Free macarons for Melbourne creatives

Attention Melbourne creatives.

Those located near the Cherry Tree Hotel in Cremorne (which is about half of you) between the hours of 12.30pm and 3.00pm on Monday 12 November, can get free macarons dispensed out of the back of a truck. Read more »

A good advertising environment? You bet

A splendid piece of ad placement on the mobile app…

(Hat-tip: Tim R)

Conference karaoke

Here’s a question for conference organisers… have you got a PR plan in place if this happens to you? Read more »

A+, gold star. Apart from the bit where you mixed up Wyclef Jean with Will.I.Am

will i am not wyclef jeanThe US election really did bring out the best in the American media.

And the worst. Read more »

Paul Sheehan adores Francesca Cumani – and he wants to tell the world

smh sheehan cumaniPaul Sheehan has, it strikes Dr Mumbo, taken something of a shine to Francesca Cumani.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s writer dedicates his column today – “Why Seven needs this beauty with the beasts” – to an extraordinary essay counting the ways in which Cumani, Seven’s racing pundit, is lovely.

And there certainly are a lot of ways.

Dr Mumbo assumes the column was inspired by Sheehan spending a pleasant afternoon in front of his television watching Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup. As Sheehan tells readers in his intro:

“This year reaffirmed my belief that women, at their best, are superior to men at their best.”

Blimey, forget about the Anzac spirit. This must have been the most impressive piece of racing punditry of all time.

Sheehan goes on:

“The thoroughbred was the only women on the anchor panel, an English import, Francesca Cumani, who floated elegantly above the fray, intimately involved and yet apart. Read more »

Dying of experience

Regular readers may recall Tony Simms, the experienced agency staffer who took to wearing a sandwich board in Sydney’s Martin Place advertising his abilities.

His efforts did win him a temporary gig for the last 10 months, but he tells Dr Mumbo that budgets have been slashed and that opportunity has come to an end.

So he’s now taken the somewhat drastic option of posting an obituary to his career on his LinkedIn profile:

tony simms career obituary

Nott quitte correctt

Dr Mumbo is a supportter of all tthings charitty and November is of course tthe montth where he and tthe restt of tthe media industtry letts ttheir ttesttostterone fly in tthe name of men’s healtth.

He’d mostt of all like tto congrattulatte M&C Saattchi’s digital operation Mark for doing ttheir partt witth tthis bitt of Movember promottion on behalf of Google Chrome. Read more »

Twitter: where the smart money bets?

According to the good people at We Are Social, the Twitter buzz indicates one clear winner for the Melbourne Cup. Over the past 24 hours, around 15,000 tweets in Australia have opined on the likely winner. Dr Mumbo advises you to proceed with caution before betting the farm on the strength of an internet prediction…but if you do win big on Americain, he’ll have a Cuba Libre, thanks.


Twitter Melb Cup

Drop it like it’s…synergistic

Dr Mumbo wonders whether there’s ever been a better integration of product and personality than this little number. Snoop and Hot Pockets, together at last…

And that’s what they call branded entertainment…

Helping people go viraler and viraler

That’s the problem with making a viral video. It doesn’t always go viral.

Until now. Dr Mumbo salutes the people behind Buyral.

Professional clicking is the way to go.

What do you mean agencies are already doing this?

The not so magnificent seven.

There’s a good follow-up from the Sydney Morning Herald today on the problems at St John’s College.

Today it focuses on seven members of the student council it labels “The Untouchables”. The SMH alleges that the seven of them were amongst those previously suspended after a student ended up in hospital.

Given the circumstances, Dr Mumbo is not entirely sure about the ad wrapped around the story.

seven psychopaths

Hat-tip: @Croeyfaceface

The countdown conundrum

For whatever reason, the word “countdown” is a tricky one to spell for TV producers. As pay TV channel V demonstrated last year.

A consolation for Nine News is that in this case they forgot the letter “n” and not the letter “o”.

Read more »

Web extras, Chaser style

chaser web extraThat’s the thing about The Chaser… they’ve really nailed how to do transmedia storytelling.

Just by watching these videos, Dr Mumbo feels so much closer to the Hamster Wheel. Read more »

Impress me, monkey

souvlaki hut adWho needs an ad agency when you can make your ads in house? Souvlaki Hut shows how it’s done. Read more »

A night at the ADAM Awards

To the ADMA Awards at Sydney’s Westin Hotel which were thankfully far more fun than That Year They Wouldn’t Let Anyone Drink.

And it takes a certain level of ego to be willing to walk onto the stage and rearrange the ADMA letters on the set to spell out your name.

Fortunately, Naked’s Adam Ferrier (pictured striding off the left of the picture) was available. Read more »

Should’ve got a local agency

This curious ad ran in the Sydney Morning Herald today. Read more »

Inside the mind of Andrew Bolt

Sometimes a piece of subbing requires no further words… like this Andrew Bolt teaser from today’s The Daily Telegraph.

andrew bolt fantasist

A very Housos Halloween

On the eve of Housos Vs The Authority opening at the box office, it was a lucky trick-or-treater who visited Sunnyvale last night.

At least according to Housos Facebook page

In a sign they know their market, the status update has had more than 1000 likes to date.

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