To tweet or not to tweet. That, unfortunately, is the question

david_marr_georgina_robinsonIf ever you wanted a vision of the future of online journalism, then pehaps it’s this: a video of one SMH journalist interviewing another SMH journalist about why they don’t use Twitter.

Three minutes and three seconds of digital media devastatingly deployed.

The key quote from David Marr in the conversation with Georgina Robinson: “I think SMSing is fabulous.”

Fruitless PR and other puns

Welcome to Dr Mumbo’s new series: Press releases that make you want to kill yourself. Here’s today’s choice: Read more »

Primal journalism

Journo callout service Source Bottle today attempts to fulfill quite a specialist request

Dr Mumbo wonders whether the casual encounters section of Craig’s List might not be a better place to try…


Are you reading me?

Fair to say that has had busier times than at 2.59pm yesterday.

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A mixed forecast

magdalena_roze_kathryn_robinson_ten_breakfastFew will have been surprised to hear that the talented Magdalena Roze has been appointed as the weather woman, sorry, “meterologist” on Ten’s new show Breakfast as had been previously predicted, along with news presenter Kathryn Robinson.

They join the previously announced Paul Henry and Andrew Rochford. Which of course sees Mads and Rochy line up against Seven’s Mel and Kochy.

But one other detail of the glamorous, high res image of Roze and Robinson emailed out by Ten this morning leapt out at Dr Mumbo.

Clearly Ten is championing transparency over Photoshop. Dr Mumbo certainly won’t be speculating how Ms Roze came by the mark on her knee. Or how Ten allowed the publicity shot to go out like that.

magdalena_kneeUpdate: Dr Mumbo’s friend in the Ten camp emails to tell him: “”Two beautiful women who don’t require photo-shop is something that should be championed! But thanks for your concern Dr Mumbo – nothing more dramatic than a fall after a long day at work – We trust Mumbrella’s ‘Get Well’ fruit basket is on it’s way to TEN”.

The worst flat in the world?

Few things bring Dr Mumbo as much joy as the occasions when PR man Ben Rawling’s flat mates move out, and he applies his copywriting skills to finding a replacement.

Last time round, the ad went viral, and indeed he even ended up on Sunrise.

It also inspired an AFR column in which Rawlins became the poster boy of all that is wrong with modern Australian men.
Inexplicably, yet another flatmate has moved out, and the grubby Bondi flat is once more on Gumtree. And again, the prose are beautiful:

“Pretty flash” – David Koch, Sunrise Host

“We’ve all lived in worse” – Melissa Doyle, Sunrise Host

“Not too bad, I could live there” – Edwina Bartholomew, Sunrise reporter

So, the verdict is in. I can live with their judgement. The question is, can you?

In case you’re wondering what I’m on about, click here to see the kind of story that screams “slow news day.” You’ll find a video with an explanation of the last flatmate ad I posted and a wonderful guided tour of the worst unit in the best position in the worst block in the best street in North Bondi. And yes, that nervous, awkward, stumbling dork attempting to appear cool, casual and comedic is your potential new flatmate.

Now, there has been one notable change to the room since the clock ticked beyond a quarter past on my time in the limelight – the room’s soiled mattress has been disposed of by the local Hazmat professionals and there is now a shiny new(ish) mattress and bed just begging to be personalised with your own unique stains and odours.

But everything else remains the same. Archaeologists have put the age of the carpet at some time in the 70s based on the fossilised fondue stains found in the lowest layers of the carpet pile. The peeling paint work has also been dated from a similar period due to the high levels of asbestos and lead it contains. The kitchen and bathroom….. well yeah, they exist but that’s about it. The view and location still rule though – there’s more info and original flat description included in the images.

But hang on…….. wasn’t this unit advertised only 6 months ago? Why would someone move in and out so quickly? And how annoying are rhetorical questions? Could it be that I’m as horrific a person as described in the article taken from The Australian Financial Review? Possibly, but let me clear up a few things.

Let me start by saying that even more startling than the self-satisfied smugness of the article is the irony of accusing someone of being a deeply shallow, status obsessed, money hungry, mean individual to a (rapidly dwindling) readership of investment bankers, hedge fund traders, stock brokers and CEOs. That said, there are a few factual errors that irk me more.

Firstly, I don’t have the “capital” to afford this place. It is rented and the rent is split neatly down the middle.

Secondly, I’m not looking for you to furnish the place – rather, I’m a simple person who, try as he might, simply can’t get excited by home furnishings. If you happen to be one of those people who can develop an emotional attachment to a floor lamp, quidenza or armoire, then feel free to decorate in any manner you desire.

Thirdly, I am not famous nor do I crave fame. I have always had a better chance of achieving infamy anyway.

And finally, I DID find a flatmate well before the story was printed but now she’s moving on.

That flatmate, the incredibly talented and charismatic Marney McQueen – – can tell you why she’s moving out when you take a look at the place. She’s an outstanding actress, comedian and performer who really deserves her own TV show and she has agreed to talk me up as long as I stop making threats to her family. A fair deal.

So, come down to Bondi and enjoy the abundant perky silicon and saline hills of the fabled grassy knoll. Marvel at the chiselled, posing, hairless chimps at the outdoor gym at North Bondi. Watch the hipsters push their fixies up Bondi’s many hills. There’s so much to do and see!

Dr Mumbo is certain that once again, the new flatmates will be lining up. At the time of writing the ad is at 779 views and counting…

Ad message-in-a-bottle?

Dr Mumbo is ever so slightly suspicious that the story in The Daily Telegraph today, which also appeared on Sunrise, about a digital camera that apparently drifted from Queensland to Bondi Beach is a marketing stunt. Either for Queensland tourism. Or for the camera maker.

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Cruising for a bruising

Possibly a bad time and place for The Advertiser to be running a promotion for a European cruise…

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Hawaii Five Footlongs

Product placement can sometimes be a tad clunky.

Sometimes it can be very clunky.

And sometimes it can be Subway, featuring Hawaii 5-0, which aired in the US this week.

Dr Mumbo can’t wait to see what Ten does with the episode when it airs in Australia.

(Hat-tip: CR)

Update: And (hat-tip Madeline Arnold) they’ve got previous…

Dools, the phone operator

You may be wondering what became of Scott Dooley since he got booted from Nova Sydney in favour of Fitzy & Wippa.

Sam Mac (and Fitzy) knows…

(Hat-tip: Rosso)

How to change your mind about cruises

Luurve contextual advertising…

p&o cruise crash

(Hat-tip: Mungo)


Dr Mumbo is sure that ad agency Shift has an impressive web site.

But he’s sure this isn’t quite how they want to present it…



Remember Panasonic’s 28 Day Persecution of Rommy Gulla?

Happily there’s now a case study, just in time for awards season.

Unfrotunately there wasn’t time in the piece to mention that Gulla was an actor. But Dr Mumbo is sure that judges wouldn’t be interested in that sort of detail anyway…

Pigs might bank

Dr Mumbo’s spy tells him: “There’s something distinctly home made about this piece of advertising hand written next to an ATM at Westpac North Sydney. I am guessing no agency was involved…”

westpac_pigsDr Mumbo suspects that his spy’s guess is correct.

In the club

Thanks to the wonders of chain email, the following reaches Dr Mumbo.

Perhaps not what Work Safe Victoria had in mind…

(Hat-tip: MM)

Sinking feeling for The Guardian

Dr Mumbo salutes The Guardian for its choice of first edition layout today. He suspects it may not survive to later editions.

guardian_boat(Hat-tip: Dan Rookwood)

What you get from your creative team is only as good as what you put in

Sometimes, you have to feel sorry for the creatives.

The brief of coming up with a print ad to justify BP sponsoring cricketer Michael Clarke is a tough one.

Dr Mumbo isn’t sure whether the copy quite gets there:

“Great performance comes from the heart. When it comes to great performances, it’s what’s inside that counts. Ultimately, what you get out is only as good as what you put in, that’s why BP Ultimate has partnered with Michael Clarke.”

Or indeed whether it’s a good idea to turn Clarke into a robot if it is indeed what’s inside that counts.


(Click to enlarge)

Better never than late

Dr Mumbo was today excited to get a letter. Particularly with a Swedish postmark.

It begins: “Hope you’re well. So how has 2011 been for you so far?”

It then invites him to attend worldwide magazine association FIPP’s digital publishing course in Sydney. Last November.


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