Mixing it up

Evidence that the management of  Sydney’s Mix FM will miss breakfast host Andrew Rochford after his defection to Ten to head up its new morning show came at the TV network’s after party.   Read more »

Deal of the day

When Dr Mumbo first read in AdNews that Cudo was for sale for $60, he assumed that it was a typo. But then he realised… it’s just a group buying discount.



Flying high

So other than the fact that Larry Hagman, Linda Grey, Barry Humphries and alter ego Dame Edna are being plied with booze by identikit Qantas air hostesses in these ads by M&C Saatchi and Ogilvy, what do they all have in common?

The answer, of course, is that they’re all reportedly recovering alcoholics.

Which is presumably what Qantas means by the Spirit of Australia.





There are some things you just wish you hadn’t seen

Dr Mumbo is quite used to radio hosts being subjected to a challenge for entertainment but he kind of wishes this one remained audio only.

Thanks to Australia’s Next Top Model host Sarah Murdoch for challenging Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa to create a fragrance and then make an ad about it.

ABC News 24. Now with pictures removed

ABC News 24.

Much like radio.

Hat-tip: Crikey

Thanks but no thanks

The secret to successful blackhat SEO is, of course, knowing your target partners and understanding intimately what they’re looking for. Like this pitch to Mumbrella…


Playing chicken with Nando’s

It seems Nando’s marketing team can’t do everything inhouse, and has turned to Facebook to find a special sort of candidate for upcoming promotions in Brisbane.

Read more »

Gollum vs Sunrise

As Wendy Deng demonstrated, it’s always instructive to see what a young woman does to leap to the defence of an older gentleman when attacked by a weird assailant.

Or not.

Three Drunk Monkeys’ intriguing new definition of truth in advertising

Several months after denying to Mumbrella that it was changing the agency name from Three Drunk Monkeys to The Monkeys, several weeks after issuing the same denial to AdNews and several days after telling the same story to the Sydney Morning Herald, the agency has issued the following release:

“What began as a fledgling three-man dream to create a unique creative business model – founders Justin Drape, Mark Green and Scott Nowell called their agency Three Drunk Monkeys. Fast forward five years – ranked Australia’s No.1 agency for 2010 by Adnews, winner of B&T Agency of the Year and Australian Creative Hotshop of the Year – and the agency has swelled to over 70 full time staff. In recognition of this collective achievement, the agency will now be known simply as The Monkeys.   Read more »

Lost dog (and some ratings news too)

Radio ratings press release of the day comes from Nova 106.9 Brisbane:


A brown dog, today

Survey 5 radio ratings results have most stations locked away in their boardrooms analyzing the figures this morning but at Nova 106.9 the big concern is who owns “Brown Dog”?   Read more »

Dynamic news from the digital coalface

The following is a media release. Dr Mumbo offers the following challenge: Can you rewrite it in such a way that a journalist could actually use it as the basis for a news story? Good luck…   Read more »

Dead end

This bunch of people may look more like they’re on the way to a funeral than a party, but Dr Mumbo still thinks it’s a bit harsh for YouTube to serve burial insurance as the contextual ad next to this B&T Awards video.

Rising to the Challenge

Dr Mumbo occasionally enjoys pointing out disastrous website ad placements.

So credit to annuity company Challenger for the opposite – the perfect placement.


Keeping it real?

Dr Mumbo wonders whether the title of this video on the Best Ads on TV website is a clever device to persuade people to watch…


From the department of not a good idea…

Sometimes the only thing to think after watching a piece of video is to hope it’s fake.

Like the sight of Hamish Blake getting the timeslot for Hamish & Andy’s Gap year tatooed onto his arm.

Worryingly, it looks real.

You do not have mail

Today’s Sun-Herald reports that senior government advisers have stopped using mobile voicemail in the wake of the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

Which does raise a question: How would the Sun-Herald know that?

Who needs to see the work when you can watch the ads?

To the IAB Awards at Sydney’s Carriageworks.

And in a commerce-friendly innovation, the audience had the pleasure of watching a video ad for each sponsor before the winner of a category was announced.

Unfortunately there wasn’t actually time to tell the audience what the winning campaigns actually did. But then, you can’t have everything.

Skittles after dark

Fair to say, this is not a real Skittles ad

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