Talk to the hand model

The in-between-series absence of The Gruen Transfer from the airwaves robs us of genius moments like this: the advertising hand model who never cooks or cleans and wears gloves at all times and is, frankly, a bit weird.

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Fowl play at the cricket

Sometimes cynics complain that the marketing industry isn’t important.

They are of course wrong. To demonstrate marketing’s essential role in the national psyche simply watch this video for the KFC chicken dance at the cricket…

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The pink ponies case study

There is an art to creating an advertising awards entry video. A ridiculous, stupid art which makes every obvious decision an insight and every minor element of doing your job a breakthough.

As the Canadian agency John St demonstrates beautifully.

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The Nine News drinking game

With flood coverage still very much round the clock, even Queensland viewers appear to be tiring of it.

Hence the Facebook-based Queensland Floods Channel Nine News Drinking Game whch has been created by a group of Queenslanders.   Read more »

Things real people don’t say about ads

If you haven’t yet visited Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising, you should.

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OMD starts 2011 with billboard blitz

Dr Mumbo has always been a fan of media agency OMD, and its willingness to embrace all forms of media, old and new.

And it would seem that the same goes for the promotion of its own services.

Still, it did come as a slight surprise to find the business card of head of print Simon Davies pinned up on the local services noticeboard at a Bondi delicatessan.

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Wikileaks – a nice little earner?

Like many, Dr Mumbo is jealous of Fairfax for its access to the Wikileaks cables.   Read more »

See it first. If you don’t change the channel

Dr Mumbo has always felt that when it comes to advice on recycling, the green movement could take tips from TV news.

But that’s the nature of competition – meaning that Nine’s recycling of Sky News’ recycling of Seven News’ vision of the refugee disaster is understandable.

But promoting it as “See it first” does seem something of a leap…


Oprah gives Angela Bishop something to smile about. And smile, and smile, and smile…

Seven’s Sunrise may have stolen the Oprah endorsement out from the under Ten’s nose, but there’s no way they’ll be able to steal the World Oprah Smiling Championship trophy from Angela Bishop.

Oprah loves Sunrise

Imagine this hypothetical scenario.

You are Network Ten.

You’ve carried The Oprah Winfrey show for years.

She finally comes to Australia.

She plugs your rivals at Seven.


Mildly annoyed perhaps?

Forget Oprahmania – it’s Denyarrrmania

While Australian media has gone mad about the Oprah Winfrey visit, we’ve sent them Grant Denyer.

Tulsa TV was very excited to see the Sunrise weatherman, or rather “famous meteorologist from Australia”.

Three times a Wikileak

The Australian’s media diarist Caroline Overington this morning puts forward the argument that it’s against the spirit of freedom of information that The Australian isn’t receiving the leaked cables from Wikileaks. Instead they’re going to rival Fairfax Media titles.

It’s clearly an argument that the Australian gives some weight to – Overington’s item appears no less than three times on the front page of the media section of the newspaper’s website.   Read more »

Publicis tweets. Mainly about their genitalia apparently

So the management of Publicis have caught on that Twitter is quite the thing.

And while it would be harsh to criticise them for being a tad slow off the mark in creatign the self congratulatory video about it, at least it’s offered ample opportunity for a captioned version.   Read more »

And a side order of monosodium glutamate

So you’re opening an upmarket restaurant. It’s Asian themed.

What do you call it? MSG of course.


Fosters, with a schadenfreude aftertaste

You may recall that Fosters has been targeting UK audiences with a series of ads featuring advice from laid back Aussies.

They have, Dr Mumbo notes, also provided ample opportunity for unofficial Ashes-related remixes.

A day to remember. Or not

The Sydney Morning Herald was rightly proud of publishing what it described as the world’s biggest print ad for Events Sydney – a foldout calendar of events in what it describes as a “super panorama” format.

Can you spot any minor error involving the date of New Year’s Eve?   Read more »

Culture plus Hunt. Don’t say it too fast

A classic moment in radio broadcasting occurred in the UK earlier today when the BBC’s flagship radio show Today managed to get the name of the country’s culture secretary Jeremy Hunt wrong.

Very wrong indeed.

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A few good creative men

An oldie but a goldie…

You can’t handle a bigger logo…

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