Why is it you’re so successful?

Dr Mumbo has seen some pretty neat native advertising of late – and indeed the melding of ads and brand message can be informative and entertaining when done right.

But he was surprised to see this effort popping up on Sky News this week from the good folk at Kosec, starring the every reliable John Mangos.

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Frequent flyer

When behavioural targeting meets a site with a lot of adslots, the casual user might conclude that Qantas is really, really proud of the price it charges for flights to Heathrow…

speedtest qantas

The Press Council’s Mexican standoff

David-Weisbrot-234x234-234x234Dr Mumbo has been a fan of the can-do campaigning attitude of new Australian Press Council chairman Professor David Weisbrot.

However, he fears that while his calls for the government to send a “high level delegation to the Open Government Partnership’s Global Summit” are very noble the government may struggle to take him up on the challenge.

You see the summit is in Mexico City, and starts tomorrow (October 27). Read more »

Hamish’s $8m goodbye from Ten

While Hamish McLennan may left Ten on an upwards trajectory, his exit certainly didn’t do his personal finances any harm.

McLennan: Exited Ten with $8m in 2015

McLennan: Exited Ten with $8m in 2015

Numbers released by Ten today reveal that McLennan received a total of more than $2.4m in termination benefits. On top of his normal salary and benefits, the 2015 financial year saw McLennan clock up a total of $8,040,923 – well up on the previous year’s package of $2.5m. Read more »

The AFR presents: Sizes of things that people aren’t. Part One – Fans of News Corp

Dave-Smith-468x229Dr Mumbo was intrigued to read the speculation in the Weekend AFR about the sudden resignation of NRL boss Dave Smith.

Was it because News Corp didn’t want to deal with him after he’d embarrassed the media company by signing a surprise agreement with Nine?

Perhaps, although NRL commissioners Graeme Samuel and John Grant would also have had a say in that deal.

Half way through the story, the AFR reveals that the duo “are known to not be big fans of News”.

NRL Grant Smith big fans News

But, then the thesaurus of large things came out. Read more »

One L away from a public relations professional

When it comes to LinkedIn first impressions count.

Which is why he advises all PR professionals to go back and double check their accounts to make sure they are not listed as working in “pubic relations”. Read more »

The Daily Mail’s latest Bachelorette re-write

Dr Mumbo thinks it might be time for the Daily Mail to step away from The Bachelorette now.

Last night the website posted another Bachelorette paparazzi story – obviously the ‘court of public opinion wasn’t strict enough with its sentence after Ten’s injunction against its spoiler story on Thursday.

This time it purported to show the losing ‘hunk’ Michael Turnbull seeking comfort with a “mysterious brunette” on Friday.

Only as News.com.au points out that woman is in fact their own lifestyle reporter Vanessa Brown, who was conducting a pre-arranged interview with Turnbull. If you look closely at the Mail’s papped pictures you can even see the notebook in hand.  Read more »

Australia v New Zealand: The battle of the airlines

A Rugby World Cup Final between Australia and New Zealand is still the stuff of dreams for fans of the code, but that was not going to stop Air New Zealand throwing down the challenge of a little wager with Qantas after the flying kangaroo tweeted its support for the Wallabies.

The Twitter battle of the Airline brands unfolded after Qantas sent a little social support to the Aussies ahead of their weekend clash against Argentina:Qantas tweet 1

With tongue firmly in cheek the Kiwis wasted little time in responding:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.48.16 PM

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Qantas updates customers to let them know that there’s no update, but that when there’s an update, they’ll update them

Dr Mumbo suspects that most Qantas Frequent Flyer members may not have seen yesterday’s news story that Woolworths is thinking of exiting the loyalty scheme.

In which case, the point of last night’s email to QF members must have seemed somewhat baffling. Read more »

The Australian’s guide on how not to use the new Twitter Poll

The Australian’s technology writer David Swan, aptly named @Swan_legend, was keen to show off Twitter’s new poll functionality yesterday. However he inadvertently offered up a masterclass on how not to run one.

Which newspaper is better? was the question posed to his 1,491 followers with the choice being The Australian (naturally) and its arch rival the Australian Financial Review. You could say he was setting himself up for a fall.


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The most Australian health news of all time?

Certain topics are always reliable tabloid fare.

Cancer (causes and cures) are high on the list.

So are Australian things.

And then of course there’s booze.

Imagine if you could do the hat-trick… Read more »

Campbell Reid’s one weird trick for appearing digitally savvy

Campbell Reid


And so to Sydney’s Jones Bay Wharf where a who’s who of the Australian publishing world indulged in a spot of future gazing with News Corp’s editorial honcho Campbell Reid, BuzzFeed’s Simon Crerar and Ninemsn’s Hal Crawford.

Whilst he may have been the oldest on the panel, Reid admitted he has a trick for appearing digitally savvy at speaking gigs.  Read more »

For Amanda Keller, revenge on Triple M is a dish best served at breakfast time

Radio is a funny old game.

And the publication of Amanda Keller’s memoir, Natural Born Keller, today gives the management of Southern Cross Austereo an excellent opportunity to reflect on this.

The top two Sydney FM breakfast shows are currently Kyle & Jackie O on Kiis FM and Jonesy & Amanda on WSFM, both of which are of course ARN stations.

The defection of Kyle Sandilands and Jackie Henderson from SCA’s 2Day FM to Kiis has been a tale well told. But also worth remembering is that Austereo’s Triple M also let Keller slip through its fingers – and in a less-than-classy way. Read more »

Barossa. Be confused

Fans of high concept wine region advertising will remember the ‘Barossa. Be Consumed’ ad featuring darkly moody shots of the earth, fresh produce and a random woman in a white dress with the Nick Cave soundtrack.

Well to spruik the fact the second season of spoof wine series Plonk is moving to Youtube, the team behind the series including The Chaser’s Chris Taylor and Nathan Earl decided to produce a homage to the ad.

It’s worth it just for Taylor pouring a bottle of water over himself in a vest.

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Back to the Future: who spoofed it better?

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Back to the Future fans have been getting a little overexcited at the fact Wednesday is the date Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled into to the future in the second film.

The timecode punched in by Doc and Marty.

The timecode punched in by Doc and Marty.

When the film was released, back in 1985 it promised flying cars, self tying shows and hoverboards.

Sadly our 2015 reality is a bit more disappointing… as a number of media outlets have been keen to point out.

Like this one from The Huffington Post: Read more »

Pregnant pause

Dr Mumbo isn’t really sure what to make of Presto’s promotion for its new show Let’s Talk About which was sent to him yesterday.

let's talk about pregnancy test promoYes, it’s a pregnancy test. Read more »

Are you Yahoo Serious?

Today News.com.au asks the big question of the day – Whatever happened to Young Einstein star Yahoo Serious?

Indeed the author of the piece, Matthew Murphy, writes it was a question asked of an Australian friend of his living in New York while on a date: “‘That is a question no Australian has asked in 20 years,’ my friend informed her date.”

But that’s untrue. Indeed Dr Mumbo and a colleague were discussing the same question just this week. And when you actually perform a Google search for old Yahoo what comes up is his IMDB profile, a couple of Young Einstein links, and several articles asking ‘Where is Yahoo Serious now?’.
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Zoo Weekly goes out in a blaze of glory – and a raised middle finger to its critics

Bauer Media’s now defunct lads mag Zoo Weekly has gone out with a bang, a fortnight after the publisher announced the closure of the struggling title.Zoo Weekly last edition

The cover features a raised middle finger. Inside, editor Shayne Bugden tells readers: “It’s for all the shouty killjoys who’ve spent years telling us – and you – that we’re horrible people because we like beautiful women and taking the piss out of just about anything.” Read more »

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