Brokeback ice cream

A decade late, but Streets has taken some inspiration from film Brokeback Mountain for a clever outdoor execution in Sydney.

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The type of domestic violence you can still joke about on Australian television

sylvia jeffreys, brendan jones, mel greig, mixed grill, knock around

Jeffreys, right: ‘She might knock him around’

While 2015 may have been the year that the Australian media finally got the message about abuse towards women, domestic violence towards men was still a laughing matter for Nine’s Today show this morning.

Discussing a man who had sent a cheeky WhatsApp group text to four of his ex-girlfriends, presenter Sylvia Jeffreys suggested he deserved to be “knocked around” by one of them.

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Can you hear me now? How about now? Can you hear me?

sangakkaraOne of the great innovations of Big Bash Cricket is the commentators being able to talk live to the players.

As the Ten commentary team didn’t demonstrate with Hobart Hurricanes player Kumar Sangakarra.

When you really don’t want to hear from Skyhooks

Like most non-luddites, Dr Mumbo has already bowed down to our new overlord and outsourced his brain to Facebook.

Fair to say, the related content algorithm may yet want a bit of a polish though…

facebook uniform skyhooks


The news trend of Christmas 2015: Mid-air media moans

jodi lee upgradeIt’s tough being a journo in the festive season.

Nothing much is happening, but those websites ain’t gonna click themselves.

Fortunately, help is at hand with the media trend of 2015: The entitled journo or celebrity’s midair tale.

No matter how minor the experience, if it took place at 43,000 feet, then it’s worth a yarn. Even better if it’s a really lame complaint, because that’ll drive the comment thread too.

Sitting on top of the news Christmas tree is WIN journo Jodi Lee. Read more »

A Current surprisingly fair

nine a current affair new showsYou may have been forgiven for thinking Channel Nine’s A Current Affair special report on the TV hits and flops might end up as a beat up on the network’s rivals, but you’d actually be wrong.

Despite a promo which appeared to promise plenty of promotion for Nine’s new shows and a good kicking for Seven’s failures (with Restaurant Revolution being labelled a ‘giant flop’) the interviews with TV critics Andrew Mercado and Di Butler did a pretty good job of summing up what worked and what didn’t in the last year.

However while Restaurant Revolution and The Biggest Loser got deserved kickings for poor performances Dr Mumbo was interested to note the absence of any mention of one of the biggest and most expensive flops of the year – Nine’s very own miniseries Gallipoli, which even then boss David Gyngell described as his “biggest disappointment for the year”. Read more »

Someone’s sleeping in the shame hammock tonight

Lee Lin Chin and Osher Gunsberg.

Logies season.

‘Nuff said.

Malcolm Turnbull, sex worker

If Malcolm Turnbull was in any doubt about the ride he can expect from the new editor of The Daily Telegraph Chris Dore, a caption in the newspaper today perhaps gives the answer.

turnbull telegraph sex worker caption

Dr Mumbo struggles to believe that the phrasing was accidental, even if it’s slightly clearer in context… Read more »

Quickflix seeks marketing minions

Quickflix job adIf there’s one company that 2015 hasn’t been good to it is Aussie streaming player Quickflix, which has been stuck in an indefinite trading halt since August 31 with its share price at just $0.001.

With the trading halt ongoing, despite a recent restructure which saw it slash 20 per cent of its workforce, Dr Mumbo was surprised to see a very honest job ad (perhaps too honest) advertising for a digital marketing executive, and another for a communications manager who will be in charge of the brand guidelines.

The successful applicant will report to the head of marketing and will be “working closely with the remainder of the marketing team” – however many people that is. Read more »

You know Stoner Sloth is struggling when the science nerds pile on

The Stoner Sloth campaign has been a hot topic this week across the media, with many piling in to deride it, and numerous memes and parody videos springing up.

But you truly know things are bad when the science nerds pile on.

Like this Facebook post from the good folks at the CSIRO:

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Inside the world of the Fairfax Employment Network

Dr Mumbo was intrigued to see the guys on Fairfax’s advertising team fronting up for a new ad campaign to spruik its Employment Network.

However the tongue-in-cheek Youtube clip, which sees the Fairfax rep speak to camera as he walks around the building but, does raise some important questions:

  • Like since when does management allow the use of segways in the building, especially while drinking coffee? That looks like a serious health and safety issue.

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All I want for Christmas is stock images featuring Edelman staff

Christmas is a time when agencies seemingly forget about working on those pressing client briefs and instead focus on making something quirky, interesting or twee for their Christmas missives.

So far we’ve seen Maurice Levy’s unskippable ads and Peter Vogel lip synching Mariah Carey – both things never to be forgotten.

But PR agency Edelman has decided to get practical, ditching the Santa hats to produce some helpful stock images.

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Where the magic happens for Sean Cummins

Ever wondered what Sean Cummins’ bedroom looked like? Or his lounge? Or kitchen?

Well all has been revealed in a gushing editorial in the New York Post revealing the Aussie expat is selling his Tribeca apartment for a cool US$5.9m (that’s $8.28m in Aussie).

And it comes with a few photos of how the ‘ad ace from Oz’  lives:

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Which Agency Action Hero are you?

Struggling for those last minute gifts for colleagues this Christmas? Not sure what to get them? Well here’s you answer – Agency Action Heroes.

There are 12 to collect including the Into Everything Designer who “won’t change anything”, the Eagle Eyed Finance Gut, Self-Obsessed Foppy Writer, the Wired-In Developer and Clickbait, the office dog.

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Karl finally steps out from his brother’s shadow to discuss Richard Wilkins’ giant head

Dr Mumbo has long been a fan of Tom Gleeson’s ABC show The Weekly (which Charlie Pickering also appears on).

So he was delighted to see Today show presenter Karl Stefanovic pop up as the Hard Chat guest last night, particularly as he appeared to know exactly what he was getting into.

And the timing of the interview on last night’s end-of-2015-special The Yearly was excellent, with brother Peter Stefanovic currently keeping Karl’s seat warm on Today while the haggling over his new contract continues.

The key issues were covered: What’s it like living in Peter’s shadow? As a journo with disaster area experience, how was presenting The Verdict? Was the Gold Logie fixed? Has he been on a year-long bender? Read more »

Maurice Levy’s very unskippable ads

“Times are too tough to play around, so don’t expect anything funny,” intones Publicise Groupe CEO Maurice Levy in what looks to be his most straightforward Christmas video message for years.

“I have long suspected that some of you are not paying attention, and while it’s often tempting to skip the ads to get to the content, this time you should be glad to skip me and get to the ads.”

And then in the bottom right of the screen appears a button no-one can resist, the Youtube ‘Skip this ad’ icon.  Read more »

‘Don’t Worry, There’s No Tornado Coming’, Broadsheet tells readers before tornado comes

Back in 1987, BBC weatherman Michael Fish revealed that a viewer had called in to ask if there was a hurricane on the way and confidently told British viewers: “Don’t worry – there isn’t.”

The ensuing hurricane instead turned out to be one of the devastating storms the country had seen, and Fish never lived it down.

Yesterday, hipster tipsheet Broadsheet joined the club, venturing into metereology to tell Facebook followers: “Don’t Worry, There’s No Tornado Coming.” Read more »

‘Tis the season for news bloopers

It’s that time of year when the annual collections of news bloopers come out.

This one from NewsBeFunny is 15 minutes but well worth your time, if you’re not slammed ahead of the end of the year.

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