Sintras on full service, innovation and why young marketers cannot think like the old guard

Starcom was named the Global Media Network of the Year at Cannes Lions over the weekend. Mumbrella’s Alex Hayes caught up with the agency’s Australia chairman and director of global experience product John Sintras.

In this Q&A Sintras reveals why he want to rip up the agency model, why we need better training for our young marketers coming through, and the secrets to creating a winning culture in a global agency.

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#Instacannes day 5

Cannes offers a bewildering array of sights and experiences, so The Hallway has set up #Instacannes to offer a visual guide to what goes on on the Cote D’Azure.

Sometimes you just need to be reminded of the basics.  Not in a patronizing way, but in a way that inspires you to be better.  Read more »

John Hegarty on the ‘nonsense’ of Big Data, the ‘abberation’ that is scam and why Cannes is losing focus

John HegartySir John Hegarty is one of the world’s best known advertising creatives. He co-founded iconic British agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, which has offices in Singapore, Mumbai and Tokyo, in the early ’80s.

In this interview with Mumbrella Asia editor Robin Hicks at the Martinez Hotel on La Croisette, Hegarty talked about why Cannes is “losing focus”, the impact of scam on adland, the “nonsense” of Big Data, and why Asia has to learn from Europe about building brands that stand out. Read more »

Cannes media juror Nick Waters on cutting out block voting, why ad agencies are better at entering, and Asia’s Achilles heel

Nick WatersNick Waters, the APAC boss of media agency Dentsu Aegis Network, sat on the jury of the Media Lions at Cannes this week.

Waters, who is six months into the role running the region for DAN, caught up with Robin Hicks, the Asia editor of Mumbrella, after the Media Lions results were revealed to talk about how the jury has been reorganised to eliminate block voting, why media agencies who complain about ad agencies winning in the media category are “feeble” and why India is better at strategy than anywhere else in Asia. Read more »

#Instacannes: Day 4

Cannes offers a bewildering array of sights and experiences, so The Hallway has set up #Instacannes to offer a visual guide to what goes on on the Cote D’Azure.

Today creative partner Simon Lee waxes poetic. Read more »

The death of craft?

Today at the Cannes Lions festival Radio jury president Tony Hertz decried the death of craft in the medium, while the Press jury pointed out the Grand Prix was awarded becuase of simplicity.

Hertz told the press gathered at the Radio conference: “More of marketing and communications has become a visual business, the new technologies are all screen based.  Everything is visual and you can see this in the number of entries. Read more »

Instacannes: Day 3

Cannes offers a bewildering array of sights and experiences, so The Hallway has set up #Instacannes to offer a visual guide to what goes on on the Cote D’Azure.

At this stage of the festival the lectures, and the high profile speakers, have really kicked in.  And so have the parties.   Read more »

A festival of nationalism: the World Cup allows sponsors to divide and conquer

Mark DoidgeSponsors are encouraging corporate nationalism during the World Cup, argues academic Mark Doidge in a crossposting from The Conversation.

The section of the crowd behind the goal was awash with red and white when Switzerland took on Ecuador in their opening World Cup match. Faces were painted; many had white crosses painted onto red cheeks. All of them reflected the Swiss national flag and the colours of the football team on the pitch. Rather unusually, four men sat wearing hats fashioned to look like Swiss cheese. Within the holes were mini Swiss flags. Read more »

How has Australian Mobile gone from no hoper to world class in two years?

Jay MorganIn the two years since the Mobile Lions category launched Australia has had just four nominations and no winners. This year it secured a Gold among eight awards, and was singled out as one of the two stand out markets globally with Brazil. 

Mobile juror Jay Morgan, Havas Worldwide’s digital creative director, spoke to Alex Hayes about what has changed, and what the future holds for the medium.

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Susana Tsui on her first nine months at the helm of PHD Asia Pacific

Susana TsuiSusana Tsui is nine months into her role running media agency PHD as Asia Pacific CEO, having joined from Ogilvy.

She was in Cannes to catch up with Mumbrella Asia editor Robin Hicks about her impact on the agency since taking the reigns, her plans to shape the future of PHD, and why she arrived in Cannes in a helicopter. Read more »

Instacannes: Sights from the Cannes Lions

Cannes offers a bewildering array of sights and experiences, so The Hallway has set up #Instacannes to offer a visual guide to what goes on on the Cote D’Azure.

Sunday night, 7pm.  A wet drizzle that only Europe can deliver – and we’ve arrived in Cannes.  Rain was definitely not in the brochure.

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Recommended for you? Don’t bet on it: the ‘native’ ad invasion

patrick howeUS academic Patrick Howe argues that native advertising could be a costly misstep for publishers in an article first published on The Conversation

From its very name to its sober headlines and public affairs-minded stories, the Christian Science Monitor’s website seems hand built to communicate credibility.

So what, a visitor might wonder, is up with those “other” stories on the site, such as the one with a picture of a shirtless Sylvester Stallone that asks: “Who knew these male mega stars were so small?”

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Optus CMO on plans to digitise the beach, and why they’re moving away from sponsorships

Nathan rosenbergDuring a talk at Cannes Lions Optus chief marketing officer Nathan Rosenberg said the brand wants to digitise the beach, with the Clever Buoy project the first part of that.

Afterwards he spoke to Alex Hayes about the plans for the brand, creating a technology incubator, why they are moving away from sponsorship, and the brand as a “wingman” for customers. Read more »

OMD global boss Mainardo de Nardis on the definition of innovation, scam in media awards, and why it’s not a media agency’s job to take risks

mainardo de nardisMainardo de Nardis is the global CEO of OMD, the most awarded media agency network in the world.

Mumbrella Asia editor Robin Hicks caught up with the straight-talking Italian in Cannes about why the Media Lions are always so controversial, scam in media awards, competing with his former employer WPP, and why it is not a media agency’s job to take risks. Read more »

Kicking goals in ambush marketing

Stephen von Muenster With the World Cup beginning today the issue of ambush marketing is once again likely to raise its head, Stephen von Muenster looks at some of the issues around the practice. 

With the FIFA World Cup fast approaching, the issue of ambush marketing is again at the forefront of discussion. Forming a key concern for event organisers, partners, sponsors and fans, ambush marketing is an attempt by a third party to create a direct or indirect association with a sport event or its participants without their permission. Read more »

Battle of Brazil: What can we expect from World Cup advertising?

Jack_Lamacraft_008Before a ball has been kicked in anger at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the brands battle for the hearts and minds of global consumers is on in earnest. Jack Lamacraft looks at how brands will leverage global sports’ biggest show this year and what trends he expects to see play out over the next six weeks.

As opposed to the 32 teams vying for World Cup glory on the pitch, there are six ‘FIFA Partners’, eight ‘FIFA World Cup Sponsors’ and a clutch of Brazilian-based ‘National Partners’,brands who have paid much for the privilege of associating themselves with the 2014 World Cup.

Then of course, there is every other brand you can think of who want in on the party despite not paying the cover charge. Read more »

What’s turning Aussie marketers soft?

The nanny state, creative castration and procurement are making Australian marketing more dull and conservative, argues Richard Woods.

Fifteen years ago, when I first entered the world of marketing, I was bedazzled by the creative genius and ballsy campaigns that our advertising and marketing leaders put on TV, in press and on pack. But something’s changed… more conservative, more vanilla campaigns are slipping through the net and it’s rare to see an idea made from blood, sweat and beers these days.

But why? What’s changed? Read more »

The ABCs of hijacking the news with spin king Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday made his name as a master manipulator of media, but decided to lift the lid on his tactics and methods two years ago. Here he talks to Robert Burton-Bradley about why he did that, how easy it was to manipulate the media, and how things have become worse since he lifted the lid.

The online news media is a racket designed to benefit a few players and distort the news, a place where journalists use cognitive dissonance to believe the lies they are spun, so says self confessed media manipulator Ryan Holiday who was in Sydney last week for the Vivid Festival to deliver a talk on the tactics and ethics of getting your message out there at almost any cost. Read more »

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