Actually, Kyle. You’re the piece of shit

tim burrowes landscapeKyle Sandilands’ two year grudge against a young female journalist shows he has not changed, argues Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes

Imagine, you’re a young journo.

You work for one of the big publishers, but you’re no bigwig yourself.

You haven’t got a particularly high profile, and basically you just cover your beat.

You’re just like hundreds of other journos.

Until you cross Kyle Sandilands’ radar. Read more »

A new approach to business models

Chris StephensonWhy settle for one business operating under one model? Why not spread the love across multiple models within the one business. In an opinion piece that first appeared in EncoreChris Stephenson explores the possibility.

There is no question that the media landscape is deep in the throes of its greatest period of change to date. This is no more evident than for journalism, news and print media. There is a specific danger in continuing to think of them as one and the same thing, especially as shifts in ad media revenues put pressure on existing business models. Based on the premise that journalism is of fundamental importance, how can – and should – we protect journalism as news organisation revenues continue to come under threat? Read more »

My break… Zak Hilditch

In a piece that first appeared Zak_Hilditchin Encore, the Perth-based film-maker Zak Hilditch talks about breaking into the industry.

How did you get into film-making?
I studied at Curtin University and did a film degree. Once I was out of there, I chipped away for six or seven years making backyard features, some funded shorts and some unfunded shorts; just trying to make as many things as humanly possible. Little by little I built up enough of a strong reel that when it came time to go for the money for a full-length feature, I ticked enough boxes. Read more »

Predicting the outcome of a campaign

In an opinion piece that first appeared in Encore, Adam Ferrier says while there are numerous tools for testing ads, they have limitations and he’s looking for a better solution.

Adam FerrierI recently wrote an article suggesting that no-one really knows for certain if an ad or a campaign is going to be successful or not – none of us. Read more »

Digital ratings – why are we bothering?

gai le royRecent months have seen Mumbrella report on a number of questions relating to online traffic statistics provided by Nielsen, which the Interactive Advertising Bureau has selected as its preferred currency. In this guest post, the IAB’s director of research Gai Le Roy responds.

There is no getting away from the fact that ratings data, in any media channel, by its nature is always going to be controversial. It deals with a highly competitive media environment and provides data on which agencies and advertisers base commercial decisions. It won’t come as any surprise to most of you that in the digital space this controversy appears sometimes to be somewhat amplified. Read more »

Melbourne: Australia’s best film sales market

Ed GibbsThe renewal of Melbourne’s 37 Degrees South film market’s partnership with London’s Production Finance Market is offering local film-makers an opportunity like no other says Ed Gibbs, in an opinion piece that first appeared in Encore

Among the more vital aspects of any film market is how producers, sales agents and financiers can engage, do business, talk shop and, one hopes, get projects up and running. Read more »

Don’t forget Fairfax’s journalism

July was not a good month to be working at Fairfax.

Extensive coverage of the publication of the books Killing Fairfax and Fairfax: The Rise and Fall gave the impression (probably rightly) that buffoons spent a long time at the helm.

The Australian – owned by rival News Corp – piled in, suggesting (probably wrongly) that the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age are set to drop their weekday print editions any moment now.

August though, has started better, reminding us why Fairfax has endured Read more »

Q&A with Tony Clark

Tony Clark

In a piece that first appeared in Encore, Tony Clark, co-founder and director of Rising Sun Pictures talks about how he could have been a wily sea captain if not for the lure of the film industry.

Who is the most powerful person in Australian media and why?

I’d say Rupert Murdoch; there’s no doubting how he and his organisation feel about life and politics in Australia, and how widely his reach extends. Read more »

Fake it ’til you make it… as a sub-editor

In a piece that first appeared in Encore, Karina Piddington from Universal Magazines tells us how.

Karina PiddingtonWhat does a sub-editor do?

Read all day. Sounds fun, right? It is when you get to work with a great variety of copy, as I do. Read more »

Is Vinnies really ‘Australia’s most effective brand’? No, of course not

effie indexI suspect that you’ll be reading a bit about the St Vincent de Paul Society in the trade press today.

Because “officially” it’s the most effective brand in Australia. And the thing that’s made it “official” is a press release from the organisers of the Effies Awards for effectiveness.

Sadly, wonderful as Vinnies is, the title is bullshit. Read more »

Savage counsel – rewarding people who refer you clients

Chris Savage

Each week in Encore, STW’s Chris Savage answers your career and agency related dilemmas. 

Hi Chris,

After many years in the industry I have started a new marketing and communications business and I’m on the hunt for clients. We’ve got a few on the books already but I find myself getting caught up in ensuring we’re delivering for these existing clients instead of recruiting more. In your experience, what is the best way to ensure you’re keeping an eye on bringing in new clients? Read more »

Selling out

Sonia Kruger and her PorscheWith big bucks in the offing, performers and personalities are all too often tempted by advertisers, but is signing on with a brand selling out? In a feature that first appeared in Encore, Megan Reynolds investigates.

When Ashton Agar made his cricketing debut in the first Ashes Test earlier this month, he got more than the hearts of sporting fans and teenage girls beating.

Advertisers across the country would have been chomping at the bit at the sight of his fresh new face. Read more »

Baking up the seven P’s for modern marketers

Aaron BeckhouseBakehouse Ferguson Plarre is revolutionising the traditional marketing mix one baked good at a time says Aaron Beckhouse, who explains the importance of keeping the marketing industry fresh and inspiring, in seven simple steps in a piece that first appeared in Encore.

1. Politics

We all need to be responding to the world around us and be conscious of real issues. Read more »

Where have all the kids gone?

The kidsFor many years the 16-to-39 demographic was highly coveted by television networks, but with ongoing competition from online platforms, some say the youth audience has deserted TV altogether. In a feature that first appeared in Encore, Amanda Meade looks at whether this is actually the case.

On Monday night, two of Australian TV’s marquee reality shows will launch their 2013 season against each other: Big Brother on Nine and The X Factor on Seven. Read more »

What your media agency might not be telling you

Imagine for a second you’re a media agency boss looking to milk every last dollar from your clients. What strategies could you employ? In a hypothetical piece that first appeared in EncoreNic Christensen puts himself in the big chair.

I’m going to begin with a confession: running a media agency ain’t what it used to be. Based on what clients pay directly to their agencies, few of us would still be in business. So these days, our agency has to find other ways.

I run Agency ZYX, one of Australia’s top 15 media agencies with a roster of clients, both local and international, ranging from small to large. We spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on behalf of all those clients.

Control of this revenue, and the hands of which media outlet it ends up in, makes me one of the more important players in Australia’s media landscape. At least that’s what the rest of the world thinks. The truth is, I’m not as powerful, or as profitable as it might seem. Read more »

Facebook’s Graph Search – will people who don’t work in advertising now realise what their data is worth?

Julian PetersonThanks to the launch of Graph Search, Facebook is now making it even easier to find information about ordinary Australians, including those in security-sensitive jobs. Julian Peterson was surprised by what he found.

In the digital advertising business we know the value of data – we obsessively target and track our intended audience and our thirst for new data knows no limits. Read more »

Savage counsel – the importance of collaboration

Chris SavageEach week in Encore, STW’s Chris Savage answers your agency and career questions. This week he talks about the importance of collaboration.

Hi Chris,

Our major client is becoming fickle, pitching out almost every piece of work. Increasingly they are hiring several specialist agencies to execute the brief and insisting we collaborate. I don’t like it. Read more »

Q&A with Southern Cross Austereo’s Clive Dickens

Clive Dickens

In a piece that first appeared in Encore, Southern Cross Austereo’s director of digital and innovation talks the next industry trend and why Google has the power.

Who is the most powerful person in Australian media and why?

Maile Carnegie, the excellent new country head and managing director of Google Australia and NZ. As Sir Martin Sorrell from WPP recently commented, Google is now a media company masquerading as a tech company. Read more »

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