Comedy Channel renames itself Jimmy

Dr Mumbo rather likes this stunt from The Comedy Channel.

The channel sees the return of the US-syndicated show Jimmy Fallon next month. So for the day all on air branding and promos will be revised for it to be The Jimmy Channel.   Read more »

Failing the Bradman challenge

Every cricket fan is of course aware that Don Bradman used to practice by tapping a golf ball against a wall using a stump.

So Dr Mumbo is grateful to sponsor Vodafone for demonstrating that there’s  little danger of VB being asked to come good on today’s promise to give away free beer if Australia wins the Ashes.

Stay classy, Australia. I’m Virginia Trioli?

Autocues. They’re easy. Just read out whatever they say, as ABC News 24’s Virginia Trioli demonstrates here.

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Innovative, comfortable, convenient smoke-filled cockpits

You can’t blame Boeing for taking out full page ads to congratulate its customer Qantas on its 90th birthday.

The aircraft manufacturer may regret the placement of its ad in today’s Daily Telegraph though. Read more »

A man, a phone, a stick

Fair to say that it may have been a quiet day at the Hope Advertising offices.

Telstra achieves hitherto undiscovered levels of irony

Intriguing to see that Telstra has just picked as one of its innovation challenge winners RMIT University.

The scheme? “This project aims to develop an automatic system that will provide a continuous monitoring of emotional states and stress levels of contact centre customers using speech analysis.”

You can insert your own punchline here.

I’ve seen ads you people wouldn’t believe

It’s amazing what turns up on the internet.

Like Smith’s chips’ alien Gobbledok channeling the classic Rutger Hauer speech from Blade Runner.

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U2 x2

Dr Mumbo is indebted to music channel Max for this evidence that Bono seems to have let himself go.

CommBank’s customer feedback

Signs that CommBank’s rate rise is something of an ongoing PR issue for the organisation:

commbank thieves Read more »

Harold’s imaginary friends

Dr Mumbo is occasionally perplexed by the writing style of media behemoth Harold Mitchell and his cast of friends, including ‘Charlie’ and ‘Louise’, who he channels to dispense folksy wisdom.

Yet a funny thing happened this week. Harold today uses his weekly Fairfax column to recount: “Charlie went to one of those one-day conferences where your spirits are uplifted if it is a success and increased sales follow soon after. Charlie says it was a great day, a bit like a Martin Luther King revival meeting. It featured some inspiring speakers, including the amazing Jessica Watson.”

Which is odd, because Harold himself shared the bill with Watson at his client George Weston Foods’ marketing conference at Daltone House in Sydney on Wednesday, so it’s unclear why Charlie would have needed to tell him about it.

Dr Mumbo sincerely hopes that Harold hasn’t got imaginary friends.

The other Fairfax survey

Fair to say that yesterday’s Mumbo Report interview with Fairfax Digital’s Pippa Leary sparked something of a debate about autoplay video.

Equally fair to say that the tone of the comments suggested that it is not necessarily the 75% user preference the publisher thought.

Helpfully digital agency Reading Room has created an online poll to ask the question, as they put it to “give Fairfax some highly scientific market research as a favour.”

At the time of writing, 99% of respondents said they don’t like autoplay video. Happily, it’s not too late to have a say – the poll is open for another six days. Get clicking, Fairfax fans.

The cup still runneth for

It’s now been nine days since The Mebourne Cup, but there’s still one story can’t bear to let go from “editor’s picks”.

As Dr Mumbo reported on Monday, according to the website, “the crowd is building”.

Why the website is so keen to keep showing this image, Dr Mumbo has no idea, but as this morning, it’s still appearing.

Let’s hope they can hit the one month anniversary.

smh melbourne cup buxom

Bored hipsters wanted

Dr Mumbo likes keeping an eye on Source Bottle as a hint on what features people are working on. But this callout from design agency Josephmark has him stumped:

Can you put on a pretentious, bored, nonchalant, AMERICAN accent? Think Hipster. Record your vocal chords and send them through by Wednesday 10th November – you will be paid in hugs, glory and cash.   Read more »

Freeview does irony

If ever there was a show to spell correctly on the Freeview guide, it’s The National IQ Test. Or Tha National IQ Test, as it was listed last night.

Attack of the neckless execs

Dr Mumbo is indebted to the Australian Financial Review for this demonstration of why you shouldn’t deploy Photoshop just because you can.


Street tough

Dr Mumbo has heard reasonably good things about the Smirnoff-sponsored Time Out Sydney iPhone app.

So he was sad to see a harsh review on the iTunes store.

But there it was, user “Brett Dayman” urging users: “Stick with street press mags for now. They seem to know the real Sydney.”

time_out_iphone_brett_daymanNo doubt this Brett Dayman is entirely unconnected to the Brett Dayman who works for Time Out rival Street Press Australia. And no doubt Smirnoff will be delighted to chat about his criticisms of their branded app next time he tries to flog them an ad.

Steve Price – a man with issues

Why on earth is Melbourne’s new talk station MTR doing so badly in the ratings when the ads for it are so excellent?

steve price MTR ad

Who wouldn’t want to listen to that attractive offering?

Justin time

smh social networkGood to see is on top of things this morning.

Apparently, “Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield are reportedly set to star in a highly anticipated upcoming film charting the rise of Facebook”.

If by “reportedly set to star in” the SMH means “have already filmed”.

And “highly anticipated” it means “already in cinemas”.

(Hat-tip: @PalaceFilms)

3.25pm update: And what’s the paper offering as today’s “editor’s pick”? A preview of last week’s Melbourne Cup. Apparently the crowd’s gathering:


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