Sephora takes the ‘o’ out of count

Whilst cosmetics store Sephora was looking to make a bit of a splash on social media for the opening of its new store in Sydney tomorrow, it probably wasn’t banking on a botched hashtag to get the job done.

Earlier this week the brand launched the #countdowntobeauty hashtag on its Facebook page. Unfortunately someone forgot to spell check it, and missed out the all important ‘o’ in count. Yep.

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Teasing the Terminator

It’s bad enough movie studios tease us with trailers for amazing looking films a year before we’ll ever get to see them.

But now Paramount Pictures have taken the teasing one step further, releasing a teaser for the world premiere of the trailer for the film, which isn’t slated to come out until June.

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Channel Seven gives Nine a media blackout

Readers with good memories may remember how radio station 2UE blurred rival 2GB’s logo out of a picture on its website.

Well, it seems Channel Seven has taken a leaf out of Fairfax Radio’s books and done the same thing to its major rival, Channel Nine.

The media blackout happened in Melbourne during the rival network’s coverage of the Victorian Elections, when Nine’s reporter Seb Costello squeezed in front of his Seven rival to get a chat with victorious candidate and new Premier Daniel Andrews’ dad.

Now you see it: The Nine logo is clearly visible on its own coverage

Now you see it: The Nine logo is clearly visible on its own coverage

The Nine logo has mysteriously disappeared from the Channel Seven coverage

Now you don’t: The Nine logo has mysteriously disappeared on the Channel Seven coverage

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Australian Sex Party’s cheeky message

Somewhat disappointingly, the Australian Sex Party did not take political control of the state in Saturday’s Victorian election.

And that was despite this last-minute campaign video showing the unusual way the party planned to support the Victorian arts scene (or should that be arse scene)?

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The friendly face of journalism?

Meet Journo Jack. He’s on a mission to meet everyone in Sydney, all six million of them.

This rubber faced mascot is the latest attempt at raising the profile of local newspapers by News Corp’s NewsLocal, and if you’re in Sydney you can expect to see his slightly maniacal grin on a street near you soon.

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PR community get musical for PRIA’s 65th birthday

The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) turned 65 this year and Dr Mumbo, ever the fan of musicals, was pleased to see them celebrate the occasion with song.

It was yesterday’s launch of the PRIA national conference which saw professional MC Darren Isenberg take on a reworked version of The Beatles’ When I’m 64 in front of hundreds of public relations professionals.

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ASIO chasing The Chaser?

It was one of the stunts of 2007 when the Chaser boys made international headlines by getting some of the tightest security checkpoints on earth to get to the front door of then US President George W. Bush’s hotel.

While there was no repeat at the G20 in Brisbane Dr Mumbo was intrigued to hear the Queensland Police Service (QPS) asked about it at yesterday’s PRIA national conference.

When Matthew Rigby, executive editor of the QPS, was asked how they avoided a repeat he told the audience: “In terms of our friends The Chasers… I think there were two factors and (fellow panellist) Greg Swan (from Brisbane City Council) touched on this earlier — our Commonwealth colleagues from ASIO that don’t have surnames.”

He went on to tell the room: “There’s a really broad intelligence world that exists, and not that we can go into detail about that, but agencies collaborate across the world and across Australia in that space.” Read more »

Tony Abbott and the Wishing Tree

It’s fair to say Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s photo opportunity at Kmart’s Wishing Tree this morning was somewhat unfortunately timed, coming as ABC staff were being told of the 400 job cuts to come.

More unfortunate was the decision of his media team to put a picture of Tony grinning and holding a present on Twitter.

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ABC: Thanks for the memories, make em laugh

The ABC has launched a full-scale media management operation this morning as it announces up to 400 job cuts and numerous other changes.

Part of this was a website which was supposed to give more details about the cuts to journalists. Unfortunately it had not been sent live when Dr Mumbo clicked on it.

Instead he got a ‘Page not found’ and a list of recent posts. Titles that caught the eye included ‘Make ‘em laugh’,’Telling Tales’, ‘The man who saw too much’, and ‘ABC goes Mental As’.ABC media page recent poasts Read more »

Hadley’s billions

Dr Mumbo was pleased to see ABC managing director Mark Scott tweet that his budget problems had been solved this morning.

Although to be honest he was a little surprised to see that it was 2GB radio shock jock Ray Hadley who had solved the problem of how to fund the $308m in cuts, over five years, being imposed by the government.

The ABC head honcho tweeted:
Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 9.03.19 am

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Ad Nauseam – an instructional guide on how to go viral

For those adland guys out there still seeking the answer on how to go viral, Dr Mumbo has found a movie that should provide all the answers, and according to the teasers ahead of the film’s launch on iTunes tomorrow, it’s all about humiliation.

That’s right in order to go viral you need to be ready to humiliate yourself like this guy does.


The film – the first from writer/director Nikos Andronicos, himself a media/advertising veteran – features a number of well-known comedians including Bondi Hipster Nick Boshier and A Rational Fear’s Dan Ilic. Read more »

Vodafone’s network fail

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 1.12.19 PMVodafone, Dr Mumbo is led to believe, is back on track after what can only be described as a torrid period, and its communications vastly improved.

Marketing hacks may have a different view.

The resignation of the telco’s CMO Kim Clarke last month was widely reported by the media, and Vodafone no doubt fielded numerous questions about a replacement, not least from this publication.

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Going to the dogs

It’s not uncommon for ads to take, shall we say, inspiration from other realms of the arts, be they films, music or cult fiction.

But rarely has Dr Mumbo seen an ad borrow an idea from anything as ‘out there’ as this one for Sandown Greyhound Melbourne Cup – reportedly the richest hound race in the world.

The 30-second ad for the race, has been running for a little while on Sky Racing, is in itself pretty mundane save for it’s catchy tune ‘We Love the Dogs’.

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How to get head at work

‘PR queen’ Roxy Jacenko has a new book out, and has been on something of a promotional tour plugging it in recent days. Including an interview in Cleo.

However her agency Sweaty Betty PR might want to be a bit more careful when rewriting the headlines of interviews to put on their Facebook page:

how to get head at work

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Who’s chairing this discussion?

A three-bloke conversation about global economic growth could seem a bit dry. But not when Today has only two chairs.

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Courier Mail shows the power of print

On a day when the ABC number see newspaper sales still plummeting leading many to question their place in the media mix,  The Courier Mail’s splash is a reminder of how they still play a role.

Yesterday saw the Brisbane newspaper take its trademark satirical approach to Russia’s warships coming near Australian waters, showing President Vladimir Putin dressed as a sailor with the headline ‘Stop the Boats’ as he  prepares for a “shirt fronting” from PM Tony Abbott.

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Mean things no-one said about your campaign

DDB Canada have come up with a novel way to showcase work and puncture any developing egos in one swift move, read out angry tweets about their campaigns.

The crueller thing about this appears to be the tweets are entirely made up. None of the Twitter accounts in the video actually exist:

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Slap stick creativity

Are your staff slacking or lacking in inspiration?

It appears Leo Burnett Toronto has found a remedy to creative lethargy.

“No one was harmed or offended during the making of this video,” the agency insists in the mock case study video.

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