Returning from abroad

wingAll good things must come to an end but returning from a stint overseas can be bittersweet. In a feature that first appeared in EncoreMatt Smith looks at the benefits and challenges of coming home.

Coming back after a lengthy stint working overseas isn’t always easy – and it’s not just the returning expats that find it tough going. Read more »

Why marketers should stop asking customers why they do things

Gary Wilkinson and Ashton BishopConsumer responses to the question of ‘why’ are often unintentional lies and therefore the wrong basis for marketing insight, say Ashton Bishop and Gary Wilkinson in a piece that first appeared in Encore.

You are a liar. And so are your customers. Okay, so now you’re offended. We don’t like to think of ourselves as liars. Why? Because lying suggests self-serving manipulation and deceit. So what about when we’re not being manipulative, self-serving, deceitful or otherwise – but we’re still fibbing? It’s called confabulation and we all do it all of the time. Read more »

Q&A with director Eddie Martin

Eddie MartinThe director of All This Mayhem on making a film charting the rise and fall of skateboarding legends, brothers Tas and Ben Pappas.

How did you get involved with the project?

When I was a kid I used to skateboard at Prahran and I knew the Pappas brothers who skateboarded there. I made two previous docos and then prior to Ben’s death, I would see him occasionally. I was kind of around even when he died. I was always present but it just didn’t feel right making the film at the time because I knew all of the people involved and it was such a raw wound. It felt wrong to attack it even though people had said to me, ‘you should do it, you should do it’. Read more »

We still want to consume news – but tastes are changing

CI StaffIn this crossposting from The Conversation, QUT’s Stephen Harrington argues traditional media needs to look more closely at young  consumers.

Earlier this year, the ABC’s managing director Mark Scott announced Australia’s public broadcaster would begin a search “to find creative ways to deliver news to children and teenagers”.

Read more »

Inside Multi Channel Network

Multi Channel Network, best known as MCN group shot[1]MCN, was this year’s Mumbrella Sales Team of the Year. In a series from Encore profiling the 2013 Mumbrella Award winners, Megan Reynolds talks to the team behind the organisation and finds out what makes it such a successful sales outfit.

In a shimmering highrise overlooking Sydney harbour, the offices of Multi Channel Network (MCN) tower above the company’s former home in Pyrmont Bay. Sixteen years ago, the subscription TV sales company had just 20 staff working in the corner of Foxtel’s then headquarters. Read more »

Saucy Tabloid Tales

This extract from Paul Barry’s Breaking News cover book Breaking News: Sex, lies and the Murdoch succession, first appeared in Encore. Rupert Murdoch’s papers have long been known for having an appetite for scandal – particularly in the UK.

Read more »

Fairfax’s Andrew McEvoy hire is a statement of intent about its events play. But will it work?

As it struggles to find new revenue models, Fairfax is getting serious about developing an events business, but Andrew McEvoy faces a tough task, argues Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes

Yesterday Fairfax Media made a big move, hiring Andrew McEvoy, the boss of Tourism Australia, to lead its events division.

And like many big moves, it’s a hard call on how this one will go.

There’s plenty of fuel for cynics to talk about why it won’t work, and a lot of ammo for those that see it as making sense. Read more »

The once in a generation opportunity of big data

Jason RoseIn this guest post, copywriter-turned-investment banker Jason Rose argues that big data is the opportunity agencies have been looking for to get back to the top table.

There used to be a time when the boss of an ad agency worked directly with their client’s CEO. Read more »

Questions for Esther – finding a job overseas

In a monthly feature that first Esther Clerehanappears in EncoreEsther Clerehan answers agency and career questions. 

Dear Esther,

I’m just about to start out in the business (assuming all things go well and I can find a job post AWARD school) and was wanting to know a little bit about working overseas. It’s been a dream of mine to work in places around America and Europe – particularly New York – but I don’t have any real idea of what would need to be done to secure a position over there. Should I be looking to join an agency in Melbourne that has international offices, or is that not the most important thing right now? Read more »

Chopper and me

Jason "Jabba" DavisMedia personality and criminal Chopper Read died this week. Jason “Jabba” Davis shared two surreal TV experiences with him.

I first ran into Mark Brandon Chopper Read at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre in April 2003. I was charged with interviewing the late great man for music television station Channel [V].

Back in 2000 I’d had the pleasure of meeting Eric Bana as a guest on my late night show “The Joint” when he was talking up his starring role as Mark Read in the feature film “Chopper”. I became fascinated with the real Chopper Read after that and was thrilled at the chance to finally meet this infamous identity myself. Read more »

Fake it ’til you make it… as a creative director

In a piece that first appeared in Rob BelgiovaneEncoreRob Belgiovane from Sydney agency BWM tell us how to be a CD. Read more »

What’s next in media? Nobody knows

I must confess I’ve done some journalistically onanistic things in my time.

But reviewing a book for which I’ve written a chapter may just take the biscuit.

Nonetheless, here goes. Read more »

Spruiking a supermarket, Jamie Oliver style

The announcement that Jamie Oliver is set to be  the new face of Woolworths is a potential game-changer in the supermarket’s war with Coles.

Over more than a decade and 100 ads, Oliver had a huge impact on sales for Sainsbury’s in the UK. Here we offer ten of the best.

Feeding your family for a fiver: Read more »

Fairfax: Job cuts don’t mean the sky is falling

Garry_Linnell-205x350Fairfax group editorial director Garry Linnell responds to Andrea Carson’s criticism that recent journalism redundancies have decreased the level of scrutiny given to business reporting. 

Oh dear. On the sports field athletes are taught to ignore the crowd. And so it should be in journalism. Normally the ill-informed ravings of an academic like Andrea Carson would disappear into the ether, just another small murmur from that overflowing grandstand filled with the media spectatorati. Read more »

Why I hate the expression: “branded content”

Jonathan KneeboneThe Glue Society co-founder Jonathan Kneebone today gave the keynote address at The Festival of Branded Entertainment. Here is an edited text of his speech: 

I have to start by saying that I genuinely hate the expression “branded content”.

I think perhaps even more than that, like most people in the real world, I have absolutely zero interest in watching something called “branded content”. Read more »

Minimising the legal risks of social media

There are steps brands and facebook companies can take to protect themselves from the legal implications of social media use says Alison Eveleigh, in a piece that first appeared in Encore

Poor Qantas. The airline has suffered many a social media mishap. Back in 2011 its Twitter hashtag #qantasluxury was hijacked by unhappy customers who delivered an unprecedented number of cuttingly sarcastic and highly critical responses. Read more »

Savage counsel – how to be a sympathetic boss

Chris SavageEach month in Encore, Chris Savage tackles your career and agency dilemmas. This week he explores how to be a sympathetic boss. 

Dear Chris,

One of my team is having a bit of a rough time personally. Her boyfriend dumped her and she’s been a bit of a mess. I’m trying to be a sympathetic boss but it’s really starting to affect her work. How can I tell her to get her head back in the game without looking like a total prick?

Read more »

Fairfax staff cuts will worsen decline in corporate investigations

andrea carsonIn this crossposting from The Conversation, Andrea Carson argues that new journalist redundancies at Fairfax Media come at a time when corporate Australia needs more scrutiny than ever.

Yesterday’s announcement of another 45 jobs to go at Australia’s second largest newspaper proprietor Fairfax Media is yet another marker in the decline of Australia’s print media news sector. Read more »

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