Clipsal 500: the race that rocks

Adelaide agency KWP and production company Kojo have released a new campaign to promote this year’s Clipsal 500.

Mark Warren from the South Australian Motor Board said: “We really wanted to do something different this year that would have cut through in the clutter of other more typical advertising; something that would be talked about.”

“There was a risk in moving away from the typical formula for motorsport advertising however we believe KWP and Kojo have delivered – it’s a real coup to have so many drivers and fans involved and reinforce the format that we pioneered with race n rock.”

The campaign breaks today.


  • Director – Roh Smith
  • Producer – Paula Smith
  • Production Company – KOJO
  • Post-production – KOJO
  • Sound – Best FX
  • Agency – KWP!
  • Creative Director – James Rickard
  • Writer – Corey Swaffer
  • Art Director – George Vargas
  • Producer – Di Willson


  1. We will not rock you
    7 Nov 11
    11:07 am

  2. As a long time motorsport fan, I have to pose the question – how the hell could this get anyone to the race? To get all that talent in one room for a clap fest that leaves you waiting for the actual ad to start is just shambolic. Is there a second half that is missing?
    This ad needs to do one thing – get people fired up enough about the event to actually get them to care & attend…and this is a sport that needs some help at the moment..