Sunrise’s Mel and Kochie bring the devastation

Dr Mumbo had assumed that Anna Bligh was to blame for the natural devastation of recent weeks considering she always seems to be on the scene and never seems to have an alibi.

But this theory carries far more weight…

Want to hear what happened to The Oz’s Cairo reporter? Wait til tomorrow…

The Australian’s commitment to its print edition is certainly not to be doubted.   Read more »

Sam’s bunch of Cretans

One day, Dr Mumbo will tire of reading complaints to the Ad Standards Board, but not just yet.

It would seem that even Sam Kekovich isn’t beyond the public’s reproach.

Some people feel it’s unfair to poke fun at the people of Crete, or Cretans, as some would know them.

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Will Rico find love with Kim Kardashian?

Here’s another effort from Air New Zealand, this time with a Valentine’s day message for Kim Kardashian from creepy puppet perve Rico.

There won’t be much middle ground with this one. It will, Dr Mumbo suspects, either go massively viral or die on its arse.

The agency behind Rico is .99.

Best ad complaint ever? Pure Blonde cleared of cruelty to mythical winged horses

Life is, Dr Mumbo is sure, good when you work for the Ad Standards Bureau.

After all, you never know what sort of complaint you’ll get.

Take this one about Clemenger BBDO’s Pure Blonde ad that sees a burp from our bumbling heroes bring down Brewtopia and startle Colin the Pegasus.

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My Kitchen Rules… even on Nine

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time – carry a live feed from AAP to catch the interest rate announcement the moment it dropped.

Presumably what Nine wasn’t expecting was a plug for Seven’s My Kitchen Rules.

The Cairo flounce

If you’re a foreign correspondent, it’s best not to flounce in front of the camera no matter what the pressure you’re under.

Y’know, just in case you are actually live…

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People in cosmetic glasshouses shouldn’t throw side boobs

Dr Mumbo detected an air of superiority in’s coverage of tennis player Andy Murray’s defeat and how the British media had reacted.

The site reported: “The Sun’s readers, after they had checked out their site’s most read story – “Is side boob now the new cleavage?” – savaged Murray, in the process revealing that he may be British, but when he loses, he is definitely Scottish.”

And the most read story at the time on Read more »

Mix’s skyspam backlash

Fair to say that Stilgherrian is not a fan of brands using skywriting.

skyspam Read more »

PETA heads downmarket

Who on earth would accuse animal rights organisation PETA of cheap tactics in its ad campaigns?


The duck really is out to get you

There are unfortunate online ad placements, and then there are Unfortunate Ad Placements. And this is an Unfortunate Ad Placement…

duck ad

Hat-tip: Crikey / AdFreak

Cross promotion. And sausages

It’s a sunny world for TV presenters who sometimes, it would seem, remain gloriously unaware of the commercial realities takign place the other side of the camera.

The whole cross promotion thing appears to have come as something of a shock to Weekend Sunrise presenter Andrew O’Keefe.

Advertising hocus pocus not allowed

As regular readers of Mumbrella will be aware, Australia’s Ad Standards Board is often asked to deal with some pretty random complaints.

But possibly none as good as this adjudication by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority:

It reports the ad as this:   Read more »

It’s in the post

An executive from ad agency BBH, Christine Ng, has been put on a stamp on China, AdAge reports.

Which opens up all sorts of ideas for a similar thing in Australia.     Read more »

Dear, dear and dear again

While a cheery greeting on an email is always nice, sometime one suspects an overly effusive message may instead come from a rogue mail merge.


But there again, those people at Edelman always did seem like friendly types.

Another terrific Richard Wilkins moment

Nine’s entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins is of course the gift that keeps on giving.

Describing a nasty fall off a stage in Sydney for Jimmy Buffett is not a good moment to get the words “terrific” and “horrific” mixed up…

Still, on the plus side, at least on this occasion he didn’t announce that he was dead:

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The name escapes them

LinkedIn is an excellent business tool, if used correctly.

Particularly by recruitment companies.

However, there are small details it’s best to get right if you’re going to use it as a tool to farm potential candidates.   Read more »

Eh Bay

A note to

That big online retail company everybody’s been talking about recently: It’s called eBay, not aBay. Best to get that right on your home page…


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