at work.”

Today, News Corp has proved her completely wrong, racing to champion the ABC’s right to make editorial decisions about who should ask questions on Q&A over PM Tony Abbott’s view that journalists should be taking sides.

You can see it in News Corp’s nuanced coverage from its papers around the country.

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Welcome to Cannes, where the weather is bright and friendly, and the judges are many beautiful

It is of course the most frabjous of all weeks where lucky workers within the communications industry get to read “What I did on my holidays” school essays from the lucky 1% who are currently in Cannes.

And this year, those who have been shivering through the Australian winter solstice have an additional treat. Whybin\TBWA’s digital bigwig Russ Tucker has filed his diary column for Campaign Brief in French. You can read it here.

But as an additional service, Dr Mumbo has taken the liberty of running it through Google Translate: Read more »

The media sleepout race

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 12.22.07 pmThe annual CEO sleepout – a major fundraiser for St Vincent de Paul – is tonight and Dr Mumbo is pleased to report that a number of bigwigs in the media and marketing world will be sleeping out.

Now, while it is a charity event, when you gather this many CEOs together it’s hard for them not to compete (just a little) for the most amount raised.

Dr Mumbo congratulates Nicholas Gray The Australian CEO, who as of 12pm today, has raised $126,000 of a $130,000 target and was running third nationally among the CEOs sleeping out.  Read more »

Fake Twitter glass houses

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.55.16 amThe Daily Telegraph loves Photoshop and today’s page six certainly delivers, with Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore being depicted as the Twitter bird.

Moore and the Tele have a long history of animosity but what could the Lord Mayor have done to deserve such an unflattering depiction?

As the story explains, the high profile politician has tens of thousands of apparently fake Twitter followers. It suggests that buying fake followers is a trait of those on Twitter who “want to show they are well liked and it encourages even more people to follow them.”Clover

A quick search of fake follower analysis tool Twitter Audit indeed suggests Moore has 23,965 fake followers. Which is a lot. But it’s not as many as a certain high profile tabloid website which has 31,545…  Read more »

Crazies – don’t DM me

Twitter has announced it will drop the 140 character limit on its Direct Messages and allow people to use up to 10,000 characters. While many rejoiced the news hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

For example ABC managing director Mark Scott – who obviously gets his fair share of crazy correspondence – who tweeted this morning on the matter: Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.01.18 am

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Marketing grads: how to get a media agency’s attention

Dr Mumbo knows how hard it can be when you’re a university graduate looking for that right place to land that first job.

So full points to the university student who on the back of last week’s M Grad project at Mumbrella360 decided to pull a little stunt and get the attention of the senior leadership at GroupM:

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.04.32 amHe can also report the graduate is looking at pretty good odds to find themselves in GroupM’s incubator graduate scheme the M Grad program… Read more »

When marketing football it’s probably best to avoid the phrase ‘Money can’t buy’ right now

brisbane airport football money can't buy

The phrase “money can’t buy” and football should probably be kept well apart given the ongoing corruption and bribery scandal engulfing the game’s governing body FIFA.

Unfortunately no-one pointed this out to Brisbane Airport, which is offering “money can’t buy” football experience to plug its sponsorship of Liverpool FC v A-League side Brisbane Roar in July.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.58.07 am

Still, full marks to them for attempting to recreate Nike’s legendary World Cup 1998 featuring the Brazil team, with a schoolgirl and Robbie Fowler: Read more »

The Morning Show’s seamless penguin infomercial segue

What’s more inane than infomercial banter? The unscripted banter that comes before it, if this ‘off camera’ bit of penguin-related banter which accidentally went to air on Seven’s The Morning Show today is anything to go by.

What’s particularly impressive is the way the presenter seamlessly segues from reading the newspaper and pontificating about why penguins should live in the arctic not antarctic because “it’s warmer up north” to being live on air.

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Could we replace entertainment journos with robots?

jules lundRadio host Jules Lund had some interesting words for the world’s entertainment reporters, comparing them to robots during a gameshow today.

Lund was one of the competitors on the Game for Change gameshow panel at the Mumbrella360 conference when the topic of algorithms which automatically create articles based on pre-determined events, such as an earthquake.

Likening that to entertainment journalists he quipped: “They wake up, see a celebrity tweet, copy, paste, and publish.”

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‘If you pay peanuts you’ll get monkeys and it will get shitty’ says secret CMO

CMO confidential Mumbrella360In one of the most unusual sessions in the history of the conference four senior chief marketers have lifted the lid on what they love and loathe about their creative agencies on stage at Mumbrella360 – hidden behind a screen.

Among the observations covered off by the four, dubbed Mr Travel, Mr Retail, Miss Finance and Mr Alcohol by session convenor and founder of New Business Methodology Julia Vargiu – were candid views and observations about dodgy practices, lazy work and supreme levels of services, leaving many in the audience wondering if it was them being talked about.

Their answers were relayed to delegates at the Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney this morning, with their voices disguised to avoid identification.

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Loud’s Lorraine Jokovic to be the boss that gets tossed



The results are in, and Dr Mumbo can reveal that the winner (if you can call it that) of Mumbrella360’s first  Toss Your Boss contest is the CEO of strategic creative agency Loud, Lorraine Jokovic.

Jokovic’s not-entirely-enviable prize is to take part in a tandem skydive, which will be live streamed to next week’s Mumbrella360 audience.

Four weeks of voting saw media owners go head to head with agencies and marketers, with more than 5,000 votes cast in the competition organised by aerial outdoor company Branding By Air. Read more »

Edge of your seat TV

Some things in television are certain. For instance, it’s a certain fact that if you put Today host Karl Stefanovic and sidekick Ross Greenwood onto a rollercoaster, it’s going to make good telly.

Karl Stefanovic Ross Greenwood Read more »

Wide World of social media

The social media team at Nine’s Wide World of Sports has been furiously ramping up for one of its biggest events of the year, the first State of Origin clash.

But in their flurry of activity someone obviously got their social media platforms confused earlier today, tweeting a picture of a blue square and a maroon square and asking people to ‘like’  “the colour which will win tonight!”.

nine wide world of social media origin Read more »

Attention dumb ladies and bratty PR bitches: Look at the pretty flowers – it’s time for the B&T Women In Media Awards

Ping! An email draws Dr Mumbo’s attention to the news that B&T has launched its Women in Media Awards, with a website with a lovely floral design. As the correspondent puts it: “Nothing says serious awards about the promotion and advancement of women leaders… like some pretty feminine flowers.”

women in media B&T

Manhood - John BastickBut for those who think that the trade title may not understand the subtleties of how to talk to professional women, they can be reassured by the presence of new B&T online editor John Bastick. In his prior existence, Mr Bastick demonstrated quite an expertise on the nuances of professional sexual politics in his “Manhood” column for Ask Men.

And we certainly have a lot to learn from Mr Bastick’s writing. For instance:

1. Women in PR and media sales are only interested in “shopping and hair dye”

He asks: “Am I wrong in surmising that the women most likely to moan about the apparent ‘man drought’ are white-collar and middle-class with ‘exciting’ jobs in PR and media sales, and whose favourite topic of conversation is shopping and hair dye?” Read more »

Repeat, repeat, repeat

It’s always awkward when mid-way through pointing out someone else’s errors your own systems screw up.

This was precisely what happened to the folks at the ABC’s Media Watch last night when midway through pointing out how many times Fairfax has accidentally run the same articles twice and numerous other gaffs, the broadcast cut out and was replaced with an encore screening of the earlier episode of Four Corners.

Unsurprisingly, viewers noticed:Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.20.54 am

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