Hello chocolate lovers

There are some category-busting chocolate ads around at the moment.

Yesterday I stated my admiration for GPY&R Melbourne’s Boost work (and discovered that not everybody agrees with me.

But as to this piece of work for Whittaker’s Chocolate in New Zealand: wow.   Read more »

The Waiting City: Australia goes to India

Director Claire McCarthy and producer Jamie Hilton have made a film with an Australian heart and dressed up in a colourful sari, taking our cinema to a new land full of creative and business opportunities. Miguel Gonzalez reports.

Read more »

Who’s the dummy?

Australia is definitely a country where you are going to have problems shooting if you have not played by all the rules. I remember I wanted to do a shot of a man jumping off the Sydney Bridge and I was told I was out of my mind.

Indian filmmaker Vikram Bhatt complains about Australia. Read more »

McCarthy vs Matthews

“For the last couple of months the Fairfax board has been torn between conflicting advice from two of its senior executives. On the one hand there is the CEO and former Rural Press boss Brian McCarthy, and on the other the CEO of Fairfax Digital, Jack Matthews, who is apparently after McCarthy’s job.”

Margaret Simons on the future of Fairfax

Big up to Boost

Have you seen the Cadbury’s Boost ads from GPY&R Melbourne yet?

They’re pretty good.   Read more »

Gruen Transfer’s election challenge to the advertising industry

From the makers of The Gruen Transfer:

A federal election is about to be called.

How the major parties pitch their advertising message will have a huge bearing on which side wins.

Any agency worth its salt will be looking at the two campaigns and thinking, “We could do better”.

During the election campaign, we would like to give eight agencies the chance to prove it.   Read more »

Foster’s makes the sun shine on the whole world. Literally

It’s somewhat naive, I realise, to expect realism in advertising.

And I do rather like this take on laid back Aussies for Foster’s which broke in the UK this morning.   Read more »

Grass is always greener

[NZ director Vincent Ward] will “probably” move to Australia after the Film Commission failed to even read three film proposals he submitted last year [...] Jackson’s report did not touch on problems established film-makers face.

TVNZ on life after the NZFC review.

Here’s the deal, Mr Murdoch: If you stop lifting my content, I’ll pay for yours

Earlier this week, I gave Fairfax something a kicking for nicking videos from their original source.

They quickly responded with a return to what sounds to me like a much fairer policy.

So it’s amusing to see that News Ltd seems to be straying into the same kind of territory – only this one is a bit more personal.   Read more »

The Horseman: family-funded horror

Newcomer to the film scene Steven Kastrissios proves with his debut feature The Horseman that you don’t need much to make a good action film. Micah Chua writes.

What do you need to pull off an action genre film in Australia? Guns? Car chases? Special effects? A buff, well-profiled action hero? A multi-million dollar budget? Not necessarily: ‘With smart, efficient storytelling, we can do pretty impressive action too,” Kastrissios told Encore. Read more »

Stuart Beattie: Tomorrow When Success Began

Stuart Beattie is the wordsmith behind some of Hollywood’s greatest hits of the decade, and now he’s back in Australia to start a new phase as a director. He shared his journey with Georgina Pearson during post-production of Tomorrow When The War Began.
It’s easy to imagine that there must be an element of conceit that comes with being a part of the Hollywood elite. However despite this presumption Stuart Beattie is anything but. Read more »

Finding a distributor

Gene Goodsell focuses on marketing and promotion in those situations where films do not have distributors secured when the film is completed.
In order to sell a picture effectively, it is wise to obtain the services of a producer’s rep. Other parties who can provide assistance include entertainment lawyers, agents, managers and marketing consultants. Read more »

Classifications offer no guidance

As [The Karate Kid] demonstrates, movie classifications are highly porous. One man’s playful slap can be another man’s vicious assault.

The Sydney Morning Herald on film classification controversies.

Are these discussions placing all responsibility on the Classification Board instead of the parents? Read more »

25 mad complaints to the ad standards board

There’s an amusing weekly feature in the UK gossip email Holy Moly called Duty Log Mental.

It covers complaints to TV networks about their programmes from less balanced members of society.

This week I’ve been catching up on Ad Standards Board rulings. Read more »

While you were sleeping…

I rather like this promo for Seven’s Sunrise:   Read more »

Rupert’s pathetic paywall

“Rupert Murdoch has declared surrender. The future defeated him.Instead, Murdoch will milk his cash cow a pound at a time, leaving his children with a dry, dead beast, the remains of his once proud if not great newspaper empire.”

Jeff Jarvis on The Times paywall

Fairfax and content theft

There’s a heart-warming tale currently running on smh.com.au about a bunch of (presumably) hard-up actors who’ve hit the YouTube jackpot.

So it’s a shame that Fairfax appears to be stealing from them.   Read more »

Eleven of the world’s best ads

Last week saw the Cannes Lions advertising awards – a global competition showcasing the world’s best ads.

It was a poor year for Australia (and indeed downright disastrous in the print category) but there were plenty of good ads from the rest of the world.   Read more »

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