Dick Smith: a brand battered one too many times

simon canning-picAs retailer Dick Smith hunts for a white knight to rescue the brand, Simon Canning sees real parallels with the death of Ansett more than a decade ago.

There is something about the events that have surrounded Dick Smith over the past few months that screams Ansett. Read more »

Big Bash League should wash its hands of Chris Gayle to avoid tarnishing the brand

Andrew WoodwardThe Big Bash League needs to end Chris Gayle’s participation to keep its burgeoning reputation with fans and sponsors in tact argues Andrew Woodward.

Australia’s Big Bash cricket is undoubtedly one of the top global sports success stories of the last decade. For a new tournament and a relatively new form of a game, it is only outdone by its Indian counterpart, the Premier League, in terms of success when it comes to sponsorship, television audiences and crowd numbers in grandstands. Read more »

Welcome to 2016: the year of virtual reality, ad avoidance, the talent battle and specialist PRs

Mumbrella asked public relations and communications professionals about the opportunities and challenges the sector will face in 2016 and their thoughts on what defined 2015. 

Roberto Pace, managing director Diversified Brands (Eleven and FleishmanHillard) Whybin/TBWA

What was the communications trend that defined 2015?
Integration (again), but this time round, less so due to a desire to work smarter with budgets. With digital and social media at the heart of how most people engage, the need for all channels to work toward a common goal of driving engagement was key….and will undoubtedly continue in 2016. Read more »

By igniting the commercial debate, new ABC boss Guthrie fails her first leadership test

tim burrowes landscape

The next managing director of the ABC will be Google executive Michelle Guthrie. Her first public appearance was unimpressive, argues Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes

This week, we got our first look at the ABC’s new boss Michelle Guthrie when she sat down for a live interview on News 24.

It was hard to tell who was more nervous – Guthrie, or her future employee Joe O’Brien.

And despite it being a soft interview, she made a hash of it. Read more »

The social year in review

suzie shawIn this guest post Suzie Shaw gives her run-down of the year’s biggest LOL’s, fails, and brand campaigns.

What a year in Social.

2015 was the year that 26 million people changed their Facebook profile to a rainbow flag. It was the year Kim Kardashian “broke the app store”. And it was the year that Social rose to an estimated 16% of online ad spend. Read more »

Podcasts: where people are actually choosing to listen to ads

Corey LaytonWhile podcasts have made a comeback in 2015 Corey Layton argues they are also at the vanguard of innovating ads people want to consume.

When was the last time you were so engrossed with an advertisement that you rewound to hear it again? No? Never? Not even once?

There’s a revolution taking place and the traditional media giants are yet to realise it. Read more »

I wish I’d made the Stoner Sloth campaign

toby ralphIn this guest post Toby Ralph argues the much-maligned Stoner Sloth campaign will actually prove to be effective in the long-term.

Health education campaigns love a villain.

That drink driver blubbering over the corpse of his dead girlfriend in the latest 30 second docudrama is a bloody idiot. That smoker with clogged lungs a fool. That ice user possessed of superhuman strength and sociopathic inclinations head-butting hospital orderlies a menace to society. Read more »

Tinder’s latest partnership is a strange, annoying match

Jack Quade

In this guest post Jake Quade argues while Tinder’s latest campaign with an organ donation charity is worthy, it could end up hurting both brands.

Tinder’s latest partnership a strange, annoying match Tinder has had a rough time with publicity already, but to make matters worse they’ve now gone and thrown another company into the deep end.

What’s even worse is that it’s an organ donation group. Read more »

Why great writing has seen the Star Wars force re-awaken

chris taylor 2015

In this guest post Chris Taylor credits great writing as the key to Star Wars’ record-breaking return to cinemas.

If you’ll indulge me for a few paragraphs, I just want to have a bit of a spoiler-free chat about why, in my opinion, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is so bloody fantastic.

I’m not talking about the lack of Jar Jars, or the strong, diverse characters. For me, it comes down to one important thing that seems to have slipped under the radar a bit. Read more »

Making climate change sexy…media sexy

dan ilic fossilIn this guest post Dan Ilic reveals how comedy actually became a catalyst for governmental change at the recent Paris Climate Summit.

There are two phrases that put people to sleep faster than “anthropogenic climate change”, the others are “Look at this picture of my kids” and “I think I have a rash”. For the last couple of weeks I had the challenge to make climate change sexy for the world’s media. Read more »

The sharing economy will envelop brand data

warren billingtonIn this guest post Warren Billington argues the sharing economy will stretch to brands sharing more consumer data in the future.

The revolutionary impact of Uber and Airbnb on their respective industries has been well documented. “Uberization” has become the buzzword that’s sent venture capitalists scurrying to find the next industry that’s ripe for Uber-like disruption. Read more »

Why commercial media shouldn’t fear a Googler at the helm of the ABC

Nic-Christensen-234x151-234x151-234x151With critics already lining up to take potshots at ABC MD frontrunner Michelle Guthrie before she is even officially appointed Nic Christensen argues commercial outlets shouldn’t be concerned about Aunty’s digital presence – in fact they should welcome it.

The sheer quantity of media attention that has already been devoted to Google executive Michelle Gurthrie’s likely appointment as ABC head honcho tells you something about the place of the public broadcaster in the Australian media landscape. Read more »

Are you too old for social media?

Simon-VeksnerSimon Veksner asks whether the stance of some critics shows they really are too old for social media.

Obviously, ageism is a social ill – on the same spectrum as racism and sexism.

But let’s not forget that discrimination is only bad if it means undervaluing someone without good reason.

Discrimination for good reason is completely justified. Read more »

The year in publishing: When a surfer punched a shark, Belle Gibson was exposed, Bronwyn took a chopper ride and Turnbull ascended

As 2015 winds down, Mumbrella asked newspaper and magazine editors to reflect on the big stories for their publications, and to predict what’s next.Will 2016 be the year of twitter’s demise? Will print have a resurgence? And was the Four Corners greyhound expose the best journalism of the year?

Read more »

Dream big and live large: A tribute to events organiser David Grant

Yesterday saw the passing of one of Australia’s most respected events organisers David Grant. His death is being mourned by many in the industry and here Prue MacSween and Stuart Gregor pay tribute to a man who dreamt big and lived large.

David Grant

David Grant was probably Australia’s greatest event producer and quite possibly the best the world has seen. A restless, quick-witted, incisive, creative and ruthlessly funny individual, David passed away Monday December 14 from a brain tumor. He was 55. Read more »

Why doing good is good business

steve taitoko unltdIn this guest post UnLtd CEO Steve Taitoko says media businesses need to look at how they are contributing in terms of social good in 2016.

Last week we received new Media i survey results, showing a record 88% of the industry believes we should be doing more to undo social issues in Australia. Read more »

Radio bosses: Melbourne set for marketing war; Hit looks to breakfast as Hamish & Andy slip; Macquarie’s concern as evenings freefall

NicThe final radio survey of the year saw some significant movements in many markets. Nic Christensen talks to the FM and AM radio bosses looking back at the year that was and their strategies going into a new ratings year.

Ask ARN’s Duncan Campbell what he’d like for the new year and and the answer is clear. For Christmas 2016 he is hoping for a number two station in Melbourne, maybe even a number one. Read more »

Deep or wide? The existential question for business media

tim burrowes landscapeB2B publishers face an imminent choice, argues Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes. Should they chase a programmatic strategy, or should they double down on the width of their offering? 

I wonder if fans of independent publishing will look back upon the last decade as the final golden age of independent media.

After two days hearing from some of the biggest players in B2B, I now think that’s at least a possibility. Read more »

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