Adtech Day 1: Live blog – Unilever’s Babs Rangaiah & Jenny Williams

Welcome to Mumbrella’s live blog from Adtech Sydney.

8.54. The hall’s starting to fill. Here we go…

After a loud burst of Massive Attack or something suchlike chairman Jenny Williams takes the stage.

And we’re off. And we’re straight into the annual question. Will this be the year of mobile. It usually takes at least half an hour til somebody asks that. Read more »

Women don’t need special treatment

“I fail to see why women are obliged to compete in the intellectual equivalent of the Paralympics.”

A Cat In A Tree argues that the Social Media Women group will not help the feminist cause

Libra ad wins the online lads’ vote

While Mumbrella has not been a fan of the new ad for Libra Invisibles by Clemenger BBDO, it’s fair to say that a portion of the video viewing public is.   Read more »

Was Vega a flop or just ahead of its time?

It was a sad day for DMG Radio yesterday when it was forced to hammer the final nail in the coffin of its baby boomer Vega stations.

I remember writing about the launch of Sydney and Melbourne stations back in August 2005. It has now become a sad irony that the radio network was named after the brightest star in the constellation Lyra.   Read more »

Thinking caps and boxing gloves

So how much is a new idea worth?

I ask that because last night it came up in conversation with a member of the digerati when I asked him if he was going to next Wednesday’s Battle Of Big Thinking.   Read more »

What sex on the beach has in common with foolish tweeting

Remember the woman who was arrested for having sex on the beach in Dubai and nearly went to prison? I used to work with her.

And I think the experience she went though has more in common with the pitfalls of social media than may be immediately obvious.   Read more »

KidsCo, open for business

Paul RobinsonHarvey Shore spoke with Paul Robinson, the London-based founder and managing director of global children’s’ pay-TV channel KidsCo, who is visiting Australia for the second time for the ASTRA Conference this week.

Last trip, in November 2009, he raised eyebrows by joining those who accused ABC-TV of bullying producers and competitive channels in its rush to lock up both free-TV and pay-TV rights to programs for its new children’s channel ABC3. Read more »

The ABC’s Australian Story – brought to you by Head & Shoulders

The screengrab below may not look like much, but it shows the historic moment that a TVC first ran next to ABC content. Head & Shoulders had the honour of advertising next to the flagship Australian Story.   Read more »

Film: not quite dead yet

FOR APPALOOSA, ACTOR/DIRECTOR ED HARRIS WANTED AN OLD-FASHIONED WESTERN, WHICH MEANT SILVER GRAINS, NOT PIXELS, FOR AUSTRALIAN DOP DEAN SEMLER.In a digital world, analogue is considered to be on the path of extinction, but film capture is not ready to go quietly into the night. Miguel Gonzalez found that DOPs and big companies still have something for film.

There are no statistics about the film/digital split in Australia, but with fewer Hollywood projects shooting here, film companies have suffered.
Fuji felt the lack of big budget international productions; in 2009 they only had one major Hollywood project, the thriller Don’t Be Afraid in the Dark, which was shot on film in Melbourne using, atypically, both Kodak and Fuji stock. Read more »

A “Visionary” in Press release Writing (with random Capital letters)

Some days I get a couple of hundred emails, many of them press releases. Fair to say, not all are necessarily tailored for Mumbrella’s readers. This is one of them from today, with its own unique punctuation, language and grammar left as presented. Can anyone help me out with a translation?   Read more »

20:20 foresight

“The cancer of television audience erosion cannot be cured by the morphine shot that digital television provides. The cure for media companies is an engaged and well-funded multiplatform digital strategy.”

AIMIA president Guy Gadney on the digital shift

PR fakes, doorstep interviews, smoking gun emails and current affairs shows

Wednesday night saw an interesting PR story appear on both Nine’s A Current Affair and Seven’s Today Tonight.

PR man Jothy Hughes was caught hiring actresses to pretend to be angry divorcees  selling their jewellery, for an item about a cash-for-gold company.   Read more »

In case you haven’t noticed, CommBank is starting to nail its digital marketing

I’ve been impressed with Commonwealth Bank’s gradual efforts over the last year or more to ramp up its digital marketing.   Read more »

Kmart’s Anzac Day backflip was good PR in action

While I’ve no idea what went on behind the scenes, it looks to me like Kmart’s rapid backflip regarding opening on Anzac Day is a classic of good crisis PR.   Read more »

The ABC is not for sale

“The vigorous pursuit of commercial agendas by some of our media rivals is allowing the facts to be sidelined in pursuit of a good story.  There is a concerted attempt to portray the ABC’s role in the media as solely that of a niche provider – participating only in sections of the market not served by the commercial sector.”

ABC boss Mark Scott

Sleuth 101: re-inventing the game show genre

Sleuth 101The creators of Spicks and Specks are back with a new offering that combines murder mystery, comedy and game show. Encore joined them in Melbourne to discuss their new format, Sleuth 101.

Comedians are known for their analytical skills, which help them make the poignant and witty observations people pay them to hear. But that doesn’t necessarily make them the first people you’d call to solve a murder mystery, unless you’re on the ABC’s new Friday night show, Sleuth 101.

The concept was created by series producer Anthony Watt and executive producer Bruce Kane for Mayhem TV. Read more »

What’s the point of papers printing corrections if they don’t own up to the mistake?

There is a dark journalistic art known as the correction.

It may appear to readers as an example of transparency on the part of the newspaper when those short paragraphs pop up clarifying some apparently minor matter. It’s not.   Read more »

Cameron in Queensland

I have been aware of the Gold Coast studios for many years and I have been budgeting for films here for many years.

James Cameron at the Warner Roadshow shoot of Sanctum.

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