Kerry O’Brien: Australia’s finest political scalp-taker

The ABC’s Kerry O’Brien is of course a national treasure.   Read more »

When what was once old is suddenly new again

Marketers do love using nostalgia in their advertising to breath new life into old brands.

And who could blame them. It obviously works for some.   Read more »

Fin’s feet cut from beneath it

“Those noting the latest batch of defections from the AFR to The Australian may well wonder what happened.”

Errol Simper on the Fairfax exodus

The dangers of experiential spam

Experiential marketing may be flavour of the month, but so is experiential spam, warns Alan Riva

Experiential Spam, which I can best explain as a disconnect between a brand and an audience created by a forced or unwanted interaction developed to interrupt, rather than enhance a customer’s day, is a very real problem.   Read more »

It’s official: If you want good beef you’ll need to give out some sugar

So here’s what I learned from advertising this weekend:

Butchers are sexual predators who give you substandard produce unless you flirt with them.   Read more »

The curious case of Saatchi & Saatchi’s prize winning ad for an out-of-business local printer

Last week saw the US-based One Show Design awards.

There weren’t many Australian winners. Indeed, Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney was the only agency to pick up two pencils.

But what is curious is their gold client – a local printer that seems to no longer be in business.   Read more »

Singing fish billboard. Cute or annoying?

Here’s something a bit different. Put a whole lot of wall-mounted fish together and get them to sing in an outdoor ad on a busy street.   Read more »

How the iPad will turn TV viewing social

Like most things TV related, there’s likely to be a (probably long) lag before this is possible in Australia, but blimey…   Read more »

Did you see that gap in the market? Oh wait, it’s gone

It’s one thing finding a gap in the market and launching a new business model around it.

But when more than one person then identifies that same gap, it can very rapidly go from being an untapped goldmine, to risky business.   Read more »

Nova iPhone app is another signal of radio stations’ digital ambitions

Press releases always seem to arrive in waves. These days, one of the most regular is the launch of a media brand’s new iPhone app.   Read more »

Shoot To Thrill indeed

Want to see how to do a brand experience?

Check out this effort on behalf of Sony Music to promote AC/DC’s soundtrack for Iron Man 2.   Read more »

Miranda’s nasty gerbil tweet

“Devine was “engaging in robust debate” with, but also the entire gay lifestyle, and exposes a nasty little nugget of what deeply held opinion Devine might really have about the gay community.”

Chris Deal on Fairfax columnist Miranda Devine’s Twitter ‘hypocrisy’

Cinematography: painting the town red

Robert Connolly and Daniel Graetz discuss the benefits of the Red One cameraA new company launched a camera and started a revolution. Encore looks at how Red has changed the industry and forced the bigger companies to compete.

For a business founded in 1999, the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company has come a long way – and gained a substantial market share in the process, competing head-to- head with the more established players like ARRI, Sony and Panavision. Read more »

Cannes broken dreams

The international film selector for Cannes really liked Lou, but it came down to a whole committee decision in the end […] I’m just honoured to have the selector say he liked the film.

Director Belinda Chayko on bringing Cannes glamour to Murwillumbah.

Would you want your very own virtual hobo?

This new campaign for a UK charity is either thought provoking, or for some it may have simply gone too far.   Read more »

Aussie digital was a world leader – now it’s five years behind

In this guest posting, Xander Black, who recently returned to Australia from the UK, argues that thanks to slow broadband and timid clients, the local digital industry is five years behind

Ten years ago when I first moved to Europe, Australians were the rising stars of the digital space.

It was common practice around the globe, that if you couldn’t get digital talent from New York or San Francisco, your best bet was to get someone from Australia. Read more »

Google changes mean brands need to increase focus on content

Last week saw major changes in the way Google looks, and in the results it produces. In this guest posting, Andrew Hughes argues that Australians brands will miss major opportunities if they do not make use of the new tools it offers

Almost every internet user in Australia will now have seen the updated Google search results pages known as the “Jazz interface”, and will no doubt have their own thoughts on how it will change the way that they search the web.   Read more »

Right mix, right time

“I didn’t go searching for a job, it kinda just happened.”

Steve Sammartino on how his blog got him a big role at Grey

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