The man who wiped the smile off his own face

nathaniel baneIf there’s one man who’s having a tough morning in the office, it’s Nathaniel Bane, assistant editor of paid content for the Herald Sun in Melbourne.

Poor Nathaniel is single handedly running a breaking news blog around the title’s move to a paywall which went live today. And fair to say, he’s taking a kicking. Not just because the readers are less than delighted at being asked to pay for something they’ve got used to getting for free.

But also, because readers claimed he was smiling too much in his byline picture. So much so that he bowed to online pressure and changed it to a glummer picture.    Read more »

Modern political advertising

Sometimes it’s hard for voters to understand the nuances of party politics and it takes a piece of advertising to cut through.

Bob Katter’s Australian Party has created just such a piece of advertising.

It’s always important to capture that homophobic voter minority.


The world’s longest serving guest columnist?

With summer now turned to autumn, Dr Mumbo notices that Sunday Life, the magazine inserted into The Sun-Herald in Sydney and The Sunday Age in Melbourne, appears to be no closer to finding itself some permanent columnists following the departure of Sarah Wilson three months ago and Mia Freedman two months ago.

There has, however, been a development. Stand-in columnist Jacinta Tynan, whose column has been labelled with the starburst “summer columnist” for the last few months now has a new label – “guest columnist”. But still no sign of a permanent replacement.    Read more »

Story with story about Lara Bingle in it

Fair to say the staff of know what link bait looks like.

And much like Lara Bingle, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple…

news lara bingle

And if you must read the story, here it is.

Deja vu all over again for SMH

It’s ten months since Fairfax Media outsourced most of its production to Pagemasters.

Everything will be running like clockwork by now of course. In unrelated matters, here’s a minor correction published in the weekend edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.    Read more »

Complete this sentence: It’s not a good idea to invite consumers to complete a sentence because…

Remember when the Woolies social media team messed up their weekend by inviting Facebook followers to complete a sentence?

It seems that after copying Woolworths’ fresh food positioning, Coles is drawing inspiration from their social media failings too. Albeit, choosing Twitter as the medium of fail.

QR codes are the future…

Dr Mumbo always enjoys an entire website dedicated to Adland in-jokes, and this one is a humdinger: Pictures of People Scanning QR Codes (think about it…)

People Scanning QR codes

HT @likeomg


Dr Mumbo’s hears that Jamie Oliver created a sensation when he dropped by the set of Masterchef 4 during this week’s visit to Australia.

He understands that a couple of contestants collapsed onto the floor in excitement at meeting the cockney cook. Which certainly bodes well for ratings when the show starts to air shortly.

Some song that you used to know

Dr Mumbo wasn’t one of the cool kids who shared Gotye’s ‘Somebody That You Used To Know’ on social media when it was first released. But he’s more than willing to share this…

Read more »

How not to astroturf

If you’re not a very imaginative sub editor you may want to read this

Looks like the SMH has found a winning formula for its headlines…


SMH Google



SMH smart phone

Who’s best at ads – The Guardian, or the SMH?

Welcome to compare and contrast, in which Dr Mumbo asks an entirely balanced question.

Below, you’ll see two current ads for newspapers. From the UK, one for The Guardian, then from Australia, one for the SMH. In the poll below, do tell Dr Mumbo which newspaper does it best. Because Dr Mumbo just isn’t sure.


Indecent Obsession

Dr Mumbo is very much enjoying this series promoting the Dallas Ad League’s annual ADDY awards, based around the refreshingly candid if not entirely shocking insight that adlanders are competitive types, contemptuous of their peers and verging on the self-obsessed.

Dr Mumbo’s favourite quote, from a sneering father in response to his toddler’s crayon scribblings:

“You keep this up, you’re going to be a copywriter,”


Can’t beat the feeling

Dr Mumbo suspects that the new Facebook Timeline for brands will result in some red faces for unwary brands (see bottom right of image)…

Coke Timeline


On patrol with Merrick

By watching this video, Dr Mumbo has learned two things about Triple M’s Merrick and the Highway Patrol.

1. Merrick does not have an ego problem.
2. They’re going to be very careful not to damage Kyle Sandilands’ Rolls Royce.

TCO’s Breakfast Club

At school, Dr Mumbo used to get put in detention rather a lot.

Sadly, his teachers did not see the brilliance of his spontaneous dancing to Karla DeVito’s ‘We Are Not Alone’ as seen in the movie The Breakfast Club.

The Conscience Organisation, however, has nailed it – costumes and all.
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Virgin Mobile’s leap year greetings

A nice PR stunt from Virgin Mobile.

The brand has sent bottles of Hardys sparkling wine to customers whose birthdays fall on February 29 with a message saying “It must be tough when your birthday only arrives every four years.”

Best TV interviewee ever

Sometimes, TV journos struggle to get a good eye witness interviewee.

And sometimes they hit gold. In this case that special gold that only comes when there’s a fire in a sex shop.

Going viral in three… two… one.

(Hat-tip: Jabba)

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