Photon: What did Sam Kekovich think?

The great thing about the internet is that nothing is lost forever.

Take Photon Group, for instance.

When it came time to produce the 2008 Annual Report, it probably made sense to use Sam Kekovich – voice of the Australia Day lamb commercials which are made by Photon’s ad agency BMF.

But his promotional video does appear, with hindsight, to have been a tad bold in its assertions:   Read more »

‘Back in your boats’: Tele joins the immigration debate

Good to see that Sydney’s Daily Telegraph has taken Julia Gillard at her word when she invited Australia to have an open debate about immigration without fearing political correctness…

Telegraph asylum seekers mumbrella Read more »

All’s fine on the Photon website

It looks like the person who updates Photon Group’s website may have been among the redundancies as the company continues its month-long holiday from the ASX.   Read more »

Is Sam De Brito good-looking, or merely attractive? Fairfax’s subs can’t decide

Fair to say that Fairfax columnist Sam De Brito is in a continuing fight against his debilitating allergy to modesty.

He wrote a splendid column at the weekend pondering the David Jones sexual harrassment issue before concluding it’s lucky that he’s so damned handsome, because the women that he hit on at work fortunately found him irresistible.   Read more »

Why kilts and building sites don’t mix

Using comedy Scots to sell Angus beef products to Aussies has been one of the less attractive trends of recent months.

This effort for Four ‘N Twenty pies doesn’t necessarily improve the situation.   Read more »

How Ad Standards Board had to rule on Keyboard Cat

While Dr Mumbo was not a fan of Telstra’s Keyboard Cat ad, he must admit he found himself in sympathy with the telco over a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board.   Read more »

TED and buried

Poor Andy Blood.

Giving a TED presentation can be a stressful affair, so credit to the group creative director of the TBWA NZ Group for being willing to put himself out there at TEDx Auckland.

Read more »

A graveside situation at Photon

Some would say that the Mumbrella spellchecker is woefully underused.

However, it got a vigorous workout during our story about Photon’s disastrous financial figures.   Read more »

There’s nothing like an agency food race

Some Friday fun, and what better than an eating competition between The Conscience Organisation’s content and distribution director Tom Phillips and head of social media ideas and digital strategy Julian Cole.

In this case, a delicious pot of KFC potato and gravy.

To maintain the suspense, Dr Mumbo won’t give away the winner here…   Read more »

‘Laurie – what are you hearing?’ Nothing

Fair to say that the world and his wife has been rushing to take credit for the speed with which they broke the news of the fall of Kevin Rudd.   Read more »

Dr Mumbo at the ASTRA Awards: Speers blows his own trumpet

To Sydney’s State Theatre for pay TV’s big awards night – and a thoroughly classy affair it was.

Mind you, as the pay TV personalities made their way along the ASTRA Awards red carpet, Dr Mumbo overheard one mean character observing: “It’s like watching kids dress up in their parents’ clothes while they’re away at the Logies”.   Read more »

Take a picture! It’s Clarkson!

A brilliant promo for Top Gear from The BBC:

Think the same level of excitment will occur in Australia with the words “Clarkson”, Hammond” and “May” replaced with the words “Jacobson”, “Page” and “Pizzati”?   Read more »

Who knew about the Gillard coup first? Inga van Kyck

While Dr Mumbo has always had deep admiration for his counterpart on B&T magazine Inga van Kyck, the comedy columnist has achieved something close to ESP in the latest edition of the magazine.   Read more »

Easy Rider? Not if Bing has its way

Dennis Hopper has been dead for three weeks, and Microsoft’s search engine Bing has already committed this crime against Easy Rider:

Just what we needed. More vuvuzela. Thanks, Triple M

Good to see that Triple M’s Melbourne’s fill-in breakfast team, The Peanut Gallery, is getting into the World Cup vuvuzela spirit:   Read more »

Let’s all play some nothing like Australia

It’s taken a while for Dr Mumbo to get to see Let’s All Play Some Football, SBS’s epic three minute trailer for the World Cup.

He imagines it was in the works for a while. After all, organising the shoot to get different people to sing a line each – albeit some more tunefully than others – will have taken some time.   Read more »

Hamish & Andy introduce the UK to ghosting

If the Today Network was worried about losing Hamish & Andy to Ten when their contract ends, then it may need to be looking in another direction.

The pair have been in the UK for Caravan Of Courage.

And they’ve made a very comfortable apperance on BBC1′s Graham Norton Show in an episode which aired this morning, Australian time.

Read more »

Australia’s Next Top Grazia

Dr Mumbo is delighted to see that Australia’s Next Top Model is on its way back to Fox 8.

Read more »

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