Mumbrella360: get stuffed

The most fun part of organising a conference? Without a doubt, stuffing the sponsors’ material into 700 delegate bags…

Have Photoshop, will report

Dr Mumbo’s favourite thing about Nine News is its commitment to quality, authentic reporting.

A bit of a (c)lark

adnews_commbank_larkDr Mumbo was fascinated to see AdNews break the story that CommBank has hired a new marketing chief called Andrew Clark.

A few minutes later an announcement arrived that they’d hired a CMO called Andy Lark. Presumably the two of them will be doing some sort of job share.

Nine to Sydney: Drop dead. We love Melbourne

Back in the good old days, the telly networks could have their cake and it. They could, for example, suck up to the Melbourne viewers without Sydneysiders finding out they didn’t love them.

Obviously these modern networks and crack promo teams are wise to the rise of social media and wouldn’t do anything as dumb any more.

After all, imagine if you created a promo spruiking A Current Affair’s Melbourne credentials. And slagging off Sydney-based shows.

Imagine what Sydney viewers would think.

Happily nobody would be that silly though. Would they?

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Read all about it (but you may struggle to hear all about it)

To The Establishment in Sydney where Roy Morgan Research was up against it as it launched its long awaited new newspaper sectional reading research.

With Mumbrella having run an event – just the one – at the venue itself (on that occasion the Mumbrella Question Time guests went without coffee after the machine broke down) , Dr Mumbo felt nothing but sympathy as Roy Morgan boss Michele Levine found that not only could the muzak not be silenced, but the PA was dead.   Read more »

The $1599 chocolate brownie

Fair to say that there have been a fair few pitches for free passes to next week’s Mumbrella360.

With capacity sadly an issue, the answer has generally been a polite refusal.

However, this morning’s arrival of a large slab of chocolate brownie, accompanied by the right piece of DM won over the Mumbrella team.

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ElevaTED company

To ideas festival TEDxSydey, where Dr Mumbo was impressed to see many media bigwigs soaking up the brain power radiating from the stage.

Among those spotted were Foxtel CEO Kim Williams, ABC MD Mark Scott and Fairfax Metro bosses Jack Matthews and Ed Harrison.

The tale of the planking pilot

It appears that even brand icons are joining the planking craze with Flight Centre’s pilot mascot keeping it local.   Read more »


Round two of the heats for Ping-Pong by Noise saw BMF, Profero and Soap Creative march through to next Thursday’s final.

Unfortunately, the video below suggests that the Mumbrella team should have spent more time on its table tennis skills and less messing about with fancy head cameras, as Dr Mumbo’s colleagues were taken down by Profero.

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Agency bigwigs get weepy at talent shortage

The best ideas are so obvious you wonder why nobody did it before.

Like these high impact images to promote ADMA’s message that the industry is “crying out” for new talent.

The featured weeping bigwigs include Wunderman’s Matt Batten:   Read more »

Valuing Scoopon? A piece of cake

Scoopon wouldn’t officially say what today’s deal with James Packer valued the company at.

But they have just sent out the following cupcakes gift which offers a pretty hefty clue.

Scoopon cupcakes

The number of plagiarists at CEBIT? Let’s count. (Update: Embarrassingly, the answer is, um, zero…)

On Friday Mumbrella sent out a note to its email subscribers, presenting next month’s  Mumbrella360 conference in numbers.

A couple of people were even kind enough to flick us a note congratulating us on the simplicity of the sales message.

Based on the marketing email from the CEBIT technology conference that just reached Dr Mumbo, there may have been other admirers too…

CEBIT's email today

Mumbrella's email of last week

2.05pm update: Somewhat awkwardly for Dr Mumbo’s hypothesis, we’ve just been sent the link to the following email, sent out by CEBIT before Mumbrella’s:

Apologies to the good folk of CEBIT… it would seem that there are indeed times when great minds do think alike.

The myth of Bruce Guthrie

While there are plenty of folk at News Ltd who disagree with former editor Bruce Guthrie’s account of his time with the company, Dr Mumbo isn’t sure that the staff of the shortly-to-be-closed Borders book chain should be taking sides by filing his book Man Bites Murdoch in the Myth section.


BMF goes Mad Men for a day

BMF’s creative department has swapped ripped jeans and ironic T-shirts for suits and trilbys for a day, in tribute to the cast of Mad Men.

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Sexie Coffie? That delicious smell of roast controversy, deliberately brewed

Sometimes it feels that writing about an ad being controversial is fulfilling precisely the creator’s purpose.

Dr Mumbo fears that this ad, for Queensland’s Sexie Coffie chain falls into that category.

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Mumbrella’s media feud with a meatsuit-hating PR

Dr Mumbo always did enjoy a good media feud.

And it seems he’s found himself one with senior Weber Shandwick PR Andres Lopez-Varela who this afternoon tweeted the following message:   Read more »

Man walks on the moon. And Eddie reads from the autocue

It took a week to find, but Dr Mumbo’s pals at Ebiquity pulled it off. Here’s the full version of Nine’s promo prior to the first airing of Between The Lines.

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But other than that, good luck in the new job…

For those who haven’t been following, Brett Clegg recently left The Australian to work at Fairfax’s The Australian Financial Review.

While Dr Mumbo is sure there’s more than one way to read the paragraph that appeared in the Media Diary column of his former employer this morning, it still made his blood run a little cold when he read it…   Read more »

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