Remember Panasonic’s 28 Day Persecution of Rommy Gulla?

Happily there’s now a case study, just in time for awards season.

Unfrotunately there wasn’t time in the piece to mention that Gulla was an actor. But Dr Mumbo is sure that judges wouldn’t be interested in that sort of detail anyway…

Pigs might bank

Dr Mumbo’s spy tells him: “There’s something distinctly home made about this piece of advertising hand written next to an ATM at Westpac North Sydney. I am guessing no agency was involved…”

westpac_pigsDr Mumbo suspects that his spy’s guess is correct.

In the club

Thanks to the wonders of chain email, the following reaches Dr Mumbo.

Perhaps not what Work Safe Victoria had in mind…

(Hat-tip: MM)

Sinking feeling for The Guardian

Dr Mumbo salutes The Guardian for its choice of first edition layout today. He suspects it may not survive to later editions.

guardian_boat(Hat-tip: Dan Rookwood)

What you get from your creative team is only as good as what you put in

Sometimes, you have to feel sorry for the creatives.

The brief of coming up with a print ad to justify BP sponsoring cricketer Michael Clarke is a tough one.

Dr Mumbo isn’t sure whether the copy quite gets there:

“Great performance comes from the heart. When it comes to great performances, it’s what’s inside that counts. Ultimately, what you get out is only as good as what you put in, that’s why BP Ultimate has partnered with Michael Clarke.”

Or indeed whether it’s a good idea to turn Clarke into a robot if it is indeed what’s inside that counts.


(Click to enlarge)

Better never than late

Dr Mumbo was today excited to get a letter. Particularly with a Swedish postmark.

It begins: “Hope you’re well. So how has 2011 been for you so far?”

It then invites him to attend worldwide magazine association FIPP’s digital publishing course in Sydney. Last November.


Dead air

Dr Mumbo of course tuned in to the first day of the Kyle & Jackie O Show today.

It was something of a glum prognosis for celebrities.


Walker: Predicts bags of gold for Kyle

According to “psychic to the stars” Georgina Walker’s predictions for 2012, Michael Douglas is going to have a heart attack and may die, Prince William and Princess Kate will have a child with a genetic disorder – and Jennifer Aniston “will die as a single woman”.

It wasn’t much better for the wider outlook either. She predicts the Australian dollar sinking to 86 cents and bushfires in the Kangaroo Valley.

However, for Kyle Sandilands’ many fans, there was a silver lining. She informed him “You’ll keep your job”. She also had a vision of “bags of gold”.

Punching on. And on

If Dr Mumbo’s inbox is anything to go by, The Punch is very proud of its newsletter today…

So proud they dispatched it at 7.13 (twice), 7.15, 7.16, 7.24 and 7.30.



Stuff PR people say

Yes, this video this is very American. But Dr Mumbo suspects that are some sayings that are familiar in Aussie PR circles too. We need our own version. Just a thought… Read more »

Great fuckin’ marketing

In Australia, clothing retailers like to use shouty communications to bring the punters in. But, as usual, the Japanese appear to be one step ahead of us.

Read more »

Coles re-mixed (again)

Dr Mumbo is starting to suspect that the people at Coles have one eye on the potential for re-mixes when they release their toe-curling Down, Down commercials to the world. This isn’t the first – remember the promo for Sampology? And hopefully will not be the last – they’re an improvement on the originals.

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Fanning the flames today reports the shocking news that Cosmo carries starlet Dakota Fanning on its cover next to coverlines promoting “sex tips and raunchy advice”. The tale currently dominates the site’s entertainment section.

The reason why this is outrageous? Because Fanning is only 17.

One piece of missing information that may have been a tad relevant for’s Australian audience? It’s the US February edition of Cosmo. Read more »

When the actual columnists are on holiday…

Dr Mumbo is aware that it may be a tad early to call, but there’s already an early contender for column of the year in today’s Daily Telegraph.

In a piece from Harrie Bantick spread across page 20 and 21, he describes how he:

  • Had a haircut: “trendy, modern”;
  • Got a flat battery on his phone;
  • Had to use a payphone to call the person he was meeting “I had run out of coins. And the machine didn’t take notes!”;
  • Went to a pharmacy to get some change;
  • Bumped into his mother

Dr Mumbo hopes he hasn’t spoiled the pleasure of reading the column by giving away the key developments.

The column should give heart to anybody who ever hoped to be published in one of Australia’s top circulating newspapers, but wrote it off on the grounds that they weren’t interesting enough.

The car’s the star

If the breaking news wire on the SMH home page is anything to go by, looks like it’s a quiet news day…

smh breaking news cars

How to top a workout – with a couple of burgers

Much as he loves Fitness First (and he does) Dr Mumbo wasn’t quite sure that the gym is necessarily helping its members stick to their new year’s resolutions.

Today’s special email offer for Fitness First members? Two chicken burgers for the price of one at Nando’s…

fitness first offer nandos

Cut & Paste (or Kettle & Pot)

While Dr Mumbo would never dream of accusing the staff of The Weekend Australian’s Cut & Paste column of being out of touch with popular culture, it was intriguing seeing them discuss “Jessica Wright, lead singer of British band The Only Way Is Essex”.

Or star of reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex, as others may know her.

Her reason for appearing Cut & Paste? Failing to know who a famous person (in this case Kim Jong Il) was.

Still, at least the cast have recorded a Christmas single…

The autoplay is over

As the year draws to a close, Dr Mumbo feels a warm feeling of satisfaction.

Fairfax Media has finally decided to let him switch off autoplay videos…


Dr Mumbo now knows how Nelson Mandela must have felt when he finally got out of prison.

Set a man on fire, he’ll be warm for the rest of his life

Remember the horrific Boost Army “Smile – it won’t kill you” ad of last year featuring founder Janine Allis?

Happily, there is an alternative version.

Read more »

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