Why ‘quality journalism’ should be left to die

In this guest post, journalist Hal Crawford argues why the government’s media inquiry is the opposite of good sense

The print media inquiry, announced on Wednesday, is a bad idea. And it hasn’t been pilloried quite as much as it deserves.

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303 Perth: Mumbrella Creative Agency Review

MCAR coverThe newly published Mumbrella Creative Agency Review examines Australia’s top 30 ad agencies. Today Robin Hicks examines how 303 Perth has fared over the last 12 months.

303 is the dark horse of our survey, creeping past more established agency brands into the top half of our list of the top 30 creative agencies in Australia. It is the only player to feature in our list that isn’t from Melbourne or Sydney and scores highest in categories that portray an exciting agency on the up – talent, momentum and its impact on the industry.
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Blimey. I don’t hate Telstra any more

telstra_pinkAbout once a year, I get a phone call from a market researcher. They want to know what I think of Australia’s telcos.

They never say who they’re conducting the research on behalf of, but as most of the questions relate to Telstra, I assume I’ve stumbled onto some database of so-called opinion formers.

Every year I take perhaps too much pleasure in telling them just how dreadful I think Telstra is.   Read more »

The eye of the filmmaker: Fred Schepisi

The Eye Of The Storm recently won The Age Critics Award at MIFF. Director Fred Schepisi spoke with Alice Terlikowski about his return to Australian storytelling, upcoming projects and the industry at large.

Roxanne, The Russia House and Six Degrees Of Separation, to name a few, are all under the belt of Australian director Fred Schepisi but it’s his latest work starring Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis that holds a particular significance to the Australian industry.

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How good is your creative agency? For $75 we can help answer that

MCAR coverSo we almost bit off more than we could chew.

It turns out that producing a book is harder than it looks.

But I’m glad to say that the boxes have now landed on the floor of the office with a reassuring thud.

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Totally Epic: the red-volution continues

RED is back with the Epic. Due to the ambitious nature of the camera, compounded by the Japanese tsunami, delays were had, but that’s only added to the anticipation. Daniel Graetz gives the Epic a 360 degree analysis.

Back in late 2009, the RED Digital Cinema Company unveiled plans for Epic, the successor to its revolutionary RED One Digital Cinema Camera. In the last few months a small number of handmade Epic bodies have been released to early adopters as well as feature film productions such as Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, and a rumoured 50+ units to James Cameron for a possible Avatar follow-up.

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Why PR metrics are as much use as a chocolate Karl Stefanovic

If ever you wanted a demonstration of the dreadful state of metrics around PR, Mumbrella inadvertently demonstrated it last week.

We published a story about the achievements of PR agency DEC for client Darrell Lea. The press release sent to us began with the following bold claim:   Read more »

Face to Face with Michael Rymer

Face to Face director Michael Rymer talks about his new film, working on a low budget, and the Australian film system’s accountability.

To sci-fi nerds around the world Michael Rymer might best be known as one of the driving forces behind Battlestar Galactica’s resurrection, directing 22 episodes and producing 40 episodes. To Australian audiences, he directed Angel Baby starring Jacqueline McKenzie and John Lynch.

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Would Bridesmaids make Screen NSW’s cut?

In 2012, Screen NSW will have a new Chief Executive.  Hopefully this will result in some new approaches to the development of screenplays and the funding of films being tried out. Hopefully also NSW filmmakers will contribute their own ideas, at Encore and elsewhere, as to how Screen NSW might better serve both the industry and culture of Australian film. In the interests of debate and and dialogue…

By James Ricketson

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Tiger Airways: endangered but not extinct

In this guest post, Tim Riches argues why Singapore’s Tiger Airways can find its way back from the brink in Australia

Whenever you read anything in the paper about Tiger Airways, there’s a presumption they’ll really struggle to get back on track in Australia.

But I’m not sure we should write the brand off just yet.

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Australia’s lion-winning directors share their secrets

Cannes is three months ago now. But it’s probably worth looking back at the (few, sadly) highlights for Australia in what is probably still the most prestigious category – film.

Mumbrella interviewed the Aussie directors who made the most impact (won the most awards), asking them to shed some light on how they made some of the country’s best commercials.

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National Lampoon: At Home with Julia

At Home with Julia’s executive producer, Rick Kalowski is confident, his show will remain relevant for its full four week run on ABC1. Despite calls for Gillard to step down as Prime Minister after the mess of the ‘Malaysian solution’ Kalowski told Encore, “It would be annoying to see the PM replaced in the next four weeks, but I don’t see it happening.”

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In Good Hands: archiving correctly

Good preservation allows films to survive the test of time decades after their original release. Miguel Gonzalez reports on the challenges of preserving the country’s audiovisual history.

Human lifespan and collective memory are both so short that it’s no surprise many films are condemned to disappear from the face of the Earth, completely forgotten by its audience. But when the work is being archived and preserved properly, there’s always the possibility of a second chance. Take, for example, the work of Giorgio Mangiamele.

‘Giorgio who?’ Many may ask.

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Australia’s ten shittest branded flash mobs

There’s now little in marketing less inspired than a dance flash mob. Be it in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Federation Square in Melbourne, Queen Street Mall in Brisbane, Sydney’s Martin Place or a grim suburban strip mall, marketing companies are rinsing gullible clients for dollars on the promise the video will go viral.

And some big names – the likes of BMW, Dell, Qantas, Milo, Domino’s and Wii – are among those turning brand gold to shit.

One look at the grim faces of those who happened to be nearby when the experiential marketing project broke out is all that is needed to understand why this is a marketing trend that is D.E.A.D.

I humbly offer you my top ten shittest Australian branded flash mobs of all time: Read more »

Mumbrella360 Battle of the Media: Semi Final – Outdoor vs Newspapers

Mumbrella360 featured the Battle of the Media in which a champion of each medium argued its case.

In this video we present the second semi final, outdoor versus newspapers. Charmaine Moldrich, CEO Outdoor Media Association takes on Campbell Reid, Group Editorial Director, News Limited. Read more »

TVC Campaign of the month: The Ship Song Project

The Opera House is hugely recognisable – but there are literally millions of people who visit it each year, who have never been to an actual performance there,” says Caroline David, producer of the Ship Song Project. Based upon Nick Cave’s “The Ship Song”, it is an online campaign that invited Australian and international musicians to pay homage to the theatre.

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Greg Mclean launches comic book and speaks about Wolf Creek 2

Wolf Creek Director Greg Mclean is set to launch his first comic book series, Dark Axis: Secret Battles of WW2, with chapter one called Dark Axis: Rise of the Overmen due out in October.

“It’s a World War II horror novel about a group of American GIs who stumble upon German soldiers building supersoldiers for the Third Riech,” Mclean told Encore.

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Lions behind the camera: Australia’s top ad directors

A flirtatious tradie, a flustered photographer, a gang of flaming skateboarders, a rock band with disabilities and a Caravaggio painting made from beer drinkers all helped decorate  Australia’s most prized ad directors. Robin Hicks interviews.

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