Pedestrian’s telco brand overload

pedestrian_TVGood to see that Telstra is sponsoring Pedestrian TV’s city guide.

And Telstra must have been delighted with the prominent slot Pedstrian gave the announcement.

Perhaps less so with the three ads for rival Virgin Mobile all over the page though.

Ben’s 36,326 friends

Dr Mumbo never thought there would be a time when he felt sorry for the multimillionaire Ben Elton.

Not even when the ratings came in yesterday.

But that moment has now arrived.

Last night’s repeat of Live From Planet Earth on digital channel Go had 36,326 viewers.

And no, the comma isn’t in the wrong place.

Australian Unity – for dull bloggers everywhere.

Now Dr Mumbo is sure that “Zoe” is a thoroughly nice person, but based on this ad by Spinach for Australian Unity, she’s not exactly the world’s most compelling blogger.

Hell, she’s so dull, she’s not even Carrie Bradshaw.

Ita from The block

Ita Buttrose is of course a magazine legend.

So much so that the ABC will soon be airing a drama about the early years of her career working for Kerry Packer.

You’d think it would be almost impossible for her to do anything that could harm her credibility and dignity.

You might think wrong.

Wrong city for Nine News

Curious going on for Nine News Melbourne last night.

That bridge in the opening scenes looked suspiciously like that big one in Sydney.

It’s well grim when subs shred your copy

Welcome to When Subs Attack.

Today’s victim: News Ltd’s TV reviewer Di Butler.

What Jay from The Inbetweeners actually said was that life up north is “well grim”. As in very grim. Not as in, um, grim.

Amazing what a difference the insertion of a couple of commas by a grammar nazi can make…

The client withdrew the account!

Looking for a copywriter?

Based on this, it’s hard to go beyond Melbourne’s John Pace.

Shit happens

From the life at a small publisher department, Dr Mumbo has just seen the following internal email: Read more »

Small but impressive – and Mark Aiston should know

Sometimes news teams have chemistry.

And sometimes they don’t.

As Ten’s Adelaide presenter of its 5pm bulletin Belinda Heggen demonstrated in this brutal takedown of Mark Aiston, it’s best not to embark on innuendo unless you know where you’re going with it.

Gold Coast estate agents stay classy

Dr Mumbo has always felt sorry for those poor, misunderstood real estate agents.

It always seems to unfair that everybody assumes them to be tacky individuals with advertising to match.

Read more »


It was, it would seem, Facepalm Day at yesterday.

age facepalm day(Hat-tip: Chris Taylor)

Google’s the winner in group buying

While Google is arguably a tad late to the party in the group buying space, don’t feel too sorry for it.

Search Google on a keyword like “deals” or “offers”, and the company’s doing very nice business out of AdWords. Read more »

Old Spice’s scent vacation

The marketing authorities have passed a law that says every new Old Spice ad has to be reported.

So here it is.   Read more »

Where there’s smoke

While this front page cover wrap from The West Australian may not be the most crass ever (The Age still holds that title), inviting readers to make smoking history over a photo of a devastating bushfire is perhaps less than ideal.   Read more »

What IS the internet?

The internet was a confusing thing, 17 years agoParticularly if you  were a TV presenter.

Sadly, it’s being reported that the person who leaked this from the archives of NBC’s The Today Show has been fired.   Read more »

Sunrise’s Mel and Kochie bring the devastation

Dr Mumbo had assumed that Anna Bligh was to blame for the natural devastation of recent weeks considering she always seems to be on the scene and never seems to have an alibi.

But this theory carries far more weight…

Want to hear what happened to The Oz’s Cairo reporter? Wait til tomorrow…

The Australian’s commitment to its print edition is certainly not to be doubted.   Read more »

Sam’s bunch of Cretans

One day, Dr Mumbo will tire of reading complaints to the Ad Standards Board, but not just yet.

It would seem that even Sam Kekovich isn’t beyond the public’s reproach.

Some people feel it’s unfair to poke fun at the people of Crete, or Cretans, as some would know them.

Read more »

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