ABC News 24 – a handy service for niche journalists

It may not have many viewers yet, but ABC News 24 saves specialist journos having to leave their desks, argues Delimiter’s Renai LeMay

When media commentators discuss the future of journalism, they usually agree on at least one thing: It will involve much fewer generalists and more reporters dedicated to exhaustively covering niche fields.   Read more »

The seven ages of Carlton Draught’s Made From Beer

Today sees the launch of “Slow Mo”, the latest instalment of Carlton Draught’s irreverent Made From Beer series.

It’s been quite a run – from the highly awarded Big Ad, to the comedy of Flash Beer, to the debacle of the abortive banned Tingle campaign. These are the seven ages of Made From Beer…   Read more »

Real consumers don’t have ‘brand conversations’. They use search

In this guest posting, Simon van Wyk argues that much as marketers might wish otherwise, most consumers don’t have emotional connections with brands

I have a background in marketing, but my understanding of branding seems at odds with the 2010 opinions I see from social media commentators, marketing and advertising agencies.    Read more »

Hot, censoring atheists: Google’s insight into what punters think about pollies and journos

One of the charms of Google is autocomplete, where it takes a punt on what you’re going to ask, based on what the rest of the world has been wondering previously.

And it certainly gives a few insights into the high quality of political debate about the Labor leaders in the run up to the election.

Take NSW premiere Kristina Keneally…   Read more »

The copyright-busting election

This is rapidly turning into the copyright-infringing election.   Read more »

Digital Fail: The gaping void in digital training is failing our industry

In this guest post, Amnesia Razorfish’s Iain McDonald warns that the industry has fallen badly behind on digital training.

Before I get accused of trolling with that headline, I’ll state what I think is obvious: The current education system isn’t producing or nurturing enough ‘digitally skilled’ individuals to sustain a growing a digital economy.   Read more »

What microphones are made for

I like this ad for the ABC’s Triple J, by Lunch Partners.   Read more »

Hey, Glaceau Vitamin Water: Shut up and let me enjoy the view

On Saturday evening, I experienced one of those perfect Sydney moments that really should only exist in travel ads.   Read more »

Living with cancer

“For the first time since I was diagnosed with cancer, I want to cry. I haven’t let myself be scared, but now I am.

“So I’ve decided to write this. I’m a journalist and writing is how I make my living so the mechanics of sitting down in front of a screen and marshalling my thoughts is the best way for me to feel normal.”

Media Alliance director of communications and Mumbrella podcast regular Jonathan Este on living with cancer

The ideal brand for the man who pisses in the shower

It’s hard to know what to be more depressed about with this ad for Australian brand Beauty Mate.   Read more »

Hughes’ and Bailey’s $6m Photon payments don’t tell the whole story

As we reported earlier today, Tim Hughes has departed Photon Group’s board, not long after relinquishing the chairmanship.   Read more »

King of Shaves: rude and spammy

Dear King Of Shaves Australia, thank you for your tweet inviting me to vote for you in the FHM Awards. Here’s why I won’t be voting for you:   Read more »

If you don’t like the Ad Standards Board ruling, ignore it

Good to see that Pharmacare Australia, the company behind Brut, takes its responsibilities to the Advertising Standards Board seriously.   Read more »

Of timewarps and billionaires

The devil may have the best tunes, but so far this election, Labor’s had the funniest ads.   Read more »

TVC: Commonwealth Bank, Amelie style

There is an ongoing love affair between established filmmakers and TVC work, and the new Commonwealth Bank campaign is a perfect example of this phenomenon, having been helmed by acclaimed French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, Micmacs).

How did this high-profile filmmaker end up shooting a poodle in the streets of Melbourne? Miguel Gonzalez writes.

Read more »

Distribution: What Film Distributors Really Want

AIMCEvery day, Australian distributors are contacted by local filmmakers with all kinds of ideas, styles and budgets, hoping that their projects will get picked up. Few succeed. While some elements – an engaging story with the potential to capture the attention of an audience – should be obvious, there are certain things that distribution executives want producers to know in order to make the best out of that first contact. This is their advice. Read more »

Who’s afraid of Australian films?

Hi in craft, but low in content, South Solitary is perfect for those who prize art for its own sake and a perfect example of why the rest of Australia is afraid of Australian films.

The Sydney Morning Herald won’t be getting a Christmas card from director Shirley Barrett. Read more »

Who moved my pyramid?

This is an edited version of last night’s opening keynote to the Walkley Media Conference in Sydney from SMH editor Peter Fray

I was recently reminded of the six golden rules of how to become a good reporter:

Read, read, read – write, write, write.   Read more »

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