Chrysler 300 campaign launched

chrysler close upChrysler Australia has launched a new ad to push its latest 300 sedan 18 months after it was released in the northern hemisphere.

The Cummins Ross inhouse (Updated: see comment thread) campaign features a black model of the car with fleeting close-ups of sections of the car, and even briefer scenes of the entire vehicle.


The ad debuted on MasterChef: The Professionals last night, and spokesman Sam Tabart said it was a significant campaign. “Chrysler dealerships in Australia have grown from 70 to 100 and the company has grown its market share here from one per cent to two per cent in recent times,” he said.

The 3.6 litre V8 has a drive away price of $46,000.


  • Client – Fiat Chrysler Group
  • Agency –  CumminsRoss
  • Production – Nice Bike/ Rabbit Content
  • Music – Goodbye Motel


  1. Trent
    22 Jan 13
    2:14 pm

  2. Internal video?

  3. Jacko
    22 Jan 13
    3:29 pm

  4. The drive away price must reflect the production costs…

  5. What's the point?
    22 Jan 13
    6:56 pm

  6. What’s the point of having an agency like CumminsRoss if that’s all you’ll let them produce?

    Save your money next time Chrysler, your neighbour’s kid could make that ad for you with an iPhone and some free video editing software.

  7. Sean Cummins
    22 Jan 13
    8:47 pm

  8. On this occasion we did not produce the commercial. And we never claim credit for someone else’s hard work .

    It was the effort and creativity of the team at nice bike and rabbit content.

    I hope the credits are corrected and attributed accordingly.

    Sean Cummins

  9. A client
    22 Jan 13
    9:08 pm

  10. I guess if shutterstock started an agency this would be theirs.

    please tell me this was cheap.

  11. Rob R
    23 Jan 13
    9:06 am

  12. I’m guessing this is intentionally played down a bit as Chrysler 300 ads up to now have been more in line with premium/luxury (v BMW v Merc) but the price is more in line with spec’d up Commodore or Falcon (I’ve been keen on a 300 for a while so keep my eye on its advertising). My thinking is the other spots weren’t talking to middle Australia and the price point wasn’t coming across..
    One of my favourite ads of the past few years was for Chrysler (200?) admittedly it was from the states and it was to play during the superbowl but it does deserve another look…. And guess what you can buy a house there for $1!!!

  13. mumbrella
    23 Jan 13
    9:15 am

  14. Hi Sean

    Thanks for the clarification.

    After we spotted this breaking campaign we did approach Chrysler’s corporate affairs team to find out more information. CumminsRoss was the agency they credited for the work.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  15. Tom
    24 Jan 13
    6:16 pm

  16. After they neatly avoided showing the car at all in their sixties party spot, maybe Chrysler wanted to see their car somewhere in the ad