Battle of Big Thinking part 3: Marketing is arse; Fighting mediocrity; action-based advertising

Wednesday saw the APG’s Battle of Big Thinking. The third session covered big advertising and marketing ideas. For me it was the most entertaining of the five sessions.

Speaker: Geoff Ross, founder of 42 Below vodka

Topic: Marketing is a bunch of arse

Quote: “Marketing has largely become impotent. Read more »

Battle of the Big Thinking part 2; Giving voice to bloggers; Trust and the human voice; Closing SBS to fund journalism

Yesterday saw the APG’s Battle of Big Thinking. The second session covered big storytelling ideas.

Speaker: Antony Loewenstein, Writer

Topic: Why the western press is failing to use alternative voices

Quote: “A lot of people in the corporate press are not so much afraid as unimaginative.”   Read more »

Battle of Big Thinking part 1: Creating unique brands; Changing the world; Perth vs Sydney

Yesterday saw the APG’s Battle of Big Thinking. The first session covered big business ideas.

Speaker: Peter Williams – CEO, Deloitte Digital

Topic: The formula for changing the world

Quote: “Any match in the box can start a fire.”   Read more »

Carlton ads show it’s possible for a client to kill a campaign twice

Remember the furore over the banned Carlton ads?

Suspicious types predicted they’d quickly leak onto the internet.

And sure enough, they are indeed now online, triggering more suspicion that the whole thing was a plan all along.

However, who looks to me like a brand new fumbling of the digital strategy to go on top of the earlier mess, at least proves the whole thing was a genuine cock-up.   Read more »

Live from SXSW. Day 2. The question about data nobody asked

In his second guest posting from the SXSW conference in Texas, Sound Alliance commercial director Ben Shepherd talks about the big question that nobody asked.   Read more »

3D: the stereoscopic future requires preparation

Cane Toads - The ConquestToads have become Australian 3D ambassadors, and for everyone else planning on producing or working on a 3D film, there is much work to be done.

Cane Toads: The Conquest – Australia’s first feature-length 3D offering – might not be a spectacular VFX like Avatar, but its uniqueness proved to be an advantage when it premiered at Sundance in late January. Read more »

Why I’m over live blogging (and I’m not sure about live tweeting either)

I’m falling out of love with live blogging, and indeed live tweeting, from events. Too often, you end up being little more than a snarky dictaphone.

My moment of clarity came yesterday, on the first day of Adtech, and my last live blog may come this afternoon at the APG’s Battle of Big Thinking.   Read more »

What’s happening at the other digital conference…

In his guest posting, Sound Alliance commercial director Ben Shepherd writes from the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas where he learnt that “Twitter is just a bunch of digital people talking to themselves, about themselves”.

Read more »

Adtech Sydney live blog: The financial CEOs

Welcome back to Adtech Sydney. The CEOs mentioned in the headline above are Roger Grobler of Real Insurance, Gerd Schenkel of UBank and Harry Wendt of Westpac. So expect finance fun. Read more »

Adtech Sydney – early impressions: nothing to start a riot; nothing to stop a riot

We’re half way through day one of AdTech Sydney, my netbook is recharged and it’s back to the grindstone.

So what to make of it so far? Read more »

Adtech live blog – Big ideas (and why iSpyLevis wasn’t one)

Welcome back to Adtech Sydney.

We’re into the second session, and I’m sitting in on a debate on Big ideas. Read more »

Adtech Day 1: Live blog – Unilever’s Babs Rangaiah & Jenny Williams

Welcome to Mumbrella’s live blog from Adtech Sydney.

8.54. The hall’s starting to fill. Here we go…

After a loud burst of Massive Attack or something suchlike chairman Jenny Williams takes the stage.

And we’re off. And we’re straight into the annual question. Will this be the year of mobile. It usually takes at least half an hour til somebody asks that. Read more »

Women don’t need special treatment

“I fail to see why women are obliged to compete in the intellectual equivalent of the Paralympics.”

A Cat In A Tree argues that the Social Media Women group will not help the feminist cause

Libra ad wins the online lads’ vote

While Mumbrella has not been a fan of the new ad for Libra Invisibles by Clemenger BBDO, it’s fair to say that a portion of the video viewing public is.   Read more »

Was Vega a flop or just ahead of its time?

It was a sad day for DMG Radio yesterday when it was forced to hammer the final nail in the coffin of its baby boomer Vega stations.

I remember writing about the launch of Sydney and Melbourne stations back in August 2005. It has now become a sad irony that the radio network was named after the brightest star in the constellation Lyra.   Read more »

Thinking caps and boxing gloves

So how much is a new idea worth?

I ask that because last night it came up in conversation with a member of the digerati when I asked him if he was going to next Wednesday’s Battle Of Big Thinking.   Read more »

What sex on the beach has in common with foolish tweeting

Remember the woman who was arrested for having sex on the beach in Dubai and nearly went to prison? I used to work with her.

And I think the experience she went though has more in common with the pitfalls of social media than may be immediately obvious.   Read more »

KidsCo, open for business

Paul RobinsonHarvey Shore spoke with Paul Robinson, the London-based founder and managing director of global children’s’ pay-TV channel KidsCo, who is visiting Australia for the second time for the ASTRA Conference this week.

Last trip, in November 2009, he raised eyebrows by joining those who accused ABC-TV of bullying producers and competitive channels in its rush to lock up both free-TV and pay-TV rights to programs for its new children’s channel ABC3. Read more »

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