Earth Hour gets out its autograph book

Fair to say that Earth Hour really likes celebrities…   Read more »

Spam as drama

Our spam filter has just picked up the following message, which probably requires no further comment Read more »

Soccer AM, Down Under

While you’d have expected English football fans to sink into a post-World Cup depression following the country’s dismal performance, happily the expat appetite for TV soccer isn’t so easily destroyed.   Read more »

Pizza Hut gets down

Fair to say that Pizza Hut ads are different in South Korea…   Read more »

Kamahl does Gaga

Tomorrow sees that next set of radio ratings released, and Dr Mumbo is a fan of ARN’s method or promoting it – Kamahl performing a reading from the canon of Lady Gaga. Read more »

Marriage Ref – don’t hold your breath

What the words “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” were invented for…   Read more »

The flimsiest press release ever?

Sometimes it’s tough being a PR.

Sometimes, in order to promote your product you have to draw quite  along bow.

Take, for instance, Fox 8 and their new British reality show Pineapple Dance Studios, which they’ve been heavily promoting.   Read more »

Telephone call for Keyboard Cat

For those whose fancy occasionally turns towards social media, The Social Network, the story of Facebook, is eagerly anticipated.

And happily, it would seem there’s a similarly pointless movie about YouTube in the works too, or so the creators of The Video Website would like to suggest.

Read more »

Who will think of the billionaires?

Good to see that ex-Chaser  Charles Firth is continuing his election campaign to help hard-up billionaires on behalf of trade union CFMEU.

Read more »

I’ma let you advertise

Publicis Mojo’s work for Coca Cola Europe’s energy drink brand Burn has received the kidn of boost that mere advertising dollars couldn’t buy.   Read more »

Don’t drink the Google kool aid!

The good folk at Google Sydney are holding an industry briefing on mobile this afternoon.

The equally good people of Switched On Media are there. Fair to say, the thought is beginning to occur to them that there’s no such thing as a free lunch…   Read more »

Sunshine, lollipops, Psycho and Julia Gillard

It’s amazing what the right soundtrack can do to a political ad.

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Shipwrecked in Randwick

Big scoop from Nine News tonight. By the looks of the backdrop, the somewhat landlocked Randwick has been hit by a tidal wave.

Nine_News_Randwick_Bondi Read more »

X Factor – the biggest show on Earth?

Fair to say that Seven is getting quite excited about The X Factor…

Read more »

Andrew Bolt discovers Twitter fake. Is cross.

News Ltd columnist Andrew Bolt has, it would appear, had something of a sense of humour failure over his fake Twitter persona.   Read more »

Win-win for Sunrise – just ask Kevin

Dr Mumbo rather admires the no-lose PR skills behind Sunrise’s ultimatum to the party leaders.   Read more »

Masterchef and the ultimate clumsiness of being

Many pretentious words have been written about Masterchef. But this sentence from sociology professor John Carroll, published in the Weekend Australian, may take some beating:   Read more »

Fake Howcroft: Vote for me

A reliable barometer of celebrity is whether an individual has a fake Twitter persona.

Dr Mumbo is delighted to report that Gruen Transfer panellist and Y&R Brands CEO-in-waiting Russel Howcroft has achieved that distinction.   Read more »

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