Don’t shoot the messenger and stop mindless discounting

In this guest posting Darren Woolley hits back at Seven’s James Warburton for his comments that pitch doctors are nothing more than “bottom feeders”.

It is sad and rather pathetic when an industry identity such as James Warburton is reported to be “shooting the messenger” rather than addressing the issue.   Read more »

Google even turns potatoes into chips faster than anyone else

The thing about Google is that whenever it does something, it tends to do it terrifyingly, competitor-crushingly well.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that its online ads are brilliant too.   Read more »


“I’ve been sacked from The Age. The Age is the heart and soul of my city and Melbourne is the love of my life.  Every column I have written for The Age was prepared like a meal for close friends. I am disappointed. To my beautiful readers of The Age, I will miss you.”

Catherine Deveny after her infamous “I hope Bindi Irwin gets laid” tweet

News Ltd now has sectional readership data, but what will it show?

News Ltd’s industry newsletter, NewsSpace carries an intriguing piece of information today.

The newspaper publisher has created what it claims is “Australia’s first sectional readership study”. Read more »

Telstra’s ten crimes against advertising

New Telstra creativity supremo Mark Collis no doubt has a lot on his plate.

So in case he’s not had a chance to check out the agency reels yet, Mumbrella presents the ten worst Telstra ads of the last five years.   Read more »

I Love You Too: all you need is rom-com

I Love You TooRomantic comedies make money. Lots of it. So why isn’t Australia making more? Miguel Gonzalez spoke with the creators of I Love You Too, a comedy that will help fill that gap in the film market.

I Love You Too is comedian Peter Helliar’s big screen debut, produced by Princess Pictures’ Laura Waters (We Can Be Heroes, Summer Heights High) and Yael Bergman (Love and Other Catastrophes). Read more »

3D heresy

Hollywood’s current crazy stampede toward it is suicidal. It adds nothing essential to the moviegoing experience. For some, it is an annoying distraction [...] It is unsuitable for grown-up films of any seriousness. It limits the freedom of directors to make films as they choose.

Robert Ebert on why he hates 3D movies (and you should too) Read more »

And then, we woke up

I’m glad I’m not in charge of marketing newspapers as a medium.   Read more »

It starts at the source

What is largely ignored in [debates about the quality and appeal of the latest batch of Australian films] is that the nature of Australian films is significantly determined by how they are financed.

Sandy George looks at how funding sources determine our slates.

Most powerful ad of the year? Maybe

Sometimes the link between brilliant ads and their return on investment is a little too vague – but not so for this amazing ad.   Read more »

Dead Gorgeous: bringing ghosts to life

VFX supervisor Thomas Parkinson writes about the ghostly challenges behind the ABC children’s drama series Dead Gorgeous or, in his own words, creating champagne effects on a beer budget.

After living in a mysterious limbo for 150 years, three teenage sisters find themselves back in the ‘real’ world, but it is very different from the one they knew; a frustrating and difficult transition made harder by the fact that they are living ghosts.

Read more »

Multi-Channels: Digital YES, but not yet local

The generous license fee rebate is supposed to protect local content on TV, but it doesn’t require a specific production investment. Digital channels are growing their audiences, yet they don’t have a local content quota. How are Australian creatives going to thrive in this new environment? Micah Chua writes

It’s been almost eight years since the first free-to-air digital multichannel was launched with the now defunct SBS World  News Channel, and the television environment has since been going digital with a slew of more channels joining the lineup over the past yearwith a promise for full conversion by the year 2013.

Read more »

Sales agents: your window to the world

Animal Kingdom has seen great results from its agent E1 EntertainmentEntertainment lawyer and agent Gene Goodsell looks at the legal points that should be considered when signing up with one of a producer’s most important allies: the international sales agent.

Sales agents are essential for producers– why? Because they marry buyers and sellers, packagers of talent, and financiers. Read more »

Small steps towards press freedom

“If journalists cannot guarantee confidentiality to their sources, those sources will dry up and important stories will not be told.”

Media Alliance secretary Christopher Warren in the 2010 report on press freedom in Australia, released today

PRs vs media

“PRs offer publications exclusives in good faith that the journalist will at least mention the person/ place/ product being publicised. Then the story runs with NO mention at all. Shouldn’t there be give & take? Not just take.”

Social Diary explores what annoys PRs about journalists

Hungry Jack’s double burger, double cheese, double bacon is bad for the industry

Self regulation is one of those boring-sounding but vital things for the marketing industry.

For brands, it means behaving responsibly – not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it is in the interest of the whole industry.   Read more »

Mona Lisa’s massive conk – the 3D truth

While 3D TV provides a great opportunity for brands to create a new product sub-category, getting across the benefits of a third dimension to those watching in boring old 2D can be hard work.   Read more »

Cigarette blanding won’t kill cigarette branding

In this guest posting, Adam Joseph argues that new laws on cigarette packaging won’t work

Whilst I applaud Kevin Rudd’s sentiment in getting tough on smoking and the causes of smoking, I think there are some serious problems with his logic when it comes to removing all of the branding on cigarette packaging.   Read more »

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