Locked and unloaded

Dr Mumbo always had high hopes for the Cock Up Confessional at Mumbrella360.

The first of the videos for the session curated by The Works went up last night. And those confessions from the likes of Peter McDonald, Mark Holden and Simon Corah are certainly worth a look.

But The Works’ own CD Kevin MacNamara takes the cake. Who’d have thought that it was a blunder to pull a gun – even a fake one on a client?

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Cynical marketing ploy of the day comes from home loans brand RAMS, which is luring the public at Wynyard Station with cute bundles of fluff, shepherded by cute young girls.

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Guitar for sale

While he’s happy to lampoon bigger brands, Dr Mumbo does feel a touch guilty for picking on private advertisers.

But people on Gumtree really will sell anything. Even air.

Hat tip: Kate Taylor

A record low (apart from yesterday)

Some insightful coverage of the woes of Fairfax Media on The Australian this afternoon.

australian on fairfax

Not really a record low then, is it?

Nymph mania – thanks to Merrick and co

Not every Aussie movie gets a major red carpet premiere.

The Nullarbor Nymph – despite sounding to Dr Mumbo like one of the worst films ever made – got precisely that last night.

Shot for $25,000 by Matthew J Wilkinson, the mockumentary was discovered by Triple M’s Merrick and the Highway Patrol. It took just 20 minutes for the show to sell out tickets for the premiere.

The video from last night is worth a watch. It’s not every film which is endorsed by a female patron revealing “I had a wank”. Or indeed publicist Max Markson comparing it to Back to the Future.

Update: An alternative interpretation is that the female filmgoer actually says “I liked his wang”; not “I had a wank”. Dr Mumbo reports. You decide…

When Twitter hurts

Fair to say that Dr Mumbo has some mixed feelings about who Twitter feels Mumbrella is “similar to”.

Twitter seeing similarities to the ABC’s Jonathan Green or The Australian’s Caroline Overington kind of makes sense.

Even Julia Gillard is flattering in a power and ego sort of way.

But Sunday Telegraph columnist Ros Reines? That’s the one that really hurts.

Twitter mumbrella similar to

No doubt the awesome foursome feel similarly aghast at being connected to Mumbrella.

If Yoda was a media planner

Remember last month’s Wake Up teaser campaign, which turned out to be for BlackBerry?

Happily it’s now come together with this week’s “Can’t” teaser campaign, which appears to be for Westpac or CommBank.

Bring the two together on adjacent Adshel panels, and the results are delicious…

blackberry cant

As Yoda, nearly said: “Do or do not. There is no can’t.”

(Hat-tip: Jon Deves)


Lost in translation moment of the day goes to Korea’s I Love Taekwondo magazine, which features US president Barack Obama and Korean prime minister Lee Myung-Bak on the cover of its very first issue.

Dr Mumbo is sure the world’s most powerful man will be delighted that he’s made the cover of such an esteemed journal looking like Bruce Lee. Perhaps less so, by the words beneath the cover line ‘Obama on Education’.

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Curtis gets creepy

dawn curtis colesWhile one or two people have commented on the pestering of Curtis Stone by Dawn French in the new Coles ad, John Pace has investigated a little further, and indeed, taken to the edit suite.

He tells Dr Mumbo:

“I figured Coles’ latest spot would be pretty creepo if you reversed the roles. I figured right.”

And the original…

coles curtis dawn

Dangi Fever goes global

Dr Mumbo must admit he didn’t fall in love with Nova’s stunt to bring the world’s shortest man to Australia and the ensuing “Dangi fever”.

But it has brought international headlines for the Fitzy & Wippa breakfast show, not least in the LA Times.

dangi fever la times

(Hat-tip: @Rove)

It’s official: if you’re reading this, you’re not normal

Dr Mumbo was fascinated to read the results of a new study which demonstrates that adlanders are not like normal people. 26% of ad/marketing professionals have used illicit drugs at an office party, compared to only 3% of what Dr Mumbo fondly refers to as Muggles, or non-magical people.

Most crucially, advertising staffers use social media differently to “normal” people, with 71% paying attention to brand posts on Facebook compared to 23% of Muggles.

The study was distributed via social media as an infographic and was commissioned by an advertising agency.

Dr Mumbo saw it on Facebook.

Quad erat demonstrandum.

Advertising agency infographic

Why what happens in media planning probably ought to stay in media planning…

Dr Mumbo loves the animated gif reaction blog meme as much as the rest of the internet.

But he can’t help but feel that this latest reaction face tumblr isn’t helping the industry view of media agencies…

“When I’m not invited to a lunch and learn but I see they ordered great food”








“When I win a media award in front of all my coworkers”







“When the vendor who invited me to an event ignores me, so someone else offers to buy me a drink”

It’s a hard knock life.

Dr Mumbo foresees the future popularity of the hashtag #mediaagencyproblems

It’s always right now, until it’s later

Never let it be said that the good people at News Limited are slow to respond to the digital revolution. In today’s Australian, Dr Mumbo was awed to learn that

News Limited is seeking a new publishing platform that will feed relevant tweets and social media updates directly to journalists as they draft stories, just like a wire service.”

Dr Mumbo is a philanthanthopic fellow so he’ll happily waive his usual hefty consulting fee and offer these suggestions: RSS. Tweetdeck. Storify. The internet…

And he’ll politely pretend that this and this and this never happened.

Leveson Inquiry meets Twitter meme

The proceedings in the Leveson Inquiry into press standard and Murdoch staff’s alleged phone hacking being held in Court 73 make compelling reading, but the internet wags of Twitter have created a meme that’s almost as riveting: #popleveson

A snapshot of the conversation on Storify:

Leveson inquiry meets pop lyrics in hilarious Twitter meme #popleveson

Twitter wags use artists’ own lyrics to interrogate them in the style of presiding judge Lord Justice Leveson, who is leading the inquiry into press standards and the phone hacking scandal. And thus a meme is born.

Storified by Tim Burrowes · Fri, May 11 2012 23:09:10

"You may call it ‘sexual healing’, Dr Gaye, but I contend that some would consider it ‘serious medical malpractice’." #poplevesonDave Turner
Mr Morrissey, the silence to which you claim to be heir is, in fact, criminally vulgar. #poplevesonNicola Thompson
Is it really True, Mr Hadley, that you consider yourself indestructible, as amusing to court as that seems? #poplevesonBob
All of the boys, Ms Kelis? That is an extremely expansive claim for any dairy product. #poplevesonHopi Sen
Mr Hawkes when you continue to prophes that you are ‘the one and only,’ it does somewhat leave us with great suspicion #poplevesonEmma Jones
"You continue to blame it on the boogie, Mr Jackson. But evidence suggests that sunshine, moonlight & good times played a part" #poplevesonJoe Pickering
Mr Daltrey the phrase "I can’t explain" is not an adequate defence – after all you are not a politician #poplevesonCliff Spurr
#popleveson Yes. Rather a long list of negatives there Mr Astley, which begs the question – what *would* you do?Willie Mackenzie
"Mr Morrisey, what exactly was your involvement in the death of a disco dancer?’ #poplevesonEmma sheldon
#popLeveson please prove to the court that you are in fact made of an transition metal of atomic number 22, Miss Sia.Dan Lambden
"You may call it puppy love, Mr Osmond. The rest of us have quite a different name for it." #popLeveson #throughthenightDouglas Carter
RT @politicalhackuk: And did you honestly believe that rock and roll was an adequate foundation for a city of this size? #poplevesonRaytrace
RT @themightyshrub: Mr Loaf, would you please be more specific as to exactly what it is you were unwilling to do for love? #poplevesonEileen Weinert
And you claim, Mr Richards, that the person on your cloud was unauthorised to be there? #poplevesonRoger Cragg
@Baabuzz I was EVEN slower to catch up on #popleveson, but wasn’t it splendid? Definitely one of the better hash tag games I’ve seen…Nick Fyson
RT @bfletcherwatson: Mr Astley, do you really expect us to believe that there are NO circumstances under which you would give the lady up? #poplevesonbroken_records
RT @Eaterofsun: I know nothing of astrobiology Mr Bowie. May we return to the unprofessional and indeed criminal behavior of the lawmen, please #poplevesonKoks
#popleveson and what, Miss Small, if you don’t mind me asking, have you done today in order to act so proud of yourself?Dan Lambden
#PopLeveson So, Mr Dury, not only was it not a surprise that the defendant assaulted you with his rhythm stick, you actually solicited it.Roderick Millar
RT @politicalhackuk: And did you honestly believe that rock and roll was an adequate foundation for a city of this size? #poplevesonJusta Notha
"I put it to the accused that she knew EXACTLY what the plaintiff would look like with a chimney on her." #poplevesonSandy Nelson
RT @katebevan: You say these boots are made for walking, Ms Sinatra, but I put it to you that 7in heels are in fact more suitable for sitting #poplevesonAlex Snowdon
RT @iucounu: "Mr Dylan, you claim the answer was ‘blowing in the wind’. I put it to you that it was illegally intercepted." #poplevesonRaytrace
@bloodandmud I would suggest to you Mr Townsend that your eyesight is not that good, & you are unable to see any great distance #popLevesonandy jolley
RT @NandySelson: "Mr.Jackson, the paternity tests clearly state that Billie Jean WAS your lover…" #poplevesonEileen Weinert
#popleveson In the course of Making Plans For Nigel, did you at any time enquire of Nigel as to what his wishes might be?Grumblywuth
"Mr. Andre, I suggest that you and your co-accused did in fact mean to make Mrs. Jackson’s daughter cry…" #poplevesonSandy Nelson
RT @Guy024: I put it to you that just because all your friends have Porsches, the lord does not have to buy you a Mercedes Benz, Ms Joplin. #poplevesonKathlyn Clore
"You continue to blame it on the boogie, Mr Jackson. But evidence suggests that sunshine, moonlight & good times played a part" #poplevesonJoe Pickering
RT @RupertMurdochPR: "Mr Scott, you have freely confessed to doing many dirty deeds and performing those deeds at knock down rates." #PopLevesonJo
"You weren’t hanging on the telephone were you Miss Harry? You were hacking it" – @campbellclaret http://tmblr.co/Zl-AJvLJFrcEpopleveson
Mr Lynott Where had the "boys" been before their recent return to town? #poplevesonCliff Spurr
RT @MurphyKi: And after some time seeking him here and seeking him there, you really could not find such a conspicuous person? #poplevesonAoife O’C
RT @garethhigginsbe: Do you seriously expect us to believe that you were responsible for both the killing of the Tsar AND the Kennedys, Mr Devil? #poplevesonXico Pérez
RT @bmagnanti: Sir A-Lot, your witness statement says that you enjoy a large posterior and are incapable of falsehood, is this correct? #poplevesonJesse Patching
Yes Mr Monkee, you are indeed very devout, but can we be sure you actually saw her face? #PopLevesonJohn Boon
RT @claire_coady: Surely you accept, Ms Spears, that ‘Oops’ is an insufficient explanation for why, indeed, you did it again? #poplevesonÁine McGrath
And, I need you to be clear on this point, did you pass the dutchie on the right, or the left hand side? #popLevesonGary Brooks
Ms Ciconne, we are well aware that appearances can be deceptive. Certainly the order of touching is irrelevant. #poplevesonJohn J Marachuk
Mr Murdoch, can you confirm that there was, in fact, whiskey in the jar? #poplevesonJayne Bradley
RT @MirrorJames: What we are trying to establish here, Mr Cocker , is exactly who sorted you for Es and whizz #popLevesonThe3rdMilibandBro
RT @jackthejudge: And what exactly, Miss Lucille, made you decide it was a fine time to leave? #poplevesonÁine McGrath
RT @jpsotis: I hope, Mr. Plant, that you do not expect this court to believe that the terminus of said Stairway is where you state it is. #poplevesonAoife O’C
So, Master Bieber, you were like baby, baby, oh and subsequently baby, baby, baby, no. Who, are we to belieb, is this ‘baby’? #poplevesonAlan
I suggest all Wurzels were aware of the disputed ownership of the Combine harvester & you had no intention of handing over a key #poplevesonandy jolley
RT @jeremyduns: ‘But you do now accept that there is also a way down, don’t you, Ms Yazz?’ #poplevesonWillie Mackenzie
RT @DaEtt: Please clarify, did you or did you not get full planning permission to pave paradise and put up a parking lot? #poplevesonÁine McGrath
Mr Z, can you confirm that you sympathised with Mr Hunt, despite having 99 problems of your own? #poplevesonPaul Cooksey
I would appreciate it Madame if you could take us back to the time when you were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar #popLevesonGary Brooks
RT @themightyshrub: Would you care to elaborate on exactly what it was that you and Julio were doing down by the schoolyard, Mr Simon? #poplevesonLoz
"Your submission states quite clearly what you’re *not* going to do. However, I would like examine what you will do, Mr Astley" #poplevesonOliver Payne
RT @MurphyKi: Well, let me say this you have wrecked the mike and you have psyched, but changing your names has not fooled us Mr "Ant & Dec" #poplevesonOswald J Gutenberg
#popLeveson Miss Piper, you have shown nothing but subordination. We can’t all just keep doing what we want to do. Laws must be followed.Dan Lambden
RT @politicalhackuk: You may be loving angels instead, Mr Williams, but your behaviour with the cathedral statues is unacceptable. #poplevesonCristinaGuglielmetti
Mr Bell, sometimes you should concern yourself with truth rather than pain inside. Stop trying to lead this enquiry by the hand #poplevesonIain
Are you certain, Mr Prince, beyond all doubt, that this particular Raspberry Beret could not be purchased in Harrods? #poplevesonGareth Higgins
RT @MrNorthice: "It is for this court to decide on the nature of its preparedness for any of your gelatinous desserts, Ms Knowles." #popLevesonEdele Feenan
"Mr Cave, you suggest that it was ‘a rose’ that you planted between her teeth. Would you now like to amend that statement?" #poplevesonDon MacInnes
brilliant. “@josharpen: Mr Morrissey, you may think it was really nothing but William is still pressing charges. #popleveson”alica thomas

HT @mab397

Zoo looks forward to 2010

zoo media kitDr Mumbo is sorry to see the continued decline of ACP’s Zoo Weekly in the latest circulation numbers.

Yet he’s glad to read on the publisher’s website that it sees a bright future of the magazine.

According to the media kit the readers are rather quaintly “unencumbered by the credit crunch”. Remember that?

And: “we’re confident that Zoo will continue its market dominance and go on setting the agenda for the young men of Australia in ZOO9 and beyond.”

Unfortunately it’s now ZO12…

Coffee + live TV = best blooper ever

Back before the world YouTube ruled the world, the BBC aired a show – which was to be the first of many – featuring TV bloopers.

It included a young newscaster, dealing with disaster magnificently.

In the years that followed, Dr Mumbo tried to hunt it down, without success. Every few months he would search the name “Guy Michelmore” on YouTube, to no avail.

Until today. Today he found it. Somebody’s only gone and uploaded it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the best TV blooper ever…


Bacon buster

Dr Mumbo is disturbed by what MasterChef’s George Calombaris looks like he’s about to do to this pig. And curious as to how a creative department went from the idea of fresh coffee to a celebrity chef attacking a swine.

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Cold seat

Dr Mumbo had always assumed that when it came to Nova Sydney’s breakfast duo of Fitzy & Wippa, the brains of the operation was Wippa.

Clearly not.

As Eddie McGuire has helped him demonstrate.

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