Has Woolies found its voice?

MAtt RobinsonIn this guest post Matt Robinson argues the success and reach of Woolworths’ social interaction yesterday proves more big brands need to align their social and marketing tones.

The story of the gradual erosion of Australia’s biggest supermarket chain is not a new one. From the once mighty Fresh Food People, to now seeing rapidly declining favourability scores and tales that show some cultural challenges as well, Woolworths are having a tough time of it. Read more »

Australia is beating Silicon Valley on women in tech

Nathan ElveryIn this guest post Nathan Elvery argues  Australian tech companies lead the way in breaking the glass ceiling for women in the sector.

A recent media narrative has slammed tech companies for their appalling record on women and demonstrated how Australia takes more than its fair share of this problem. What’s been missed altogether from the narrative is the Australian tech companies that are world-leaders in this space, which provides a cause for optimism amongst the understandable hand-wringing. Read more »

Kiis boss hints at Melbourne shake up as Hamish and Andy make inroads

Hamish and Andy

Hamish and Andy have made some big inroads for the Hit Network in their first full ratings survey, leading rivals to claim this will be their peak. Nic Christensen talks to content bosses at Nova, ARN and SCA about today’s results and looks at what impact the shake up in having on the overall radio market.

Say what you want about the rise of Hamish and Andy one thing is clear: the bravado of their rivals Nova and ARN has quietly evaporated. So much so it’s got Kiis bosses looking at their Melbourne lineup for next year after a disastrous survey 6 in the Victorian capital. Read more »

Uber now needs to move beyond disruption and start working with regulators

liza mcdonaldWhile Uber is disrupting the private car industry, there’s a difference between disruptive and illegal, says Liza McDonald.

Just who are the winners and losers in Australia’s fast growing private hire car market is yet to be revealed following yesterday’s revelation the NSW government had suspended 40 individuals who are driving under the UberX banner. Read more »

PR professionals say that coming clean is the only way VW might be able to save itself

VolkswagenAutomotive giant Volkswagen has seen millions of dollars wiped off its brand value since it emerged that it had faked emissions tests in the US. Mumbrella’s Miranda Ward asked public relations professionals how the company should move forward in its attempts to try to save its brand. 

PR professionals are agreed on one thing – Volkswagen, once synonymous with quality amongst consumers, is facing the biggest crisis in its history thanks to its emissions scandal. But what they don’t agree about is how to save the brand. Read more »

Barnardos’ Irene Saunders: How can an agency be an expert if they’re just briefed by a client?

Irene SaundersFormer CommsCon publicist of the year Irene Saunders is senior publicist for Barnardos Australia. Mumbrella’s Miranda Ward spoke to Saunders about the pros and cons of working clientside compared to an agency. 

What attracted you to working in-house as opposed to working for an agency? Read more »

Wing soaring high but social media still hoping for the Hayne plane to fly

patrick baumeIn this guest post iSentia’s Patrick Baume analyses where the social chatter about Jarryd Hayne has been coming from in his first few weeks in the NFL.

There is an Australian with an uplifting name performing brilliantly as a starter in the first few games of the NFL season, surely you’ve heard of him? That man is Brad Wing, punter for the New York Giants who has already reached the pinnacle of his art this season, dropping a punt on the one-yard line and generally getting rave reviews from his first three outings. Read more »

The attribution elephant in the corner

ben sharp

In this guest post Ben Sharp argues the industry needs to make a real effort to nail down the issue of attribution to prove what is really working for them.

There’s an elephant sitting in the corner. His name is Attribution. We all know he’s there and we all know we need to do something about it, but at the end of the day, it’s just too hard. Read more »

Newspaper economics – cost now trumps credibility

tim burrowes landscapeThe decision not to reprint today’s out of date AFR Magazine Power List put cost above credibility, argues Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes.   

The Australian Financial Review Magazine’s power issue must be one of its most profitable editions of the year.

It’s packed with glossy ads – a triple gatefold for Audi, then double page spreads for Chanel, Bulgari, Dior and Prada before you even hit the contents page.

It’s also an embarrassment.    Read more »

Jargon busting: The ten worst phrases in digital marketing

harriet geoghegan

Digital marketing has become synonymous with TLAs (three letter acronyms), buzzwords and obfuscation. Here Harriet Geoghegan lists the ten worst pieces of jargon. 

Have you ever found yourself using the term “We need to educate the client”? Have you ever sent a report accompanied by a glossary? Do the titles on your lengthy PowerPoint presentations contain more than one acronym?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to cut the bullshit right away. Read more »

Mamamia has said goodbye to clickbait. It is dead.

Kate SpiesMamamia says it has quit clickbait. In this guest post Mamamia Women’s Network’s Kate Spies explains why.

2015 is the year that clickbait died. We as a network are embracing it, RIP and good riddance. And, we have seen our engagement metrics bolstered because of this strategic shift, on our site and on social. In fact, we have the sixth most engaging Facebook page in Australia. Read more »

The creative agency setup is not fit for purpose, so why aren’t we innovating?


The advertising industry is constantly urging its clients to innovate, so why are so many ad agencies not changing the way their creative departments operate asks Steve Coll.

Malcolm Turnbull is creating government for the 21st Century. Department stores are trialling robots. Builders are 3D printing houses. So why are many creative departments stuck in the 1950’s? Read more »

Ad blockers could be really good for everyone

brad bennettAd blocking is becoming increasingly popular but Brad Bennett argues this should be a good thing for everyone, despite the challenges it brings.

Imagine the time when we no longer have to pay for unwanted display advertising on our phones!  Read more »

Is the PR industry in need of a re-brand?

While the discipline and skills involved in public relations has evolved the name has not. Miranda Ward spoke to leading PR professionals on their take on the current state of the PR industry about whether the industry needs a new name for the new approach.

For Stuart Gregor, the founder and director of Liquid Ideas, the “discipline itself has changed and evolved” while the name – public relations – has not. Read more »

Why Turnbull should pursue media reform, despite the opposition of Murdoch and Stokes

Nic-Christensen-234x151-234x151After the appointment of Mitch Fifield as Communications Minister yesterday Nic Christensen argues media reform could and should now be an easy win for the government.

I’m about to do the dangerous thing of contradicting my boss, but I think the issue of media reform could actually be resolved fairly swiftly under Malcolm Turnbull. Read more »

How Sunrise won its globe-trotting gamble

tim burrowes landscapeDespite Malcolm Turnbull’s ascension while its hosts were overseas, Sunrise’s big global broadcast has paid off, argues Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes   

Last Monday night, I thought that Seven had made a terrible mistake.    Read more »

Stop using Twitter as the basis for news stories

simon dellIn this guest post Simon Dell calls for the media to stop trying to whip up outrage based on the back of a few social media posts. 

When Australian company Unicharm launched a new TVC for their Sofy BeFresh pads it apparently, raised the ire of a number of female viewers who took to Twitter to express their anger at the suggestion of fat shaming.  

Except, it didn’t really play out like that. Read more »

Thirteen things marketers can learn from the All Blacks

todd barberelThe All Blacks is one of the most revered brands in world sport. Here New Zealand Rugby’s marketing and communications director Todd Barberel explains some of the principles he uses to protect and grow the brand.   

Understand the expectations of your brand: Read more »

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