Hungry Jack’s – something to sing about

I often enjoy giving the Hungry Jack’s ads a kicking, so it’s good to see a new one where there’s an interesting idea. Read more »

The big election question

As an occasional media commentator, I’m sometimes asked: ‘Tell me Tim. Given that politicians  want to engage the electorate beyond the hardcore politics junkies, would it be a good idea to schedule the leaders’ debate at the exact same time as the final of Masterchef, arguably Australia’s favourite TV programme and likely to be the most watched show of the year?”   Read more »

Why this is NOT the Twitter election

If you read the last few days’ papers, you would think that the Twitterati will  decide the outcome of the election.   Read more »

Paging the fun police

While any brand has to worry about the legal implications of running a contest, there does come a point where the entire thing looks so unappealing it may be worth going back to the drawing board. Read more »


This ad is a tough watch.

If you don’t want to see seals being clubbed, then don’t watch.   Read more »

Sensis – social responsibility isn’t about patronising the needy about their socks

I wish I could put my finger on what it is that makes this social issues campaign for Sensis feel so icky:   Read more »

Old Spice: Best use of social media yet?

Old_Spice_guyToday has been a good day. You know those very rare moments where you see an advertising idea and you can recognise not only how good it is, but how it’s going to inspire other great work? What Old Spice did next is one of those moments.

It combines great advertising, great writing, a huge PR idea and excellent use of social media as a two-way channel.   Read more »

If that’s how paywalls work then we’re utterly flipping screwed

So tonight, for the first time, I went behind Fairfax Media’s pay wall.

Based on that experience, if the future of journalism is paid content then every one of us working hacks is utterly screwed.   Read more »

Media Watch picks an odd target

I’ve got a nasty feeling I’ve finally gone native.

Much like Stockholm Syndrome where kidnap victims come to adore their captors, journalists have always been susceptible to a similar syndrome.   Read more »

The complex future of TV

The advent of digital technologies has redefined the media landscape, not least our concept of television. As consumers embrace content across multiple platforms, industry stakeholders must continue innovating to stay in the game. Brett Savill, strategy and corporate development director for Broadcast Australia writes. Read more »

Sorbent comes out of the (linen) closet

For a boring category like toilet paper, this is a good ad for Sorbent:   Read more »

When media and creativity isn’t seamless

In this guest posting, Happy Soldiers’ Sophie Price argues that media/ creative collaboration needs to start happening sooner than the meeting room door.

Leo Burnett’s recent success at Cannes for Canon is yet more proof that brilliant communication ideas are born of a seamless marriage of media and creative thinking. In fact, the bulk of the Media Lions were awarded to creative agencies this year.   Read more »

Eight reasons Cadbury’s hip hamster isn’t really on YouTube (and why that doesn’t matter)

YouTube today unveiled what it is proclaiming as its first round video player, featuring a cheery little Cadbury’s hamster running round his wheel. It’s a nifty idea, created in Australia. However, I don’t think it is what it seems. Read more »

Got a story to share about Photon?

Mumbrella is researching the background to Photon Group’s ongoing issues.

I’m interested in hearing from former or current members of staff who can offer experiences, anecdotes or insights about the culture or performance of Photon agencies or the company itself.   Read more »

Photon missing in action

“Shareholders know of the writedowns, board changes, corporate restructure, size of the earn-outs and attempts to cap the liability, and that the company is considering an equity raising. They don’t know the terms of any capital raising but that should not be sufficient to maintain suspension of trading.”

Brian Frith wants to know why Photon isn’t back on the ASX

Twitter’s Titanium matters

“The discussion shouldn’t be around whether the judges were right to award it Titanium. The discussion should be around what this means. It’s a signifier that the advertising landscape has changed.”

Mediacom’s Nic Hodges on what the Cannes Lions Titanium Twitter winner means

In the paid content debate, don’t forget the archive

I wonder if The Times is hedging its bets with its paywall more than we realise.   Read more »

Ten’s online video strategy starts to add up

These days, I’m seeing a lot of Ten News.

And that’s something I never expected to say.   Read more »

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