A monster hoax

Dr Mumbo has two links for you to compare and contrast.

The first, from the UK’s Daily Telegraph, posted yesterday: “Monster slipper revealed as PR hoax

And, from news.com.au, posted at 9.49am today: “Now that’s what you call a big mistake: Missed decimal point results in monster slipper”   Read more »

Media mastery, shagging secretaries and Dancing Without The Stars

To the Media Federation Awards, ably hosted by Seven’s Deal Or No Deal host Andrew O’Keefe and Dancing With The Stars’ Sonia Kruger, and organised on a theme of “mastery”.

O’Keefe told the audience: “It’s the first event I’ve been to all year that’s not Mad Men themed. I can’t tell you how goddam sick I am of dressing in gabardine and shagging voluptuous secretaries.”

And the pair weren’t afraid to put the boot into their network, Read more »

Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft as you’ve never seen them before

There can be no better day than when an anyonymous email lands in Dr Mumbo’s inbox with the latest work from the mysterious Drawings By A Writer.

And today he (or she) has surpassed him (or her) self.

Best portraits of Gruen Transfer regulars Russel Howcroft and Todd Sampson ever?Russel Howcroft drawings by a writerTodd Sampson drawings by a writer

Campaign Brief goes mad about Chad

Dr Mumbo is, as any regular reader will know, a huge fan of Campaign Brief.

So he can only assume that the site must know exactly what it is doing with its coverage of a new Uncle Tobys campaign from Ogilvy which apparently features a model called Chad.

So good in fact that it deserves featuring on the home page four times.


Not very dirty protest

Quote from a press release from Lush cosmetics:

“Sydney — Lush Cosmetics will bury one of its staff members neck deep in coal as part of a dramatic illustration of how Australia is struggling to embrace renewable energy. The striking – and dirty – protest marks the launch of Lush’s campaign against the Australian coal industry. The weeklong in-store campaign will hit all of Lush’s 20 Australian stores.”

That’s not what Dr Mumbo understands a dirty protest to be.


SMH falls for the email that was too good to be true

The Sydney Morning Herald’s diary today reports the always amusing story of an email that went viral after an arrogant new investment banker emailed his new colleagues.

It was hilarious: “Looking to be a rock star at this place – feel free to send your tips but I think I’ve got this one covered.”

It was also a hoax.

Of course it did take deep investigative journalism to find out that it was a hoax.

When Mumbrella came across the story six days ago we, boringly enough, rang the organisation involved and checked whether it was real. It wasn’t.   Read more »

World class rugby coverage from Nine

Dr Mumbo did enjoy the media experimentation being performed by Nine during the Rugby World Cup semi final between Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks to the brave approach by the network, we have now firmly established that a break in play is not long enough to insert an ad into without missing the restart.

Curiously the staff of The Punch appear not to have got the memo about Nine’s commitment to ratings over silly things like sport, posting on Facebook: Read more »

And the winner is… the sponsor

With the year they’ve had, it was no real surprise to see Clemenger BBDO Melbourne dominate the evening and walk away with agency of the year at the MADC Awards on Friday night. Or to see a jubilant Clems boss Peter Biggs pick up and cradle his star creative Ant Keogh (who won creative of the year) on the podium like a proud father.

But there was something that sounded a bit odd about a few of the results when they were read out.

Read more »

Holidays to remember

To the Tourism Directions conference in Canberra where moderator Ellen Fanning had kind words to say about Tourism Australia supremo Andrew McEvoy:

“He’s such a good salesman he could probably convince you to take a holiday in an industrial park. And convince you that you had a good time.”
Dr Mumbo hopes it doesn’t come to that.

The Dude rides again

To the Australian launch of Kred, which gives Twitter folk a score based on their influence.

kred_logothe_dude_onetelThe brainchild of former One.Tel supremo Jodee Rich, one element of the preso had a vaguely familiar air.

Remember The Dude, the slacker mascot who characterised One.Tel?

The cartoon Kred folk in the slide show certainly share some DNA.

Despite the unhappy ending of One.Tel, if the launch of Kred goes half as well as One.Tel’s marketing did, Mr Rich will no doubt be a happy man.


Twist n Shout with Karl


…and contrast…

A contagious blog indeed

It appears that Zenith Optimedia are big fans of the musings on the Contagious Agency blog.

So much so, that they’ve taken the liberty of copy and pasting – word for word – a clearly very Contagious post the day after it went up.

Read more »

Flaunting your flirting

Memo to whoever was editing today’s business section of The Australian:

In the headline “Rejuvenated dollar flaunts with parity”, Dr Mumbo thinks you may have meant flirts.

Space first

Not too long ago, Dr Mumbo was less than bowled over by an agency claiming that it was the first to do something. Not in the world, mind. Not in Australia, but in Queensland.

But here’s something really worth bragging about… a space first.

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No one’s more experienced to bring Australia the news

Just when Dr Mumbo thought he’d seen enough 9/11 coverage to last a life time, Seven last night promised yet more coverage – one month after the anniversary, oddly. “No one’s more experienced to bring Australia the news”, apparently.

Read more »

Today, kind of live from New York


Beyonce on Today, today

Nine’s Today Show viewers will have been impressed with the big start to the program’s visit to New York, based on the set of Good Morning America.

One of the big treats – heavily promoted throughout the morning – was Beyonce, playing in Central Park.

Dr Mumbo wonders how many of those viewers will have noticed that it wasn’t actually tagged as live.


Beyonce on Good Morning America, in July

Perhaps because it wasn’t unrelated to Beyonce appearing on Good Morning America, about three months ago.

Spot the similarities?


Two Hands on a Coke bottle

Coke’s name-on-a-bottle campaign has opened up all manner of creative opportunities, not least those who aren’t the biggest fans of the world’s biggest brand.

Read more »

Workplace harassment…

They don’t make ads like this outside Finland…

… unfortunately.   Read more »

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