The creative verdict on this week’s election ads: Memorable, scary and boring

Andy Flemming scereengrabEach week of the election season we invite creative thinkers to give us their verdict on some of the advertising creative from the campaign. This week, M&C Saatchi’s creative director Andy Flemming critiques some of the latest efforts on the campaign trail. 

I’ve been asked to critique some particularly long and deeply boring election commercials. Read more »

Savage counsel – motivating your team

Chris SavageEach week for Encore Chris Savage tackles your career and agency dilemmas. This week he looks at motivating your team

Hi Chris,

How do you motivate your team? I’m having a shit of a time trying to fire up my mob and could do with some pointers.

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Facebook promotion rules are a game changer for brands

In this guest post, Tony Chilvers and Cameron Rambert of CHE Proximity assess the implications that Facebook’s recent promotional policy changes will have for marketers and consumers alike. 

Facebook has just announced a revision in its Page Terms, which may soon prove to be one of the most significant changes to its promotional policy to date. Read more »

The Aftermath of the Brand Essendon bombshell

tom healeyIn this guest post, Tom Healey of sports marketing agency Octagon assesses the damage for sponsors of the Essendon doping scandal.

To have been a fly on the wall inside AFL house on Wednesday evening. Read more »

Using humour as the gateway in the toughest brief of them all

R U OK Day is a suicide prevention initiative which sprang out of the advertising industry. In this guest post, Rebecca Lewis, campaign manager of the R U OK Foundation, explains that the responsibilities of promoting the cause hang heavy.

Getting the nation to talk about the issue of suicide prevention is a seemingly endless and sometimes impossible task. Read more »

Fake it ’til you make it…as a logistics expert for the marketing industry

In a piece that first appeared in EncoreAndrew Wade - ChillAndrew Wade from Chill tells us how to do his job.

What do you actually do?

Chill handles promotional logistics: custom vehicle and trailer builds; cold and dry storage; stock management; cold, dry, sensitive and fragile transport; and mobile refrigeration sales and rental – all very niche and tailored around the advertising and marketing industry. Putting it simply, we make cool ideas happen and we get shit done.

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Inside Colenso BBDO

The staff of Colenso BBDO outside their office.

New Zealand creative agency Colenso BBDO was this year’s Mumbrella Creative Agency of the Year and has added this award to a number of other international accolades it has received this year. In the first of a series of profiles of the 2013 Mumbrella Award winners, Nic Christensen talks to the team who run the agency about their formula and the pressure to maintain global success.  

The offices of Colenso BBDO belie the recent global success of this New Zealand creative agency. Located on a hill, about 20 minutes walk from Auckland’s CBD, the agency with its 100 or so staff is not quite what you picture when you imagine the world’s most awarded advertising agency. Read more »

In defence of bloggers (and why it’s okay to be paid)

IMG_2899Over the weekend Telegraph journalist Jonathan Moran criticised bloggers for a supposed lack of ethics and rules around disclosure. In this guest post, first published on Woogsworld, blogger Mrs Woog responds.

Jonathon Moran is a journalist for Murdoch’s Telegraph. On Saturday, a full page was dedicated to Moran, so he could vent his frustrations on how irritating fashion bloggers are.

The opening paragraph reminds me of when you hear people say “I am not racist, but…” Read more »

The election ads you probably haven’t seen – the creative verdict

Kevin McMillianEach week of the election season we invite creative thinkers to give us their verdict on some of the advertising creative from the campaign.  This week Kevin Macmillan, creative partner, The Works looks at some of the ads which haven’t been shown in Sydney or Melbourne. Read more »

How newspapers can use Facebook to build their audiences

Mark FurlerIt’s not just about the number of ‘likes’ says APN’s Mark Furler but the way the platform is used that can increase a paper’s audience.

Facebook fans can be a fickle lot. Feed them garbage and they will quickly spit you out. And so they should. Read more »

How to win friends and influence government

GovernmentGot an agenda to push with government but not sure how to navigate the system? Nic Christensen speaks to the people that can help.

When it comes to the current perception of government lobbying, former politicians such as Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid and ex-Western Australian Premier Brian Burke have a lot to answer for. Read more »

Savage counsel – leadership skills

Chris SavageEach week for Encore Chris Savage tackles your career and agency dilemmas this week he looks at leadership skills. 

Hi Chris,

I have big ambitious plans for my career. I want to be CEO before I turn 40. What are the top leadership skills I should be looking to cultivate? Read more »

The day we killed a political party

Stuart GregorStuart Gregor and Matt Jones had a vision for political change but the realities of running a political party led to their surrender. They explain what happened.

The idea for the23million came pretty suddenly into the heads of a few like-minded individuals in March this year – like so many things in life, it seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. Read more »

Dear Kevin, where is the fair go for Aussie adland?

Glen CondieIn this guest post, Glen Condie asks Kevin Rudd if he might put his money where his mouth is by giving business to local agencies instead of the multinationals

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I keep seeing and hearing you on my television and radio. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that you feel Australian businesses should be given a fair go and that small business is critical to the health of our nation. I agree keeping profits in the hands of Australian companies can only help us. Most importantly when I hear you saying that you will ensure that Australian companies will get their “fair share”, I get all giddy.

There’s one thing though that I don’t understand. Read more »

Why the Australian market needs to close the release window

Day-and-date self-distribution is becoming an increasingly popular and lucrative means of releasing features, so why is no-one acknowledging it asks Ed Gibbs

Last month outgoing Screen Australia CEO Ruth Harley addressed an industry forum at Melbourne’s 37 Degrees South film market on the subject of the traditional release window for feature films. The standard four-month gap between the theatrical screening and the home entertainment release had grown outdated, she said. Read more »

Let’s end the awards obsession and stop putting our dollars in the hands of publishers

ian perrinIn this guest post, Ian Perrin, CEO of media agency ZO, calls for the industry to boycott trade press awards in favour of a single night organised by the agencies themselves 

We are in the business of promoting companies through the brands that we represent.

It’s a brilliant job and we should all be proud of what we do. However, I wonder if we should be proud of the image that our own industry has in the eyes of our clients. I say this based on a conversation I recently had with a prominent and influential CMO. Read more »

I’m not sure about EMMA

Readership numbers make my head spin.

Not least because it often feels like the more I learn about how they work, the less I know.

It will be hard for you to go near the trade press over the next few days and remain unaware of EMMA (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia). Read more »

Election ads – the creative verdict

steve coll euro rscg ecdIn this review of election messages from Labor and the Liberals, Havas Worldwide Australia’s executive creative director Steve Coll gives his verdict. 

1. Labor’s ‘A New Way’ 

Negative advertising in positive wrapping. Despite leading with smiling, friendly Uncle Kevin, this is full of unsettling phrases. We face ‘new challenges’. The ‘future isn’t secure’. The mining boom is ‘receding’. It is no time for a novice in the lodge says Kevin Rudd, the voice of experience.  Read more »

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