Mumbrella Awards winners revealed

A huge crowd of more than 800 celebrated the winners of the 2014 Mumbrella Awards at The Star Event Centre in Sydney last night.

mumbrella awards 2014 star

mumbrella awards 2014 tim rossAmong the winners were UM as media agency of the year, Colenso BBDO Auckland once again named creative agency of the year, and DDB named APAC creative network of the year.

The ceremony was hosted by comedian and ARN presenter Tim Ross. See some of the highlights form the evening, including a video of a mystery dancing girl, here.

The full list of winners (Click on pics to enlarge): Read more »

Mumbrella360 live blog: Thursday, June 5

Welcome to Mumbrella’s live blog, coming to you today from the Hilton Hotel Sydney, with rolling coverage of everything you need to know from day 2 of Mumbrella360. Refresh the page for the latest updates.

Top stories:

6:02pm - And that’s a wrap. Tim Burrowes draws the conference to a close and we’re all off to The Star for the Mumbrella Awards. Follow @mumbrella @nicchristensen @adnh103 and @mirandaleigh30 on Twitter to find updates of the winners and all the gossip.

Thanks for everyone who came along, and all the speakers on what’s been an entertaining couple of days.

Mumbrella360 closed

6:00pm - Who has the greatest potential to disrupt your business?

Scott: Our competitors are now anyone with stories to tell. Our opportunity is to tell Australian stories better than anyone else.

Bateman: Google.

Horgan: Technology and data companies and research companies have the ability to change our tack.

Gohil: Management consultants, they’re a lot smarter than agencies.

5:58pm - What jobs are going to become obsolete in next 5 years and which created?

Gohil: Digital departments in creative agencies

Horgan: Administrative departments

Scott: Our production areas, there are a lot of people who now come with all the skills

Bateman: Rely on people who work to collaborate with people.

5:57pm – Gohil: “You’ve got to lead by example. It’s one thing say to people have flexible hours, but if you never do it you’re not setting an example.”

He points to the Comms Council research on it, and the programs they have put in place ike Male Champions of Change.

5:54pm -  Horgan: There is an imbalance in our corner of the industry. “At the MFA there’s not a board meeting that goes by without talking about promoting the gender balance. It’s actually skewed to the female side, even in executives, but of major agencies there is only one CEO who’s a woman.

“That period through your 30s where your career does rocket coincides with choice to start a family or not. We’re in a service business and at the beck and call of clients.”

5:52pm – Bateman admits “I do it badly. When I’m at home I’m often on the phone and email, but then so are they. There’s no such thing as work life balance, that’s bullshit. Today I worked from home, I can choose to do that. But you’ve got to be able to turn off.

“We can only do one thing at a time, and I’m not very good at it, but I try and turn the phone off when I’m at home and put it in a cupboard. Do one thing at a time, trying to balance is the wrong idea.”

5.51pm – Scott says he has more flexibility in his career in where he needs to be and what he needs to do, says his wife runs a school in Sydney, and adds “we’ve just muddled our way through”.

On diversity in the industry he says 4 of 5 divisions delivering ABC content are run by women, but says you need to give people “flexibility to deliver the outcomes you have agreed in the way they can”.

5.50pm - Next question from the floor is how the all male panel balances home and family life?

5:48pm – Horgan points to the anti-siphoning laws restricting Foxtel’s growth and says it is less about linear and more about micropayments, but we need a way where people don’t get bill shock.

But, “in a subscription world where does advertising live?”

5:47pm – Gohil looks at strategy problem, points to like of Australians to stick it to the man, but says there needs to be more accessible ways to get content, and it ends up with the “American style model of the haves and the have nots, but not in healthcare, with GOT, which is kind of sad”.

5:45pm – Scott rebuts: “Foxtel is making far more money than the free networks combined, they’re being aggressive in their acquisitions and it’s the most expensive subscription service in the world. You need to pay $700 a year to watch Game of Thrones, if people could pay $3 per view people would pay it.”

5:42pm – Bateman talks about Telstra, which half owns Foxtel, as being in the TV business. “You’ve got to serve your customers. If Game of Thrones becomes available, and the highest pirating is in WA, the time delay shows the demand is there. People don;t want to cheat. They would prefer if it was free, and the challenge for media providers is to create the perfect triangle of the right content on the right network and devices at the right time.” Read more »

Brands that don’t think about sharing will be left behind

Brands that aren’t thinking about the sharing economy are going to get left behind, said Rachel Botsman, founder of Collaborative Lab, to an audience at the Mumbrella360 conference.

“Our kids – the concept of ownership will be completely different to them,” Botsman said. “It’s this convergence of social, mobile, location that enables us to create trust and efficiency… in ways that had never been possible.”

collaborative economy

L:R Bruce Jeffreys, GoGet, Andy Taylor Yatango Rachel Botsman, Collaborative Lab, Jordan Condo, Uber, Vanessa Liell, n2n Communications

Botsman argued that trust in big institutions is broken, especially in areas like banking and insurance, but she said brands can get involved in three key ways, noting Westpac’s investment in SocietyOne and Google’s investment in Uber. Read more »

Most marketers realise big data’s value, but only one in ten use it properly, says analyst

Big Data


A major survey into big data and marketers has shown that while most marketers from both big and small firms are aware it it’s value – many lack the skills or experience to make the most effective use of it.

“There’s been a big transformation in the way big IT vendors”, said Oliver Rees of Torque Data during Mumbrella360 talk Big Data: Teenage Sex or Fight Club?

The study: “The Big and Small of Big Data” found 72 per cent of marketing reps are using big data but only one in ten use it as a key component of what they do.

“Big data is a massive opportunity for every single person in the room,” said Rees.

“You only have to do the stats globally on the number of jobs available in the data science and analytics space and see how many people are working in the data science analytics space and do a really simple bit of maths and work out that there’s going to be high opportunities for jobs.” Read more »

No ‘cookie cutter’ approach for talking to women warns Deborah Thomas

womenMarketers need to understand that there isn’t a “cookie cutter” approach when it comes to talking to women and must evolve their content to suit its environment, according to a panel at today’s Mumbrella360 conference.

Bauer Media’s director of public affairs Deborah  Thomas told the audience this afternoon: “I think a big part of speaking to women is life stage and cultural reference points.

“You cannot have a cookie cutter approach, you do have to have different creatives and different ways of speaking to different age groups on all the different platforms.”

She was speaking on the topic of How to Talk to Women on a panel where she was joined by Helen McCabe, editor-in-chief The Australian Women’s Weekly, Amanda Connors, former marketing director API Priceline, Monique Macleod, general manager consumer marketing Commonwealth Bank and Katie Rigg-Smith, CEO Mindshare Australasia.

Read more »

New study puts first local numbers on Australian mobile and tablet audiences

Mobile panel at Mumbrella360 L:R Nielsen's Stuart Pike, Facebook's Helen Crossley, SCA's Clive Dickens and Yahoo!7's Paul Sigaloff.

Mobile panel at Mumbrella360 L:R Nielsen’s Stuart Pike, Facebook’s Helen Crossley, SCA’s Clive Dickens and Yahoo!7′s Paul Sigaloff.

IAB Australia and Nielsen have given their first insight into the size of the mobile and tablet audience in the Australian market revealing that there are more than 18m users on mobiles and 11m users on tablets.

The data is the fist month’s to come from a pilot project, which runs through until the end of December, and tracks the behaviour of 1,500 Australians on these devices and gives insight into the category and time spent on mobile and tablet devices.

“We all know that mobile is big. It is the reality that in the next financial year most Australian publishers will see more traffic coming from mobile than from desktop,” said Alice Manners, CEO of IAB Australia.

“If we look at it from an online ad revenue perspective in the last quarter it had 21.5 per cent of display revenue for mobile. It is there we know it we feel it but as planners and investors we haven’t had the data to support that. Read more »

DDB’s Amir Kassaei: I’m not against scam, as long as majority of agency’s work is genuine

Amir Kassaei speaking at Mumbrella360 this morning.

Amir Kassaei speaking at Mumbrella360 this morning.

The global creative chief officer of ad agency DDB, Amir Kassaei, said today that he is not against “scam” – work created purely to win awards – as long as the majority of an agency’s output is genuine.

“It is our responsibility to look for ideas that might not be realistic at the moment. But the majority of the work should be solving real problems with genuine ideas,” Kassaei said.

“At Cannes, there are winners with real work for real clients. But the majority of winners are not real,” he said. Read more »

ABC dismisses claims China content deal is just ‘standard content agreement’

Lynley Marshall

Lynley Marshall

The ABC has dismissed criticism of its deal with China’s Shanghai Media Group (SMG) after the two organisations signed an agreement to establish an online portal for its content in China that will allow a range of Australian content and services to be offered and presented to partner Chinese media organisations.

The agreement was signed yesterday in Sydney by chairman of the ABC James Spigelman and executive vice president of SMG, Wang Jianjun in front of a high-level Chinese delegation headed by the Party Secretary for the City of Shanghai, Han Zheng, a member of China’s national Politburo.

“This agreement with the Shanghai Media Group marks the moment when ABC and SMG can move forward with our joint plans to expand content and program sharing between the two organisations,” said Spigelman, in a statement.
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Amir Kassaei: Matt Eastwood will miss creative culture of DDB at JWT

The outgoing chief creative officer of DDB New York Matt Eastwood will miss the creative culture of DDB as he leaves the agency for a CCO role at JWT, according to Amir Kassaei.

Speaking to Mumbrella following his keynote presentation at Mumbrella360 on Influence Trumps Everything, global chief creative officer of DDB Worldwide Kassaei, said: “It’s great for Matt.

“It’s a big move and it’s a tough move. What he will miss is the specific culture that we have, the creative culture that is part of our foundation. He will have to build that around JWT but it’s a great challenge for him.

“I think it is one of the megabrands in our industry from the tradition and history and as everybody, they will have to really find themselves. It’s not an easy job but Matt is an ambitious guy so he will do a great job.” Read more »

Nine drops below 20 per cent audience share after Love Comes to Town bombs

Nine’s overall audience share has dropped below 20 per cent after taking just 17.3 per cent of  of the metro market audience.nine

The network’s When Love Comes to Town bombed in the 8.30pm time slot with just 510,000 viewers for the night and ranking as the 21st most watched show for Wednesday.

Nine’s nightly news broadcast fared better taking the second spot with 1.214 million viewers according to OzTam’s overnight ratings.

House Rules won the overnight ratings taking 1.377 million viewers and Seven News took third with 1.156 million helping Seven win the night’s highest audience share of 23.5 per cent.
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The Australian editor takes aim at Fairfax, defends paper’s place at News Corp

Chris Mitchell speaking yesterday at Mumbrella360

Chris Mitchell speaking yesterday at Mumbrella360

The editor-in-chief of News Corp’s national paper The Australian has taken aim at rivals Fairfax accusing them of misleading advertisers over the demographics of their audience online, and said he will only retire when he has a successor.

The iconoclastic newspaper editor yesterday spoke at the Mumbrella360 conference in a wide ranging conversation with his CEO Nicholas Gray and Mumbrella content director Tim Burrowes, which saw them discuss social media, the 50th anniversary of the national broadsheet, Mitchell’s own future and the competitive landscape.

“Picking up on Nicholas’s point on the nature about the nature of our digital offering, I think it is a big issue for some of our competitors,” said Mitchell. “I love talking about our competitors and if you think about who the Sydney Morning Herald selling to traditionally it was the AB readership of the eastern suburbs and the north shore.

“There is so much click bait there now, so many young commentators — Clementine Ford types — who are really going after very youthful readers. I think there is a question there for the business or the business model.

“When you buy an ad from Fairfax are you really getting the AB readership they say they are giving you or are you increasingly getting a readership that is much younger, much lower disposable income than they are telling you?”

Fairfax editorial boss Garry Linnell hit back accusing Mitchell of being “obsessed” and “infatuated” with his rivals.

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Mike Spirkovski leaves Iris after less than a year for Saatchi & Saatchi ECD role



Saatchi & Saatchi has poached Iris Worldwide’s Sydney executive creative director Mike Spirkovski to replace the departing Damon Stapleton.

Spirkovski leaves Iris after less than a year with the global independent network, which at the time was his seventh role in five years. He was previously with Droga5, and has also had stints with Leo Burnett, Publicis Mojo, Cassius Clay and Clemenger BBDO Sydney.

The departure of Stapleton was seen as a blow for the agency which has been staging a recovery since Michael Rebello came in as CEO along with Stapleton and planning director Jason Lonsodale. Last week Saatchis lost its place on the Lexus creative roster to M&C Saatchi.

In a statement released this morning  Spirkovski said: “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Mike, Jason and the team, and look forward to taking Saatchi & Saatchi into a very exciting future. This is an incredible opportunity to lead as the ECD and drive the Sydney business.” Read more »

What pisses us off? Undisclosed media rebates and jargon, say marketers

meet the marketers panel mumbrella360Undisclosed media agency rebates emerged as an issue that frustrates marketers most at the Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney yesterday.

John Batistich, director of marketing at Westfield Group, said that not disclosing media rebates showed “a complete breach of trust” from media agencies, and he called for greater transparency.

Batistich’s comments came on the same day as TV network bosses slammed media agencies for focussing on price and promising “unachievable” discounts to win pitches.

Batistich was on a panel that included Michael Burgess, GM of marketing at Weight Watchers Australia, Mark Reinke, group executive of marketing at Suncorp and James Sykes, the APAC marketing director of Beam Suntory.

Burgess of Weight Watchers built on Batistich’s point, adding: “It’s the client’s responsibility to be sceptical. Even when it comes to digital reports, you need be sceptical about the data. You need to dig in and understand the data you’re been presented with.”
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Outdoor bosses urge brands to move beyond gimmicky campaigns

Outdoor panel mumbrella360Advertisers need to look beyond “gimmicks” and create more compelling offers to make more compelling and successful outdoor advertising campaigns, according to a panel of outdoor media heads.

In a discussion at the Mumbrella360 conference yesterday CEO of Ooh Media Brendan Cook said the medium was too-often overlooked in campaigns, adding: “I think it’s sometimes forgotten that just doing great creative and using it – whether it be three dimensional or other types of ways – is still a very important part of campaigns.”

APN Outdoor’s GM Sales Mark Fairhurst said: “Unless the offer is good then technology is meaningless because people won’t return for a second go. So we’ve got to educate consumers that it’s worth taking action and it’s only worth taking action if you get something compelling from it and you can see that directly in the tap-it results.

“I’ve done a few of those campaigns in various environments and the difference between a great offer and an ordinary offer is chalk and cheese.”

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Mumbrella360 live blog: Wednesday, June 3

Welcome to Mumbrella’s live blog, coming to you today and tomorrow direct from the Hilton Hotel Sydney, with rolling coverage of everything you need to know from Mumbrella360. Refresh the page for the latest updates.

6:17pm - One of the last sessions today was Meet the Marketers with a host of top-notch talent with, from left to right, Westfield’s John Batistitch, Michael Burgess of Weight Watchers, Mark Reinke from Suncorp and James Sykes of Beam the marketers panel mumbrella360

5.38pm - The boss of content agency Outbrain Ayal Steiner has told the Mumbrella360 forum that content marketers need to think more like publishers. Read the story here.

5:11pm - Ross McNab of Kinected has just left the stage after giving a presentation on multi-channel marketing.

Ross McNab Mumbrella360 multi channel marketing

4.41pm - Audience fragmentation and the internet are no threat say free to air network top sales bosses. Full story here. Read more »

Australia’s social video use more like Russia than US says study

social videosocial video

Australian brands are “laggards” when it comes to utilising social video apps such as Vine and Snapchat with the country’s profile more like Russia than the US according to a study by The Works and UTS University.

“It’s not a massively impressive story when you compare it to overseas markets. We are laggards, we are not embracing  this opportunity,” Douglas Nicol creative partner at The Works told an audience at Mumbrella360.

He was presenting the fourh round of research in The Datafication Project which the agency undertakes in conjunction with UTS  which aims to analyse “large social media data sets to get usable insights for marketers about how Australian consumers use social media”.

This year the project focused on social video platforms: who use them and how they engage with them, and Nicol presented a list of how the top 10 social brands are utilising the space, with Woolworths, Pizza Hut and XBox Australia making up the top three.

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Outbrain boss: Content marketers must think like publishers

outbrainTechnology platform Outbrain’s Australian GM Ayal Steiner says that successful content marketing begins with thinking like a publisher.

Speaking at the Mumbrella360 conference today, Steiner said that audiences had “learned to ignore” display advertising and that targeted content marketing is a great way is way for brands to shift perception.

“Tell amazing stories. When you do I’m going to like the brand that created those amazing things and when push comes to shove between you and the competitor, I’m going to choose you. That’s affinity and no banner ad in the world has ever done that to me,” said Steiner.   Read more »

Audience fragmentation and the internet are not a threat say free to air network execs

Kurt Seven, Louise Barrett, Ten and Peter Wiltshire, Nine, and moderator John Sintras, Starcom MediaVest Group. Image: Jack Fisher

Kurt Burnette Seven, Louise Barrett, Ten and Peter Wiltshire, Nine, and moderator John Sintras, Starcom MediaVest Group. Image: Jack Fisher

High quality content will ensure a bright future for free to air TV, say the executives in charge of more than $3 billion in advertising at the big three commercial networks.

Moderator John Sintras, chairman, Starcom MediaVest Group questioned Kurt Burnette, chief revenue officer, Seven West Media, Louise Barrett, chief sales officer at Ten and Peter Wiltshire, group sales and marketing director at Nine, on second screen viewing, catch up TV and fragmenting audiences.

Nine’s Wiltshire told the room at the Mumbrella360 conference the challenges presented by fragmentation of audience across different devices were actually an opportunity for the TV networks.

“ I think the big opportunity is available screen time  – more screens, more users, more devices, you know more opportunities to view,” said Wiltshire.

“At the end of the day we are all content producers and publishers, we pay a truck load for the rights for a lot of the content and internally on building it – so however we disseminate it, as long as you can measure those audiences and how they are consuming your content then who cares where it’s going or being consumed.” Read more »

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