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Ode to Can I have a free ticket please?

Regular readers of Dr Mumbo may recall that last year marketing graduate Daniel Kerr blagged a free ticket to Mumbrella360 through the device of delivering a large slab of chocolate brownie.

This year, the philanthropical golden ticket to Mumbrellaa360 goes to this effort, which arrived in his in-box today, somewhat topically inspired by CommBank’s Ode To Can: Read more »

Acting someone else’s age

Looks to Dr Mumbo that somebody is eyeing Ten’s Talkin’ Bout Your Generation with envious eyes, if this callout on Source Bottle is anything to go by…

source bottle generations


Don’t go Dutch

For those of you who were left feeling a little underwhelmed by Sentanta Sport’s ad for the Euro soccer champs, thank the ad-making gods it’s not as bad as this effort from The Netherlands. Three minutes of incomprehensible agony.

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Fluid gets spilt

Dr Mumbo was impressed on Monday by the willingness of The Oz’s Media Diary to report on painful internal matters. He suspects there may have been a few anguished conversations before this followed tonight:

oz diary

A harsh review

Diabetes charity JDRF is hoping to benefit from a film screening fundraiser of the new Snow White movie. It’s even emailed its database to promote the session. Can anyone spot where they’ve gone wrong?

snow shite


Flash mobs – stretching the definition of stunned to breaking point

Flash mobs just won’t die.

Even Playboy Bunny flashmobs.

And it’s time to start pointing the finger – at cretinous news reports that give the PR investment a return.

Or as the Herald Sun’s Angus Thompson puts it excitedly:

“Up to 100 dancers in black leotards and bunny ears previewed the decadent party at midday today when they stormed Federation Square for a “flashmob” performance.

“Stunned onlookers watched as the bunnies danced and gyrated for three minutes.”

Angus appears to have confused the word ‘stunned’ with ‘grim-faced’.

No Australians, thanks

An intriguing job for a Sydney based media planner has just been posted on the Mumbrella job board.

Australians need not apply.

Dr Mumbo has no idea if exceptions will be made if they know the Kiwi market really really well

(Update: Advertiser Big Eave Digital has, curiously enough, now deleted the job.)

Can-do campaign ideas from M&C Saatchi

Dr Mumbo has certainly been enjoying the commentary around M&C Saatchi’s rebranding of CommBank with the new “Can” positioning. He can even see the merit in teasing it with the “can’t” element. It’s M&C Saatchi’s’s first major work since being added to the roster.

He also enjoys a link just sent to him – anonymously – to a story from Marketing magazine in the UK from way back in 1999. Marketing reported:

“BT will unleash its biggest marketing assault on the UK business market this week, with its first advertising campaign through M&C Saatchi.

“The outdoor, press and radio drive introduces a new BT catchphrase, ’You Can’, aimed at senior businessmen and decision-makers. Read more »

If Freddie Mercury made ads

…he might’ve made one like this.

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Nine News: where Peter Overton meets The Voice

TV news – it’s all about winning the ratings through earned gravitas.

Or alternatively, you could do a giveaway for tickets to The Voice.

Can-do headline writing

A quick  memo to news sub editors writing headlines about CommBank.

Open season on the word “Can” – and indeed “Can’t” has begun. Every time you write a headline about the bank, go for your life.

Every headline involving Can-do banking, or indeed “Can’t pass on the interest rate cut” are currently topical and of the zeitgeist.

But please remember that by next week, that approach will be tired and lazy. Your seven days of thought-free headline writing begins… now.

Can’t forget the pasta

toni collette pasta for onetoni collette pastatoni collette pasta 2One reason for CommBank going with Toni Collette as the face for the launch of its new brand is her previously unblemished history in all things commercial.


Dr Mumbo suspects that the cheque for doing Pasta For One in 1992 was somewhat less than the CommBank payout.

(Hat-tip: Channel Ten Breakfast team)


Feeling so stressed you suspect you’re about to have a heart attack? Wouldn’t it be good if you could do as in Korean agency Cheil, and check your blood pressure in your agency spa and relaxation centre?

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Malcolm Turnbull – your reliable gateway to internet filth

Dr Mumbo occasionally drops by the blog of shadow media minister Malcolm Turnbull. A topic he’s currently writing thoughtfully about is the question of Australia’s eroding tax base with most of Google’s revenues being booked off shore.

But Dr Mumbo does think that it may soon be time for Malcolm to turn on pre-moderation for the comment threads.

A link currently posted on Turnbull’s blog leads to precisely the sort of site that his ministerial counterpart Stephen Conroy is trying to create a filter for.

Fair to say that the link “live strip” does indeed do pretty much what you would expect it to, taking the unsuspecting clicker to a German site site called Hardcore Total.

Thanks for the link, Malcolm.

turnbull live strip

Reed Pacific Media does not owe anyone money. And this is not an invoice

Dr Mumbo was reassured to read Mumbrella’s story about cutbacks at Reed Pacific Media that boss Doug McNamee says that the company absolutely does not owe anybody any money.

On an unrelated note, Mumbrella’s parent company Focal Attractions is looking forward to shortly celebrating the one year anniversary of issuing the following invoice.

reed pacific media

Dr Mumbo will be delighted to keep readers regularly up to date with progress. And he looks forward to hearing from anybody else who Reed Pacific Media  does not owe money to.

Locked and unloaded

Dr Mumbo always had high hopes for the Cock Up Confessional at Mumbrella360.

The first of the videos for the session curated by The Works went up last night. And those confessions from the likes of Peter McDonald, Mark Holden and Simon Corah are certainly worth a look.

But The Works’ own CD Kevin MacNamara takes the cake. Who’d have thought that it was a blunder to pull a gun – even a fake one on a client?

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Cynical marketing ploy of the day comes from home loans brand RAMS, which is luring the public at Wynyard Station with cute bundles of fluff, shepherded by cute young girls.

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