What is the sound of three hands clapping?

Dr Mumbo would like to offer a slow handclap for the excellent photoshopping in Target’s latest Target a slow handclapprint ad.

(Kudos to the brand for owning up to their mistake)

If your agency sucks

Agencies are often accused of over-promising. But not usually in the same way as Sydney’s Blow Communications.

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Spilt milk

For those curious as to the sort of advertising Cheil, which unveiled its new Sydney office last week, does back in its home country, Korea, here’s a little taster.

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That’s some good copyright law!

Fair to say that entertainment lawyers creative | legal have taken a somewhat courageous approach to their advertising, with this campaign created by Perth comedians Henry & Aaron.

On the plus side, unlike the duo’s last “It’s A Snap” effort for Perth Central Institute of Technology, at least nobody died a horrific death this time.

Planned spontaneity

Through the joy of the accidental cc, the following internal agency memo reaches Dr Mumbo…

spontaneous agency pitch

Admittedly, it may not quite count as pitch theatre, but Dr Mumbo offers full marks for planning nonetheless.


While it’s hard to criticise the magnificent NSW public transport service that is RailCorp (apart from in every conceivable way), Dr Mumbo is particularly impressed with the organisation’s social media savvy. Why one earth might the organisation have only seven followers for its official Twitter page?

twitter railcorp

While potential followers are waiting for RailCorp to process their follow request, perhaps Dr Mumbo could recommend @FailCorp instead.

Picasso pants

Whoever said that retailers are a down and dirty uncultured lot, clearly hasn’t been to Rivers recently.

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Abercrombie arson leaves adland thirsty

Disaster has struck a certain pocket of Sydney adland, Dr Mumbo is sorry to note.

The Abercombie pub, a favoured, if slightly down-at-heel, haunt of staff from the ABC, DDB, Mango and yes, Mumbrella, was badly damaged in what appeared to be an arson attack last night.

Dr Mumbo now has no idea where he is going to turn when he next craves the Abber house specialty of deep fried Golden Gaytime.

Update: A comment on the Abercrombie’s Facerbook page sums it up:

abercrombie facebook

A new music show for Nine?

To the launch party for MCM’s new deal with music video offering Vevo.

And somewhat bravely, MCM put outspoken musical impressario Michael Gudinski on stage. Where he promptly dropped a large hint  that there’s a big deal with Channel Nine in the offing.

Fair to say that MCM staff remained tight lipped about what it might be.

But as MCM has a strong track record in producing music TV and radio, he’d be willing to take a bet…



York Butter Factory’s ‘wayward’ pussy patrol

Until this afternoon, Dr Mumbo has never heard of York Butter Factory, “Melbourne’s newest tech coworking space”.

Now he has, thanks to this tweet:

york butter

Which was followed, after a breath of social media outrage on the chauvinism of the tech scene, by this tweet:

York butter apology tweet

And indeed by the organisation’s website site going down.

It’s always nice to see a new brand trend on Twitter.

Where were you when you heard that demodulation modules now had increased density?

Welcome to press releases from a parallel universe. Dr Mumbo is sure is that in the hands of the right journalist, this press release will make hearts beat faster. Just not him.

Appear TV Enhances Industry’s Most Flexible Head-End Architecture through NAB Launch of New Demodulation Solutions

Appear TV, a leading global provider of next-generation head-ends for broadcast and IP television, today announced the increased density of its leading range of demodulation modules that have double the density of its previous demodulation solutions for DVB-T and QAM Cable, which integrate with all Appear TV head end chassis. In addition, Appear TV also announced the launch of advanced new DVB-S/S2 demodulation functionality, including support for DVB-S2 Multistream, which makes the primary distribution of transport stream over satellite much more flexible and efficient.

Appear TV produces universal distribution head-ends for broadcast and IP television through an advanced modular architecture that provides industry leading flexibility and density with the additional benefits of saving space, energy and resources. Appear TV head-ends achieve this flexibility through populating head-end chassis with multiple input/output interfaces, transport stream processing, encoding, decoding, scrambling, de-scrambling, modulation and demodulation modules.

Still, on the plus side, Dr Mumbo is sure that this post will be awesome for SEO around the word demodulation.

Some opportunities should not be seized

Dr Mumbo’s best ad placement of the day goes to The Australian for its coverage of Saxo Bank…

australian saxo

Peter Overton: The big cog

Logies quote of the night went to Nine News’ Peter Overton: “I’m a big cog.”

Dr Mumbo is sure you are, Peter.

A big boy did it and ran away…

For those of us still bewildered by the Herald Sun’s attempt to pass the buck as to how it accidentally revealed details of the Logies winners last night, Twitter personality and scourge of the disingenuous @GeordieGuy has helpfully explained all…Herald Sun data leak


It was ‘a website’ wot done it

Dr Mumbo notes that The Australian currently rather coyly refers to the Logie leak as having been via “a website”.

He’s sure there’s a very good reason why the title has not named its News Limited stablemate The Herald Sun as the guilty party.

Swan dive

Curious goings-on during an ad break for Nine’s Sydney broadcast of The Logies. The network aired an ad for ARN’s radio station Mix just before 9.30pm.

Which would have been a pleasing marketing investment to see for Mix 106.5’s Sydney breakfast team of Tim Ross and Claire Hooper.

Except it was a promo for Mix 101.1’s Melboune breakfast team of Chrissie Swan and Jane Hall.

Dr Mumbo suspects that the phone call to the Nine sales team for a makegood is coming right… now.

Something bad has happened

Click on the Mix106.5.com.au link to the Ant and Becks show, and something bad has happened, apparently.

A nice way of saying farewell to Anthony “Becks” Toohey, who has just quit the show.

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Green endings

Bob Brown is not dead. But the man who has just quit the Green Party will probably like the sound of an eco friendly burial when he passes on.

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