Sara and the City

Two things strike Dr Mumbo about outdoor company oOh Media’s competition to win dinner in New York with the guy who used to play Mr Big in Sex and the City.

(Declaration of interest – they’ve been advertising it on the Mumbrella daily email)

First, he’s surprised by how many entries – which involve posting your picture with an oOh banner – appear to have been from men keen to have what is being billed as an “intimate dinner” with Chris Noth. Take a bow Ikon’s Matt Fiorenza, MEC’s Andrew Zanker, OMD’s Mark Tzintzis, UM’s Rob Dickens, Olivier Mok, Jason Coleman, Christopher Reid and Harry Perry among others.

And second, just how far some are willing to go to win.

Dr Mumbo suspects that OMD account manager Sara Williams has gone the furthest thus far.



Sadly, the TV weather in Australia is nowhere near as racy as that offered by the BBC’s Alex Deakin in the UK.

Bucketloads indeed.

The Australian raises four pairs of eyebrows

Here’s how The Australian’s Media section looks this morning.

So hands up who thinks they might be raising their eyebrows at Hamish McLennan’s appointment? Read more »

Toys for the girls

This ad for Howards Storage World, featured in Delicious magazine is dividing the female members of the team at Mumbrella House.

Some find it patronising. Some see only innuendo.

What say you?


(Hat-tip: @Jodestar33)

S2M stays classy

Not that Dr Mumbo would ever want to accuse those in the recruitment industry of being vultures, but waiting less than two hours from news of BMF losing out on the CommBank pitch doesn’t smack entirely of class.


Woman’s Day will always love… a good idea for a cover

womans day whitneyDr Mumbo is of course impressed with the speed with which Woman’s Day magazine has turned around its special tribute to singer Whitney Houston in order to get an early on-sale day for the weekly publication.

And of course he loves the powerful cover design and striking image choice too.

His suspicions (and indeed those of his anonymous tipster) were raised by the remarkable similarity to Entertainment Weekly’s cover.

However, those close to Woman’s Day tell Dr Mumbo that the magazine had gone to press 15 hours before Entertainment Weekly’s very similar layout went online.

In this case, the plagiarism patrol can stand down…

(Copy reedited to reflect the timings over deadlines.)

entertainment weekly whitney


John Rolfe, The Tele’s king of the wild frontier


Another dandy highwayman, yesterday

tele adam ant

A dandy highwayman

Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but wondering at how different pop star Adam Ant looks these days, in the picture on page 15 of today’s Daily Telegraph in Sydney.

Turning to John Rolfe’s consumer rights column on the following page, Dr Mumbo was delighted to note the Mr Ant appears to have a tribute act.

Sex and the single diarist

Ping! The following email drops into Dr Mumbo’s inbox:


Single girl? Sometimes Dr Mumbo feels that the publicity team at Eleven hardly knows him at all…

Which Inbetweeners do you prefer?

inbetweeners_optusThe clever folk at Optus have imagineered a new ad campaign around the highly original concept of  In-Betweeners to flog mobile internet.

We’ll leave aside for the moment the somewhat dubious marketing message that rather than enjoy a ferry ride through the most beautiful harbour in the world or playing with your kid, you’d be better off on your iPad.

Instead, Dr Mumbo poses the entirely rhetorical question… which Inbetweeners do you find most compelling?


Read more »

The writing process

Dr Mumbo’s quote of the day comes from The Australian’s Errol Simper:

“I sit with the other media folk now and I asked them: ‘Does Anybody have the Faintest idea what I should Write about?’ That Simon Canning, he said: ‘You should tell your reader about your move.’ So I will.”

And he did.

Nine News, now with added Big Bang

Nine’s many fans will of course be aware that with the demise of Celebrity Excess Fat Camp Baggage Loser, the network has returned to the default position of all Big Bang Theory, all the time.

Sadly it seems that Nine News Sydney presenter Peter Overton didn’t get the memo.

We hope we can see you too, Peter

The 499 dollar store

What Dr Mumbo likes best about the dollar stores is the straightforward price point. You know where you are when everything costs a dollar.

living_social_499And Dr Mumbo is delighted to see that group buying site Living Social has decided to follow that marketing approach in today’s email, where everything is priced at $499.

Shitty charm bracelet usually $19? Yours for $499.

Crappy bangle set better priced at $29? Yours for $499.

Bogan necklace spelling out your name? That’ll be $499.

A dozen bottles of rather average white wine? Four hundred and ninety nine buckaroos.

Laughable birthstone earrings? Yep, $499.

Along with a $499 USB stick, $499 eternity pendant, $499 wall canvas, $499 towels, a $499 first aid kit and $499 bra straps. Yes, bra straps.

It’s a brave premium price point, and Dr Mumbo wishes Living Social well with it.

First on Nine. Unless it’s a missile from KAK

So here’s how Nine’s @FirstOn9 tweet stream – which appears to be an automated newswire feed from AAP – looked earlier today.

firston_nine_screengrab Read more »

This weekend Woolworths can’t wait to give everyone an opportunity to give them a massive kicking

Dr Mumbo is sorry to note that Woolworths has decided to kick off the weekend with a mini social media disaster in the making. Read more »

The new iPad. Coming soon. Or later

When he’s on the go, Dr Mumbo naturally uses his Apple device to access to keep up with what Apple will be doing on the mobile device front.

And very informative it is too.



(Hat-tip: David Campbell)

The Sydney Mining Herald

So how would the Sydney Morning Herald look if Gina Rinehart gets full control? It would be the Sydney Mining Herald, for starters.

And there might be some subtle changes in the editorial direction which comedian Dan Ilic has helpfully interpreted…   Read more »

The bear necessities of political writing

Dr Mumbo’s award for intro of the year goes to Crikey’s Guy Rundle for this item today:

“Down in Colorado, they have a problem with black bears. They’ll sometimes wander into populated areas, and they have long since ceased to be afraid of human beings. Indeed, they are wont to attack, in dark places in the city. Worse, the male bears when in rut, have been known to attack in an, erm, pretty intimate way — Read more »

I see dead campaigns

A subtle rebranding of Ideaworks, courtesy of B&T Today.

ideadworks(Hat-tip: M)

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