Wil they ever get it right?

In the world of promotion, media and marketing bugger-ups, it’s a brave network that hands Gruen Planet  and its host such a ‘gimme’.

But that’s what Nine did when, in a scene for its new drama House Husbands, it altered a bus ad for Wil Anderson’s stand up comedy show Wilarious, presumably so as not to promote the ABC talent.

Instead, ‘Ilarious’ the new show by ‘Wil Anders’ got a mention, but Nine got the take down on Gruen last night.

Because we all love Todd Sampson

As a fan of the T-shirt wearing, Gruen Planet-appearing, Leo Burnett-running adland legend that is Todd Sampson, Dr Mumbo is surprised that this has taken so long.

i love todd sampson

He receives word of a new artistic work from a company called The Living Room Theatre due to make its debut in March next year.

The name of the play? I Love Todd Sampson. Read more »

Scattered showers with outbreaks of confusion

Correction of the day goes to the Sydney Morning Herald.

correction smh

Dr Mumbo suspects that this one generated some anguished conversation with the good subbing folk at Pagemasters.

Bunnings: For blokes who like dresses

Here’s a suggestion for Bunnings: If you’re going to put spin into the market that your rival Masters is adopting the wrong strategy by marketing to women, perhaps you should pause your online ads featuring a cupboard full of women’s handbags. Read more »

Searching for answers

In something of a sign of the times, the fifth most common search term landing visitors on Mumbrella today? “Advertising agency redundancies”.

Meanwhile, one search landed this morning using the phrase “Ten network fresh, innovative”. Make what you will of that.

Pigeon breading: The new meme

cat breadingRegular followers of popular online digital service The Internet will be more than aware of the breading meme – in which loving owners give their cats a hollowed out piece of bread as a necklace, and photograph it.

Dr Mumbo can report that the breading meme has literally made out into the wild.

Exhibit A: This pigeon is currently sitting outside Mumbrella House, just asking to have his (or her) photograph taken…

pigeon breading

And before anyone asks: Yes, yes it is a slow news day.

Go Back’s more threatening spin off

While Go Back To Where You Came From scored strong ratings for the network and got the nation talking of the issue of refugees and boat people, Dr Mumbo was so hopeful this was a real SBS spin off…

Alas, the threat of Canadian post-grunge, throaty rockers Nickelback arriving by first class just keeps on coming.

Hat tip: the howie

Just when Giant Dwarf couldn’t get any massiver

The Chaser team are not overly fond of bland press releases. Even if the alternative they offer tends to be something of a flight of fantasy.

The news of The Chaser reuniting with once-mentor Andrew Denton and his recently-formed Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder production company started out plausible before escalating to the ludicrous: Read more »

Possibly the best job ad in the world…


Dr Mumbo regrets to inform you that this may be the last post you ever read from him. Thanks to this little guy, he feels duty bound to apply for a new gig as Penguin’s Community Manager. Read more »

Sorrell meets that fat one off the telly

To Martin Sorrell’s intimate Sydney breakfast for 750 or so of his closest fans, where Gruen Transfer regular Dan Gregory was compering. Or as he put it: “I’m the fat one off the telly.”

The WPP boss was doing his own maths, pointing out that the room held 750 people yet the company employs 4000 locally. Woe betide anyone on his management team who didn’t bother to turn out. As Sorrell put it: “It’s a quick flight from Melbourne.” Read more »

2Day FM’s badly timed ‘If you can’t stand the heat’ ad

When you broadcast a news bulletin about a tragedy in which women have to choose between jumping to their deaths or burning alive, it’s not particularly sensitive to follow that with a sales message for Harvey Norman advising “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”


Dr Mumbo is certain it was an accidental juxtaposition on 2Day FM’s part, but toe-curlingly awful nonetheless.

Update: 2Day FM says: “2DayFM has numerous predetermined advertising schedules and in an unfortunate co-incidence today a Harvey Norman spot ran after a devastating breaking news story that appeared to be in distaste. We have addressed the issue and apologise for any offence caused.”

An industry leader writes…

A small PR tip to bosses:

If you insist on having copy approval of a departing employee’s goodbye email, use the same font. Even if you are an industry leader.

habitat goodbye

Treble trouble

Move over KFC’s The Double, there’s a new burger in town… Singapore style.

Read more »

The semantics of prey

Awkward spelling moment of the day goes to the SMH.com.au

Read more »

Killers and murderers

Big news day for the Liverpool Echo in the UK this week. Two big news stories…

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Dr Mumbo loves to call things by their true name. He finds it provides succour and saves time in a world of uncertainty and chaos. However, he wonders whether this caption on Fairfax’s Australian Financial Review might not be taking the point too far…?

rhinehart AFR

HT @Dave the Happy Singer

Old Spice – the story of your life

It seems a bit obvious to get excited every time a new Old Spice ad comes out. Read more »

Just Like It

Cute puppies, caption competitions, cup cakes, classic quotes and a spot of emotional blackmail.

Yes, they’re all popular ploys by brands to encourage the moronic masses to ‘like’ and share stuff on their Facebook pages. Read more »

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