AFR’s topical satire, a week late

Good to see that the AFR is on top of all that is topical, running an Alex cartoon on page 2 in which the participants compare moustaches as they participate in charity fundraiser Movember.

When the cartoon ran in the UK on November 28, that worked. Today, however, is December 5.

The ghost of Park Street

With a whole week to gather the big stories, Ros Reines, the Sunday Telegraph’s third most important gossip columnist, rarely fails to disappoint.
And she’s come up with a cracker of an exclusive this week.
ACP Magazines’ Park Street Offices are haunted.

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Illuminating writing indeed

Quote of the day goes to the leader column in The Weekend Australian:

“BRILLIANTLY composed, elegantly written, thoughtfully constructed and rationally argued, this editorial could be one of the most illuminating pieces of newspaper opinion that readers have ever had the privilege of absorbing. This masterful application of the written language will provide readers with an insight into why this newspaper is concerned about yet another blow to free speech.”

Pauline AM

Dr Mumbo hears that The Celebrity Apprentice may yet prove to be the launchpad for a full media career for former politician Pauline Hanson.

He understands that she’s in negotiations to host talkback radio to regional markets.

Better make it a double at the Aussie Youth

Dr Mumbo was sad to read that the company that owns the Sydney ad industry’s favourite boozer has gone into receivership.

But the good news for The Australian Youth is that the pub itself is still reported to be trading well. As a favourite watering hole of the likes of DDB, BWM, BMF and The Marketing Store, so it should.

Inside The Aussie Youth (5m,44s):

How M&C Saatchi is looking forward to working with CommBank

Clues to the frontrunners in ad pitches can come from anywhere.

But CommBank CMO Andy Lark’s Twitter account is a good place to start if you want to know how his pitch is going.

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Cost of Living Social

Dr Mumbo was of course delighted when Australia’s group buying sites announced a code of conduct.

Apparently group buying platforms can’t mislead punters about how big the discount is:

“GBPs should promote the Offer in clear and easy to read language. GBPs should not engage in false and misleading conduct.

“GBPs should provide Subscribers with accurate information about each Offer provided including:

“a) The price of the goods or services b) The description of the goods or services and c) The discount”

So no doubt the current claim from Living Social that the Samsung camera it is currently offering is usually priced at $215 is entirely true.

Despite the fact that the range of prices Dr Mumbo came across for the camera ranges from $74 to $179 at the most.

No doubt the 427 punters who have invested thus far made a fully informed decision though.

(Update: Living Social responds in the comments thread below.)

Finally coming to light

Dr Mumbo congratulates the diary team at the Sydney Morning Herald for another triumph.

Just weeks after reporting a hoax email as fact, and days after buying an absurd piece of spin about 2UE, the paper reports the news that Nine will be airing a telemovie about Beaconsfield starring Brant Webb and Todd Russell. If they’d only held onto the story for a couple more weeks, they could have coincided it with the six month anniversary of Nine’s announcement.

A severe cock-up

Fair to say that the SMH is keeping its options open on tonight’s weather…

smh weather(Hat-tip: @elyxxe)

Virgin Mobile – awesome, awesome, awesome

Dr Mumbo was most intrigued by the latest “Fair Ride” campaign from specialist PR treasure hunt agency One Green Bean in which they’re giving away bikes on behalf of Virgin Mobile.

And what’s around under the #fairride hashtag?


fair ride

Droga’s for sale

No, not the agency. The Droga5 founder’s flat.

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Six of the best from Seven

With the official ratings season now over, Seven is justifiably proud of its performance. So proud that on Sunday it send out six different press releases: Read more »

An awesome CV

Some CVS are awesome. This is one of them.



nick_tapscott_cv_4Dr Mumbo thanks the good folk of ICUR for sharing, with the permission of caffeine-loving candidate Nick Tapscott – who’s still looking for a job.

(Dr Mumbo urges those with a critical design eye to ignore any formatting issues – Mumbrella crunched the layout to make the CV fit on these columns.)

Downfall of Qantas

While the #QantasLuxury Twitter contest looked like a rolled gold social media disaster from the beginning, there are a couple of ways of telling for sure.

1. Has anyone created a fake Twitter profile? Yes, of course they have.

2. Has anyone created a Downfall video? Yes, of course they have.

(Hat-tip: LS)

Can you feel the excitment?

Dr Mumbo felt a great deal of excitement to get a sneak preview of Nine’s 2012 TV season following The Celebrity Apprentice finale last night.

Or, rather, a great deal of excitment.

The not-so-great outdoors

Dr Mumbo is a big fan of outdoor advertising.

So it was rather depressing to be told that the following ads were the best to run on Ooh! Media sites in the month of October.

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SMH Diary buys the lamest tip of the year

Remember last week’s dodgy “tip off” about how utterly brilliant Prue MacSween and Tracey Spicer are on 2UE?

In case you don’t remember, it was an anonymous email from “Radio insider” who claimed: Read more »

The Japanese tsunami. Is that all?

If ever you wondered about the TV news production scene in Adelaide, then here’s some deep insight from Matt Gilbertson of the Sunday Mail.

And if you’ve ever wondered how print journos will do at making the transition to in-depth on screen reporting, happily the video answers that too.

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