Newspaper Works breaks into the film era – even if it is a silent movie

It’s always nice to see somebody trying new things. So well done to Newspaper Works – the marketing body of the newspaper industry – for giving it a go with a video ad which it has posted to its YouTube channel today.

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Gruen’s Transfer’s Russel Howcroft throws down the gauntlet to Todd Sampson

A regular question that appears on the comment stream of Mumbrella when we write about The Gruen Transfer is why panellists Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft’s agencies haven’t done battle in The Pitch segment.

So we asked Howcroft if he’d be up for it – Leo Burnett versus GPY&R on The Pitch.

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Dodgy Delhi

Those Commonwealth Games really are in an obscure place this year, aren’t they?

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Copycat crimes

Perhaops the toughest question of election night: which network has the worst Julia Gillard impersonator?   Read more »

Body language bizarros and overblown promos

As the election nears, the network promos have become increasingly strident.

So Dr Mumbo rather liked The Chaser’s version of Nine’s efforts.

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Nine’s bloodsucking promo team gets back on plagiarism patrol with a VILF tribute

vilf-true-blood mumbrellaVilf_GoRemember HBO’s provocative marketing campaign for the new series of vampire drama True Blood in the US?

Clever, wasn’t it, that VILF line?

The promotional team at Nine’s digital station Go! certainly seem to think so.   Read more »

Forget Downfall, time to caption Rudd

The Hitler Downfall meme passed its best-by date some time ago.   Read more »

Townsville media gets free shake of Gillard’s sauce bottle

It’s a big moment for any local journalist when the Prime Minister arrives in your city, particularly during an election battle.

So what did the Townsville local press want to talk to Julia Gillard about?

Paying for tomato sauce on meat pies.   Read more »

Journalism (with health warnings)

For those who are cynical about journalism, the following health warnings may come in handy:   Read more »

How PR works Part 1057: The toilet paper usage survey

Ping! An email questionnaire lands in Dr Mumbo’s inbox from a PR agency.

After a series of relative innocuous questions about environmentally friendly toilet paper, the clue to the no doubt forthcoming press release survey turns up in question number 13:    Read more »

Sky high audience claims

If you thought that Nine’s election night boasts were a tad over the top, then you’ve not seen the one from Sky News. Apparently “more than 98% of the gloabl commmunity will have access to Australia’s next step in history”.

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When Photon partied like it was 1999

Why on earth does Photon Group need to raise more money?

Anybody? Anybody?

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Eventually all PMs start looking like John Howard (or they do on Nine anyway)

Intriguing election news from Newspoll today, reports Nine’s Today show, with Labor back in front. But while it may be good new for Julia Gillard, it certainly looks like the pressure’s been taking its toll on her.   Read more »

Tim Johnson sends a press release instead of a postcard

It seems cruel to mock this press release. Indeed, reading between the lines it actually makes Dr Mumbo slightly sad.

It’s very nice that former Nova producer Tim Johnson is having a good time in New York and had met some famous people. And slightly promising that people at a couple of radio stations have let him have a meeting with them. And perhaps not entirely new news that in New York “there’s always something going on” But a press release?:   Read more »

The thin line between comedy and tragedy

When this video was shot a few weeks back, Dr Mumbo suspects that Tim Ross was busy making a primetime TV show.

The former Nova presenter probably thought that the “I’ve got nothing else going on in my life” line was amusingly self deprecating as he plugged his forthcoming book.

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Naomi Robson helps out The Chaser

If The Chaser’s achievment of getting Julie Bishop to perform a death stare off on Yes We Canberra was impressive, The Comedy Channel has gone one better – persuading one of the comedy team’s most regular targets to shoot a promo for the show.

Former Today Tonight host Naomi Robson appears in the promo for the repeats of The Chaser’s War On Everything being shown by the Comedy Channel.   Read more »

Did Julia Gillard really say that?

Now you can call Dr Mumbo an old cynic here, but does anything strike you as a tad suspicious about the editing of Julia’s Gillard’s “Turn to Channel Nine’s coverage” message at the 28 second point of this video?

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Earth Hour gets out its autograph book

Fair to say that Earth Hour really likes celebrities…   Read more »

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