That’s why he’s the chairman

When Dr Mumbo rang to investigate a story about staff moves at one of Australia’s biggest creative agencies this week, he received an unusual response from Mojo’s jet-setting co-chairman Craig Davis.

“I can’t talk,” he said, “I’m on a chairlift.”

And with that, he was no longer on the line…

(While we’re on the subject, anyone with insights into personnel moves at Mojo should feel free to anonymously email Dr Mumbo’s colleague via this link)

Worse than the race riots? Or bloody hilarious? The ratings will decide

sophie vernesa shireTV that rates often polarises.

And Dr Mumbo suspects that Ten’s The Shire is going to go that way on Monday if the comment thread on its new YouTube teaser is anything to go by.

Fair to say that Sophie and Vernesa are tabloid stars whose moment is about to arrive.

youtube shire comment thread

Friends with benefits

Awkward ad placement of the day goes to Air New Zealand’s new ‘Friends with benefits’ sale on, plonked right next to a story about a man who caught his mate in bed with his wife.

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Fraud is Great

The MP’s expenses scandal in UK has given Visit Britain’s tourism campaign a new lease of life.

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When astrophysicists take on breast enlargements there can be only one search winner

vernesaDr Mumbo feels sorry for astrophysicist Vernesa Smolcic, who currently occupies top search on the Google home page when searching on “Vernesa”. Her home page reveals that she is an astrophysicist who specialises in observational astronomy.

Sadly for Ms Smolcic, there’s a new, weirdly spelled, Vernesa in town.

He suspects that The Shire’s Vernesa – introduced to the Australian public tonight – is about to take over the search rankings, in no small part thanks to her unabashed love of breast augmentation.

sophie vernesa shire

Bonds and bulls

Here’s a nice piece of proactive social media PR by Bonds via its Facebook page.

bonds facebook

‘Sup Holmes

Dr Mumbo wonders whether Jonathan Holmes is trying to connect with the youth demographic, if he’s auditioning to go to the Olympsies with the Bondi Hipsters, or if, just possibly, someone dared him to play GenY buzzword bingo on air last night… Read more »

Journalism, explained by cats

Dr Mumbo knew that before long, the internet would respond to his specific needs through the medium of animated gifs of cats. At last, a reaction meme for journalists….thank you News Cat Gifs. Read more »

Fish smells and gay sauna sex: welcome to the minds of the public

The latest batch of Ad Standards Board determinations once again demonstrate as much about what goes on in the complainants’ heads as they do in the ads.

Take this one against Kimberly-Clark’s Kotex which the ASB describes thus: “The advertisement opens on a close up image of a girl looking through binoculars and a voiceover says, “Ever been out and had the feeling that you’re leaking?” We then see various images of girls in different situations as well as an image of a goldfish swimming in a plastic bag which is leaking water from numerous holes.”

Or as the complainant puts it: “The inference is that female leakage smells like fish.” Read more »

Two columnists walk into an internet cafe. It’s where they get their content

ABC science commentator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, July 5:

“A Higgs boson walks into a church. The priest says ‘Get out of here’. The higgs boson says ‘But without me you can’t have any mass’.”

Peter FitzSimons, Sun-Herald, July 8:

“A Higgs boson walks into a church. ”We don’t allow Higgs bosons in here!” the priest shouts. ”But without me, how can you have mass?” asks the particle.

Christian Kerr, The Australian, July 10:

“Higgs boson walks into a Catholic church. “You’re not welcome here!” the priest exclaims. “Why not?” Higgs asks. “Without me you can’t have mass.”

Can we stop now?

Good evening, good morning, good afternoon from NZ

With much of Mumbrella’s audience in Australia, we dont always get to see the high level of professionalism that is television over the Tasman.

Happily this compilation of Kiwi television (with the odd Aussie interloper) may help bring you up to speed. Read more »

Writing’s on the wall for Taxi

Dr Mumbo likes the creative approach taken by production house Taxi Film Productions after its offices were tagged by a rubbish graffiti artist – challenging somebody to do better. Read more »

The crate escape

Fans of war movie The Great Escape may enjoy this new ad  – The Crate Escape – for Carlsberg by London agency Fold7.

It’s not the first time a British beer ad has mined this particular vein. Remember Carling Black Label’s take on the Dambusters?

Farewell, vacuous, self-absorbed simpletons

Good to see The Sunday Telegraph’s TV section editor Richard Clune bid a fond farewell to his readers and the TV business today after nine years in the job. Although Clune couldn’t resist one last parting shot at the TV industry.

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Ted talks dirty

To a screening of Ted, the Seth MacFarlane comedy about a foul mouthed talking teddy bear.

Australian production house Iloura – host of the screening – was responsible for much of the special effects. And the adult content of the film gave Sunita Gloster, CEO of creative services at parent company Omnilab, an unusual opportunity. “Motherfucker, motherfucker, motherfucker,” she told the audience, making the most of what might have been a one off career opportunity to say that in front of an audience.

Gloster also revealed that one guest had shown up thinking that they’d been invited to a screening of ideas conference TED.

Dr Mumbo suspects that guest was in for a more entertaining evening than they anticipated. The film was great.

The Australian, in kiwi

It appears that The Australian’s media writer Nick Leys has taken to writing in a Kiwi accent ‘thus morning’.

Happily, Leys corrected the error when repeating part of the first sentence in the second paragraph, making the reader itch to find out what other gems are over the paywall.

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Your age, in ad years

your age in ad years

Dr Mumbo is very much enjoying this online quiz, which calculates your age in ad-years. Ad-years are much like dog-years, but more harrowing. Read more »

The hardest working PR team in TV?

Most days Dr Mumbo feels a slight twinge of guilt.

It comes at about 3pm when the daily consolidated TV ratings press release arrives from the Ten Network.

It’s important stuff, but it lacks the immediacy of the 8.30am overnight ratings. The consolidated numbers – which come out a week later and include catch-up viewing – lack drama. Which is a pity for Ten, as its younger viewers seem to be big on time-shifting.

Day after day, the PR team plugs away trying to spark the interest of jaded journos. They whizz through every trick in the book, and some that aren’t: alliteration, assonance, puns, rhymes, and what sometimes what Dr Mumbo can only assume are elaborate in-jokes designed to keep themselves from going mad.

A different alluring headline every day, to tell essentially the same story. And sometimes their hard work and perseverance pays off.

So it’s time for Dr Mumbo to pay tribute, with the best of the headlines since the beginning of May:

  • Cooks and Cops Climb
  • Masterchef finds more viewers
  • Masterchef Climbs
  • Offspring Heats Up
  • Bikie Wars Roars
  • More For MasterChef Monday
  • Super Sunday Shifts Up
  • Ten’s Prime Time Audience Leaps
  • MasterChef and Modern Family Heat Up
  • Bikies and Bingle Bounce
  • Masterchef Bubbles Up
  • Cooks, Cops and Comedians Boost Thursday
  • Ten Rises in Prime Time
  • Offspring and The Good Wife Soar
  • Ten’s Tuesday Tops Up
  • Jamie, Lara and Bikes Boost Ten
  • Masterchef Heats Up
  • Offspring Springs Up
  • Bikie Wars Roars Past 1 Million
  • Ten’s Early Evening Rises
  • Super Sunday Pumps Up
  • Ten Cooks and Sings its way to More Viewers
  • Ten’s Wednesday Lifts
  • Masterchef and NCIS Build
  • Chefs and Singers Shine
  • Ten’s Early Evening Shines
  • Bikie Wars Revs Up
  • Masterchef and NCIS Top Up
  • Masterchef Rises
  • Masterchef and Offspring On The Rise
  • The Biggest Loser Bulks Up
  • Touch Tops Up
  • Glee Hits Higher Note
  • NCIS Uncovers More Viewers
  • Larger Loser and Leis
  • Glee Gets Louder
  • Ten’s Touch Tops Up
  • Ten’s Monday LineUp Lifts

Now that’s trying hard.

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