The trial so good Today played it twice

Curious goings-on at Today in the Michael Jackson death trial.

Seven’s Sunrise and Nine’s Today currently run at an hour’s delay in Brisbane because of the time difference to Sydney.

But both shows cut to live programming at around 8am, Sydney time/ 7am Brisbane time to bring the result, which saw Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray found guilty of manslaughter.

Which left a slightly trick issue of how to fill the hour’s hole that left in programming in Brisbane when the show ended.

Sunrise stayed on air for an extra hour. Dr Mumbo’s spies tell him that Today rebroadcast the final hour, leaving viewers to watch the verdict all over again.

It’ll be interesting to see what that did to Today’s ratings in Brisbane.

Still, it beats Saturday’s efforts when Weekend Sunrise had to run an ancient repeat after a server took it off the air altogether.

You are invited… to hand the postman $2.10

PR lesson of the day… putting enough stamps on the envelope is a bonus…

sunglass hut invite

Buy ten, pay for ten-and-a-quarter

Dr Mumbo will of course be heading to the B&T Awards next month.

And the booking options are interesting.

He can either go on his own and pay $297.

Or if he can get nine other friends to join him, he can instead pay a bargain $3,025. Choices, choices… Read more »

Small and far away

Welcome to Dr Mumbo’s new series: When perspective goes wrong.

Featuring tiny Masterchef star Justine Schofield and a giant bag of Kettle chips…

justine schofield kettle chips masterchef

Read more »

Sunday Telegraph calls in the fat busters

Dr Mumbo thought for a moment that there’s been a mixup at the printworks when he opened his copy of the Sunday Telegraph. It appeared that they’d accidentally printed a copy of Weight Watchers magazine instead.

The Sunday Tele’s fight against fat began on the front page with a promo panel headlined:  “Ros reines: How I lost 20kg. My story”. Which does suggest a quiet news day when the best you’ve got to promote is an update from your third  gossip columnist on how her diet is going.

Mind you, the other promo panel followed a similar theme: “Summer body special: With Jen Hawkins’ bikini secrets”.

Meanwhile on page three, readers were invited to share Lara Bingle’s pain after “constant scrutiny” over her weight. This was illustrated with a picture for readers to scrutinise across three columns.

Then came page nine, and: “Hawko’s secret: cut out the carbs”.

In a nice piece of media planning, Quickslim had booked a full page ad to promote the wonders of glucomannan which is, apparently, the “weight loss breakthough of the century”.

Meanwhile, working in from the back of the book,  the J Mo & Elle column (home of the Sunday tele’s top two gossip columinsts Jonathan Moran and Elle Halliwell) is also getting in on the act. Apparently drinking C Coconut Water can make you look like model Juliana Forge.

Which takes us to page 140, and Ros Reines’ epic tale of how she lost weight. Stunningly, she reveals that she started exercising more, and eating and drinking less.

And just to prove her expertise on all things weight loss, Reines is back again on page 124 for a hard-hitting opinion piece on why Demi Moore has lost weight after hitting a rocky patch with Ashton Kutcher. Apparently “It’s as if the stunning woman is punishing her own body for Kutcher’s alleged infidelity”.

And that’s why News Limited has announced the Sunday Tele is its newspaper of the year.

Frequent Cryer

It was only a matter of time…

qantas_frequent_cryer Read more »

Celebrity KAK

Fair to say that Nine is squeezing every cross promotional opportunity out of The Celebrity Apprentice.

As today’s press release demonstrates:   Read more »

Car crash television

Live TV moment of the day goes to Nine’s Today Show.

(Hat-tip: Crikey)

Max media love for Lynette Phillips

lynette_phillips_maxmedialabDr Mumbo always likes to help celebrate a new media agency. And happily he’s not the only one.

So let’s join all the people who happen to share the same IP address who’ve been very supportive of the launch by former ACP bigwig Lynette Phillips of Max Media Lab. Curiously, they’ve only ever commented on Mumbrella on stories about Max Media Lab. Even more curiously, while some of this revolving cast claim to have known Phillips for years, others from the same IP address claim never to have met her. It must be a very big office.

And on odd office too, what with some of them working clientside, some of them being media old timers and others by the sounds of it working in magazines.

In our first story on Max Media Lab, those shared IPers have been:   Read more »

Shark infested

What’s the least sensitive ad you could imagine running around a story about a shark attack victim?

Yes, an ad featuring a shark attack.

Read more »

Data the new black? Don’t make me sick

Dr Mumbo predicts an awkward conversation in the lift at WPP’s tower of power in North Sydney today if Mindshare boss James Greet bumps into his Maxus counterpart David Gaines.

James Greet, quoted (and not for the first time) in a video interview with The Australian, today (4m, 08s): “The only way to survive in a fragmenting world is to recognise that data is the new black.”

David Gaines, in a video interview with AdNews last week (4m,30s) : “Sorry I think I was just sick in my mouth. It’s cost of entry. It’s not the new black. It’s cost of entry. Data and the new black is about three or four years old. If you don’t know how to analyse, work out cause and effect, use data effectively as a media agency, you shouldn’t be a media agency.”


Give blood whether you like it or not

And the media placement of the weekend went to UKTV.

This week’s episode of Luther featured the hunt for a psycho who drains all of the blood from his victim’s body.   Read more »

Make your own VW-bashing ad

Fair to say that the Greenpeace competition to find the best video to trash Volkwagen, which it accuses of blocking environmental laws in Europe, is turning out a mixed bag of results.

Read more »

Ideas man wanted, those lacking a penis need not apply

Recruitment company Interactive Inc has posted a job on Mumbrella. They’re looking for an art director at a digital agency. Here’s an extract from the ad:

“Essentially, we are looking for an ‘ideas man’ with the ability to sketch their ideas quickly into Scamps and Headlines. “

A reader point out to Dr Mumbo: “Seriously people, it’s 2011 and us ladies have been working for quite a while now…”   Read more »

A monster hoax

Dr Mumbo has two links for you to compare and contrast.

The first, from the UK’s Daily Telegraph, posted yesterday: “Monster slipper revealed as PR hoax

And, from, posted at 9.49am today: “Now that’s what you call a big mistake: Missed decimal point results in monster slipper”   Read more »

Media mastery, shagging secretaries and Dancing Without The Stars

To the Media Federation Awards, ably hosted by Seven’s Deal Or No Deal host Andrew O’Keefe and Dancing With The Stars’ Sonia Kruger, and organised on a theme of “mastery”.

O’Keefe told the audience: “It’s the first event I’ve been to all year that’s not Mad Men themed. I can’t tell you how goddam sick I am of dressing in gabardine and shagging voluptuous secretaries.”

And the pair weren’t afraid to put the boot into their network, Read more »

Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft as you’ve never seen them before

There can be no better day than when an anyonymous email lands in Dr Mumbo’s inbox with the latest work from the mysterious Drawings By A Writer.

And today he (or she) has surpassed him (or her) self.

Best portraits of Gruen Transfer regulars Russel Howcroft and Todd Sampson ever?Russel Howcroft drawings by a writerTodd Sampson drawings by a writer

Campaign Brief goes mad about Chad

Dr Mumbo is, as any regular reader will know, a huge fan of Campaign Brief.

So he can only assume that the site must know exactly what it is doing with its coverage of a new Uncle Tobys campaign from Ogilvy which apparently features a model called Chad.

So good in fact that it deserves featuring on the home page four times.


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