Water resistant, yes. Cliche resistant, no

It must have been tough writing an interesting range of ads for Telstra’s 55 Days of Christmas campaign.

Unfortunately, all of the creative team from Ogilvy were busy, so the people from the Tired Teenage Cliches department next door had to help out knock this one up for them.

They were pretty happy with the result, so they made this one too.

And this:

GQ versus Bono

To the GQ Man of the Year Awards at the Sydney Opera House, which was competing with the minor distractions outside the window of U2’s Bono and The Edge, a flotilla of boats sailing in formation, fireworks and the Harbour Bridge being turned red to mark World Aids Day.

Nonetheless, host Wil Anderson battled valiantly to keep the glamorous audience’s attention, including a refreshingly honest approach to the awards. After he was named as media personality of the year, he told the audience: “I’d pretend I was surprised, but I was at the rehearsal.”

Earlier in the night, band of the year Birds of Tokyo faced their own losing fight to get the room’s attention. After their performance, the thanks from the band sounded suspiciously like: “Fuck you very much for listening.” But of course, Dr Mumbo could have been mistaken.

Meanwhile, best joke of the night came from comedian of the year, Talkin Bout Your Generation’s Josh Thomas, who complained about being sat with politician of the year, Australia’s youngest MP Wyatt Roy on “the kids table”.

Above the line, sorry, integrated Mediacom

One of Dr Mumbo’s favourite things is when agencies send out their press releases in Word with track change enabled.

It happens more often than you’d think, and it’s a fantastic way of seeing the spin process at work.   Read more »

Secrets of Sky News

Ever wondered the secret of Sky News presenter Vanessa Trezise’s neatly-fitting jackets? The clue came when she stepped into the background during Paul Murray Live.

Looks like a bulldog clip to Dr Mumbo…sky news bulldog clip vanessa trezise

Two heads

Australia has a new media power couple, Dr Mumbo is delighted to note.

This morning’s appointment of Claudia Sagripanti as CEO of Publishers Australia will see her hoping to emulate the success of partner John Butterworth, boss of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association.

An unremarkably large amount of coverage of an ‘unremarkable’ story

The decision by The Australia’s editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell to threaten Julie Posetti with legal action over a tweet she made while covering a conference is unremarkable, the newspaper says.

So unremarkable, that the newspaper has today dedicated a remarkable 20 paragraphs to explaining why it is unremarkable. Unfortunately, within those 20 paragraphs, there was no room to explore the issues around a newspaper suing (or threatening to sue) a journalist for reporting remarks allegedly made by somebody else at a conference, even if they were later denied.

And just to be sure we get the message about the unremarkableness of it all, the point is reiterated with an article in the paper’s Media Diary too.

A Good Weekend to be Mark Dapin

For every columnist that loses out in a magazine revamp – and fans of Maggie Alderson have now said their farewells to the Good Weekend writer – there are also winners in the new look Fairfax Media title.

Not only does Mark Dapin’s column survive, but a couple of pages later, he was in action again with a lengthy profile of publicist Max Markson.

And just for good measure, Dapin’s then bylined for a further feature on the Australia survivors of this year’s tsunami in Indonesia.

A life in advertising

Ever tried to remember why you got into this industry?

This video may help.

How X Factor sneaked 200,000 more viewers

There has always been a dark art to ensuring your programmes rate as well as they possibly can.

That’s why the viewer may think they are watching one show, but the ratings the next day reveal that they were actually watching two – for instance, a final show followed by a winner announcement show.

That way, the average audience for the exciting bit – which is inevitably higher – has a chance of making the top 40 shows of the year.

Ten does it, with shows such as Masterchef; Nine even did it last night with The Block.

But Seven is currently taking it to a whole new level.   Read more »

What’s worse than ‘no comment’? ‘I’m eating my cookie’

Here’s a brilliant example of what happens when a chief executive who’s not been media trained meets the press.

News.com.au reports that the chief exec in question – the Australian Dr Stephen Duckett – has been let go by the Canadian health service as a result of the bizarre cookie-fixated exchange going viral.

Not a good news story. At all

Cover wraps. Not always a good idea. Discuss…

The_Age_good_news(Hat-tip: @Virginia)

And here’s how The Age’s editorial team intended its coverage of the New Zealand mining disaster to look:


Official: Franklin Mint won’t be selling a William and Kate Royal Wedding Commemorative Gigantic Pile of Animal Excreta

This correction from Crikey may be a day old, but it’s too good not to share:   Read more »

And at 11am, the graph shows a leap in Fairfax copying News

Yesterday’s investor update on Fairfax Media’s future plans may all have been much of a muchness.

fairfax_slideHowever, buried away on page 85, there was one insightful slide showing changing media consumption habits across the day, and how they present different opportunities to publishers.

Fascinating as it was, it seemed vaguely familiar to Dr Mumbo.

Hartigan_activityIndeed, it was not unlike a graph presented by John Hartigan, boss of publishing rival News Ltd, at PANPA’s Future Forum back in August.

They could at least have changed the colours.

PRing like hot cakes

While a delivery of cup cakes is always welcome, a delivery of cupcakes that has been in a courier van for too long on a hot day may not necessarily give the impression the brand wants.

And a delivery of cupcakes that’s been in a hot courier van on a bumpy journey even less so.   Read more »

Read all about it

Telegraph ipad spruikerHere’s a nice stunt from Sydney’s Daily Telegraph to promote the launch of its iPad app.

It brought back the traditional idea of the spruiker shouting out the paper’s wares. Only this time he was shouting it from an iPad.

Dr Mumbo understands it sneaked a mention on Seven’s Sunrise this morning.

Microsoft and Kate Middleton. Yeah, right

Microsoft is a strong contender for the lamest attempt to link the brand to the Royal wedding with this beauty from its PR agency Howorth:   Read more »

Solo run

While it’s good to see Perth Glory experimenting with creating video content, can you spot the subtle placement of a certain soft drink which just happens to sponsor the A-League?

Digital dynamos and duffers at the KAK digital quiz

Nine MSN turned on the star power at its digital marketing summit in Sydney, rolling out sister network Nine’s Kerri-Anne Kennerley to host a gameshow featuring the hunt for media agencies’ biggest digital brain.

Read more »

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