Church and fourth estate

Dr Mumbo notes that is taking a somewhat idiosyncratic approach to court reporting.

news screengrab god

Let’s hope Rupert wasn’t watching!


  1. Kellyu
    7 May 12
    1:53 pm

  2. On Saturday I got a PerthNow (Sunday Times) email that included a link to an article with the headline of:

    “Man poses as dead mum, collects welfare”

    following with

    “Man dons red dress and platinum wig to collect on $100k of his dead mum’s government benefits. Norman Bates, much?”

    I think someone on their webteam has developed a brilliant sense of humour.

  3. Bill Posters
    8 May 12
    10:34 pm

  4. With the newspaper sites gradually slipping behind the paywall, this seems a deliberate strategy: take downmarket for maximum eyeballs at minimum cost. Cheap and cheerful.

    Of course, there are a bunch of problems with this approach – eg, the newspapers have already been taken a long way downmarket so there’s not much room at the bottom.