It was ‘a website’ wot done it

Dr Mumbo notes that The Australian currently rather coyly refers to the Logie leak as having been via “a website”.

He’s sure there’s a very good reason why the title has not named its News Limited stablemate The Herald Sun as the guilty party.

Swan dive

Curious goings-on during an ad break for Nine’s Sydney broadcast of The Logies. The network aired an ad for ARN’s radio station Mix just before 9.30pm.

Which would have been a pleasing marketing investment to see for Mix 106.5’s Sydney breakfast team of Tim Ross and Claire Hooper.

Except it was a promo for Mix 101.1’s Melboune breakfast team of Chrissie Swan and Jane Hall.

Dr Mumbo suspects that the phone call to the Nine sales team for a makegood is coming right… now.

Something bad has happened

Click on the link to the Ant and Becks show, and something bad has happened, apparently.

A nice way of saying farewell to Anthony “Becks” Toohey, who has just quit the show.

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Green endings

Bob Brown is not dead. But the man who has just quit the Green Party will probably like the sound of an eco friendly burial when he passes on.

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Ain’t nothing but love…

Dr Mumbo loves the warm and fuzzy feeling he gets from this website dedicated to smoothing the sometimes tempestuous relationship between copywriters and art directors. He particularly enjoys the lack of sarcasm and genuine feeling of love.

A couple of faves:

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A toast to One Direction

In 2000, Justin Timberlake’s nibbled at french toast was sold on eBay for US$3,154.

Given the terrifying hysteria surrounding the Australian visit of boy band One Direction this week, Dr Mumbo is willing to wager that the uneaten toast of One Direction’s Niall Horan (the blonde one), part of which he unceremoniously spat out on Sunrise, will fetch even more.

The boy does not appear to be a fan of Vegemite…

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Hands off socks

At last, a way to make a BlackBerry and a Rubik’s cube more fun. 

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Counting coconuts

It appears that even retailers in meticulous Singapore are not immune to the occasional spelling blunder… and unfortunate ways of shortening the word coconut.

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A cold morning on Sunrise

If there’s a bigger crime in television than distracting the viewers from what Jane Caro is saying on Sunrise, then Dr Mumbo doesn’t want to hear about it.

Dr Mumbo is, however, disappointed that the #penisgate hashtag doesn’t seem to have taken off.

(HT: @ozdj)

Good heavens

Dr Mumbo was sitting under a shady tree near Bronte Beach this afternoon when he looked up and saw what appeared to be a message from God. Read more »

Too beautiful to be an online columnist

Dr Mumbo’s memo to columnists:

Yes, we have all now seen the hilarious Daily Mail column from the deluded Samantha Brick who thinks she’s too beautiful. And yes, it is hilarious because she’s not all that.

But the comedy column where you pretend to think that you are gorgeous too – The Guardian’s Tim Dowling, The Punch’s Anthony Sharwood and (most belatedly thus far) the SMH’s Jacqueline Maley – that joke’s been well and truly done now. Please stop.

Will nobody save the children from those depraved 1920s modernists?

NGV mad square

How the exhibition was promoted on the NGV website

Welcome to the latest in a seemingly never ending trail of bizarre complaints to the Advertising Standards Board.

The latest target, the Art Gallery of NSW’s travelling exhibition of German modernism, The Mad Square, and a 1927 portrait by Christian Schad which was displayed on posters outside the National Gallery of Victoria

Or as the complainant puts it:

“I feel it is inappropriate to be displaying a picture of a naked woman breasts exposed in a place that is extremely high profile and frequented by children including possibly those on school trips or with family.”

Happily the ASB ruled: “The Board considered that the content of the advertisement is not inappropriate for the nature of the product being advertised, and considered that whilst the advertisement could be viewed by children the content is very mild.”

It resisted the temptation to add the words: “You idiot.”

Beer and Boony

Brendan BlattBy day, Brendan Blatt is an account manager at Pacific Star Network’s 1116SEN Sports Radio.

By night, he creates beautiful labours of love in tribute to VB.

Or as Blatt puts it: “A friend of mine suggested that someone should remix the VB Beer theme for the youth of today. I am that someone.”

Dr Mumbo wonders if Brendan does requests for future advertising remixes.

Holler’s celebrity guest staff

Dr Mumbo loves a good tip-off. Unfortunately this one turned out to be something of a boomerang.

Word reached him that digital agency Holler had some celebrity guests in the house, but on following up this juicy lead, it transpired that the wry wit of Holler’s Facebook page manager had failed to communicate itself to Dr Mumbo’s informant.

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Robert Morgan in the 22nd Century

Typo of the day goes to the Australian Financial Review. Either that, or Clemenger BBDO chairman Robert Morgan is battening down for a 90 year downturn…

AFR Rob Morgan typo

The 52 shows that beat the final of Excess Baggage last night

Last night saw the series finale of Excess Baggage, Nine’s celebrity fatcamp show that was ignominiously booted off Nine and onto Gem.

Obviously it’s not fair to compare the show’s performance on Gem to the main free to air channels. So let’s see how it did against the rest of the shows on digital last night. Here are the shows that beat it:    Read more »

The fame game

Dr Mumbo rather enjoyed Edwina Bartholomew’s splendidly snarky interview with Paris Hilton on behalf of Seven’s Sunrise.

If only all celebrities were treated this way…

A cynic would say that the apparent ban by Hilton was exactly what Sunrise was looking for. But only a cynic of course.

2pm update: Dr Mumbo fears Sunrise may have been outsmarted in the PR war…

From: Paris <Paris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Date: 30 March 2012 12:55:42 PM AEDT

To: “ebartholomew@xxxxxxxxxxxxx” <ebartholomew@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Reply-To: Paris <Paris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Edwina,

It was great to meet you yesterday. I just heard that someone told you I was upset with the interview and that you aren’t welcome at the event tonight. I thought the interview went well, maybe someone else was unhappy but I wasn’t. Please consider this a personal invitation from me for you to join us tonight. Hope to see you there!

xoxo Paris

Rupert versus the crazies

Dr Mumbo has of course been enjoying the drama of the two biggest newspaper beasts in the jungle going head to head with Fairfax Media’s AFR swiping spectacularly at News Corp, and of course News swiping back.

And happily Rupert is now a master of social media too, with Twitter the latest subtle tool in his armoury…

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