How to top a workout – with a couple of burgers

Much as he loves Fitness First (and he does) Dr Mumbo wasn’t quite sure that the gym is necessarily helping its members stick to their new year’s resolutions.

Today’s special email offer for Fitness First members? Two chicken burgers for the price of one at Nando’s…

fitness first offer nandos

Cut & Paste (or Kettle & Pot)

While Dr Mumbo would never dream of accusing the staff of The Weekend Australian’s Cut & Paste column of being out of touch with popular culture, it was intriguing seeing them discuss “Jessica Wright, lead singer of British band The Only Way Is Essex”.

Or star of reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex, as others may know her.

Her reason for appearing Cut & Paste? Failing to know who a famous person (in this case Kim Jong Il) was.

Still, at least the cast have recorded a Christmas single…

The autoplay is over

As the year draws to a close, Dr Mumbo feels a warm feeling of satisfaction.

Fairfax Media has finally decided to let him switch off autoplay videos…


Dr Mumbo now knows how Nelson Mandela must have felt when he finally got out of prison.

Set a man on fire, he’ll be warm for the rest of his life

Remember the horrific Boost Army “Smile – it won’t kill you” ad of last year featuring founder Janine Allis?

Happily, there is an alternative version.

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Mac attack

A note to adland…

Got Macs?

Got any data on them that isn’t backed up?

Dr Mumbo has heard of three different Sydney ad agencies which have arrived at work in recent weeks to discover that every Mac in the office has been stolen. It’s happened to one of them on three occasions.

Keep ‘em peeled…

Like Vegemite. But clearly, for legal reasons, not

Good to see that Aldi’s introduced a new product to its shelves. Remind you of anything?


Dr Mumbo’s correspondent tells him: “I do hope it’s Aussie made!”

There’s no party like a BlackBerry party

Wynyard Station, Sydney, 8am, Tuesday December 20.

The BlackBerry music activation was really beginning to draw a crowd…


The oh dear leader

Big news that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has died.

Or Kim Jong The Second, as 2GB and MTR’s Warren Moore prefers to know him…

kim_jong_who by Amelia Marshall

Sadly, it also presumably means the end of the excellent Tumblr Kim Jong Il Looking at Things

(Hat-tip: @acatinatree)

The Campaign Palace does digital

While bashing The Campaign Palace is becoming increasingly akin to setting fire to a puppy that’s already drowning, Dr Mumbo can’t help but point out the agency’s curious new website.

campaign_palace_new_websiteFor starters, it’s asked its “friends at Ted Perez & Associates in Los Angeles” to rebuild the agency website. It seems rather sad that nobody in the entire Y&R Brands group locally was up to the job.

But it may help explain the curious decision to go with the American date convention of month first, then day of the month. Which might make potential Australian clients think they’re looking at a US agency.

And then there’s the fact that the agency’s blog, “The Latest” has only five items, none of which can be linked to. The five?

  • An item about the fact that there’s a new website;
  • A press release type article about opening a Jakarta office;
  • A press release type item dated November about how the agency “recently won two Effies”. If by recently, you mean August. Sadly there’s no room to mention that the Effie awards were both bronze.
  • An article that no agency would want a client to see on why the industry pays badly, and treat its graduates as “cheap labor”.
  • An article from associate creative director Karl Fleet on why he likes watching wrestling

Unhappily, because of the somewhat curious SEO approach to the website, Google is somewhat baffled about The Campaign Palace, which might make potential clients think they’re looking at an Indonesian agency:



Droga’s taste for Amstel

Dr Mumbo was delighted to note that Droga5’s US HQ has won Heineken USA’s beer brand Amstel Light.

While some might see it as a potential conflict with being on CUB’s roster for VB in Australia, apparently that’s not the case.

AdAge reports: “Droga5 Australia, which operates independently from Droga5 U.S., handles a beer brand in Australia called Victoria Bitter, also known as VB.”

CUB will no doubt be completely relaxed that Heineken operates in Australia as a joint venture with rival brewer Lion Nathan. And ecstatic to hear Dave Droga telling the world: “Amstel Light has been my beer of choice for years”

SAB Miller took over CUB’s owner Foster’s earlier this year (following so far?). And Dr Mumbo’s correspondent asks: “While SABMiller have yet to more deeply review all aspects of the Foster’s business, they have signalled their intention to take some of the key brands overseas – so will they take kindly or not to Droga5’s USA appointment, and is the Australian agency truly independent?”

An interesting question indeed.

Out to lunch

Dr Mumbo’s press release of the day comes from recruiter Amanda Wellington:   Read more »

Discovery of a new way of filling air time

Curious goings-on over at the Discovery Network at the weekend.

On Saturday Dr Mumbo tuned into Discovery +2 for Man vs Wild during an ad break. After a while, it began to dawn that – even for Australian television – it was a long ad break. By the time he started counting, he saw the same promo for the Chasing Classic Cars show at least four times and promos for the Discovery Network’s Ultimate Fish and Shark Week at least eight times.

After a brief interlude of perhaps two minutes of Bear grylls’ adventures in the Moab desert, Discovery went back to another ad break, where exactly the same pattern of repeated promos – including the Shark Week promo playing repeatedly – continued.

Dr Mumbo can only conclude that the programmers had had enough of Grylls drinking his own urine and decided viewers would prefer the ads.

Wanna ghost chip t-shirt, bro?

Dr Mumbo has been “internalising a really complicated situation in his head”.

Whether to buy one of these sweet-as “Tasty Ghost Chips” T-shirts, or to buy two.

Kiwi T-shirt company Mr Vintage has just released this new Tee that references the New Zealand Transport Agency anti-driving campaign, created by  Clemenger BBDO Wellington, Mumbrella wrote about in October. They’re pretty choice.

You should buy one as well cuz 25% of sales goes to Students Against Drink Driving NZ… and you won’t look dumb in front of Monique.

The Coles crossover

The one thing that Dr Mumbo never expected was that the agonising Down, Down Coles ad would make an impact on music culture. However, it turns out that creator Ted Horton really is an arbiter of cool.

Check out the 1m,15s point of this promo for Sampology…

(Hat-tip: PM)

And it looks like Coles is making inroads on the establishment too if this photo taken in Tasmania is anything to go by…

coles cathedral

Even First Dog is screwed by the banks

Even if your means of media delivery is digital, you can be banjaxed by a late breaking story.

Take the banks refusing to pass on the full interest rate cut. A good topic for Crikey’s First Dog on the Moon cartoon today.

Even if, rather annoyingly, ANZ today said it was passing along the cut.

Dr Mumbo wishes that First Dog’s solution would work for everything..





And now the bullshit

Seen this news bulletin before?

Dr Mumbo is pretty sure that he has…

The dead goldfish sketch

The sad tale of the dead Adelaide goldfish has been providing ample Twitter pun fodder, Dr Mumbo is delighted to report.

Among his favourites:

@nickharmsen At least they did the interview and didn’t remain koi.

@_AdamTodd The goldfish gimmick was wearing a bit fin anyway

@nickharmsen But it’s made for a good tail.

@mattcdef2000 tuna-in for more in my next bulletin

@mattcdef2000 at least they’ve said sorry rather than flaking away

@nickharmsen: Now they’ve had time to mullet over.

@mattcdef2000 the campaign was always going to flounder

@darrenjshaw would’ve been a better promotion to go to Finland

More – much more – is sure to come.

Lost and found a nice PR stunt?

Dr Mumbo is a suspicious type, so he wonders if this is a stunt.

Nonetheless, he congratulates One Green Bean for picking up the accolade of PR agency of the year at the B&T Awards on Friday night. And he hopes they get their trophy back soon. If they have indeed lost it. With the emphasis on the word if…


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