Fake it ‘til you make it… as a quiz show host

Tractor-Monkeys-Merrick-WattsIn a piece that first appeared in Encore, Merrick Watts, host of Tractor Monkeys, tells us how to do his job.

What does a quiz show host actually do?

It depends on the type of quiz show. If you’re Larry Emdur on the Price Is Right, then your job is to be touched on the bum by horny housewives. Read more »

Here’s to the specialists

sean pickwell profileIn this guest post, Sean Pickwell, boss of specialist celebrity agency Waterfont, decries the rise of the generalists.

Every agency can do anything their client asks right? In these desperate times most agencies will try and get as much work out of their client as possible – it’s logical… isn’t it?

But is the client getting the best work? And what about that old school thought of being really great at what you do? Read more »

Fake it ’til you make it… as a planner

Al CrawfordIn a piece that first appeared in Encore, Clemenger Sydney’s Al Crawford tells us how to do his job.

What does a planner do?

Alongside ‘are you a good and generous lover?’, this is the question that most strikes fear into my heart. I pity the fool that lobs this one at me – generally cab drivers and sympathetic souls that see me looking lonely at barbecues. Read more »

Why paid job boards are as doomed as the town crier

glyn brokenshaJob boards like Seek may have crippled the classified revenues of traditional media giants, but they will themelves be destroyed by the next wave, argues Glyn Brokensha

Popular internet job boards are set to vanish just like the town crier. In medieval times, town criers were the chief means of communicating news. We don’t see too many job ads for town criers now. Read more »

Now Abbott’s in, what will The Australian do?

In this crossposting from The Conversation, former journalist Dennis Muller of the University of Melbourne, argues that The Australian faces an ideological dilemma now Tony Abbott is in power.

How does a newspaper of strong ideological preferences – such as News Corp broadsheet The Australian – respond when there is a government in office that more closely shares its ideology than did the previous government?

Given the parlous state of Australia’s newspaper industry, this is not an idle question. Read more »

What media agencies can learn from Clive Palmer

Maxus Rob PardiniIn this guest post, Maxus’s Rob Pardini argues that smaller agencies need to find ways of differentiating themselves on things other than price. 

Clive Palmer has grabbed widespread media attention lately, with one sensationalist allegation after another. Read more »

The sweet smell of success (and Old Spice)

I love an overnight success story.

And it’s not even a couple of years since former media sales rep Christiaan Van Vuuren (aka Bondi Hipster Dom) talked at Mumbrella360 about how he was living at his parents to afford to pursue his video making vocation. Read more »

Who’s afraid of the online invaders?

Online invadersWith new entrants into the online news space such as The Guardian and The Conversation, do established players like Fairfax and News Corp have anything to fear? In a feature that first appeared in EncoreNic Christensen investigates.

It wasn’t long after The Guardian newspaper confirmed it would launch an Australian edition in January this year that the local media began speculating about the threat to established players. Read more »

An answer for Adam: how can we make social media nice?

Adam FerrierIn a feature that first appeared in Encore, Adam Ferrier asks what can be done about the dark side of social media.

I hate social media. Most of the heavy weight proponents of social media do nothing but reinforce that those who love it are self-obsessed, angry, humourless and desperately looking for friends, while making enemies. Social media creates (and fosters) a culture of bullying. Read more »

Questions for Esther – choosing the right path

Esther ClerehanIn a monthly feature that first appeared in Encore, Esther Clerehan answers agency and career questions. 

Hi Esther,

I’ve been participating in AWARD school and now that it’s getting down to crunch time the all important decision of labelling yourself is more pressing than ever. Read more »

Why marketers shouldn’t twerk

CharleBrands – there’s no need to bounce your booty to be noticed in the online world, argues Boom Natives’ Charlie Leahy

As shock, horror and sheer wonderment grip the globe thanks to the rapid and seemingly over-night transformation of Miley Cyrus from pop princess to nymphomaniac nutcase, you have to ask yourself has the world gone twerk crazy? Read more »

Twitter’s IPO: what we know so far

David GlaneAcademic David Glance, from the University of Western Australia, looks at the upcoming Twitter IPO and prospects for advertising revenue in the future. 

In a tweet that could represent US$110 million for every one of its 135 characters, Twitter last week announced that it would be following fellow social network providers Facebook and LinkedIn in becoming a publicly listed company. Read more »

Fake it ’til you make it… as the head of content

Matt PinkneyIn a piece that first appeared in EncoreMatt Pinkney, head of content for AFL Media, tells us how to do his job.

What exactly do you do?

I manage a team of multi-disciplined pros who analyse, deconstruct, document and celebrate AFL footy across a range of traditional and digital platforms. I also wrestle with the question of how we can continue to provide compelling, sticky content experiences to punters in the age of digital promiscuity. Read more »

Vodafone: can ‘kidults’ save a struggling brand?

KidultI have to be honest, I don’t envy the marketing team at Vodafone charged with relaunching ‘the new Vodafone’.

The troubled telco has lost 1.5 million customers since 2011 and is now seeking to reintroduce itself to consumers with a new branded campaign built around a slogan ‘discover the new’ and a TV campaign in which the characters are all ‘kidults‘, a combination of adult human/baby. Read more »

Australian small businesses are late to the online marketing party

Chris WilkieSmall businesses should stop thinking of online marketing as an optional expense says Christopher Wilkie in a piece that first appeared in Encore. It should be treated as an essential, much like insurance.

Over the last few months, we’ve interviewed and surveyed more than 350 small businesses for the 2013 Optimising Small Business Online Marketing Report. We’ve spoken to people across the country, from every major industry and in every major region, with some pretty compelling results. Read more »

Is the Australian VFX industry on borrowed time?

VFXWith foreign tax subsidies under scrutiny in the US, is Australia’s VFX industry in danger of losing its biggest clients? Lee Zachariah investigates.

The rise and rise of Australian visual effects houses happened so quickly, we almost didn’t notice. Read more »

Q&A with Alice Manners

Alice MannersIn a piece that first appeared in Encore, Alice Manners, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, talks about her alternate career as a yoga teacher.

What one medium could you not live without?

You can’t ask me that question without getting the obvious answer. I have a portable wireless hotspot backup to keep me connected wherever I go and I look forward to frictionless commerce becoming a reality. Read more »

Is there any more misused phrase than digital strategy?

simon In this guest post, Slingshot Digital’s Simon Corbett argues the meaning of digital strategy is widely misunderstood by those that should really know better.

Most people I come across who talk about digital strategy, and their ability to develop it, don’t know what it is. Read more »

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