Do as I say

The voice recognition functions offered on Google’s Android mobile platform are truly impressive.

However, as Google’s global head of mobile, Karim Temsamani, demonstrated, it’s not always a good idea to give a live demo while the camera is rolling.

(The full interview with Temsamani can be viewed here.)

Group buying deal for sale: suit people looking for magic beanstalks

harmony_balance_grouponNice to see that group buying site Groupon is taking a high quality approach, selling punters those magic Harmony Balance Wristbands:   Read more »

Louie the Fly – back from the grave before you know it

Dr Mumbo salutes Mortein for appearing to adopt the Heinz Salad Cream strategy over the weekend.

For those unfamiliar, it’s an approach taken by brands that claim iconic status but don’t shift many units.   Read more »

Facebook-themed musicals

How we behave and who we are on Facebook. A popular theme in ads of late. And musical ones no less.

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Donate… then harrass at will

Queensland design agency Bigfish are doing an indoor fun run as part of the Bridge to Brisbane 2011 fundraiser for Melanoma Patients Australia.

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Watching Nemo

To the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Sydney last night where Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but feel somewhat of a goldfish in a bowl as he sipped on his champagne.    Read more »

You’ll not love every piece of Victoria

Tourism Victoria is proving to be particularly unhelpful about its ad agency tender, which has more than a few agencies on tenterhooks, and many others wondering why the government agency hasn’t bothered to answer even the simplest of enquiries. Such as when a result might be expected.

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Rap me up in hell

Sometimes we are sent things that teach us stuff and sometimes we are sent things that just make us cry.

These two videos only do one of those things.

Dr Mumbo’s favourite part is when they swap, “If you want it, you got it, if you want it, baby you got it” with “If you listen, analyse, then engage, baby you’ve got it.”

Lyrical gold.    Read more »

What’s in a name?

Personalised emails are clearly the name of the game for the 2011 Blackmore Sydney Festival.

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Queensland first

Dr Mumbo is usually impressed by those who do things first. But there are firsts and there are firsts.

There are world firsts. There are regional firsts. There are Australian firsts.

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Belgo dons lycra and ditches durries for charity

The thought of seeing Rob Belgiovane in lycra, and holding out for a significant period of time without a cigarettte, is probably reason enough to part with some money.

Between September 12 and 14, the BWM executive creative director is cycling from Sydney to parliament house in Canberra for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of Australia.

That’s 400km.And he’s trying to raise $5000.

Sponsor him here.

Living the stereotype

Websites are of course the finest marketing tool known to man when it comes to introducing your customers to the personalities behind the brand.

Website b3ta asks offers a tough challenge regarding Sydney real estate agency Deans Property: Can you spot the IT guy?



Hill & Knowlton casts the net

PR agency Hill & Knowlton’s recent tribulations have been well documented.

Now word reaches Dr Mumbo that the agency is going to some lengths to recruit people.

This cold call email reaches Dr Mumbo after it was sent to the work address of a member of staff at a rival PR agency.


(Click on image above to see full size)

Interesting to note that it is only a matter of days since Hill & Knowlton obtained a written apology from former executives over the inappropriate “soliciting” of  staff.

Clearly this is appropriate soliciting.

Shift’s giant ECD appointment

raj_RabindranathDr Mumbo heartily congratulates Raj Rabindranath for his new ECD role at Shift.

And his bosses certainly  seem proud of him if the size of the picture they sent through is anything to go by. Read more »

The SMH’s big national news of the day: man finds corn flake that looks like Australia

Regular Fairfax followers will be aware that boss Greg Hywood has set  a very clear path for the company – its future lies in high quality journalism.

So it’s good to see the top story in the national section of this morning.


As Dr Mumbo’s spy tells him: “”If this is the top story under national for the SMH today, I think the Rivers of Gold company must be very close to the end!”

Brand placement by stalking

The name Jacenko may be familiar to watchers of the Sydney publicity scene via Sweaty betty’s Roxy Jacenko.

Now sister Ruby’s in the media business too, Dr Mumbo is delighted to learn, with a new lifestyle blog Not Going Home.

To kick things off, she’s stalking Leo DiCaprio, in Sydney to film The Great Gatsby.

She tells Dr Mumbo that she’ll be returning to Leo’s place tomorrow – and wants to hear from brands that would like her to drop some product off.

Not just Good Vibrations, Great Vibrations

Sadly, when the Ad Standards Board determines a complaint, it’s not always possible to find video of the ad in question.

So you’ll have to use your imagination about the following complained about ad for adult store Good Vibrations.

“Close up of a woman’s spread legs, from the thighs to the shoes. There is a champagne bottle on the floor between the legs and as it pops a female voice over says, “It’s coming”.

“A male voice over then continues, ‘Good Vibrations adult erotica mega store’.

“We see a hand clenching a white sheet and the words “Good Vibrations adult erotica mega store 1170 South Road, Clovelly Park” appear on screen.”

Sadly, Dr Mumbo has been unable to track down a copy of the ad itself, which had the complaint upheld.

However, his friends at Ebiquity did find three other ads in the campaign.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand back and salute Adelaide advertising at its high production values finest. If this work doesn’t get recognised at the AADC Awards, then there’s no justice.

An 85-year-old Sudanese woman walks into a bar…

Curious goings on at ABC1 last night with a live promo for Q&A crashing to air early enough to catch the punchline to the warm-up guy’s joke.

Considering it was “an 85-year-old Sudanese woman”, Dr Mumbo suspects the powers that be must be mighty relieved it didn’t arrive any earlier than that.

Any spies in the audience able to tell Dr Mumbo the other half of the gag?

(Video hat-tip: @ma_ttie)

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