ABC misses the moment. Again

murdoch attacked1When it comes to breaking news, it would seem that the ABC can’t catch a break.

Having taken a kicking over the broadcaster’s slow reaction to the Japanese earthquake disaster, all ABC News Radio needed to do in covering the Rupert Murdoch hearing at the UK’s Parliament was to continue to broadcast it. Which would seem a relatively low bar. But… Read more »

The holy word of Rupert

Dr Mumbo is delighted to see that Stephen Brook – previously with The Guardian, which broke the News of the World phone hacking scandal – is adjusting nicely to his new life working for Rupert Murdoch as editor of the Australian’s Media section.   Read more »

A big baby indeed

Dr Mumbo of course turns to the Daily Telegraph website first when he’s hungry for entertainment news.

And who’s to doubt whether this really is a pic of David Beckham’s new born? Read more »

Telling stories

A press release arrives in Mumbrella’s inbox at 2.54pm from Fairfax Media:   Read more »

Victoria Police tweets know the score

Even police tweeters have a sense of humour, Dr Mumbo is pleased to see.

Last night saw a soccer friendly between Melbourne Victory and Celtic.

And Victoria Police helpfully tweeted the score…



Dr Mumbo looks forward to a similar service during the cricket.

(Hat-tip: Footy Fans Downunder.)

This ad stinks

Hope Advertising will probably have hoped Dr Mumbo never caught wind of this reeking infomercial they created for the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System.

Read more »

Jack Matthews… man of action

jack_matthews_action_copSearch for Fairfax Media’s metro division boss Jack Matthews on YouTube and the first option suggests that he may be leading something of a double life.

And the resemblance is indeed astounding.

You can insert your own jokes here about the good looking hero who faces an impossible mission. Read more »

Et tu, Greg?

Who’s in charge of Fairfax Media these days?


(Hat-tip: SMH)

Sleepless at The Sunday Telegraph

Dr Mumbo can’t help but feel sorry for the editor of The Sunday Telegraph, who must have been having a few sleepless nights of late to let this through:

Read more »

Ctrl C Ctrl V journalism

Dr Mumbo very much enjoyed the intro to SMH’s piece on the Melbourne International Film Festival today.

In fact, he enjoyed it precisely the same amount as he enjoyed the intro to the Melbourne International Film Festival’s press release – which was sent out a few weeks ago.

In fact, the SMH article and the MIFF press release are, word for word, equally enjoyable.

Read more »

Renovators share the sponsor love

Dr Mumbo is pleased to note that while Ten may be making savings in some areas, the network has maintained its reputation for having the best goodie bags in the business.   Read more »

Simon Baker, translated

Fair to say that not everybody loved the new Simon Baker ad for ANZ when it broke this week, with many somewhat perplexed by his accent.

Happily, there’s now an alternative version…

And here’s the original, Read more »

Make The Girls Dance gives it 110%

Make The Girls Dance may be a very fine  youth entertainment site. But Dr Mumbo suspects that whoever does the media kit isn’t so hot at maths…


Kelsey Spelling

If only the surname of Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer, who’s to appear at the Commercial Radio Conference and Awards in October, was Spelling.

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20,144 people feeling pretty… down down

It seems Dr Mumbo isn’t the only one feeling a bit down down about the latest appearance of the big red hands.

Some 20,143 people (at last count) have liked a Facebook page named: “The disturbed feeling you get after seeing the new Coles Ad”    Read more »

Adam Lang gets tied up

Adam Lang has some serious duties to fulfill over at Austereo.

The general manager, who has been likened to US comedian Stephen Colbert, was tasked by his boss, Guy Dobson, to create an instructional video on how to tie a windsor knot.

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The Fails Music & Arts Festival

The likes of the Arctic Monkeys and The Jezabels will probably not be best pleased with how their appearance at the Falls Music & Arts Festival is being promoted.

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Form an orderly queue

Dr Mumbo has just spotted a post on SourceBottle that may be of interest to the marketers out there who like to get their names in newspapers.

Read more »

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