SFF: Sydney confidential

With a new CEO and a recent cash injection, the Sydney Film Festival needs to grow. Recently-arrived Leigh Small and festival director Clare Stewart are enthusiastic, but secretive about those plans.

Former Sydney Dance Company and Sydney Opera House executive Leigh Small was appointed CEO of the Sydney Film Festival in March. She arrived late in the production process for the 2010 edition, so Small has been there to oversee the roll-out of a festival which was already planned. Read more »

Animal Kingdom: fierce creatures

First-time feature director David Michôd tamed the beasts that inhabit his Animal Kingdom; a Melbourne crime thriller that is the Australian success story of 2010. Miguel Gonzalez reports from Melbourne. Read more »

Ebert: liar, liar

By the time Ebert concludes his rant he, in essence, acknowledges he may be wrong about the whole thing.

Digital Cinema Report on [US film critic] Roger Ebert’s attack on 3D. Read more »

The problem of perception

Showbusiness is about risk. What Australian film takes a risk? Name me one Australian movie in the last 10 years that’s had one special effect in it.

We can think of many that take considerable risks, but how can the industry fight unfounded perceptions such as this one, recently published in The Sun-Herald? Read more »

Stephen Conroy: Our sneering, sarcastic, patronising, grudge-bearing minister for filtering the internet

This week, I spent longer inside the mind of media minister Stephen Conroy than I would necessarily recommend.   Read more »

Why the trackback spammers are winning

Today I’ve reluctantly made a change to Mumbrella’s comment moderation policy – it’s as a result of trackback spam.   Read more »

ABC loses hope

Ronin Films director Andrew Pike says the ABC changed its mind about a doco on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Why, he wonders?

The ABC has withdrawn a formal offer it made to Ronin Films to acquire a documentary called Hope in a Slingshot, by Australian filmmaker, Inka Stafrace. Read more »

Focus on Victoria: settling the score

Rivalries between the states are inevitable but ultimately unproductive. While Victoria may not have the highest production investment total of the year, the cultural capital of Australia is strengthening its local slate.

Victoria is considered Australia’s cultural capital, so why isn’t it the country’s screen production capital too, or at least not anymore? Read more »

Dulux gets painting and asks the world to join in

You don’t usually associate paint brands with innovative advertising ideas.

In Australia, all we’ve got is an Old English Sheepdog that’s been flopping about on our TV screens for Dulux since the 1960s.   Read more »

Nike write the future

It is, in case it’s previously escaped you, a World Cup year.

For football (or, if you insist, soccer), that is.

So far there’ve been some good ads. But until I saw this work for Nike, no great ones. Read more »

The support is there

Richard Sowada, head of film programs at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, has written about Screen Australia’s support for Australian delegates at last week’s Cannes film festival.

I understand there’s a robust discussion going on in Australia about the representation Screen Australia provides to filmmakers on the ground here in Cannes, sparked by David Gould’s piece in Encore. Read more »

How The Australian fell in love with the iPad

While it’s fair to say that the world’s media has been pretty excited about Apple’s iPad, The Australian appears to be on the verge of spontaneously combusting over the device’s official arrival Down Under this Friday.   Read more »

A chance to vote for an Aussie Young Lions winner

With the Australian Young Lions winners now selected, there’s still one more contest under way that could see extra talent on the way to Cannes.   Read more »

Introducing The Communications Council’s 12 wise men (Queenslanders, West Australians and women need not apply)

Yesterday saw the first election for the board of directors of The Communications Council.

It’s a list of extremely well respected people – but four things stick out.   Read more »

Journos and freebies

“The fact that little ‘ol me has received this unsolicited present can only mean that thousands of them are being spread around to journalists, in the hope that we will write about them.  And a quick survey of the newspapers in the last few days would suggest that it is working.”

Maragret Simons explains why the papers are full ofs tories about the Borders e-reader

Expect Rudd to spend on ads in the election run-up

“Have you heard a radio advert lately telling you that the new health reforms are really good for you? They are hard to miss and there is avalanche to come.”

MP Jamie Briggs on why a Rudd backflip means big adspend

How Hungry Beast spawned a viral hit

In this guest post, Lewis Hobba and Marc Fennell reveal the inside story of how Hungry Beast created a viral hit

In April the good folks at mUmBRELLA took a break from arbitrarily adding capital letters to its name to write a short piece about a video made for ABC’s Hungry Beast that had hit one million views on YouTube.   Read more »

GQ sells only 365 iPad apps

“Although we need more data to make an accurate assessment, one thing seems certain — the iPad is not the savior certain major publishers had hoped it would be — at least not yet.”

Mashable after GQ revealed it had sold 365 iPad apps

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