Ad Standards Board rules against ad for depiction of woman texting and driving

A TV ad for law firm AICS has been ruled against by the Ad Standards Board for depicting unsafe and illegal driving practices, such as texting while driving.

The spot sees a female presenter ask if your life has been turned upside down because of someone else’s negligence as another image features a woman texting while driving. An on screen disclaimer says, “Texting while driving is dangerous and illegal. This was filmed under controlled conditions.”

A similar version of the complained ad, this one does not include a disclaimer.

A complaint against the ad argued it was footage of an illegal event and produced in an unsafe manner.

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Aldi use vampire to promote sunscreen in new ‘Like Brands. Only Cheaper’ ad

Aldi is continuing with its ‘Like Brands. Only Cheaper’ campaign with a spot featuring a beach-loving vampire promoting its sunscreen product.

Created by BMF, the spot is the 10th in the ‘Like Like’ series which launched last June with an ad featuring a talking bear to sell toilet paper.

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Ten pins hopes on fitness instructor as another bachelor goes looking for love(s) of his life

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.59.00 AMTen is banking on a 34-year-old health and fitness boss from Tasmania to create the same impact as ‘love rat’ Blake Garvey as the TV network today unveiled its new star of its 2015 series of The Bachelor.

Sam Wood was described by Ten as the “complete package” who is not only “physically striking” but, as chance would have it, “charismatic and successful”.

He owns and operates Gecko Sports, a Melbourne-based health and fitness company targeted at children.

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SXSW hangout day 3 featuring Faris Yakob

imgresOne of the world’s most innovative marketing thinkers Faris Yakob joined Mumbrella this morning for a hangout looking at the latest trends emerging from SXSW.

Yakob, who now runs his own agency Genius Steals, and has previously held roles including head of innovation for MDC in New York and digital ninja for Naked in London and Sydney.

He was joined by group managing director for Havas Worldwide in Australia James Wright, MD of Genius Steals Rosie Yakob, and Ogilvy PR’s strategy head Sarah May.

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Ten grabs 1.144m for winner announcement of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here as Ten considers second season

The finale of Ten’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here saw 1.144m metro viewers tune in to see former English-cricket player Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff crowned the winner.

Flintoff, who entered the series as an intruder in the third week, defeated AFL champ Barry Hall and media personality Chrissie Swan, who took second and third place, respectively, with 999,000 metro viewers tuning in for the finale episode.

The cricketer secured $100,000 for his chosen charity The McGrath Foundation.

The show was down marginally on its launch at the beginning of February which saw the show pull 1.119m metro viewers. During the show’s six week run the show sank to an audience low of 588,000, according to preliminary overnight figures from OzTam.

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Owners of The Verge eye Asia Pacific expansion while Mashable mulls Singapore office

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.54.56 pmVox Media is looking at launching in the Asia Pacific region, while technology website Mashable is plotting its move into South East Asia after launching in Australia last year.

Speaking on a panel looking at the business models of digital media brands at SXSW overnight VP of marketing for Vox Jonathan Hunt, which owns brands including tech publication The Verge and Polygon, confirmed it was looking at global expansion towards the end of this year.

He said: “Vox Media is interesting as internationalisation is important to our expansion strategy, so right now we’re doing 125m unique viewers focussed on the US only, but there’s a big portion of that coming from international. Read more »

Morning Update: Britain’s Royals bumble their way through Mother’s Day ad

AdWeek: Britain’s Royals Bumble Their Way Through Mother’s Day in Charming Spot for Body Shop

When it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day, it turns out the British royal family is just as inept as everyone else.

That, at least, is the joke at the heart of a new U.K. ad from cosmetics company The Body Shop. Impersonators playing Prince Charles; his wife, Camilla; his son Prince Harry; and Queen Elizabeth II’s famous Welsh Corgis all fumble their way, together, through the prep for Her Majesty’s big day.

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Uber ‘got lucky’ and some unicorns will die this year predicts venture capitalist Bill Gurley

Bill Gurley (l) with Malcolm Gladwell at SXSW today

Bill Gurley (l) with Malcolm Gladwell at SXSW today

Prominent US tech investor Bill Gurley has said Uber “got lucky” because millenials “don’t give a shit about cars” and said a “complete absence of fear” in Silicon Valley would lead to some prominent startups failing this year.

Speaking at SXSW overnight in an interview with New York Times journalist Malcolm Gladwell, Gurley, whose  investments include Stitch Fix and Vessel, said another of his companies Snapchat, was transitioning to be a media company.

On issues in Silicon Valley and the startup market he said it was in a “risk bubble” with companies paying above the odds for startups, predicting there would be “a lot of dead unicorns this year” referring to companies whose valuation have soared after fundraising rounds.

Referencing the dotcom crash of 1999 he added: “They (companies) are taking on, in these startups, a level of risk never taken before. In ’99 there were certain risks taken, but there weren’t people putting $1bn in companies that are only 4 years old.”

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SXSW Day 2 hangout

Apologies for the poor picture quality which occurred due to a poor internet connection which led to the last few minutes of the conversation being lost.

South by Southwest one of the biggest festivals looking at technology, media and marketing kicked off overnight in Austin, Texas.

Each day Mumbrella editor Alex Hayes will be joined by panelists to discuss what has happened, the sessions they have seen and what new thoughts they have triggered.

Today he was joined by Daniel Bluzer-Fry and Kristy Richards, who gave a presentation at the festival this morning on technology and how it will effect future relationships, and Lee Spencer-Michaelsen a creative at DT Melbourne.

They discussed among other things the applications and limitations on artificial intelligence, how virtual reality will change the world of content and gaming, and what limits should be placed on these technologies.

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Samsung VR technology campaign sees father witness birth of child in ‘virtual reality birth’

Samsung’s newest ad campaign is highlighting the benefits of virtual reality, with the technology brand helping an Australian mining worker to witness the birth of his son from 4,000km away.

The campaign, created by Leo Burnett, conducted what it claimed was a “world-first live streaming virtual reality (VR) birth” by helping father and ‘fly in, fly out’ electrical contractor Jason Larke to experience the birth of his son in Perth, despite being away from his family at work in Chinchilla, a remote Queensland town, using Samsung’s Gear VR headset.

“We are connecting people in ways never before thought possible to ensure Aussies don’t miss those significant moments which life is really all about,” said Arno Lenior, chief marketing officer. Read more »

If your competitor leaves you a bad review be nice to them argues Bazaarvoice boss

Austin speaking at SXSW today

Austin speaking at SXSW today

There is “nothing wrong” with giving loyal customers samples or gift cards as an incentive to leave a positive review as long as it is acknowledged, the head of an online review platform has said.

Speaking at a session dealing with levels of trust in online reviews at SXSW overnight Gene Austin, CEO of Bazaarvoice, said businesses should respond positively to negative comments they suspect have been left by competitors.

Austin said in retail 70 per cent of people said they use reviews to decide whethter to buy products, and said it had “never been more important to make sure the online reviews are authentic and can be trusted”.

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Nicole Kidman fronts new global Etihad campaign from M&C Saatchi Sydney

Nicole Kidman stars in the stylised new global ‘Flying Reimagined’ campaign  for Abu Dhabi based airline Etihad created by M&C Saatchi Sydney.

The new dream-like TVC for the airline goes to air tonight and features the Hollywood star sampling variety of the airline’s services in stylised sets, whilst giving a sultry voiceover extolling the virtues of the service.

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad’s chief commercial officer said: “Etihad Airways is constantly pushing boundaries, taking inspiration from the world to provide a superlative in-flight experience for our guests.

“We are rewriting the rule book and reimagining flying by breaking away from convention and leading the way in innovation, design, style and hospitality. This new campaign has succeeded brilliantly in bringing our unique brand and service ethos to life on film, in print and on digital channels.  Read more »

Seinfeld would ‘not have made series two’ today claims AOL’s video boss

The head of internet giant AOL’s video output has accused linear TV networks of “strangling the creative process” claiming a show like Seinfeld would not have made it to a second series today.

McCormack (right) and Spurlock during the SXSW session

McCormack (left) and Spurlock during the SXSW session

In an interview with film maker Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame, Dermot McCormack, president AOL video and studios, said creating content for online providers meant he was “no longer a slave to Nielsen (ratings)” to monetise content as he had “many different windows” to push a show out through.

“These days Seinfeld wouldn’t have made it to season two, the creative process is suffering,” he said. “We have different ways of monetising – we can cut it into two minute bits, or 90 minutes- we can let it find an audience.”

In a session looking at his new “hyper reality” TV show Connected, which will screen on AOL, Spurlock said it is the “best time in history to be a producer”. Read more »

SXSW day 1 hangout

SXSW interactive logoSouth by Southwest one of the biggest festivals looking at technology, media and marketing kicked off overnight in Austin, Texas.

Each day Mumbrella editor Alex Hayes will be joined by panelists to discuss what has happened, the sessions they have seen and what new thoughts they have triggered.

Today he was joined by Douglas Nicol, creative partner at The Works and Andrew Grinter, a creative at DT Melbourne, who will be looking at among other things what Al Gore had to say on climate change, neuroplasticity and a few insights on behaviour change from Daniel Pink.

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Paid media no longer driving fashion recommendations claim fashion startup bosses


(l-r): Julie Bornstein, CMO, Sephora; Katrina Lake, founder, Stitch Fix; Jennifer Hyman, co-founder, Rent the Runway

The founders of two disruptive online fashion businesses have said bricks and mortar retailers must become customer service centres, and said magazines and paid media are no longer the most effective drivers for sales.

Speaking on a panel on defining the next generation retail experience both Jennifer Hyman, co-founder of Rent the Runway and Katrina Lake, founder of Stitch Fix, said businesses relying on paid media to drive new customers were set to fail.

“Who’s influencing purchase behaviours has moved away from magazines and moved more towards these trusted influencers,” said Lake.

“Traditional stores’ over dependence on paid marketing led to them not focussing on the customer experience.  We’re focussing on delivering a great experience – it generates an organic word of mouth which is translated through digital mediums.” Read more »

‘Don’t ignore native advertising just because it feels icky’ journalism expert warns media

Panel (l-r):

Panel (l-r): Susie Banikarim – Vocativ; Justin Ellis- nieman Journalism Lab; Jane Spencer – Fusion

Branded content and native advertising should not be ignored by media outlets “just because it makes us feel icky”, while plagiarism and not attributing sources is “one of the greatest problems we have”, a journalism expert has said.

Justin Ellis, a writer for the Nieman Journalism Lab which looks at the future and development of the profession, was responding to claims that native and branded ads are like selling “snake oil” during a panel on new media ethics at South by Southwest overnight.

“It’s like arguing anything we try in media now is going to fail because we don’t have any connection with our readers – the fact you think you’re selling snake oil to people when they can decide for themselves is misguided,” he said.

“There’s  a lot that has to be figured out – publishers say its going to be clearly labeled, cigarettes are clearly labelled, but the label is on the side, it’s not on the front.” Read more »

Companies need to imitate political campaigns with consistency in their brand equity messages, says Obama panel



Companies need to stick to a consistent brand equity platform and not flip flop between messaging when they change marketers, a panel which worked on the Obama 2012 presidential campaign has said.

Looking at what marketers can learn from political campaigns Team Detroit president David Murphy said brands need to stick to a clearer brand platform, but be prepared to pivot their messaging to what the data is telling them mid-campaign.

“I think there’s a lesson in brand equities,” he said. “In marketing we respect the value of it, but we change quickly when a new CMO comes in for no substantive reason.

“Political campaigns adopt clear brand equity and drive it. They also have great rigour in staying on message, they issue the message of the day. If you’re being interviewed on TV or even a phone volunteer you are on message, and there’s a penalty for going off message.”

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Ad watchdog rules against horse racing ad with slogan ‘Treat a woman like a race horse and she’ll never be a nag’

Quilly ParkA print ad for horse racing venue Quilly Park has fallen foul of the ad watchdog over the slogan “Treat a woman like a race horse and she’ll never be a nag”, with the Ad Standards Board (ASB) ruling it was discriminatory to women.

A complaint to the ASB suggested the the ad was sexist and disgraceful.

“It is sexist and offensive to women. The country race meeting is a family event and a significant number of jockeys were women – making the offensive advertisement even more disgraceful.”

Quilly Park defended the ad arguing it was “more directed at the male audience” as males predominantly own Thoroughbreds.

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