Furious over Fury delay

George Miller’s film has been delayed for a second time and will not begin filming until 2012.

The delay has left many major film crew members without work amid fears the high Australian dollar could ultimately kill the film as its budget grows.

The Australian reports on the uncertain road that awaits the Mad Max franchise. Read more »

Bob Ellis’ Rough Cut

Bob Ellis on Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps, The Reluctant Infidel,  Arthur Penn, Tony Curtis and Elizabeth Taylor. Read more »

Neuromarketing – aka ‘clutching at straws’

Brooke_Ward_nakedIn this guest posting, consumer psychologist Brooke Ward argues that marketers are getting too carried away by the potential of neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing involves the use of complex machinery to measure electrical activity in the brain and visualize, through computers, the specific areas that are activated when stimuli is shown to a participant.

Traditionally used for patients with severe brain damage or difficulties with brain functioning, many marketers are turning to these sophisticated technologies to help ‘read’ their consumers’ minds.

Understandably so, as neuromarketing cuts out the middle man – the consumer’s mouth – and appears to be an effective panacea for the old adage ‘people don’t say what they mean or mean what they say’.   Read more »

If you haven’t got a PR angle, try a stunt

Fair to say that the challenge of getting cut through for press releases gets tougher every day. Things sent to us in the office in the last three days:   Read more »

TV sales: Deal or no deal

There is so much television content generated around the world that if a program is to have a fighting chance in the marketplace, it needs a distributor who knows what they’re doing. Miguel Gonzalez spoke with a number of experts about what’s selling, and what they need to do to get the interest of broadcasters.

Each television program needs a good distributor in order to travel the world. Production companies and networks entrust their creations to these experts, and they discussed their current challenges
with Read more »

Negotiating your digital distribution

Gene Goodsell looks at the factors producers should consider when negotiating digital distribution agreements.

There is no aspect of filmmaking that is evolving faster, or as successfully as digital filmmaking and its offshoots. Read more »

It’s a dog’s life

Remember the days when ads were epic?

Happily they do in New Zealand.   Read more »

Time to ask a colleague if they’re OK

In this guest post, Joe Talcott argues that this Thursday’s R U OK? Day is particularly significant for the media and marketing industry

When STW Executive Gavin Larkin first spoke to me about his idea for R U OK? Day I was a bit uneasy. After all, discussing suicide has always been taboo. I was surprised to hear that suicide claims more lives in Australia each year than road accidents.

But then I realised that I could not think of anyone I knew who had been killed in an auto crash, but I quickly recalled three people I knew that had taken his or her life. The first was a High School mate many years ago. Each of the other two were talented, creative colleagues who worked in advertising.   Read more »

Stock Footage: Ready to use

Stock FootageThe multiplicity of platforms has created a whirlwind of issues for the stock footage sector; with the digital world advancing faster than anyone can keep up, new challenges are surfacing over screening rights and increased demand in various formats, writes Georgina Pearson.

For the archive footage industry, the explosion of social networking and video sites creates an endless headache over royalties and copyright. Hundreds of films, documentaries and clips go up daily worldwide – many of them utilising footage without permission. However, there are positive ways for stock footage
companies to harness such a huge resource. Read more »

Spinning out of control

Surely, there’s no way a simple interview request could result in an investigation by the Independent Commission Against Corruption? Think again. Filmmaker James Ricketson says “in the Alice in Wonderland meets Kafka Comedy of Errors that is the NSW government, such things are not only possible but par for the course!”

This is his story… Read more »

Why the newspaper audit rules need to change

I was chatting to somebody from a media agency the other day.

They’d run a campaign for a client. Being reasonably sophisticated, they do post-campaign analysis.

Overall, the media investment paid off. But in one medium it did not.

In newspapers, their spend was not cost effective.   Read more »

Australian International Movie Convention: Meeting the right people

Hollie Andrew and Libby FrielsWriting/production partners Hollie Andrew and Libby Friels won the Encore competition and attended the Australian International Movie Convention in Queensland. Andrew now tells other filmmakers why they should consider the AIMC in their future plans.

If we were asked four weeks ago to explain our objective of flying into the Gold Coast, arriving at Jupiter’s Casino, collecting our AIMC show bag and receiving our official AIMC lanyard, we would have said “What is the AIMC?”

Read more »

Preventing Infringement: Unpoetic license

Preventing InfringementCreative materials can be made up of several different components, each of which may be subject to various intellectual property or copyright laws, or be bound by a contractual instrument – and the rights may be held by a number of people. Optim Legal lawyer Danny King looks at how to reduce the risk of infringement.

Film, television, and especially TVC production rely heavily on the unique creative that the production itself is based on. But what is ‘creative’? Read more »

Working in Asia: From Red Hill to Ho Chi Minh

TVC Working in AsiaEmerging markets provide ample opportunities for screen practitioners. Executive producer Claire Davidson explains why Vietnam’s TVC scene is attracting directors such as Red Hill’s Patrick Hughes.

I have been posted in vietnam for the past 10 months in the role of executive producer for Sudest Dongnam. Based in Saigon, I have literally worked non-stop since my feet landed on the tarmac. In this short time, this producer-driven company has completed a whopping 46 TVCs. With a team that includes another producer and two line producers, this accomplishment has been no mean feat. This country’s economy is booming, and the ad industry isn’t about to be left behind.

Read more »

The Tree: A co-production with strong roots

Pascoe, Bertucelli, Taylor and Fogiel made The Tree bloom as a co-productionIt was French director Julie Bertucelli’s wish to make a film about a tree that ultimately brought together a French-Australian feature co-production, aptly titled The Tree, writes Hansika Bhagani.

In 2004, Bertuccelli was determined her next work would revolve around a tree motif. “I don’t know why exactly, but I was a bit obsessed with the tree” she said. Read more »

How topicality took Gruen to another level

Last night, I’m sad to say, was the last of the current series of The Gruen Transfer.

And for me, it was the most entertaining yet.

But I must admit, I’ve been a little surprised at its ratings success.   Read more »

Legend of the Guardians: It’s not a cartoon

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole is not “a cartoon”, according to director Zack Snyder, but an action film “as good as 300 and Watchmen”. Read more »

Legend of the Guardians: It's not a cartoon

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole is not “a cartoon”, according to director Zack Snyder, but an action film “as good as 300 and Watchmen”. Read more »

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