Tool time

You can, it seems, buy anything via a Gumtree ad.

This, however, is an ad the like of which Dr Mumbo has not previously seen.


Only in Newcastle…

Taking a stand against press comfort

The Internet Industry Association is obviously very keen for the media to cover its new cybercrime code review which takes place from 9.30am to noon on Thursday with the following invitation:


“Media are invited to join us for the icode reveiw forum Thurday this week in Sydney. Invitation attached.

“I have also attached an agenda to assist with planning your attendance. Due to over subscription of attendees, it will be standing room only for media.”

Stand in the back of a room for two and a half hours? Yes please – Dr Mumbo will be there straight away.

Matt loves Broome and Perth too

Dr Mumbo can’t help but suspect that, after the Kangaroo Island cash-for-tweets expose a month ago, the people of Perth and Broome are taking Matt Moran’s tweet today with a pinch of salt.

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How Australian journalism works

If you were interested in reading an article about the British TV documentary series 7 Up, you could have read it online via the UK Telegraph at any point since its publication on May 14.

Or you could have given it four weeks and paid $2.30 to read it in The Sun-Herald today, where it occupies a full page of the “news” section.

GQ – when fonts go bad

Good to see News Limited promoting the new edition of GQ in The Sunday Telegraph today.

Mind you, the cover lines could do with a little more thought.

GQ font

For a fairer fanny

And the winner of the Most Manipulative Ad For A Ridiculous Product Award goes to… Read more »

See a viral video – before it goes viral

Those who were at Mumbrella360 will have enjoyed watching Guy Gadney do his viral video thang.

The advice being to mash some memes. (And also to expect to only go viral if you get lucky.)

The result? What happens when you mash the emotional appeal of the dancing baby with the ending of the movie Duel. In Lego. (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

Now let’s see if Guy gets lucky.

Speed skills

Headline of the day goes to Google boss Nick Leeder’s blog post on his appearance at Mumbrella360.

speed leeder

Happily, if you’d like to read on, it’s not what you might think…

Ballsy move…

Dr Mumbo stands by the maxim, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

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An end to big budget TV commercials. Except for Woolworths

Looks like Woolworths is an exception to new plans from the AANA to clamp down on big-budget TV commercials.

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Use The Force, Steve

The outdoor industry may not have won the final of Battle of the Media, but JC Decaux CEO Steve O’Connor certainly left nothing on the field – including arriving on stage as a bargain basement Jedi.

steve o'connor

Sadly The Force was not quite enough to take him past cinema.

Press Council clears reporting on press reporting

Dr Mumbo now invites you to set your phaser to ironic.

The Australian Press Council has been looking into a complaint about The Courier Mail’s reporting on… the regulation of the press and more specifically the journalists’ union. Read more »

Kate just joined Spotify

If your inbox is anything like Dr Mumbo’s inbox, then it has been inundated the last week with notifications of your Facebook friends joining music streaming services.

(Article now amended)

Dr Mumbo has got the wrong end of the stick on on this one –  apologies.

Can culture jam

CommBank’s Can’t to Can campaign has been used as a canvass (sorry) for others to express their views. Some more eloquent than others.

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This creative agency is a tier two supplier

Interesting how the procurement world likes to put agencies into categories.

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The SMH – brought to you by AAP

So the winner is in on the battle of the bylines for today’s strike-busting edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Two loyal staffers take joint bronze, with two bylines each – step forward, national business editor Sean Aylmer and and GM of travel Lauren Quaintance.

Silver goes to managing editor (national), Mark Baker, with three bylines.

But gold goes to AAP – which clocked up eight bylines.

The paper was, of course, also mainly laid out by AAP’s Pagemasters.

Dr Mumbo is in Sydney – he’d be intrigued to hear from a Melbourne reader how the Age looks today.

Crunching the turkeys

Things are clearly hotting up in the Nine-Telstra talks.

Yesterday The Australian reported they were “crunching the numbers”.

Today they’re “talking turkey“.

Dr Mumbo wonders what they’ll be doing tomorrow. Bashing the bishop, presumably.

Make sure you’re sitting down

Nine’s ratings salvation The Voice has, according to a press release sent to Dr Mumbo this morning, an unsung hero to thank for its popularity.

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