‘Is this some kind of weird Channel Seven cross promotion?’

Good to see that somebody in Seven’s promo department has a sense of humour about their love of cross promotions in this teaser for The X Factor.

We Are Very Fond Of Using Jargon

Dr Mumbo has a theory about this job ad/ blog posting from We Are Social:   Read more »

A phone call from Edelman PR

The phone rings.

“Hello. I’m calling from Edelman PR. Can I speak to the editorial contact?”   Read more »

Scaredy Todd?

Regular readers may recall that Gruen Transfer regular Russel Howcroft was bullish when challenged to take on fellow panellist Todd Sampson’s agency in the show’s The Pitch segment.

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What Q&A should have done…

The producers of the ABC’s Q&A may have thrown their toys out of the pram last night when Labor’s Mark Arbib failed to show, by representing him with an empty chair.

But at least they didn’t go as far as British panel show Have I Got News For You when a Labour politician let them down:

Election night, cartoon style

While some of the commercial network coverage of the election was a tad simplisitic (shooting galleries?) on Saturday night, this report from Taiwan’s Next Media Animation will take some beating:

Forget about fillet of fish – how about fillet of mermaid?

While it’s entirely possible that Dr Mumbo is misunderstanding this subtle ad because he’s distracted by the high production values, is Hungry Jacks really now offering a mermaid burger?

Don’t trust the climate change elephant

It’s possible that the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s elephant adventures are overexposed by Dr Mumbo, however, this election effort is worth a mention:

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Elephants can’t dance

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition have got some good use out of their elephant costume during the election – includign winning some valuable airtime on Sky News.

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White men rapping

Television is our friend.

That’s why it brings us musical collaborations like Kyle Sandilands and Ronan Keating. Rapping.

Scary Chat Roulette

Chat Roulette may all be a bit late 2009.

But it still has its marketing moments – like this one used as a stunt to promote The Last Exorcism, spotted by Digital Buzz Blog.

Newspaper Works breaks into the film era – even if it is a silent movie

It’s always nice to see somebody trying new things. So well done to Newspaper Works – the marketing body of the newspaper industry – for giving it a go with a video ad which it has posted to its YouTube channel today.

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Gruen’s Transfer’s Russel Howcroft throws down the gauntlet to Todd Sampson

A regular question that appears on the comment stream of Mumbrella when we write about The Gruen Transfer is why panellists Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft’s agencies haven’t done battle in The Pitch segment.

So we asked Howcroft if he’d be up for it – Leo Burnett versus GPY&R on The Pitch.

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Dodgy Delhi

Those Commonwealth Games really are in an obscure place this year, aren’t they?

SUNRISE Delhi Dehli Read more »

Copycat crimes

Perhaops the toughest question of election night: which network has the worst Julia Gillard impersonator?   Read more »

Body language bizarros and overblown promos

As the election nears, the network promos have become increasingly strident.

So Dr Mumbo rather liked The Chaser’s version of Nine’s efforts.

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Nine’s bloodsucking promo team gets back on plagiarism patrol with a VILF tribute

vilf-true-blood mumbrellaVilf_GoRemember HBO’s provocative marketing campaign for the new series of vampire drama True Blood in the US?

Clever, wasn’t it, that VILF line?

The promotional team at Nine’s digital station Go! certainly seem to think so.   Read more »

Forget Downfall, time to caption Rudd

The Hitler Downfall meme passed its best-by date some time ago.   Read more »

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