Cathy Freeman in Coles ad

Cathy Freeman in Coles ad


  1. tina
    27 Jul 12
    4:28 pm

  2. yes…liked….

  3. Pauline
    29 Jul 12
    9:41 am

  4. A wonderful commerial, Cathy Freeman stands for everything good in sports and what a human being is and can mean to other people when looking for someone who should be held up to other people as what to aim for as a WHOLE human being.

  5. Jeff
    4 Aug 12
    8:28 pm

  6. Can anyone tell me where the farm is that the add was filmed at please?

  7. Neil Brazel
    4 Aug 12
    9:13 pm

  8. What beautiful music in the Cathy Freeman commerial.Can you tell me who or what is playing in the background?

  9. John Shuttleworth
    8 Aug 12
    7:11 pm

  10. Please could you tell me the name of the music.
    By the way I love the story, well done

  11. Donna
    8 Aug 12
    8:29 pm

  12. Is the young girl in the Coles ad that features Cathy Freeman of aboriginal descent or is it just appealing to all young people to get involved in athletics and their dreams? Was just wondering the thoughts behind the ad.

  13. susie pirie
    12 Aug 12
    10:21 am

  14. What a little treasure of film making! The Cathy Freeman ad with the young sprinter – every frame is beautiful – the music, the colour of the light, the magpies warbling in the background. Quintessentially Australian and an ability to stop you in your tracks- whatever you are doing- and watch and listen. Would love to know who made it! – there’s some amazing creative talent in that ad and the attention to detail is superb. Those are the ads we WILL watch!

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