Nine doesn’t know Jack

Nine News’ continuing war on captions has claimed another victim, Dr Mumbo is sad to note.

Nine_news_jack_straw Read more »

An audience with Dark Lord Fisher

To Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion for the shiny IAB Awards, under the compereship of Adam Spencer.

Reflecting on the rock heritage of the venue, Spencer introduced the IAB’s boss to the audience as “The Ozzy Osbourne of the Australian internet… Paul ‘The Dark Lord’ Fisher”.   Read more »

An open and shut case of homocide

It would seem that Nine’s uncovered news of a brand new police squad.

Good to see the police are taking the issue of homophobia so seriously.

homocide_squad_nine mumbrella

Tele’s pollie is too good to be true

With a month yet to run on the election campaign, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph clearly fears Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard will be far too boring to maintain readers’ interests.

So the paper has created its own candidate, Peter Best, whose policies will be whatever opinion polls say at the time.   Read more »

Old Spice guy 1: Mel Gibson 0

The Old Spice meme continues:

(Hat-tip: AC)

The late worm misses the bird

You’d have thought that with all the hoo-hah about the timing of the leaders’  debate in the election, Nine would have aired the right promo last night.

Copycat Kyle?

Remember how Nine’s Rescue Special Ops ripped off a Discovery Networks Bear Grylls promo?

The copycatastrophe appears to be spreading if Seven’s new promo for X Factor is anything to go by.

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Siimon’s even nice to spammers

Former adman Siimon Reynolds is of course a man known for his positivity.

And it would seem that he even brings that approach to spammers.

He recently enthused about the quality of the pillows during a junket in Dubai.   Read more »

Apparently there’s an election

There’s an interesting interpretation of the meaning of the phrase “breaking news” on this morning, with the site sharing the three-day-old breaking news that an election has been called.

Breaking_news_election mumbrella

A few seconds after Mumbrella took this screen grab, the story vanished. So let’s just pretend it never happened.

Hiding in plain sight

Dr Mumbo is a big admirer of the work of Wikileaks.

But he wonders whether it’s time for the media to stop describing founder Julian Assange as “secretive”.   Read more »

Election certainties and the columnist’s art

Here’s an election prediction.   Read more »

No friends, no dignity – that’s the glamour of radio

Anthony Becks Toohey MixBeing a commercial radio presenter offers many things. Dignity is not one of them.

So Dr Mumbo felt a certain degree of sympathy to receive this press release about Mix drivetime co-host Anthony “Becks” Toohey.   Read more »

NT News puts Campbell Reid in the cage of death

For a moment, Dr Mumbo felt a nasty chill, when he received a press release yesterday announcing a redesign for the NT News.

The paper is the august organ where you’re never more than a day from a crocodile story.

It’s also the publication that brought us the story of the waitress, the seatbelt and the alleged fellatio.   Read more »

Up, up and away

Regular readers will be aware that Nova’s Merrick, Dools & Ricki-Lee breakfast show has been inviting listeners to do the show’s marketing for them.

(Massive declaration of interest: They’re also doing a promotion aimed at media agencies via Mumbrella).

There’s some kind of secret squirrel TV ad being filmed tomorrow Read more »

A legendary NRL scandal

It is, of course, a rich seam, but you have to love contextual advertising.

This screengrabbed gem comes from Ten’s YouTube channel. Today has seen News Ltd boss John Hartigan  talking about the company’s woes with the Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal.


One suspects that this wasn’t one of the “legendary NRL moments” that Toyota had in mind.

From Crust Pizza to Crustgate in one tweet

Fcrust_pizza_sexist mumbrellaor every Old Spice using Twitter in brilliant ways, there’s another brand that uses it to fall flat on their arse, as Australia’s Crust Pizza has learned today with the birth of #crustgate.

@Crust_Pizza has been a committed tweeter for some time. They provided the food for Sydney’s Twestival and give away pizzas via Twitter every Friday.

Today it tweeted a link to a video: “Need a laugh? Hilarious compilation of female driver madness.”   Read more »

Hey Hey we surrender

Would you like to see what a ratings white flag looks like? Allow Dr Mumbo to show you…

Nine Network press announcement: Read more »

The Sunrise rap

So Sunrise has got an intern…

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