A moron writes…

Dr Mumbo dishes it out to others, so it’s about time he focused on Mumbrella too.

Who accidentally described chef Matt Moran as Matt Moron? Yep, that’d be us…

Does she like dead bodies?

Sometimes the best radio interviews are the entirely unbroadcastable ones.

Happily this interview with Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as The Dictator’s Admiral General Alardeen, was not live.

Dr Mumbo suspects that this six-and-a-half minute version may deliver 30 usable seconds for Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa.

If they’re lucky.

Waking up to the Wake Up stunt

Dr Mumbo admires the fact that the Australian Marketing Institute is making an effort with Facebook.

However, based on this afternoon’s update he suspects they’re not entirely on top of this week’s marketing news.

ami facebook

Mr Personality

byron cookeRegular listeners may know him as the third member of popular Today Network drivetime trio Fifi, Jules and The Other One. But it seems that show anchor Byron Cooke is better known overseas.

He’s picked up the title of International Radio Personality of the Year 2012 at the World Radio Summit in the US, beating the likes of the BBC’s Zane Lowe, Chris Moyles and Steve Lamacq along with Triple J’s Richard Kingsmill.

According to the Southern Cross Austereo press release, Cooke said, “I was totally shocked to get the nomination and to see my name alongside four of music radio’s heavy hitters is nothing short of an honour.”

Not half as shocked as Dr Mumbo suspects Chris Moyles was.

The train now departing from Platform 1 is for Obvious, calling at Condescending and Patronising en route

newspaper platformsDo you know what a newspaper platform is?

Unfortunately, Dr Mumbo is from 1982 so he doesn’t.

So he was delighted to come across this video explanation from marketing body Newspaper Works.

Apparently they’re like railway platforms. Only newspapers.

But in case of misunderstanding, they do explain “You don’t actually need to get on a train.” Which comes as a relief to Dr Mumbo.

Next up, how the economy is like a banana smoothie.

Strong women need not apply

Take Two Events sexist adAre you a strong man?

Do you want to work in a sexist environment?

Then just the job for you has just been posted on the Mumbrella job board.

Take Two Events is looking for a male event manager.

You’ve got to be a male because you need to be “strong enough to take down a small marquee”. And of course no woman is strong enough to do that.

Say no to crack, and yes to roller skating

Advertising has a basic set of rules.

One of the golden ones: Create a problem and sell a solution.

In this case the problem is crack addicts. And the solution is roller skating.

(Hat-tip: b3ta)

Bill Shorten: Like watching a lion rape a sheep. But in a bad way

Dr Mumbo never thought the fictional encounter of a TV interview with hapless government minister Ben Swain on In The Thick Of it would ever be topped in real life.

But it has been, when Labor’s Bill Shorten found himself on Sky News without actually knowing what the policy he was supposed to be supporting was. Wonderful, wonderful stuff, and full credit to David Speers for making Shorten squirm.

(Hat-tip: Crikey)

Footballer speak

If anyone was in any doubt about the difficulty footballers in England have stringing a sentence together, the rehearsals for an ad for Manchester City’s new kit provide a few clues.

Fair enough, most of the guys in this video are non-native English speakers. But what’s Joe Hart’s excuse?

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Dr Mumbo wasn’t bowled over by Greenpeace’s iCoal protest against Apple yesterday, where activists turned up outside The Apple Store in Sydney holding some helium balloons.

Meanwhile at the Tate gallery in London, culture jamming was being taken up a notch. Read more »

Save Colin

Freedom Furniture’s Save Colin Sale promotion left Mumbrella journalist Colin Delaney feeling very special when he visited the store recently.

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Become a copywriter for 69 bucks

Not good at writing copy? For just $69, you can ‘learn to write the “right” way’ by going on a ‘Kopywriting Kourse’ via AppSumo.

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Mystery angel

Dr Mumbo has been sent a curious teaser video featuring a sweaty, smelly man with wings. But he’s not permitted to say which brand is behind it. Any guesses for who it might be?

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Sheen goes clean

Perversely, Dr Mumbo finds himself having a grain more respect for Charlie Sheen after seeing him in an ad for a Dutch beer.

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DTDigital is one of Australia’s better digital agencies, although today it appeared to be struggling with its mastery of Twitter.

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Jay and Silent Bob on drug-induced bowel movements on Breakfast

While Seven and Nine can boast a ‘good get’ in One Direction, Dr Mumbo is more impressed by Ten’s Breakfast getting Jay and Silent Bob.

The film-makers/actors/podcasters Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are in Australia to record their podcast Jay and Silent Bob Gets Old in a live format.

Paul Henry showed his investigative journalism skills, after 6 mins, 26 seconds, by asking the hard hitting question: Read more »

Ugg Australia builds deep customer relationships

Dr Mumbo surmised that Facebook’s new Timeline for brand pages could cause the unwary social media manager some bother.

He now realises he might have been understating it.

The official Facebook page for footwear brand Ugg Australia claims its mission is “to build on the deep relationships between the UGG brand and our customers and continue to develop lasting relationships with consumers around the world”.

He’s willing to bet they didn’t mean a relationship quite this intimate…

(The image – pixellated below by Mumbrella – has been live on Ugg Australia’s Facebook page for 11 hours at time of writing…)

Ugg Porn

HT @tali3in 

(edit: Ugg Australia is an American footwear manufacturer and has been involved in controversy over the use of “Ugg” as a trademark in Australia HT @stilgherrian)

What is the sound of three hands clapping?

Dr Mumbo would like to offer a slow handclap for the excellent photoshopping in Target’s latest Target a slow handclapprint ad.

(Kudos to the brand for owning up to their mistake)

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