The best thing about working at ING? It’s orange and you can go to Tuggerah. On a train.

ING awkwardRarely does 87 seconds of video content offer so much to analyse.

But Dr Mumbo can heartily recommend this corporate video from ING Direct which it has just shared on its YouTube page.

We join our unnamed (although Dr Mumbo would love a tip-off who they are) protagonists who just happen to be chatting at the lift. Read more »

You’re not you when you’re Paul Henry

While he’s kind of a big deal in NZ, it’s fair to say that not all Australians have yet familiarised themselves with Ten’s Breakfast host Paul Henry.

But just how big a deal he still is across the Tasman comes with the news that Henry is to follow in the footsteps of Joe Pesci, Betty White and Joan Collins and star in the Snickers “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign. Read more »

How radio production works

Dr Mumbo is impressed with the technical grasp 2Day FM’s Kyle & Jackie O have about the minute technicalities behind the scenes. Like how production works.

Dave Angell, agency warrior

dave angel eco warriordave angelDr Mumbo congratulates Dave Angell on his gig running UM Melbourne, which the agency announced today

Fans of British comedy series The Fast Show may remember him better in a previous role.

Nine’s creative hangover

Regular observers will be aware that Nine’s promo team is, shall we say, unafraid to draw inspiration from other cultural sources.

There was, for instance, the rip-off of a Bear Grylls ad for the now sadly deceased Rescue Special Ops.

house husbandshangover Read more »

Ten plays dumb

Dr Mumbo loves the cunning tricks the free to air networks play on each other.

He particularly liked the way Ten’s Breakfast team purposefully bamboozled their viewers on Tuesday morning by ‘acting’ dumb as to when Nine’s Olympic closing ceremony was on.

Dr Mumbo wonders if Nine will notice the missing viewers.


They call it madness

As something of a Mac fanboy, Dr Mumbo couldn’t help but agree with JB Hi-Fi’s catalogue designer’s slight against Windows 7…JB hi-fi

A non-heteronormative mole with throbbing eyelids writes…

Farrago hun moleDr Mumbo’s most compelling read of the day? “The Hun Mole”, who writes for the University of Melbourne’s student title Farrago about the experiences of doing work experience at the Herald Sun.

She reveals: “Throughout the week, I was consistently subjected to patronising attitudes, being referred to as ‘Little Bud’, ‘Champ’ and ‘Kidlet.’ Men were also continuously and unnecessarily sexist, waiting for me to walk through doors and leave the elevator before them.” The pigs.

And: “Basic fact checking would have refuted many of the heteronormative, white, elitist opinions expressed in that building.” Read more »

Angels and devils

Confusing being in advertising isn’t it?

advertisers are

Hat-tip: Matthew Sim

Tubby travel agents, jumping up and down

flash mob harvey world travelBranded flash mobs are not, as regular readers may recall, something to be encouraged.

So when Dr Mumbo received an email about a flash mob organised by Harvey World Travel, he was not optimistic.

Apparently the 500 Aussie and NZ delegates to the event in Auckland had “secretly learned a dance routine”.

Secret from whom is something of a puzzle to Dr Mumbo, as he can’t see more than 10 or so people watching. Read more »

The very definition of a happy little Vegemite

Dr Mumbo thinks when he’s not winning gold, Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham is certainly putting a rose in every cheek.

And perhaps a smile on the face of Aussie Olympic squad sponsor Kraft’s brand managers…?

Dr Mumbo understands the pjs were designed by sleepwear designer Peter Alexander. Matthew Mitcham

Tout of order?

Considering last week’s unfortunate events involving bomb hoaxes and backpacks, Dr Mumbo at least has to give CommBank credit for consistency.

Last night, the bank was again airing an ad featuring a prank involving its mascots C, A and N getting their rival T arrested by setting him up with the Olympic authorities.

Ticket touts are perhaps a slightly less sensitive topic than terrorists though. Read more »

Accountant wanted

It strikes Dr Mumbo that either CareerOne needs to make up its mind, or it needs to advertise for somebody who can count.

career one news ad


The journalism+bands game

Dr Mumbo rather enjoys being a bit of a nerd, both as a wordsmith and as a music fan.

Which is why he likes the Twitter hashtag #copyeditorbands, which was trending nationally this afternoon.

It’s rather addictive… Jimi Appendix, anyone?


Clearly produced by subbing departments not on a Friday afternoon deadline, the hashtag #copyeditorbands was trending third across Australia.

Storified by Tim Burrowes · Thu, Aug 02 2012 21:28:58

The Whom #copyeditorbandsJake Cline
Crowded House Style @evankindley #copyeditorbandsSam Cohen
#copyeditorbands Girl in a CommaCurrent Occupant™
Z.Z. Fullstop. #copyeditorbandsQLD Literary Awards
Radioheadline #CopyEditorBandsMaiya Hayes
Panic! At the Deadline #copyeditorbandsTrey Barrineau
Grammar Parseons #copyeditorbandsBenjamin Millar
Linotype Ritchie #copyeditorbandsBruce Young
Phil Colons #CopyEditorBands #80sStyleDan Herman
Jimmy Pagenation #CopyEditorBandsMaria del Carmen
#copyeditorbands Benny And the Stets. A dele.Paul
Odd Type Future. #copyeditorbandssunsentinello
#copyeditorbands Caption BeefheartCurrent Occupant™
The Alleged Killers. #copyeditorbandsTravis Souders
Lou Proofreed #CopyEditorBands (Oops, I didn’t proofread that.)Maria del Carmen
#copyeditorbands $0.50Hannah Alani
Tegan & Serif #copyeditorbands cc @jengabloxCharlie Gaddy
Lede Zeppelin #CopyEditorBandsMaria del Carmen
Better yet, Libel Richie #copyeditorbandsBen Brown
Adam and the Semantics #copyeditorbandsJoey Kulkin
STET’nwolf #copyeditorbandsalayna svoboda
[sic] Puppies #CopyEditorBandsMaria del Carmen
#copyeditorbands Rapid Eye MovementsTammyNowotny
Cut Copy #copyeditorbandsTina Herman
Pulp #copyeditorbands @paulwigginsCharles Mabbett

A not very Current Affair

A quick note to A Current Affair.

It’s August 2012, not December 2011. You’re welcome.

a current affair

Big balls

This is a ballsy approach to getting hired, if Dr Mumbo has ever seen one. Read more »

Naughty or nice

Geography and international politics can be so confusing.

Dr Mumbo is thankful that the good people of MX are here to demystify the whole business, especially where North and South Korea are involved. Read more »

Ad placement bombs

The Australian was relatively swift to follow up on Mumbrella’s story about CommBank’s somewhat unusual decision to make comedy out of backpack bomb scares at the Olympics.

In the circumstances, this may not be the best ad placement.

aus on commbank bomb


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