Your age, in ad years

your age in ad years

Dr Mumbo is very much enjoying this online quiz, which calculates your age in ad-years. Ad-years are much like dog-years, but more harrowing. Read more »

The hardest working PR team in TV?

Most days Dr Mumbo feels a slight twinge of guilt.

It comes at about 3pm when the daily consolidated TV ratings press release arrives from the Ten Network.

It’s important stuff, but it lacks the immediacy of the 8.30am overnight ratings. The consolidated numbers – which come out a week later and include catch-up viewing – lack drama. Which is a pity for Ten, as its younger viewers seem to be big on time-shifting.

Day after day, the PR team plugs away trying to spark the interest of jaded journos. They whizz through every trick in the book, and some that aren’t: alliteration, assonance, puns, rhymes, and what sometimes what Dr Mumbo can only assume are elaborate in-jokes designed to keep themselves from going mad.

A different alluring headline every day, to tell essentially the same story. And sometimes their hard work and perseverance pays off.

So it’s time for Dr Mumbo to pay tribute, with the best of the headlines since the beginning of May:

  • Cooks and Cops Climb
  • Masterchef finds more viewers
  • Masterchef Climbs
  • Offspring Heats Up
  • Bikie Wars Roars
  • More For MasterChef Monday
  • Super Sunday Shifts Up
  • Ten’s Prime Time Audience Leaps
  • MasterChef and Modern Family Heat Up
  • Bikies and Bingle Bounce
  • Masterchef Bubbles Up
  • Cooks, Cops and Comedians Boost Thursday
  • Ten Rises in Prime Time
  • Offspring and The Good Wife Soar
  • Ten’s Tuesday Tops Up
  • Jamie, Lara and Bikes Boost Ten
  • Masterchef Heats Up
  • Offspring Springs Up
  • Bikie Wars Roars Past 1 Million
  • Ten’s Early Evening Rises
  • Super Sunday Pumps Up
  • Ten Cooks and Sings its way to More Viewers
  • Ten’s Wednesday Lifts
  • Masterchef and NCIS Build
  • Chefs and Singers Shine
  • Ten’s Early Evening Shines
  • Bikie Wars Revs Up
  • Masterchef and NCIS Top Up
  • Masterchef Rises
  • Masterchef and Offspring On The Rise
  • The Biggest Loser Bulks Up
  • Touch Tops Up
  • Glee Hits Higher Note
  • NCIS Uncovers More Viewers
  • Larger Loser and Leis
  • Glee Gets Louder
  • Ten’s Touch Tops Up
  • Ten’s Monday LineUp Lifts

Now that’s trying hard.

The NBN – a huge supporter of the print industry

malcolm turnbull newspapersDr Mumbo is touched by opposition media spokesman Malcolm Tunbull’s concerns for journalists and the future of newspapers.

Admittedly, there is a slightly tongue-in-cheek tone to his presentation about the national broadband network’s love of print.

Always Cocka-Cola

Ladies are in for a treat at 7-Eleven stores in Singapore, where three different varieties of a popular product have gone on sale. Dr Mumbo is slightly confused by the pricing strategy, though. Perhaps in Singapore, less is more…

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Women, know your place

Useful information from The Australian today.


So now you know.

For the record, when the reader turns to the article itself, the content is slightly more nuanced.

Live it, breathe it, drive it


Dr Mumbo is a big fan of personal branding, and he is very impressed with the dedication of this Glebe-based social media expert guru. Live it, breathe it, drive it.

Social media 4 lyfe.

HT @barrysaunders


Shock advertising

So here’s a powerful public safety ad.

Dr Mumbo won’t spoil its impact by saying too much about it. Except to warn you not to have your headphones on too loud when you watch.

The person who features, by the way, is YouTube personality Nikkie de Jager who does indeed do makeup tips.

You can read more about it on the UK’s Daily Mail.

(Hat-tip: Luke B)

When PR people lip synch

Now the thing that Dr Mumbo most loves about public relations agencies is when they start thinking about their own PR, and generally lose all insight in the process.

Which is why the PR gods offer up wonders like this, from US agency Brookline PR which likes to “surprise and delight” its clients.

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Fairfax is burning

Topical commentary comes in many new digital flavours these days.

Take for instance, digital agency Mark’s Lego Build project – allowing you to create virtual Lego buildings anywhere on a virtual Australia within Google Maps.

Somebody has taken the trouble to build the Fairfax Media headquarters at Darling Island in Sydney.

Unfortunately, the building appears to be on fire.

fairfax fire google lego build



So what is the reputation of your new owner?

An awkward moment for AIBM’s Alan Kohler, Stephen Bartholomeusz and Robert Gottliebsen when they were quizzed by Bruce Guthrie on the reputation of new owner News Limited.

Speed to 6m,20s for the delicious expression on the face of the usually unflappable Kohler as he realises he has just stepped onto a minefield. Read more »

‘Do you ever think you’re incompetent?’

This may be one of the most agonising TV interviews Dr Mumbo has ever witnessed.

It features British government minister Chloe Smith being put to the knife by veteran BBC interviewer Jeremy Paxman.

It’s an encounter best watched with fingers in front of your face…

(Begins at 6m, 17s)

Reengineering words into PR speak

Today’s award for best press release headline and intro goes to Edelman for this gem:

Social Purpose Gets Personal As People Discover the “Me” in “We”

Global Study Reveals Personal Need Trumps Common Good for Aussies

Consumer Participation in Societal Issues Soars Globally, However

Australians Less Likely To Take Action to Support Good Causes

June 28, 2012, SYDNEY – Five years of data from Edelman’s global goodpurpose® study reveals Purpose is a driving force behind the reengineering of Brand Marketing around the world. As brands, corporations and markets re-orient around Purpose, consumers are developing and demonstrating personal values amidst today’s persistent economic challenges and cultural upheaval. More and more consumers are discovering the me (personal need) in we (the common good).

Got that? Good.

Should you feel intrigued nonetheless, you can read the actually relatively interesting study here.

A cock and balls story from The Project

project sydneyTo Sydney’s Comedy Store and Ten’s storming showcase from the team on The Project.

And the loudest heckles came from an unlikely source – with The Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges having apparently warmed up early for the event. At one point – when Tom Ballard showed off his pasty white belly – Bridges yelled out “Shit!” loudly enough to make The Project regular and Triple J morning presenter wince.

But Dave Hughes probably had the most honest line of the night, telling the audience: ‘Thank fuck The Voice has finished.”

But Charlie Pickering had the biggest confession, telling the audience that his dark secret since the show began is that at the end of each episode,  he says goodnight, turns to his script and draws “a cock and balls”. He volunteered that it now comes so naturally, that on occasion he does it while maintaining eye contact with the night’s guest.

project pickering cock balls

Dr Mumbo will now watch the show’s end credits in a whole new way.

All aboard the beach train

A cute method of promoting a beach holiday to commuters – or a way of freaking out paranoid passengers that the train is flooding…

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Gina wins over the readers

It’s early days, but by the looks of the poll on, the readers are coming around to Gina Rinehart’s point of view that she should be allowed onto the board.

smh screengrab gina

Hopefully, there’ll be more than one vote soon…

The war on advertising comes home

Welcome to irony corner. Occupant: Jack Watts Currie.

jack watts letter box

Soup, glorious soup

woolworths soupTis the season to give soup, Dr Mumbo notes.

This week saw the good folk of Woolworths giving away their own brand offering at Sydney’s second favourite experiential venue, Wynyard.

Unusually for Wynyard, Dr Mumbo’s spy reports that there was actually a demand from the crowd to take the product.

Dr Mumbo, however, always likes a technical solution.

So he was drawn to Sydney’s Marketing Place, sorry, Martin Place for the automated JC Decaux Heinz Big Red dispenser. He dialled the number in question and sure enough, two seconds later, out popped the soup.

heinz big red


Bread spread re-brand war

Vegemite on Australia Day V Marmite on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee…

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