Cameron in Queensland

I have been aware of the Gold Coast studios for many years and I have been budgeting for films here for many years.

James Cameron at the Warner Roadshow shoot of Sanctum.

Merrick’s time may be up

Last week’s ratings saw a slump for Nova’s new breakfast show featuring Merrick Watts with Scott Dooley and Ricki-Lee Coulter compared to the previous Merrick & Rosso and Kate Ritchie version. In this guest posting, Simon Corbett argues that it’s time for Merrick to call it a day.

There is a wonderful line spoken by Morgan Freeman in the movie ‘Million Dollar Baby’ when he talks of the end of his boxing career “Everybody’s got a particular number of fights in them – nobody tells you what that number is.”   Read more »

Google’s next move: free sites and domains for businesses

Most weeks, Google makes an incremental move that seems, in retrospect, obvious.   Read more »

Spending the minister’s money

“Four staff members managed to book into the same four-day public relations event and, reportedly, a great time was had by all.”

Ever wondered who has the time to go to conferences? Ministerial staff

Outdoor makes an impact (beware of the drop)

It’s not every morning you start the day by handing over your mobile phone, taking off your watch, strapping on a hard hat and striding out into the wind on a narrow gantry above a terrifying drop.

So it made something of a change to be on top of Glebe Island Silos in Sydney in the name of outdoor advertising.   Read more »

Mad Men: product displacement

Mad MenMad Men creator Matthew Weiner visited Australia, and he told Miguel Gonzalez that working with brands and gaining creative independence in the tv industry can be absolute madness.

Has there ever been a more perfect setting for product placement, than a period series set at a fictional Madison Avenue advertising agency – Sterling Cooper – in the early 1960s? After all, brands and ads are the characters’ bread and butter, and the retro feel can generate a certain enjoyment of what in any other show could be considered shameless or unnecessary product placement. When the series protagonist Don Draper talks about Lucky Strike, he’s not selling cigarettes to his 21st century audience; he’s doing his job. It doesn’t get more necessary than that. Read more »

TV licence fee cuts a necessity

The decision to reduce the licence fee, which is essentially a tax of up to 9 per cent on advertising revenue collected by free TV for the use of spectrum provided by the government to get our signal out to households, will benefit Channel Nine by about $25 million a year.”

PBL Media’s Ian Law on the government’s move to reduce licence fees paid by FTV networks.

Men and sanitary products – a no go zone

Do ads for feminine hygiene products featuring idiotic men really work?

I was asking myself this question as I was watching the soon-to-be launched TV ad for SCA Hygiene’s Libra Invisible pads.    Read more »

A f-King good ad from Burger King

I do love a bit of swearing in ads. When used cleverly of course. This latest one for Burger King in the UK is a f-King goodie.   Read more »

Thanks for ruining my Thursday night, Hoyts

A miniature triumph of marketing that we take for granted should have resulted in me currently sitting in a Hoyts cinema seat enjoying Leo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island.

I’m not though. I’m writing this. Crossly.   Read more »

Blue-Tongue times

Blue-Tongue, a loose-jointed Australian moviemaking collective, is now flooding American festivals, the awards circuit and those who look for Hollywood’s next big thing with its rough-and-tumble fare, and can now add an Oscar nomination to its résumé.

The New York Times on Australia’s independent elite.

With outdoor there’s nowhere for bad ads to hide

These days I seem to spend a lot of time hanging around Kings Cross with nothing better to do than look at the outdoor executions as I shelter from the rain. It’s the life I lead.   Read more »

3D blindness

All of this is rolling forward without any thought to the potential health hazards of continuous, long-term exposure to 3D. None of the television manufacturers have done any health & safety testing around this.

Mark Pesce believes 3D TVs might make people go blind.

Nice to meet you, Ms. Streep

It is total name drop city.

Oscar nominee Luke Doolan on the Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon.

Google’s yellow man puts his hand round Domain’s throat

It’s been less than a year since Google Maps launched its real estate service for Australia.

At the time it launched, I wondered if it was going to kill off the likes of and

By the looks of a new ad for the service from Google, they’re now ready to bury the bodies on Bondi Beach.   Read more »

Bob Ellis’ Rough Cut

Bob Ellis on In The Loop and Invictus.

Anyone who’s hung round political backrooms (like me) will recognise the terrifying truth of In The Loop, Read more »

Of course online is a medium

“It’s the same as saying Out Of Home is not a viable advertising channel because people are really there to catch a bus.”

NineMSN CEO Joe Pollard on why online is a medium, not a place where people do stuff

AIDC 2010 preview: small world, big challenges

AIDCThe Australian International Documentary Conference reaches for global production efforts and foresees new distribution schemes. Cesar Albarran Torres spoke with three international figures who will help make this a ‘smaller world’ for docos.

Under the premise that ours “is a small world after all” the AIDC, that annual get-together of professionals of the factual content industry, is set to take place at the Hilton Adelaide next week, where documentary filmmakers, broadcasters and key decision-makers will gather in order to find ways of getting things done in the globalised and ever-changing scenario of the genre. Read more »

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