Q&A with Luke Littlefield

Luke Littlefield AegisIn a piece that first appeared in Encore, Luke Littlefield, CEO of Aegis Media Australia and New Zealand, delivers some unlikely career advice.

Who is the most powerful person in Australian media and why?

Malcolm Turnbull. The delivery of an efficient infrastructure superhighway will be a game-changer in our country and for many individuals and industries, including ours.  Read more »

You’ve got $7 billion – so how will you fund the arts?

Jason PottsIn this crossposting from The Conversation, Jason Potts from RMIT University, argues public arts funding should create unintended consequences.

Arts and cultural funding could be improved if we could just agree on a level of funding – and then use economic analysis to design the models of funding delivery. In short, give the tax system a bigger role – and the expert panels a smaller one. Make differences at the margins by funding skewed toward outputs and the demand side.

Read more »

Automated media trading 101

Media trading 101

What is automated media trading? How does it work and how will it ultimately affect the industry? In a feature that first appeared in EncoreNic Christensen investigates.

The automation of media buying might sound complicated but according to one media agency boss, it isn’t rocket science. Read more »

Wake Up – what did you think of the show? And how do you think it will rate?

Most days at Mumbrella’s morning news meeting, we play The Ratings Game.

We’ve been playing it for about four years now.

The rules are simple. We pick a show that aired the day before and everyone shares their best guess for how it did.

When the overnight metro ratings come in from OzTAM at 8.36, the closest person is the winner. The furthest out has to make a round of tea.

Today, I’d like to invite you to play too.

As you’ll no doubt be aware, Ten’s new breakfast show Wake Up went to air for the first time today. Read more »

PNG a land of contradictions: Stunning, dangerous, unpredictable

Eoin Blackwell on assignment in PNG

With AAP announcing it has closed its Port Moresby office, the news wire’s last PNG correspondent Eoin Blackwell looks back on his journey covering one of Australia’s closest neighbours. 

It’s July 2012 and I’m standing in a field in Tari, in Papua New Guinea’s Hela province, with a crowd of about 500 people and some heavily armed soldiers. Read more »

We’ve looked in to the future…and we’re not there

russ mitchinsonThis week Google has flown members of The Communications Council’s Account Planning Group to the US to gain insights into how technology will impact the world of communications. APG chairman Russ Mitchinson shares what he’s learned

It’s been 48hrs in the presence of Google and we’re reeling with information, innovation and ideas. And if two days is anything to go by, the Australian communications industry is lagging far, far behind… Read more »

Promoting the labels 140 characters at a time

karalee evansIn the wake of Lisa Wilkinson’s Andrew Olle’s lecture on Friday DDB’s head of social Karalee Evans takes a look at Nine’s new talent style Twitter account. 

Let me start by quoting Nine’s Lisa Wilkinson: “You quickly learn the sad truth, that what you wear can sometimes generate a bigger reaction than even any political interview you ever do.” Read more »

Lachlan Murdoch learns from his mistakes – which is a healthy sign for Wake Up

Next week sees the launch of Ten’s latest foray into breakfast television. This time round, it should fare better, argues Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes.

Most mornings I drink my first cup of coffee from my Classic Rock mug. Which amuses me more than it should.

It’s a reminder of an embarrassing period in the history of Lachlan Murdoch’s DMG Radio.

But it’s also a reminder that he seems to learn from his mistakes. Read more »

Is there any point to the Advertising Standards Bureau?

ASBWhile the industry body receives hundreds of complaints about ads, many are outrageous and few are actioned. In a feature that first appeared in EncoreMiranda Ward finds out whether there’s any point to the ASB.

In the last year a grand total of 3,640 complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) relating to more than 500 ads. The ASB’s board looked at 473 of these ads and only 68 were found to have breached its Code of Ethics. Read more »

Do we really need directors?

As the screen industry evolves,Kingston Anderson the lines are becoming blurred around what constitutes a director but in a piece that first appeared in EncoreKingston Anderson says the role is more important than ever.

In any creative endeavour there is always a singular vision that takes the idea, story or concept and shapes the elements to create the ‘work’. For the screen, this is the director. Read more »

Go on then… What are the creative industries?

Peter Murphy

In this crossposting from The Conversation, Peter Murphy from James Cook University, argues the creative industries are lacking in ambition, energy and imagination.

Creativity is the X factor of modern industry. When it slumps, our economy splutters.

Creativity is the source of the unprecedented wealth of the last two centuries. Yet we still understand very little about it. Read more »

Fake it ‘til you make it…as a creative technologist

In a piece that first James Bush appeared in Encore, James Bush, creative technology director at M&C Saatchi Sydney, tells us how to do his job.

What does a creative technologist do?
The million dollar question. To be honest, my answer is always different which is the best way to describe my job. Basically, I’m free to experiment and explore with technology and get to think up really creative ways to apply it. Read more »

Why publishers will struggle to make EMMA the industry currency

Research company IPSOS is today trumpeting the signing of Mediabrands and Match Media to readership metric EMMA, but Nic Christensen argues any celebration is premature. 

As far as head fakes go, you have to admire what’s going on in today’s announcement by EMMA that it has signed its first media agencies. Read more »

Beyond words: how fonts make us feel

In a crossposting from The Conversation, UTS’s Louise McWhinnie celebrates the joy of fonts.

Typography is all around us. Fonts are on every document and website we read but also within the ephemera of our lives: on the toothpaste we use, newspapers we read, bus tickets we swipe and the streets we travel. Read more »

Screen Australia needs to stop acting like a club

Screen AustraliaToday sees academia-meets-journalism website The Conversation launching a new section covering the creative industries. It’s partly thanks to $50,000 from Screen Australia. But the lack of obvious process from Screen Australia in handing over the money raises serious questions about how the government-funded body does business, argues Tim Burrowes.

I must confess, I’ve been feeling uneasy about Screen Australia for some time now. Read more »

Q&A with Todd Sampson

Todd SampsonIn a piece that first appeared in Encore, Todd Sampson talks about his show ReDesign My Brain, a three-part documentary series on the science of brain plasticity. 

How did you get involved with the show?

The ABC had been looking at a number of ideas for me and I’d been considering lots of different things to do next. Read more »

How to fix a broken brand

Fix a broken brandFrom grounded planes to faulty phone networks and bad tasting beverages, in a feature that first appeared in Encore, Matt Smith looks at how to fix a broken brand. 

It takes a bold marketer to admit their brand is broken and yet the advertising landscape is littered with examples where they have done just that. Read more »

Australian TV drama spending is up – and it shows

lisa frenchIn a crossposting from The Conversation, RMIT’s Lisa French argues that increased government funding is delivering better local television drama

Australian TV drama expenditure has increased by 27% in the last year, according to a Screen Australia report released today, accounting for 50% of the A$752 million spent on big and small screen drama in 2012/13. But could we say this corresponds with significantly better home-grown drama? I’d say the signs are extremely positive. Read more »

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