Foxtel reveals 2013 lineup

Foxtel has officially launched its 2013 schedule. The majority of its shows had already been signalled by the pay TV company, such as the new drama series Devil’s Playground which reprises Fred Shepsi’s 1976 The Devil’s Playground.

Lifestyle Food will air Ask The Butcher, a show about meat while the Crime and Investigation Network will broadcast  observational documentary Outback Coroner, a Screentime production exploring unexplained deaths in the outback.

A&E will air Aussie Pickers, hosted by Lucas Callaghan and Adam McDonald which turns old trash into restored treasures and produced by Shine Australia.

Foxtel also said Wentworth, a remake of the iconic drama Prisoner,  and a FremantleMedia Australia production, would air in April as a 10 part series.

Chef Matt Moran will front From Paddock To Plate, exploring his country roots and local food produce in an ITV Studios production.

Overseas programs such as Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, The Colbert Report, The News Room and many more will also feature on various channels with new series to air.

Meanwhile, Foxtel also revealed it would be extending to 50 the number of channels that could be viewed on its Go service for iPad, and also launched the service for iPhone users. Fox Sports 1,2 and 3 are among the channels now available live on Go.

The company also announced it had signed movie deals to show the output of Disney and MGM Studios in a move whcih will begin to address recent consumer criticisms about changes to the channel lineup.


  1. Mark-F
    20 Feb 13
    9:44 pm

  2. Cannot wait for the additional Foxtel GO channels, as well as the Android and PC apps.

  3. Red
    21 Feb 13
    11:41 am

  4. ‘A show about meat’? Sounds riveting.

  5. Mark
    21 Feb 13
    11:56 am

  6. They are hurting themselves by not having TV1 and Comedy Channel in HD. These channels screen premium new shows and to see them in SD is just an abhorrence.

  7. Mark-F
    21 Feb 13
    12:35 pm

  8. I agree that TV1 and Comedy should be available in HD, apart from Fox 8, these are two of my favourite channels.

  9. Guenevere
    21 Feb 13
    2:17 pm

  10. All the changes are not beneficial for the “can just afford it” consumers. As a history major/honours full time UNI student student mother who has a sports mad 15 year old son I have to carefully choose what stays and what goes in this household. I easily calculated that it was cheaper, if less atmospheric, to reinstate the sports channel for the rugby x 2 season, than travelling from a rural area to attend the games. When I was contacted by Foxtel (we signed up with Austar years ago), I asked for the sports channel and was “advised” that, as the plans had changed, if I dropped the history channel now I would be unable to reinstate it as a standalone channel, it rather as art of an overarching documentary channel, for a much higher price. I will keep history, as, even with so many repeats, my year ten son benefits from this channel. As far as I can see Foxtel is entertaining the masses at the expense of educating the poor and interested.

  11. Guenevere
    21 Feb 13
    2:19 pm

  12. Yes I can see my typos/word repeats in the previous posts. Oops.