Call for help

On my fourth script meeting for Aurora and ready to kill myself. Film subsidies and commissions (while useful!) seem to block filmmakers from connecting with their audiences.

Independent producer/Aurora advisor Christine Vachon.

Occupational Health and Safety: un-risky business

In a dynamic industry where all minds are fixated on the finished product, does OHS take a back seat to the ‘important stuff’? Micah Chua writes.

While Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) for any industry has a reputation for being bureaucratic, complex and generally difficult, perhaps things have a potential to be different for the screen industry. Read more »

Triangle: the geometry of co-productions

Melissa George in TriangleA thriller set off the coast of Florida and shot in Queensland was the first official co-production to receive the Producer Offset, and its creators told Encore how they avoided getting caught in a Triangle.

British director Christopher Smith conceived Triangle in 2004, starting with the basic premise of “being on the deck of a ship, looking back at yourself”. After completing Severance, he started developing the idea in 2006. Read more »

Crikey’s indefensible comments

“The product of an obsession with and a hatred for a highly successful worldwide organisation that actually digs for and finds news, then publishes it fearlessly, while all Crikey can manage is to cast its jaundiced eye over and comment on the crumbs.”

The Australian’s Mark Day says Crikey has it in for News Ltd

The buck stops with News Limited

Never before has a company the size of New Corporation — which owns 100% of Melbourne Storm and 50% of the entire National Rugby League competition — been involved in a sporting scandal of this magnitude.”

James Thomson on the Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal

Ten statistics to mark 500 days of Mumbrella

Today marks 500 days of Mumbrella. I thought I’d share a few numbers.   Read more »

Will Murdoch lose Britain?

“In a coming-apart-at-the-seams scenario, Rebekah Wade/Brooks and Murdoch’s son James stormed over to the Independent, breached its security systems, barged into the offices of the editor-in-chief Simon Kelner, and commenced a giant row.”

Michael Wolff claims the Murdochs are losing their cool over the UK election

Corporate social responsibility is dead. Now it’s all about ‘good business’

In this guest post, Nic Mackay argues that it’s time for brands to go beyond CSR.

Corporate social responsibility  is dead.

For those who only recently found out what it is: I’m sorry. For those who think that the only thing CSR refers to is the sugar company: don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything. Both in terminology and in practical operation, CSR is completely outdated.   Read more »

The ten best TV shows and films about journalists of the last 70 years

Last night saw the first episode of Lowdown, the ABC’s new comedy drama about journalists.

We didn’t love it. But it did create a debate about the best films and TV shows about journalists of all time.

This is Mumbrella’s list:   Read more »

Guy Gadney versus the volcano part 3: If in doubt, set up a London office

In the (we think) final episode of his volcano-driven adventures in Europe, The Project Factory’s Guy Gadney launches a UK office

I am so used to staying in hotels that I nearly stole the bathmat from my mum’s apartment this morning.   Read more »

Use social media as a listening wall, not a wrecking ball

Clemenger BBDO’s Nic Hodges, argues that participating in social media is essential to brands

Your brand is now a living, breathing, entity.

It evolves, it changes, it adapts. And just like a person, it doesn’t do this in isolation.

And the reason? Social media. Read more »

Accidents Happen: the American Australian dream

It may look American and sound American, but behind the US facade of Accidents Happen lays a star-powered Australian project ready to compete head-to-head with any independent film in the world.

Accidents Happen is Hollywood star Geena Davis’s first independent film. Few would know it from watching it without the credits, but that indie debut took place in Australia, in a project that expands the local industry’s globalisation of stories. Read more »

Underbelly: the golden franchise

Underbelly: The Golden MileIts creators never thought Underbelly would go that far, but now they’re walking their third mile in 80s style. For the new instalment The Golden Mile, ultra-contemporary thinking meets retro styling. Laine Lister got the low down on big hair, bent cops and vintage number plates. Read more »

Guy Gadney versus the volcano – part 2: Travels with my iPad

In this guest posting, AIMIA president Guy Gadney continues his attempt to get back to Australia.

The global company Power Gen has offices in many countries and it localises its websites into different territory. Each local site has its own domain name, thus powergenuk, powergenfrance, and the unfortunately elided powergenitalia.   Read more »

Pre-testing ads doesn’t kill creativity

In this guest posting, Millward Brown’s Darren Poole champions the pre-testing of ads

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of research must be a tosser – or so 42 Below vodka founder, Geoff Ross, would have us believe.   Read more »

Guy Gadney versus the volcano: From MIPTV to Race Around The World

With flights in Europe cancelled because of the Icelandic volcano, Australians attending MIPTV in Cannes are among those  facing gruelling journeys. In this guest posting, AIMIA president Guy Gadney shares his adventures

It is natural that a major natural thump like a volcano should have a knock-on effect on reality. As news spread through the annual MIPTV conference, panic responses became evident from execs who the day before had been the most confident television folk in the world. This is my story.   Read more »

Fun with spambots

“My theory was that the wankers that talk the loudest about ‘community’ and ‘value’ and being part of the ‘twitteratti’ were so fucking stupid and obsessed with their own follow numbers they couldn’t spot the bot”

Peter Wells on baiting the Twitter gurus

There’s nothing like… an image rights grab

“Look closely at the fine print, though, and it’s clear more is at stake”

Crikey on the growing backlash to Tourism Australia’s competition

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