Flaunting your flirting

Memo to whoever was editing today’s business section of The Australian:

In the headline “Rejuvenated dollar flaunts with parity”, Dr Mumbo thinks you may have meant flirts.

Space first

Not too long ago, Dr Mumbo was less than bowled over by an agency claiming that it was the first to do something. Not in the world, mind. Not in Australia, but in Queensland.

But here’s something really worth bragging about… a space first.

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No one’s more experienced to bring Australia the news

Just when Dr Mumbo thought he’d seen enough 9/11 coverage to last a life time, Seven last night promised yet more coverage – one month after the anniversary, oddly. “No one’s more experienced to bring Australia the news”, apparently.

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Today, kind of live from New York


Beyonce on Today, today

Nine’s Today Show viewers will have been impressed with the big start to the program’s visit to New York, based on the set of Good Morning America.

One of the big treats – heavily promoted throughout the morning – was Beyonce, playing in Central Park.

Dr Mumbo wonders how many of those viewers will have noticed that it wasn’t actually tagged as live.


Beyonce on Good Morning America, in July

Perhaps because it wasn’t unrelated to Beyonce appearing on Good Morning America, about three months ago.

Spot the similarities?


Two Hands on a Coke bottle

Coke’s name-on-a-bottle campaign has opened up all manner of creative opportunities, not least those who aren’t the biggest fans of the world’s biggest brand.

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Workplace harassment…

They don’t make ads like this outside Finland…

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Enjoy a Coke called Pepsi

Remember last week’s launch of personalised Coca Cola cans?

Being naturally curious, Dr Mumbo wondered whether you can get a Coke can named Pepsi.

Turns out their computers are set to block it. But there is a way of beating the system.

pepsi_cokeFirst, talk very nicely to the staff on duty at the personalisation machines.

coke_personalisationSecond, insert a random character before the word Pepsi.

pepsi_cokeNeed some minor – and indeed pointless – brand subversion? Dr Mumbo’s your man.

Just 77 advertising days left to Christmas

Did you hear that starting pistol being fired?

It was the start of the Christmas advertising season, with Domayne’s full page in the Sunday Telegraph getting things under way.

domayne christmas ad

Happy holidays indeed.

Flash attack

Dr Mumbo was sent this curious campaign teaser video from PR agency Burson-Marsteller for one of their clients.


BM tells him all will be revealed shortly.

Quite what will be revealed, we’ll have to see.


It’s not often Dr Mumbo finds himself gobsmacked. But in this instance his jaw was severely dropped thanks to this UK ad featuring lingerie model Rhian Sugden.

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Kyle’s happy news?

Publicity stunt?

Kyle Sandilands discusses his “love child” after apparently leaving microphone on:
Kyle leaves mic on & discusses “love child” (mp3)

The early Twitter verdict is that it’s a publicity stunt. We shall see…

Rommy’s golf credibility gulf

Welcome to day three of the 28 day torment of Panasonic.

If you’ve missed an episode, Campaign Palace continues to insist that the pranks pulled in The 28 Day Torment of Rommy Gulla are genuine. They also continue to insist that in this he is a “role player” who happens to also be an actor. Not an actor who’s acting in this.

Clear? Good.

In today’s episode they pull a prank on him in which they fill all of his kitchen cupboards with golf balls.

So let’s go to the tape…


Does it strike you as odd that they’re only now working out how many golf balls they need?

You’d think they’d do that before they ordered them. And by the look of the giant bag of balls, they’ve already ordered them.

Be tricky if they haven’t got enough, wouldn’t it?


While Dr Mumbo is all for preparation, why exactly are they studying a photo of his front window? And a map?

Isn’t the prank taking place in the kitchen?

And didn’t they demonstrate in day one that they have a front door key?


You know in physics where if something can see you, you can see it – do you think he’s noticed the camera operator standing directly in front of him with a small branch for cover?

But perhaps the camera op is wearing the new Panasonic Cloak Of Invisibility.

(Note, by the way, the bag on Rommy’s back)


Look! Rommy’s home.

You can tell because he’s just putting his bag down.

So we can rule out him having been mooching around the house for a while, and the camera didn’t capture it.


And what’s the very first thing that he does? Four seconds after getting home. Having no idea what today’s prank is?

He looks in the cupboard. The booby trapped cupboard. Full of golf balls.

Lucky for the prank team. Imagine if he’d gone for a dump instead.


Genuine, non-fake, totally unexpected hilarity ensues.

Bad luck, Rommy.

Well done, Campaign Palace. You certainly pranked him.

Panasonic Gulla-bility. Day two

Welcome to Dr Mumbo’s new series, the 28 Day Persecution of Panasonic in which he examines how each prank played by The Campaign Palace on behalf of the brand looks a bit fake.

(For those not up to speed, the back story of the “role player” who’s actually an actor in The 28 Day Persecution of Rommy Gulla campaign can be found here.)

Today’s video features the Panasonic team apparently pranking Rommy by blowing yellow powder in his face.

Let’s take the inconsistencies in chronological order…   Read more »

How not to front the press

It’s always nice to see a PR masterclass in how not to front the media, this time courtesy of South Australia Families & Communities department CEO Joslene Mazel.

Next time, Dr Mumbo advises her to take the “I’m eating my cookie” Read more »

End of days dawns as Hildebrand achieves celebrity status

For many who witnessed the Daily Telegraph’s Joe Hildebrand deliver Germaine Greer an epic smackdown on Q&A earlier this month, the glamour-challenged journo is already a celebrity.

Happily, he has now had an opportunity to experience the real thing.

PHD – more creative than 23 creative agencies

To the Adshel creative challenge where nearly 30 agencies did battle with just an hour to crack an outdoor brief for youth charity Headspace.

And among the 25 creative agencies were two interlopers in the guise of media agencies PHD and Mediacom.   Read more »

Sixth sense in fashion; no sense of an impending social media disaster

Dr Mumbo always likes to see a social media brand farce unfold. So enjoy this one brought to you from Gasp Jeans (click to enlarge):


And the reply…


It has, of course, gorn viral.

(Hat-tip: @Yozza)

Hire us. So we don’t have to marry

Charli Hoffman is an art director. She is German. Alex Otis is a copywriter. She is American. They are not lesbians. But they just might be getting married in order to carry on working together when they graduate Miami Ad School.

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