Intelligent TV – the next big thing?

I was, I must confess, mistaken about last night’s Gruen Nation.   Read more »

South Solitary: no film is an island

Director Shirley Barrett didn’t get to shoot South Solitary on her dream island, but she found that Plan B is sometimes better. Miguel Gonzalez writes.

Eight years ago Barrett stayed at the first cast concrete lighthouse in Australia, Green Cape, in southern NSW – it now provides accommodation for visitors. She was there doing research for a film she had written, about whaling in the early 1900s. Read more »

Applicants or supplicants?

In Australia, there is a lingering perception that the arts are an optional extra rather than an essential component of a contemporary nation, with tangible economic and social benefits. This perception casts artists as applicants and supplicants rather than as serious contributors to national wellbeing.

Julianne Schultz on Australia’s cultural global presence (or lack thereof). Read more »

Not much new on news channel

I hope the ABC moves quickly to freshen up the promos for the new service […] For the Homer Simpson “Doh” award, I nominate the line: “The best thing about 24-hour news is that things happen when they’re not expected.” Hey, who would have thought it?

Mark Day on the launch of the ABC News 24 channel

Focus on South Australia: looking south

The wheels have been turning in South Australia to bring the state’s film industry to the forefront of the entire nation. Micah Chua reports on the state’s progress and finds out just how this ambitious goal is being acted out.

The vision for the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) as stated in their Strategic Plan for 2012 is to have SA ‘recognised globally as the most dynamic screen industry in Australia’, with measurable targets such as doubling the state’s feature production by 2014 and increasing the number of credited producers and writers in the state. Read more »

Masterchef: Homophobic? No. Racist? No. Ageist? Maybe

In this guest posting, Tactical TV’s Tony Richardson argues that Masterchef shows Australian TV audiences are ready for multiculturalism but not older faces

When the popularity of a TV show bumps the prime minister and the leader of the opposition to an earlier time slot, you know you have a phenomenon.   Read more »

Bad enough the SMH iPad app is just a PDF, forcing a print subscription is insane

So yesterday Fairfax launched its Sydney Morning Herald iPad app. The strategy – designed to shore up print – and the execution – already derided by users as a “glorifed PDF reader” – are both laughable.

If there were ever doubts that Fairfax is two companies pulling in different directions, then the handling of the iPad app dispels them.   Read more »

Television: Marketing battlefield

Gone are the days when TV networks only had to compete with a few rivals to get the attention of potential viewers. Creating compelling content is only the beginning; in a world of fragmented audiences and thousands of platforms and products competing for the same eyeballs, everyone is trying to stand out. Miguel Gonzalez reports.

It’s no secret that television has become a segmented market where audiences are no longer limited by the offerings of the five networks that for years were Australia’s preferred source of entertainment and information. It is a world of multi-channels, pay TV, IPTV, games and an explosion of local and international content available at home or on the go. All of these options are competing for the same viewers so, more than ever, broadcasters must remain visible and attractive. Read more »

Is a kettle boiling a good ad?

Life_is_too_shortSo would you watch a kettle boiling? The weekend magazines carriedied an unusual ad.

It was a plain, unbranded address for the url Life is too Read more »

Guest post: Why Sensis believes in the cause

After Mumbrella criticised the Facebook campaign by Sensis to give socks to the homeless, we invited the brand to explain its thinking. In this guest posting, Sensis communications manager Danielle Horan explains the background to the idea

The debate about the intention behind the Sensis 1234 Warm Up campaign certainly unearthed a range of differing opinions. Read more »

Hungry Jack’s – something to sing about

I often enjoy giving the Hungry Jack’s ads a kicking, so it’s good to see a new one where there’s an interesting idea. Read more »

The big election question

As an occasional media commentator, I’m sometimes asked: ‘Tell me Tim. Given that politicians  want to engage the electorate beyond the hardcore politics junkies, would it be a good idea to schedule the leaders’ debate at the exact same time as the final of Masterchef, arguably Australia’s favourite TV programme and likely to be the most watched show of the year?”   Read more »

Why this is NOT the Twitter election

If you read the last few days’ papers, you would think that the Twitterati will  decide the outcome of the election.   Read more »

Paging the fun police

While any brand has to worry about the legal implications of running a contest, there does come a point where the entire thing looks so unappealing it may be worth going back to the drawing board. Read more »


This ad is a tough watch.

If you don’t want to see seals being clubbed, then don’t watch.   Read more »

Sensis – social responsibility isn’t about patronising the needy about their socks

I wish I could put my finger on what it is that makes this social issues campaign for Sensis feel so icky:   Read more »

Old Spice: Best use of social media yet?

Old_Spice_guyToday has been a good day. You know those very rare moments where you see an advertising idea and you can recognise not only how good it is, but how it’s going to inspire other great work? What Old Spice did next is one of those moments.

It combines great advertising, great writing, a huge PR idea and excellent use of social media as a two-way channel.   Read more »

If that’s how paywalls work then we’re utterly flipping screwed

So tonight, for the first time, I went behind Fairfax Media’s pay wall.

Based on that experience, if the future of journalism is paid content then every one of us working hacks is utterly screwed.   Read more »

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