In an attention starved world why are marketers still failing to incentivise engagement?

Bryan Melmed

In an attention starved world why is our industry still failing to incentivise engagement?: If brands want more attention then the adtech ecosystem needs to incentivise engagement argues Bryan Melmed.

“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass; it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” Henry Miller

It would seem that Mr Miller has hit the nail on the head for the conundrum marketers face – how to get customers to focus on their brand? Read more »

Put something else on the menu other than cooking shows

sam tedescoEnough with the cooking shows already says media trading director Sam Tedesco. The market saturation is not doing anything positive for the ratings.

Like most members of the Australian TV viewing audience, I love a good cooking show. Right now, though, I need a break from high-pressure personality-driven food formats. Read more »

What marketers can learn from Go Back to Where You Came From

kevin fitsimmonsIn this opinion piece Kevin Fitzsimons argues SBS documentary Go Back to Where You Came From demonstrates how people will accept ideas more readily when they are shown them.

‘People don’t do conceptual,’ was one of the best pieces of advice I received early on in my marketing career.

It took a while for me to grasp the value of the advice and even longer to apply it. Read more »

Woolworths: Where did it go wrong?

Woolworths logoAustralia’s biggest supermarket is struggling. Steve Jones spoke to industry experts about how Woolworths’ marketing strategy has faltered, and whether the brand can revive its fortunes.

When Woolworths chief executive Grant O’Brien fell on his sword last month after another disappointing set of quarterly figures, it surprised no one.

Without a chief marketer following the abrupt departure of Tony Phillips – and with several other high profile executives exiting stage left in recent months – it was just another in a long line of senior level departures at the embattled supermarket. Read more »

The media needs to stop condoning the booing and bullying of Adam Goodes

adam-ferrierMedia commentators not condemning the booing of AFL star Adam Goodes are effectively condoning bullying argues Adam Ferrier.

I have always admired Adam Goodes. Dual Brownlow medallist, premiership player, Australian of the Year, continued good work for indigenous people. He certainly deserves respect. Don’t know if I like him or not though, never met the guy.

However, Alan Jones commented on the issue recently and said the reason Goodes is getting booed is just that, ‘Because they just don’t like the fellow’.

What a damaging thing to say, and surely it’s not as simple as that? Read more »

This campaign could make me switch. Again.

ian sizerAfter recently switching to ING Direct Ian Sizer says the current ad campaign for the online bank is seriously making him consider switching back.

When you get an ad appearing every single ad break it can be irritating. Some ads though go way beyond irritating and become so infuriating it can totally bugger up your evening.

That’s what happened to me last weekend when my viewing was interrupted on a regular basis by the latest offering from ING Direct. Read more »

Are we storytelling – or just telling stories?

Rob Lowe profile smlWhile storytelling has become one of adland’s biggest buzzwords Rob Lowe argues marketers are failing to make the necessary emotional connections. 

I remember first hearing people talk about ‘storytelling’ a few years ago. I never quite understood it then and I still don’t fully understand the term now.

In fact, like many others, I think it’s overused marketing jazz. Read more »

Career coach: how do I help my unambitious employee advance their career?

Kate Savage

This week’s career coach looks at how a boss can help an unambitious employee realise their potential. 

I have a girl on my team who I know could be amazing at her job, but she just wont take my advice on how to advance her career or improve her profile. What can I do?

Read more »

How popular is the Restaurant Revolution on social media?

angely greciaAhead of the launch of Seven’s new reality format Restaurant Revolution tonight Angely Grecia crunches the numbers to see what sort of a buzz the show is creating on Twitter.

The Restaurant Revolution – the new foodie reality TV-show that sees ordinary Aussies designing and running their own pop-up restaurant to win a grand prize of $200,000 – is alive and well on social media. Read more »

The digital news arena is like Jurassic World

bruce guthrie

Despite all the hype the news dinosaurs still dominate the plains of online news in Australia argues The New Daily editorial director Bruce Guthrie in an address to the Rural Press Club.   

One way or another, as a journalist and editor, I’ve had a front-row seat at the migration of news from print to online over the past 20 years. And whenever I reflect on that sometimes painful, often clumsy process I am reminded of the joke about the man who walks into a bar with a frog sitting on his head. Read more »

The Lexus Heartbeat Car is not risky marketing

Alex HayesIn this opinion piece Mumbrella’s Alex Hayes argues Lexus’ new Heartbeat Car stunt will not raise the pulses of ordinary punters.

I have to admit the new ‘world first’ Lexus ‘Heatbeat Car’ leaves me cold.

It comes across as technology for technology’s sake – they could have achieved the same results with CGI. Read more »

Career coach: I love my job, but I hate my boss – what do I do?

Kate Savage

It’s a workplace dilemma that can dictate your overall happiness during a day in the office. This week, we tackle what to do when you love the role you work in, but not the personalities you work with

I love my job, but I hate my boss – what do I do??”

Read more »

The ‘unofficial’ issue with sports sponsorship

Shabaz Hussain_Mumbrella_AsiaIn this guest post, Shabaz Hussain wonders what a posh British drink’s surprise social media win at Wimbledon says about sports sponsorship for brands.

According to a recent Brand Intelligence Report from Amobee the brand most associated with The Championships at Wimbledon in 2015 across social and digital is Pimm’s – a traditional cocktail drink that spectators enjoy at the event.

What makes this more interesting is that fact that they were not an official sponsor of The Championships. Read more »

Why the current global ‘Mediapalooza’ could be a huge waste of time for everyone

David AngellWith more than $200m of business in play in Australia due to global pitches. But David Angell asks whether swapping partners will achieve much for these multinationals.

Do you watch soap operas? Of course you don’t, you’re all busy executives with crippling workloads.

But I bet most of you can remember them from younger days. Read more »

The RECMA rankings: should we care about a self assessed beauty contest?

Nic ChristensenWhile some of the figures in the latest RECMA rankings are questionable Nic Christensen argues they still provide an interesting insight on the state of the media industry.

There’s something about the RECMA numbers that just does not make sense. But when you ask a bunch of agencies to tell you how much they spend every year you’re likely to get some very interesting results.

But despite the inconsistencies they are still the best map of media agencyland, are provide insights around the challenges of staff churn, the rise of programmatic and the broader challenge of falling client spend which are actually quite telling.  Read more »

Traditional marketing models are in danger of killing blogger influence

louise claireThe way that blogger and influencer outreach is currently being executed is fast becoming unsustainable, and the industry should be worried argues Louisa Claire

When bloggers began sharing the brands they loved and used in their everyday lives, readers found their endorsement authentic and relatable; it came from someone “just like them”. Research found such backing from “real people” was more successful in swaying purchasing decisions than celebrity endorsements, and marketers opened their eyes to a massive opportunity to leverage bloggers’ voices.

The concept of blogger outreach was born. Read more »

Neil had integrity, wit and passion and was an inspiration to us all

Adam Hunt

The untimely and tragic death of Neil Lawrence has touched many people in the industry. Here, friend and colleague Adam Hunt pays tribute to the creative mastermind and remembers his talent, humour and integrity.

Neil was a mentor and a mate and I can’t believe he’s gone.

He taught me that an idea can change something much more important than a brand of toothpaste.

Read more »

Neil Lawrence’s most notable ads

kevin07 campaign slogan

As the industry mourns the passing of Neil Lawrence we look back at some of his most memorable work.

In a decades long career Neil Lawrence spanned the divide from ad man to political and social campaigner, touching many lives along the way. Read more »

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