There was a young couple who lived in a shoe (between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm)

Here’s a nice PR stunt.

Clarks big shoes

To launch a new range of Clarks shoes, the brand created a giant pair of shoes and found a couple to “live” in them for a week at Westfield Parramatta. Read more »

Hungrythirsty Beast

Much as Dr Mumbo enjoys the brave new positioning of Oak as the snack drink of choice for threatening bald men, he can’t help but feel that it’s something of a nod to Ben Kingsley’s performance as psycho enforcer Don Logan in the British movie Sexy Beast.

Sending an irrelevant press release? How about a month’s ban?

The life of a PR can be a tough one.

Not helped, one suspects, by having to deal with hard-to-please journos (which isn’t necessarily an insult) like Renai LeMay.

Dr Mumbo winced slightly on behalf of Edelman after LeMay used Twitter to launch a series of Excocets, before announcing a month long ban on publishing Edelman press releases, and urging clients to sack the agency. Read more »

The amnesty without an amnesty

This looks, unless Dr Mumbo is very much mistaken, like an ad where the original idea was diluted at the last moment.

Now it’s a buy two, get one free promo. Read more »

Mob rule in Adelaide

It may only be a good cause, but Red Cross is rather jumping the shark by holding a flash mob.

It’s not as if it’s Adelaide’s first.

It’s not even as if it’s Rundle St Mall’s first.

It’s not even as if it’s Rundle St Mall’s first in the last month.

Men in nappies, fish-based violence, French accents and deviant hippies: more mad ad complaints

It’s always Dr Mumbo’s favourite time of day when the moment comes to look at the latest complaints to the Ad Standards Board. Mainly because it’s always reassuring to find somebody who gets angrier about ads than him.

It’s a topic we’ve looked at before.

And today there are some more crackers.

There are people who find the Woolworths hippy ad offensive.

Read more »

Hamish & Andy (with a little inspiration from Ricky Gervais?)

Nice to see that Hamish & Andy’s podcast is now animated, thanks to the love of a listener.

Where on earth can they have got the idea from?   Read more »

Tele brings us the Iron Chef debut which is both paltry and a good performance

While it’s not entirely uncommon for a newspaper to carry opinion columns that disagree with each other, today’s Daily Telegraph has pulled off something of a first.

It carries two news stories disagreeing with each other. On the same page.   Read more »

Makes a change from Mike Hunt

Notice anything wrong with this picture caption from the Canberra Times?

Mike litoris Read more »

Can’t say goodbye to Delhi

Memo to Coles: The Commonwealth Games ended nearly a week ago. It may be time to stop airing the Curtis Stone Commonwealth Games ads now.

Old Spice guy heads down under. And he’s swimming the whole way

Dr Mumbo anticipates some kind of implosion of joy within the social media community. The Old Spice guy is coming to Australia.

And by the looks of it, Isaiah Mustafa’s plugging Windows. And swimming the whole way.

Would you like a double entendre with that?

A cynic might think that these ads from Air New Zealand are specifically designed to create a bit of controversy-friendly media coverage…

Read more »

The devil’s work

It was good to see the media mark the canonisation of St Mary of The Cross in their own individual ways at the weekend.

The newspapers published special supplements to salute Australia’s first saint. The TV channels carried live coverage from The Vatican.

And Move Extra aired The Exorcist.

Working with animals

Things you don’t expect to hear Seven Larry Emdur say while on air…

Whip it? NT News knows a song about that

Dr Mumbo notes that NT News is this morning treating an alleged attack on a policeman with the gravity it deserves.   Read more »

Another day another (almost) dollar for The Oz

The Australian has published a four page special wraparound for its Business section to mark the historic moment when the Aussie dollar rose to US$99.94c.

If they do that for 99.94, imagine what they’d do if it actually hit a dollar. Read more »

Journey to the centre of the Herald Sun’s imagination

The Herald Sun had a memorable front page today, even if it doesn’t quite seem to understand what happened in the Chilean mine rescue. Read more »

And the winner isn’t…

It’s not every day that Dr Mumbo gets to enjoy Tasmanian television, but he was intrigued to note this morning that Seven-affiliated Southern Cross TV is clearly not a fan of The Morning Show. Read more »

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