Tomorrow captures Australian beauty

“The added colour depth offered by 35mm film helped to accurately capture the beauty of the Australian landscape … an important story point.”

Ben Nott on his Daybreakers digital shoot vs. Tomorrow, When the War Began in 35mm.

Smaller screen, bigger ideas

Television is an avenue we really wanted to explore.

The Spierig brothers may revisit Daybreakers in a new medium.

If you can’t manage your own agency’s brand why would a client trust you with theirs?

So how do you run a world leading ad agency?

It’s not as hard as you’d think if you listen to Derek Robson speak.

The MD of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners talked to the Account Planning Group during his flying visit to Australia, and told the story of how the agency recreated itself. It was quite a tale.   Read more »

Here comes the future

“The greatest challenge for local marketers this year won’t be a lack of exciting new advertising opportunities but rather the ability to keep pace with advertising and platform innovation.”

MCN’s Anthony Fitzgerald on claims that media companies aren’t innovating

Billing against piracy

If you illegally download a movie that I am in from the internet, or buy a pirated DVD of Underbelly Two you are stealing from me and everyone who put their investment, talent and effort into that production.

Actor Roy Billing on piracy for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Free TV’s sweet deal may whiff, but so does The Oz’s second bite

There’s a funny feeling of deja vu about the front page of today’s Australian – and indeed the front page of its second, A Plus, section.   Read more »

It’s a steal

Australian internet users are facing enormous and ongoing restrictions to their legitimate access to popular content, in terms of both timeliness and price [...] If content providers want to thrive, they will have to start responding to user demands for reasonable, timely and fairly priced content.

The SMH wonders why Gossip Girl costs A$34.99 on iTunes US vs. A$74.75 here.

Unique appeal

What [...] you won’t see in another film: a snake used to replace a broken engine belt, Geoffrey Rush shitting on the side of a road, a condom tree and a hot Aboriginal girl singing ” Stand By Your Man”.

Influential US site Ain’t It Cool news reviews Bran Nue Dae.

Outlook is cloudy for McDonald’s mood app

If you’ve been on YouTube this morning, you’ve probably been boinked squarely between the eyes by the McDonald’s home page takeover.

If you follow the link, it’s an apparently ambitious digital campaign that looks like its merely fails in the execution.   Read more »

No, there is another one…

”Who doesn’t know I’m Australian?” she joked. ”Let’s have them beaten.”

Garry Maddox unearths the Aussie citizenship of District 9 producer Carolynne Cunningham.

Why every agency boss needs to hear how Goodby got its groove back

In the last three years I’ve probably sat through dozens, if not a couple of hundred, industry-related presentations. Just a handful stick with me.   Read more »

One-line synopsis

Many Australian movies have valued “quality” and “cultural content” over “entertainment” and “commercialism” [...] Little Fish, about a recovering heroin junkie’s family conflicts; Romulus, My Father, about the difficulties of migrant life in Australia during the 1960s; and Beautiful Kate, about family tragedy, secrets and incest.

QUT’s Dr. Mark Ryan is not a big fan of drama and is not afraid to show it.

Offset remains hazy

Proyas said, however, that there was a “desire and willingness” on Screen Australia’s part to provide more clarity and it and, alongside that, filmmakers are also learning from each other.

Alex Proyas called for clarification on the Producer Offset process.

Against the flow

The movie industry is in the same position that the music people were in before they got into bed with iTunes and Apple. All the great media industries will have to find ways to work with the new modes of distribution. To work against them ultimately will spell ruin.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Jackman’s Asian debut

(Snow Flower and the Secret Fan) would be Jackman’s first project in China, adding him to a growing list of Hollywood stars — including most recently Kevin Spacey — who are coming East to work in the world’s fastest-growing movie market.

Emerging industries prove that the world doesn’t begin and end at Hollywood.

His brilliant career

From time to time a litany of journalists, actors, directors and the like join in the Australia-is-racist chorus [...] Yet Thornton, who has an indigenous background, is a successful Australian whose work has been supported by the taxpayer. His brilliant career, so far, suggests that Australia is anything but in pre-fascist mode.

Sydney Institute executive director disagrees with Warwick Thornton’s views on racism in Australia.

Animal confusion

Just look at the picture. What is the film about? Does it scream gritty underworld crime flick? Does it scream – if you like Martin Scorsese or Tarantino go see this film?

Why the Animal Kingdom’s Sundance poster shouldn’t have to explain it’s  “A Crime Story”.

Cornish talks Ga’Hoole

“I voice Otulissa, who’s a teenage owl. It was so strange! I went in and sat with Zach and Deb [Snyder] and they showed me what the landscapes would be like, what the tree was like, and any other mockups.”

Abbie Cornish on working with Snyder on Animal Logic’s Guardians of Ga’Hoole.

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