Dead end

This bunch of people may look more like they’re on the way to a funeral than a party, but Dr Mumbo still thinks it’s a bit harsh for YouTube to serve burial insurance as the contextual ad next to this B&T Awards video.

Rising to the Challenge

Dr Mumbo occasionally enjoys pointing out disastrous website ad placements.

So credit to annuity company Challenger for the opposite – the perfect placement.


Keeping it real?

Dr Mumbo wonders whether the title of this video on the Best Ads on TV website is a clever device to persuade people to watch…


From the department of not a good idea…

Sometimes the only thing to think after watching a piece of video is to hope it’s fake.

Like the sight of Hamish Blake getting the timeslot for Hamish & Andy’s Gap year tatooed onto his arm.

Worryingly, it looks real.

You do not have mail

Today’s Sun-Herald reports that senior government advisers have stopped using mobile voicemail in the wake of the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

Which does raise a question: How would the Sun-Herald know that?

Who needs to see the work when you can watch the ads?

To the IAB Awards at Sydney’s Carriageworks.

And in a commerce-friendly innovation, the audience had the pleasure of watching a video ad for each sponsor before the winner of a category was announced.

Unfortunately there wasn’t actually time to tell the audience what the winning campaigns actually did. But then, you can’t have everything.

Skittles after dark

Fair to say, this is not a real Skittles ad

Read more »

NRMA Insurance’s SEO policy: Linking to us is forbidden

As a law-abiding citizen, Dr Mumbo of course always checks the terms and conditions of a website before using it.

So imagine the terror struck into his heart by the NRMA Insurance website. If you want a quote, you have to agree that a string of activities are verboten.   Read more »

From teetering empires to layer cakes

Oz Media cakeAfter the dramatic media news of recent weeks, fair to say that the agenda has slowed somewhat.

The item dominating today’s Media section of the Australian?

The news that a cookery book is selling well.


No fool like an old fool

Dr Mumbo has to give Sunday Telegraph columnist Ros Reines more credit for bravery than he’d have thought.

Who’d have thought that in the week that her 80-year-old boss Rupert Murdoch’s 42-year-old wife Wendy hit the headlines after leaping to his defence, she’d have been courageous enough to dedicate 11 paragraphs to an article on why it is unacceptable and “tacky” for older men to marry younger women.

Tell it like it is, Ros.

A Rebekah Brooks musical tribute

On the plus side, at least the News of The World scandal brings out the creative side in some folks.

(Hat-tip: B3ta)

Hunting the Fox

To the ASTRA Awards, subscription telly’s big night, where Balls Of Steel presenter (and occasional Chaser) Craig Reucassel was happy to share his views on the Murdoch empire.

Presenting one of the gongs, he told the audience: “Subscription TV is able to offer the best news channels. And Fox News.”   Read more »

Cuddle Kylie? Not really

And today’s press release with the most tenuous celebrity link?   Read more »


Notice anything?


Warlach: So digital he’s letting the internet decide his name

Dr Mumbo is delighted to see that Ogilvy has hired a true digital native in Lachlan Hibbert-Wells.

Known across social media simply as Warlach, he’s currently contemplating a legal name change to go with it.

Which would of course put him in the same territory as the similarly mono-nomenclatured Stilgherrian.

And how is Warlach deciding? Through an online poll. Which you can vote on below.

Vote early and vote often.

The plod. Late to the hacking investigation as usual

While the attack on Rupert Murdoch during this morning’s Parliamentary hearing was disagreeable to say the least, Dr Mumbo did notice one aspect that summed up the entire phone hacking affair.

The policeman was very late on the scene.

Remind you of anything?

ABC misses the moment. Again

murdoch attacked1When it comes to breaking news, it would seem that the ABC can’t catch a break.

Having taken a kicking over the broadcaster’s slow reaction to the Japanese earthquake disaster, all ABC News Radio needed to do in covering the Rupert Murdoch hearing at the UK’s Parliament was to continue to broadcast it. Which would seem a relatively low bar. But… Read more »

The holy word of Rupert

Dr Mumbo is delighted to see that Stephen Brook – previously with The Guardian, which broke the News of the World phone hacking scandal – is adjusting nicely to his new life working for Rupert Murdoch as editor of the Australian’s Media section.   Read more »

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