The Horseman: family-funded horror

Newcomer to the film scene Steven Kastrissios proves with his debut feature The Horseman that you don’t need much to make a good action film. Micah Chua writes.

What do you need to pull off an action genre film in Australia? Guns? Car chases? Special effects? A buff, well-profiled action hero? A multi-million dollar budget? Not necessarily: ‘With smart, efficient storytelling, we can do pretty impressive action too,” Kastrissios told Encore. Read more »

Stuart Beattie: Tomorrow When Success Began

Stuart Beattie is the wordsmith behind some of Hollywood’s greatest hits of the decade, and now he’s back in Australia to start a new phase as a director. He shared his journey with Georgina Pearson during post-production of Tomorrow When The War Began.
It’s easy to imagine that there must be an element of conceit that comes with being a part of the Hollywood elite. However despite this presumption Stuart Beattie is anything but. Read more »

Finding a distributor

Gene Goodsell focuses on marketing and promotion in those situations where films do not have distributors secured when the film is completed.
In order to sell a picture effectively, it is wise to obtain the services of a producer’s rep. Other parties who can provide assistance include entertainment lawyers, agents, managers and marketing consultants. Read more »

Classifications offer no guidance

As [The Karate Kid] demonstrates, movie classifications are highly porous. One man’s playful slap can be another man’s vicious assault.

The Sydney Morning Herald on film classification controversies.

Are these discussions placing all responsibility on the Classification Board instead of the parents? Read more »

25 mad complaints to the ad standards board

There’s an amusing weekly feature in the UK gossip email Holy Moly called Duty Log Mental.

It covers complaints to TV networks about their programmes from less balanced members of society.

This week I’ve been catching up on Ad Standards Board rulings. Read more »

While you were sleeping…

I rather like this promo for Seven’s Sunrise:   Read more »

Rupert’s pathetic paywall

“Rupert Murdoch has declared surrender. The future defeated him.Instead, Murdoch will milk his cash cow a pound at a time, leaving his children with a dry, dead beast, the remains of his once proud if not great newspaper empire.”

Jeff Jarvis on The Times paywall

Fairfax and content theft

There’s a heart-warming tale currently running on about a bunch of (presumably) hard-up actors who’ve hit the YouTube jackpot.

So it’s a shame that Fairfax appears to be stealing from them.   Read more »

Eleven of the world’s best ads

Last week saw the Cannes Lions advertising awards – a global competition showcasing the world’s best ads.

It was a poor year for Australia (and indeed downright disastrous in the print category) but there were plenty of good ads from the rest of the world.   Read more »

Breaking the story that broke Kevin

“In the midst of an otherwise harmless chat he dropped his voice, scanned the tables for familiar faces and said with an unusual urgency. ‘Could we win with Julia?'”

ABC News 24’s political editor Chris Uhlmann on how the broadcaster got the story

Apparently Julia Gillard is a redhead

Most powerful Julia Gillard front page so far? How about the Illawarra Mercury’s?:   Read more »

Was the V Australia Twitter campaign stupid? Maybe. Sometimes that’s what it takes

On Wednesday, Mumbrella posted an opinion piece questioning whether Droga 5’s V Australia Twitter campaign deserved to win at the Cannes Direct Lions. Juror Erik Ingvoldstad has accepted our invitation to respond.   Read more »

It’s only a cinema

These are commercial decisions for us, there’s no emotion or drama in this. For God’s sake, it’s only a cinema.

President of the Greek Orthodox Community, Harry Danalis, on the closing of Sydney’s Academy Twin cinemas.

Is the World Cup of tourism value?

“General enquiries about South Africa have been on a steady incline since the beginning of the year and in the week ending 19 June increased 121.0% over the week prior to the start of the World Cup.”

Hitwise’s Alan Long on the tourism benefits of hosting a major event

If this is a Gold Lion then the jury knows nothing about Twitter (Oh look, they don’t)

Winning a Lion in Cannes is a big deal. Even more so if it’s a Gold Lion.

But that relies on the jury being qualified to judge what’s in front of them.

Looking at one of the Aussie Gold winners from the ad festival this week, my view is that the jury made a bad call, and damaged their credibility in the process.   Read more »

Bob Ellis’ Rough Cut: An excellent Syd Film Fest

We are forbidden urination after a three-hour film and herded bursting out into the rain and pushed in front of speeding traffic by big Tongan guardians of the Red Carpet while inside, in the ever-gorgeous art-deco foyer, barmen and pie vendors gazed on its lovely emptiness planning their bankruptcies and other careers and cursing, like all of us, the Clare Stewart Effect on world cinema. Read more »

Inside the Noah’s Ark of advertising

In this guest posting, Australia’s Media Young Lions team Eb Yusuf and Maura Tuohy recount their first Cannes

Bonjour from Cannes. Being here is a little bit like the world cup of advertising – the Aussie camaraderie is off the hook. Thanks to the power of Twitter, Read more »

Australia’s Power 50

It’s been four years since Encore published its Top 20 Directors and Producers list, and we felt it was time to compile a new, more comprehensive list that included professionals working across all areas – film, television and TVC production – as well as the leaders and decision-makers that determine the direction of the industry. Read more »

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