Church of Scientology ‘flattered’ by approaches from Australian PR and marketing firms

Coming to Australia: Scientology’s Super Bowl ad

The Church of Scientology has said it has received a number of solicitations from marketing and PR firms in Australia seeking their business.

Yesterday, the Church of Scientology revealed plans to improve its image and tackle what it called “misconceptions” about its brand in Australia, which it says has prompted the advances from agencies.

The church has a PR agency in Australia, but does not use an agency for any other channel.

Sei Broadhurst from the Church of Scientology’s public affairs team said the church was “flattered” by the interest, but there would be no need for a creative or media agency in Australia, as their advertising push would be led out of the US.

“We were flattered to receive many offers from among the most prominent
marketing companies in Australia,” she said.

“However, the Church in Australia does not presently plan to hire a creative agency in Australia, as much of our current advertising and promotion is run internationally from the US. Although we will continue to engage in clearing up misconceptions about the Scientology religion through media and other channels,” she said.

The church would not say which agencies had approached it.

The church plans to use direct marketing, distribute booklets and DVDs and run a localised version of its ‘Knowledge’ commercial that ran around the Super Bowl last week to combat criticisms levelled against it.

Robin Hicks


  1. Nick
    9 Feb 13
    1:08 am

  2. That is interesting. I would have thought a creative agency would be a good move. Personally I think religions all need to come into this century and get professional in their approach to the onslaught of materialism. I am pleased that creative agencies are prepared to help. I think the days are gone when religions can rely on the excitement of new members to pass onto others the advantage of religion. Today people have become accustomed to well scripted, professionally directed product presentation. It is good that Scientology is doing it, even if only from overseas. I would like to see all religions follow suit. Religions have a lot to offer man, and it is time they all put their best side forward. Good coverage Mumbrella.

  3. Dianetics
    9 Feb 13
    2:45 am

  4. Agencies making us proud as always.

  5. Anonymous
    9 Feb 13
    9:23 am

  6. Gee, how easy it is to claim the approaches when this cult is in such a mess

  7. The Dakini
    9 Feb 13
    10:32 am

  8. With the amount of bad PR the COS is generating for itself, it comes as no surprise that PR firms may look at approaching them for ‘steady’ income. Look at the link below and the video from the Melbourne Org. (Yes, they do indeed could use some help with public communications.)

    However, I would love to know which firms this press release refers to. Any reputable PR or Marketing firm vets their clients, and I cannot imagine they passed anyone’s cost vs. risk assessment examination.

    (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the video)

  9. LB
    9 Feb 13
    10:52 am

  10. or so they would have us believe.

  11. Groucho
    9 Feb 13
    12:26 pm

  12. Hard to believe there is an agency or PR company that would touch this [edited by Mumbrella] just for money isn’t it?

  13. Dee Elizabethan
    9 Feb 13
    4:23 pm

  14. They say they were flattered, but very strange that the church would not say which agencies had approached it. Sounds dubious to me, knowing their history.

  15. LW
    10 Feb 13
    1:05 am

  16. Agreed, sounds like a big fat lie (or Scientology’s “Fair game” policy).

  17. Druids
    10 Feb 13
    7:15 am

  18. The scientologists need to watch out for the Aussies. They just made this hilarious parody

  19. Richard Dirth
    10 Feb 13
    9:01 am

  20. Can’t wait to see the stampede for the al-Qaeda account.

  21. ObjectiveReporting
    11 Feb 13
    11:32 am

  22. Scientology is 90% marketing, 10% L Ron’s transcribed drug hallucinations already.

  23. LW
    11 Feb 13
    12:00 pm

  24. Just finished Jenna Miscavige Hill’s book, absolutely frightening. They sound like a pack of control-freak whackadoodles.

  25. KS
    11 Feb 13
    12:19 pm

  26. All this even though Frontier Media didn’t get paid… which I felt was the key point in your last article. Good luck to all involved.

  27. tv viewer
    11 Feb 13
    2:39 pm

  28. scary stuff. anyone bothered looking into the end game of what scientology stands for? Even Darwin himself renounced his writings, yet now there is a church which more or less worships science. crazy stuff.

    if you can touch it or make reason is it, i can not be a faith. surely.

  29. anon1
    11 Feb 13
    4:43 pm

  30. >Even Darwin himself renounced his writings, yet now there is a church which more or less worships science.


  31. tv viewer
    14 Feb 13
    7:29 am

  32. Hey anon1,

    Re: Darwin. Yes, crazy isn’t it.

    Do your own research. There is much debate and many differing opinions.

    Don’t just do a 5 minute google search, read up on Darwin’s later days and writing and you will see a change in his thinking.

    Interesting stuff.

  33. AdGrunt
    14 Feb 13
    8:39 am

  34. tv viewer,

    It’s not crazy. It’s piffle. There is no credible debate on the issue.

    SInce you appear to have done your research, could you support your improbable claim by sharing with us?

    Though I should note the issue itself is strawman to the main question of whether anything the church of Scientology says is credible.

  35. News Digester
    14 Feb 13
    9:15 am

  36. @ Nick (comment 1) re: “Personally I think religions all need to come into this century”

    Nick, religions will slowly fade away as censorship is removed online. TCOS is a cult though, so might continue to push through brainwashing the weak and feeble.

    Admittedly I do believe in the tooth fairy though!

    As for agencies approaching TCOS, well lets face it; many agencies sell their soul to the devil on a daily bases, so lets watch, wait and see.

  37. Dwayne Allan
    26 Feb 13
    7:55 pm

  38. Either Scientology was trying desperately to put a positive spin on a extreme bad sign of the times or they just don’t get it. I’m going with the former, however I (like most rational adults) see this for what it is. There real numbers are crashing hard & they are doing everything they can to deny, hide & reverse it. They throw money at the “Ideal orgs.” campaign so they can announce all the openings in various cities & quote stats on added square footage, newly acquired buildings & real estate holdings. It’s as much for it’s current members as it is for it’s potential customers. It’s not another org in the same city., it’s the same group of people (just less of them), they just moved &/or remodelled the building. They quote the number of people on their direct mailing list, not the number who consider themselves members &/or are active in the church.
    The truth of the matter is that it’s very clear Scientology has a massive PR problem wherever there are tv’s, newspapers, radios & the Internet (the bane of scientology’s leadership). Now that they can’t control what information gets out, the truth can spread & that’s never been good for the church. Bottom line is that PR firms know the church has both a terrible image & a lot of money, the perfect combo when your in the propaganda business.