Fire up the Quattro: it’s an Uptown TV promo

There’s a fine art to creating the perfect trailer.

Ten often leads the way (the Masterchef promo leaps to mind), although Seven’s had some good recent efforts (Kyle Sandilands dancing, anyone?).   Read more »

The Sack is back, for Cannes anyway

Remember The Sack?

It was the video blog by creatives Ben Birchall and Shane Watson recounting their adventures in the job market after being let go by The Campaign Palace.   Read more »

Red Cross fools media with its toilet humour

A low-rent looking billboard ad that went up in a heavy traffic area in Sydney this week had Dr Mumbo scratching his head.

In what passersby were led to believe was a personal message from an irate wife to her husband, it features the picture of a toilet, with the seat up.

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British sports reporting – best in the world

The world’s sports broadcasters regularly cite the UK’s Murdoch-affiliated Sky Sports as an example where subscription television delivers brilliant soccer coverage.

(Indeed, Dr Mumbo enthusiastically endorses the Facebook campaign by Footy Fans Down Under to bring a rebroadcast of Sky Sports Soccer Saturday to our screens.)   Read more »

Why newsreaders should read their bulletins before going to air

Isn’t it always the way. A serious news item and the newsreader starts cracking up.

Though Sunrise’s Natalie Barr probably shouldn’t have admitted that she hadn’t pre-read her bulletin before going live to air.


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Why you should look out the next time you’re waiting for your flight

A top tip if you’re involved in launching new drink products and don’t want the market to know about it yet. Particularly if you also don’t want competitors to know that the range includes new shape packaging targeting 5-12 year olds “to make the juice look fun!”.   Read more »

Oh it’s those funny folks on regional TV

You’ve gotta love a bit regional telly banter.

Who knows, it might just end up on that video sharing site, or Media Watch, or something.

Well, as a matter of fact it did. Five views and counting…

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Hail Damjanovski, king of the geeks

While there’s ALWAYS going to be someone with a better claim to being the geekiest person in Australia, Damian Damjanovski has Dr Mumbo’s vote.   Read more »

Big news from the Sunday Tele: Train runs out of fish, out-of-towners mildy inconvenienced

Good to know that even during those normally slow news days of Easter, Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph was able to go on breaking the big news.

Take the intro to this dramatic tale: “The Melbourne-to-Sydney train ran out of fish on Good Friday.”   Read more »

Avatar to be shot in the Blue Mountains? The SMH seems to believe it

Could it be that the SMH has been caught out by an April Fool? It certainly looks like it.   Read more »

There’s nothing like… a kiwi brandjacking

While this morning’s announcement from Tourism Australia that henceforth “there’s nothing like Australia”, appears to have gone down relatively well, Dr Mumbo admires the nimbleness with which New Zealand has responded.   Read more »

Turbo charged social media comedy from Holden

Love social media?

So, it would seem, does the team at Toll Holden racing.

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There’s nothing like… getting the tourism minister to work

To Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, for the launch of Australia’s new campaign line: “There’s nothing like Australia”.   Read more »

Why you shouldn’t drink and write

Now Dr Mumbo is no angel when it comes to avoiding typos in copy.

But it’s just unfortunate when the typo brings a whole new, unintended meaning to what’s been written.   Read more »

Ogilvy hunts ‘World’s Greatest Salesperson’

From best job, to ultimate job, to greatest job and now greatest salesperson.

Yep and this time it’s an ad agency getting in on the action.

The brief? Sell a brick. That’s right, a brick.   Read more »

Milking it for all it’s worth

Here’s an ad that demands few extra words.

Apart from WTF?

Why, how else would you advertise a fresh produce market?

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Kyle Sandilands dancing. Yes, it’s as bad as you feared (and a bit like Ricky Gervais)

For those whose dream is to see Kyle Sandilands rocking out, while Brian McFadden and Dannii Minogue look on in a mixture of contempt, horror and amusement before joining in, your weekend is now complete.

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Pixma – the product of choice for pushy mums

Who knew that the pushy mums market was so attractive?

Canon clearly likes them for its Pixma printer.

First came this cringeworthy effort which has now been around for a couple of years or so:   Read more »

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