Mark Scott: The Labor hack, Liberal stooge

Who’d be ABC boss Mark Scott?

Or, as he puts it: “the rich diversity of the twitter feedback”.

Mark Scott twitter

Lions landfill

For those who feel Cannes is a waste of money, spare a thought for those who forked out to put their marketing bumf in the delegate bag this year – and for the local council, who will have to dispose of it all.

The very definition of clutter, seen here spread out on Dr Mumbo’s bed.

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2012 appears to be the year of Korea at Cannes – as far as sponsoring the event goes.

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Welcome, Amelia

Dr Mumbo is delighted to announce the first Mumbrella baby.

A few minutes ago, Mumbrella’s sales director Sean McKeown became the proud father of Amelia. She weighs 7lb, 1oz.

Warmest congrats to Sean and mum Katie from the team.

Kogan’s run

Dr Mumbo is always fond of the showmanship online electronic retailer Kogan brings to an otherwise somewhat dull market. This latest stunt is no exception: Kogan is charging Internet Explorer users an obsolescence tax.


Twitter sourcing in action – how to accidentally trend LCMs

lcmThe good folk of Kellogg’s may have been puzzled when kids snack LCM briefly trended on Twitter last night.

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Talking radio

Cinema may have won the votes of the delegates at Battle of the Media at Mumbrella360 last week, but Dr Mumbo learns that radio was the medium that generated the most talk across the two days.

According to analysis of social media using Radian6 and carried out by Encoder PR, radio did best, just ahead of online.

And what were #m360 hashtaggers least interested in tweeting about? TV and DM.

battle media tweets


Swift justice

The print and online editions of the Sydney Morning Herald report today that former Murdoch editor Rebekah Brooks’s trial on charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice begins next week.

Which would be something of a new speed record for the British legal system considering she was only charged last month.

Dr Mumbo suspects that the version of events reported elsewhere – that her next court hearing is next week – may be closer to the truth.

Ruthlessly relevant

The good folk at GPY&R might want to think about updating their website. Or else risk making their ‘Ruthlessly relevant’ slogan look a touch ironic.

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Arctic monkey business

Dr Mumbo is very impressed with the relaxed, candid tone of voice of the copy on the new website from oil giant Shell.

The site proclaims jauntily that; Read more »

Pizza teaser

At last, a teaser campaign with a reward for those being teased.

This time it’s pizza – the food of the overworked creative.

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A jerk circle?

What is the opposite of a circle jerk?

Dr Mumbo is at a loss to describe the coverage in today’s Australian Media diary section, which reports that Ten will be paying for two AdNews journalists to attend the Cannes Lions, and closes with this rather vituperous statement: Read more »

Going to big bother for Big Brother

Nine has gone all out in the promo for Big Brother, Dr Mumbo understands.

He gathers that the big budget production – shot in Parramatta last week – features a tribute to the reality TV genre, with nods towards a string of previous shows.

Brace yourself to see the promo during the Olympics. A lot.

Back your own horses

Dr Mumbo suspects that Leo Burnett, when it was compiling its list of the top 40 ads it predicts will win at Cannes next week, something the agency has done for the last 25 years, could have looked a fraction further than its own back yard for Australian contenders.

Particularly if it considers a promotion inviting people to fill dog bowls, buckets and shoes with Slurpee as the height of Australian creativity. Or this idea to push the census.

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Tool time

You can, it seems, buy anything via a Gumtree ad.

This, however, is an ad the like of which Dr Mumbo has not previously seen.


Only in Newcastle…

Taking a stand against press comfort

The Internet Industry Association is obviously very keen for the media to cover its new cybercrime code review which takes place from 9.30am to noon on Thursday with the following invitation:


“Media are invited to join us for the icode reveiw forum Thurday this week in Sydney. Invitation attached.

“I have also attached an agenda to assist with planning your attendance. Due to over subscription of attendees, it will be standing room only for media.”

Stand in the back of a room for two and a half hours? Yes please – Dr Mumbo will be there straight away.

Matt loves Broome and Perth too

Dr Mumbo can’t help but suspect that, after the Kangaroo Island cash-for-tweets expose a month ago, the people of Perth and Broome are taking Matt Moran’s tweet today with a pinch of salt.

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How Australian journalism works

If you were interested in reading an article about the British TV documentary series 7 Up, you could have read it online via the UK Telegraph at any point since its publication on May 14.

Or you could have given it four weeks and paid $2.30 to read it in The Sun-Herald today, where it occupies a full page of the “news” section.

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