Tastes like chicken…

One of the aspects Dr Mumbo finds most appealing about the reality cooking shows so much in vogue at present is the way viewers are introduced to a host of new culinary techniques and exciting recipes.

Thanks to Seven’s smash hit My Kitchen Rules, he’s discovered this exotic new ingredient in his local convenience store. Intriguingly, it tastes very much like…chicken.

The opposite of totally bangingly rad

Dr Mumbo feels a little bad about putting the boot into one of Mumbrella’s advertisers.

But when the headline you put on your job ad is: “Pssst, hey you..yes you, r u a Seriously RAD PHP Dev???” then you probably deserve it. Read more »

Life of Brian

Dr Mumbo is delighted to see  that Foxtel director of TV Brian Walsh has a new place to get away from it all.

The Sun-Herald reports that he’s picked up a weekender at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast for $1.3m. He’s reportedly bought it from AdTacker CEO and former McCann Erickson GM David Anstee.

Sunrise F bomb

It’s always nice when somebody says Fuck on the air at breakfast time.

And, it’s also an informative demonstration that Sunrise doesn’t waste it time on such fripperies as a seven second delay.

Dr Mumbo understands the offending word was bleeped in the Perth, Queensland and SA time delayed broadcasts.

Ten: All Shire, All The Time. And the leaked trailer emerges

Dr Mumbo is highly impressed with Ten’s innovative bid to become the official network of The Shire.

First came the announcement of the network’s reworking of Puberty Blues, due to start shooting in Cronulla in the next few days. Read more »

The day Wippa came in for a job interview at Mumbrella

While Dr Mumbo is a fan of Fitzy & Wippa’s breakfast show for Sydney’s Nova 969, Mumbrella managing editor Robin Hicks is not. He’s more of a BBC World Service kinda guy.

He would not, for instance, recognise Michael Wipfli if he walked into the room to interview for an internship.

Dr Mumbo doffs his cap to the bike-loving Hicks, who kept his cool as Wippa bombarded him with anecdotes – fed to him via an earpiece by Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald – about latte-sipping rugby players, a secret relationship with Natalie Imbruglia and how cycling is for losers.

Read more »

I carried a watermelon…

Dr Mumbo thinks this smoking hot adlander could be an early contender for the 2012 Mumbrella Annual’s industry hotties listRead more »

The mystery of the eight hour sleep

Dr Mumbo read a fascinating feature on BBC News Online on February 22. Entitled “The myth of the eight hour sleep”, a piece bylined to Stephanie Hegarty of the BBC World Service tells how humans used to sleep in two blocks.

Today comes a similarly fascinating piece on the Sydney Morning Herald bylined to Luke Malone. Coincidentally, it is headlined “The myth of the eight hour sleep“.

Hegarty informs us: “A growing body of evidence from both science and history suggests that the eight-hour sleep may be unnatural.”

Malone tells us: “According to mounting research, the concept of a solid eight hours sleep is a fairly recent phenomenon.”

Hegarty tells us: “In 2001, historian Roger Ekirch of Virginia Tech published a seminal paper, drawn from 16 years of research, revealing a wealth of historical evidence that humans used to sleep in two distinct chunks.”

Malone puts it: “Roger Ekirch, a professor in the Department of History at Virginia Tech and author of At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past, has found a wealth of evidence to suggest that the single sleep is a modern occurrence, with “first” and “second” sleeps considered the norm since the beginning of human civilisation.” Read more »

Meet the new proprietor of AdNews

Dr Mumbo is delighted to welcome back Rochelle Burbury to the fray at AdNews after a six year sojourn in the world of PR.

He had assumed Burbury would be a mere hired hand, albeit a well remunerated one. But by the looks of her LinkedIn profile, she liked the magazine so much, she bought the company.

Burbury linkedin

She must have made more from selling her stake in Access PR than Dr Mumbo thought.

Rebekah’s adventures on the big screen

While Dr Mumbo has every sympathy for Rebekah Brooks, rearrested as part of the phone hacking saga, it does seem a bit soon for Disney to be making a movie about her adventures.

Rebekah Brooks disneyVia BBC News Online.

Droga5 renamed

Dr Mumbo hears that the rivals of Droga5 have been so impressed by the agency’s new retail credentials that they’ve given the agency a new name. Read more »

Reading, writing and remembering to proof your ads

3 Rs Campbell NewmanIf there was a rule book of political advertising, Dr Mumbo suspects there’ll be a whole chapter dedicated to when it’s a good idea to check your words for spelling and grammar.

And top of that list would be when making pledges relating to education.

And knowing when an apostrophe is not needed.

Like in The Three Rs, as demonstrated by the National Liberal Party’s Queensland election ad featuring Campbell Newman.

Hat-tip: Mungo @ Ebiquity


Dr Mumbo always enjoys the innovative ideas that emerge from SxSW every year, and 2012’s event is off to a strong start with BBH’s brainchild “Homeless hotspots“. It refers not to the itinerant population of SxSW attendees, but rather homeless people carrying wireless networks for the convenience of attendees.

“SxSW Interactive attendees can pay what they like to access 4G networks carried by our homeless collaborators. This service is intended to deliver on the demand for better transit connectivity during the conference”.

Homeless hotspots Dr Mumbo is somewhat reminded of Nathan Barley’s favourite website Online Russian Tramp Racing, featuring compelling call to action ” Pick your hobo.”

(HT @commuter_dirge)

Nathan Barley



We’re for spellcheckers

Dr Mumbo is a fan of The Daily Telegraph’s resdesign. And indeed of AJF’s ad campaign to support it.

Daily telegraph barangaroo

Although if you are for Sydney, it’s probably a good idea to spell Barangaroo correctly.

Update: Happily, the version of the ad sent to Mumbrella did not run in today’s Tele. He’s sure that by the time it runs later in the week, the spelling may indeed be correct.

The life organic

This one may only be of interest to Sydney agency folk who live in Bondi.

Which is all of them.

Remember Fully Sick Rapper and former JCDecaux staffer Christian Van Vuuren? He’s been pumping out an entertaining series of videos riffing on the unpleasant phenomenon of Bondi hipsters.

And with this one, he’s cracked it.

The life organic indeed.


The man who wiped the smile off his own face

nathaniel baneIf there’s one man who’s having a tough morning in the office, it’s Nathaniel Bane, assistant editor of paid content for the Herald Sun in Melbourne.

Poor Nathaniel is single handedly running a breaking news blog around the title’s move to a paywall which went live today. And fair to say, he’s taking a kicking. Not just because the readers are less than delighted at being asked to pay for something they’ve got used to getting for free.

But also, because readers claimed he was smiling too much in his byline picture. So much so that he bowed to online pressure and changed it to a glummer picture.    Read more »

Modern political advertising

Sometimes it’s hard for voters to understand the nuances of party politics and it takes a piece of advertising to cut through.

Bob Katter’s Australian Party has created just such a piece of advertising.

It’s always important to capture that homophobic voter minority.


The world’s longest serving guest columnist?

With summer now turned to autumn, Dr Mumbo notices that Sunday Life, the magazine inserted into The Sun-Herald in Sydney and The Sunday Age in Melbourne, appears to be no closer to finding itself some permanent columnists following the departure of Sarah Wilson three months ago and Mia Freedman two months ago.

There has, however, been a development. Stand-in columnist Jacinta Tynan, whose column has been labelled with the starburst “summer columnist” for the last few months now has a new label – “guest columnist”. But still no sign of a permanent replacement.    Read more »

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