Pork on your fork? A poke in the eye might be more engaging

Sometimes an agency stumbles upon an idea and a chemistry that helps create an advertising family who will be with us for years to come.

Who, for instance can forget (and BWM wouldn’t let us) Telstra’s father-son combo Patrick and Daniel from the rabbits ad?

And then comes the third instalment of the innuendo-laden Pork On Your Fork campaign…

Perhaps not.

The Lang Report

Adam Lang_Austereo

Adam Lang-Colbert

stephen colbert mumbrella

Stephen Colbert-Lang

Dr Mumbo congratulates Adam Lang for his promotion at Austereo in Sydney.

There is, however, as a Mumbrella reader immediately pointed out, an uncanny resemblance to the US comedian Stephen Colbert.

Obviously one wields power and influence, while the other merely presents the globally syndicated The Colbert Report.

Thinking creative gets creative Steve Engstrom a job

Dr Mumbo rather enjoyed “I think creative”, the spoof promo video Steve Engstrom created about himself.

So he’s delighted to hear that Sydney ad agency The Works has given him a job.  Read more »

Play ANTM off, Keyboard Cat

The internet can be so cruel (and funny).

Still, Sarah Murdoch’s Australia’s Next Top Model disaster does work remarkably well with Keyboard Cat.

Advertising by Powerpoint

Good to see that the switch from Clemenger BBDO to Leo Burnett at the start of the year didn’t make Chrysler do anything crazy like create a budget for its Dodge and Jeep ads.

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Television’s finest ever moment?

On September 3, 1928, Philo Farnsworth demonstrated to the press what was arguably the first television broadcast.

It’s taken 29,975 days, but finally the moment that television was invented for has arrived in Australia.

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Better late than never, Adelaide gets a dance flash mob

It’s unfairly easy to poke fun at Adelaide being behind the media curve.

Sadly, when it comes to dance flash mobs (you must remember them – they were huge about six months ago), it does appear to be the case though.

Still, better late than never, and truelocal.com.au has filled the gap.

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A bazillion uses of ctrl-c

Regular readers may recall Brian the social media guru, the creation of PR agency Klick Communications back in May.

They should be flattered to see the US creation A Bajillion Hits which sprang up last week.

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Todd Sampson: international man of chivalry

todd-sampsonLeo Burnett boss and conscience of The Gruen Transfer Todd Sampson’s star is set to rise even higher, Dr Mumbo is delighted to note.   Read more »

Four men walk into a toilet cubicle…

To the Media Federation Awards where Good News Week’s Paul McDermott made a brave effort of keeping the audience under control.

And he revealed that Ad Standards Bureau boss Fiona Jolly had done little for his ego, telling him just before the event started how much she had enjoyed seeing him present Spicks & Specks.   Read more »

To busy to tweet

It took Mark Ashley-Wilson’s appointment at Universal McCann before Dr Mumbo stumbled stumble upon his staff profile on former employer The Furnace’s website.

Apparently: “Adverblog.com and twitter (@issybella) take up most of his spare time.”

Considering he hasn’t sent a tweet since January 6, he clearly doesn’t get much spare time.

A big no from Kyle to The Chaser

After persuading former target Naomi Robson to shoot a promo for reruns of The Chaser, The Comedy Channel has doen the same thing with 2Day FM’s Kyle Sandilands.

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For animal lovers everywhere

You’ve gotta (as Dr Mumbo has often observed) love contextual advertising.

Like this ad for Pedigree which is running against YouTube’s pets and animals category.

So how do you give your puppy the best start? By dumping local cats in the bin, it would seem.


Will newly respectable Naked join the MFA club?

Among those watching the Naked Communications takeover of Bellamy Hayden with trepidation will be the Media Federation of Australia.

In the past, Bellamy Hayden has been an excellent source of entry fees for the MFA Awards (which it has often converted to trophies) on the night.   Read more »

Visit California. There’s cheese. Lots and lots of cheese

For all the criticisms (justified or otherwise) of Tourism Australia’s ad, it does have one thing going for it.

At least it’s not Visit California’s, which has just launched in Australia:   Read more »

The Oz asks the tough questions about Old Spice guy

The back page of today’s Media section of The Australian poses a tough question.

Dr Mumbo is happy to offer a clue for anyone who’s stuck: Look in his hand.


A remarkably bland headine in which we kill an otherwise good story about a website

Sub editors are great. They use just a few carefully crafted words to write an intriguing headline that entices the reader to discover the gems contained in the story within.

But not always.   Read more »

Women are from Venus

SMH_RSVP_screengrab mumbrellaWhile image failure is a fact of life for any site, what sets them apart is the alternate text provided.

Which is why Dr Mumbo loves this plug for RSVP currently sitting on the SMH’s home page.

It makes the image sound so much more interesting than it probably is.

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