Twitter: Social media engagement alone “doesn’t mean anything”

MelissaGlobal Twitter brand advocate, Melissa Barnes, has told a forum of Australia’s leading marketing professionals that social media “engagement”, on its own, is meaningless and that they must focus on achieving results.

Barnes delivered the keynote speech in day two of the Mumbrella360 conference in the first ever Australian public address by the micro-blogging media giant.

“I hate meeting with brands and asking them what their goals are and they tell me it’s “engagement”, said Barnes. “Engagement doesn’t mean anything”.

“At some point the CEO is going to look at what you’re doing, and so you’ve got to figure out a way to show how you’re moving the business needle.” Read more »

Encore Score results revealed – Tom Waterhouse joins list of most disliked while Hugh Jackman retains public’s love

Encore Score logoThe pummelling taken by Tom Waterhouse over live sports betting promotion has seen him become one of the country’s most disliked personalities, the results of one of the most authoritative annual surveys of public sentiment suggest.

The 2013 Encore Score was revealed this morning at the Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney confirming Australia’s most liked celebrity for the second year running to be Hugh Jackman with an Encore Score of 386 while Kyle Sandilands retained his title as Australia’s most hated personality with a score of -344.

This year’s survey quizzed 3,500 members of the public to gauge how Australians feel about a range of on-air personalities with the results charting how widely more than 1,000 Australian celebrities are recognised in addition to their likeability. Read more »

Battle of the Media Semi-finals: Outdoor Advertising and Magazines win

BattleOutdoor advertising will go up against magazines in the final battle of the media tonight at 6pm’s Mumbrella360 finale after newspapers and cinema were knocked out of the game.

Val Morgan Cinema CEO Damian Keogh opened the debate by presenting the key points of cinema advertising – that it can relay a message in a creative and interactive way to a captive audience in a target group but APN Outdoor CEO Richard Herring said that without outdoor advertising people might not go to cinemas in the first place.

“How do you get people to come to the movies to create the audience to fall to the advertisers? You have got the trailers but it’s not enough so outdoor will be the primary medium to drive people to cinemas,” he said. Read more »

Gamification: getting consumer interaction for free

Gamification can get consumers and staff engaged with your brand without spending millions on advertising, said Colin Cardwell, CEO of 3rd Sense Design.

Speaking at the Mumbrella360 conference, Cardwell said using gaming elements can effectively motivate people to interact with your brand for free.

“What [gamification] translates to is about using the same tools a game designer uses in a non-game environment to motivate people to do things without paying them real money or tangible rewards,” said Cardwell. Read more »

State of Origin dominates with 2.43 million viewers

The first State of Origin broadcast on Channel Nine drew 2.43 million viewers, with the pre and post games taking 1.78 and 1.47 million viewers respectively.

A good result for the network however, the numbers were down on 2012’s debut game which drew 2.51m.

Nine continued its strong numbers with The Block Sky High bringing in 1.3 million viewers, and both Nine News and A Current Affair bringing in 1.3 million and 1.1 million viewers respectively. Read more »

Meet the marketers: there will be no PR takeover

The move of PR professionals into broader roles is not the beginning of a public relations takeover of traditional marketing roles in advertising, Qantas head of brand and advertising Kent Heffernan has told Mumbrella360.

In response to Qantas corporate affairs chief Olivia Wirth’s recent move to the broader role of Group Executive of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Heffernan told the Meet the Marketers session: “It depends on the industry, I don’t see it as a huge growing trend.”

“Olivia is in that role now and she does have a PR and marketing background; she has been exposed to marketing, particularly in the tourism area. So it’s not necessarily a PR person now taking on a wider portfolio.” Read more »

Feminism debate is ‘not a cat fight’

Debates on women’s issues by women could be deemed cat fights unless men step up and change structures in the workplace, media professionals told “Time to put up or shut the **** up” panel discussion at Mumbrella360.

Television producer Anita Jacoby and Zenith Optimedia CEO Ian Perrin chipped into the debate fired up by *** Peta Southcombe in her article ‘Ladies could we shut the **** up?’, Elly Clough’s retort, “Why ladies shouldn’t shut the **** up”.

Jacoby said she has “lived and breathed gender discrimination” during her career and when she was second in charge on the Today show she said she went up for the top job three times, and each time it was given to a male executive producer. On the third occasion she went to hand in her resignation to the then head of news and current affairs – a man – gave her an associate producer role on 60 minutes.

“I was there with about 15 men and I kept going and saying I’m doing the same role as they are doing I should be a producer and it took me three years to get there,” she said. Read more »

Fairfax moves The Age and SMH websites to metered paywall

Fairfax-Media-logo_high-res1Fairfax has today announced The Age and Sydney Morning Herald websites will operate under a metered paywall for Australian users from the start of next month.

Starting from July 2, both websites (which includes mobile versions) will have subscriptions that range from $15 to $44 per month. Users will be able to browse 30 articles each month before The Age and SMH websites lock out users in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region, who do not have subscriptions.

In March the company announced a metered paywall for readers in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Read more »

Agencies ‘don’t know how to get paid’

While trying to define what makes a modern advertising and media buying agency, a group of leading industry executives told the Mumbrella360 Agency of Now panel session that agencies in Australia: “don’t know how to get paid.”

The panel consisted of Aaron Michie of ZenithOptimedia, Clive Burcham of The Conscience Organisation, Damien Damjanovski of Common Ventures, and Rowena Millward of Johnson & Johnson.

Michie, who is the chief innovation officer at ZenithOptimedia, kicked off the discussion by saying agencies, as a whole, use an outdated and archaic billing system.

“The whole panorama of things we have to do as agencies is quite different now, but we’re still getting paid on a model that was set up in the 1960s, and that’s the real problem.

“Not just because things have become fragmented and complex, but because we don’t know how to get paid for what we do.”

Read more »

Battle of the Media: Rounds 3 & 4 Newspapers and Magazines win

The supposedly dying mediums of newspapers and magazines won out against TV and radio in the third and fourth rounds of the Battle of the Media at Mumbrella360.

Mark Hollands, CEO of the Newspaper Works delivered the line of the battle telling an audience of more than 600 marketing professionals: “My wife has been having sex while reading the newspaper for years.”

The comment was made in response to a comment from rival Brendan “Jonesy” Jones of the WSFM breakfast show who said you can’t have sex while reading a newspaper. Read more »

Lawrence: Gillard needs ‘very intelligent’ marketing strategy to combat Abbott

Neil LawrenceThe man behind Labor’s successful 2007-election campaign said Julia Gillard needs an “intelligent” marketing strategy if she wants to win September’s federal election.

Neil Lawrence, CEO of Lawrence Creative Strategy and architect of the ‘Kevin 07’ campaign, told the Mumbrella360 Conference Labor should market Gillard as “tougher” and “smarter” than the Opposition leader.

“I also think there is a sense in the population that she’s smarter than Abbott. She’s a tough woman,” said Lawrence.

“I’d be looking somewhere around a narrative that says the world continues to be a very uncertain place, Australia continues to be a small island nation, and Australia is always fragile. We need leadership that is very intelligent, that has a track record, and is tough enough to see us through tough times,” he said. Read more »

Andy Lark: Online anonymity breeds ‘irresponsibility’

andy lark

Outgoing chief marketing officer of the Commonwealth Bank, Andy Lark, has declared “anonymity breeds irresponsibility” and is ruining the opportunity for “meaningful (online) conversation” between brands and potential customers.

“As the old saying goes ‘sunlight is the best disinfectant’, and it’s the bold that revel in that sunlight” said Lark in a Ten-Minute at the Mumbrella360 conference.

“I don’t think bold is big, I don’t think it’s big budget… more than anything I think we need to be bold in the conversations we have,” he said.

Lark challenged the spending models of marketers in the age of new media, particularly those favouring older, passive models of advertising, as opposed to those he believes “truly engage with the customer.”  Read more »

IPTV ‘goldmine’ to open doors for smaller advertisers

It’s early days for audience measurement, metrics and monetisation in the world of connected television, according to the panel of Mumbrella360’s “Connected TV” discussion.

Dan Sinfield, OMD’s head of trading and implementation, was joined by LG marketer Brad Reed, Telstra’s head of IPTV and PayTV Eric Kearnley, and Shirlene Chandrapal, Smartclip’s senior vice president of connected TV.

Chandrapal told the audience that smallers advertisers will soon be able to break into the IPTV market in a way they couldn’t with traditional television

“It does mean that advertisers don’t have to spend as much money to target the same amount of people. It opens up the world of TV to whole new world of potential advertisers. So smaller advertisers who can’t advertise on TV because they need a lot of money won’t necessarily need that,” Chandrapal said. Read more »

2GB boss says Alan Jones detractors are ‘left wingers’ with ‘bugger all’ commitment

The CEO of Macquarie Radio Network has said the people who last year pressured advertisers to suspend business with the radio station because of comments by broadcaster Alan Jones were “hard-left wingers” who “didn’t have jobs” and had “bugger all commitment.”

Russell Tate made the comments on a Mumbrella360 panel discussion today while talking about the social media backlash to radio shock jock Alan Jones’s saying Julia Gillard’s father had “died of shame” in September last year on 2GB, which is owned by Macquarie Radio Network.

Tate said: “The first thing we did, and fortunately we were able to do it pretty quickly because we have access to the database, was to make sure Alan’s audience was okay. Because if they were going, it was going to be a serious problem.” Read more »

Beveridge: Online abuse prepared me for working in broadcast

Michael BeveridgeFM radio host and former member of the Big Brother house Michael Beveridge said the advertising industry helped him hone the skills necessary to work in broadcast.

Beveridge told the Mumbrella360 Conference his experiences as a junior copywriter for an advertising agency gave him an “absolute lack of care” for abuse directed at him.

“The internet is just like a newspaper – it’s full of opinions. I had my first piece of work put up online, and shock horror, some asshole called ‘Anonymous’ told me that my work was shit, had been done before, lacked any creativity, and that my life to this point had been a waste of time,” said Beveridge.

“In retrospect, I should thank Anonymous. Even though he or she is generally a massive prick, they helped me develop an absolute lack of care for what some faceless person on the internet has to say about me.” Read more »

Davis: Klingons are more likely than socially conscious capitalists

Conscious capitalism advocate Craig Davis says the media and marketing industry needs to focus less on profit and more on making positive changes to society.

Davis, speaking at the Mumbrella360 conference, said the purpose of capitalism had become lost and it was not just about making money.

“We’re operating in a capitalist system all the time and probably don’t really appreciate it,” said Davis.” What it’s done in the last two hundred years is extraordinary. It has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. It has raised literacy around the world like nothing else. It’s brought prosperity to millions, billions of people.”

“People are now focused on making money. Making money almost at all costs. So it breeds short-termism, it breeds self-interest and it breeds greed. But that’s not the true and noble and heroic spirit of capitalism at its best.”  Read more »

Ferrier: agencies are too closed minded

Adam FerrierOne of Australia’s leading marketing minds says marketing agencies are too closed minded when it comes to innovation.

Naked Communications founding partner Adam Ferrier told the Mumbrella360 Conference “all communication is now interactive”, and that agencies should take advantage of this.

“The whole tech integration into marketing is happening a lot slower than I expected it to,” he said.

Speaking to Mumbrella, after the event, Ferrier said most ad companies operate using a “closed” business model and not sufficiently open to innovation. Read more »

ACMA improves closed captioning with Television Captioning Quality Standard

ACMA CaptionsThe Australian Communications and Media Authority has today revealed codes that govern closed captioning for television as well as a series of videos featuring both captions and Australian signers explaining what the new code means.

The Television Captioning Quality Standard sets rules about the quality of captions for television services requiring them to be readable, accurate and comprehensible.

The informational videos have been released on the ACMA website and explain how to report or complain about any associated television broadcast captioning issues. Read more »

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