Use social media as a listening wall, not a wrecking ball

Clemenger BBDO’s Nic Hodges, argues that participating in social media is essential to brands

Your brand is now a living, breathing, entity.

It evolves, it changes, it adapts. And just like a person, it doesn’t do this in isolation.

And the reason? Social media. Read more »

Accidents Happen: the American Australian dream

It may look American and sound American, but behind the US facade of Accidents Happen lays a star-powered Australian project ready to compete head-to-head with any independent film in the world.

Accidents Happen is Hollywood star Geena Davis’s first independent film. Few would know it from watching it without the credits, but that indie debut took place in Australia, in a project that expands the local industry’s globalisation of stories. Read more »

Underbelly: the golden franchise

Underbelly: The Golden MileIts creators never thought Underbelly would go that far, but now they’re walking their third mile in 80s style. For the new instalment The Golden Mile, ultra-contemporary thinking meets retro styling. Laine Lister got the low down on big hair, bent cops and vintage number plates. Read more »

Guy Gadney versus the volcano – part 2: Travels with my iPad

In this guest posting, AIMIA president Guy Gadney continues his attempt to get back to Australia.

The global company Power Gen has offices in many countries and it localises its websites into different territory. Each local site has its own domain name, thus powergenuk, powergenfrance, and the unfortunately elided powergenitalia.   Read more »

Pre-testing ads doesn’t kill creativity

In this guest posting, Millward Brown’s Darren Poole champions the pre-testing of ads

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of research must be a tosser – or so 42 Below vodka founder, Geoff Ross, would have us believe.   Read more »

Guy Gadney versus the volcano: From MIPTV to Race Around The World

With flights in Europe cancelled because of the Icelandic volcano, Australians attending MIPTV in Cannes are among those  facing gruelling journeys. In this guest posting, AIMIA president Guy Gadney shares his adventures

It is natural that a major natural thump like a volcano should have a knock-on effect on reality. As news spread through the annual MIPTV conference, panic responses became evident from execs who the day before had been the most confident television folk in the world. This is my story.   Read more »

Fun with spambots

“My theory was that the wankers that talk the loudest about ‘community’ and ‘value’ and being part of the ‘twitteratti’ were so fucking stupid and obsessed with their own follow numbers they couldn’t spot the bot”

Peter Wells on baiting the Twitter gurus

There’s nothing like… an image rights grab

“Look closely at the fine print, though, and it’s clear more is at stake”

Crikey on the growing backlash to Tourism Australia’s competition

US is not so square

It’s so different to releasing a film back in Australia [...] the population alone is staggering – and the number of key city centres across the country – just fantastic for a genre pic like this to hopefully find it’s niche.

The Square producer Louise Smith on the US release of the film.

Twitter ads a salami strategy and potential crisis PR tactic

In this guest posting, Reading Room’s Cathie McGinn argues that Twitter’s new advertising model could be a new weapon for a brand involved in crisis PR management or looking to drive a time-limited campaign.

Twitter’s attempt at an advertising revenue model is neither innovative nor confronting.

It’s what a Swiss friend of mine calls the ‘salami tactic’ Read more »

If there are only 40 journalist vacancies, where are all the journalism students going to work?

I had one of my occasional scrolls through our jobs board earlier today.

On the one hand, it was a delight, as for the first time we had more than 350 roles (free certainly does seem to be a popular price point).

But then an orphan leaped out. Our journalism category had just two jobs.   Read more »

SMH technology page – 100% wire copy and six days old at that

I just popped over the road to record a voiceover for the next episode of The Mumbo Report. Strolling back, I decided to catch up on a podcast. It was Media Talk, from Media Guardian in the UK, uploaded last Friday.   Read more »

Paige Breen

We’re sad to share the news that Paige Breen, a recruiter well known within the digital media industry and a friend of the Mumbrella team, passed away on Sunday.   Read more »

The Nine cameraman who called a man a “fucking terrorist”

Last night’s Media Watch had one of those jaw-dropping moments that make sitting through their quiet news weeks worthwhile.

They broadcast footage of a Nine News cameraman taunting an Australian Muslim who was accused of no crime and calling him a “fucking terrorist”.   Read more »

Beneath Hill 60: On the front line

Beneath Hill 60War is an unfortunate reality, but also an endless source of powerful stories that can resonate strongly with audiences. Jeremy Sims and Bill Leimbach told Miguel Gonzalez how the pride of a town helped them create Beneath Hill 60, a big film on a limited budget. Read more »

Of Apples and iPhone stats

If you’ve been to any sort of digital conference in the last year you’ll have been assailed with a screenful of stats as Fat Boy Slim’s Right Here, Right Now blasts out.   Read more »

Audit in action

“BNET Australia continues to lead this sector with a daily reach of 13,794 UBs, growing 38.5% since last month. Australian Anthill was the most engaging audited site in March, with the highest average session duration of 3 min 58 secs. The Adviser and Mumbrella had the highest loyalty”

The ABA’s analysis of the top 30 targeted business websites

The happy story of Frankie mag – but would it have worked on its own?

Want to know how you start a successful magazine?

If you get the right people and the right backing, you can make it sound easy.

Or that’s certainly seems to be the case, listening to Frankie founding editor Louise Bannister.    Read more »

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