One small step for journalism

It can be tricky when there are two Armstrongs in the news.

As a service to One News in NZ, allow Dr Mumbo to explain the difference: Neil went to space and is dead now, Lance faced doping allegations and his career is dead now.

(Hat-tip: Dan News.)

Discounting madness

It’s not just Aussie retailers who are locked into bitter price wars. But it seems retailers in the UK are being slightly more cautious. Read more »

Nature’s billboard

At last, a billboard that doesn’t completely ruin the view.

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Meet Anthony

Now that’s a public service announcement:

Hat-tip: b3ta

Doug Pitt Street

Dr Mumbo is a fan of Virgin Mobile’s Fair Go Bro campaign featuring Brad Pitt’s brother Doug. He especially likes the brand’s cheeky attempt to rebrand Pitt Street. Read more »

Peter Overton: The man who nose the news

Dr Mumbo asks the big media questions others are afraid to ask.

Peter Overton: pick or scratch?

Peter Overton Nine News

Fremantle’s family feud

There are always winners and losers in the ratings race. But Dr Mumbo predicts there to be one big winner tomorrow night. Production company FremantleMedia has three shows up against each other – at the same time.  Read more »

To whom it may concern…

Dr Mumbo is most grateful to the good people of Pedestrian TV for creating this handy ready-to-rant guide for aggrieved consumers needing to vent spleen on Facebook.

Dear Facebook page of Corporation I have a grievance with, Read more »

For adults only

It strikes Dr Mumbo that nobody is going to be in any doubt about what SBS’s World Movies subscription channel is offering its viewers in its WM: Adult slot.

(Kinda NSFW) Read more »

Unaudited sites full of shit? And so say all of us

Dr Mumbo happened to be glancing at the Pedestrian.TV media kit. He rather likes the site’s uncompromising stance on audit:

audit pedestrian shit

On unrelated matters, Dr Mumbo would very much encourage those who place online advertising with Mumbrella’s rivals to ask why (with the exception of Campaign Brief) they haven’t chosen to undertake the cheap and easy digital audit process.

Greg’s $1.2m belt tightening

The Australian reports that Fairfax Media boss Greg Hywood has taken a voluntary cut to his bonus and only received a salary of $1.178m over the last year.

The article predicts: “Mr Hywood’s offer is likely to win him plaudits from Fairfax staff at a time of ill feeling and low morale.”

Dr Mumbo won’t hold his breath for the plaudits.

Ruby Jacenko: The non story that keeps on giving

jacenko lingerieDr Mumbo feels sorry for Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph.

The poor newspaper keeps being talked into writing stories about socialite Ruby Jacenko with nothing to show for it but pictures of the young lady in her underwear.

It was a phenomenon that began to show up when the paper reported, somewhat implausibly, that Ms Jacenko was trying out for the Lingerie Football League.

After a photoshoot and video featuring Jacenko in lingerie, no more was heard of her sporting ambitions, curiously enough. Read more »

Don’t Tell the X Factor

seven x factorSometimes the war between the TV networks is so intense, the viewers must feel a little rude to interrupt.

Dr Mumbo finds the promotional battle between Seven and Ten particularly entertaining at present.

Take Seven’s current push. The network is going hard – with a full page ad in today’s tabloids for The X Factor – against the precise moment that Ten’s heavily promoted new show Don’t Tell The Bride goes to air on Monday night.

But it’s not going all Seven’s way. Ten has cheekily bought pre-roll advertising for Don’t Tell The Bride on Seven’s YouTube channel for The X Factor. Read more »

The thinnest news story of all time?

There’ve been many debates about whether the brand of the print edition of the Sydney Morning Herald – and indeed the hopes of persuading the public that it’s worth paying for in digital format – is in any way diluted by the somewhat less rigorous standards of its sister brand

Or you could just watch what comedian and SMH reader James Colley has to say about a story covering Julia Gillard’s announcement that Wolverine is being filmed in Sydney:

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When McDonald’s signage goes rogue…

Dr Mumbo of course obeyed Sam Kekovich and rushed to McDonald’s tonight to try their new lamb burger.

He decided to give the new flavour Fanta a miss though.

rape flavour fanta

This photo was taken at Wynyard in Sydney – Dr Mumbo wonders whether the same digital billboard is currently displayed in every Maccas in Australia.

Like skinny?

Dr Mumbo has an inkling that the comments beneath the ad for advertising fat burning capsules on group buying site Spreets’ Facebook page are going to make for a lively discussion today…

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Rhonda goes viral

AAMI’s Rhonda appears to have struck something of a chord with the public.

First, she was the choice of Big W staff when it came to making their own ads.

Now she’s got a Facebook fan page all of her own, dedicated to her holiday in Bali.

rhonda facebook page

74,000 likes can’t be wrong. Congrats to Ogilvy for creating an ad that appears to have captured the public’s imagination.

Hat-tip: Esther

We’re proud we’ve just lost a client…

Dr Mumbo is rather fond of this ad by McCann, which ran in the British press, to announce they’ve got an Olympic-sized gap in their client roster… Read more »

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