Australia: a mountainous nation in Europe

Given that Australian TV networks are parochial enough that the US broadcaster NBC decided to drop the tribute to victims of London’s 7/7 terrorism attacks from its coverage the following should come as little surprise.

According to NBC’s guide to Australia, the country is “located in central Europe, bordered to the north by Germany and the Czech Repulic”. Australia is, apparently “primarily mountainous”.

Which sounds a lot like Austria to Dr Mumbo.

NBC on Australia


Tissue boxing

Melbourne’s 3AW presenters Ross Stevenson and John Burns are going to be in London for the Olympics.

But sadly, Dr Mumbo doesn’t think this effort is going to put them onto the comedy podium.

If only they gave medals for effort…

A cat covered in tomato sauce

baby masterchefSo Ten’s Masterchef All Stars seems to be going well enough.

Next? Baby Masterchef. Read more »

Cathy Freeman ad – needs more big red hand

Much as Dr Mumbo loves the Coles Cathy Freeman Olympics ad, he feels that this version is a little more on brand.

Hat-tip: Rach

And this version takes the idea that Cathy Freeman is portrayed as a ghost one step further.

Somewhat similar to rain on your wedding day

Dr Mumbo has long struggled with irony. Is it like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife, or is it expressing the opposite of what you actually mean in a humorous fashion?

Or is it more akin to this post by Ogilvy One’s Simon Bloomfield, who writes about merging his on and offline identity for STW’s Nextness blog. He explains that in selecting online nicknames, “we wear our cultural hearts on our sleeves” and he’s chosen his online avatar to reflect his great love of the BladeRunner / Philip K Dick character Dekkard.

Or “Deckard,” as someone in the comment thread pedantically points out.

Now that really is a black fly in your Chardonnay.



Dr Mumbo dishes it out, and today it’s Mumbrella’s turn.

Who failed media 101 and mixed up Herald Sun and Sun-Herald?

We did.

sun herald

Fill her up

Dr Mumbo can’t help but feel slightly embarrassed for the driver of this bus, the next time they stop off to refuel.

Read more »

How to get a-head in advertising

Advertise here

While online ad exchanges may be the future of media, Dr Mumbo prefers Fitzy & Wippa’s on-air auctioning method.

Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli has been auctioning off parts of his body for use by advertisers, so that he can run as a human billboard in Sydney’s City to Surf race.

Today the pair sold Wipfli’s forehead. Read more »

The magnificent seven

So what sort of a fool would suggest that The Australian is overstaffed?

Seven bylines for one news story? Perfectly reasonable. At 27 paragraphs, that’s nearly four paras each.

Dr Mumbo hopes they all had a nice rest afterwards.

oz byline 1

oz byline 2

Sam’s not carefree

The use of the word vagina in the Carefree ad has certainly been generating debate – and that’s before the Ad Standards Board even rules on the complaints it has been receiving.

Comedia Sam mac has been taking it harder than most. Read more »

Olympic captioning

Former Olympic swimmer Giaan Rooney, Nine News?

Or another former Olympian, Cathy Freeman?

Read more »

Nothing to smile about

Contextual ad of the day comes from…

colgate smile

Why wait for your tabloid SMH

Fairfax may not be moving to tabloid size SMH and the Age until March next year (if you believe what it told the ASX), but group buying site Living Social has got there first.

For $44 you can get a “tabloid size front page newspaper print”, just like the real thing. And, just like the real thing, delivery is included. A broadsheet version will cost you a premium $60. Perhaps it also reflects the organisation’s new premium pricing strategy.

tabloid smh

Putting a cork in it

What’s the opposite of contextual advertising?

Because Dr Mumbo’s found it.

shire penfolds


Dr Mumbo suspects that the correlation between people looking to recork their vintage wines and people wanting to read about the Shire may be a tad on the low side.

Off the deep end

Welcome to Dr Mumbo’s favourite time of the month: mad Ad Standards Board complaints.

Today’s victim? CommBank – and its ad featuring Olympic swimmer James Magnussen. Read more »

The most prolific man on YouTube

There are, as one of Dr Mumbo’s colleagues pointed out today, a metric fuck tonne of videos on YouTube.

And Dr Mumbo has noticed a growing trend.

Christiaan Van Vuuren (you may remember him as the Fully Sick Rapper) is involved in every single one.

Bondi Hipsters? That’s him. Read more »

When Don become Jon

A month ago, B&T magazine asked the question on everyone’s lips when Seven announced a new boss: “Who Is Don Voelte?

don voelte

A month on, it looks like they haven’t been able to answer the question just yet:

jon voelte

But he is merely the boss of a billion dollar media company, so it’s an understandable mistake.



Some weeks ago in a Mumbrella opinion piece, we singled out Google for special praise for the awesome conditions in which Googlers work.

Sadly, since Dr Mumbo did not pay the ladies’ loos (Googloos?) a visit, we neglected to mention the other handy essentials ladies at Google (Googlettes?) get to use… Read more »

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