Mumbrella360 – as seen on TV

Product placement is becoming an insidious problem for the Australian TV market. Below is a screengrab of a particularly bad example. Dr Mumbo, for one, is determined to do everything he can to fight it.

today_tonight_mumbrella360But perhaps he’ll leave it for now.

Car clash

This case of editorial clashing with advertising wouldn’t be so odd if the two cars didn’t look so similar. Swap the badges, add a few thousand dollars to the price tag, and you have… the Land Rover Freelander.

The Big Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Theory

When audiences are slow, it can’t be much fun being a programming boss.

Happily, Nine has the answer to its 2011 ratings malaise: The Big Bang Theory.

With next week’s schedule amendments now available, it appears that the network plans to air The Big Bang Theory15 times. Which beats, Dr Mumbo thinks, the record for Two And A Half Men which peaked at nine episodes in a week.   Read more »

Chrissie who?

So just how did former reality star Chrissie Swan end up nominated for three Logies?

Marvelous as The Circle may be, a good result is still one with more than 100,000 viewers, which does raise the question of whether the audience really has taken her to their hearts. So we asked them:

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Busting the jargon buster

Dr Mumbo fully endorses the efforts by the Interactive Advertising Bureau to spark a public debate on online behavioural targeting.

And inded, to its offering of a “jargon buster” to help the public understand some of the terminology.

Sadly, Dr Mumbo appears to need a jargon buster for the jargon buster.   Read more »

Hello nostalgia

Dr Mumbo was delighted to see that whoever was subbing page two of today’s Sydney Morning Herald appears to be a fan of Seinfeld, as demonstrated in its tale regarding the preselection of former Brisbane lord mayor Campbell Newman.   Read more »

A right royal piece of DM

Hats off to Sydney email company iTEL for a piece of royal wedding related marketing so bad, Dr Mumbo fears it’s deliberate in the hope it goes viral.   Read more »

Bieber at the Logies?

From the department of you-heard-it-there-first.   Read more »

Eyebrows sacrificed for golden gnome glory

Media agency folk will go to unusual lengths to beat their rivals. Even if it means temporarily disfiguring themselves.

Here, MEC’s Wayne Bishop and Josh Grieve from Mindshare gave up their eyebrows for glory at last week’s AdShel Rally.

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Pubic transport

Public transport gets called a lot of things.  In an email invitation to the fans of the Great Western Sydney Giants to watch a match against the Sydney Swans  it gets a particularly grubby association.

The internet never forgets

Welcome to part two of a series in which Leo Burnett demonstrates how to create memorable pitch documents.

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Shift’s launch on ‘So, You Want To Be A Politician?’

For those of you who missed it, Shift – a new STW Group agency which rose out of the ashes of The Brand Shop a few weeks ago – appeared in an episode of Sky News’ ‘So, You Want To Be A Politician?’ recently.

This was part of Shift’s launch campaign for itself, Dr Mumbo was told last week.

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A masterstroke indeed

Welcome to Dr Mumbo’s new game: guess the last paragraph of the news article based on the first paragraph.

And your first challenge comes from… Simon Canning of the Australian.

And here we go with the intro…

“THE price of flying two plane-loads of journalists to the country town of Bathurst to watch a Formula One racer drive just 10 laps of the famed Mount Panorama circuit has proven a media and marketing masterstroke for Vodafone.”

Had your guess as to that final paragraph yet?

If you guessed…

“Simon Canning travelled to Bathurst courtesy of Vodafone.”

… you’d be correct.

Creating buzz on a small budget

Dr Mumbo doffs his cap to Kristine Morgan and Lisa Hughes, the creators of ‘Australia’s first designer intimate massager’, The Be Be. The pair have created quite a buzz (ahem) despite not having spent much on marketing besides a bit of PR (using Markson Sparks).

The Be Be

The two mums don’t have a background in PR (when the product first launched they opted not to use a PR agency at all). Or vibrators for that matter. Morgan (pictured, left) is a former flight attendant. But sales have been so brisk the duo recently won a ‘home-based’ business award for their efforts.

But while they have succeeded in getting The Be Be, which is produced by their company Love Being Woman, sold in adult product distributors such as Claredale, more mainstream stores have said no.

“We’ve tried approaching a few lingerie retailers such as Bras N Things, but haven’t had much luck.”

“Australia is behind other parts of the world in this regard. We’re a pretty conservative country,” she said.

Getting on to the awkward business of the contraption’s shape, Morgan told Dr Mumbo that it had been designed with mums and wives in mind.

“A phallic vibrator is not the sort of thing you want your children to find lying around. Neither is it something you want your husbands to feel they have to compete against,” she said.

Portrait of an adman

A painting of Russel Howcroft has been entered into a portrait competition by the artist Matthew Quick, who is gunning for the Archibald Prize.

In the painting, the GPY&R CEO is depicted as a fairly typical adman, leaning imposingly over a boardroom table. And doesn’t his head looks a little big?

Picture courtesy of Matthew Quick

Dr Mumbo is no artist, but thinks it’s a fine effort.

Speaken sie English?

With the NSW elections only days away, the state Liberal Party campaign director Mark Neeham would have wondered whose fault it was that the end frame of a commercial for his party, which ran across New South Wales to an audience of millions this week, contained a rather obvious spelling mistake.

Especially since this is the serious bit of the ad where candidates are supposed to declare their authenticity. Neeham has called the election “one of the most important in NSW history”. A spell checker might have been a good idea.

End frame of NSW Liberal Party TV ad

A lot can happen in 60 seconds

Here’s a decent ad for Sky TV in New Zealand from DDB.

Dr Mumbo says bravo.   Read more »

The Gold Coast – where tasteful advertising goes to die

Regular readers may recall the classy Gold Coast real estate agents who decided that tacky was the way to go with their advertising.   Read more »

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